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Good morning everyone, I'm Ron

Wilson, welcome to a new week of

Ten's Morning News, the headlines

for 31 October - cleared for take-

off. Qantas planes to be back in

the skies following a ruling to end

industrial action. It's a win for

the travelling public and the

million of Australians working in

tourism. A horror night on

Victoria's roads, a family of four

killed in a crash near Melbourne.

Thousands left without power as a

storm sweeps over Queensland. Also

today - happy Halloween, Aussie

actor Jason Donovan back in the

ballroom with a spook tackular

Quickstep. Sending chills down the

spine. More in entertainment later

weather: in the program. A check of the

First this morning Qantas planes

are set to return to the skies

today. Fair Work Australia has

ordered an end to union strikes and

the airline's grounding of its

fleet. The airline and unions have

2 days within which to reach a

settlement with industrial action

banned during that period. Joining

us from Sydney Airport is reporter

Jessica Turner. There seems to be

confusion about when planes will be

back in the air. What is the plan

for today? There sure is confusion.

People are starting to arrive at

the airport, very optimistic that

they'll fly out today. People who

have flights at 8:00 are arriving

hoping they'll get a backup flight.

At this stage it was looking like

there was an 11:30 flight bound for

Darwin which was going to take off.

CASA is saying that hasn't been

cleared. There's confusion as to

whether that will happen. The next

is a 1:00 Melbourne flight. Those

passengers are hopeful that it

takes off. We are told over 68,000

passengers around the world were

affected by the grounding. This

decision to get back in the air

obviously a relief for them.

Certainly is. There's a lot of

people relieved. A lot of people

are not trusting whether this will

happen or not. The queues at Virgin

are massive. People are lining up

hoping to get some of the 3,000

seats that have been released today.

3,000 were released yesterday. The

other airlines are cashing in on

this. It comes after the decision

at the tribunal last night and

let's check how that played out.

After more than 12 hours of hearing

evidence over two days, Fair Work

Australia finally came to the

decision that stranded

participation have been waiting to

hear. Fair Work Australia have I

should a decision terminating all

industrial action. The industrial

relations umpire ruled after 2:00

this morning that Qantas's move to

ground its fleet threatened to

cause significant harm to aviation

and tourism. The Government

welcoming the move. We are pleased

that after 24 hours of turmoil,

commonsense will be restored to the

aviation, tourism sectors of

Australia. The decision now forces

Qantas and three unions to talk for

at least 21 days. If the talks fail,

Fair Work Australia can step in to

settle the dispute. But despite the

ruling, thousands of disrupted

passengers will have to continue to

wait, with aircraft not expected to

take to the skies until mid

afternoon. Unions promise they'll

do all they can to get planes in

the air. Our priority today will be

to make sure that those Qantas

planes are up in the air, as soon

as possible. Getting Qantas flights

back in the air can't come too soon

for the many thousands of

passengers stranded around the

world. Ten's US Correspondent Dan

Sutton joins us from Los Angeles.

When are you expecting flights over

there to take off? Well, there's

good breaking news coming out of LA

at the moment. Initial indications

were that there'd be no Qantas

planes leaving Los Angeles, but it

appears that is changing. There

could be up to five of the six

scheduled fights that are meant to

leave LA taking off tonight. It

looks like the first will be a 747

to Sydney, QF12, taking off in

about seven hours. That's subject

to approval from the safety

authorities, there should be a

flight to Sydney, one to Melbourne,

another to Melbourne via Auckland,

one of the two scheduled flights to

Brisbane should be getting out -

again subject to the green light

from CASA. There are plenty of

planes here, about nine, sitting

outside the hangar at Qantas at LAX.

There's about 1800 stranded

passengers, it's a huge backlog,

considering the scheduled flights

had passengers booked on them,

there could be a very big wait

indeed. How are travellers coping?

