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(generated from captions) Tonight, childcare promise - victim of the ABC Learning collapse. the pledge to find a place for every I can't really see that happening are full already. because a lot of them to save car yards. New car deal - the $2 billion package I just want her home safely. daughter kidnapped and drugged. Liar - the mother who had her Karen Mathews is pure evil. and welcome to Tens Late News. Hello, I'm Belinda Heggen Also Tonight - movie memories worth millions. for sale, collections of movie memorabilia It's really one of the most iconic at auction before. that's ever been offered But first - ABC Learning has promised to find a place for every child affected by its collapse.

for another week But, the details won't be released on long trips and some parents might be forced guaranteed a spot. to have their children parents can't see being fulfilled, It's a promise in a childcare centre a guaranteed spot for those affected by ABC closures. I can't really see that happening are full already. because a lot of them to find centres, It takes a lot of people time months and months in advance. you have to sign up It's unacceptable. The Government needs to step in. And its got the union seeing red. that children can be moved around Just to assume like pieces in a puzzle is obviously not the case. So what does it means for families? give away today. But, that is all the receiver would the 386 centres will be shut down. There's still no news on which one of

Child care experts the level of child care vacancies want the Government to make public to ease some of the worry. more comforted So the parents can be a little bit and there will be places that there are places are sub-viable. if some of the ABC centres left in limbo. And there are thousands of carer jobs What would you do in four weeks time? if you don't know if you have a job There is real immediate concern for these workers

about their livelihoods and they're not getting answers. on Monday. They absolutely need certainty to give them assurances The receiver needs to be able

about what their future holds. The Federal Government has asked parents to keep calm

and wait until next week for the finalised plans.

Amber Muir, Ten News. has described it as Greens politician Bob Brown

in the Senate the worst shemozzle he's ever seen others called it disgusting. The late night voting farce has forced members of the Opposition in the Federal Coalition. to deny there's a split Federal MP's headed home to deal with a backlog of bills. after being held back in Canberra catch you in the New Year. See you later guys, Merry Xmas hey. Have a good Xmas. didn't end without controversy. The parliamentary year The Liberals and Nationals telecommunications fund for the bush. fell out over a $2 billion about what is happening. I wish to express my disgust but lost the vote The Nats fought to preserve the fund colleagues were missing in action. because most of their Liberal

all that day, to go to the loo. I actually ducked off thought we should keep on insisting Sure, a couple of senators but that would have prevented from flowing into infrastructure. The Government hopes will keep the economy ticking over, the infrastructure funds other spending measures. along with its We've had a very difficult year of the global financial crisis because but many very important initiatives economic security strategy, including the 10.4 billion payments shortly, very shortly. people start receiving those The last week of the political year left some MPs concerned about the behaviour of their colleagues.

embarrassed the Government, The Bidgood photo-scandal also raised some eyebrows. while hostilities inside the house the Christmas break All of us should think over in the New Year and hopefully come back with higher standards of behaviour. With 150 members in the house are pretty good. I think overall standards Murray McCloskey Ten News. Car yards on the verge of collapse a $2 billion lifeline have been thrown by Canberra and the big banks. an uncertain future Dealers faced by the big banks Secured loans will be offered from the start of next year. will offer a debt guarantee. The Government But without this sort of response of a crisis facing the industry there was a major risk throughout the country and we could have seen dealers through no fault of their own. going out of business of a handful of East Coast dealers. The news comes after the closure economic news out this week. There was vast array of figures have on consumers? What effect could these Steven Daghlian. To tell us, Commsec's to 4.25% Interest rates actually did fall 1%, so great news for mortgage holders. home loan of almost $200 a month - It's an average saving on a $300,000

which is great. to fall - Petrol prices also continued week of falls there, 22-month low, we've seen the eighth consecutive great news for motorists there. $70 a month for most households. That's a saving of almost a modest 0.1% gain, Also GDP figures were out - on that in December. but we're expecting better figures

Indeed. Thanks, Stephen. To the market in detail now:

Pensioners and low income families from the Government next week. will get their pre-Christmas bonus to boost the economy, The payment is part of a plan

it will just help them catch up. but many say loves a steak for dinner, Maida Lilley they're few and far between. but on the pension where I used to eat two. I would eat one small chop, if they're on super-special. Lamp chops are only on the menu for a $1,400 one-off payment - The 74-year-old is eligible it'll mostly go on on bills. she won't be buying a lot of steak, a similar position. Betty Devine is in to get that extra money, Well, it's good most of the time. and we're on a budget Couples on the pension are eligible for $1,050 each, singles $1,400.

