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(generated from captions) like this one The grand promises in advertisements from "dubious operators". revealed only certificates of his qualifications although a police check He even calls himself Dr Dummett, of Diet, Disease and Prevention. called the Research Institute runs a business The self-proclaimed naturopath he can cure it. it seems Jeffrey Dummett thinks If you have any health problem, and other therapies. with just fruit juice, massage he could cure his kidney problems Jeffrey Dummett convinced his client An inquest told on a deadly detox diet. accused of putting a patient the Sydney naturopath But first this evening - Anzac pilgrims left behind. he astonishing mess And - Gallipoli garbage - for the cross-city tunnel. motorists to pay a high price Good evening. Also tonight - and Jessica Rowe. Ten News with Ron Wilson from their heartbreaking mission. the crew of HMAS 'Kanimbla' return And home at last - during a rape trial. uproar over the judge who nodded off Asleep on the job - of prescribing a deadly detox diet. Tonight, the naturopath accused This program is captioned live.

from Darling Harbour to Kings Cross And the Cross City Tunnel of the Cross City Tunnel. in conjunction with the opening We'll continue to review that a possible extra e-tag lane. The first stage - with the bridge to follow. cashless - like the Cross City Tunnel - to make the Harbour Tunnel there are moves Ten News understands on the harbour crossings of peak-hour gridlock it was another day on the Cross City Tunnel, As work continues who don't install e-tags. including a surcharge for motorists the RTA's original estimates, well above a detailed price structure The tunnel operator has unveiled a lot harder than they expected. is set to hit motorists Sydney's new Cross City Tunnel Travelling on Amber Muir, Ten News. to run for four days. The hearing is expected at one drop of blood. by merely looking as complex as cancer, he could diagnose diseases He had been claiming as a result of false advertising. of the Fair Trading Act, That experience stems from breaches with the legal system. and he was more than familiar to get legal advice saying he'd had plenty of time But the court dismissed his request, by his side. and he felt he should have a lawyer serious accusations were being made He said it was obvious to adjourn the case. and asked the Coroner Mr Dummett stood up Halfway through proceedings, for the community. as one of great importance The coroner described the case his normal medical care. and convincing him to abandon for claiming he could cure Krsteski some responsibility Dummett should bear A detective told the hearing Dummett may have played in it. and the role investigating the death An inquest is now of a massive heart attack. Three days later he died Vecko had lost 13 kilograms. By day 11, and other therapies. along with a regime of massage a liquid-only diet the 37-year-old on a detox program - In exchange for $7,000, Dummett put who was suffering kidney problems. for their son Vecko, led the Krsteski family to seek help

to comment on camera today, The Judicial Commission refused to the Judicial Commission he wrote: In a letter receiving treatment for. which he is now he suffers sleep apnoea, The judge admits That's just not good enough. her rights is dozing on the job. The person who's there to protect Here it is. gave evidence. while the alleged victim kept falling asleep, even snored, during a rape case the judge has found A Judicial Commission inquiry despite sleeping on the job. presiding over another trial, at the District Court today, Judge Ian Dodd was back he's nodded off on the job. and it's the third time gave evidence, It happened while the alleged victim during a rape trial. after falling asleep is under fire tonight A District Court judge Paul Mullins, Ten News. than originally planned. is that the tunnel is longer the toll is higher than predicted The RTA says one of the reasons It is the best value. the Cross City Tunnel is with a tag. The way to travel on from the tunnel operator... This advice is grossly unfair. and $5.10 for the bush effectively, And to make it $3.50 for the city, country visitors are the hardest hit. on top, And with the temporary surcharge three to four cents each quarter. and that means an extra but it's indexed to the CPI Not only is the toll now $3.49 of $2.50 toll each way. the original estimate its website is still carrying Embarrassment for the RTA - who don't want to buy an e-tag, For casual visitors to the city more to travel on that predicted. is going to cost you considerably