Is there any other way to get them

home at the moment? At the moment

Qantas is paying for accommodation

and food for about 1200 of those

1800 stranded passengers. That's

for everyone who is not staying in

their home port, including the

Talarida family. They have been

looking into other options to get

home. Qantas will cover the

difference if you fly with another

character. Their quote from V

Australia was $5,000 per person for

a family of four. Qantas will

reimburse them, but they have to

pay that up front. It's a huge bill

they weren't willing or able to cop.

It looks like they'll be home in

the next 24 hours or so. But as

they told us it's important they

get home to Australia soon. I work

in a family business. Others are

covering for me. I need to get back.

The kids - we reluctantly took them

out of school for our little break.

They'll miss out a few more days.

So repeating that news breaking in

the last couple of minutes - we

could have up to five Qantas

flights leaving LAX bound for

Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane,

pending the approval from the CASA.

Dan Sutton reporting live from Los

Angeles. Qantas is facing a barrage

of criticism this morning, evening

from Prime Minister Julia Gillard,

but Tony Abbott is directing his

criticism back at the Prime

Minister. Ten's properer John

O'Doherty joins us from Canberra. -

- political reporter John O'Doherty

joins us from Canberra. Why is the

Opposition taking aim on this

issue? Tony Abbott says Julia

Gillard should have intervened

earlier, and a lot of chaos is due

to a slow response from the

Government. He says that the

Government shouldn't are referred

the matter to Fair Work Australia,

but should have used the powers

under the Fair Work Act to

intervene, stopping the dispute.

Let's have a lynx Under section 431

of the -- listen. Undersection 431

of the Fair work act the Government

can terminate an industrial dispute.

Qantas at no time indicated that

they wanted the Government to

intervene. This morning Julia

Gillard has defended her decision

not to intervene, saying if the

Government had done so, it would

have been challenged in the courts,

and that would have created more

drawn-out uncertainty for everyone.

That section has never been used in

Australia's history. If we had

tried to use it, we would have

ended up in a world of legal

uncertainty with the prospect of

court action and uncertainty

continuing for Qantas, its staff

and people who rely on it to get

around Australia and around the

world. Ron, the interesting thing

here is that Julia Gillard oversaw

the creation of section 431 when

she was Workplace Relations

Minister and oversaw the creation

of the Fair Work Act. So it begs

the question: if the Prime Minister

was willing to create the power,

why wasn't she willing to use it. Interesting question. John

O'Doherty reporting live from

Canberra. More on the Qantas

dispute later in the program. The

other news now. Four people from

the same family have been killed in

a head-on collision north-east of

Melbourne. A man, woman and two

children are believed to have died

instantly when their sedan and a four-wheel drive collided on the

Mel ba Highway near Dixon's creek.

The 45-year-old driver of the four-

wheel drive was taken to a hospital

at Ringwood with minor injuries,

the deaths bringing the Victorian

road toll to 228 for the year. The

Ford appeared to have lost control

travelling towards Yaye and crossed

to the incorrect side of the road,

colliding in an offset head-on

manner with the Range Rover.

Queensland is in mourning with

confirmation that all three diggers

killed by a rogue Afghan soldier

are from the Sunshine Coast. It's

the deadliest attack for the ADF.

The ultimate betrayal. A member of

the Afghan National Army opened

fire with an automatic weapon on a

number of Australians and ANA

soldiers participating in a regular

weekly parade. We don't foe the

motive. The three Australians

killed include a Captain on a

second tour, a Corporal and a Lance

Corporal were on first deployments

to the country. It is difficult to

describe words to express our

sorrow and loss at this time. The

seven wounded Australian soldiers

include one figing for his life.

One Afghan interpreter was killed.

Australian soldiers, including some

of those wounded, engaged the

gunman who was subsequently shot

and killed. The incident happened

at forward operating base Pacemaker

in Shah Wali Kot in Northern

Kandahar. It is a terrible, tragic

blow. This will, of course, be the

largest single incident involving

firearms or gunshots. Afghan

soldiers from the 6th candac have

been disarmed and confined to

barracks, investigations are under

way. 32 diggers have been killed,

209 wounded in Afghanistan. Julia

Gillard returns to Canberra from

CHOGM with a country more divided

than ever about whether we should

be in the war-torn country. If we

were to leave at this stage, then

we would leave a vacuum which would

be filled again by terrorists and

by the Taleban. More than 14,000

homes have been left without power

after severe storms swept through

south-east Queensland last night.

