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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. as a coup deadline hits. Fijian's braced for violence

Labor announces a leadership vote. Could this be Beazley's last supper? at a journalism awards ceremony? What sparked this drunken stoush

Ten News with Natarsha Belling. this morning Dramatic developments in Canberra Kevin Rudd with Shadow Foreign Minister the leadership of the Labor Party. challenging Kim Beazley for has been set for Monday morning A party room showdown into a frenzy of lobbying. with the ALP now thrown joins us from Canberra. Political reporter Greg Turnbull

speculation over recent days Greg, there's been so much leadership and now a dramatic challenge. Of

Of the Germanic NT and a fascinating morning end federal

politics and Canberra this morning.

It was played down and hosed down

by supporters of Kim Beazley

including the shadow minister. It

was all speculation and then a very

hours dramatic development as a couple of

hours ago in Parliament House of

Kim Beazley and others in a meeting.

It has emerged Kevin ride has

tacked Kim Beazley on the shoulder.

There will be a special caucus

meeting to resolve this issue. He

is what Kim Beazley said. Today I announce on Monday morning for the Labor leadership. there will be a ballot it's a ballot I will contest Obviously, and it's a ballot I intend to win. should resolve all these issues, The ballot on Monday not just simply my leadership people in leadership positions but the speculation about other and about the entire front bench. So I intend to recommend to caucus

of all executive positions, that there should be a spill which means the entire front bench. to end all speculation It will give the party a chance

front bench, get clear air about every facet of our to take us to victory next year. make sure we have the team

As you can see Kim Beazley his

strategy is clear. He has decided

he it has had enough of this. Given

a ride will have a fight across the

board. For Kim Beazley has been

under pressure partly because he

has had a reshuffle around the

bench. Kevin Rudd's thinks he has

the numbers and Kim Beazley believe

that he has the numbers. Kim is

boys by the fact he received a warm

welcome back Canberra restaurant

last night. That is widely - right

here. Kim Beazley leader.

here. Kim Beazley leader. It was

there that Kim Beazley had damage there that Kim Beazley had damage

with that some heavy Movies and

shakers. Amid the past there was

some plotting but we do not know

whether Kim Beazley or any of those

last minute it given road would

take Kim Beazley on the shoulder.

Jenny Macklen was standing before

her position that is not confirmed

that Julia Gillard wall stand

beside Kevan ride for what is being

action on Monday. called the Dream Team. Watch for

The official deadline to overthrow the government set by Fiji's military chief has just passed. has threatened to stage a coup Commodore Frank Bainimarama if a series of demands were not met.

Emma, what's happening? Ten's Emma Dallimore is in Suva.

So far we have not see much action

at all. A couple of four-wheel-

drives cab-rank armed troops

drives cab-rank armed troops but my

action on the streets and the

remains calm. The common law of

deadline has passed by the military

is set to start the so-called

clean-up. There is a lion at ATMs

end for fuel. The police

end for fuel. The police

commissioner is going to hold a

press conference at surely in Ken's.

We will keep you up-to-date with

what he has to save. So far, we sit

and wait. Suggestion that grew has

been put on offer another be

giving? This is bizarre. Amid all

of us there is as scheduled mind - of us there is as scheduled mind -

rugby match. Fijians being a huge

rugby fans, their rulers to

interested to go to the footballers

after an end to worry about the

coup. Vera speculation any

anticipated military action could

interesting game. start there. It will be an

on the army pilot Some new information this morning

Black Hawk crash off HMAS 'Kanimbla'. who died in Wednesday's stood little chance 35-year-old Captain Mark Bingley

and sank in deep water off Fiji. when his aircraft overturned was one of the best, The father-of-one as a qualified flying instructor. joining 171 Aviation Squadron The SAS soldier listed as missing Corporal Josh Porter, is believed to be Sydney-based anti-terror squad. a member of the regiment's new will be hampered An investigation into the accident

by a lack of evidence, the wreckage may never be recovered. Captain Bingley's body who survived the accident and the nine soldiers and aircrew in New Caledonia later today. are expected to arrive is Ten reporter Andrew Leahy. Joining from Noumea expected to unfold? Andrew how is today We're expecting

We're expecting that new car HMAS

Newcastle will arrive late this

afternoon. It is one of the faster

ships on the athlete so they're

very keen to get back here.