And four months of separation were over at last. Hello, hello, you don't know me, do you? You've forgotten me for sure. It's great, been looking forward to it. It's probably the hardest thing of going away, missing the children. Very excited, as you can see by the tears and everything. It's very exciting. The homecoming The homecoming was even more emotional given that the crew was on their way home several months ago before they answered the call one more time, ordered to Nias after the tsunami in Banda Aceh. It's been a long wait, about four months, and with the first Singapore thing where they had to go back. And while it's good to be home, not all has been left behind in Sumatra. The team likely to carry the memories of the disaster. It's certainly hard to forget the initial impression and were reunited with loved ones. disembarked as 12 soldiers from Townsville But the faces were brave of the ship's last mission. a stark reminder of the tragic cost only one Sea King helicopter - And on board, Now finally the 'Kanimbla's home. First the tsunami, then Nias. after four months at sea. She arrived today in Townsville, nine of her crew in Nias. from the voyage that claimed HMAS 'Kanimbla' is finally home Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. A review of the law is now under way. is dismissal by Parliament. that can be taken against a judge the only disciplinary action Currently, over another sex attack. but has since been jailed was found not guilty by a jury, The accused rapist in this case which is more than understandable. She remains very upset, She wants the judge sacked. met with the woman today. The Attorney-General to the victim in this case. immediately and publicly apologise I'm calling on Judge Dodd to napping not once, but in three cases. However, this judge has been caught on occasions during the trial. insisting he only napped momentarily or longer at a time, the judge slept for 15 minutes but in a phone interview denied you got of the devastation at both Banda Aceh and then also at Nias, where the earthquake had hit. I don't think that's something anyone would ever forget. While it's the end of the road for these 12 members of the 'Kanimbla' the ship still has a few more days sailing. The remainder of the crew will disembark in Sydney for what's bound to be an emotional homecoming. Brett Clappis, Ten News. Outrage tonight over the disgusting mess left behind by tourists at the Gallipoli battleground. They left Anzac Cove looking like a pigsty, covered with beer cans and food containers. How could they? It's a national disgrace - the cliffs of Gallipoli covered in rubbish on the 90th anniversary of Australia's coming of age. In the shadows of the rugged ridges where Australian diggers died in their droves, carelessly discarded paper and plastic bags blowing in the wind. It's not on. This is Gallipoli, for goodness sake, it's not the local rubbish tip. Official programs presented only to dignitaries thrown away with the garbage. This is not how Gallipoli is supposed to be remembered. The night before, it was a scene of national pride. The following day - it's embarrassing. A Turkish man stops to reflect at the Wall of Remembrance. He's standing in a trench of trash. It's not an excuse to have a grog-up or a party, an excuse to - Anzac Day is remembrance day. But to many, it seems, it's been a week-long party. These photos taken in the lead-up to Anzac Day show Australians camping out amongst the graves, their empty beer bottles stacked in the sand. The state the Gallipoli battleground has been left in has outraged those still offering their gratitude half a world away. The empty beer cans and polystyrene food containers simply dropped on sacred ground, evidence of the mind-boggling ignorance of some of the so-called Anzac pilgrims. Definitely ban alcohol. It's disgusting. I think a lot of people have turned up looking for a party. There's a lot more pride in there than a few drunken yobs. There are reports organisers didn't provide enough bins. The RSL says the visitors could have taken their garbage with them. If only the diggers could see it now. Shaun Fewings, Ten News. The Queen has honoured the Anzacs in London. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip joined more than 2,000 people at Westminster Abbey, to mark the 90th anniversary of the landing at Gallipoli. Many Australians and New Zealanders attended the special Anzac Day service, which included Maori songs. More than 100,000 soldiers from Australia, New Zealand, Britain, Ireland and Turkey died during the 8-month World War I campaign. Still to come, a distressing knockback for the parents of a Bali heroin suspect. But good news for Pixie Skase - the Government making a crucial decision about her citizenship. And this isn't her only slip-up - wait till you see this singer try the American national anthem. We'll have that story later this news hour. This program is captioned live. An outburst today from heroin smuggling suspect Scott Rush in Bali, the suspect backing claims he and his co-accused were forced into their doomed mission. And allegations have surfaced that they're sharing a cell with the drug lord who pushed them into it. For more than a week, Scott Rush has kept quiet. Today, as he was led to an interrogation room, he spoke out, backing claims by his co-accused their lives had been threatened