Bands of storm cells moved through

the region after 9:00pm, causing

flash flooding and power scruptions.

More than 24,000 -- disruption,

more than 24,000 lightning strikes

were caused and wet weather could

have contributed to a fatal crash,

a 25-year-old man died when his car

he was travelling in hit a power

pole near Marsden. Several others

in the car were taken to hospital. You are with ten's Morning News, more

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Welcome back to Ten's Morning News,

an inquest into the deaths of 22

people in Queensland's devastating

floods will begin in Queensland.

The State Coroner, Michael Barnes will

will investigate the circumstances

surrounding the fatalities during

flash flooding in January. Three

people listed as missing will be

included. Families of the victims

have been invited to give evidence.

Police in Melbourne are

investigating the discovery of a

body in the ashes of a fire.

Emergency crews were called to the

western suburb of Brooklyn where a

pile of wooden pallets was alight.

The blaze was extinguished The blaze was extinguished and they

made the grim find after searching

through the debris, homicide and

arson squads are at the scene. The

Homicide Squad has been brought in

to investigate the stabbing death

of a man on a property in Sydney's

north-west. Witnesses heard cries

for help after the victim was

approached by a group of men in

Londonderry around 9:00pm. He was

laying on the front lawn with a

laying on the front lawn with a

wound to his throat. Another man

suffered minor injuries and taken

to Nepean Hospital. A crime scene

has been established, police are

yet to make arrests. A teenage

Australian boy held in Bali accused

of drug possession is making

preparations today for his court

appearance tomorrow. He's facing

three charges after allegedly

buying almost 4 grams of buying almost 4 grams of marijuana

at Kuta Beach. Indonesia

authorities agreed to relax

conditions during the trial with a

judge and prosecution reportedly

swapping robes for casual clothes.

It will be held in a closed

courtroom. The teen has spent

nearly a month behind bars, the

trial could last up to two weeks.

The centre of Bangkok appears to

have weathered the highest tides of the month without

the month without serious flooding,

there were fears the Chao Phraya

would burst its banks, but the

system of canals and storm walls,

and the Patch work of sandbag dykes

appear to have held. Some parts of

the city did not escape lightly, 15

of the cities 50 districts are now

underwater. The British Government

is fighting back against pirates,

allowing armed guards to be

deployed on vessels entering danger deployed on vessels entering danger

zones. Prime Minister David Cameron

says the action is needed with sea-

borne Somali criminals holding

world trade to ransom. (yelling).

Dutch Commandos storm a German

cargo ship hijacked by Somali

pirates. Last year 49 of the

world's 53 hijackings happened world's 53 hijackings happened off

this troubled African state. There

so many Somalis, including

teenagers involved in piracy that

many ships carry armed security

guards on board. Only now has the

United Kingdom Government decided

British-registered ships, of which

there are around 200 operating in

this part of the world, can have

the same protection. Frankly the

extent of the hijack and ransom extent of the hijack and ransom of

ships around the Horn of Africa is

a stain on our world. The fact that

a bunch of pirates in Somalia are

managing to hold to ransom the rest

of the world and our trading system

is a complete insult. The

Government says no ship carrying

armed security has yet been

hijacked and all licences will be strictly monitored. There are

concerns this amounts to a shoot to concerns this amounts to a shoot to

kill policy. Somali expert Roger

middle ton says using security

firms to poll ice the waters could

be a step backwards. These moves

could be a way of reprivatising

security on the oceans. That could

be worrying. It's good when the

oceans are accountable to the

people, to the international law,

but that is, in a way, something

which private firms are not. There

are fears that using armed guards

will drive the pirates elsewhere.

