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(generated from captions) come to your mother this way. I would never wish harm to Stephen! Brooke... You have to believe me. I would... to happen to your mother. I would never want anything like this Please believe me. (SOBS) Oh, God, Stephanie. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by

This program is live captioned.

Tonight - misery for sale. Illegal Tonight - misery for sale. Illegal

pipes used to smoke one of the

world's most dangerous drugs openly

available in Sydney. We are going

to see lives devastated. Ambushed -

the owner of a takeaway shop beaten

and robbed in his North Shore hoax.

He was saying "Somebody help me", I

could see the blood. Prime Minister

Gillard Timor solution for asylum

seekers under heavy fire. Back to

the drawing board - it will be a

clean slate for the beleaguered

Blues. You never want to lose a

series, let alone 3-0. I'm Deborah

Knight. I'm Ron Wilson, and a young

man savagely attacked waiting for a

taxi. And your chance to star in

Ridley Scott's blockbuster. There's

no excuse. If you have a camera, go

out and shoot your film. But first

tonight - the Sydney shopkeepers

helping fuel the city's ice

addiction. Ten reporter Matt Doran

has been investigating and joins us

from Kings Cross. The life

destroying Ice pipes are outlawed,

but addicts don't seem to have

trouble finding them. The penalties

for selling an Ice pipe is 2 years

jail and a fine. For roughly $15 I

tracked one down with ease from a

tobakjonist across the road from

the police station here in koinks

cross. I asked for one, and the

attendant produced a stash from

behind the counter, our

investigation reveals the cost of

this drug shot up nearly 200% in this drug shot up nearly 200% in

just the last six month, due to a

series of major police busts that

have effectively stemmed the flow

of this drug on the streets. But ut

cause isn't helped by the shadey --

but the cause isn't helped by the

shadey retailers. They used to

smoke the deadlyest of drugs, if

you are after an Ice pipe in Sydney

you have to ask. How much do I owe

for a glass pipe. $17. This was

hidden behind a box behind a

counter, on sale 200m from the

Kings Cross Police Station. Are you

aware of the fact that what you

sold me is illegal in NSW. No, I

don't know. Welfare groups are

appalled. If this thing hits the

streets, then there is going to be

an increase in the usage. People

will want to try it out. We'll see

lives devastated. For some it's too

late, the drug leaving these ex- late, the drug leaving these ex-

addicts bankrupt, alone in prison.

I tried Ice once, and from then on

it was constantly every day, day in,

day out. Regularly they'd smoke 2-3

grams a day and go sleepless

without a week. I lost everything,

I had a lot. I have nothing. I was

going through INXS of $5,000 a week.

I -- going through INXS of $5,000.

Glass pipes packed with crystal

methamphetamine and smoked were

outlawed in 2006. Sales continue

unabated. You can walk into a

tobacconist and certain petrol

stations sold pipes. The drug

itself is harder to obtain. This itself is harder to obtain. This year police smashed several

multimillion syndicates, one raid

uncovered 50kg, smuggled in by ship

from China. Addicts say the raids

sent the cost of the drug to record

highs. 6-12 months ago a single

gram fetched between 300-400, the

same quantity is worth nearly three

times that. I have had people

saying $1,000 a gram. Retailers

that sell the pipes face 2 years

jail and hefty fines. A man has had

both wrists broken, and his head

bashed with a lump of timber in an

ambush at his home in Pymble.

Despite crys out some neighbours

were too scared to help. The brutal

attack lasted a few minutes, but

left 56-year-old Tom Kritikos dazed

and bleeding heavily. He staggered

into the street with both arms

broken and a large head wound

crying for help. After 12 Tom

Kritikos locked his business near

Pymble station and drove the short

distance to his home carrying a sum

of money, Ailsa Brennan arrived

home after the attack to be

confronted by a man she thought was

drunk. When I got out the car I saw

him running, 50 metres behind him him running, 50 metres behind him

two men ran up the road. One

attacker had a piece of timber and

was waiting inside the shopkeeper's

home. The defender was wearing a

Ball are rr, armed with a wep --

bal, armed with a weapon, and was

behind the door. The victim was

bleeding, seriously hurt, screaming

for help. Neighbours were either

asleep or too afraid to assist him.