to force them to smuggle drugs. We had no choice. REPORTER: What's that, mate? No choice. Martin Stephens has said the same thing, claiming his family's safety was also threatened. They arrived to see him this afternoon. Yes! Nothing! Can we go? Yes! Anguish as they were turned away. The question for Bali police now is who, if anyone, made the threats. Suggestions today Myuran Sukumaran is the enforcer responsible and possibly outranks the alleged drug syndicate godfather Andrew Chan. Sukumaran remains in a cell here at Bali police headquarters. Surprisingly he hasn't been separated from all of his co-accused. Chan is isolated. This visit from his lawyer but he has little contact with others. He spent several hours reviewing his version of events, detailed in statements. The Australian Federal Police Commissioner hinting today evidence such as listening device tapes could disprove the death threat claims. They need to make sure that their defence is substantiated by the facts. Concerns continue over the health of the suspects. Chan the latest to be treated in hospital. In Bali, Jeremy Pudney, Ten News. The family of disgraced businessman Christopher Skase has had the last laugh on the Australian Government. The Commonwealth has confirmed it will not appeal a decision allowing Christopher Skase's widow, Pixie, to renew her Australian citizenship. More legal action would be a waste of taxpayer money. Mrs Skase has exercised her rights and she has succeeded and I trust, now, that she'll have a new devotion to Australia that I don't believe was very evident in the past. Mrs Skase returned home recently after fleeing with her husband in 1991 following the collapse of his business empire. She will now be entitled to a range of taxpayer-funded benefits including Medicare and access to social security. Police in Victoria are mourning the loss of another traffic officer, killed in the State's north-east. Senior Constable Rennie Page was issuing a ticket on the Hume Freeway when he was struck by a passing car. It's shattered not only myself but all of the other members who work with this member frequently. The 29-year-old is the second officer killed in three days. Senior Constable Tony Clarke was shot with his own firearm early Sunday. A woman is dead after flames roared through her unit overnight at Cabramatta. The ground floor apartment was ablaze when firefighters arrived but it wasn't until the fire was out that rescue workers realised a woman had been trapped inside. 60 residents were safely evacuated. Growing concern tonight over soccer violence after yet another clash between fans at a match in Sydney. We brought you these pictures last night of police being called to Jubilee Stadium at Kogarah after a match between Sydney Olympic and Bankstown City. They were called after fans lit and threw flares, with others retaliating by throwing plastic bottles. Seats were also damaged. The board of the major leaseholder at the ground, the St George Football Club, will meet tonight to discuss the incident. I'm very worried about a flare popping over into a child's face. That would be horrific. Any time there's a heating element being thrown around it's a bit scary. Soccer New South Wales is due to release a report this week into more serious violence at a match at Edensor Park last month. Frank is filling in for Tim Bailey. What's happening, Frank? We're down at Darling Street Wharf. It's a beautiful part of the city. A light westerly wind is kicking in. We had a great day. We've had glorious

weather in the past couple of weeks. We got to a top of 26 degrees today. That is the 22nd day in a row in April that we've been above average. That's about to change within the next week or so. All this glorious weather hasn't done much for the dam reserves, though. They're diminishing resources. We had a few spots of rain around Bathurst and Penrith, but not much to speak of, about 0.2mm. This is Skywatch for today. You probably already know - there was a little bit of light cloud early but it cleared up to a mostly fine day. It's currently 22 degrees. Air pollution levels were medium in all areas. Today we're up to 26 degrees. Tomorrow, much about the same. 25 will be the maximum. When we return, we'll tell you how warm it was in your neck of the woods. Next, amazing survival stories. Plus - a bizarre disappearance after Japan's train disaster. And swimming lessons for some cool young cubs with a little help from Mum. MAN: If you're still not sure about the right broadband for you, allow us to make things clear. Right now, when you combine your broadband, home phone and mobile plan with Optus, you'll receive four months free broadband access every year. That's on any plan, starting from just $29.95 a month. The choice is clear. Call Optus now on: Or visit a participating Optus dealer. This program is captioned live. Time to check in with Vic Lorusso in the mix one owe six.five helicopter. We're not complaining from up here. We're enjoying the ride tonight. We're