For most involved in the shipping

industry, the Government's change

of heart can't come soon enough.

More to come on the Morning News,

stay with us. A day to remember

with the Queen's Australian visit

now just a memory. We meet the

little girl who will never forget

again after the break. her brush with royalty. See you

in perfect little mouthfuls. Pure Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate Cadbury made in miniature. Buttons -

of the crumbliest milk chocolate. Delicate layers New Flake Bites.

Finance news now and for the first

time stockbrokers will have an

alternative market for trading

Australian shares, with the owing

of a new exchange CHI-X. We are

joined by James Rosenberg, from

Macquarie Private Wealth, I'm not

sure I have the pronunsyation right. sure I have the pronunsyation right.

What will it mean for the

Australian share market. We are

running with Chee-ex here, I open

that is correct. What it means is

there's another platform for

trading shares. Brokers will be

able to match out orders at the

lowest price available. The

probability is that it won't make a

lot of difference, there be the odd

cent or half a cent. But cent or half a cent. But not a

significant change. It will be a

gladual change, it will take place

over a -- gladual change, and it

will take place over a period of

time. I don't think encumbant

amounts will be different. The

brave world starts today. The ASX

when it went from the open-out cry

system to trading on the computer,

they trialled it, it they trialled it, it was the they trialled it, it was the day of

the '87 crash. It was a coincidence,

we hope it doesn't happen today.

Where your seatbelt in case. James

Rosenberg from Macquarie Private

Wealth. Let's run through the numbers for you:

Qantas shares are expected to open

lower today. The airline loses $20

million each day its planes are on

the ground. In 2007 shares were

worth nearly $6. They have been

sliding ever since. On Friday they

closed at $1.54. When the market

opens, that price is likely to look

be ambitious. Disma not all eyes will

be on -- Not all eyes will be on

flem r many will foked on the RBA -

- Flemington, many will focus on

the RBA's rate decision, last year

they raised them, and they have

remained since. A 25 basis point

cup is tipped, inflation seems

under control, and retailers have

been praying out loud for a break

to help them through what could

might otherwise be a lean Christmas. It

might have seemed like everyone in

Sydney had their houses up for sale

at the weekend. A healthy 442

houses went up for auction. The

results were consistent with

previous weeks. 54% sold with a

value of $226 million. Numbers were

down a bit in Melbourne on last

week. In Brisbane only 15 homes

were on the block and six sold. It

was similarly quiet in Adelaide.

was similarly quiet in Adelaide.

Time for another short break, when

we return, we are going back in

time. The White House and that

white dress. We look back at Sonia McMahon's forward-looking fashion

in Ten 'Morning Memories'. That's

after the break.

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Updating the main stories on Ten's

Morning News, Qantas and the unions

have 21 days to sort out their

differences. Plaps are set to fly

again today -- planes are set to

fly again after Fair Work Australia

ordered an end to union strikes and

the grounding of the airline's

fleet. A family tragedy in

Melbourne, up to four members of

the same family killed in a head-on

collision, a man, woman and two

children are believed to have died

instantly when their sedan and a

four-wheel drive collided before

9:00 last night. Queensland is in mourning with confirmation all

three Australian diggers killed by

a rogue Afghan soldier are from the

Sunshine State. It's the deadliest

attack on the Australian Defence

Force in the history of the war in

Afghanistan. A braf check of the

weather: -- brief check of the weather:

More now on our top story, Qantas

planes are set to fly again today

after fausar ordered an end to --

Fair Work Australia Fair Work Australia ordered an end

to quunion action and the grounding

of the threat. Ten's of thousands

around the world were affected. We

are joined by Jessica Turner, out

at Sydney Airport. The countdown is

on, how soon will we see planes

back in the skies. It is starting

to liven up a little bit. Hopeful

customers are arriving and hoping

that their plane will fly. It was

looking hopeful for an looking hopeful for an 11:35 flight

to Darwin this morning, but there

is confusion about whether that

will fly or not. There's a 1:00 Melbourne flight. Those passengers

have fingers crossed that that

flight will happen, especially

before the Melbourne Cup. For

68,000 passengers around the world,

it was dejections, depression as

planes were planes were grounded. I

imagine their moods have changed

considerably. That's right.