He left blood stains on the door

but found help eventually. I ran up

here, grabbed my parents and the

phone. We came out, by the time we

came out he was on the front porch

asking for help saying he had been

attacked. He has two broken wrists,

he's in a stable condition. Police

believe the motive was robbery, but

are unsure whether the victim was

targeted or interrupted a burglary.

A mother has made a heart-felt plea

to find the men who brutally bashed

her son during a night out in the

CBD. 21-year-old Ryan was waiting

for a taxi when hit in the head

with a bottle which fractured his

skull and exposed his brain. Police

alleged the three men assaulted

Ryan's two brothers and cousins

during the unprovoked attack.

There's no reason to do it. No

reason to pick people up the side

of the street and just bash someone

to that extent that they did, that

they could crush his skull. Ryan

remains in critical condition in

hospital after having brain surgery. hospital after having brain surgery.

Police are hunting a man accused of

indecently assaulting a 12-year-old

girl on a train Thursday afternoon,

it's alleged he exposed himself

between Town Hall and Central

stations and assaulted her as she

tried to run away. The man fled at

central and changed clothes to

avoid being recognised. Julia

Gillard's asylum seekers plans have

been thrown a lifeline by East

Timor's Prime Minister. He says

he'll consider a Reganal processing

centre in his country -- regional

processing centre in his country

with an open mind. Julia Gillard

has been under fire for announcing

a regional processing centre for

refugees in East Timor. Before

consulting with the government, is

a Prime Minister who doesn't know

what she's doing. She defends her

approach first to the country's

President Jose Ramos Horta as a man

of considerable influence, one East

Timor expert agrees. He's an

activist President. He has immense

respect in the East Timorees

community, his voice is listened to.

In case she's begun hedging her

bets. This is a dialogue that will

happen more broadly than East Timor,

it will happen across the region.

On radio she insisted she never

nominated East Timor as the site.

True, it was the impression

everybody got. Her faith in Jose

Ramos Horta seems justified. He met

with Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao

today in Dilley and won a green

light to negotiate with Australia.

Today's announcement from Dilley

gives Julia Gillard a feather to

fly with. More promising today's

unemployment figures, stable on

5.1%, but with 46,000 new jobs

created. Tony Abbott is under no

illusions the Prime Minister will

seize the moment soon I think it

will be 21 August or 28 August. One

or the other. Depends whether she

wants a long or short Cam pawn.

He'll hope this sentiment --

campaign. He hopes this sentiment

catches on. We need you buddy.

Let's go to Paul Bongiorno now live

from Canberra. The government is

going to be over the moon with the

jobs figures. You may remember

Malcolm Turnbull when he was

Opposition Leader used to say it's

all about jobs, jobs, jobs, a line

pinched from Neville Wran, a good

line according to Treasurer Wayne

Swan, he says the government is

delivering. 45,000 additional jobs.

It's a very good figure. We have

created 350,000 additional jobs

over the past year. Now, is that

reasonabley good news, making us

ask when will the election be

called? Well, that's a very good

point. You'd think they'd want to

go while the economic news is

looking so good. Of course, there

is a downside to this, which is

probably another reason why they

may go earlier, that the Reserve

Bank may take the view the economy

is going too well and may need a

few breaks in the form of another

interest rate rise. Thank you, our

ped tore, Paul Bongiorno in

Canberra. Dannii Minogue is

expected to spend another night in

hospital after the birth of her

first child. The singer and

television host had wanted a homebirth but complications forced

a change of plans. Nothing short of

a media circus outside the hospital

where Dannii Minogue is resting,

papparazzi, reporters and a

helicopter. Mother and baby are

bonding, everything is going

William. Neither Dannii or partner

Kris Smith were spotted. It's

believe the new mum checked in

under the aliens Mrs Jones. The

male model sent a message through Twitter:

Dannii hoped to give birth to Ethan

Edward Smith at her home.

