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live.Tonight: Sydney's deadly teen

crash - a grieving family forgives

the driver. Tragically he's gone

now and he's not going to come back

no matter what.

A security guard badly burned as a

blast rips through a school canteen.

Patients in agony as hospital

waiting lists hit a new record.

They are often patients who are in

pain, they're suffering.

And the Defence Department does a

our soldiers. back flip on Chinese uniforms for

Good evening, I'm Bill Woods.

And I'm Deborah Knight, also,

Australian Prius owners asked to return their cars.

And Miranda shows us how to beat

the winter blues in 2010.

But first, a grieving family has

forgiven a 15-year-old driver who's

killed their boy in a high speed

crash. Police haven't decided if

they'll charge the teen, who might

lose his legs.

The unlicensed driver was

travelling so fast the Holden

Commodore was left in two pieces

after it slammed into a power pole. The impact killed 15-year-old

Mohamed Afchal. 6th he was not

wearing a seatbelt. Already his

family has forgiven the driver -

his best mate. We forgive the

driver. We forgive the family. We

don't think anyone should suffer

the way we did. Our thoughts are

with them. We're really sorry this

has happened. Abdul Zreika was

placed in an induced coma as

emergency crews worked to cut him

out from behind the wheel. At 15,

he is too young to even hold a

license. Now doctors are trying to

save his legs from amputation. We

have some hope. But the other

family has lost a life for no

reason. The crash happened in

Chester Hill, about half a

kilometre from both their homes.

Just walking down the street,

seeing the car, was like the

longest walk ever. Abdul had taken

his mother's car to pick up his

friend from school when he lost

control of the vehicle at high

speed. The driver has spent much of

today in surgery and police have

been told he has a lot more surgery

scheduled for the rest of this week.

So it will still be some time

before they interview him to decide

if they'll lay any charges. After

so many fatal crashes involving inexperienced drivers, Mohamed's

family is urging other teenagers to

wait till they're old enough to

hold a licence before getting

behind the wheel. To all those

young drivers out there, try to be

careful because you're not bullet-

proof. When it's time for you to go,

it's time for you to go.

A man's fighting for his life,

after an explosion ripped through a

school in Sydney's west this

morning. The lollypop man who also

worked security, suffered burns to

60% of his body in the blast at the

Unity Grammar College at Austral.

The explosion, blamed on a gas leak,

was in the roof of the school, just

20 metres from classrooms. Given

the proximity of the incident to

the toilets and canteen, the real

possibility that something more

serious may have resulted is of

concern to us in that regard. All

560 students were evacuated, as

parents gathered to check on their

children. Police say the blast

appears to have been an accident.

A 22-year-old man has died after

falling from a balcony at a

Queenscliff apartment this morning.

It's believed the man had been

swimming in a rooftop pool with two

friends, before he fell 2 storeys,

partially landing in the spa of a

ground floor apartment. He was

treated on the scene by paramedics

for critical head and internal

injuries, but later died in Royal

North Shore Hospital. One of the

man's friends was treated for shock.

Police believe there are no suspicious circumstances.

A pensioner in desperate need of an

operation has been on the hospital

waiting list so long, he could now

lose his sight.

In tonight's edition of The State

We're In, Ten News reveals how we

ever. now have the worst hospital queues

Bob Lamb's vision is under threat

by a rare genetic disease eating

away at his eyelids. He'll soon be

unable to read or drive. And yet

for the disability pensioner, the

cracks in the public health system

are in plain sight. System is in

chaos, right? They're trying to put

out spot fires all over the place

and it doesn't work. Mr Lamb is

among a record number of NSW

patients on surgery waiting lists.

They're often patients in pain,

suffering, have a disabling problem

that stops them being able to work,

support their families and generate

an income. Second-class citizens.

We just get into the system and go

round and round in circles and get nowhere. Since this infamous

promise in 1995: We'll cut waiting

lists in our first year by more

than half. The system's flatlined.

15 years on, and four Premier's

later, the figure's exploded to

nearly 70,000. Or so we're told.

The waiting times are in fact much

longer than those reflected by the

official figures. We have been

impacted by swine flu. We certainly

have seen that that affected our

planned surgery performance. We

also know that demand is increasing.

Six months into a year-long wait,

Mr Lamb's wife Sharon, enquired

about his progress. Only to be told

his application form had been

misplaced. They found his form

loose in the file, hadn't been

passed on to the booking clerk.

He's now been sent back to the end

of the queue. This is scandalous.

The NSW hospital waiting list is

totally contaminated. But the

ailments aren't limited to waiting

lists. New figures show public

hospitals in NSW are the worst in

the country when it comes to

medical errors leading to death or

serious injury. In 2008, 18

procedures were performed on the

wrong patient, or the wrong body

part. 19 times instruments were

left in patients after surgery. And

17 patients died as a result of

medication errors. We must use that data, that information, those

events, to drive improved practices.

The Government has told Ten News

Lamb's case. they'll start with a review of Mr

And it's not only the patients in

our hospitals who are suffering,

it's the staff too. I've had a life

changing injury and I will never

have full use of my arm again.

We'll have nurse Andrea Walters'

story later this news hour.

There are calls for a criminal

charges against trio To. In

Australia big-company is now

contacting owners over problems

with breaks. It hasn't put the

Deputy Prime Minister off but peak

motoring groups say the national

re-call of Prius model cars has

damaged the Toyota brand. It's bad

timing in terms of their launch of

the first locally-produced hybrid

vehicle and it will certainly be a

PR issue for Toyota. Toyota

Australia says only the 2010 Prius

model is affected by an on-board

computer glitch that means the ABS

braking doesn't always operate as

smoothly as it should.

Driving over potholes, bumpy or

slippery road surfaces and the ABS system is activated, they experience some sort of

inconsistent brake-feel, but I can

tell you that the brakes still

operate. Toyota Australia is at

pains to point out only two of its

customers have reported faults with

their Prius compared to 111 world-

wide. In the United States 7,000

Camries also had to be recalled for

a brake-hose fault. It follows a $2

billion global-recall of several

models for problem accelerators and

slipping floor mats. A US ad

campaign is desperately trying to

restore public faith in the

tarnished brand. In recent days,

our company hasn't been living up

to the standards that you've come

to expect from us. Japanese bosses

also keen to address the growing

list of woes. We will do everything

in our power to regain the

confidence of our customers. Just

over 2,000 Australian owners are

Toyota. affected, they'll be contacted by

In an embarrassing back-flip, the

government has promised no

Australian soldier will go to war

in uniforms made in China.

Our political correspondent joins

us. How did this bundle happen?

Defence is a big spender, it goes

through $73 million per day and it

was trying to save $4,000 per day.

The plan was to pay the Chinese for

camouflage uniforms. But as crews

were quick to point out, cut flush

deer is more sophisticated and it's

a potential threat to our national

security The Australian camouflage

pattern is the result of years of

work by our defence scientists, not

just designed to confuse the eye,

but also to throw off sophisticated

infra-red sensors. Hence the

outrage when it turned out our

Bendigo-based uniform provider was

turning to China, to save a bit of

money, and Defence had signed off

on it. There was a clear saving in

terms of cost and in terms of

schedule. A saving of precisely

$1.5 million. The Chinese supplier

had begun sending back samples. So

for $1.5 million we go to the

Chinese. That was offered and that

was an option. When the deal was

leaked to the media, top brass was

squirming. The Minister at Senate

Estimates, moved instantly to shut

it down. The option has not been

exercised by the Department of

Defence. I'm just looking at how

close we went, Minister. And it

won't be exercised. Just last July

the Government specifically listed

combat clothing manufacture as a

priority defence industry, where

making the product in Australia is

deemed to provide Defence with a

strategic advantage. A departmental

inquiry is now underway. This is

the most embarrassing backflip. The

very swift decision to rescind it

shows that people have realized shows that people have realized

that this was a cock-up. The

decision is a boom to Australia's

hard-pressed clothing industry,

which will now have the $14 million order to itself.

The Police Commissioner has been

fined $253, and lost three licence

points, after his weekend car crash.

Andrew Scipione's private car was

badly damaged when he smashed into

another vehicle as he pulled out of

a street at Peakhurst on Saturday

morning. I'm the at-fault driver. morning. I'm the at-fault driver.

There is no denying that. I got it There is no denying that. I got it

wrong, I made a mistake. It was an

accident which was not major. Mr

Scipione says he's spoken to the

other driver, and has already been

given a ticket for failing to give way.

Still to come, the AWB finally

admits bribing Saddam Hussein.

Also tonight, two former NRL stars

face court over a nightclub punch up.

And a burst main gives one

neighbourhood a thorough drenching. see Subway smoothies. Drink fresh.

This program is captioned live.

Two former NRL players allegedly

sparked a brawl by throwing chunks

of ice in the trendy Tank nightclub

last June. 20-year-olds Jake Friend

and Sandor Earl faced court today,

charged with assaulting former

Manly Sea Eagle Nick Bradley-

Qalilawa and his cousin Kristy

Bourke after they complained to security about the players'

behaviour. Security cameras

captured the scuffle, but didn't

clearly show who threw a punch

which knocked over Ms Bourke. Both

players have pleaded not guilty to the charges.

A man who collected a $500,000 life

insurance payout after faking a

terminal illness has pleaded guilty

to two dozen fraud charges. 27-

year-old Clint Elford pretended he

was dying of a degenerative brain

disease and lodged fake medical

paperwork with two insurance

companies. He donated much of his

windfall to charities, and claims

he gave $10,000 to the Cronulla

Sharks rugby league club. Elford,

who is already in custody, will be sentenced in March.

Wheat exporter AWB has finally

admitted it knew millions of

dollars it paid in so-called

trucking fees were really kickbacks

to the Iraqi Government. In a class

action, more than 1,000 investors

are suing the company for losses incurred when the company's shares crashed.

Retired wheat farmers John and Kaye

Watson lost their retirement

savings when AWB's involvement in

the Iraq wheat scandal was revealed.

Now they're seeking compensation,

along with 1,000 shareholders who

lost money when AWB's share price

fell by 50%. Shareholders in the

class action estimate they lost

more than $100 million.

Had the investors known the truth,

they either would not have invested

at all, or they would have paid

substantially less for their

investment and therefore not lost

as much when the truth came out.

Lawyers for the investors told the

Federal Court AWB knew, or should

have known, it was breaking UN

sanctions by paying so-called

trucking fees, and the true nature

of its trade with Iraq should have

been communicated to investors.

Barrister John Sheahan told the court:

The company's former managers

always insisted they had no idea

$300 million was going to Iraq as

kickbacks in return for wheat

contracts. AWB now says it always

knew the money was going to Saddam

Hussein's regime. In court papers,

AWB argued it hadn't breached the

companies law requiring disclosure

to investors. The wheat exporter

said it doesn't believe details

about the kickbacks was market sensitive information. John Hill, Ten News.

45,000 homes are to have their foil insulation checked, after the electrocution of four installers.

It's also sparked calls for the

Peter Garrett. sacking of Environment Minister sacking of Environment Ministe2 sacking of Environment Minister

Putting foil insulation in old

houses is a very risky business.

Four installers have been

electrocuted and many homes have become death traps.

Every home that has been insulated

with foil insulation will undergo

an electrical safety inspection.

The 45,000 householders affected

won't be out of pocket - the

Commonwealth will pay, and charge

installers for any rectification. Installers that haven't complied

deregistered. with the program will be

Too little, too late for Tony

Abbott. He accuses Peter Garrett of incompetence and ignoring the

warnings of electricians at the

outset of the program.

We've had four people die as a

result of incompetent work done under the program.

Mr Garrett says he did heed the

arose. warnings and responded as problems

You should not put in place

programs that are a green light for

avoid. cowboys. That's what you should

The Opposition targeted cost

overruns in the solar panel rebate

and the green loans schemes, but

their attack was blunted as the

Shadow Treasurer was forced to

repudiate Barnaby Joyce's claim

Australia is heading for bankruptcy.

Australia can repay its debt,

there's no doubt about that.

And Tony Abbott avoided saying

spokesman. Senator Joyce would remain finance

This is the team I will take to the


Straight-talki ng Tony says, "I've

(LAUGHTER). got great confidence in my team."

Mr Speaker, we know that Senator

Joyce is for the high jump.

Paul Bongiorno, Ten News.

Brad McEwan with sport headlines,

and the cold war continues - the

NRL and AFL go head to head in

Sydney's west.

Yes, some of league's top players

were at Parramatta when the AFL

Premiers Geelong lobbed only a

couple of suburbs away. More shortly.

Plus - tough times for one of

league's greatest players, Graeme

Langlands. We'll hear why he also

feels let down by the NRL.

Plus - we'll hear from the Aussie

Winter Olympian the Russians want

back - just what they're offering

the speed-skater to lure her out of

the green and gold, shortly.

It was a tiny crowd at Adelaide

Oval last night. Also ahead in

sport - we ask how many

Sydneysiders are going to turn up

to Friday's one-day game at the SCG.

Time to check on the weather.

We are in the period we have not

seen for about 19 years, a warm

night when the temperature does not

dip below 20 degrees. We will go

into our 13 -- 13 tonight in a row

of that. The relative humidity high

at 65%. It is stickier than take.

In Darwin at the moment, they are

at 33 degrees. The great west of

Sydney is at 33 degrees and we have

relative humidity about the same as

the Northern Territory. Unusually,

we have thunderstorm warnings in

six states of Australia. Yesterday

we had storms, Ivanhoe got 22

millimetres. Some of the best

rainfall in around 11 years. 28 and

above today, hot, sweaty and sticky. See you later.

A burst water main has flooded a

major Sydney road, forcing the

closure of one lane to peak-hour traffic.The pipe running alongside

Victoria road at West Ryde ruptured

this morning, sending a torrent of

properties. water down the road and into nearby

We were standing out in the

backyard. It sounded like it was

raining, went "Oh, no, it's not

raining," came out the front and this is happening.

The RTA closed the inside lane. It

will wait until after peak hour to

remove the traffic light and fix

the main.

Next - a sharp profit jump for the

Commonwealth Bank.

And the reason a young Aussie gamer

owes Nintendo millions.

stupid. I don't condone piaracy - piracy is

I'm Danielle Isdale in London.

Coming up in Ten News - we take a

dropping look at how ladies here are

dropping dress sizes in their

sweat. lunch-hours without even breaking a

and share them with you.

This program is captioned live.

And checking on a traffic. The M5

it is not knowing?

It is the perfect night for a

holiday but if you're heading for

the airport, the M5 is playing out

big-time. These aren't the delays,

you can see the main airport on the you can see the main airport on the

screen. This is all traffic going

past the control tower. It is a

long and frustrating home tonight.

The young computer game fan facing

a million dollar-plus fine for

illegally uploading a Nintendo

Super Mario game, says he did it to

impress his mates. But James Burt

now admits it was a stupid move,

that will leave him out of pocket

for life.

James Burt is your typical video

game addict trying to get his hands

on the next animation fix. But in a

bid to impress other gamers the 24-

year old illegally copied and

uploaded a new Super Mario Brothers

game to the internet, before it's

official release date. Video piracy

is really stupid. It was something

really stupid, what I did and

obviously I'm feeling it now. James

bought the Wii game from a major

retailer who had it on their

shelves five days before they

should have. Posting his purchase

on the internet, fellow Mario fans

didn't believe him. To prove he

bought the game, it eventuated in

him in uploading the game. More

than 50,000 copies were downloaded,

costing Nintendo close to $5

million in lost sales. It was million in lost sales. It was

devastating for the company. In the

future it could cause a -- it could

cause problems. Australia was the

official launch country and we

couldn't believe it originated here.