Perspective that will come to grant

a short leg. We have been told that

most of the survivors will be

walking wounded and they have

suffered mainly broken bones, cuts

and bruises during the creche.

There were managed they manage to

get out of the if helicopter

windows fill the water. We do not

know that - he will lobby likely

whether they will be packed on a

boat or lending staff. The fridge

ready call upon to support business

of the parties are hoping failures have learned it. A defence

everything goes smoothly this time?

Yes. They're being fairly kg. Who

do not know whether the boats will be Iraq this be Iraq this afternoon and they are

being deliberately vague we're the

player will be flying to show love.

The Black Hawk itself is in towns

will which is where captain elite will which is where captain elite

was based. None other SAS soldiers

can be identified. This Italian

defence force was to make sure that

another messy it does not want to be embroiled in it does not want to be embroiled in

The compensation deal Vivian Alvarez Solon for wrongly deported Australian will be finalised within a month. has agreed to compensation The Government to the Philippines in 2001. after wrongly deporting Ms Solon One of her lawyers says the deal that need to be addressed. there are still some issues of is believed to be $4.5 million. The amount of the compensation for the second Test The Ashes moves to Adelaide today looking to press the advantage with Australia

in Brisbane. after taking out the first match

is at the ground. Channel Ten's Corey Wingard Corey, the Adelaide Test is traditionally a colourful event. What's the excitement like among the locals?

Earners none as the best will test.

People come out on day one it had a

wonderful time. Benn's appear

lining up at 1 i m.

Many other fans arrived about 530

to live up and get into them the

new. The crowd a really pumped for

a good day. England has won the

toss and they have elected to bat. toss and they have elected to bat.

There is great for England fans.

Defence her excited and the English

fans are expecting a big day of

cricket. We have got the one meal

unless asked tersely bury them.

We're going to do the business no

question about that. It is going to

be a white wash. Is that a drug but

I here? Forced I believe there has

been some disappointing news for

the barmy Army trouble? It has been

disappointing. Billy is his name.

He got kicked out of they'd ever

Test. He is playing the last post

here. He has been told by cricket

this rally officials and South

Australia officials that he is not

allowed into the ground to make.

Quite a few South Australians are

disappointed about that. The barmy

Army will be, we gave him into one

group is to expect plenty of noise

out of them. England have won the

toss and their batting and it will

be a great day. Heather Mills McCartney, depressed and broke - that story when the morning news returns. And what do you do with a spare $250,000? Buy a car with eight TVs.

DRAMATIC MUSIC OMINOUS MUSIC while we freshly make your Deli Choices roll at McDonald's. This program is captioned live. Schoolies celebrations are winding down across the country and P&O's Schoolies cruise ships are making their way back to shore.

Ten News reporter Catherine Kennedy was there for the first ship's arrival.

The 'Pacific Sun' arrived just after 6 o'clock this morning. Hundreds of parents waited anxiously to greet their child, but it took another hour and a half for P&O staff to process the 1,500 schoolies off the ship and through customs. There were many weary teenagers who described the trip as a once in a lifetime experience. As reported earlier in the week, five teenagers were booted off the ship for drunken behaviour. They were caught urinating in public areas. The teenagers say there was a very strong security presence onboard. There was one incident in which a young girl was pushed by a guy. Security were quick to control that situation offering to help the girl if she wished to press charges. There's only two more schoolies cruises left, one is departing late this afternoon.

More explosive evidence is expected today when the mystery witness in the Dianne Brimble inquest, dubbed Mr White continues to give evidence. In the firing line, the seven so-called persons of interest and the South Australian police force. He may have been willing to talk but only under the guarantee of protection.

Hidden from view by a screen and his voice mechanically distorted, Mr White began his evidence by saying he'd known most of the eight men of interest for many years. He'd seen them regularly when he worked at various Adelaide nightclubs. He was a paid employee then, but he claims they were there to sell drugs. The witness says he saw them distributing ecstasy, LSD, methamphetamines and GHB.

He'd also told the court some of the distribution sites were actually owned and operated by police. The GHB, Mr White says, was so strong, he passed out whenever he tried it, even in doses as small as 2ml. GHB was also the drug which killed Dianne Brimble four years ago when she was in the men's company. The oily liquid was allegedly passed around at parties by the capful by Matthew Slade and Mark Wilhelm. At other times in nightclubs, Dragan Losic would trade pills for sex. But the witness says, the men did more than sell or trade. They also manufactured drugs. Mr White will continue his evidence today. Amber Muir, Ten News. The Pope has made an historic visit to one of Turkey's biggest mosques during his controversial tour of the predominantly Muslim country.

It's only the second papal visit in history to a Muslim place of worship and is seen as a symbolic gesture to heal relations with the Islamic community. But earlier in the day the Pope's tour was marred by more than 150 protesters who clashed with riot police as they called on him to leave the country. British detectives investigating the death of former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko

have discovered radioactive material on a number of planes. to track down 30,000 passengers Health agencies are trying that may have come into contact with the potentially lethal substance. Parked on the apron in the BA engineering base at Heathrow contaminated with radiation, two BA 767's. Visual clues as to the progress of the investigation

into the who killed Alexander Litvinenko. Passengers who travelled on them in the last month are being asked to contact the airline but the health risk is considered very slight. In the Commons the Home Secretary said radioactive polonium-210 has now been found in a dozen London locations. To date, around 24 venues have been monitored, and are being monitored,

and experts confirmed traces of contamination around 12 of these venues. If they were contaminated on flights from London to Moscow it is likely a passenger met Mr Litvinenko, accidentally through a handshake. If it happened coming the other way, Moscow to London, that's much more significant. That would suggest the plane had been used to deliver the polonium-210. The dead man's friends still accuse the Russian Government. The Kremlin denies any involvement in Litvinenko's death. Security officials here say other possibilities are organised crime and rogue Russian agents. Authorities are searching for the parents of a newborn baby

dumped at a Florida fire station. A passer alerted firefighters after finding the infant wrapped in a blanket outside this Fort Lauderdale fire house.

Paramedics say the baby boy seemed healthy and well cared for. Born within the 24 hours, home delivery maybe. Under Florida's 'safe haven' law, mothers may surrender their babies to a hospital or fire station anonymously and without fear of prosecution. A trainer at SeaWorld in the US is recovering after being held underwater by a killer whale.

More than 200 people watched as the whale attacked during a show at the San Diego park. It's a show that's performed hundreds of times each year but this killer whale strayed from her routine and trapped her trainer under water. Audience members were horrified. You could tell it was not part of the show. I don't get why he would do that, bite the trainer.

It looked like he was biting him. It was just a tragedy because you just weren't sure what was going on in there until the rest of the trainers were tapping the water and you could see the panic coming over them and then that's coming out

and then you were, instant reality, this is really happening. Security evacuated the stadium as performers calmed down the whale and got the trapped trainer free. He was conscious and breathing and appeared to have foot injuries. Witnesses say at least twice he was forced under water for at least a minute or two. Seaworld officials say the whale had strayed from routines before but never to this extent. There are times like this when they are killer whales

and she did choose to demonstrate her feelings in a way that was unfortunate,

and we are unfortunate that our guests did have to see this and we obviously do not want this. And this Dallas woman certainly didn't want her kids to see this

especially as they were celebrating her 6-year-old daughter's birthday. I just didn't want to watch a guy die and I don't want the whale to die but I think they need to have something in place where, you know, if it's between him or the whale, the whale's gotta go. Heather Mills McCartney has spoken of life without Paul, saying she's depressed and short of money. And she's again making headlines, this time for promoting animal rights - the same cause as Sir Paul's first wife Linda. Heather Mills-McCartney has come to Brussels as the culmination of her campaign to ban dog and cat fur in Europe. She has over 250,000 signatures calling for a ban

she and the MEP McCarthy are confident a ban will become law by 2008. You can see fake fur and that's where the ban is so needed. But look, you can just see this is a poor pussy cat. Heather Mills-McCartney's determined that the massive press attention surrounding her split from Sir Paul won't detract from her campaigning and she doesn't regret her previous comments about her divorce. When you said in an earlier interview that you'd rather have all your limbs cut off, than go through a divorce like this again, I think many people thought, you know, forgive me for saying, but you must have a screw loose for saying something as extreme as that. You've got to remember how I dealt with my amputation. I didn't feel, you know, severely upset and severely depressed as I have through these six months. I didn't feel that. You know, I felt like that through this, but when I lost my leg, I didn't. She also hits back at her critics who say by campaigning for animal rights, she's just trying to copy Sir Paul's first wife, Linda It was definitely because I married my husband, nothing to do with Linda. I was sent this video of dogs and cats being skinned alive