Unspecified problems saw her taken

to the women's hospital Monday

afternoon, where the baby was born

safely. The Australian Medical

Association warns against

homebirths for first-time moth erts.

Having a baby at home is more risky

than having a baby in hospital.

Especially the older you are and if

it's your first child. Midwives say

the practice is suitable for all

women as long as a plan is in place

for emergencys. Many first-time

mothers are over 35, and many will

go ahead and have very happy

healthy normal babies born at home.

Dannii's sister Kylie is overseas

promoting her album. She's seen

photos of the new bub and sent her

sister a tweet. There probably

won't be a plan to depart the

hospital before the weekend. Adam

Hawse joins us with a look at sport.

The NSW team and their fans got the

familiar blue feeling again. When

will it end. I don't know, Blues

fans are hurting again, after

Queensland last night scored a

cleansweep of the State of Origin.

With the Cane Toads winning the

past five series, things are so bad

we turned to a Queenslander to find

out how to fix things.

Queenslanders having their cake and

eating it too. The winners

celebrate Mal Meninga's birthday,

while NSW can only lick their

wounds. Game 3 was a much better

effort by the Blues. It's a try.

But they still came up short. Billy

Slater - Billy Slater scores. A

review ordered by the NSW rugby

league after the second match

officially started today. So

desperate has the search for

success become, we've turned to

this man, a Queenslander to work

out where it went wrong and fix it.

Setting up emerging players' squads,

dismiss, best-practice models,

performance management systems so

we have the growth of players into

State of Origin status. For those

involved in the first clean weep

suffered by NSW in 15 years, --

clean sweep suffered by NSW in 15

years. Sure I won't be invited back.

I'll prevent an independent review.

Among those not expected to play a

part in 2011, BELL TOLLS rr, who

lost three series, Trent Barrett,

Brett Kimmorley, unlikely to play.

Nathan Hindmarsh, Josh Perry, Joel

Monaghan, and many want selectors

heads to role. Can it get worse for

the Blues. It can, Maroons legend

Darren Lockyer insists he'll be

back next year to try to make it

six years on the trot.

Recommendations of turning around

the maroon tide are expected in a

month. Get over it, live on. Never

give up. Look on the bright side,

Blues fans, revenge is 12 months

away. It's our turn next year for

sure. Ahead in sport, Spain through

to the first World Cup final, and

the West Tigers marketing promotion

that could fire up the Queenslanders. What a great idea

that is. I love an optimist. Leave

them alone. They are too good.

Still ahead a Green MP in hot water Still ahead a Green MP in hot water

over plans to move to the Senate.

Plus a court told the sinking of a

warship off the Central Coast would

create a toxic time bomb. And the

top brass take centre stage to blow their horns.

VOICEOVER: We were the first the first with iPod integration first with EcoBoost technology

You are watching Ten News. A State

MP is refusing to resign after

Labour claims she's been caught out

using her State Parliament office

using her State Parliament office

for her Federal campaign. Political

Reporter Josh Murphy joins us from

Macquarie Street. What is

surprising about the latest drama?

First of all, it's no-one from the

major parties, but this time

someone from the NSW Greens. The

party's transport spokesperson Lee

Rianon is refusing to step down

from State Parliament despite

admitting to misusing her office

resources for campaign purposes,

misRianon is running for a Federal

Senate steet but was using her

State Parliament office number as a

point of contact, outside the

normal guidelines, it's been normal guidelines, it's been

revealed she used her taxpayer revealed she used her taxpayer

funded website to promote her

Senate candidacy. Greens leader Bob

Brown was asked if he thought she

should resign. This is what he said.

I think she would be - I have said

this to Lee, very wise with Labour

and Liberal on the proul on issues

like this, she's been a champion of

probity in politics. What about the

woman herself, have we heard from

Lee Rianon. Lee Rianon isn't going

anywhere, when she does, it will be

on her terms. She spoke to Bob

Brown after the press conference

and wouldn't say what she said but

that she had his support. Here she

is. I speak with Bob regularly. I

know I have his support. NSW

politics is ugly, I am not standing

down because of a smear campaign

from Labour. In any case Ms Rianon

will step down when the Federal

election is called, sooner rather

than later. A Raymond Terrace man

has pleaded not guilty to shooting

dead a father of two last smonth.