And it isn't just the companies who

suffer when the games are uploaded

illegally - retailers can suffer

even more. In an out of court

settlement, James was ordered to

pay Nintendo $1.6 million. I think

he's go what he deserved. He did he's go what he deserved. He did

wrong so he has been punished, so

be it. Obviously it's a huge amount

and something I'll be working

through for a while. Despite the

massive fine, James says he'll keep

playing with the Mario duo.

the reporting Callander? The finance report. A huge day on

Super Wednesday, as it is known,

has returned some strong results.

The common was turned in a stunning

debts subsided. surge in interim profit as bad

Bhp belittle and proffered beat

expectation as commodity prices and

global demands staged a recovery.

Can the market rallied as much as

1% on those strong results and but

lost steam throughout the day.

Ahead tomorrow, preferred results

from Rio Tinto and a Telstra.

Thank you.

Another incredible story of

survival has emerged from Haiti, survival has emerged from Haiti,

four weeks after the devastating

earthquake. Doctors are treating a

man believed to have spent 27 days

buried beneath his market stall.

The 28-year old wasn't injured in

the quake, but trapped by debris.

He was taken to a field hospital by

two friends, severely dehydrated.

We, ourselves, were sceptical when

we first saw but when we got the

history, based on that I think we

believe now. It's thought he may

have had some food and water for

the first few weeks, but can't

by the experience. remember, because he's traumatised

And Angelina Jolie has arrived in

Port-Au-Prince as part of her role

as a goodwill ambassador for the

United Nations. She met a representative of the UN stabilization mission in Haiti. representative of the UN

Yesterday, Jolie visited earthquake

survivors who are receiving

treatment in the neighbouring

Dominican Republic. Jolie and her

partner Brad Pitt donated more than

$1 million for emergency care after the earthquake.

A dieter's dream machine that melts

body fat is on its way to Australia.

It's called 'lunchhour liposuction'.

The pain free laser cuts clothing

sizes in a few hours.

With tentacles shooting out red

laser beams, it looks like a

menacing enemy robot. But this

weird looking machine is actually a

friend to fighters of fat. If there

is something available that works

well, that doesn't involve a

general anaesthetic, even a local anaesthetic, scarring, possibility

of infections, then that's a very

appealing thing. Especially if it

requires minimal effort. All you

have to do now is lie there for the

next 20 minutes and relax, OK? And

better still. Now is that painful

or anything? No, I can't feel

anything at all, nothing. Tatiana

Karelina owns the Laser Lounge in

West London, which offers the new

Zerona treatment. It's been dubbed

'lunchhour liposuction' - a laser

that promises to literally melt

stubborn fat cells from the outside

in. But it is expensive. It does in. But it is expensive. It does

not work for everyone and is not

suitable for obese patients. We

know there is no quick fix for

weight loss. Even if it things that

sped up by a process like this,

people still need to have a

sustainable diet. The tree man may

be hard to find in the UK, but it

is widely used in the US and the

Middle East and it will only be a

matter of time before it is readily

available all over the world.

Australia is in the pipeline

discussions and we hope we will be

there some time before our summer,

their winter. This should do the

trick for you.

Fees DNA delays are allowed up

criminals to ram the her streets.

A leaky roof and Hornsby Hospital

changes a warm and's life. I did

not see the large puddle of water.

Miranda Kerr shows us how to hold

off the winter blues.

This program is captioned live.

Making headlines: Relatives of a

teenage passenger who died in a

high speed crash at Chester Hill

have forgiven the driver. 15-year-

old Mohamed Afchal died at the

scene. The driver, who is also 15, may lose his legs.

A gas blast has ripped through a

school at Austral in western Sydney.

The explosion left a lollypop man

fighting for his life with burns to

60% of his body.