and I purposely didn't get involved with animals so that I would not step on anybody's toes. But then I wasn't allowed to get involved with fashion, to get involved with photography and then I wasn't allowed to get involved with music, but that's how it was. Now I'm free and I can do whatever I wish. She's worried about her personal safety and is concerned that she has no money for security. We've had a few death threats, which is pretty scary and considering we don't have any security, I have my trainer, Ben, who is not my lover. We don't have any funding for security at all. Heather Mills-McCartney is determined that her new notoriety

won't stop her getting the ban on cat and dog fur she wants. She'll continue to follow this campaign through to the end

until it becomes law. this campaign through to the end until it becomes law. Some of the world's fastest and best looking new cars have gone on display at the Los Angeles auto show. But the glamorous gas guzzlers have been upstaged this year by the environmentally-friendly green machines. It's a car-lover's fantasy, rows of Lamborghini, a $1.5 million Bugatti and a few much, much cheaper Ferraris - yours for just a cool $300,000. This is Ford's new interpretation of the Mustang. With streamlined Italian design, it's just a concept car at the moment. The Honda Remix is also just a futuristic design. V8 Roadster Aston Martin's new vantage is a bargain basement $200,000. The Australian market is actually emerging very nicely. But the real stars of this year's L.A. Auto show are all green. The spokes frog for Ford's Escape Hybrid says it's easy being green. In 2008, this Honda FCX will offer US drivers a hydrogen-powered alternative. By extracting hydrogen from natural gas it's theoretically possible to have a home refuelling station. It's not just theoretical, John Green's sold 1,000 eco-fuelers which get 300 k's for four bucks and they're already available in Australia. It's an ideal car for the Australian market 'cause you guys already have a lot of natural gas. General Motors, the world's largest automaker, announced plans for bio-fuel, electric and hydrogen-powered cars. It's the right thing to do. It's what customers want. They want to go green without going broke. Toyota entered an electric/pedal-powered car in the design contest. This car cannot pollute the environment

and give you a work-out at the same time. Lexus has this pretty cool-looking GS 450 hybrid which is available in Australia for $122,000. Hyundai's concept car, the Hellion, uses bio-diesel. The American dealers pronounce Hyundai very differently to the way we do. We call it Hunday like Sunday. Which one is right? I guess it's open to interpretation.

But commentators believe it's the hip-pocket, not the environment, that's motivating American car buyers to go alternative. It's the cost at the pump, it's also an environmental-conscious vehicle, that's another bonus but I don't think it's in the top 5. Volvo's C30 uses plain old petrol but the sleek new designs have taken the carmaker from geek to sheik.

Some of the cars are actually being stolen in the US which is unheard of before. Nobody would ever steal a Volvo so now we've got a car worth stealing. But no auto show's complete without the car's built just for the sheer extravagance. This one's got 52 speakers, 13 amps, 8 TVs the fit out cost $250,000. There's something for everyone if you're willing to spend the bucks, like for the barbecue-lover who likes to dine out off road while watching the tele, or the coffee-lover who doesn't want to waste time stopping off for coffee, who can make their own in this. And for the ultimate rock'n'roll road tour, the vehicle you have when you can't find a stadium. In California, Rahni Sadler, Ten News. Our Nicole Kidman has entertained guests at a boutique opening in Geneva. The Oscar winner helped open the new Omega watches store, she's the face of the exclusive brand.

Nicole says she's happy to mix her commercial and charity work. Omega has recently thrown their suport behind the United Nations' fund for women for which Nicole is an ambassador. The lights on New York's iconic Rockefeller Christmas tree have been switched on, officially starting the city's Christmas season.

The 9-ton, 27-metre festive tree is decorated with 30,000 coloured lights. Singers Lionel Ritchie, Christina Aguilera and Sting performed for the crowds during the 2-hour televised ceremony. Soaring temperatures put fire crews on high alert. The hotspots when the Morning News returns. And feeling the heat - how some of our biggest attractions are keeping cool this summer.

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This program is captioned live. Kim Beazley will be forced to fight for his job - calling for a spill of all-party leadership positions at a caucus meeting next Monday.