Customers are frustrated but

resigned to the fact that they

can't do anything about it.

Yesterday Qantas said that this win

overnight is a victory for

passengers, time will tell as to

whether or not customers feel the

same way. I spoke to a few this

morning, here is what they had to

say. I have no information from

Qantas. The flight was meant it be

at 9:30. We are trying to see if we

can actually get something. We are

relieved it's over and we are going

to fly. But it has been really,

really difficult for everyone

involved. And on a larger scale,

there has been devastating knock-on

effects. After a summer of

disasters the last thing Australian

tourism needs is a man-made one. In

the first quarter of this year the

Australian tourism lost $1.4

billion in business as a result

mainly of the natural Cat as

trophies in Queensland. With the

soaring Australian dollar, it's hard enough to attract

international travellers, now this.

Qantas, it's not good enough, guy,

thars probably the end of my relationship with -- that's

probably the end of my relationship

with Qantas. The hotel sector is

calling it a disaster. Accusing

Qantas bosses of destroying

consumer confidence, making people

less likely to travel during the

Christmas break. The greater

concern is the longer-term impact

it could have on the Australian

brand, it could ruin the country's

credibility. In the short-term it's

clear who the winners are,

Singapore Airlines, Virgin Atlantic,

foreign airlines picking up lots of

business. Tourism leaders in

Australia say there are only losers.

Well, one person who managed to

avoid the Qantas debacle and fly

home this weekend was the Queen,

she may be gone, she's left behind

happy memories, one little girl in

Perth will never forget the day she

met Her Majesty. I like the big one.

Her Majesty may be gone, for this

princess the romance of royalty is

beginning to bloom. What did she

say? Hello, Mary. The governor's

daughter Mary welcomed the Royal

couple to Perth's gous with flowers

and a curt -- Government House,

with flowers and a curtsey. Good

morning, Her Majesty. Thursday's

garden party was for grown-ups, she

watched from a window like Rapunzel

and thought about the Queen's eyes.

Mine are blue. The 3-year-old found

Her Majesty the opposite of Snow

white's wicked stepmother and Mary

solve the mystery of the Queen's

missing crown. What do you think

she did with her crown this time.

Maybe she left it. Her mother Tonya

McCusker says the Queen and Prince Phillip had an amazing knowledge

and love for Australia and were

incredibly energetic and generous

during CHOGM The biggest gift is

the people of WA should be so proud.

While life here for Mary and the

McCuskers is getting back to normal,

another Perth girl received a

special gift from the Queen. The

royal couple were showered with

books, bouquets and posies during

the farewell to Perth. But couldn't

take the blooms home to Buckingham

Palace. Instead they gave the best

to the city's children's hospital.

Very, very excited. For 8-year-old

Maddison Phillips, who is

recovering from hip surgery, it's a

lift she needed. I wish to go to

England and see what it's like and

see lots of things, and see the

Queen. A fairytale ending for Mary,

a promised palace gift of a promised palace gift of a little

crown of her own. Today is

Halloween, where thoughts turn to

witches, ghosts and the

supernatural. The question of

whether the paranormal is a fit

study for academics is

controversial for almost a century, a growing number a growing number of mainstream

scientists are crossing over and

putting ghosts under the microscope.

This rectory in Essex, infamous as

the most haunted house in England.

It was evidence such as this

Edwardian photograph allegedly

showing a ghostly monk in the

rectory grounds leading to the

first serious attempt to

investigate a haunted house. If a

man says that he can deduce

abnormal phenomena, then we test by

instrumental means snoofplts Harry

Price was a writer -- Harry Price

was a writer, exposer of fake

mediums. He went to Bawley in 1937,

taking a cutting-edge apparatus and

48 observers. They claimed to

scientifically record all manner of

psychic phenomena, and even

predicted the house would burn down,

which, of course, it did. In Borley

today though the rectory has gone,

the rumours haven't and to the

annoyance of local residents,

neither are the psychic

investigators. Over 200 witnesses

claim to have experienced

paranormal phenomena in the church.