And hospital waiting lists have hit

a new record in New South Wales,

with 70,000 people needing

treatment. The situation has

worsened in spite of repeated

promises from politicians to fix

our health system.

The State Government's been

embarrassed by yet another health

debacle. A nurse has suffered a

life changing injury because of a

leaky roof at Hornsby Hospital that

had gone unfixed for years.

Andrea Walters normally works at

Hornsby Hospital caring for the

sick but today she's the one in

patient robes. And it's all thanks

to her employer - the State

Government. The roof leaks when it

rains at Hornsby Hospital and it's

now changed Andrea's life. I didn't

see the large puddle of water that

was there and I was the first

person to walk through it. Doctors

described the bones in her elbow as

mush. Surgery overnight couldn't

fix them, she now has an artificial

joint. I've had a life changing

injury and I will never have full

use of my arm again. Amazingly, the

leak is more or less permanent and

one of numerous parts of Hornsby

Hospital in total disrepair. When

is the Minister Carmel Tebbutt, Premier Kristina Keneally really Premier Kristina Keneally really

going to get their act together and

fix Hornsby Hospital? But while the

problems with this hospital are obvious, they're still being

patched up on an ad hoc basis. And

a new hospital could still be up to

a decade away. Since 2000 we have

had a $32 million at of work done

and Hornsby hospital. Andrea just

wants the hospital bull-dozed and a

new one take it's place. I just

hope this never happens to anyone

else before something is done for

the hospital.

Criminals are free to roam the

streets and re-offend, because of a

growing backlog of DNA samples

waiting to be processed. The Auditor-General has slammed police over the year-long backlog,

amounting to thousands of samples

that could help solve crimes. He's recommended police streamline their

ordering of DNA evidence. You don't

have to be Sherlock Holmes to know

that forensic evidence is the way

of the future. The Government has

earmarked $25 million to speed up processing.

Supermodel Miranda Kerr has been showing off the fashions

Australia's coolest people will be

wearing this winter. She was the

star attraction today at the David Jones parade in Sydney.

Getting the blues about the coming

winter months? Well, these are the

looks retailer David Jones hopes

will lift your spirits and their bottom line. will lift your spirits and their bottom line.

For many the key investment pieces

would be a jack had, and it is all

about the shoulder this season. Pop

an ankle boot and a leather skirt.

And that's not the only place she's

wearing leather. The Ashes are made

of leather. Back on the catwalk

there were some golden moments. A

little bit of boyish charm. And

some Spanish senoritas. Sass and

Bide's designs rocked some heavy

metal - including a pair of

leggings a gladiator might grab. We

are going to set the alarm off and

getting on a plane? Absolutely. And

from Simona, the news that too much

animal print is barely enough.

While there was no shortage of

people, perhaps Miranda Kurt's new

best friend, looking at her photos. best friend, looking at her photos.

And he had a chance to meet him?

NAB? I would not want to create any

more controversy for the poor guy.

I do love it when you have to

introduce the fashion story, it is

very fitting.

Tough time for a rugby league immortal?

By former Saint fees he may lose

his home as a result of a fall.

Also the NRL ramps up its promotion

as the AFL premiers arrive in

Sydney's west.

And more empty seats. Will Sydney

fans stay away from the next one-

dayer too?

with new freshly made or dairy-free mixed berry

This program is captioned live.

Nathan Hindmarsh has been named as commander-in-chief for rugby

league's western Sydney showdown

with the AFL, but admits he doesn't

care which code kids play. On the

same day Geelong began three days

of training and promotion in the

city's west in front of a few

diehard fans, the Eels veteran was

running a rugby league clinic for

local schoolchildren. And he wasn't

prepared to tell them that his code

was superior to Aussie Rules.

I don't know if it is, mate. I

haven't played AFL. As long as they

are out there getting fit, I don't care.

Tomorrow the Cats will visit Westmead Children's Hospital before

starting their school visits in Kellyville.

Rugby league Immortal Graeme

Langlands admits he's disillusioned

with the game he loves. The St

George great claims he's been

abandoned after an accident that's

left him unable to work.

In danger of losing his home, Graeme Langland's memorabilia might

soon be packed into boxes. A fall

from a Team of the Century

motorcade at the World Cup 15

months ago is affecting his ability

to pay the bills - headaches and

blurred vision preventing the great

'Changa' from full-time work.

I'm very forgetful since the

accident. If I put my phone down I

think, "Crikey, where did I put my


Part of the legendary St George

team that won 11 straight

premierships, Langlands is pursuing

compensation, but feels let down by

league officialdom.

David Gallop said he can't talk to

me because I'm suing the league.

Well, I'm not suing the league, but

he still hasn't got back to me,

still hasn't rung up to see how I'm

going no-one from that side has. No,

once you've retired, you're gone.

It's all over.

Gallop told Ten News he is happy to

speak with Langlands, but as the

NRL weren't involved with the

running of the World Cup, it's an

issue for the ARL.

There's insurances in place to

cover that, but had we known that

that wasn't being processed, we

would have acted earlier. But

unfortunately Graeme never came to

us, he went to the media.

The fund-raising Men of League

organisation will discuss

Langland's plight at a board

meeting next Monday.

Adam Hawse, Ten News.

All eyes will be on the turnstiles

for one-day cricket's next big test

in Sydney on Friday. It follows a

record low crowd in Adelaide as the

Aussies again steamrolled the West


Mitchell Johnson - popular with the kids this afternoon.

But despite an unbeaten summer in

the one-day format, the Australian

cricket team's star is fading.

Short queues, empty seats,

schoolchildren left to dodge

cricket balls on their own as 50-

over cricket struggles to maintain its popularity.

Would have been nice to have a few

more, but at the end of the day, it

was a 40-degree day and it was a Tuesday.

But television ratings are also

But television ratings are also

down 40% on previous summers. Poor

performances by an under-strength

West Indies haven't helped.

Hopefully we can get these things

happening for us and take it from

there - make it more interesting,

so you can get some more ticket sales.

It's a working day, so not

everybody can be coming today. I'm

just glad that we've got people coming out.

But not many are - just 8,000

passed through the Adelaide Oval

gates its smallest one-day crowd

for a game featuring Australia

since the limited overs format

began. And with the series resuming

here in Sydney on Friday, Cricket

Australia administrators are

nervous about how fans will respond, particularly given crowd numbers

weren't what they used to be when

Pakistan played here last month.

What we'll be doing at the end of

the season is sitting down with our

formal research to understand what

the public does want from us.

I think both one-day and Test

cricket's run its race.

It's the Twenty20 matches

attracting all the young people

along, because of the action.

In Adelaide that's certainly the

In Adelaide that's certainly the

case. Three times as many people

turned out to watch South Australia

play the Twenty20 Big Bash. Former

play the Twenty20 Big Bash. Former

Test star Jason Gillespie reckons

the only way forward is to cut the schedule back.

I think these 5-match series are a

bit too long for people.

Paul Cochrane, Ten News.

Aussie bobsled pair Astrid Loch- Aussie bobsled pair Astrid Loch-

Wilkinson and Cecilia McIntosh will

compete as an extra team at the compete as an extra team at the

Olympic Games after their appeal to

the Court of Arbitration for Sport

was upheld. Meantime, Australian

speed-skater Tatiana Borodulina has

revealed her former country, Russia,

is desperately trying to lure the

medal prospect back

What sort of offer did they make you?

Money, cars and a husband!

Tatiana has already proved her

loyalty by completing a stint in

loyalty by completing a stint in

the Australian Army reserve to help

speed up the naturalisation process.

Defending Quicksilver Pro champion Defending Quicksilver Pro champion

Joel Parkinson has been tuning up

on the Gold coast ahead of this

month's season-opener. The recent

swell has reshaped the sandbank,

and provided the perfect training and provided the perfect training

ground for last year's world title

runner-up, who's aiming to go one better in 2010.

Last year I had a great formula and

it works well. I am just trying to

keep the same thing going. I serve

better when I am relaxed.

Some of the world's best surfers

have already dropped into the Gold

Coast, including Jordy Smith and

Andy Irons.

New Orleans is putting on perhaps

its biggest ever party. They're

doing it for their Super Bowl

champs, the Saints. It was a Mardi

Gras-style celebration as tens of

thousands saluted their heroes.

We have all been dreaming about

this moment for a long time, so to

be a part of this is really, really cool.

The team is credited with lifting

the spirits of the city and its

residents, still recovering from

Hurricane Katrina four years ago.

A retirement in the A-League today,

with Sydney FC skipper Steve Corica

announcing he'll quit at season's

end. In Sports Tonight at 9:30 on

ONE, we'll chat live to reigning

champ Jamie Whincup at the launch

of the V8 Supercars season.

Is it true the ANC offered USA has

been to Tatyana to counter the Russian opera? No.

Dave Wright in the traffic helicopter.

We cannot see him, but we can hear him. him.

Tim Bailey's next with all the weather details. for losing out, they don't have to Lovely, let's just... (GASPS) (CAMERA CLICKS) to help insure yourself VOICEOVER: Does your foundation EVANGELINE:

This program is captioned live.

Time to check the weather with Tim

Bailey. We might see you in the

fountain if the weather keeps up.

Every chance. What about the

humidity? We are alive at Sydney

Olympic Park. Look at the stuff on

offer to all of Sydney. I might

have a bit, because quite frankly

the humidity, 65%, on part with

what is happening in Darwin right

now. Will there be relieved

tonight? No. There will not be. The

Mercury will not do it under 20

degrees. That will give us 13

nights in the -- in a road where it

has not been delayed 20 degrees,

something we have not seen in 19

years. Looking unsettled on the

Sydney skyline at the moment. Is

there a storm in that? It does not

look like it. Storm cells have

mooched -- moved across the Blue

Mountains, but it looks negligible

that we will get storms across the

Sydney-based and tonight. To a --

tomorrow will be another day like

this. Temperatures 29-33 degrees

degrees. and warming. By Friday, 31-31st six

Cloud is building into potentially

severe storms in southern NSW and

Victoria. Unusually, we have fun

storm warnings in six states of

Australia as we go to air. Tomorrow,

a trough in the east will deepen

and generate widespread showers and

thunderstorms in the south-east,

heavy in Victoria. The trough will

draw hot air over the interior as

cooler southerly winds affect

Victoria, Tasmania and SA.

Predicted precipitation in the next

48 hours - a few showers and storms

or Western, southern and central

inland NSW, generally less than 5

millimetres. Shell was and storms

in every state and territory,

heaviest in Victoria. With an eye

on tomorrow, 29-33 degrees. 31-35

degrees Friday. How much rain

degrees Friday. How much rain on tomorrow, 29-33 degrees. 31-35

across the weekend? It looks like

showers and thunderstorms across

both days. Showers on Saturday

through to lunch time Sunday. 10-20

millimetres expected in the basin

and detachment.

Another sticking it ahead and a hot

day tomorrow. Have a good one.

Almost 40 years after the Beatles

broke up, Ringo Starr has earned

his own star in Hollywood. His Walk

first-ever night-time ceremony, of Fame plaque was unveiled in the

putting the drummer beside former

band-mates John Lennon and George

Harrison. 69-year-old Starr never

claimed to be the world's best

drummer - just part of the world's best band.

I want to thank Capitol Records.

It's nice to look up at a building

you helped pay for!

A star for Sir Paul McCartney has

up the offer. been approved, but he's yet to take

That's Ten News for now. I'm Bill Woods.

I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your

company. We'll have updates

throughout the evening before the

Late News with Sports Tonight at 11:05.

Our first bulletin tomorrow is at 6:00am. Goodnight.

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