Australian journalism's night of nights has been upstaged by a brawling reporter. News Limited's Glen Milne staging a drunken attack during the annual Walkley Awards. Fijian's are bracing for a military coup

although a morning deadline has passed without incident.

Regional leaders are meeting in Sydney today to discuss ways of resolving the political turmoil.

Last night, the country's renegade military commander issued a direct threat to the Prime Minister to stand down or be replaced in a coup. Here's how the events unfolded. On the cusp of a coup. GUNSHOT FIRES Fiji's renegade military commander delivers his toughest ultimatum yet. If by tomorrow afternoon he has not answered our demands

then we will take it for granted that we have been endorsed to do the cleaning up campaign in Fiji. The fresh threat was issued during a live broadcast to the nation last night. Frank Bainimarama branding the country's Prime Minister a liar, ordering him to quit by noon today. We hope it's going to be a peaceful transition. We don't expect any confrontation nor do we expect any opposition.

Hours earlier the PM held his own press conference that was widely seen as bowing to the commander's demands. Clearly, it wasn't enough. The real hope that we can achieve what we all want for our country and that is peace, stability, the rule of law, democracy.

and the acceptance of dialogue and consensus. Locals and tourists piling up on supplies...

They said on the radio yesterday, on the news, that they're going to give the medicine here. Australian warships continue to sit in waters off the coastline awaiting a full-scale evacuation. Regional leaders are holding talks in Sydney today to discuss ways of resolving the political turmoil.

Kate Donnison, Ten News. Nestle Australia has issued a recall of an infant formula after metal fragments were found in a small number of cans. Nestle says the recall of NAN, 2-HA Gold items with an expiry date between 5 and 7 February 2008 is a precautionary measure.

Nestle believe the contamination occurred during the production process.

In finance news - the Australian share market is trading in positive territory. The Tasmanian mine at the centre of this year's amazing rescue of Brant Webb and Todd Russell, has resumed underground operations. Beaconsfield Gold has told shareholders at its annual general meeting, mining restarted earlier this week, but it's still waiting on approval for the second two mining stages that will result in generating gold ore. The company has also confirmed it's in talks with its joint venture partner, Allstate Explorations, to restructure ownership of the mine. The New South Wales Rural Fire Service is preparing for an extreme bushfire threat today, as strong winds fan a number of blazes. Joining us from the Rural Fire Service headquarters is Commissioner Phil Koperberg. What's the latest update on today's conditions?

Or has its

To a meagre lead them all this

there will also stop the conditions

of high but there would be

conducive to fight fire irons and

honing those fights. If it is will

be rejecting a northern outskirts

of her brow it becomes necessary

around Margi of course. We have the

around Margi of course. We have the

potential of threatening the peace.

I'm sure the conclusions in her

I'm sure the conclusions in her

ears when they will be a lot of

fire then on we had this morning. I

expect given resource as we are

allocating people are part going to take some sensible precautions.

take some sensible precautions.

Hopefully there will be the case by

what risks to be separate fires

pose for residents? Considerable.

We have to take into account that

the drought is the key feature of

the way in which fires are behaving.

To give you an example of this,

overnight, fires broke through the

treetops without any wins and the

fuel is just so dry that spotting

is a regular occurrence. Embers fly

is a regular occurrence. Embers fly

here of the fire and start new

fires further down from those fires

and it is a constant battle for

moral fire service, and use up

glass-fibre boats and others to

keep up with it. We currently have

fires amounting to some 250,000

Heck dares in estate and it is a

mammoth job for them. It is

especially dry out there at the

moment. Considering enormity of the

drought, have you got enough water

as the fight these fires? By was

the is the vital clue to locals and

the is the is a problem. We have to

be very conservative. Their

products which enhanced. We're very

conscious of mock the EU's farm

water supply has. Those suppliers a

water supply has. Those suppliers a

critical to the ongoing liability

of fires. We're attempting to use

recycled water where possible and

other sources. The closest to the

east where the great acts as we

have to sell water. We're very

conscious of the fact that we're

conscious of the fact that we're

using a very scarce commodity we

need in sure particularly farmers

that it would to tap into the water

supply that repair as it. We wish

all the resonance all the best. Now for a look at the national weather and for the rest of the day.

We're in for a long hot summer and no one will feel it more than the animals at our biggest outback zoo. Keepers are already working around the clock, trying to cool down the main attractions. For the freakishly tall, the unpredictably dangerous and the simply enormous, there's no retreating inside to air-conditioned comfort. It's outside only for those who live at the Western Plains Zoo and in the scorching heat, they need help cooling down. It's something we do fairly regularly during the hotter months um, for a couple of reasons, they really enjoy it, it's good time for us to spend with them

and I guess, at the end of the day, it keeps them cool. It's thirsty work standing in the sun and these three ladies are well rewarded. So this is like an ice cream for an elephant. It's a big ice block full of fruit. They'll eat it later. For now, the camera lens is much more fun. Cuddles, blow!

You got him. Hungry, hungry hippos have, of course, been gorging, now they're paying for it. Being this fat is no fun when it's 40 degrees. The road to relief is slow but worth it. Keepers are watching out for signs of heat stress. Any lethargic animals, sweating up off their food, so anything like that, we'll pick it up straight away. And then there are those animals that really aren't too worried

whatever the weather. The galapagos tortoise will see around 150 hot summers in its lifetime and these guys are old and wise enough to know that this year's really hot days are still to come. By Christmas... 44s, 45s on a real bad day. Some of the zoo's new babies don't know what they're in for. He just loves to get out in the morning and have a run around. So does the baby rhino, and if needs a spell in the shade, there's always mum's massive shadow. In Dubbo, Danielle Isdale, Ten News. Next, we meet the new-look Wiggles And when journalists become the news - the drunken stoush that brought an awards ceremony to a standstill.

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This program is captioned live. Australian journalism's night of nights has been upstaged by a brawling reporter. The outburst breaking out in the middle of the Walkley Awards ceremony. Absolute disgrace!

Journalist Glen Milne's outburst at internet reporter Stephen Mayne taking centre stage at media's top awards night. Then a special "thank-you" from Mayne provoking an uncontrollable Milne as he was shown the door.

Mayne back on his feet with a quick rebuff. I have an announcement on behalf of Rupert Murdoch - that is the former 'Telegraph' reporter Glen Milne. sponsored by Foster's. But it was the ABC Television's 'Four Corners' which had the biggest win, taking home the prized Gold Walkley

for a report on violence in East Timor. The trio beating all other nominees to win a second Walkley for its coverage of the Asia-Pacific. Veteran political reporter Michelle Grattan was honoured for her contribution to the industry, collecting this year's Journalism Leadership Award. Network Ten cameraman Matt Allard was among those nominated for a Walkley, his brave efforts capturing some of the best pictures during the Cronulla riots. 34 journalists were awarded at the annual ceremony. Keiva Matheson, Ten News. Wally Lewis is on medical leave from Channel 9 after he was incapable of reading last night's sports bulletin in Brisbane. The rugby league legend began introducing a preview of today's second Ashes Test but stopped mid sentence and was unable to continue. Good eveing. Despite...the, ah...

It's the second time in two weeks Lewis has had trouble reading. He's consulting doctors today and won't return to the screen until next year. Ahead, ol' gran river -

the Aussie great-grandmother who's still racing on water-ski racing. That's when Ten's morning news returns.

Also, are we facing an unruly Davis Cup final? As a Russian player shows his disdain for his Argentinian rivals.

Last week I'm at the library

and I'm doing this assignment for school. It's hard enough trying to find the right book, let alone someone to help me. Optus Broadband makes homework simpler and with our $0 installation offer you'll receive free connection and you pay nothing for your modem. Plans start from just $19.95 a month when combined with an eligible home phone or mobile plan for 24 months. So call now on: Yeah.

This program is captioned live. Neil Cordy joins us with sport and the cricket is under way at Adelaide but plenty more happening in the world of sport? No, Natarsha, there's talk Mat will return to rugby League before next year's World Cup. As we know, Rogers has already signed a contract with NRL expansion team the Gold Coast Titans, but that was due to start after the Rugby World Cup. When Rogers returned from the Wallabies' spring tour of Europe earlier this week he was clearly unhappy

about how things were progressing for him in the 15-man game. He was one of the experiments which didn't work when he was played at fly-half. An emotional guernsey handover at Carlton today for number one draft pick Bryce Gibbs. His father's old team-mate and close friend Stephen Kernahan was bursting with pride when he handed over his famous number four. The past and the future uniting in the Blues' inner sanctum

