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This program is captioned live. as floodwaters rise. Tonight, fears for towns of rate rises is on the way. Reserve Bank warning - another round honours its heroic flight crew. And British Airways APPLAUSE

Ten News with Bill Woods.

First this evening - declared a natural disaster zone. yet another Queensland shire has been is now getting flood assistance, Two-thirds of the State and hundreds of properties isolated with dozens of roads cut off around Charleville. in the worst hit region How long is a piece of string? emergency workers draw That's the analogy across parts of Central Queensland. as they survey a sea of water Where and when will it stop? of monitoring the situation, It's really just a matter hour by hour, day by day. There's $35 million damage. flood relief than drought relief. More of Queensland is now receiving patients were evacuated to Brisbane. Today, more elderly nursing home still camped in makeshift quarters, About 30 Charleville residents are but brave in the face of it. bewildered It's a lot better than we had 1990. over at the airport. We slept on the hangar floor bailing water. Some stayed in flooded homes her late husband's mementoes. Maureen O'Sullivan lost Very sad? all I've got off him, but yeah. Yeah, it is because that's a temporary levee Last night the air force flew in and plastic of steel and wooden pallets to fill gaps in an earth wall. fearing a flood height of 6m today. Volunteers worked through the night It's a security blanket? Very much so, but it's also a real - what it will do to protect us. it's real in terms of the average flow of the river The flood height is based on

the normal run of the river. so if it's 6m, then that's 6m above spreading out upstream and down. And that's a mountain of water

receiving drops of food and medicine. It is isolating homesteads which are a lot of water flowing There certainly will be

between here and Cunnamulla. There's hope the flooding is easing

in the catchment area but there has been more rain about what might still come. so there is worry, too, from Charleville for Ten News. Mark Suleau reporting is almost certainly on the cards, More mortgage pain inflation is his biggest worry. the Reserve Bank boss warning Despite a global downturn, he says the Australian economy is going gangbusters. The gloomy lighting said it all, issuing a warning the Reserve Bank Governor

to every Australian with a mortgage - there could be more pain on the way, telling a business lunch in London the central bank boss Australia's prospects this year he's upbeat about is keeping inflation in check, but his biggest worry independent of the RBA, recent rate rises by the banks,

when it next deliberates. likely to play a key role It's part of an additional one we have to take account of we will add more in deciding whether or not to what we've already done. to prevent more mortgage pain But it may not be enough next meets on February 5, when the Reserve Bank board analysts nervously awaiting Wednesday's inflation figures which will seal home borrowers' fate. of the annual rate of 3%, If they're well in excess I think it's very likely in fact, themselves, despite the banks raising rates in February. we'll see an official rate rise lurches towards recession, And as the United States almost $150 billion in tax cuts President Bush announced to kick-start the economy.

must be big enough This growth package as large and dynamic as ours. to make a difference in an economy Gerard Scholten, Ten News. Melbourne Zoo has become embroiled in animal cruelty claims, a leaked document detailing more than a dozen times how a trainer stabbed an elephant

with a metal spike. in the elephant enclosure today, It was all smiles

but on the other side of the fence no-one was laughing. then obviously it's disgusting. If it's true is at the centre of cruelty claims, 14-year-old Dokkoon on a fellow keeper - after a staff member blew the whistle claiming an internal memo written last May she was jabbed more than a dozen times with a marlinespike. by some of these allegations. We're concerned and shocked

investigated the matter internally, Zoo management acted appropriately. finding the keeper to the staff There was a serious safety risk

Hugh Wirth But animal welfare expert and wants a full government inquiry. believes there's cause for concern but utterly shocking, They're not only serious

at the base of it, and there's animal welfare even cruelty. the zoo has come under fire It's not the first time for its treatment of animals. it's kept a long list of complaints, The RSPCA says dating back almost 30 years.

by disputing the fact I got myself into a lot of trouble that a keeper was perfectly justified

over the head and killing it - in belting a rogue seal

in public. The zoo maintains is its top priority. the health and welfare of its animals Rakhal Ebeli, Ten News. The trainer of a greyhound in the back of a car left without water over the animal's death. has been charged in extreme heat Go Bronco endured 14 hours on Sunday. after being locked in the car from organ failure. He died on Wednesday

Police allege his trainer, Terry Darragh,

abandoned his car and the dog in a traffic accident, after being involved then reported the vehicle stolen. He'll face court next month and driving charges. on animal cruelty, public mischief A heroes' welcome today of the British Airways jet for the crew

in London. that came so close to disaster for the first time They spoke publicly during the emergency. about their roles CHEERING they brought home safely The passengers have already dubbed them heroes. The men and women they work with clearly share that view. This was the reception for the captain and key crew members at British Airways headquarters this afternoon. Non-essential work stopped as airline staff greeted their colleagues.

Flight captain Peter Burkhill said it had all been down to teamwork and revealed it had been his first officer, John Coward, on the left here, who guided the stricken plane in. As captain of the aircraft I'm proud to say that every member of my team played their part expertly yesterday, displaying the highest standards of skill and professionalism. No-one more so than my senior first officer, John Coward

who was the handling pilot on the final approach and did the most remarkable job. And from the hero crew - praise for those they saved. I want to thank the passengers too for their calmness and good sense in extremely unfamiliar circumstances. BA 38 lies where she came to rest as teams of investigators search for answers and, in the process, gather even the tiniest fragments of evidence that might help them. We know the plane came into land at its normal gliding angle. Then, at around 600 feet, it lost power. The pilot's only option to pull the nose up to keep the plane in the air. in a desperate attempt With no engine power, he's slowing all the time. relying on momentum to stop the engine stalling. The landing gear was left up until the last moment too, crucially preventing any extra drag. Instead BA 38 just made it over the perimeter fence possibly by as little as 20 feet. The plane landing on the grass just before the runway. When you listen to the eyewitness accounts

of just how close he came to the perimeter fence here as he crash-landed over it and you look at six lanes and it was just like this yesterday, you realise how close we came to disaster here. Paul Davies, Ten News.

Coming up next in Ten News - the pregnant woman a hospital says is too fat for their delivery room. Plus, an 83-year-old daredevil takes a leap of faith -

for the 3,000th time! And later, why a children's classic TV show comes with a warning. Sesame was created in the '60s and it was a bit edgier, if you will. Sesame Street goes adults only.

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This program is captioned live. A Japanese whaling group has accused the Sea Shepherd activist group of attacking another of their ships in the Southern Ocean. Protesters Benjamin Potts and Giles Lane were yesterday released

by the Japanese

after boarding the 'Yushin Maru'. The whalers claim a fatty acid found in rancid butter and vomit was thrown on a sister ship. A Melbourne mother has been told

she's too fat to have a baby at her local hospital. She's been forced to find another birthing unit. Officials say it's for her own good. Lisa and Troy Grave already have one child, 4-year-old Kyla.

Now they're expecting another. What they weren't expecting was to be banned from their local hospital. I was just embarrassed, upset. that they could turn me away I was devastated just because of my size. Southern Health delivers 1 in 8 Victorian babies, making it the State's largest provider of maternity services.

Under its policy, overweight women can't give birth at the Grave's nearest hospital, the Casey. Instead they'll have to travel at least half an hour further for another hospital, or pay, they say, $10,000 for private medical care. More than 50% of the population is overweight, so imagine the people in this area alone who are getting turned away from the hospital. People need that hospital and hardly anyone can use it. Southern Health, though, says

overweight mothers have a greater risk of suffering complications during birth, and, as such, require the experience and facilities Some women may not be able to deliver that's closest to them, but they still will be able to have their baby in the hospital that's safest for them. A policy Mrs Grave wishes she'd been told of sooner. with my weight, but there's nothing I can do at the moment about my weight - I can't go on a diet, I can't go for a run around the block.

Christopher Still, Ten News. Dramatic scenes on a Gold Coast beach today as police and lifeguards launched a full-scale search for a body reported floating in the water. Burleigh Beach was cleared as the rescue helicopter, lifesavers and water police searched the area but murky conditions and a strong current kept them from finding the body. Police say it could be a man who was last seen struggling in the surf on Thursday. Police also urge if anyone believes someone is missing, right through to this morning, either from Thursday, we urge them to come forward and report that person to police. Police are still searching. Five youths were lucky to survive when an L-plater lost control of the car he was driving, ploughing into a tree and power pole in Melbourne's east. The sedan hit with such force it snapped the pole at its base. Witnesses were surprised anyone survived. One of the girls I think broke her arm and had the bone coming out of her arm. It was just really, really nasty. All five occupants, aged 17-23, Investigations continue. The homicide squad is investigating the death of a man A Melbourne grandfather has celebrated his 3,000th parachute jump. Jim Brierley left the plane with a stylish cartwheel. His parachuting career started more than 60 years ago, in World War II. Today, slackening winds were the only hindrance as he touched down. While the sport is extreme, his reason to stay involved is common. To save me from domestic chores I suppose. I'm not doing work at home. If I'm here, Jim's now in training for his next parachuting competition, in April.

Guitar cases at 10 paces - with thousand of people descending on the town to watch some of our top artists. Young or old, kangaroo or emu, there's no denying Tamworth's country music festival brings out some interesting characters. (Sings) # You silly galah # I'm better by far, than a white cockatoo or a budgerigar... # 50,000 country music fans are expected in town over the next 10 days to take in the nation's best buskers and bootscooters. # Born and raised # He's a member of the Outback Club. # By Australia Day there'll be some very sore feet indeed. # I'm countin' down the days. # The crowds crammed in for last night's opening concert. # Welcome... # The entertainment even included a surprise performance from Aussie rock legend Jon English, although his choice of song was unusual. (Sings) # Happy birthday to you... # It was a present for his sister Janet. But it was country the fans came to hear. (Sings) # Good girls love it all. # As more visitors arrive the town's camping sites are almost full. For two weeks every year in Tamworth, where everyone who loves country music can be heard. Daniel Sutton, Ten News. Coming up next in Ten News - the death of eccentric chess champion Bobby Fischer. Plus - why a children's classic TV show comes with a warning. 'Sesame' was created in the '60s and it was a bit edgier, if you will. 'Sesame Street' goes adults only.

This program is captioned live. Tributes tonight for the man who had a mind and a chess game like no other. Eccentric champion Bobby Fischer dead at 64. His first checkmate came as a 6-year-old - Bobby Fischer was a junior champion at 13, and a Cold War hero at 29. American champion a year later In 1972 Russia's dominance of the chess board came to an end when Fischer beat Soviet legend Boris Spassky, a victory which symbolised a win for democracy. The eccentric Fischer found fame hard to handle and became a recluse. He lost his world title in '75 after refusing to defend it and was wanted by American authorities after defying international sanctions to play a 1992 rematch against Spassky in Yugoslavia, incidents which ignited a fierce hatred of the American way of life he once came to represent.

In 2004 Fischer was arrested in Japan for travelling on a revoked American passport, spending nine months in custody before chess-mad Iceland - the scene of his greatest triumph - offered him citizenship. Evil, the United States is evil. The United States is, you know, this axis of evil - what about the allies of evil? What about the United States, England, Japan, Australia? The man who went on to carry his mantle as a chess great says Fischer was the master. It was not just phenomenal victories, crushing the best players in the world 6-0 and 6-0 and being totally unstoppable. Undoubtedly the most respected but least understood chess champion

in history. He left when he was 29. But he will be remembered as long as the game of chess is alive. Bobby Fischer died of kidney failure. He was 64.

It's a sign of the times - early episodes of 'Sesame Street' considered inappropriate for today's children. They've been released on DVD but come with a parental warning. There's something wrong with this picture. TV CLIP: Everything happens here. There's even something wrong with this one. They are from the original 'Sesame Street' and they could be too 'seedy' for today's kids. The first few seasons have just been released and come with, of all things, a warning. These early 'Sesame Street' episodes are intended for grown-ups and may not suit the needs of today's preschool child. Sesame was created in the '60s and it was a bit edgier, if you will. Sherrie Rollins Weston is with the company that produces 'Sesame Street'. See that pipe? Let's go through it. What parent today would want to see their kids running through a construction site or jumping on an old box spring? Scenes like these would probably not make it into the program now. We wouldn't have children on the set riding without a bicycle helmet. And what's that little girl doing with that man? Gordon takes a little girl's hand who he just met on the street, he takes her into his home and gives her ice cream. Now, that's not something we'd include in the show today. SONG: # Can you tell me how to get... # Today's kids might notice a few more differences in the original 'Sesame Street' if they pay attention. Does that look like 'Sesame Street' that you've seen before? (All) No! Oscar doesn't look the same 'cause he's supposed to be green. Oscar turned green in season two but some of today's producers thought early Oscar might be too grouchy. And Cookie Monster, well, his diet is a problem when today's parents are worried about childhood obesity.

He also smoked a pipe in one sketch - ate it too. Still, none of these grown-ups thought the old episodes needed any warning. If we're guilty of anything it's perhaps taking our responsibility to children too seriously. Without the letter 'W', we couldn't spell 'wrestle'. 'Sesame Street', It's serious business, and as times change, the characters have to keep up. SONG: # Well, everyone makes mistakes so why can't you...? # Even though some things haven't changed since episode one. The weather's next and then it's Sports Tonight with Rob Canning. And Rob, Australia has a new queen of tennis. Yes, Bill, Casey Dellacqua last night superb in winning through to the fourth round of the Australian Open. We'll cross live to Melbourne shortly.

Also, today - a 5-set stunner - Blake and Grosjean. Tense times at the WACA. And the horse that wants to be a hurdler.

Definitely choosing drought-tolerant plants - it's the most important thing of all with the way the water restrictions are.

If you happen to find we'll beat it by 10%. Your outdoor area will just, yeah, come to life and look fantastic. SONG: # Bunnings Warehouse. # Lowest prices are just the beginning. This program is captioned live. the nation's weather now Looking around and tomorrow it should be mostly cloudy and 34 in Cairns. Mostly fine and 28 in Brisbane. And cloudy and 28 on the Gold and Sunshine Coasts. A possible thunderstorm for Sydney tomorrow, rain in Canberra, showers and 23 in Melbourne and rain and 19 for Hobart. Drizzle is expected to clear in Adelaide, Port Lincoln and Victor Harbor.

And it should be sunny and 31 in Perth, 34 for Broome. The Lodge's newest residents have moved in, the Prime Ministerial pets arriving in Canberra. when the Rudd's black cat Jasper took flight. But the PM's pampered pooch Abby was more enthusiastic about her new digs, especially the big backyard. She's been all over the garden. JOURNALIST: Christening the trees? I couldn't possibly comment. Both still have to make it through an icy Canberra winter. That's the news for now. I'll have updates through the evening. Stay around now for Sports Tonight with Rob Canning. I'm Bill Woods. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia. This program is captioned live. Hello. I'm Rob Canning and welcome to Toyota Sports Tonight. We have got sport coming at you from all angles today - all the news, from all over the world. COMMENTATOR: It is India who can frustrate Australia again. Today, we see what they're made of. Australia with history at stake. For India, it's all about pride... Got him! ..revenge... What a performance! ..payback. The Australian Open upsets - Roddick gone and wounded, while our new ace, 'Case', advances.