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(generated from captions) in the above-entitled case, We, the jury of a lewd act upon a minor child. find the defendant not guilty

Tonight - cleared of child sex charges. Michael Jackson walks free, his flatmate for being too noisy. The Sydney man who killed Smoke alarms made compulsory of house-fire tragedies. after the recent series from a highway inferno. And a truck driver's lucky escape This program is LIVE captioned. This is Seven News with Ian Ross. Good evening. 14-week child sex trial has ended Michael Jackson's on all counts. with the jury finding him not guilty at his Neverland Ranch in California, Tonight, he's home in bed after an emotional day. said to be feeling sick

are still celebrating But die-hard Jackson fans as the verdict was announced. after going wild after going wild

hanging over his head, With the verdict not knowing when he would return. Jackson left his Neverland Ranch longest ride of the pop star's life. The American TV networks covered the He arrived at court 40 minutes late. FANS SCREAM MAN: Michael! Michael!

his colourful suits for black. Jackson had swapped It matched his mood, who had come to support him. barely acknowledging loyal fans He looked heavily sedated, written across his face. the prospect of 20 years in jail For the first time, as an official read the verdict. the court allowed live audio in the above-entitled case, We, the jury of a lewd act upon a minor child. find the defendant not guilty Jackson wiped away a tear... FANS SCREAM ..while outside, his supporters wept. FANS SCREAM for each "not guilty". One woman released a dove Thank you, Jesus! Woo-hoo! could inspire this much hysteria... Only Jackson ..and worldwide interest. ..Michael Jackson. (speaks foreign language)

The singer must have been relieved as he left court for the final time. but he wasn't showing it

There were no smiles. The man's innocent. He always was. The district attorney 15 years to prosecuting Jackson who had dedicated was unapologetic. with a jury's verdict, In 37 years, I've never quarrelled and I'm not going to start today. Even as Jackson made his way home, as they can do in America, jury members, explained why they freed him. we all just looked at the evidence I think and pretty much agreed. the young accuser, Gavin Arvizo, Basically, they did not believe and disliked his mother. completely. We just couldn't buy her story if you want to put it that way. It just didn't add up, as he returned to Neverland. More fans were waiting for Jackson His father later told them and had gone straight to bed. the star wasn't feeling well GRANDIOSE MUSIC triumphantly declared him innocent, But his web site comparing him to Nelson Mandela. may have been found not guilty Michael Jackson and million-dollar lifestyle but his reputation, career remain in tatters. A Sydney man

Mike what has the reaction been

there? You can see here very early

hours in the morning hrbgs 1am,

just a few lone fans sleeping out

front. There were hundreds of fans

here accept braiting wildly. We are

told that Michael Jackson went to

bed many hours ago feeling ill

obviously not in my mood to

areing ordeal. celebrate what has been a tie

A Sydney man for refusing to turn down her stereo who killed his flatmate of manslaughter. has been found guilty Jeffrey Dunn was tried for murder that he was provoked. but the jury accepted of drinking buddies, They were the best who killed her, but according to the man fought as hard as she drank. Jacqueline Dowd Jeffrey Dunn had enough. One night in March last year if you don't shut up, And I said, "Look, Jacqui,

and kill you," I'm going to come over

was just a joke. which at that particular time the joke had gone too far. But within moments, knives, and I walked out and I said, I went to the kitchen, I got two "Which one do you want, Jac?" so I did. And she went, "Go for it", The fight started the stereo and the television because Ms Dowd refused to turn down while he slept. He says she made fun of him. "Ha ha ha." She kept it up, laughing, that Dunn was provoked, The jury agreed finding him guilty of manslaughter. used to often taunt Jeffrey Dunn The jury was told Jacqueline Dowd

because he didn't have a girlfriend. his romantic advances. She had always rebuffed I loved her. in the world. She was the greatest person is furious at the verdict. Jacqueline Dowd's family It's crap. about his excuse? REPORTER: What do you think

No excuse, mate. and he took her away, okay? She was my ---- mother, mate, for a sentencing hearing in August. Dunn is back in court Home owners across New South Wales to install smoke alarms will be forced to prevent house-fire tragedies. in a bid starts tonight An advertising campaign to make emergency escape plans. urging families 13 deaths in two weeks -

of house fires has rarely been seen. such a horrifying period they're selling out of smoke alarms. So bad across the State, Well, we've got one left in today for more from our supplier. and we've put an urgent order