for a moment they won't forget. I asked him. He doesn't have to take this. There's no pressure to take it. He said he was happy to, so Bryce will be rapt to have it

and I'm rapt to have him wearing number 4. Reality finally hitting home for Bryce Gibbs in his new locker room. I just can't believe it. It's really an honour. If I could get an opportunity to put it on in a game, it would be awesome. For Stephen Kernahan, it was a case of football coming full circle. Before he won two flags in the Blues' number 4, he won one with Glenelg alongside Bryce's father, Ross. The two have remained close friends. Well, I've seen him as a little kid growing up when I go back and have a drink with Gibbsy at picnics. Everyone knew the kid could play, even when he was young. And St Kilda is refusing to comment on reports it's trying to entice Adelaide ruckman Matthew Clarke out of retirement. Kelli Underwood, Ten News. An ominous sign for swimmer Libby Lenton's rivals ahead of the Australian titles starting on Sunday in Brisbane. The sprint star revealing after a solid winter in the gym, she's stronger than she's ever been. Obviously being a sprinter you need a lot of more raw power than other people and I think that's going to stand in really good stead because it's come up in training

that I've already done some personal bests in different areas. Lenton hopes to reclaim her 100m freestyle world record at the titles, which double as the selection trials for next year's World Championships in Melbourne. The morning swimming finals debacle may be a one-off event for the Beijing Olympics. IOC President Jacques Rogge prepared to meet with international broadcasters over their concerns. Rogge copping most flack from the European and Asia-Pacific Broadcasting unions, unhappy finals were moved to suit American prime time viewing. Either the possibility of having a fixed program that never changes irrespective of the time zones or to have a flexible program that allows for some shifts in order to find the best possible compromise for all the broadcasters. The IOC Radio and TV Commission will meet this month.

Sledging has long been a part of sport, but it's been taken to new levels ahead of this week's Davis Cup final. Russia player Dimitry Tursunov igniting the rivalry with this bare bottom salute to his Argentinian competitors during their final preparations. A gesture, no doubt, some Aussies would have liked to have done

after Argentina beat Australia to make the final. Now to an amazing story of a water skiing family who made a slice of history

in the time-honoured bridge to bridge race

on the Hawksberry River at the weekend. 75-year-old legend of the sport Mary McMillan

completing the 112km race for the 45th time with her 6-year-old great-grandson Brock. It's hard to work out just whose feat is the more remarkable - 75-years-young Mary McMillan

or her great-grandson Brock, who's 69 years her junior. Today Mary and Brock were getting in some extra time on the water, not that either of them needed it, especially after completing the famous Bridge to Bridge race on the Hawksbury River just a few days ago. The 112km journey takes a gruelling two hours.

My heart swelled, honestly. I was crying because I couldn't believe he could hold on for so long. He was really wonderful. The event truly a family affair. My father drives, my mother observes, my nan skis and I ski. It was definitely the best race I've ever been in and one of the most amazing feelings I've ever had, especially when we finished. I was very emotional throughout the whole race. Just looking at them out the back and thinking, "Wow, this is history in the making." It doesn't happen -

a great-grandson skiing with his great-grandma. Brock's future in water-ski racing couldn't be in better hands. Mary is a legend of the sport having competed every Bridge to Bridge race since it began in 1961. She wants to do another 5 to bring her grand tally to 50.

Nobody is prepared to say she can't. Who knows? I think she'll go forever. She'll probably outlast everybody. As well as plenty of water-skiing talent, the McMillan family also have a sense of humour. The family joke is that when Mary does finally lay to rest, it'll be 'Weekend at Bernie's' and we'll strap her on the back and we'll still do the Bridge to Bridge with her. That's the family joke.

The national weather details when the morning news returns.

This program is captioned live. Fijian's are bracing for a military coup Dramatic developments in Canberra with Shadow Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd challenging Kim Beazley for the leadership of the Labor Party.

A party room showdown has been set for Monday morning with the ALP now thrown into a frenzy of lobbying.

Fijian's are bracing for a military coup although a morning deadline has passed without incident. Regional leaders are meeting in Sydney today to discuss ways of resolving the political turmoil. Australian journalism's night of nights has been upstaged by a brawling reporter. News Limited's Glen Milne staging a drunken attack during the annual Walkley awards.

National weather for the rest of the day: That brings you up to date with all the news. Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight. I'm Natarsha Belling, good morning.

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