at the Northern Beaches and there's a superb drive across Spit Road and the Spit Bridge. No problems via the Harbour Bridge or even as traffic tries to head away from the north-west via the M2. We've even had a fly over the south-west via the M5 and M4. It's a big thumbs-up. We'll have more later with Jessica. A new look for Federal Labor is on the cards with Kim Beazley expected to reshuffle his front bench. But the Opposition Leader is in no hurry to upset his troops. While Kim Beazley's been overseas the political mice have been playing, feeding media speculation that the reborn Labor leader needs to, and will, reshuffle his shadow ministry. That really is a matter for Kim Beazley. At this stage, purely speculation. Maybe, but it's fed by the reality that Mark Latham in the post-election fallout saw three of Labor's better performers - Bob McMullan, Lyndsay Tanner and Craig Emerson - go to the back bench. Now that Mr Beazley has restored stability to the party, some argue it's time for him to boost his firepower. Former Latham ally Julia Gillard unwilling to buy into the argument. These are all matters for Kim Beazley, so when he's back in Australia I'm sure you'll be there to put the question to him. A leading question, posed by some ambitious MPs - why leave Stephen Smith shadowing three Cabinet ministers, Transport, Industrial Relations and Industry? He's a very capable fellow. Mr Beazley's office says he is keen to give his shadow ministers more time to perform, but he isn't ruling out a reshuffle later in the year. And that's just fine by two of his high-profile shadow ministers. I'm more than happy in health. REPORTER: Do you believe you'll be keeping your portfolio? I do. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. (Ron) Rumours about Schapelle Corby, the Australian woman facing the death Rumours about Schapelle Corby, the Australian woman facing the death penalty on drugs charges, have been swarming in Bali all day. We cross live to Jeremy Pudney via video phone. What are you hearing up there? Well, Ron, as you say, there have been rumours circulating all day and they were, of course, that Schapelle Corby, who is currently in Kerokoban prison here is pregnant. Now, I can tell you, that the one of the papers here in Bali carried this rumour and they stressed it was a rumour - on their front page this morning. Press ire came to bear on the warden in the prison this morning who ordered that Corby undertake a pregnancy test. I've spoken to her lawyers and they said that test came back negative. Schapelle Corby is not pregnant. They were just rumours. Of course, she will front course again this Thursday. Her defence lawyers will sum up their case and there's a strong possibility Schapelle Corby will take the stand and make a final plea to the judges. She faces life in prison for trafficking 4.2kg of marijuana into Bali. Ron. Thanks, Jeremy Pudney in Bali. The driver of the Japanese train that crashed killing 73 people has gone missing. The search now on for him as rescuers continue searching the wreck for survivors. 24 hours after the packed commuter train slammed into an apartment block, a 19-year-old man was pulled alive from the wreckage. a woman and two men now recovering in hospital. Rescuers refuse to give up hope but they are finding many bodies in the flattened carriages. A morgue has been set up at a local gymnasium. It's a heartbreaking journey for families and friends searching for missing loved ones. The 23-year-old train driver is among the missing. Yesterday it was reported he had survived and was taken to hospital. Now police can't find him. With just 11 months experience, he'd already been reprimanded for overrunning a station. Police have also raided the offices of the West Japan Railway Company. Passengers say the train shot past a stop, then backtracked. They thought the driver was speeding to catch up. Police have also raided the offices of the West Japan Railway Company. It's describing Japan's worst rail disaster in 40 years as a derailment accident. The company's safety officer apologising to passengers for their injuries. He says the company is praying for the souls of the dead. Cathy Bryant, Ten News. An unusual confession tonight from the Pope - he says he prayed not to be elected. Speaking in his native German, Benedict XVI told an audience of pilgrims that, at 78, he was hoping for quieter years. But, he says, evidently God didn't listen to him. (Speaks German) He also made a joke about turning up late, saying he'd become a bit of an Italian. The pontiff has also had his first audience with other religious leaders, including the Archbishop of Canterbury and Muslim representatives. Still to come, why the Danish Parliament is already debating Princess Mary's baby. Also tonight, you've seen it in the hangar, but now it's ready to fly - the world's largest passenger jet put through its paces. And the stumbling singer - believe it or not, this is the best part of her performance, and it's coming up.