For 40 years Eddie Brazil has

followed in the footsteps of Harry

Price. Price at the time was the -

certainly in Britain, a most famous

ghost hunter. He used procedures

and techniques to investigate

haunted houses and seances and

mediums which people - paranormal

researchesers are using, even

though they probably haven't heard

of Harry Price. Harry Price

achieved considerable notoriety. He

never proved anything. Yet 80 years

on fascination with the paranormal

is as great, if not greater than it

ever was. Is modern science closer

to explaining the mysterious

phenomena. 50% of people claim some

paranormal belief. Where there are

questions there are academics ready

to answer them. Add Edinburgh

University is one of a dozen

respected universities studying the

paranormal in the United Kingdom.

If there's a genuineability to

communicate which thought alone, is

there anability to predict future

events or influence the environment.

These questions, if solid evidence

can be found, would have

implications for our understanding

of physics and how the world works.

Dr Watt has examined all manner of

paranormality, seeing ghosts

precogin addition, mind read,

psychic healing, but so far has

found no persuasive evidence of any.

The bulk of her research is into

the mental underpinnings of

supernatural belief. I believe in

ghost experience, but personally I

don't believe in ghosts. People

believing they can read each

other's minds and have lucky

beliefs, beliefs and superstirns, I

think it is a false but comforting

sense of control over an

unpredictable and uncontrollable

world. Science is yet to prove or

disprove physical evidence of the

supernatural, it can test

psychicability. I have a lady here

called Rosie. One of Britain's

commercially sug SESful psychics,

Sally Morgan was accused of being

fed information during a show.

Something she denies. She's been

offered the chance to prove her

abilities by a group of

investigators and a leading science

writer by matching names to photos

of anonymous dead people. She

declined. Scientists who

investigate ghosts have a tough job.

Ghosts don't turn up. They don't

have a timetable. They appear to

certain people, and not others.

It's tricky to study. Paranormal

investigators like to look into

psychics because every night of the

week pretty much psychic Sally is

out there. This inquiry, called

science, is not something Harry

Price or his successors ever

strictly applied to places bike

Borley, if they had, it's -- like

Borley, if they had, it's unlikely

they could is disproved the stories,

goats will linger here whether you

want them to. Today's 60 second

showbiz has a Halloween theme. MUSIC MUSIC PLAYS

Aussie popstar Jason Donovan has

spooked his way back to the top

spot on 'Strictly Ballroom' after

wowing the judges with his

impressive moves early in the

United Kingdom dance show, the star

turned a wrong foot. His creep-

tastic Quickstep on this weekend's

Halloween special was not only the

best score of the night, but the

best of the entire competition so

far. Fellow Aussie Holly Valance

danced up a storm coming in with

second-best score of the night.

He's haunted the rock'n'roll stage

for 40 years, with Gillo teens and

fake blood, now Goth rock star

Alice Cooper revealed how horror

movies inspired him. At a Q and A

in London, he explained his

fascination with the dark sign to

400 fans as part of a Halloween

special. It's part of us to want to

be scared. We want to be loved,

accepted, scared. Alice Cooper is

the middle of his world tour

promoting his latest album 'Welcome

to my Nightmare'. And you may have

missed out this Barry Hall but the

iconic cape warn in the classic

1931 horror Flick 'Dracula' could

be yours come December. The black

cape worn by the world's most

famous mythical vampire will go

under the hammer at the end of the

year, expected to fetch $2 million.

The family of 'Dracula' star Bela

Lugosi is selling the Cape along

with other spooky memorabilia from

his films. Time for a dip into the

Ten 'Morning Memories', to see what

was making news. Kathryn Robinson has the Ten 'Morning Memories'.