We're living in a caravan at the moment, and we're moving into a house early next year, so we'll be buying things for the new house. Michael O'Neill from Seniors Australia says comments the money will go on alcohol and pokies are a slap in the face. We need to remember this is the group that very stoically has survived on $270 a week. They won't be wasting these funds. Maida Lilley agrees. I don't know any of them that are going to do that. It's good news for Australians under the Family Tax benefit, as well. They're eligible for $1,000 a child, which goes a long way in restoring the Christmas cheer. Carers will also receive $1,000 for each dependant. The money will be in your account the same day your pension arrives. And it will have to last - the Government's review of the pension isn't due until mid-next year. Jesse Grayson, Ten News. Authorities are refusing to block mobile phone calls in prisons, despite a mobile being used to run a drug empire from Lithgow Jail. Today, the alleged mastermind was formally charged. Under the tightest security possible, convicted murderer Bassam Hamzy leaves the country's toughest prison. A convoy of eight security cars guarding his every move from Goulburn super-maximum prison to the local police station, where he was charged over a multimillion-dollar drug bust. The 29-year-old was handcuffed and shackled in the back cage of an iron-clad 4-wheel drive, taking his first look at the outside world in almost 10 years. Heavily armed and protected officers watched the 29-year-old's every move. Just getting him here was a major operation. It's alleged Hamzy used a humble piece of dental floss to pass a smuggled mobile phone between prison cells. Legally, authorities were compelled to transport Hamzy from this maximum security prison to a police station to charge him. Moving such a high-risk inmate has put more pressure on the NSW Government to change that law.

there would be no change. There was no sign today of Hamzy's support crew but there's no doubting their loyalty.

Some even have his name tattooed on their arms. Hamzy will tonight return to lockdown in his maximum-security cell. He's already serving 21 years jail

but faces an extra 20 years if convicted over this drug ring. Ali Donaldson, Ten News. Still to come, lightening strike disaster - everything lost, even the owner's false teeth! And behind bars - the evil mother who kidnapped her own daughter so she could pocket the reward.

This program is captioned live. A powerful electrical storm that hit south-east Queensland late yesterday has destroyed a family home.

Minutes after a deafening lightning strike, the Withers family home near Toowoomba burst into flames. They'd just finished five years of renovations.

We put air-conditioning, ducted air, new kitchen, carpet. I lost the lot. I didn't get a chance to get my keys out, nothing. Also lost in the fire - Dean Withers' false teeth. Luckily the family is insured. Tony Mokbel has been ordered to stand trial for murder. The former fugitive says he'll fight the charge over a hot dog vendor's death, just one of his many cases in a busy few months ahead. After years of investigations

Purana Taskforce detectives have their first date in the Supreme Court with Tony Mokbel. The 43-year-old sent straight to trial accused of ordering the murder of Michael Marshall. The gunmen under police surveillance when they made the hit in front of the hot dog salesman's 5-year-old son. The chilling audio also capturing their escape. Get in, get down. Nice and down, stay down stay down, you're right, straight down, Those two men are already in jail, as is Carl Williams, found guilty of arranging the hit in a secret trial two years ago. Mr Mokbel appeared in the Magistrates Court via videolink and entered a plea of not guilty. for today's hearing A date for the trial to be set in two weeks. And that's just the beginning. A further eight cases against Mr Mokbel will be heard in the courts in the first half of 2009, as impossible. in a schedule his defence described voicing his frustration, The accused himself muttering "This is unbelievable". Among the committal hearings of underworld patriarch Lewis Moran. he's charged with the murder in the Supreme Court He could also join six others Can he possibly get a fair trial A police officer caught drink driving over the legal limit more than seven times has had his day in court. The senior constable pleaded guilty, emotional stress saying he'd been under threw the book at him. but the magistrate today learned first-hand Michael Edward Barrow that no-one is above the law. The 37-year-old senior constable at Hope Island two weeks ago, was caught drink-driving