MAN: If you're still not sure about the right broadband for you, allow us to make things clear. Right now, when you combine your broadband, home phone and mobile plan with Optus, you'll receive four months free broadband access every year. That's on any plan, starting from just $29.95 a month. The choice is clear. Call Optus now on: Or visit a participating Optus dealer. This program is captioned live. Frank Coletta, it finally might be Frank Coletta, it finally might be time to get out the winter woolies. Could be, Jessica. I know we've all

got used to this late summer, if you want to call it that. The conditions around 19 to 20 degrees that are real autumn, you might say, will kick in as early as Friday. We'll have perhaps about five days in a row of those sorts of conditions, about two below average. A big change coming. It won't warm up much until about another week or so down the so down the track. In terms of today's conditions - they were around the 26-degree mark around the Sydney basin. Garie Beach was 26 degrees as was Croydon. A change is on the way. We'll tell you more about it at 5:55. Doubts are being cast on claims that the Government's been gagged over the referral of five senior police to the Police Integrity Commission. Police Commissioner Ken Maroney and Premier Carr have insisted it would be contempt of the PIC if any details were revealed. But today that was challenged in a legal opinion commissioned by the Opposition. By filling the void, these guys have been hung out to dry. Late this afternoon, the PIC issued a statement saying it was investigating whether there have been breaches of the Telecommunications Act or other misconduct by officers who attended a meeting in April last year. Ten News understands that meeting was in relation to investigations into the Bulldogs sex allegations. The world's biggest passenger plane is undergoing final checks before its maiden flight. The A380 Airbus is a massive doubledecker with room for more than 800 passengers, as well as cocktail bars, gyms and billiard tables. Priced at $285 million, it's bigger than three Concordes, made of weight-saving materials and has four Rolls Royce engines. The Airbus's maiden flight is scheduled for Wednesday from its production base in southern France. Likely to be tested for more than a year, Singapore Airlines will be the first to fly the A380 commercially in 2006. Finance, and a sharp fall for the share market today. Craig James at common wealth securities. Latest inflation data means, I think, some good news for home-buyers. Thearlt, Ron. Today we had figures on business inflation or producer inflation. The good news was that was unchanged in the latest quarter. That was courtesy of lower consumer prices. If of lower consumer prices. If consumer price figures tomorrow are as good as today' figures, the Reserve Bank may hold off on a rate hike. How about the Aussie dollar? It looks very comfortable at 78 US cents. It's gained 1.5 cents over the past week. That is wonderful news if you're planning to buy a big-screen colour TV or if you're planning to chase the sun in the Northern Hemisphere in the US or Europe. Thanks, Craig James at CommSec. Pop star Sir Elton John is planning a Christmas wedding. The 58-year-old singer will tie the knot with his long-time partner, 42-year-old David Furnish, later this year. They may even follow Camilla and Charles and wed in Windsor Town Wall. Britain's laws change in December to recognise same-sex marriages. But one man who won't be there is 'X Factor' judge John Reid, who was Sir Elton's partner in life and business for five years. Would you have married him? Not a chance. I mean back then. No way! Sir Elton's been married once before, to German music engineer Renate Blauel. Congratulations from two nations today, with news that Crown Princess Mary of Denmark is pregnant. The Tasmanian-born royal set to deliver a new heir to the Danish throne in October. The proud parents-to-be just days before the official announcement the Danish royal family is going to have a new addition. The news relieving the pressure that's been on the couple since their wedding last May to get down to the serious business of producing an heir. Of course it's expected, but we didn't know at what stage, you know. But