This week in 1983 a colourful

return for some Australian icons.

The team behind the America's Cup

winning yacht 'Australia II'

arrived in Perth to a hero's

welcome, bringing a memorable

mascot. Half the city turned out to

see the boxing kangaroo and cheer

on Alan and Eileen Bond who claimed

the Cup on behalf of the nation.

No-one was more excited than the

Prime Minister. I tell you what any

boss who sacks anyone for not

turning up today is a bum. But it

was the wife of another Prime

Minister, Billy McMahon which

attracted the world gaze in 1971.

Sonia McMahon caused a global

furore when she wore this white

dress, slashed to the thigh to a

function at the White House.

Australia was snapping up attention

in the US in 1986 when a home-grown

star became a box office smash.

'Crocodile Dundee' swam in US

dollars thanks to scenes like this

one. We have royal fever now, but

back in this week in 1999

Australians were rethinking the

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Jockey Craig Williams to learn his

Melbourne Cup fate. That's when the

Morning News returns. Plus, sparks

fly at the Indian Grand Prix as

Sebastien Vettel cruises to his

11th win of the

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Time now for the morning sports new,

we have Scotty McKinnon standing by.

It must be nervous times for Craig

Williams, with his suspension over

the Melbourne Cup ride tomorrow.

Yes, he'll wait on that. Around

10:30 he'll appeal his 10-meeting

ban in a last-ditch bid to ride in

the Melbourne Cup. Williams is

backed to ride second favourite

Dunaden, but his ban means the

horse's trainer has been forced to

make contingency plans. Just who

will ride the highly fancyed

Dunaden is a mystery. Craig

Williams is the preferred joys, but

he has to beat a 10-meeting ban

first. If he can ride he will, if

he can't, Kristoff Lemare will ride

him. It's a ride Damian Williams is

desperate to have after Dunaden's

impressive win in the Geelong Cup.

He came back well from the race, he

should have improved. He has not

run since August. I'm happy with

him. Fellow French horse and

reigning champion Americain is the

favourite and is a sentiment shared

by his trainer. He looks better

than last year. Last year he has

many races before coming to

Australia. Now this year he has a

few races and he looks fresh. The

Luca Cumani stable has two runners,

Managhar, and Drunken Sailor, Bauer

missed the cut by one, Luca is

unable to hide his disappointment.

He has done it at Flemington,

before he did everything bar

winning by a pixel. So he would

have been probably our best chance,

yes. Sebastien Vettel has made it

11 wins this season by taking out

the first ever Indian Grand Prix.

Lewis Hamilton and Felipe Massa

collided on lap 24, which didn't

impress Mr Bean. Actor Rowan

Atkinson, massa was slapped with a

drive-through penalty, his race

ending when his suspension broke.

Up front no issues for Sebastien

Vettel, cruising home ahead of

Jenson Button, and Fernando Alonso.

Collection of bragging rights,

Sebastien Vettel the first ever

winner of the Indian Grand Prix.

Yes, we did it. The German is on

track to equal Michael Schumacher's

record of 13 wins in a season. Two

races to go. Mark Webber was fourth.

Tottenham jumped up to fifth place

in the Premier League, with a 3-1

win over Queen's Park Rangers,

Gareth Bale opened the account for

Spurs in the 20th minute before

Rafael van der Vaart added to his

season's tally. Rafael van der

Vaart equals the club record.