New South Wales households have them. Nearly three-quarters of The government wants 100% protection. them compulsory as of May next year. We are going to do this by making or battery-powered. Alarms either hard-wired in all new homes. They're already mandatory of any new rental lease. Now they'll need to be part before a house can be sold. And installed The government hopes be enough to persuade home owners. just promoting their importance will with the lives of your family. Don't gamble

Fit smoke alarms now. Penalties are a last resort. is the first resort. Public education What has been ruled out is making smoke alarms mandatory for home insurance. The government says it's too hard, too legally complicated. New alarms are being designed to stop people sleeping through. Households are also urged to have evacuation plans

but alarms are the key.

It may have been the difference for the four children who died in Wyong. It would've given early warning. It would've given a better chance of escape. Security guards are now patrolling government buses

in Sydney's inner west after a driver was stabbed and three others robbed at knife point over the long weekend. One 56-year-old driver was slashed across the forearm and needed five hours surgery today. The drivers' union has threatened to ban services in the entire area. If this doesn't stop, we have no alternative. We've not going to put our members in a position where they're fearful of coming to work. Guards will make random on-board patrols

or follow buses in marked vehicles. Sydney's funeral parlours have been accused of charging grossly inflated fees for shoddy work. Unions and pensioner groups are calling for tighter regulations and price controls to stop grieving people being treated unfairly. $900 floral arrangements, coffins sold at three times their cost price, bodies cremated in bulk to save money. A parliamentary committee has heard they are just some of the dodgy practices in the funeral industry. It's almost a part of the Australian way of being that everyone understands that it's just going to cost you a fortune for a funeral. The Pensioners and Superannuants Association often gets complaints about high costs - the median price is almost $8,000. Calling for better regulation of the industry, it wants - Pensioner Margaret is still paying off her husband's $3,000 cremation two years after his death. I should've only paid half of what I paid. It would've been ample for their trouble. There was no service. She picked up the ashes but still a service fee of almost $1,400 It's not decency, it's not honesty, it's not integrity. It's just money-making. Industry groups and pensioners say the problem is not that there are no laws governing the funeral industry,

but that no-one's enforcing them. They claim this means funeral directors can get away with shonky service and inflated prices. We know that nothing's going to happen. Trouble is that those operators know After weeks of uncertainty,

a deal has been done for millions of Australians to get their promised tax cuts on 1 July. The Democrats and Greens will approve them,

despite insisting they're unfair. Peter Costello delivered the news he has been waiting to give since Budget day. All Australian income taxpayers are likely to get their income tax cut on the 1 July of this year. The decision by the Greens and the Democrats to allow the new tax schedules to pass

had the Treasurer cracking jokes. And I never thought I'd say this, but the Australian Labor Party make the Australian Greens look decisive, and economically responsible. But, although the schedules will pass, Labor may still win a symbolic vote against the separate tax legislation

in the Senate, arguing the $6-a-week tax cuts aren't enough. Treasurer, why won't the government agree to Labor's tax proposals that will double the tax cuts? The House of Representatives has already debated those amendments and rejected them. John Howard is facing rejection from his own ranks.

A meeting at the Lodge last night failed to reach a compromise with backbench dissidents demanding a softening of immigration detention. John Howard has hinted he may handle this the way he did a similar uprising in 2000 -

allowing the private members' bills to go to the parliament for debate but not an embarrassing parliamentary vote that could see the dissidents cross the floor. Will the Prime Minister give an undertaking to the house will be given precedence that these bills will be given precedence and that in the next two weeks these bills will be debated and voted on? No. A truck tyre blow-out has led to a highway inferno in Queensland.

A fire started in an axle

before the car carrier with seven vehicles aboard exploded into flames

on the Bruce Highway near Bundaberg. EXPLOSION The driver had spotted the first flames in his rear-vision mirror and managed to stop the rig. He was even able to disconnect the prime mover

but his load of brand-new cars was destroyed. Next in Seven News -

Schapelle Corby's appeal formally lodged. Also, a pilot praised for avoiding homes in a fiery suburban plane crash.