police dog squad van. off-duty, but in a clearly marked He blew 0.353. to apologise publicly? Would you like The court was told had left him that morning Barrow's wife he'd witnessed in his 17-year career. to deal with the horrors His lawyer said: he be penalised with a fine, Barrow's lawyer requested but the magistrate said wasn't enough punishment even the maximum of $2,100 high reading. for such an extraordinarily

depression was to blame. He rejected his claims

and community service. Michael Barrow was given probation He's lost his licence for 2.5 years from the police service. and is suspended Nicky Haydon, Ten News. On the Gold Coast, A British mother who faked her own daughter's abduction so she could pocket the reward money then pleaded for public help has been jailed. Karen Matthews searching for her. while millions was spent from a desperate mother... Repeated pleas please, darling, come home. Shannon, if you're out there, We love you so much. Just let her go. The family is missing her.

..all well-rehearsed lies. of kidnapping her own daughter Karen Matthews has been found guilty and imprisoned for almost a month. and conspiring to keep her drugged Karen Matthews is pure evil. what type of mother It's difficult to understand to such a wicked and evil crime. would subject her own daughter is a manipulative individual Karen Matthews a remarkable ability to lie. who has demonstrated to carry out her warped plan - She needed help someone to eventually 'find' Shannon,

and split it with her. claim the reward who held the 9-year-old captive. It was Michael Donovan she was kept in his flat, For 24 days, tied to a roof beam, at times tethered to a rope drugged with temazepam to sedate her, and hidden in the base of a bed, by police. where she was eventually found searching for her. They'd spent more than $6 million ALL: Shannon, we want you home. and family members had been duped. Hundreds of neighbours, friends who's the real victim, But it's Shannon Matthews betrayed by the person above all others. she should have been able to trust being raised by a foster family, The little girl is in care, far away from her mother. both face lengthy jail sentences. Karen Matthews and Michael Donovan In London, Danielle Isdale, Ten News. It's the ultimate holiday destination

and, with every spin of the globe, is one small step closer. space tourism has defied the credit crisis London banker Per Wimmer on a new commercial spacecraft - to book the trip of a lifetime the 'Lynx'. offered by Virgin Galactic. At $114,000 it's half the price about amounts that are meaningful And although we're still talking

and not cheap as such, than things used to be. they're a lot cheaper the 'Lynx' doesn't work out, Just in case

and a Russian rocket. he's also booked a ticket with Virgin Next, big brother gets smart - into crime-fighters. the Aussie technology turning cameras And, movie magic for sale - of film props ever. the greatest auction

This program is captioned live. An Australian vessel people from a luxury cruise ship is on standby to help rescue 122

which has run aground in Antarctica.

and taking on water The 'Ushuaia' is adrift not in any danger of sinking. but is reportedly including 11 Australians - The ship, carrying 82 passengers - sent out an alarm and it started leaking fuel. after it's hull cracked is on its way to help, A nearby passenger liner along with two Chilean Navy ships. at a Geelong textile factory their jobs from a media release. after workers discovered they'd lost bosses, demanding answers. Shocked staff confronted their three weeks before Christmas. It's bad enough to lose jobs a media release, But the news came through production workers at Huyk Wangner. sparking fury among the 150 One worker received an email release American parent company when the company's to the New York Stock Exchange announced the closure before workers were told. There's a lot of worried people, a lot of angry people. that's happened.

That anger spilled over this morning demanded answers when a delegation of employees American vice-president, from the company's visiting hunkered down behind closed doors.

courtesy of giving us some time. If you could just pay us the We found out on the website. Courtesy? What courtesy? was left to placate workers. A company lawyer by a press release Is it true you let the workers know they'd lost their jobs? that's quite the case. I don't think Well, it is the case. to front the workers? So you're refusing To add insult to injury, discovered their fate many nightshift workers late yesterday. on radio news bulletins the common decency of the workers Total disrespect and disregard for a lot of money. who have made this company The Premier agrees. and totally inappropriate Very discourteous of their company in that way. for workers to learn about the fate has been compounded The workers' anger and frustration to provide any detail on redundancies by management's refusal the plant will close. and even exactly when Management also refused to be interviewed. Gerard Scholten, Ten News. Big brother has just become a whole lot smarter to be trialled by US police. with new crime-fighting cameras The smart cameras, designed in Sydney, can search for a face in a crowd or track a suspicious vehicle. It may not look like like it, but this is much smarter than the average surveillance camera.

Each has a computerised brain of its own, able to be individually programmed to take crime fighting high-tech. Face detection on the camera, video motion detection, people-counting and other ranges of applications such as bag-left object detection, number plate detection, etc. The cameras are so advanced, police in the US city of New Jersey will trial 25 of them from February. They'll use them to spot wanted faces in a crowd

or if they're searching for, say, a red car, they can ask the system to look for it and then alert the nearest police patrol. You can program the cameras to detect various objects based on their size, colour, based on their trajectory, where they're going. Sydney's Randwick Racecourse has installed 149 of the cameras. Using motion detection, they search for intruders, sending an alert when someone goes where they shouldn't. The cameras also count people entering function facilities

to determine when a room's too full. In the past, an area as large and diverse as Randwick Racecourse would have been restricted to having all its cameras doing basically the same thing - sending pictures back to a central server. Now, with this system, each camera can perform a specific function for a specific site - basically thinking for itself. We feel we are shifting the paradigm from a more reactive approach to security surveillance management to a more proactive approach, where you can have access to a wide range of intelligence from your environment to enable you to act more quickly. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. If you've ever dreamed

then here's your chance. It's up for sale as part of a Hollywood props auction, but you'll need deep pockets to make it yours. It's like stepping onto the set of several blockbusters at once - 'Indiana Jones' meets 'Superman' and 'Gremlins'. These are the costumes and creatures that helped create some of Hollywood's most successful movies, and they're all of up for sale. Auction house Profiles in History has been selling off the silver screen's props for more than a decade, but this is its biggest sale yet. It really is one of the most iconic collections of movie memorabilia that's ever been offered at auction before. Arguably the most famous and valuable item up for grabs - the light sabre that turned Mark Hamill's Luke Skywalker from a boy into a Jedi knight in 'Star Wars' and helped him fight Darth Vader in 'The Empire Strikes Back'. This is expensive. It is US$150,000 to US$200,000 but there have only been two of these. And then there are the pieces that have helped make some Aussie stars household names. This is Hugh Jackman's - what, the world's sexiest man, I guess, now? (LAUGHS) It's his complete costume from 'Van Helsing'. The price tag - up to $18,000 - while the joker card from Heath Ledger's final completed film 'The Dark Knight' could fetch as much as $7,000. Even in tough economic times, bidding for many of these items is expected to be fierce and to come from around the world, with a total sale value of more than $7.5 million. JOSEPH MADDELENA: It's pop culture. Someone has the same appreciation for a Gremlin as they do an Andy Warhol soup can. There's no difference in why they buy them. Unfortunately for Star Wars fans, the light sabre doesn't work - unless of course you're a Jedi. In Hollywood, Nicole Strahan, Ten News. with Rob Canning, Sports tonight is next and Rob, an amazing story is evolving at the Australian PGA. That's right Belinda. Cancer survivor Jarrod Llyle leads at the halfway mark. we'll bring you his sensational 2nd round shortly. and then the beach

This program is captioned live. A possible shower in Cairns and Adelaide, late thunder in Brisbane, a late shower in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne, showers in Hobart, mostly sunny in Perth, thunderstorms in Darwin and Alice Springs. And that's the latest from Ten News. Sports Tonight with Rob Canning is next. I'm Belinda Heggen, enjoy your weekend. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia.

We're pulling hair like little boys and girls. Beats tackling, posing for pictures - hairy pictures.

We'll bring you hair-raising waves that only the best can battle. Lyle-style - a course record at Coolum.

Plus - what's the future for Reni Maitua? What now for Ben Cousins? And Blue Brendan eyes off '09. Also tonight - V8s, A-League action, Lance Armstrong's comeback. NBA, NFL, big news out of Formula One

and Valentino Rossi rally driving. It'll be mad. Sports tonight. After equalling the course record, Jarrod Lyle joined Matthew Goggin on top of the leader board after Round 2 at the Australian PGA. Coolum not as kind to American John Daly who, like last week, again missed the cut. Jarrod Lyle had a 4:30 start this morning

to make up for yesterday's abandoned round.

He played 25 holes. It was a long but satisfying day. COMMENTATOR: This is just a fantastic shot by Jarrod Lyle. of his career. The cancer survivor hit a course record, equalling 63. He earned some time off. It's been a long day

so I'm just going to go down the beach now and get the gut out and get a tan. Robert Allenby also spent some time in the sand. But he was still on the course. Just caught the green sidetrap. Allenby finished at 1 under for the day,

2 under for the tournament. Australian Masters champ Rod Pampling's perfectly poised for back-to-back titles after today's 5 under. That was a great shot. The same can't be said for John Daly. That's a nightmare start for John Daly. The 'Wild Thing' hit bogeys on the opening 3 holes. He finally got it going on the fourth. Just gets going - John Daly.

Playing partner Geoff Ogilvy also started slow - two bogeys to go with his two birdies on the front line. Great touch from the former US Open champion. But no such dramas for Queensland's John Sendon, he had the ball on a string - 4 under after 11. Slides it under the ball - my goodness. The Kangaroos were enjoying the action as Ogilvy finally found his groove. It's a 6 under for Geoff Ogilvy - And that's where he stayed, to still be in the hunt. The same can't be said for Daly. Oh, you got to hit it, John. He finished his round at 5 over, missing the cut for the second week in a row. Reigning champ Peter Lonard also has the weekend free after a disastrous 3-over 75. Jonathan Williams, Ten News. Lyle and Goggin leading the way heading into day 3.

But they'll be on high alert with Masters champion Rod Pampling just 2 shots back. Catch the final two rounds of the Australian PGA Championship on Ten and Ten HD this weekend from midday. Sacked Bulldogs forward Reni Maitua is going to appeal the club's decision to axe him. Maitua today denied he was involved in a nightclub brawl. Maitua admits to skipping training on Monday after a heavy night on the drink, but says rumours he was involved in an altercation are malicious lies. There is no incident whatsoever. As I said before, when the investigation comes back I'll be cleared. This is the latest in a string of off-field incidents involving the former Kangaroo backrower.

But he believes talk of a brawl is part of a conspiracy to have him deregistered. Yeah, I'm pretty annoyed, to be honest. As I said before, there's a couple of people who drove that. They can all say that I'm a good bloke and a friend and then try and deregister me. With Maitua threatening legal action, NRL chief executive David Gallop must wish the incident would go away. Speaking at the league's charity Christmas party, Gallop announced the NRL had softened their position on allowing him to play for another club. The next step is obviously to see whether there is another club that seeks to sign him.

If there was to be another club, we'd look at it at that point. In a surprising twist, Maitua now says he wants to stay at the Bulldogs - unusual for a man who has repeatedly sought a release. Meanwhile, Craig Wing was remaining tight-lipped about talk of a pay dispute with a third-party sponsor. No comment, man. Anything else? You want to talk about the kids?

It's led to reports Wing could chase the hundreds of thousands of dollars in French rugby. And the Sharks board has now delayed its decision on Greg Bird's future until another meeting on December 16. Andrew Blow, Ten News. Ben Cousins's AFL career looks to be over, after Richmond today ruled out selecting him in the preseason draft. Instead, the Tigers unveiled their new cubs,

including a top draft pick who'll wear a very famous number. Standing 200cm, and boasting a full head of hair,

he couldn't look any less like Kevin Bartlett. But Richmond's first-round selection Tyrone Vickery has inherited KB's legendary number 29. Not many similarities. but I'll create my own legacy, hopefully, with it. Former Essendon midfielder Tom Hislop has been given a second chance - this time he plans to make it count. I'll probably make smarter decisions off the field. When I first come over I had a few little hiccups, but I've learnt from them lessons,

Carlton spearhead Brendan Fevola has declared he's in the best shape of his career ahead of next season. put to the test, And Fevola's claim has already been

with the Blues wrapping up a gruelling 4-day preseason camp. So much for fearless footballers. These baby Blues eventually took the plunge. Yeah, very afraid of heights. I went up to the Gold Coast during the break, stayed on 19th floor of an apartment building and couldn't go out on the balcony.

While others chickened out.

Yeah, there wasn't enough gear for me so I missed out, damn it. After a 7-year finals drought, Carlton is determined to once again reach the dizzy heights of the glory years,

a 4-day torture test and fear-conquering challenge the first step to climbing the AFL ladder. Yes, by far - I think the first day was one of the worst days I've had. And he has the stats to back it up.

I think we've done

over 2,000 push-ups, sit-ups, burpees, dips,

on the beach, crawling up sand dunes. While hearts might skip a beat at the sight of the skipper precariously perched

on the side of a cliff it will warm supporters' hearts to hear their star goalkicker is injury free and flying. It's probably the best I've come back after the off-season, which is a positive. Vice-captain Nick Stevens was one of 37 to take part,

the club declaring his pre-season is on track, although the midfielder did suffer a scare when his neck injury flared in the off-season.

He hurt his neck just before he came back so we had planned to take him away and look after him and ease him into program. The Blues in no doubt they're on the rise and ready to finally scale the heights in 2009. When you're doing all the hard stuff

you just think about those games in September, and, hopefully, you can play on that last day, and I think this group's not too far away. Kelli Underwood, Ten News. You're watching Sports Tonight . In 60 seconds time - Shane Watson pushes for a Test recall. The Perth Test - will Australia go without a specialist spinner? The Reds and Phoenix get it on in the A-League. And saying goodbye to one of V8's greats.

This program is captioned live. Queensland all-rounder Shane Watson has his sights set on the first Test against South Africa in Perth. If selected, he'll be up against the man he wants to emulate,

Jacques Kallis. There's a confidence about Shane Watson,

but also in his right to be there. After being dropped for the Adelaide Test, he produced a stunning 7-wicket haul for the Bulls against the Redbacks. will find hard to ignore. A performance selectors Hopefully, I've done enough in the last week to be able to get a berth in the squad and I'd love to have a crack at the South Africans. If he plays, it'll be against the world's best all-rounder in Jacques Kallis - the player Watson admires more than any other. To be able to contribute with bat and ball consistently - and that's what I'm really working towards - and someone like Jaques Kallis continues to give me inspiration to know that there's a guy out there who can do it. Another who's looking forward to taking on the second ranked Test nation is in-form opener Simon Katich. They're definitely trying to get the mantle of number one and they've got a very well-balanced team. They've got experienced batsmen who've made a lot of Test runs, and they've got an attack that's got a lot of pace in it, so we expect a tough battle against them. With Matthew Hayden struggling, Katich has been the rock at the top of the Australian order this summer. A position he's not taking for granted. I think I respect it more, and I'm grateful for the opportunity more now, because I did spend a lot of time out of the team. second chance in the baggy green, He's making the most of his showing plenty of talent on and off the field.