Scoring in a fifth consecutive

Premier League game. Rangers pulled

one back in the second half, but a

brilliant Gareth Bale double sealed

a Spurs win. Tottenham is equal on

points with Chelsea and Newcastle,

sitting third and fourth on the

ladder. Gold Coast United surged

from last to 5th on the A-League

ladder after a win over the

Newcastle Jets. Dutch import Masao

Rigters among the scorers in the 3-

1 win. Masao Rigters back of the

nets. What a strike. The Dutchman

on target. And the monkey is

finally off Melbourne Victory's

back. The club recording its first

win of the season against the

Phoenix, prevailing 2-1. Kangaroos

half-back Jonathan Thurstan has

urged English fans to boo him when

Australia face England at Wembley

Saturday. The Aussies have arrived

in London ahead of a Four Nations

showdown and took in the sights

around their hotel. Centre Greg

Inglis is expected to make his

return to the side for the injured

Willie Tonga. The Australian

Diamonds are back on top of the

world netball rankings after

defeating New Zealand in the final

international. The Aussies were

down by six goals at half-time, but

fought back to snatch a thrilling

3-point win. It was a Great rivalry

between the Silverferns and the

Aussies, we knew we had to dig deep.

Everyone did, I'm proud of the team.

It's Australia's second-straight

Constellation Cup series win. And

batsman Daniel Smith smashed a

record 185 not out to guide the

Blues to a 7-wicket win over

Victoria in their one-day clash.

The 29-year-old gave the fans at

North Sydney Oval plenty of of

catching practice, clearing the

rope 12 times. It's a new

competition record en route to his

first century for his State. They

are not shockers. 100 for Dan Smith.

Well played. Tremendous innings.

His 185 off 123 balls is the

highest score by a NSW batsman in

domestic one-day match. Ron, a

dozen sixes, he gave them a show

out there. See the bloke in the

stands, one handy catch. Classic.

Snazzy. Update of the headlines and

the weather details with Magdalena

Roze when the Morning News returns.

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A final update of our main stories.

Some relief for stranded Qantas

passengers as Fair work Australia

demands the airline end its

grounding today. The unions and the

airline now have 21 days to come to

an agreement with a ban placed on

all strike action. A head-on all strike action. A head-on

collision ends in tragedy for a

family of four in Melbourne. A man,

woman and two children are believed

to have died instantly when their

sedan and a four-wheel drive

collided just before 9 o'clock last

night. And Queensland mourns the

tragic news that all three

Australian diggers killed by a

rogue Afghan soldier are from the

Sunshine State. This latest attack

is the deadliest blow for the

Australian Defence Force in the history of the war history of the war in Afghanistan.

Let's get a detailed check on the

weather. We're joined in the studio

by Ten's Meteorologist Magdalena

Roze. We have had these terrible

storms across Queensland and

northern NSW, black outs, are they

out of the woods yet? They pretty

much are, they can breathe a sigh

of relief today because the trough

of low pressure has moved to the

north of Brisbane. Let's have a

look on the satellite image. You

can see that most of the cloud is

to the north 06 Brisbane as I

mentioned. Lots of cloud cover

through Western Australia but in

South Australia it is not causing

any problems. Looking further ahead, more showers and storms more showers and storms expected

through the northern half of the

country. Inland WA once again, the

Territory, and also north-western

and central parts of Queensland,

but a high pressure system clearing

things out of the south. So

beautiful weather across the

the southern capitals for the rest of

For Melbourne there will be some

isolated showers but I think they

are mostly hitting eastern suburbs so for the Cup so for the Cup itself I think it

will be dry with 20 degrees. Over

in Perth very warm weather.

Good to see, Ron, that we have some

south. beautiful weather ahead for the

Don't tell us a warm weekend should

be on the cards? Love it. Thank you.

That is all from the Morning News

for now. I'm Ron Wilson, thanks for

watching. Time to hand you over to

The Circle and being Halloween we

thought we would start with

something very scarey. Chrissie,

good morning. Aggghh. We will check

in with you again in an hour. I

(LAUGHTER) love your costume, by the way!!

Now, it is Halloween, obviously,

31th. You forgot your hat. Oh,

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it's alright, that is fine. I

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you want to go trick or treating

tonight. How cute would you be? Yes,

but I am only expecting a couple of

cows because I live in the country.

If you are putting the finishing

touches on your costume, why don't

you take some inspiration from this

American dad and child who have

come as a bottle of Jack Daniels

and a pack of marlbro. I am serious,

if that came out in my size that is