John Wayne Sheddon didn't apply for

bail during his brief court

appearance, he's accused of

murdering 21-year-old Joshua

Maynard, shot in the chest during a

midnight altercation between two

shoots of men. The 31-year-old was

arrested with a 28-year-old woman

charged with concealing a serious

offence. John Wayne Sheddon will be

in court in September. New testing

has been ordered on a controversial

decommissioned Navy ship due to be

sunk off a Central Coast beech.

Experts say the vessel is coated in

tons of toxic lead paint. Not

everyone is convinced it's a

problem. HMAS 'Adelaide' was

supposed to be sunk off Avoca Beach

in March. A court battle leaves it

sitting in the harbour. Two days

ago the No Ship Action Group flew

in Werner Hoyt, an American expert.

He found to have contained a

coating in the boat of lead based

primer and said there could be 11

tonnes on board. The riskss

involved with the saking outweigh

the economic benefit. The judge

ordered testing. Werner Hoyt's main

concern is the long-term impact,

saying lead will leach into the

marine environment, build up in

fish which will be eaten by humans.

Not all experts agree. I think the

lead will be in the sand and

sediment there it will stay. Will

the sand wash up on to the beach.

Some will, some will wash off the

beach. It will be - yeah. Does that

pose a risk to humans then. No. The

No Ship Action Group wants the ship

scrapped, saying they can't believe

the lead wasn't picked up earlier

by government experts. I'm very

surprised. It begs the question

what else have they missed. The ex-

HMAS 'Adelaide' will be the sixth

Navy vessel to be scutlted around

Australia, the closest to shore.

Supporters say the artificial reef

will attract fish, boosting the

economy. It's the best way to

utilise this ship. The hearing will

resume next week. Let's check the

weather. Talk about a bad hair day,

every time I went outside I got wet.

Tim Bailey, I see you had the same

problem. Cloud bursts everywhere.

We dodged one at Dawes point a

minute ago. They've been eastern,

none Pen traiting into the west.

The northern suburbs getting the

most. Frenchesforest top scoring

with 13mm since 9 am. Most suburbs

5-10678 the most rain maul in the

Sydney stretch -- 5-10. The most

rainfall in the Sydney stretch from

the east to the Hunter, hasn't done

anything for the west. Dam figures

reflect that, doing noint 2%, 5mm

falling in the past 7 days across

the dams, we are at 56.9% down

under 57% for the first time in a

long while. Alright, from long while. Alright, from

Graceville, let's take you to Graceville, let's take you to sunrise city, the weather

photograph of the day, and the old

saying - sunrise in the morning

sheperds morning, have a look at

that. Jason Brown new we'd be in

for a couple of crook days,

wonderful shot. Sunrise over

Wombarro pool, puts him in the

running for the camera. If you have

a good shot. Don't just share it

with your friends, share it with the world:

Harvey Norman may give you a new

camera tomorrow. What do we have

for you at 5:55. We'll take you to

the top of Australia. Now, if you

are a trumpet enthusiast this will

be music to your ears. Some of the

world's top brass converged on

Sydney for the annual international

trumpet field confrens, catering

from professionals to first-time

blow hard, featuring two concerts

at the opera house. It's the first

time the event has been held in the

southern hemisphere. Next the new

job figures - how they affect

interest rates. Also, a special

coin commemorates the life of one coin commemorates the life of one

of our favourite figures. And a 60s

superstar gets his birthday wish

(count down).

to an exciting new world is investing up to $43 billion to the way we play, in front of a home crowd... ..and there's this huge roar... they're cheering for you.

