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(generated from captions) THORNE: Hey, Mother, it's me. I know it's late, but... Oh, there you are. Taylor, what are you doing here? she wants to tell you. Taylor has something Tell him. the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. for the Government. Tonight - more embarrassment on child-sex charges. Another senior Labor figure I've got nothing to say. The wild and weird weather all in one day. bringing snow, hail and fire And - school's out, as a major drug ring is smashed. but warnings for students Ron Wilson and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Good evening. Also tonight - allegedly found with guns, outrage as an accused drug dealer, is released on bail. off New Zealand And a spectacular sight floating into view. with another massive iceberg more embarassment for the ALP But first this evening - facing court on child-sex charges. with a second State Labor figure it's the former campaign manager This time for Milton Orkopoulos. after an apparent suicide attempt. The sacked minister still recovering Another walk of shame for Labor facing court on child sex charges. with a second senior party member do you deny these charges? REPORTER: Mr Roughan,

I've got nothing to say. 62-year-old Patrick Roughan when she was just 9 and 10 years old. accused of twice raping a girl at his Caves Beach home. The incidents allegedly occurred the party worker of his membership The Labor Party stripped after his arrest. Roughan is a former campaign manager Minister Milton Orkopoulos for sacked Aboriginal Affairs child sex charges. who is facing his own Until last week investigation of Patrick Roughan police had all but abandoned their

after Milton Orkopoulos faced court his arrest comes just six days on unrelated charges. in a Newcastle hospital Orkopoulos is still recovering attempt yesterday following his apparent suicide in the car park of a water tower. who alerted police There, he called a priest, also sent a text messages and the former MP John Della Bosca. to the Industrial Relations Minister would be distressed Anybody with a human heart

about any other human being to take their life. apparently seeking on what was his electorate office The last remnants of his name were scraped away this morning. That part of his life over, the next stage of his legal battle a psychiatric assessment will depend on that will be prepared for police. James Boyce, Ten News. In Newcastle, in State Parliament And there were rowdy scenes as the Premier was quizzed concerning Milton Orkopoulos. on when he knew about rumours joins us. State political editor Paul Mullins putting the Premier on the defensive? Paul, did the Opposition succeed in

Not really. There was certainly

more noise today but not

necessarily more light. The Premier

was squeezed done when he first

heard about those rumours

concerning Milton Orkopoulos but

Morris Iemma turned that around by

asking the opposition leader when

he first heard the rumours, given

comments he had made on radio. Then

Peter Debnam. it, this surprise question from

until the State election, Given there's just four months will you tell the people of NSW

Tripodi and Orkopoulos, if, beside ministers is the subject of an investigation any other minister by any law enforcement authority? To the best of my knowledge, no... SHOUTING know that ..and you know that... on the members of this parliament that is an outrageous slur without any...if you have...

then make it. ..if you have an allegation to make Peter Debnam. Neither leader made

any reference to the attempted

suicide of Milton Orkopoulos - what

is the latest on his condition? No

mention of the attempted suicide

but a hospital has just released a

statement describing the condition

of the former minister as serious

but stable. Because of the privacy

request from the family there will

be no more public bulletins

released on his condition. in the Blue Mountains A bushfire emergency jumping containment lines. with a large blaze Bizarrely, the flames took off brought snow to the same area, just as a southerly change today battered by weird weather. the entire east coast A perfect beach day to soak up the November sun. and there were plenty happy

and have some waves going on. I'm going to go out to the beach Before midday, for a nice day out with mum and dad. temperatures in the mid 20s made Fantastic, loving it. It's my day off so we're very lucky. across Sydney, But on these unpredictable days there's also snow. where there's sun, of the bizarre weather patterns, If more proof was needed our ski fields, a cold snap was blasting in the Blue Mountains, as just a few kilometres away a raging bushfire. firefighters battled right across the east coast. Wild weather taking hold was safe Not even one of our sporting icons on an arena as hailstones pounded down usually reserved for cricket balls. of bad weather too, Brisbane copped a barrage

as they tore through the city storms causing havoc this afternoon. and other parts of Queensland As crazy as it may seem to us, is nothing out of the ordinary. weather experts say the weird mix

and that's most vivid in October So we see this clash of hot and cold

into November as well. but sometimes it spills over give the beach a miss. And the message is, for now at least, a couple of days of a cold blast So this cold air won't last long, on a little bit longer. but it's still winter trying to hold Josh Murphy, Ten News. has just come through Some fresh information raging in the Blue Mountains. about that bushfire by the fire Containment lines have been breached says and Rural Fire Chief Phil Koperberg will come under threat. he fears the township of Bell

Tim Bailey with some news on this

incredible when. It started off a

hot and West North West that and

got all sorts of trouble in the

Blue Mountains. The fire at jump to

contain the mines and now the wind

is swinging - it has gone south

south-west and will end up you are

suddenly tonight. We had just had a

blast across the airport at 78 km/h

what a weird weather day - Ballarat

had snow - its coldest day in 20

years. Snow in the snowy Mountains

as he had just third and tonight in

Sydney showers, possible Hale and a

severe thunderstorm as well. This

suddenly will be joyous for the

firefighters but will bring a

rather cold day to Sydney tomorrow.

Eight degrees below average as we

go for an entire 16 degrees. All of

it is in the lap of the gods at the

moment - the wind is ringing around

as I have said, from the north-west

to the south-west and going Curate

South tonight with that sudden

change. Tomorrow will be 16 degrees and I'll see you later. Outrage today after an accused drug dealer, allegedly found with a cache of high-powered assault rifles in his home, was released on bail. The magistrate accepted the guns could have belonged to the man's wife or sons. Detectives from the Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad raided this house over the weekend, seizing 1.6kg of amphetamines, a cache of high-powered military weapons and a machine gun. This is a 9mm Luger calibre Mach 10 machine pistol.

Seven weapons were seized all up, including an ArmaLite rifle, a Chinese Norinco assault rifle and a .62 automatic, plus a large amount of ammunition. Mohammad El Husseini has faced court charged with possessing the drugs and firearms, which were found in a secret compartment beneath the stairs of the home he shares with his family. Leave it alone, ya f---in' piece of s--t. But Magistrate Alan Moore has granted him bail after El Husseini's barrister argued there was no DNA or fingerprint evidence available yet to link his client to the weapons. The magistrate ruled that, because the weapons were found in what he called a common part of the house, they could belong to his wife or one of his three adult children. The Opposition says it's a loophole that should be closed.

I think the community expects that people caught with serious weapons and serious amounts of drugs should be held in custody. The home was the target of a drive-by shooting a year ago. Husseini's wife, Hanna, wasn't claiming to own the weapons, nor were her sons, and while the family lives in a Housing Department property they have agreed to post bail of $200,000 in cash.

John Hill, Ten News. Police have arrested a gang of youths over a graffiti attack on an inner-west park. The three teenagers were allegedly caught red-handed, right next to a stash of booze bottles. It's after 11:00 on a Tuesday night. Three 16-year-old boys are loaded into police vehicles after an alleged vandalism rampage. Officers also seized bottles of alcohol and it's alleged this is their handiwork - graffiti tags all over a popular neighbourhood park,

on play equipment, seats, walls and even cars parked on the street. The three young males were arrested and taken to Newtown police station where they were charged. The next morning a problem nearly every council in Sydney is familiar with - the clean-up. It's time-consuming, expensive and frustrating.

Sometimes it gets cleaned up and it can come back as soon as the cleaning crews leave the park.

Residents agree last night is just the tip of the iceberg with graffiti covering nearly every park in the area. They're demanding parents and the youths involved be called to account. I do think that if they were involved in cleaning it up, it might...well, it might not stop them but it might make them think twice about it. Many people here know who the perpetrators are but they're too scared to come forward. Some who've contacted the police have had rocks put through their car windows, their fences covered with scrawl. Today the boys faced court. At least one was refused bail and remanded in custody. Authorities are now trying to work out how to reduce the graffiti scourge. I think that councils need to work more with young people to give them other avenues for their art. Daniel Sutton, Ten News. It was pens down today for thousands of HSC students across the State. For most, the end of school means

the beginning of a long week of celebrations, police already smashing a major drug ring targeting schoolies week. School's out forever for the class of 2006. I'm just happy that it's all over - it's great. Probably go out and not come home for a couple of days. They've undergone over three weeks of intense examinations, and food and technology students couldn't wait to get as far away from the classroom as possible. I think I'm just going to stay in Sydney and go clubbing. Now that school's out, for most of the 66,000 NSW HSC students it means the party preparations can begin. Police are already on stand by for schoolies week, which officially kicks off this Saturday. I would issue this word of caution to all students,

that as they contemplate their celebrations, do so safely, do so carefully. With tens of thousands of revellers expected to converge on Surfers Paradise, police on the Gold Coast have made a timely breakthrough, smashing a major drug syndicate, seizing ecstasy and cocaine with a street value of almost $400,000. Intelligence does suggest that the drugs taken possession of would have been distributed throughout the Gold Coast during the schoolies celebrations. While students will be letting their hair down,

markers will be sifting through more than 1.75 million exam papers. HSC results will be released on December 19. Ebbeny Faranda, Ten News. Tim Webster with a look ahead to sport and an Australian golfer is battling depression. Yes, and he's a player who's made it onto the US Tour. We'll hear his story shortly. And an ongoing problem with stress has forced England cricketer Marcus Trescothick to pack his bags and head home. All the reaction shortly. And the Socceroos forced to settle for draw but we'll show how many goals we could have scored

if it wasn't for the brilliance of Ghana's keeper. Also, when I come back details of our network winning the rights to next year's rugby World Cup.

Growing fears solo yachtsman Tony Bullimore may need rescuing again. Details next. Also tonight - the body scanner that gives a one-stop medical diagnosis within seconds. And another massive iceberg floats into a shipping lane off New Zealand. DISTANT TRAFFIC NOISE RELAXING FUNKY MUSIC You love your car, so have a say in what it's worth. GIO's Comprehensive Car Insurance offers the flexibility to vary your car's agreed value. SONG: # Da da... # GIO - we don't just listen, we do. # Ba da da. # 4-burner barbecue, $399. Solagard Deck & Timber Paint, $56.90. Outdoor power adaptor, $18.42. If you happen to find Entertaining this Christmas? Bunnings has got the lot. Lowest prices are just the beginning. ALARM BEEPS I'm her natural fizz. I help her be in top form every day - make her mind sharper, go harder at gym and be the life of the party. It's nearly time. Berocca Performance, with its B and C vitamins

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Oh, yeah! Oh, I'm feeling it. Pictionary Mania. An umbrella! Yes. The physical game with six different ways to draw and compete. It takes playing Pictionary to a whole new level. Pictionary Mania - the game of drawing, directing and doing. For more chances to win, ask for a Powerball Megapick. $9 million Powerball jackpot. You could: This program is captioned live. An ambulance has been called to the Dianne Brimble cruise ship inquest, a witness collapsing after startling new allegations. The allegations against Mark Wilhelm continue to mount nine months after he was named a key figure at the inquest. Witnesses, including his travel companions, have told how he gave drugs to the Brisbane mother and had sex with her before she died in his cabin. Now, he's also accused of stealing. Night manager Ann Taylor says that's the only way he could have got a key to an upgraded room. She says he may have taken a set while she was trying to comfort him.

The Pacific Sky has no records of Wilhelm being moved but this woman's already revealed she had sex with him in another room within days of Mrs Brimble's death.

The night manager told the court she was unimpressed by the change in Wilhelm's demeanor. She'd believed he was genuinely upset by Mrs Brimble's death but quickly realised he'd wasted no time moving on to another woman.

The stress of testifying about Wilhelms's mysterious cabin access suddenly took a toll on Ms Taylor. An ambulance was called to the court after she fainted in the witness box. She wasn't the only witness under pressure today. Earlier, this passenger expressed regret he'd not spoken up sooner about seeing Wilhelm and his friend Leo Silvestri outside the cabin where Mrs Brimble lay dying.

It can't be changed now. I've got to do my best with what I've got to do now. Amber Muir, Ten News. Police have seized $2 million worth of brand name counterfeit clothing being sold across Sydney. Polo Ralph Lauren, Versace and Armani are some of the big brands allegedly being ripped off. The police raids netting boxes of clothing ranging from shirts and dresses to sunglasses and handbags.

The raids were conducted at a house in Bondi Junction

and at other city outlets with police cutting their way into this Darling Harbour store. Police also seized computers allegedly containing details of the scam. A revolutionary new way to see inside the human body.

Australia's most powerful CT scanner has been unveiled in Sydney. Doctors declaring it super fast and super safe. It's twice as fast, twice as powerful, provides images twice as detailed and exposes patients to half as much radiation. Doctors say Australia's first dual source CT scanner is the Rolls Royce of radiography. 80-year-old sailing enthusiast Victor Holland was happy to take a spin. You go into the machine, and you come out of the machine in less than a minute I would say. This is absolutely brilliant. As quick as a heartbeat or faster. Much less painful than an invasive angiogram and much more accurate than a full body scan. Before, people who had higher heart rates who were overweight, as you know, it's an increasing problem in society, we didn't have particularly good pictures.

Now, all patients get great pictures. It's much faster and it's got the best shutter speed, if you like, to capture the motion of the heart. In fact, this technology is so advanced, by the time I finish this sentence, it could take several hundred images of a patient's heart. Put together, they form a moving 3D image which allows cardiologists to pinpoint any problems. I have no doubt

90% of cardiovascular disease can be prevented if detected early enough. No such trouble for Victor. His scan was clear. I think I might be able to sail my boat for a little longer. So will many others and not just those with cardiac worries. The super scanner can detect a range of conditions all over the body. Danielle Isdale, Ten News. His rescue cost Australian taxpayers millions, now new fears British yachtsman Tony Bullimore might need saving again. An ocean alert has been issued for Bullimore, who was plucked from his overturned yacht by the Australian Navy 10 years ago. Last month Bullimore and crew left the Middle East for Tasmania but they haven't been heard from him for over a week. Australian authorities think his communications equipment has failed but steps are being taken to pinpoint his location somewhere in the Indian Ocean. Two more huge icebergs have been spotted near New Zealand. This one - 100m high and 300m long - is only 43 nautical miles off the south-eastern tip of the South Island. Another iceberg, the size of a house, is floating beside it. As they move north into warmer water they're leaving a trail of car-sized ice chunks, prompting concerns for ships in the area. Around 100 icebergs were spotted heading towards New Zealand several weeks ago. Most are expected to melt or break up before reaching the coast. Rupert Murdoch's message to Australians - don't let Iraq ruin our relationship with the US. That's next. And Bond is back.

The new 007 gets Her Majesty's nod of approval.

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Due to exceptionally dry conditions and record low inflows into our dams, Canberra is now in Stage 2 Water Restrictions. Measures include no sprinklers, only dripper systems and hand-watering at specific times. However, ACTEW's general exemption allows limited use on weekends only

of sprinklers and other irrigation systems to relieve your garden. Simply save water. For full details, contact ACTEW's Water Conservation Office.

This program is captioned live. Australia's most famous former citizen wants Australians to stop bad-mouthing the United States. Rupert Murdoch told a high-powered audience last night,

the war in Iraq is feeding a growing anti-American attitude in Australia which could lead to trouble. The Australian people must not allow their perfectly legitimate doubts about one policy or one American administration to cloud their long-term judgment.

It's a view echoed by the Prime Minister, who says our relationship with the US is at the core of Australia's national interest. A terrifying mass kidnapping ordeal in Baghdad.

Gunmen dressed as Iraqi police commandos forced their way into the Education Ministry and snatched up to 150 people. Many were dumped, blindfolded but unharmed, around the capital. 25 are still missing. Five senior police officers have been arrested over the kidnapping. The US could be just two years away from having its first female or African-American president. While Hillary Clinton seems the likely choice to win the Democrats candidacy in 2008 there's another pioneering politician who could nose her out of the race. His name sounds nothing like the first 43 US presidents... I'm State Senator Barack Obama. ..but the way Barack Obama is inspiring voters

makes many think he could be president number 44.

The world as it is is not the world it has to be. Obama was born in Hawaii to a Kansas student and a Kenyan economist. I've got relatives who look like Bernie Mac and I've got relatives who look like Margaret Thatcher. he became the first black president of the prestigious Harvard Law Review, going on to practice as a civil rights lawyer in Illinois, where his progressive views helped get him elected to the local senate. a woman's right to choose. I believe in common-sense gun safety laws,

His big break came when Democrat bigwigs tapped him to deliver the keynote address at the 2004 pre-election convention. In no other country on Earth is my story even possible. The hope of a skinny kid with a funny name who believes that America has a place for him. That performance won him fans across the US and got him voted into the Federal Senate. I think he's sincere. He's definitely got charisma. I think it's like a John Kennedy again.

Democrats won't choose their candidate for the presidential race until months before the 2008 election.

Early polls show Barack Obama ranked second behind Hillary Clinton. The election of Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama will make history - never before has the US had a female or an African-American president. Whether a candidate who's admitted trying marijuana and cocaine can attract conservative voters across the nation

is yet to be seen. In the United States, Rahni Sadler, Ten News. The US media is buzzing with speculation that Nicole Kidman is pregnant. The actress was photographed visiting husband Keith Urban at the Betty Ford Clinic in Palm Springs at the weekend. Urban is in his fourth week at the famous rehab facility where he's being treated for alcoholism. Kidman told Urban about the pregnancy at the rehab facility. A royal audience for the world premiere of the new James Bond movie.

The Queen and Prince Philip were among the first to see the new, blond 007, Daniel Craig, in 'Casino Royale'. Critics have praised his gritty performance, the stars at the premiere lining up to agree.

He's going to bring excitement to the franchise again and, you know, he's just a very sexy man and he's a great actor as well. After the screening, the Queen met the stars of the film, which opens here next month. Smoking and sunbathing blamed for an alarming rise in cancer for women. That's next.

Also - Al Gore back in Sydney, selling his message on climate change. And Microsoft declares war on the iPod, launching its own music and video player. When I was a kid, my family always watched the Sunday movie together. And the food - so many cooking shows! I've become obsessed with cuisine. My wife thinks it's lovely when I watch the kids' shows with them. And how good is Animal Planet?! There's a ton of live sport as well. When the big games are on, me and the boys yell at the TV all night. Call 131 787 for FOXTEL Digital, and make it yours. Canberra has just had one of the driest winters and spring months on record. For this reason, Stage 2 Water Restrictions now apply, and following them can help prevent even tougher measures later. Simply save water. For more details, contact ACTEW's Water Conservation Office. Let's get it. Now that FOXTEL's available from $36.95 a month, OK. Let's get it. This program is captioned live. The top stories this newshour - more embarrassment for the ALP with a second State Labor figure facing court on child-sex charges. This time it's the former campaign manager for Milton Orkopoulos.

The sacked minister is still recovering in hospital after an apparent suicide attempt. Bizarre weather conditions have also been causing havoc down much of the east coast. Temperatures have plummeted, bringing hail and snow to many areas.

Forecasters say the weird weather is being caused by an Antarctic blast. And the extreme weather has also sparked two large bushfires in the Blue Mountains. The fires have jumped containment lines

and there are fears the township of Bell could come under threat. They are extensive and it is going to be a long campaign. There are about 300 firefighters from the Rural Fire Service, the NSW Fire Brigades

and National Parks and Wildlife Service

involved at the moment. The fires are burning east of the Darling Causeway between Mount Victoria and Bell, and almost certainly it will go into the Grose Valley, which will present us with a far longer term problem and certainly a more serious problem. Smoking and too much sunbaking are driving up cancer rates in women. Skin cancer has risen 21% over 10 years, the State Government report also finding lung cancer in women is up by 11%. And we believe that is still the flow through of the effects of higher amounts of smoking, and so on, in women a decade or two decades ago. But overall, cancer death rates have fallen down 16% for men and 10% for women. The Australian share market has closed slightly weaker today, investors spooked by speculation of another interest rate rise. Microsoft has unveiled its answer to the Apple iPod. The new portable entertainment unit, called a Zune, allows users to easily share music and pictures. The Zune looks similar to an iPod, costs the same as an iPod but does one thing an iPod doesn't - it allows users to zap music, photos and video from one device to another using built-in Wi-Fi. We are moving from just a device that you use on your own to what we call connected entertainment. But even a Zune does have its limitations. If you have a Zune and I have a Zune I can send you a song, but with restrictions - you can only play that song either three times or for three days. Users can also rent music instead of buying it, like iPod owners do. For $15 a month they get unlimited downloads. Zunes hit the shelves in 30,000 shops across the US this morning and the device is already number six on one of America's biggest online electronic stores. I think it's easier to use and the quality of the video actually looks a lot better. You know, I like the fact it has built-in Wi-Fi. A lot features you would not see in the iPod and who knows when you would see them on the iPod? But it's a tough market. Apple has sold over 70 million iPods and dominates the industry with a 75% market share.

At this point it's not really an iPod killer. It's not even an iPod headache at this point. Even the name 'Zune' is a carefully thought out marketing ploy. A network of 60 linguists helped invent the name - 'Z' was chosen because its sound is one of the most energetic in the alphabet, and ending with 'n' gives the name a musical ring. In the United States, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News.

A weather check with our energetic

weatherman, Tim Bailey. You have

your work cut out for you at the

moment - is it winter, summer -

what is going on? I don't know but

they got it right when they said it

was a blast from the Antarctic. The

coldest day in 20 years for

Ballarat with snow, snowed for

Perry shirt, bushfires in the Blue

Mountains as those hot winds turned

south south-west, maybe some Hale and a severe thunderstorm for

Sydney tonight and a chilly day for

Sydney tomorrow - 16 degrees as you

get back to Wynter - we are all

scratching our heads. Be good news

is - some happy smiley faces on

your television because Saturday is

might happy day. I know what you're

thinking - right oh, McDonald's,

commercial, this and that - we try

to raise $2 million because

McDonald's are the only sponsor of

McDonald's houses. Kids from the

country get sick and their families

come down here and they can live

here, which is fantastic. We will

get the $2 million because that

means we can run 15 McDonald's

houses and help kids like these.

Like this fella, Christian - you

tell people what is wrong with you

at the moment. I have got a sore

leg that is angled at 40 degrees

and any to have surgery on it

tomorrow. How many times have you

been in hospital? I don't know. Too

many. How long will you be in

hospital for I don't know. About

two weeks? Until Sunday. You will

be out in time for Christmas so

that is great. A round of applause

please for Christian. Madcap D-day

- by that Berger. $1 from every

Berger goes towards that. We'll see

you again at about five: 55.

Another big round of applause former cabbie day

Sport is next and Tim Webster -

an Aussie golfer has spoken out about his depression. Yes, he's confronted his demons. We'll have his story shortly. Also, the long walk off. What happened in the dressing room to stress out England batsman Marcus Trescothick. And the just the one goal, but wait until you see how many chances we actually had. COMMENTATOR: Straight down the middle.

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This program is captioned live. It was revealed today England cricketer Marcus Trescothick asked if he could go home after he suffered a recurrence of depression. It was left to his coach Duncan Fletcher to answer questions about why Trescothik made the trip in the first place. Marcus Trescothick's solemn walk from the SCG wicket on Monday has turned out to be the first steps of an even longer trip home to England. Only a week ago, he was talking about a recovery from depression. It's given me a great opportunity just to recharge the batteries, recovering from the illness and make sure everything is going alright.

Can't wait to get back into the cricket. The illness saw him cut short a tour of India in February. It's a serious problem. Coach Duncan Fletcher noticed a change in the left-hander's behaviour three days ago. He'd made just 10 runs in two innings and was seriously distressed in the dressing rooms. It was unpleasant. He was upset to some degree.

The doctors had to console him for about two hours or so. Fast bowling legend Jeff Thompson expressed his sympathies for the opener but found some humour when talking about Australia's bowling options. If all else fails we'll just bring him and Warne out and I'm sure and the Pommies, they'll all be going home with depression. Trescothick was England's highest run scorer in last year's Ashes series and is the only batsman in the squad to have played in an Australian test tour. He has been struggling. It's important that he gets away and sorts his problems out. We will miss him but it's a little bonus that it's happened a week before. England heading to Adelaide for a 3-dayer against South Australia. Alistair Cook likely to move from three to the opener's spot with Paul Collingwood to be elevated to the middle order. Neil Cordy, Ten News. Meanwhile, Aussie golfer Steven Bowditch has gone public to reveal his battle with depression. Bowditch faced the media on the eve of the Australian Open. For Steven Bowditch,

depression has been a downward spiral he can't explain - 2-week stretches of no sleep and a lack of meaningful thought making every day life nothing short of torture. The things that go through your mind, it scares you, it honestly scares you - how you think about the consequences of taking one path, the consequences of taking another path. After a lean year on the US PGA tour, Bowditch has decided to take the path to recovery, speaking out an invaluable first step. I can't stress enough how important it is to keep talking to people, and whether you know them or not, just bounce ideas off them and just get it off of you system. The Novocastrian will be teeing off in tomorrow's Australian Open and has an ally on the green. Stuart Appleby will be raising funds and awareness for Beyond Blue, the national depression initiative. I'll be donating $50,000 up front, before the tournament kicks off and I'll be doing $2,000 a birdie for every event I play in Australia this summer. Appleby, who was raised in rural Victoria, knows first hand the devastating effects of depression, brought on by drought and isolation, his own personal struggle after losing his first wife galvanising his cause. I just want to go out and make a lot of birdies for quite obvious reasons.

Meanwhile, Aaron Baddeley will return to the course where he won the Open title as an amateur back in 1999. Seems like a while ago, but I can remember everything. I can probably tell you every shot I hit that week. Scott McKinnon, Ten News. Network Ten has won the free-to-air broadcast rights for next year's Rugby World Cup in France. Ten will show all matches involving the Wallabies live. Meantime, on the eve of Australia's tour match tonight against Ireland 'A' in Limerick,

a prominent player says the Wallabies have to stop chopping and changing the side. Spluttering form has had critics questioning John Connolly's radical changes to the Wallabies line-up, now the player ranks are also casting doubt. You've got guys that are the best in their positions in the world. On any given day, playing out of their positions and I don't know what you expect fro them. The injured Wallabies hooker opposed to Matt Giteau's shift to halfback, Lote Tuqiri's use at outside centre and he can't believe Steve Larkham's now wearing number 12. Mate, I think it's Bernie - move Bernie to inside centre and crashing him up at a big 88kg is - I don't know if that was the greatest plan. More changes on the way for this weekend's Test against Ireland. Stirling Mortlock and Tuqiri set to be Australia's third centres pairing in as many tests. That's a very direct approach and we're quite comfortable with that whether we go that way or not remains to be seen. Stephen Larkham and Mat Rogers will find out the five-eighth spot, one will be on the side and one of them on the bench. And the World Cup can be seen here on Network Ten today named the exclusive free-to-air broadcaster for rugby's jewel in the crown. We'll see 20 live pool matches, and that'll cover all the major players all the matches you want to see, basically, they'll all be replayed as well. A second-half mistake from Socceroos goalie Mark Schwarzer has denied the Australians a memorable victory against world number 23 team Ghana. They had to settle for a one-all draw despite dominating for most of the match. Ghana goalkeeper Richard Kingston may look to a higher power before kickoff but after 45 seconds he was the one answering his side's prayers. COMMENTATOR: And there is an opening straight away and a brilliant save. Kingston fists it over the top of the crossbar. This headclash with Jason Culina from the ensuing corner had Kingston rattled, not enough for the Socceroos. It drops here and Kingston is being peppered at the moment. The Turkish-based keeper withstanding a furious Australian attacking spell. 13 minutes and we've had five or six shots all at one end of the ground. Then the opening the Socceroos were searching for. Aloisi down in the box. the World Cup qualifier hero once again at the spot. This to give the Socceroos the lead. He's done it! Australia one, Ghana nil. Only more brilliance from the Ghana keeper kept the scoreline one-all at the half. This is more - what a save from Kingston! Then, early in the second period, the Socceroos lost their skipper and midfield glue, Vince Grella. World Cup captain Mark Viduka could only watch on as Brett Emerton took charge. Emerton! A thrashing drive. Then, after absorbing a mountain of pressure in the term, victory slipped from the Aussies' grasp. Schwarzer spills it, equalizer. Junior Ogogo. Schwarzer made amends soon after. The Socceroos resigned to a one-all draw. Anthony Goodridge, Ten News. Big-wave surfers are rejoicing over the same weather pattern that's causing Australia's lingering drought. Board riders are convinced

the current El Nino is creating the biggest waves ever ridden. The world's southern oceans are experiencing a freakish phenomena and the best big wave surfers couldn't be happier. We've already seen waves over 50, maybe 60, feet in height, which for this time of year is absolutely unheard of. From South Africa to Tahiti and across to Western Australia, the oceans are dishing up walls of water rarely ever seen. It's created the perfect stage for contestants in the Billabong XXL Awards.

Yes! Yeah! Whooooo! The same conditions creating the monster waves could be causing misery in most parts of Australia. Organisers convinced the record swell is directly linked to El Nino. Even in areas that don't usually seem to get really big waves, like WA, South Africa, Tahiti and the South Pacific, have seen the biggest waves ever ridden south of the equator. Surfers are expecting even bigger waves as the Northern Hemisphere moves into winter. Peter O'Dempsey, Ten News. Later in 'Sports Tonight' Anthony Mundine's bout with Argentina's Ruben Ccosta.

Stay with us. Tim Bailey has a challenge next - deciphering this weird weather.

That's why you only have to be over 50 and not working full-time to join APIA. So call 13 50 50 now.

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we offer you the choice So call 13 50 50 now. This program is captioned live. Former US vice-president Al Gore is back in Sydney, hot on the heels of his acclaimed film about global warming,

his climate message now being embraced by our PM. He's the international voice of global warming and what a difference a few weeks makes. In September, former US vice president Al Gore was battling to have his message heard, now he's returned triumphant as Australia changes its tune. What's really driving the change in public opinion is reality itself.

Look at this drought, look at record temperatures. He's back in town to promote his documentary, 'An Inconvenient Truth', which urges governments to cut greenhouse pollution or face a global environmental crisis, initially our Prime Minister was sceptical. I don't take policy advice from films. But this week came the back-flip Al Gore was hoping for. Mr Howard announcing $60 million for carbon-lowering projects. Follow through and substance will be all-important in determining what exactly that means, because there is a global program for dealing with this - it's called Kyoto. Britain's Stern report calculates the cost of global warming at $9 trillion.

Mr Gore is grooming his own climate messengers training 85 Australians, including well-known celebrities, to deliver his global warming presentation. Business needs predictability on carbon. The world is going to face up to the climate crisis.

We have to. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News.

Time for the latest weather details

with Tim Bailey. The biggest waves

ever ridden in our modern world,

bushfires, drought, slope - what

have you got faster Mar row?

Tomorrow I have winter coming. We

have this big southerly blow which

will get to South but the winds

will ease. 78 km/h at the airport

today. A very cold day - eight

degrees below average in Sydney

tomorrow for a top of 16 degrees.

We will not let that worry is

tomorrow because Saturday is made

happy day. We are putting smiles on

the dials which is very, very

important. Every dollar from a Big

Mac over the weekend goes to Ronald

McDonald House. They enable people

- mums and dads and key support

units of very sick children - to

live with them up. They might come

from Wagga, they might come from

Port Macquarie, they can come down

and live with people that they

actually love. Believe sums his

whole programme up. As a round of

applause for believe. Look at the

cheeky rascals. What is a bit you,

Billy? You have had a rough trot

for stop I have got leukaemia and I

have been here for about 10 months.

It has been pretty rough - I have

had dire Beatties, induced by

steroids, I have had to have my

head cut open for a fungus because

my immune system was slow so it

grew a fungus. That is a rough trot

but you have taken an enormous

spirit and sense of humour and

enjoyed Ronald McDonald House,

haven't you? There are two things -

you can get down a or green light

Ukraine. Saturday is a good day for

you - what is going to happen? I am

going home. What a beauty. The

Ronald McDonald learning programme

- but Joe hands up if you graduated

from that a big round of applause

for those kids who lost a lot of

school time because they were very,

very sick and they get individually

treated and come back and are as

bright as the next cooky. My cabbie

date - Saturday - Billy goes home

day on Saturday. Beware the man is

scratching his head about what went

on to date - don't worry about that. scratching his head about what went on to date - don't worry about that.

A wild, wild weather day across Australia.

Cloud crosses the south-east in

strong south-westerly winds

bringing showers and low-level snow.

Tomorrow, cold southerly winds in

the south-east will ease but bring

showers to New South Wales. Showers

along the New South Wales coast and

ranges, may need a hunter. along the New South Wales coast and

ranges, may need a hunter. Mike

happy day on Saturday - $1 from

every Big Mac to play it keep at

places like this grinning. It is

very important - make sure you do it.

Cold tomorrow with a few showers in

Sydney - tops of just 16.

Saturday is met Happy Day and Billy

goes home. Ladies and gentlemen,

see you tomorrow night. That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. See you tomorrow night. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.