we are glad that she was here while she was just in her early pregnancy. We've been waiting for this moment. That's right. All the time Mary was in Australia, sailing, meeting and greeting in a schedule that left almost no free time, she was pregnant. The baby due at the end of October. Mary's family back home well and truly in on the secret. REPORTER: Would like to make any comment - No, just that I'm very excited for them. Princess Mary was spotted buying baby booties while in Hobart in March. Staff at the store now claim they saw a twinkle in her eye and at a Tasmanian media conference perhaps a tip-off... Our children will have some Australian influence because a lot of me is influenced by my upbringing in Australia. I'm sure they will have a desire to come and see where I've grown up as well. British bookmakers are already laying odds that 33-year-old Mary's firstborn will be a boy, but, if it's not, an interesting constitutional crisis looms. At the moment, if a girl is first born and a boy follows, it's the boy who becomes heir to the throne. Politicians in Copenhagen lobbying to change that. With all the equal rights in the community, it's so important we have a change. Even if the firstborn is a boy, they want a change. Angela Bishop, Ten News. A dream come true has turned into a nightmare for a young singer. Canadian Caroline Marcil didn't get off to a good start with the American anthem. (Falters with lyrics) Sorry. LAUGHTER AND CHEERING But the 24-year-old kept struggling through the 'Star Spangled Banner'. # By the dawn's early light... # (Falters) Sorry. She knew she was on thin ice with the fans, but she bravely returned to the rink. The ice hockey game between Canada and the US eventually started without any anthems. The American team won. More sport and Anthony Mundine's league future is on ice as well. Well, on top of a major hitch with his world title fight. Mundine's dad has now issued an ultimatum on his son's career, More shortly. Also - a stack of charges in the fall-out from the Roosters-Dragons game. And - we count the metres in surfing's biggest wave of the year. This program is captioned live. Anthony Mundine's father has begged his son not to return to rugby league now that his latest world title fight has been postponed. Next month's bout against Mikkel Kessler was called off after the Danish fighter suffered a back injury and that throws Mundine's immediate future into disarray. Anthony Mundine's father thinks his son is making a dumb decision to return to rugby league. Not keen at all because, you know yourself, it's a pretty hard sport. You're really in there to win. Players there are pretty rugged, they knock you around. He's 'The Man' now. In fact, Mundine Senior will give his son an ultimatum after the title fight. I had a talk to him. I'll talk to him after his world title fight. See what happens - go his way or my way. Mundine Senior doubts whether his son has the ability to compete in both sports at the same time. A former team-mate believes it won't be an overnight success story. I don't think they should think he'll come back and set the world on fire straight away. He has been out of the game a long time. A player of his ability is going to slot in there nicely wherever he plays. Meanwhile, Dragons prop Jason Ryles is one of nine players charged from the weekend round. Five came from yesterday's fiery clash. Ryles is up for a dangerous throw. I was at the wrong end of the tackle. I think when they go back and look at the video, they'll find it wasn't my doing on the lifting. So you're not concerned? No, not at all. Ryles will escape suspension along with Justin Poore but Wes Naiqama could miss two matches for an attempted trip. So, too, Roosters halfback Brett Finch, who's also facing a contrary conduct charge. Tony Peters, Ten News. The Western Force has just landed another hit on the NSW Waratahs, signing up reserve prop Gareth Hardy for next year's Super 14 campaign. And Wallabies coach Eddie Jones has entered the controversy over the Force's aggressive recruitment campaign. Jones is questioning whether the rash of mid-season signings have been good for rugby. A sign of the times - with the Western Force prowling for talent, the Queensland Rugby Union employing an unusual tactic to keep long-serving fullback Chris Latham. Over the last three or four weeks, it's probably been too much attention on recruitment and not enough attention on rugby. Jones at Brumbies training, where injured Wallabies winger Clyde Rathbone was ruled out of this weekend's must-win match against the Hurricanes. Rathbone and halfback Matt Henjak still weighing up offers from the new Perth-based franchise. I suppose I'd be lying to say it wasn't a distraction, but I'm gonna try to put it at the back of my mind. You know you can't rule out anyone until you've got all the cards laid out in front of you. Here at NSW headquarters, they're trying to get on with the business of playing rugby. Saturday's away match against the Highlanders a landmark for captain Chris Whitaker - his 100th cap for the Waratahs. Matt Burke, who's one of my very good mates, is the only other person who's done it, so obviously very proud. Western Force recruit Lachlan McKay will start at fly-half in Dunedin. Rocky Elsom replacing Stephen Hoiles at blindside flanker. Leanne West, Ten News. The Swans' troubles look set to multiply. Experienced midfielder Ben Matthews is out with a foot injury. And ruckman Darren Jolly's hopes of playing depend on a Tribunal hearing over a kneeing charge. There can be no doubting Paul Roos has plenty to think about as he prepares for Saturday night's match against the in-form West Coast Eagles. His depleted ruck stocks facing further threat with Darren Jolly facing two weeks on the sidelines for kneeing Melbourne's Simon Godfrey. We're aware of the consequences and I don't know what I can actually say about the Tribunal other than to say that, after looking at it, we feel it warrants going to the Tribunal. If Jolly is suspended, the Swans coach may need to revisit his decision to never play Brownlow Medallist Adam Goodes in the ruck again. The match would be a return to the venue and team Goodes tore his posterior cruciate knee ligament last year. Yeah, obviously, I would think, without going into too much detail, you've got to be a bit scarred if you've done your knee, you know, in a ruck contest. Also on the cards - moving defender Tadgh Kennelly into the midfield as the Swans coach looks for more answers to his team's back-to-back losses. In Melbourne, Tigers midfielder Chris Hyde has been released from hospital after suffering a hairline skull fracture resulting from his head clash with St Kilda's Matt Maguire. He is expected to wear protective head gear when he returns to action in two to three weeks. Neil Cordy, Ten News. Aussie Olympian Joanna Stone has been ordered to pay tax on prize money. The High Court ruled she used her sporting talent to earn income. The former world championship silver medallist received almost $94,000 in prize money in 1998-'99 and additional funding from grants and sponsorships. The Australian Olympic Committee argued she wasn't conducting a business, and claim it's proof aspiring Olympians do it tough. An athlete's going to have some tough decisions to take. Do I accept this small amount of sponsorship and put at risk, what's these days, $10,000 from the Australian Olympic Committee which would otherwise be tax-free. The AOC wants the taxation laws for athletes made clearer. Stuart Appleby's transition Arsenal made sure Chelsea will have to wait until at least Saturday to clinch the English Premier League title, after the Gunners beat their fierce London rivals Tottenham 1-0. The only goal of the match came from the boot of Spaniard Jose Antonio Reyes in the 22nd minute. Arsenal's win means Chelsea will have to beat Bolton to secure their first English championship in 50 years. Stuart Appleby's transition from using a driver to being one is complete. The pro golfer made his debut today in the Targa Tasmania rally. Appleby steered his $400,000 Lamborghini around the streets of Georgetown in the prologue stage of the rally. And I just got across the line and then just stopped and I heart was pounding, I was like, "Oh, man, that was awesome!" The 6-day race begins tomorrow with a starting field of 225. An Aussie has picked up a gong at big-wave surfing's night of night's in California. 31-year-old Queenslander Dylan Longbottom won the Billabong Monster Tube Award. It's rated the top of the tubes - Gold Coast surfer Dylan Longbottom reigning supreme with this wildly warping barrel, performed at the notorious Shipstern Bluff, off the southern tip of Tasmania. Longbottom and fellow Aussie Koby Abberton are taking on Teahupo'o this week. The biggest of the big was surfed and won by Hawaii's 48-year-old Dan Moore, the veteran taking home just under $100,000 for this effort, conquering a 23-metre monster at Sunset Beach. The award for the biggest wave caught without the help of a jet ski was won by Shane Desmond of Santa Cruz. This enormous backside wave performed at Halfmoon Bay. Hawaiian Shane Dorian's style and grace at Teahupo'o, Waimea Bay and Jaws earning the former WCT surfer the best overall display of big wave surfing. Rob Canning, Ten News. Later on Sports Tonight with Ryan Phelan, Raiders veteran Jason Smith named in the Queensland Origin squad and we look at the injury crisis in the NRL. Frank Coletta's back with the latest weather details next. Back now to Vic Lorusso in the traffic helicopter. Slow going at North Ryde. It sure is, Jessica, as motorists try to jump off the gore hill Freeway and get on to Epping Road. It's slow into Epping tonight. This is coming into toward Marsfield. City bound traffic, as you can see, moving quite well. The delayed start from Lane Cove for motorists pointing west. Unfortunately, the M2 is busy. But other than that, Sydney roads are looking good towards Brighton and the airport. Then - just how do baby polar bears learn to swim? They start with the dog paddle and a little help from Mum.

Frank Coletta, we've been asking around the newsroom, trying to figure out why Tim Bailey is not in today. No-one knows or seems to care today. Oh, I care! How are the care today. Oh, I care! How are the waves today? Some good sets today, Ron, but I don't think that had anything to do with it. Tim told me he has a new board - but absolutely not. It got to a top of 26 degrees today. We'll have similar conditions over the next couple of days but, by Friday, and in time for the weekend, cooler conditions will roll in and autumn will hit us. Lap it up while you can over the next couple of days, this last blast of summer. Let's look at conditions as they are prevailing currently. A few thundery showers are visible over southern WA. A little cloud is forming along the NSW and Queensland coast in onshore winds and that's bringing a few light showers. On to tomorrow's weather map, a Tasman high will maintain showers along the Queensland and northern NSW coasts and also the nearby ranges. The high will direct warm northerly winds across western parts of our State, also Victoria, Tasmania and SA. Some cooler southerly winds over south-west WA will bring light showers. On to the rainfall for tomorrow, then - possible showers on the NSW far north coast. Scattered showers on the Queensland coast and also in south-west WA. Possible storms for south-east WA and coastal showers in the NT. Rainfall for Thursday - a front and trough will drag rain across southern WA and into southern parts of SA and later into western Victoria and Tasmania. Hot north-westerly winds will persist ahead of the trough and onshore winds will continue to bring showers to the Queensland coast. Here we are. We're at balanceman looking back at the city. And Balmain, well, it -- Balmain took off in the 1850s when the Waterfront industry pushed in and the working class suburbs of the 1970s transformed into what we now know to be the wealthier middle class, lovely part of the world in Sydney here at Balmain. If you're looking at Brisbane tomorrow, expect a few showers.

Ron and Jess, the temperatures starting to slide after 27 on Friday. So lap it up while you can. Have a great night. Thank you, Frank. Rare twins at Berlin Zoo have taken to swimming lessons, like polar bears to water. 4.5-month-old sisters Venus and Valeska took the plunge for the first time in their new outdoor enclosure. Mum Vienna made sure the cubs didn't get in over their heads. The cubs were born in captivity, but this is the first time they've been out in public. That's the 5:00 News. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Jessica Rowe. Sandra Sully will have the Late News after Rove. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.