Adelaide United has finalised preparations for next week's club World Cup in perfect style, with a 6-1 thrashing of Wellington. Their final hit-out before the club World Cup, and Adelaide were ready to put on a show. Cristiano couldn't finish Travis Dodd's great run, but Sasho Ognenovski's first-time effort had United in front. COMMENTATOR: Who makes it three goals in three games. United's early domination and Mark Paston struggling. left Ricky Herbert frustrated, But he recovered to keep his side in the game. Free header - and it's a great header by Mark Haston. Cornthwaite with an absolute bullet header. Paston could do little at the ensuing corner. Again, its a wonderful delivery. Makes it 2-0. Their defence flat after last week's win over Melbourne, and the travelling fans also had to wait until first half injury time for any sign of life up-front. Wellington's best moment of the first half, by far. The Phoenix had a sniff when Fred tapped in, despite suspicions of offside. But any hope was extinguished as Cassio... Oh, and they've got a third goal from Cassio. ..gave substitute keeper Glen Moss deja-vu. Spectacular by the Brazillian. He was looking to make it a 3-peat, but Moss had taken the hint, almost. Cristiano picking up the pieces to make it 5. And a sixth meant to the top of the A-League, Adelaide moved temporarily completing the perfect preparation for their Club World Cup assault. Glenn Lauder, Ten News. Casio scored his first double in the A-League in the Reds biggest-ever victory in the competition. Sydney FC and Newcastle will be desperate for the points

Formula Ford driver Lucas Dumbrell has suffered suspected spinal injuries,

after flipping his car in a support race V8 championship series at Oran Park. to this weekend's final round of the

His shocked brother Paul withdrew from today's V8 practice session, where series leader Jamie Whincup started his title quest in style. It's a historic weekend of V8s where the sport will farewell a circuit.

After 40 years, And after 22 years, Mark Skaife will savour the next two days as his last behind the wheel. I know that it's going to be emotional, but I'm trying to think of it as more of a celebration than anything, so I'll have to suck it and see a little bit because I think it will be a bit taxing. Skaife has struggled horribly in his final year in the sport.

He'd love to go out with a win. But today his season-long battle with his HRT Commodore continued. The best he could do - the 13th fastest time - almost a full second off the pace. I need to make sure, that by Sunday afternoon, that I've done a really good job. I can feel that I've done a good job, and that's important to me. Up front - as he's done for almost the entire year - Jamie Whincup dominated. across the weekend's three races Requiring just 67 points to secure his maiden V8 crown, topped the time sheets today. and the 25-year-old Ford flyer

It's a big deal, or five years now, I've been racing a V8 in an amazing position, and we've got ourselves on the door. to finally get that number one

is tomorrow afternoon. The first of three races Tim Hodges, Ten News.

Don't go to sleep. Go to Hawaii. And come surfing with the stars. Lance to tackle France.

has finished runner-up Australia's Tom Whitaker in leg two of the Vans Triple Crown.

by former world champ CJ Hobgood, The Sydneysider was defeated at Hawaii's Sunset Beach. in 5m to 8m waves

the winds were off-shore, The swell was pumping, and CJ Hobgood was in the zone. on his way to the O'Neill title, The 29-year-old could do no wrong if only the same could be said for the stage announcer. The number one world champ, Damien Hobgood. CJ Hobgood, I'm sorry. CJ becomes the first goofy footer to win the event in 11 years.

A victory he ranks even higher

on the World Tour. than his four elite wins the sets were too big - One or two sets in a heat just some macking, just nuts waves out there. I was stoked just to be a part of the day. And so too was runner-up Tom Whitaker who rates the waves, the best he's ever seen at Sunset. Although he wouldn't put an exact figure on their size. It's just silly. You're looking up at them, and they're breaking on your head most of the time.

I'm no expert at how big waves are, so I'll just say, "really big".

Countryman Joel Parkinson made the semifinals and now sits third in the Triple Crown standings behind Dusty Payne and Hobgood. Oh, yeah, - Joel. The deciding leg of the Billabong Pipe Masters begins on Monday. Scott Mackinnon for Sports Tonight.

Cycling great Lance Armstrong denies he wants to be the team leader at Astana next season. He'll ride alongside fellow Tour de France winner Alberto Contador, but there's growing talk of a rift between the pair.