And Shane Warne's new spin - spruiking a baldness cure. MAN: What? VOICEOVER: Blink and you'll miss Holden's 4 Day New and Used Sale. Hundreds of cars must be cleared. Hurry. Ends Saturday.

Lack of sleep is costing Australia $10 billion a year. An Access Economics study has revealed premature death, injuries at work, lost productivity and car accidents account for most of the massive bill. At any point in time about 30% of Australians will have experienced major problems with sleep. Doctors say sleep disorders are as dangerous as asthma and osteoporosis. Schapelle Corby's new glamour legal team has flown into Bali, lodging their appeal against her conviction just hours before it was due. They will argue prosecutors failed to prove a key point -

that the marijuana was hers.

Just four hours before the deadline for Schapelle Corby's appeal, her new gun-toting, diamond-studded lawyer strode into town brimming with confidence.

According to our law, the judge must 100% be sure that she did it. Hotman Paris Hutapea believes he can set Corby free

because the prosecution can't prove she put the marijuana in the boogie-board bag herself. But he needs help. Corby's hope is dependent on your government. His arrival at the Denpasar court was chaotic. Indonesia's media is suddenly interested in this case all over again. The defence team spent 90 minutes inside the prison with Corby. They told her bringing Australian airport witnesses to Bali will be critical.

She's holding up all right and she just wants to get out soon. And she's welcomed the signing up

of Indonesian soapie star Anisa Tri Hapsari to promote her innocence. There's little doubt Corby's hopes have been buoyed by this new-look defence team but for now, another long waiting game. The court has five months to make a decision. New video has been released of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein being interrogated by a judge. It is the first glimpse of the 68-year-old since a defiant court appearance almost a year ago. This time he appeared much more subdued while questioned about a mass execution in 1982. He looks engaged in the legal process. He appears to be looking for a way out. There is no indication yet when Saddam will face trial. Three people aboard a cargo plane have survived a crash in a Florida suburb. The DC-3 came down in a street near Fort Lauderdale Airport, breaking up and bursting into flames. I could see him cutting it hard left and I said to my son, "He's gonna crash in the middle of the highway "so nobody gets hurt," and that's what he did. The pilot has been praised for guiding the plane away from homes. Spin King Shane Warne is no stranger to publicity and now he is putting a spin on something new. With his trademark spiky hair thinning at 35, a company claiming to cure baldness. he has become the spokesman for CHANTING: Warney, Warney.

could make going bald look like fun. Shane Warne may be the only man who REPORTER: Can I just go for it? It won't come off. Yeah, just go for it. He was getting a bit thin on top, for Advanced Hair Studio. and now he is the new bonce

has been on the team for a while. Former England captain Graham Gooch What do you reckon, Goochy? Looking a bit sparse on top, Warney. a bit of a trademark - His hair has always been all the different styles. and family history, wore it down. But peroxide, getting older like this one, So he's been sitting under a laser taking tablets and rubbing lotions, and he says it has worked. I didn't want to look like I was 45 I'm looking younger as well so I think and enjoy having my own hair back. but his own hair growing back. Not a rug, That used to be a miracle. Lord, I am afflicted by a bald patch. Still, you've got to make it while you can... ..not hair, money. Warne won't say what he's being paid, yeah, yeah. yeah, yeah...# (sing) # The best hair, about hair for years. Greg Matthews has been talking in a video conference from London. He was with Warne Put your head down. Let's have a look. Now, let's have a look. Have a look now. Happy? he's ready for all the jokes. Warne says Hey, this one's for you. Time for sport with Matthew White, getting to Ricky Stuart? and is the pressure at training this afternoon. Roscoe, he was pretty cranky We'll have more on that. And the latest on Mark Gasnier. Now he has a headache as well. And look out -

this time the English really mean business. COMMENTATOR: Look at that for a duck-dive. (laughs) Have a look at those eyes!

New South Wales has declared Mark Gasnier fit to play in State of Origin 2 tomorrow night after the Dragons centre completed a full training session this afternoon. The Blues have also called in Manly's Anthony Watmough as 18th man but the strain is starting to show. and with the pressure on It's all or nothing for the Blues, to take questions. Ricky Stuart was in no mood

of the Webb speculation with the refereeing, and I'm very bored for your attendance here today. so I'd like to thank you Can we ask you questions? about all-in brawls He didn't want to talk their one-in-all-in tactic but Queensland won't change

if there's any trouble. to your players about that. I don't think you need to talk of what Queensland's about I think that's part on the rules for that to happen. so you don't need any clarification by some of Origin's greats, And after being bagged rest assured the Blues won't hold back if Carl Webb carries on. Having a chat to a few of the players, and I can assure you what he did in game number one, if he even tries to put any of those actions in game two, he'll pay the price. St George Illawarra's Mark Gasnier will see how his injured groin is in the morning before making a final decision about playing. Shadow centre Luke Lewis during their final run. tested Gasnier's head, too, at the moment. It all looks very positive I'm confident he will play. Despite the Blues' dramas, who are again the underdogs it's Queensland

with NSW favoured to win here in Brisbane. and send the series to a decider in 10 attempts at Telstra Stadium. The Maroons are yet to win a match that's something we're not proud of Obviously, that if we can tomorrow night. and we'd like to change It was short and sweet Australia something to worry about but more than enough to give and Test matches on the Ashes tour. before the one-dayers They were hammered in their Twenty20 match against England at the Rose Bowl. Australia was beaten by 100 runs. The first toss of the English summer - England won it and decided to bat. I don't know. I don't know what's right and what's wrong in this Twenty20 game. We've only played a couple of games of it. And it sure was a steep learning curve. CROWD CHEERS COMMENTATOR: Athletic as you like. The Australians hung in with wickets at key moments. in the air. Flintoff, this time, didn't like what they saw. Shane Warne and his new hair did themselves no favours. The Australians Field is well set here. about Kevin Pietersen's talent Everything we have been hearing appears to be true. He put Gillespie rows back. That's several. That's several! were safe. Not even Pietersen's team-mates (laughs) Have a look at his eyes. Look at that for a duck-dive! with 46 off just 26 balls, Paul Collingwood, did most of the damage. It's big, it's huge, it's six! There he goes again! Gillespie finished with 1/49 from four overs. The Australians were, well, ordinary. It's gone up. It's gone a long way up,

It's Kevin Pietersen. He calls, and he catches it. The tourists crumbled, losing 7/8 off 20 balls. Pietersen was everywhere. Yes! Oh, it's him again. You cannot hit the ball in the air You cannot hit the ball in the air to Kevin Pietersen. Jason Gillespie top-scored with 24 against England on this tour? but Australia's first outing there's room for improvement. Well, at least Bowled him! End of story. Start your car! begins this weekend The one-day series live on Seven. with Australia's matches Bangladesh on Saturday night. The Aussies' first game is against it's Australia versus England. Then on Sunday, Both matches live from 7.30. after the break, Nuala has Sydney's weather

but first, finance. David Murray is retiring The Commonwealth Bank's

after 13 years as chief executive.

is Air New Zealand's Ralph Norris. His replacement CBA shares gained 1c following the announcement. The ASX 200 closed 7 points higher. Good evening. Our winter days may be insanely warm at the moment but our nights are still cold and that's where these guys come in. They're part of a national knit-in called Knitting for our Homeless. It's on this Saturday at Palm Grove, Darling Harbour. Everyone's invited to come and knit a square which will all be joined together into blankets for those doing it tough this winter. and given to the Salvation Army as cold as it has been, Last night wasn't quite thanks to the cloud around. too much rain across Sydney. Sadly it didn't produce Under 1mm in most suburbs and very warm weather today. and then it was back to fine

from the cloud across the north-east Our northern inland did much better falls on the north-western slopes of our State with good follow-up in particular. replaced by dry westerly winds The cloud is on its way out to be

under the new high. be useful tonight. Extra blankets will

to 10 and below, The mercury is set to fall as low as 2 degrees in Campbelltown. Then tomorrow won't be quite as warm as today. Sunny with tops around 19, 12 in the mountains. And that's how things will stay for the rest of the week - cold nights, followed by sunny and mild days, until Sunday, when we could score a little more rain. If you haven't knitted before, never fear. This is my first time and these guys are knitting novices as well.

This guy has never knitted before.

I could make something for you. You

have a long way to go before my

kaftan is done. A town threatens vigilante justice