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Flown to safety - island nation's military takeover. Fiji's deposed PM escapes the the Tasman Reinforcements called in from across to fight Victoria's raging bushfires. And underwater rescue - at the bottom of the ocean. two divers freed from a sub Ten News with Natarsha Belling.

Good morning. Also today - the extraordinary amount one fan paid little black dress. for Audrey Hepburn's But first - been flown out of the capital, Suva, Fiji's deposed Prime Minister has of yesterday's military takeover. to his home island in the wake has condemned the coup The United Nations

from the Commonwealth. and Fiji is likely to be suspended joins us on the phone from Suva. Ten reporter, Emma Dallimore,

home, but he won't give up the fight? Emma, the Prime Minister has gone

We have been told this morning that

Prime Minister and his family were

taken out of their home.

taken out of their home. Woo with

the prime minister at as high and

he told me he will not be leaving

changed. but his plans have obviously

What the military commander has done our constitution. is really, he has raped right-thinking citizens We appeal to all and fight for our democracy that we should stand up but this will mean some costs.

changed. Fiji is likely to be

suspended overcome us? If we sesame

Moray at the moment. Clearly, it has happened condemns any military action and the Commonwealth unreservedly government. against a democratically elected We believe this is a very unpopular,

democratically elected government. I say, unpopular overthrow of a There has been international

condemnation of the takeover. condemnation of the takeover.

Australia has rejected calls for

help yesterday. Maka has suspended

aid. deplores the seizure of power The Secretary-General strongly in the Republic of Fiji by the military leadership. the immediate reinstatement The Secretary-General calls for of the legitimate authority of Fiji rule through peaceful means and its return to constitutional and inclusive dialogue.

What is the latest there? Schiller

saviour? strollers be concerned about his

saviour? Most tours go up holiday

or on an the West Coast of. Plenty

of Australians who live here say

they are not panicking flats either

higher early and some are fighter

traveller's Guide read. it. If fit would he reveal the it. If fit would he reveal the

The Australian Government

as reprehensible and disgraceful. has condemned the coup leader Foreign Minister Alexander Downer this morning called in the Fiji Ambassador toppling of Prime Minister Qarase. to express his opposition to the on these people. We are going to be very tough that has been done This is simply a disgraceful thing

by Commodore Bainimarama Mr Downer says will need to be evacuated from Suva it's unlikely Australian nationals following the coup. north-east and Gippsland Residents across Victoria's as bushfires continue to rage. remain on high alert are battling the blazes, 1,800 firefighters by lightning strikes last Friday. which were started

To talk about the risk Russell Rees. we're joined now by CFA chief officer information you have? Russell, what's the latest

The conditions as the fires bench

yesterday under a strong wind and

pushed back with a south-westerly

change that is pushing through

Victorian out and win speeds will

increase but our concern is that

the fires will get other had a sting and

sting and push south into dips land

and across into some parts of north

eastern Victoria as a result of

very strong and so severe fire with

a on the weekend. If a message is

rarely today about those

communities from as far west as

Dixieland and through to being

stale all those communities will F

to prepare for a very significant

spotting, Fimbra attack is these

fires progress from quite a long fires progress from quite a long

run into private land and we are

expecting quite severe fire with up

on the weekend so we want people to

the pair. Face to those risks on

the weekend, what a fire of

authorities doing it refreshing? authorities doing it refreshing?

For the key message

For the key message is to get the

communities to take time to repair

and would impress their five player.

The evidence is overwhelming that a

prepared community that has done

their homework and individual

householders that have repaired it,

stay in defence can protect their

property and coupled with the fire

service worked together to making

it sees say. We're running a lot of

community information community information and community

meetings in the area to have the

community to get ready and prepared

our warning is do the work now, we

have a couple of days and a belief

is all a modelling shows his fires

have the potential to impact quite

significantly on of dips land and

parts of north-eastern Vittoria and

do the work now and get ready. Will

have to work through this together. You're

You're expecting help from New

Zealand later this week. How much

for those crews happy? The

situation is we're in a very long,

hard summer so what we're about is

managing our resources rush across

Australia from state to state to

summer. make sure we will survive the

summer. The New Zealand supporters

Barrow number of specialist people

they will come into her teens in

workwear this end some remote area

five fathers. They are people we do

not have a huge number of the we

have vast resources to a couple

together to fight these fires. We are in

are in a marathon not a sprint. It

is not just about this weekend but

it is how we run together through

the whole this long hot dry summer. of lighting a large scrubfire Two children are suspected on Adelaide's southern fringe. running from the scene Witnesses saw them at around 3:00 yesterday afternoon.

and water-bombing aircraft Almost 300 firefighters Delilah, including the giant sky crane to bring the blaze under control. were engaged in the battle overnight

Adelaide at the height of the fire. Smoke could be clearly seen from around 160 hectares It's so far blackened and still hasn't been contained. this morning. Backburning operations are continuing in hospital suffering burns A Victorian woman has spent the night young children from a house fire. after trying to save her two Her home was engulfed by flames. in the inferno. Her baby and 4-year-old perishing

arrived at the scene The children's father

but could do little except try and comprehend his family's horror. His wife had been home with their five children when fire engulfed the weatherboard house. Her screams for help heard by neighbours who tried to fight the fire, but to no avail.

There was only myself and another fella with a garden hose trying to extinguish the blaze. The woman of the children was inside running around hysterical trying to get them out but it couldn't be done. The fire was too advanced. Fire crews battled the flames but their efforts were also futile. A 43-year-old woman, Michelle Young, escaped the blaze with three of her children. while two remained missing. The search for survivors among the ruins ending with grim news. Now we have located one child,

the second one is still unaccounted for. Fire crews later uncovered the bodies of a 10-month-old girl and 4-year-old boy, Thomas Young. The tight-knit community is now rallying to support the family. It's a real tragic thing for anywhere. This sort of thing should not happen. The arson squad is investigating. Mignon Henne, Ten News. Workers from failed car component manufacturer Ajax have taken their troubles on the road. They're making a last-ditch attempt to save their entitlements after the company folded and they lost their jobs. Reporter Rakhal Ebeli is following their demonstration in Melbourne. More than 50 Ajaz workers have set off on a 15km march to Holden's parts and accessories plant. The car components manufacturer has been plunged into receivership

and its employees told they no longer have their jobs. Now, they're concerned they'll also lose their entitlements

making for a very bleak Christmas. Many of them blame Holden after it bailed out of a 6-month rescue package just 3 months in. Here's a little of what they had to say.

My message to the car company My message to the car company to

Ford and hold them where gang to

chase you to end of the world until

it you have paid these workers if

what she owed them. This is a

disgrace especially at Christmas

time. If the march will take up to three hours. A busy week in Federal Parliament shows no signs of slowing down with rumours the Prime Minister is preparing

for a pre-Christmas reshuffle. Politcal editor Paul Bongiorno joins us live from Canberra. Paul, what changes is John Howard likely to make to his ministry?

I have to tally John Howard is in

mother confirming or denying that

he would do a reshuffle. It

probably means one of his on and

the doctors if - dogs as silly

barking. It could barking. It could see five

ministers go. But the tougher the

list is Amanda Branstone. A

surprise name, Philip Ruddock. He

will not be forced out if but he

may be encouraged to go as well.

Environment Minister of Ian

Campbell is tipped for a demotion.

Two junior ministers Mr Lloyd and Two junior ministers Mr Lloyd and

Kemp had added their willing to

step down. We could see as

significant reshuffle. The two most

likely to go into care and it will

be Malcolm Turnbull and Andrew Boe

robbed. A big day expected for

Kevin of road to mind of. If they

will be a vote for and there is a

lot of wheeling and lot of wheeling and dealing as we

speak. It seems the Labour leader

wants to bring in four new faces

and are the top of the list is

Peter Garratt. Of black Marlin

could well become the shadow

foreign minister. Crisper bowl one

from New South Wales and dr Craig

Emmerson of of. There is

Emmerson of of. There is some talk

that he may come back in and will

find all this out tomorrow.

There's been a last-ditch bid to defeat controversial legislation that will allow therapeutic cloning for medical research. An opponent of the bill claims it will allow eggs to be taken from aborted female babies. Liberal MP Michael Ferguson has moved an amendment to the bill which could force it to face another tight vote in the Senate. If left as it stands these provisions would allow a human embryo to be created as a deliberate act of will by a scientist from the eggs of a second or third trimester aborted baby girl. Health Minister Tony Abbott has also reaffirmed his strong opposition to the legislation. A number of milk products have been recalled across New South Wales and the ACT amid fears of a bacterial contamination. The recall affects Pura, Woolworths, Daisy-Fresh and Homebrand labels

in a variety of milk sizes with the best before date of December 13. Drinking the contaminated milk may lead to a gastric attack, so you should return it to the supermarket for a full refund. For more information call a special hotline on 1800 677 852. Two divers are safe and well after being rescued from an underwater ordeal off the WA Coast. The men were trapped in a submarine pod after the mechanism which was supposed to bring them to the surface failed. It was a case of rescuing the rescuers. Two crewmen trapped underwater for more than 15 hours off the West Australian Coast. The Remora is used for submarine evacuations. It was conducting certification trials when a steel winching cable snapped.

The deep sea pod sat on the ocean floor beneath 130 metres of water. The pilot and his navigator left with a nervous wait. The weather conditions out there are quite serious and we did not want to snap the remaining cable that was in control of the vehicle. Difficult weather hampered two initial rescue efforts but when conditions eased, civilian divers were eventually successful. We've raised it to within 15m of the surface, under our control,

and we enabled the divers to get down there, meet the personnel from the rescue bell and bring them to the surface. Defence officials say the men were never in any immediate danger and could have lasted in the vehicle for up to 48 hours, receiving vital power and communicating through a cable connected to the mother ship 'Seahorse Standard'. We had sufficient contingency plans in place over the next 24-48 hours

to recover the vessel if this morning's efforts didn't work. Overseas navy counterparts were placed on stand-by, the US Coast Guard ready to send specialised rescue equipment if needed. HMAS 'ANZAC' brought the men back to land, medical staff giving them the all clear. Both crew members are well. They're in fine spirits, they had food and water supplies in the rescue vessel. Anthony Robinson, Ten News.

The revolutionary treatment which could cure brain damage in stroke victims. That's next in Ten's morning news. And building homes on the moon - NASA's plan to colonise space.

You bloody turkey. Nah, bloody terrific! BT-50 - bloody terrific. # Zoom, zoom, zoom! #

This program is captioned live. Fresh hope this morning for stroke victims - a group of scientists revealing they are close to curing stroke-related brain damage. But the technique is controversial, using cells from aborted foetuses. These are frozen brain cells. They've been genetically engineered from an aborted foetus.

Scientists here say they could hold the key to curing stroke. We are very excited. The cells have been through a battery of tests, they've been through a series of safety tests and studies, and they work. So now we feel we're ready to go into patient trials for treatment for stroke.

Jim White had a stroke nine years ago. He's one of 150,000 people that are hit by the condition each year.

Some recover. Some like Jim disabled for the rest of their lives. It's affected right down my left side. Probably my arm now is affected by 90%. Certain movements on the upper arm I can't do. The drugs currently available remove the symptoms but there is no cure because parts of the brain are permanently damaged. But now this Guilford-based company think they've found a way to regenerate brain cells. So how does the treatment work?

The starting point is tissue taken from a 12-week aborted foetus. Scientists remove stem cells from the brain area. Theses are genetically modified

so that they make copies of themselves when a chemical is added. So one foetus can produce as many cells as are needed.

The idea is to inject these cells into the stroke patient's brain.

So far, they've been tried out on animals. What we have here is a slice of a damage rat's brain. This red area should be much brighter. But the cells are simply not working. After the foetal transplant, look what happens - this red area is much brighter. The cells are now working. The hope is the same can happen in human patients.

Anit-abortion groups though believe

even use one fetus for the treatment is unethical. Even if you could say it would bring great benefits to humanity, it has done a fundamental wrong to humanity by denying a fellow member of the human family a right to life. If human trials are given the go-ahead, it could still take many years

to establish whether the treatment is safe and effective. A riot has erupted at an international basketball match in Serbia. The fight started in the stands before the match began. Fans of the Belgrade team, Red Star, took on rival supporters from the Greek team, PAOK Salonika. They lit flares, threw chairs, invaded the court and battled riot police.

Six fans were injured in the violence. The dream of building human settlements in space is a step closer to reality with NASA unveiling plans to colonise the moon. The ambitious project is part of a long-term joint effort by 14 of the world's space agencies.

NEIL ARMSTRONG: It's one small step for man. More than 30 years later and NASA has announced its biggest step yet. A lunar base will be the central theme in our going-forward plan for going back to the moon in preparation to go to Mars and beyond. The plans won't blast off until 2020

but when they do, a small and ultimately self-sustaining residence of astronauts will call the moon's south pole home. So it's a very, very big decision. It's one of the few where I've seen the science community and the engineering community actually agree on anything. Initially, four-person crews will make week-long visits until power and other supplies are in place

to make a permanent presence possible by 2024. We are developing alternate human space flight capability, not only for low Earth orbit but to go beyond and replace the space shuttle capability. NASA is refusing to put a price tag on the expensive venture. But just one trip to the Moon costs over US$100 billion. So you can only imagine what it would cost to live there. The eagle has landed.

Kate Donnison, Ten News. He was labelled "too Blonde" and "too bland" to play "James Bond" before he'd even stepped into the tuxedo.

He was labelled "too Blonde" and "too bland" to play "James Bond" before he'd even stepped into the tuxedo. Now, after rave reviews, Daniel Craig is all smiles. 'Casino Royale' already taking nearly $400 million at the box office. The new 007 talked to Ten's entertainment reporter Angela Bishop about being Bond. Your file shows no kills, Bond. But to become a 00 it takes... Two. There was no point in trying to hide away from it.

I read everything, I accepted it, it did get to me, I won't lie to you, it did actually bother me.

But when it came down to it on the set, the director was on my side, the producers were on my side, the actors were on my side, the crew were all on my side and I just said, "Look, I've got to forget about this. "I've just got to get on with it." "I've just got to put it out of my mind "otherwise it will stop us making a good movie." And that's what everybody wanted to do. Well, you know, with Daniel, of course, he was so criticised at the beginning of it, before he'd even started shooting the film.

I think it was tough on him. It wasn't as tough on me because I knew he'd be pretty terrific. To be honest, all the weight was on him. You what, what's really great is that people have reviewed the movie and looked at it

and said it's a good film. And that couldn't make me happier. Because, genuinely, there were hundreds of people that made this movie happen and for them it's a big deal. It's certainly a big deal for me. I'm over the moon for them. There is , of course, a scene in the movie for we girls to enjoy

which involves you and a pair of swimming trunks. Did you know when you were filming that that this was going to be the eye candy moment of the movie? It's not in my mind. It might've been in someone else's mind but it certainly wasn't in my mind.

I'd been working out for a long time before the movie, and certainly a lot while doing the movie, so I was fairly confident wit the way I looked,

but I had no idea of the furore it was going to cause, no idea at all. You've got a couple of smart Bond girls in this film and I think it would be fair to say that not all Bond girls had to be smart? Both parts were written as sassy people, but also, with Eva, someone who was equal to him,

someone that, I mean, he had to fall in love with her. So we had to have a completely rounded, interesting human being, not someone who just looked beautiful, but she does, so that's a help. Am I going to have a problem with you, Bond? No, don't worry. You're not my type.

Smart? Single. None of the Bond books are set in Australia, that running scene, for instance, a crane's all well and good

but that bridge might have looked even more impressive, just quietly. You would come with too much... I can't disagree with you, if you threaten to torture me I have to agree with everything you say.

So we wouldn't have to twist your arm too much? No, you wouldn't. There's lots of ideas. And we want to keep going on stuff that we've managed to get into this film but it's really - it's not there yet. It would be silly for me to talk about it. JAMES BOND THEME PLAYS The iconic black dress, worn by Audrey Hepburn in the 1961 film 'Breakfast at Tiffany's', has sold for $1.3 milliion. Designed by Givenchy, the dress went under the hammer at Christie's London auction house to an anonymous bidder. It was made famous in the opening scene of the romantic comedy, when Audrey Hepburn peers into Tiffany's jewellers on New York's Fifth Avenue, eating breakfast from a brown paper bag.

And a bidding frenzy for rare pieces of rock memorabilia. Among the items auctioned off, the working lyrics from Paul McCartney's Beatles song 'Maxwell's Silver Hammer'

which was sold for $244,000. A Jimi Hendrix 1968 fender guitar also broke the $200,000 mark, while hand-written Hendrix lyrics and a a Jim Morrison poem were also big sellers. There's been an extraordinary response from Ten viewers to the story about a woman, robbed while having an epileptic fit. We'll update you when the Morning News returns.

And one man's quest to make the whole world smile. A single smile, just like mine, can travel around the Earth.

SONG: # The Barbie Hot Tub Party Bus # Hot tub on the outside It's a bus, a hot tub and a house, all in one! SONG: # Be who you wanna be Barbie Girl. # Barbie Hot Tub Party Bus vehicle. You put it together. Dolls and batteries not included.

Fiji's deposed Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase has been flown out of Suva, to his home island of Mavana. Qarase had been under house arrest since yesterday when troops seized power in Fiji's fourth coup. Residents are on high alert - rising south-westerly winds expected to worsen bushfires raging across Victoria's north-east and Gippsland areas. 35 fires are burning out of control after blackening 35,000 hectares of bush and putting several townships under direct threat. A Victorian woman has spent the night in hospital suffering burns after trying to save her two young children from a house fire. Her home was engulfed by flames. Her baby and 4-year-old perishing in the inferno. In finance news - the Australian share market is trading in positive territory this morning.

It comes on the back on news the RBA has left interest rates unchanged at 6.25%. Westpac has won a legal battle

with the former bookkeeper businessman, Steve Vizard.

The bank accused Roy Hilliard of stealing money from Mr Vizard's account. Westpac was seeking $3 million. Mr Hilliard was ordered to pay $2.25 million, plus interest. A helpless pensioner has been robbed while having an epileptic fit in a shopping centre carpark.

It's meant to be a time of goodwill but Raija Pittman is feeling far from festive. Right now I've got no Christmas spirit left, none at all. The 53-year-old was on her way home from buying Christmas decorations when she had an epileptic fit in the shopping centre carpark.

Instead of offering help, the only person to stop stole Raija's decorations and her pension. I felt like screaming. In fact I even tried to scream and nothing came out. By the time the fit had passed the thief was gone. I didn't dream that he could be so cruel. It never entered my mind.

Now Raija's left with just $1.20 for two weeks. Have you got no heart at all? Or if you have, what happened to it? And she no longer feels safe on the streets. Esther Lindstrom, Ten News. Ms Pittman says she's overwhelmed by the generosity

and thanks everyone who has made a donation. Now for a look at the national weather and for the rest of the day. The baby with a blood alcohol reading seven times over the legal limit. That's part of Rhani Sadler's US report, next.

This Thursday's Powerball jackpot is $5 million. For more chances to win, ask for a Powerball Megapick.

You could: This program is captioned live. Donald Rumsfeld's likely replacement has shown he's not one to mince words. Robert Gates told a Senate hearing today that the US is not winning the war in Iraq. Robert Gates is the man George W. Bush chose to replace Donald Rumsfeld, the Secretary of Defense. Before that position is made official, Robert Gates is to be confirmed by the senate and before that happens, he needs to appear at Senate hearings now, that's what's happening today.

Robert Gates said at those senate hearings that the US is not winning the war in Iraq. He said thate clearly, the US didn't have enough troops to control Iraq after the 2003 invasion. He warned that US troops would be spending a long time in Iraq probably in smaller numbers,

and if the US leaves in Iraq in chaos, it could be facing a Middle East in crisis what he called "a regional conflagration". A big admission from the President's nominee for Defense Secretary. Mr Gates, do you believe that we are currently winning in Iraq? No, sir. Robert Gates said he would consider a modest withdrawal of US forces from Iraq. Yes sir, as I indicated I think that all options are on the table. In opening remarks, Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John Warner called on President Bush to consult with the bipartisan leadership the new Congress before making a decision on a new direction for the Iraq waer. Gates promised cooperation. We need to work together to develop a strategy that doesn't leave Iraq in chaos.

Before the hearing, Gates stood next to President Bush. The United States Senate, I hope for a speedy confirmation so we can get sworn in and get to work. The President will probably get his wish despite some concerns about his nominee's past. When Gates was confirmed ahead, the CIA under George H.W. Bush in 1991, he was questioned about his involvement in the Reagan administration's Iran contra affair. This man who will chair the committee with direct Pentagon oversight in January, voted against him then.

But now, even he appears more concerned about the future of the Iraq war than Gates's past.

I, for one, intend to take a fresh and fair look at Dr Gates's record. A 2-month=-old baby is recovering

after her parents accidentally mixed her formula with vodka instead of water. When baby Christina was taken to the hospital, she had a blood alcohol level of 0.36,

that's more than 7 times the legal blood alcohol concentration at which you're allowed to drive. Thankfully, the baby is nearly fully recovered and her parents say it was all one big mistake. It was a mistake, it was an honest mistake. I had no idea that there was alcohol in the water bottle. Sarah Smith says she never meant to harm her 2-month-old daughter, Christina. I love my daughter to death. I would never do anything to harm her in any kind of way.

But early Sunday morning Christina showed up at the hospital with a blood alcohol level of 0.364. Sarah says Saturday night, she and her boyfriend went to get a hotel room. While Ryan was inside, Christina got fussy and so Sarah made her a bottle like she always does. I didn't think to smell it. I never do. She said she grabbed her boyfriend's water bottle,

which was actually full of vodka, and mixed it with formula. Christina drank it all. I did not know it was in there. It was a mistake. 20 minutes later, they realised something was terribly wrong. She wouldn't respond. She was just moving her arms and her legs and you know, her eyes were droopy. She was - just wasn't right.

Christina had alcohol poisoning. Her parents say they are still in disbelief over what happened. I don't know what I would've done if I would've lost her. I'm just like, blaming myself because it's all my fault. Baby Christina is now in foster care but her parents say they hope not for long.

Baby Christina is now in foster care they hope not for long. We're going to do whatever we need to, to get her back. She's a wonderful mother, wonderful.

I wouldn't have anybody else be the mother of my kids. A South Carolina man is facing a string of charges

after he was caught drink=driving. The problem was, he wasn't just driving his car, he was at the helm of a parade float that had a bunch of dance students and their parents on the back. The parents say they had to cling onto their kids and to the float for dear life

as the driver took them for a wild ride. He's now facing a series of assault and kidnapping charges and one of drink-driving. On to something a bit lighter - US movie studios are releasing their big guns in the lead-up to next year's Oscars. Last night, George Clooney, Cate Blanchett and Toby Maguire hit the red carpet in L.A. to promote their new film 'The Good German'. It's a romantic murder mystery set in post-World War II Berlin

and a bit Casablanca. There's already a lot of Oscar buzz around this on,e maybe Cate Blanchett will end up with another gong on her mantlepiece. George Clooney certainly enjoyed working with her. Here's what he had to say with a bit of a joke. Cate's amazing and listen, the chance of working with Cate is like the greatest thing in the world and she's got no talent it's all smoke and mirrors, but she's good.

And what do you get if you add spice to a Beverly Hills cop?

A short-lived romance, a pregnancy and now a paternity test. After breaking up with his wife earlier this year Eddie Murphy started dating former Spice Girl Mel B, she was the one known as Scary Spice. Well, now she's pregnant, they've broken up and he's denying he's the father. No, you're being presumptuous. We're not together anymore and we don't know whose child that is

until it comes out and has a blood test. You shouldn't jump to conclusions, sir. On a more positive note, Eddie's new movie 'Dreamgirls' in which he co-stars with Beyonce is getting rave reviews and there's also a lot of Oscar buzz about that one, Natarsha. Ahead, the 14-year-old who made her mark at the Australian swimming championships,

that's when Ten's morning news returns.

And the reaction to Australia's incredible second Test victory in the battle for the Ashes.

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A stunning victory for Australia in the second Ashes test. The Aussies snatched victory in the last hour, taking a strong 2-nil series lead over England. Corey Wingard is in Adelaide. Corey, how remarkable was that finish?

It put is hard to believe even the

day after. The start of day five

day after. The start of day five

England one for 59. No one thought

there would be a result but they there would be a result but they

lost nine for 70. Shane Warne did

most of the damage. It was left to

Michael Hussey and he relished this

moment. He scored 61 not out in the

second innings and he was over the

man. There was a great result beer

for Australia.

for Australia. There certainly were

some celebrations and the fans were

given a bit of a special treat. If

it was fantastic to be here on day it was fantastic to be here on day

five at to see their risotto was

amazing. When work started to

filter around Adelaide yesterday

that warning was taking some that warning was taking some wickets, with fans flocked

wickets, with fans flocked around

and they were 20,000 fans here. I came here thinking draw. But I went to work thinking it was a draw and then this happened. This is just magnificent. Pretty stoked. The boys are trying to get a few autographs now on the bats and that so yeah, loving every minute of it. We came here expecting the game to be a draw but not to lose. But it was really disappointing.

Some pretty happy Aussie fans there.

The wire over the moon and

especially for Shane Warne. He was

the catalyst and getting the game

going yesterday after loan. The

speculation was around from the

speculation was around from the

England coach. Shane Warne was a

lated with his performers and the when. I've played enough and Warney's played enough to know that you had to do something exceptionally well to be able to turn the course of the Test match around that way and our cricket .5over the last three days has been as good as Test match cricket as you'll ever see from any team. 1992 in Sri Lanka was the best Test match I'd been involved in until today. That was an amazing turn around, very similar to this one.

500 odd behind and the first thing to come back and win, like we did today, I think it was a fantastic effort from everyone. It was gonna hurt, this game.

But we've got just over a week before the next one.

Personally the feeling like this I

don't want to feel like this again.

don't want to feel like this again.

For none cricketing fans, Robbie

Williams is performing last year -

last night. Robbie Williams has

conceded that Shane Warne is a

superstar. Australia up to now bad it

it would take an absolute miracle

for England to take the Ashes. Elation throughout Pakistan cricket circles with the lifting of bans on fast bowlers Shoaib Akhtar and Mohammed Asif. The pair successfully appealing positive drugs tests taken by the Pakistani Cricket Board. The testing was done and because it was done out of competition,

the country rules apply. The players claimed they'd never been advised on taking vitamin supplements which they say may have led to the positive tests for the banned steroid nandrolone. Grant Hackett's coach has hosed down fears of a major health scare for the Aussie swim captain, saying they've mistimed his preparation for this week's Australian Swim Titles. And while he was resting, a new prodigy burst through in the women's ranks.

Hackett headlines and world record speculation going into night three of the Australian swimming championships while the cricket in Adelaide provided some brief distraction. In the pool, a local teenager was stealing the attention. Year 8 student, Emily Seabohm had twice smashed her own best time on the way to the 100m backstroke final. Not satisfied with the two second improvement, she carved another half a second off in her nip and tuck battle

with Tayliah Zimmer. COMMENTATOR: Dead heat, dead heat Zimmer and Seabohm dead heat! You're going to the World Championships, one of the youngest swimmers ever. It's amazing. Zimmer with her second career dead heat for National gold, staggered by the 14-year-old's speed. We've got great young talent coming through, at 14, that's pretty fast, well done. The fans had come out hoping to see world record machine Leisel Jones

weave her breast-stroke magic. But a simple error at the halfway mark relegated this 100m swim to only the second fastest of all time. 1:O5 for me is a great time, gold was probably 1:04. I had the worst turn of my life, I slipped down the wall and stopped. And with Hackett out, rising teenager Kenrick Monk pounced on the opportunity to steal his first national crown in the 200m freestyle.

Anthony Goodridge, Ten News. Barcelona are through to the knock-out phase of the Champions League after beating Verder Bremen 2-nil. The reigning champions needed to beat the German side to avoid becoming the first titleholder to be eliminated at the group phase. Ronaldino settled the nerves with the opening goal from a free kick.

Another goal just 5 minutes later. The win means Barcelona finished in second place behind Chelsea who claimed top spot in group A after beating Levski Sofia 2-nil.

The national weather details when the Morning News returns.

The meal was spectacular - the meat tender and juicy, the salad crisp and fresh, the vegetables firm and tasty.

Unfortunately, the tea towel was dirty, the cutting board unwashed, the fridge stacked incorrectly and not cold enough, which made the night... PERSON VOMITS ..unforgettable. If you're like me, Christmas is a fantastic time of year.

Hello. your place. Kids, no running! And that means more time for the special things. DOORBELL ALL: Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas, Lisa. Merry Christmas!

Fiji's deposed Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase has been flown out of Suva, to his home island of Mavana.

Qarase had been under house arrest since yesterday when troops seized power in Fiji's fourth coup. Residents are on high alert

rising south-westerly winds expected to worsen bushfires raging across Victoria's north-east and Gippsland areas. 35 fires are burning out of control after blackening 35,000 hectares of bush and putting several townships under direct threat. A Victorian woman has spent the night in hospital suffering burns

after trying to save her two young children from a house fire. Her home was engulfed by flames.

Her baby and 4-year-old perishing in the inferno. Now for a look at the national weather and for the rest of the day.

An Australian man is on a quest to make the whole world smile. Using personal computers and old-fashioned postcards he's planning a very happy ending. Hip! Hip! Hurray! Infectious smiles - that's the aim of the latest email campaign catching on worldwide. To be honest with you, it's exceeded all my expectations.

Perth man Ian Crossley dreamed up the idea, declaring December 9 the International Day of Smiles. A single smile just like mine could travel round the earth. His website had 500,000 hits in the first fortnight as people got his "monkey business" message. What I hope on 9 December is that people will actually consciously gather - friends, relatives.

No-one earns anything out of it - all you can do is make yourself happy. Making people even happier, a New Zealand fan donated an island holiday prize - but there's a catch. You can't just click on a mouse to enter the draw - you have to send Ian a postcard. Thousands already have. France, Botswana. There's one here from America - it's homemade.

That's rather lovely. Now there's a pamphlet campaign in California, and schools have grabbed the chance to teach about traditional letter-writing and cards. This is me, and I have a smiley face. It's not just schools getting involved -

businesses are also coming on board, and even an 86-year-old in an English retirement home has decided it's time to get all her mates smiling too.

Happy celebrities have signed up as well - a Web poll has the Dalai Lama smiles ahead so far.

Even experts agree it really does make a difference. And that, in turn, can lead to a more genuine happiness.

We should really unwind a little bit and take time to smell the roses. It's catching on at:

That brings you up to date with all the news.

Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day

and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight. I'm Natarsha Belling, good morning. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.

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