Armstrong insists he's returning to international cycling as just another member of the Astana team,

but the 7-time Tour de France winner is still the sports most popular figure. Training in Spain, and sporting the 'Livestrong' message publicising his cancer charity, the American is clearly the focus of the team but he refuses to admit he's replacing Alberto Contador as the new number one. I'm not coming to take anybody's job or to take anybody's titles, I come for a different set of reasons. But at the same time, I have a lot of respect for this mat I can't say it any stronger - this guy to my left is the best cyclist in the world. While Armstrong is saying it, and his team is presenting a united front. only when racing begins will the pecking order be resolved. There's certain unwritten laws in cycling that say that the other riders support the strongest one. I've been around a long time so I understand the laws of cycling and I know that not only is there a chance that I'm the second strongest rider, there's a chance that I'm the third. Armstrong will get his first chance to earn his position in the team when he races in the Tour Down Under next month. Contador won't be coming to Adelaide

instead he'll remain in Europe and prepare for the big races later in the season. Corey Wingard for Sports Tonight. Amid the worldwide financial downturn, Honda has withdrawn from Formula One racing. Honda is no longer willing to pay the $456 million-a-season race costs. They will attempt to find a buyer for the team. Without Honda, the grid will be reduced to just 18 cars for the Australian Grand Prix and leaves veterans Ruben Barricello and Jenson Button out of a drive. car last month and now Valentino Rossi is carving up at the Rally of Wales. The Moto GP world champion finished a commendable 17th in the pre-race shake down. He was 16 seconds behind Finnish pace setter Mikko Hirvonen. Australia's Chris Atkinson was seventh fastest in his Subaru.

In the NBA - a 39-point haul from Dirk Nowitzki has helped Dallas to their fourth straight win at home - 112-97 over the struggling Phoenix Suns. COMMENTATOR: Dirk Nowitzki - lightening it up here tonight. And San Antonio has bounced back from a big loss to Detroit to beat Denver by 17 points. Tony Parker led the way with 22, and Tim Duncan finished with 21,

in the 108-91 win. To the NFL, and the Chargers recorded their 11th-straight victory over arch rivals the Raiders. Quarterback Philip Rivers threw 3 touchdown passes in the 34-7 win. Vincent Jackson - COMMENTATOR: Rivers, wide open, touchdown in San Diego! It was a horror outing JaMarcus Russell. He was intercepted twice and ended the game in the locker room with a twisted ankle. Three of Australia's leading women's cricketers all came from the same school, but recently that school stopped forming a girl's cricket team. So, as part of their work with Cricket Australia, they went back and hatched a plan. Back to where it all began. Southern Stars vice-captain Lisa Sthalekar joined by team-mates Alex and Kate Blackwell, on their former playing fields, at Sydney's Barker College. It's great that we have that tradition

and we had a lot of fun while we were here. They're the darlings of a school which is dominated by male sport. It's an amazing achievement for the school. We sit back and look at the girls week in week out, and are just so proud that a lot of their cricketing background came through Barker. It's just a wonderful achievement. And this is where the twist comes in. Including Alyssa Healy, Barker has produced four current State players, yet the school no longer has a girl's cricket team. Promoting the game is now a career with Cricket Australia for the Blackwell twins, and their work is starting in their own backyard, at Barker. It's disappointing to see that the numbers have dropped off, but, hopefully, with some more cricket programs in place now, we've got some more young girls coming through, they will have a team to play for. so when they come to Barker Sthalekar has for most of this decade worked with Cricket NSW identifying promising talent. And while the elite end of the game is thriving, there are fears for junior development. We are coming to a crossroad now - women's cricket is taking off, as I said, at an international level are taking care of the grassroots. but we still need to make sure we a plan evolved So while this story was being shot

back in action. to get girls' cricket at Barker With the girls' success,

in early 2009, what we are planning to do and involve the girls. is to have a celebrity game on the main oval. So we'll play a super 8 game in a school which boasts the best - All to bring back the game odd. Barker needs a girls' team. For NSW's future, Rob Canning for Sports Tonight.

This program is captioned live. Play of the Day time - when a 110 kilogram running-back and what do you do headed for a touchdown? is powering down the sideline You, grab him by the dreadlocks. COMMENTATOR: Well that'll teach him. He's got a fist full right there in his right hand. It certainly stopped Rutgers Freshman Jourdan Brooks and gave him a bit of a trim as well. We certainly don't condone this tackling style, but it's painful enough for our Play of the Day. I'm Rob Canning. Goodnight. That's Sports Tonight, by Red Bee Media Australia. Supertext captions