Well, the traffic chopper is back

in the air after a week of

mechanical difficulties, Vic

Lorusso is there with fingers

crossed. It may take more than that

to sort the Campbelltown problem. A

to sort the Campbelltown problem. A

3-car accident on the Hume highway,

conditions not better towards the

south-west. Look at that. The

accident cleared, but the traffic

delay stretches as far back into

Liverpool, barely moving for

southbound motorists, if you know

anyone heading to Liverpool and

Campbelltown, they'll be delayed on

the M5. We had a quick fly over,

Cam don Valley way, it could be

long, but rather than sitting in

the traffic. Vic Lorusso live from

the car chopper. The work

of renowned eye surgeon Fred

Hollows is being celebrated with a

new commemorative coin. He helped

countless in the developing world

and Indigenous Australians to

regain their sight. His widow Gabi

says the dollar coin will boost the

ongoing work of the Fred Hollows

Foundation. You can be part of

something to give someone back

their life and site. The coin aimed

at collectors is part of the Mint's

'Inspirational Australians' series.

Now to the ING direct finance

report. Today is Labour market

figures are nothing short of

spectacular. It raises the issue of

higher interest rates. It does,

save for a second financial crisis

or run away inflation, it's a safe

bet rates will rise. Financial

markets are pricing in a rise next

month. 46,000 new jobs were created

in June, triple the spction, and

it's the mining States --

expectation, and it's the mining

States doing the best. It should

continue, but the forecast isn't as

good across the entire sector. The

issue that we have is the smaller

end of town, there's still

confusion with smaller mining and

resources companies about what the

new tax or rental tax means for

them. They are going to be overly

cautious. The figures put a rocket

under the local market hitting a

fresh 7-day high.

Looking overseas, US markets looked

to be in for a rocky start to the

session in New York. Thank you.

Terror experts warn London is at

risk of another deadly attack five

years after the July 7 bombings. As

you will remember more than 50

people were killed in the

attacksment the anniversary marked

by survivors, and victims' families.

There were no official ceremonies

or formal speeches, just small,

quiet groups laying flowers, paying

their respects. It's five years

since losing our son. Practically

where I'm standing. Eventually you

get used to it, but you never get

over it. Esther Hyman tries to

remain positive as her sister

Miriam would have wanted. I have

created a coping mechanism,

something inside me manages to

switch off, so that I don't - it's

not heart-rending every time. It's

important to the victims' families

to remember each of the 52 lives

lost, some criticising the

government's lack of a 9/11

anniversary-style official service,

many organised their own gatherings.

For many it was morning rush hour

when the suicide bombers struck,

three targeting crowded underground

trains, an hour later a double-

decker bus exploded in the fourth

and final kordnaited attack. Terror

experts warn an attack on that

scale could happen again. The

threat is of equal level as it was

in 2005. Here at the Royal Courts

of Justice in October, the official

inquest into the deaths will

finally begin after many delays.

The survivors and families of those

killed are hoping it will help them

to understand what happened on that

day this city will never forget.

Here is something to make you feel

older, the oldest surviving Beatle

celebrates his 70th birthday with a

little help from his friends. Ringo

Starr has the same wish he had all

those years ago - peace and love.

# Happy birthday dear Ringo

# He may be a bit older and losing

some of his hair, but at 70,

Ringo's still a star. Obviously you

didn't have a misspent youth you

are looking great. I did... It What

do you give a '60s legend who has

it all. The same thing he wanted

back then. If everyone could go

peace and love at noon, that will

be great. At Times Square they

granted his wish. (countdown) peace

and love. The world's most famous

drummer pulls a crazy crowd 40

years after The Beatles split.

(screaming fans). Maybe a little

square, I don't know what bateles

mean. It means us. Hard to believe

it's been that long since the fresh

face sang about being only 64. It's

impossible to say how does it feel

to be 70. Yesterday I was only 69.

Feel it or not. Ringo Starr has no plans to slow down

# What would you do

# If I sang out of tune. He played

a birthday concert at a packed

Radio City Music Hall, and will

tour through August. You've been

busy, that's for you. The memories.

Still ahead, an Australian teenager

in agony after running with the

bulls. Plus the cafe that became an

instant drive through reopens for

business. How director Ridley Scott

could put you in his Youtube

blockbuster. There's no excuse, if

you have a digital camera, shoot your film.

Tonight's headlines, Dannii Minogue

and her new son are expected to

spend another night in hospital

after a dramatic attempt at a

homebirth, the singer was rushed to

hospital because of complications

but gave birth safely. The owner of

a Sydney cafe is recovering in

hospital after being ambushed at

his Pymble home, he suffered

multiple injuries during an

attempted robbery. A Ten News

investigation reveals illegal pipes

used to smoke one of the world's

dangerous drugs are readily

available in Sydney. We found so-

called Ice pipes for sale a few

metres from Kings Cross Police

Station, with a price tag $17.

Perth's miracle escape restaurant

reopened a day after almost being

demolished by a run away car.

Diners were sent flying when a P-

plater smashed into the dining area.

It's almost unbelievable to think

that everyone in this security

vision survived the terrifying

moment of impact. Dianeers were

eating at the Perth restaurant

before 2:00 yesterday afternoon

when an out of control car ploughed

into them. 10-year-old Hannah had

been having lunch with dad Andrew

when thrown from her chair.

Miraculously she's relatively

unhurt. Another man lucky to be

alive crawling to safety from

underneath the bonnet. As soon as

the car stopped and the glass

stopped breaking I heard someone

scream. Witnesss say the female P-

plate driver ran a red light before

being clipped by a bus, the force

of the collision pushing her

through the pains ofs glass. The

glass and some floor has been

crushed and a table and chair also.

It will be huge damage. Despite the

freak accident, it's business as

usual as Matsuri, with lunchtime

diners returning to eat at the

restaurant. We work up the road.

Obviously enjoy the food here.

Wanted to come back. It doesn't

happen twus in a row. That's a

saying. The damaged section of the

restaurant will be closed for the

next two weeks while repairs are

carried out. Crash investigators

are working to determine the cause

of the accident. An Australian has

been hurt during the 'running of

the bulls' in Spain, the 18-year-

old suffering an eye injury.

Thousands of spectators jammed the

Ally ways to watch the first run of

the San Fermin Festival, dare

devils raced ahead of the bulls as

they made their way to the arena.

Several runners were trampled,

there were no life-threatening

injuries. Movie making has gone

viral with 'Gladiator' Ridley Scott

seeking your help to create his

latest film. The Oscar nominee

wants people to video what they do

on 24 July. Want to be in the

movies, there's never been an

easier way. Get up with your

cameras, think about what I said

and record your day, or whatever it

is. 'Gladiator' director Ridley

Scott will produce the project

which is called 'Life In A Day'. He

and director Kevin McDonald will

turn the best entrys into a 90

minute feature film that will

premiere at 'The Sun' in January.

The day you have to shoot your life

is Saturday, 24 July, and you can

shoot whatever you like, from the

magical to the mundane. I'll have a

half soy half skim half strength

decaf cap cleano with an equal. It

will be like a time capsule that

people in the future, 20, 30, 40,

50, 200 years can look and say

"That's what it was like", A man

with a bit of time on his hands has

down a preview. Christian Van

Vuuren shot a day in his life while

quarantined in hospital. Bland,

white walls, Green floors, 3 metres

by four. It has become a home of

sorts. I live here for your

protection, today will be my 180th

day in this place. Weddings,

entertaining pets and cute kids are

welcome. Charlie bit me. As long as

they are filmed on that day. Once

you have filmed your entry, you

have a week to uplode it. If your

movie is one of the best 20 used

you'll be listed as a co-director

and will go to Sundance. French

designer John Paul Gaultier has

restaked his claim as fashion's bad

boy, bringing striptease to the

runway during Paris Fashion Week.

Burlesque performer Dita Von Tesse

shocked the audience when she

appeared on the catwalk, she

stripped halfway through the show

to reveal a waist-cinching corset.

The models got a fright. Tumbling

from their towering high heels on a from their towering high heels on a

slippery catwalk. That would be

hard. A long way down. Adam is back

with sport. I love an optimist.

There was one positive for NSW last

night, and you had to get it in

there, for Parramatta. We looked

through the ruins, Jarryd Hayne was

outstanding for the Blues, he says

it's his best game of the year,

great for Eels fans, we'll hear

from him next. Plus Hooker Michael

Ennis view on the moment that blew

it for the Blues. The menace got

involved in a punch-up. And Spain

heads for the World Cup final. It's

the man through the back. He has

given Spain the lead.

See, I used to think the kids

It will take almost a year to find

out, but has NSW finally turned the

corner in State of Origin. The

Blues were today talking up the

future, despite last night's

heartbreaking 23-18 loss to

Queensland. Checking out after

being handed a 3-0 series defeat.

Probably be surprised if we won a

couple of them. That was a long

time ago. The memory of that is

time ago. The memory of that is

fading fast. It's frustrating,

disappointing, but I'll keep coming

back until I get a win. There were

some positives, Jarryd Hayne found

his feet For the first time I was

comfortable at the back. After

being 12-0 down. Myles scores. The

points started to flow. Paul Gallen

barged over, they had the momentum

after the break. Gidley, Gidley.

But failed to cash in. Gets the

ball away. Morris can't take it.

And Anthony Watmough couldn't

ground it. Chocky, and Brett Morris

scores from anywhere. You would

never see them drop a ball like

that again. That's Origin, I am

sure. Eventually they hit the front. A

A try for Greg Bird. I got too far

ahead of myself. I was cheering.

Again, they showed how good they

are. The trigger came with 7 are. The trigger came with 7

minutes on the clock. The menace minutes on the clock. The menace

got involved. I don't know whether

the camera stopped working when he

was elbowed in the head three or

four times. Once again, the

referees made their decision

against me. On queue Queensland got

the ball and sealed their place in

Origin fok lore. Billy Slater,

scores. We paid a dear price for

one error. A fifth straight series

win and good reason to party. Mal

Meninga furns 50 years old an hour

ago. The Blue us lamenting the one ago. The Blue us lamenting the one

that got away. We said after the

game we have to be positive because

we played well. We did play well. Not that that's much consolation.

The West Tigers are out to restore

NSW pride, but fear their marketing

department may have fired up the

Gold Coast Titans, they trained at

Campbelltown ahead of a home game

against the Queensland club. This

promo, after the win over Brisbane

has them a little anoid. Pride in

NSW. Our marketing team is kidding

themselves, we have the worst

marketing team in the comp. It's

not the smartest thing to be done.

I am not in the marketing side, so

we won't put our hands up for that

one. The Tigers round out the

Queensland trifecta with a game

against the Cowboys next week. Drew

Mitchell and Lachie turner are

among six Wallabies axed from the

among six Wallabies axed from the

Robbie Deans Tri-Nation squad, four

new faces have been brought in

including Rod Simmonds, -igin both

'em and Anthony Fianga joining his

brother. Mum and dad were crying,

they are proud of us both.

Obviously I got the phone call

Tuesday. I was over the moon.

Injured front error Steven Moore

and Ben Robinson are expected to be

fit for the opening game against

South Africa. Celebrations continue

across Spain after their

footballers reached the World Cup

final for the first time. Spain

eliminated Germany 1-0 and face the

Netherlands in the decider early

Monday morning. Germany was chasing

redemption for the loss to Spain in

the European Championship final two

years ago. The Spain started

without striker Fernando Torres,

the Osama bin Laden scorer. An

intruder stopped play. Spain almost

unlocked Germany's defence. Carlos

Puyo headed too high. At the other

end Casias tipped away a threat in

the air and on the ground. On half-

time Germany's penalty claims were

ignored before alonso loaded from

long range. He's getting closer. If

Villa was a little taller, he would

have scored his fifth of the

tournament. He was inches away.

Spain's bench played Simon says,

substitute Tony Cruz couldn't crack

Carcias, before Spain headed to new

heights. Puyo. The man through the

back. He has given Spain the lead.

Spain could have made sure of it

when Pedro broke away and it Torres

free in support. One goal was

enough in the end. The Spanish side

are the history boys: they finally

have done it. Into the World Cup

final for the first time. Back home

Club allegiances were forgotten,

this was now Spain united..

Australian Robbie McEwan finished

fourth on the 153km fourth Stage of

the Tour de France. McEwen pushed

hard in the final sprint to the

line, Italy's Alessandro Petacci

produced a perfectly timed effort

to take victory. Running away.

McCune on his back wheel.

Alessandro Petacci challenged by

McEwen. Deja vu, a run on the other

side. Alessandro Petacci has it.

Switzerland's Fabian Cancellara

retained the Jerzy while Cadel

Evans is third overall. And ahead

in 'Sports Tonight', Valentino

Rossi's remarkable return to MotoGP

after a broken lek, preceding that

an all-star class, Tim Cahill,

Dwight York, Danny Green, plus

we'll cross to the Tour de France,

we have it all. It will be worth

watching. Thank you. Check of the

traffic, Vic Lorusso is in the

Traffic Helicopter. Is the rain

having much effect on the run home.

It is. It's widespread across town.

We are over the south-west. There's

plenty of rain falling over

Liverpool and Campbelltown. After

the two-car accident at Ingleburn,

a big effect trying to get into the

south-west. Delays to Liverpool,

the M2 and the M4 struggling into

the western suburbs. Vic Lorusso

live from the chopper. We'll have

the rain with us for a few days,

Tim Bailey's forecast is next. They look cute, buy the car of their dreams.

It is Thursday night. So we have a

snow report that's about that much

snow down there, when you hear Tim

Bailey talk, you think they are

about to stage the woipsrr. We are waiting the first -- Winter

Olympics. We are waiting for the

first big dump of the season. The

astuteness and hard work of snow

makers are keeping the resorts in

phenomenal shape. The depth is

22.5cm across the Alps, but the

snow-making conditions have been

perfect, down to minus 7 or 6,

bright blue skies, part of my job

on the first at five is to find the

brightest bluest skies, they were

today at the top of Australia, we

went up to the roof and here is the

resort report. So we had a bit of a

surprise, we had 7cm of smo Tuesday

morning, a dusting last night. It's

down to the likes of Dino, the

world's greatest snow-maker, fresh

and drive. You need to be on the grove runs.

It looks like we'll have snowfalls

next Wednesday, Thursday, 5-10cm.

What about back in Sydney. We are

over the overcast - grey and

drizzly, that'll be the story for

the next 3-4 day, we'll get to the

weekend. A chance of blue and sunny

periods Saturday, before a good

old-fashioned rain day Sunday.

Tomorrow looks to be a repeat

performance of today. The rain, the performance of today. The rain, the

showers, will be mainly easterly,

probably north of the Harbour

Bridge, most of it, looks to be a Bridge, most of it, looks to be a

little miserable on it. What is new.

Let's get into your backyard now,

the temperatures, a little chilly

around the place, 12 Gosford. Sydney does a dozen.

Winds sou-south-west.

Satellite - cloud over Queensland

in a trough generating rain. Rain

cloud clearing from the western Queensland and Northern Territory

and the Kimberley. Tomorrow the map

stands up like this - strong front

and trough spreading rain strong

winds and a colder change through

WA. Mild gusterly northerlies

pushing to South Australia ahead of

a front, fresh south-easters in

eastern NSW and Queensland

maintaining coastal showers. maintaining coastal showers.

Business of the brolly, predicted

presip takes, showers along the

Hunter coast. 10-15 possible. What

we are trying to find on end to the

grey and drizzly stuff, it looks

like being not for a week or two. like being not for a week or two.

Heavier rainfall this time next

week, very much on the cards, and

good rainfall across western NSW in

the next 5-7 days. Let's go

interstate for you:

You get the idea, we are wet behind

the ears. We love your work, that's

Ten News for now, I'm Ron Wilson.

I'm Deborah Knight, we'll have

updates through the evening, you

can join us on Facebook. 'Late

News' 10:35, and the first Bulletin

of the day, 6oox. I'm Ron Wilson, I

said it twice. Goodnight. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia