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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. This morning - in the latest opinion poll. Tony Abbott gets a boost facing deportation from Haiti. Ten American Christians

And Prince Harry takes a tumble. with Natalie Barr. VOICEOVER: This is Seven Early News Good morning.

leadership has received a boost. Tony Abbott's grip on the Liberal 'Australian' newspaper shows The latest Newspoll in today's Labor on a 2-party preferred basis, the Coalition is catching up to closing the gap to just 4 points. the preferred Prime Minister But Kevin Rudd is still with 56%, leading Tony Abbott's 26%. We take some notice.

that politicians ignore polls. I'd be lying if I said No politician ignores polls. Of course they don't. best since the 2007 election. The poll result is the Coalition's will today face off Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott for the first time in 2010 for the election year. as Parliament resumes are expected to dominate debate Climate change and the economy as Question Time returns. Andrew Greene Seven political reporter has more from Canberra.

The politicians have enjoyed their

long summer break but now they are

back and they are ready for another

scrap. This morning the new

opposition leader, Tony Abbott will

join the Prime Minister for the

traditional church service, marking

the beginning of the parliamentary

year but any Christian charity will

soon be put aside as the gentleman

do battle in question team. Labeser

yet to work out how to counter the

opposition leader who is taking a

far more aggressive stance against

the government than Malcolm Turnbull

but the government is using the

opportunity to renorodeuce the

carbon emissions scheme into the

house. The coalition party room is

also meeting and the opposition

leader is promising to release the

costings for his climate change

policies. While both sides will

fight each other over climate

change, you can expect the economy

will be at the top of today's

debate. At the back of every

politician as they are returning to

Canberra today, will be the

question: when will Kevin Rudd

choose to go to the polls. Back to you. has been intercepted A boat carrying 181 asylum seekers off Christmas Island. around 7:30 last night The Navy boarded the boat with four crew. and found the passengers

to arrive this year. It's the biggest group

identity and security checks Those on board will undergo health, on the island. to arrive this year. It's the eighth asylum seeker boat could be sent back to the US Ten Baptist missionaries from Haiti for child trafficking. to face prosecution were picked up Members of the group across the border trying to take 33 children without the necessary papers. into the Dominican Republic the children to an orphanage The missionaries were taking they'd set up there, some of the children aren't orphans. but it's since been revealed that it may have no choice The Haitian Government says deal with the missionaries but to let the American legal system is in ruins after the earthquake. because it's court system to do Politicians have plenty of planning following the release of a report will nearly double by 2050. predicting Australia's population older Australians tax breaks The Government's considering giving to stay at work, for our ageing population. to help pay made a massive contribution These are Australians who've already to our nation. Their experience is invaluable. The Government's also under pressure from 9% to 12%. to lift the superannuation guarantee obtained by Seven News Queensland Government documents claims have undermined Premier Anna Bligh's wasn't planning asset sales that Labor before the last election. $15 billion worth The controversial plan to privatise of publicly owned entities was re-elected. was announced after Anna Bligh But new documents show six months before the poll, the government was warned to pay State debts. that assets would have to be sold a spur of the moment thing We didn't believe this was straight after the election. for a long period of time This has been in train and this is the smoking gun. to getting the numbers Unions say they're close to overturn the sell-off plans. A man is in custody on a dramatic chase in north Perth, after leading police barricade themselves that saw women and children inside a childcare centre. went into lockdown The centre in Doubleview onto the roof. when the suspect climbed Yes, he jumped out of a moving car. a fricken' gymnast Leaped onto the roof life he did. and a couple of cops... Straight up. He just grabbed it and whoosh! the stolen car became airborne It's also alleged and smashed through a wall to stop at a traffic inspection. after the driver refused she's lucky to be alive A 14-year-old Melbourne girl says collapsed on top of her. after the wall of a surf club away from the beach Zoe Gaylard was walking of the Carrum Lifesaving Club when a sudden wind storm sent part crashing to the ground. I don't really remember when it hit. and it was on top of me. I was just like on the ground

and shirt I recognised Zoe's bather's I didn't know what to do. and I just panicked, Zoe was treated for minor injuries to go back to school. and is preparing with serious burns A Perth man's in hospital after he was tasered by police. to a domestic dispute Officers were called on Sunday night. at a house in Forrestfield

The man threw petrol at officers, to get some matches. before telling them he was going through the flyscreen door Police have then forcibly entered the 44-year-old male and gone and arrested the taser has been discharged. and during that arrest of his body. The man has burns to 20% again been pounded by king tides. Queensland's south-east coast has in nine years. The seas are the highest and pounded the jetty They engulfed footpaths creating a spectacle for tourists. Aaah! I don't think I'd like to brave surfing out there today. Further north, the powerful surge has pummelled some of the State's most popular beaches. Onshore winds doubled the surf on the Gold Coast, but the 3m waves forced the closure of 6 beaches. The big seas also caused more than a metre of sand to be washed away.

Now for your first look at Tuesday's weather. Around the capitals - Brisbane can expect more showers. In Sydney a shower or two is likely today too.

A fine, hot and partly cloudy day for Melbourne. In Adelaide, a late storm after a hot and humid day. More tropical storms are forecast for Darwin. Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6am - the woman who's making a fresh bid to free Schapelle Corby from jail. But next on Seven Early News - how one town is coping a year after Victoria's Black Saturday bushfires. And, one of the world's biggest selling authors speaks up for euthanasia. This weekend marks the first anniversary of Victoria's Black Saturday bushfires. While many survivors have been frustrated by the slow recovery, one Marysville street stands out. Their slice of heaven after emerging from hell. I think it was a really big step in getting over all the trauma and everything.

Doug and his sister, Melinda, and her boyfriend, Nigel, were neighbours in Racecourse Road. On Black Saturday, every building in the street was destroyed. Couldn't believe what I was seeing, really. Everything that I knew was gone. Doug rebuilt immediately - his home one of the first in Marysville to emerge from the ashes. Yeah, it was a show of confidence in the future of Marysville. Melinda and Nigel moved into Doug's place while their Racecourse Road home is rebuilt. With Doug's home, the next-door neighbours'

and another a few doors down already finished, Racecourse Road is the most rebuilt street in Marysville - an inspiration for others in the town. And it encourages other people, gives them confidence to get back in. Also inspiring in the lead-up to what's bound to be a traumatic anniversary this weekend, Melinda and Nigel got engaged. The fires sorta probably made us take check on our lives and made us appreciate what's actually really important. A female suicide bomber has attacked a religious pilgrimage in Iraq, killing at least 41 people and injuring more than 100. Convoys of ambulances ferried the dead and injured to hospitals in Baghdad. Hundreds of thousand of pilgrims are making their way to the city of Karbala - home to Shiite Islam's holiest shrine. Despite heavy security, the pilgrims are subject to almost daily attacks by Sunni militants trying to stir up sectarian violence. US airline Continental and two of its employees go on trial in France today blamed for the July 2000 Concorde disaster. 113 people died when the Air France jet came down shortly after take-off from one of the main airports in Paris. French investigators say a strip of titanium left on the runway by a Continental Airlines DC-10 was sucked into one of Concorde's engines. Continental's lawyers say the Concorde's engine was on fire before it reached the titanium strip. The trial is expected to last four months.

And Prince Harry has been thrown from his horse during a charity polo match in Barbados. The royal rolled several times before getting to his feet uninjured but disappointed. Somali pirates who've been holding a British couple hostage for three months have allowed them to reunite briefly. Video of Paul and Rachel Chandler emerged yesterday showing them held at separate locations. Both appeared uninjured but they looked frail and underweight

and claimed to have been held in solitary confinement. The British Government says it's doing all it can to win their release. We are using all of the networks that we do have in that part of the world, political and diplomatic and we have been very clear with the Chandlers here about how we're doing that. A British anti-piracy group says it stands ready to work out a ransom with the pirates, but the British Government doesn't support negotiation attempts by third parties. One of world's biggest selling authors has added his name to growing calls in Britain for changes to the law to allow assisted suicide. Terry Pratchett, best known for his Discworld fantasy series, has alzheimer's. He says when the time comes he doesn't want to be placed in care.

You must make room for people who don't want to be cared for. Who want to die and who don't want to go through that end game. The UK's euthanasia debate has been reignited by two highly publicised cases of mothers helping their children die.

Your first finance this Early News: Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6am - is it OK to spy on kids' mobile phone use? But next on Seven Early News - Lleyton Hewitt breaks back into the world top 20. And a Pakistani cricketer's stunning admission about ball tampering. MAN: It's coming! (BEETHOVEN'S 'SYMPHONY NO. 9' PLAYS) Us folks here at Uncle Tobys welcome Cheerios to the family. It now has 90% more fibre and has earned itself the Heart Foundation Tick. Uncle Tobys Cheerios - now with 90% more fibre and the Heart Foundation Tick. SONG: # How can I forget you # When there's always something there to remind me? # With Spirit of Tasmania,

spectacular summer getaways are now spectacular value, with 40% off standard day tickets. So start packing. This amazing offer ends February 13 unless sold out prior. # And we'll always be free... # Book online at or call 13 20 10. (MID-TEMPO ROCK MUSIC PLAYS) The stories we're following on the Early News - The Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has gained ground on Labor in the latest opinion poll. The latest Newspoll shows the Coalition is catching up to Labor on a 2-party preferred basis, closing the gap to just 4 points. Officials in Haiti say they're talking with US diplomats about whether 10 American Baptists arrested yesterday should be sent to the United States for prosecution. The group was found trying to take children out of the country. And shaken, but not injured. Prince Harry has taken a tumble on the polo field during his visit to Barbados. Now it's over to Mark Beretta with all the day's sport. Ricky Ponting has called for harsher punishments for pitch invaders following Sunday night's incident at the WACA. The man who crash tackled Pakistan's Khalid Latif has been banned for life from the ground but only faces a fine of $500.

Make a very good example of thiguy.

I think it is a good way to start.

Make a good example of him and you

know, and just make it clear to

everybody that turns up at the

cricket that that sort of behaviour

is not acceptable. I love the

cricket, it is a great atmosphere,

yes, it was a silly thing to do. Former Australian bowler Terry Alderman was badly injured in a clash with a spectator at the WACA in 1982. Pakistan all-rounder Shahid Afridi has made the startling claim that all teams in world cricket tamper with the ball. Afridi was banned for two matches for biting the ball in Sunday's loss to Australia in Perth.

The only thing I can say sorry, it

is good for my future that I will be

careful not doing this illegal work. And New South Wales all-rounder Steven Smith will make his debut for Australia in Friday's Twenty20 clash with Pakistan. Australian Open champion Roger Federer has played down talk of achieving the elusive calendar-year Grand Slam in 2010. Still basking in the glory of his 16th Grand Slam title, Federer says that completing the Grand Slam hasn't really entered his thoughts.

I'll try to win the French again and

defend my title there and you know,

if it is still alive then rb we will

go forward. But it is not something

I even thought about once during the

finals or during the entire

tournament this could be the Gram year. The world number one believes he's playing as well now as he has at any stage in his remarkable career. While Federer remains on top of the tennis world, Andy Murray's run to the final at Melbourne Park has seen the Scotsman move up to number three in the latest rankings. Injury-plagued Rafael Nadal has dropped down to fourth - the first time he's been out of the top three since his French Open victory in 2005.

Lleyton Hewitt has broken back into the world's top 20 He's up 3 places to number 19. North Queensland coach Neil Henry will meet with Willie Mason tonight to decide whether he'll offer the former international

an NRL lifeline. It's understood Henry will seek personal assurances from the Roosters forward that he's willing to fit into the Cowboys team structure. North Queensland's senior players are keen to get Mason on board. Newcastle is also interested in signing Mason with captain Kurt Gidley urging the club to sign the 29-year-old as a replacement for alleged drug dealer Danny Wicks. Rising Aussie golf star Michael Sim

is confident his breakthrough victory on the USPGA Tour is just around the corner. Sim finished tied for second at the Farmer's Insurance Open in California yesterday, confirming his reputation as the next big thing in Australian golf. He finished just one shot behind American Ben Crane after closing with a 1-under 71. Reigning PGA Tour Rookie of the Year Marc Leishman also tied for second after firing a final round 4-under 68. Robert Allenby continued his recent strong form scoring another top-10 finish.

Gold Coast veteran Steve Pantelidis

may not play again after a clash

with Melbourne. The victory skipper

has also been sus pebdr pended for

two matches for striking Jason

Culina. They have until lunch time

today to appeal. That's all for now, I'll be back with more sport a little later in 'Sunrise', Natalie. Next on Seven Early News - we'll take a closer look at how today's weather is shaping up in your part of the country.

It's time to check in with Kochie and Mel for a look at what's ahead on 'Sunrise'. Nat, we've heard how Schapelle Corby has been slowing deteriorating in an Indonesian jail. But now there's a fresh bid to free her. This morning we'll hear from the woman behind it. Plus, how much should parents know, about what their children are up to? A new service gives Mum and Dad the ability to spy on their kids' mobile phone calls. So is it sensible move or a breach of privacy? We'll bring you a surreal interview with Patrick Dempsey, from 'Grey's Anatomy'. Dr McDreamy couldn't help but examine Nuala's feet while they had a chat. But the big news this morning is that Gordon Gekko is back.

Get out the red braces, they are

going to be back in fashion! We've got your exclusive preview of the sequel to that '80s movie classic 'Wall Street'. Will braces make a comeback too? See you soon for 'Sunrise'. Now for a look at today weather - That's Seven Early News for this Tuesday, 2 February. I'm Natalie Barr. Stand-by now for 'Sunrise'. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia