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(generated from captions) I never saw it. How did it get there? STORM: Katie! Yes, you did. but not since then. Well, I saw it in Brooke's office Not one word out of anybody, please! Dad, OK, enough out of everybody. But this is Ms Forrester's gun? He probably planted it in there. Oh, come on, you know it's her gun. Dad! and who else has been in this room? Well, somebody is framing me,

while this is being tested, Mr Logan. We'll need to take you in Stephanie said it was me. No, can't arrest him. STORM: I am not gonna leave you. Can they do this, son? (Charlie recites Miranda warning) We're gonna settle this, trust me. Look, I'm gonna stay with you. Everything is gonna be OK. You've got to listen to me, Dad. rights as I've read them to you? CHARLIE: Do you understand your It's fine. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Sydneysiders squeezed again. Tonight - to Rudd's razor gang. Carers to lose their bonus a Labor government would do that. I just can't believe that the F1s of the water face off. And harbour showdown - and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. Also tonight - grounded - into a hub for budget airlines. plans to turn Bankstown Airport And a hero's welcome for Kevin Rudd, to Papua New Guinea. as he pledges millions we're being slugged again. But first tonight - about to hike its toll to $5 a trip. A major Sydney motorway is have been hit with increases It follows a week when consumers and health insurance. in interest rates, petrol When the Eastern Distributor opened nine years ago,

a return trip cost $3. users will be slugged $5. From April 1, will come into effect The 50 cent increase goes up to $3.96 each way. the same day the Cross City Tunnel that no-one is finding funny. It's an April Fools Day surprise these costs going up. Yeah, I'm not very happy about that, How much does that now mean? Yeah, it's about $55 a week so far. feeling the pinch. And it's motorists in Sydney's north along the M2, A trip from the Hills to the airport and the Eastern Distributor Lane Cove and Harbour tunnels will now cost a whopping $22 return. may force more motorists This latest increase they were meant to replace. back to the surface roads They will go on those surface roads the rat runs around those suburbs, and they will have to do disturbing those residents. The Government signed the contract in line with inflation rate. allowing the operators to keep tolls to own the tunnel until 2048, With the public not allowed more increases to come. it's guaranteed there will be plenty This is a farce, to the people of Sydney on CPI to jack up the prices doesn't go up in line with CPI. for something that the cost It ends a week of hell for families, and higher health insurance premiums. hit by a another interest rate rise have to look at their budgets, Families will certainly at consolidating debt. at the bowser - And there's no sign of any relief will reach $1.50 a litre next week. economists predict fuel prices James Boyce, Ten News. And the bad news doesn't end there - to lift its loan rates Westpac the latest lender in official rates this week. by more than the rise They'll go up by 0.3%. Not much good news for investors either,

their biggest fall in some time. after Australian shares suffered by more than 3% The stock market closed down overnight. after the US fell to an 18-month low led the decline. Here, banking and financial stocks later in finance. We'll have full details fall victim to the Rudd razor gang, There are fears carers could on the chopping block. with their crucial annual bonus appealing to the Federal Government The angry and upset carers are to have a heart. a fortnight doesn't go very far. The carer allowance of $100 of Canberra. Just ask Pam and Wal Beckhouse is autistic and profoundly deaf. Their 37-year-old son John In the past, $600 a year to their family budget. the cash bonus scheme has added lost to Government cost-cutting. The Beckhouses now fear it will be a Labor Government would do that. I just can't believe that as much as the full $1,600 payment Some families could lose as a one-off cash bonus. introduced in recent budgets I know people want an answer today, I know it's very frustrating,

to go through. but there is budget process a small amount of money Carers have come to rely on not even compensate for their caring to, in a sense, but to pay for really basic bills.

billions of dollars each year Carers argue they save the country the sick, the dying and the disabled. by staying at home and looking after to do that caring They've given up a lot to be treated like rubbish. and they don't deserve out there. There's a lot of cranky people with complaints Ministers have been inundated from furious and distressed carers, upset about the reported cuts. with some ministers are said to be Government who dreamed this up Well, whoever it is in Mr Rudd's their own size. needs to pick on someone another cost-cutting measure, The Government today announcing to attend Parliament on a Friday. with MPs no longer required The controversial reform, in the House of Representatives, which led to riotous scenes saving taxpayers millions of dollars. has been axed, Murray McCloskey, Ten News. held hostage in China 10 Australian travel agents by a man threatening to blow up their bus

to anxious family and friends. have arrived home Refusing to comment about her ordeal, whisked away by Federal Police Rhiannon Dunkley was among the group after touching down in Melbourne. has dismissed security concerns Meanwhile, the Chinese Government ahead of the Olympic Games, effectively. claiming the matter was dealt with (Speaks Mandarin) shot the would-be bomber dead. The drama ended when a sniper landing at Bankstown Airport. There'll be no big jets operator and discount airlines,

The plan, floated by the airport by Canberra. has been permanently grounded

under the flight path at Bankstown Residents living were alarmed at reports Tiger Airways wanted to fly in big jets in a bid to bypass large landing fees at Mascot. The major concern for locals is aircraft noise. We really notice the jets on the weekend, so I suppose if they were coming through every day,

yeah, it would become a problem for us. You won't be able to sleep, and the price of the houses will just go straight down. Tiger admits it's had talks with the airport's operators but so far there's no deal on the table. For its part, Bankstown Airport says it already has government approval to operate 12 passenger services a day and would welcome low-cost carriers. We'd be very open to any approach from any airline that wanted to start operations out of Bankstown Airport. All the domestic carriers are interested in flying the latest generation of smaller and quieter aircraft into Bankstown, but at the moment the airport's runway is too short. The airport's private owners say they're prepared to extend the main runway in order to attract low-cost carriers to Bankstown. But by lunchtime, the Federal Government stepped in. It will not be Sydney's second airport. The new Minister could hardly agree to the proposal after spending a decade campaigning against aircraft noise. John Hill, Ten News. of a tuberculosis scare. A Sydney school is in the grip Worried parents are angry because the outbreak happened five months ago and the school still can't be sure everyone is safe. 60 students at Hassall Grove Public School have an anxious wait after being tested today for tuberculosis. They'll find out on Monday if they've contracted the disease, after a teacher was infected with TB in the Philippines last October. Everyone knew that it was her, everyone, 'cause she was sick when she had us, 'cause she had, like, a cold, and everyone was thinking, "Oh, what does she have?" So far it's been confirmed 17 students have been exposed to tuberculosis and will receive further treatment and monitoring. I don't know much about it. They haven't really told us much. It's not safe and I don't want to run the risk of my daughter getting tuberculosis. Some parents have removed their children from the school. Are you worried about getting TB yourself? Yeah - I'm gonna go get tests today or tomorrow. At least one 8-year-old student from the school is being treated for tuberculosis with three different types of antibiotics. But his parents say they're being kept in the dark, unsure whether their son actually has TB. It takes at least months and years for tuberculosis to become what we call active. Until it becomes active it's not causing damage to the body and it can't be transmitted to other people.

The Health Department will decide next week if it will test more students, but parents argue all their children should now be tested. Evan Batten, Ten News. The ear-splitting scream of superboats on Sydney Harbour could become a regular event.

Competitors insist Sydneysiders will be so impressed by racing this weekend, we'll want the world series staged here. Shaken, not stirred - some may say superboat competitors have no place on Sydney Harbour,

but tomorrow they get their chance to show off. We've always wanted to race on Sydney Harbour. It's one of the greatest harbours so to be racing here is a dream for us, so it's great. of the Australian Powerboat Series. It's round four Sailing clubs didn't want to make way this weekend so maritime and environmental officials will be keeping a close eye on the powerboats. The biggest machine reach speeds of 250km/h. If you want an adrenaline rush, go and buy one, because it gets your heart going, don't worry about that. Critics say they cause more noise pollution than the now-banned jet skis. They may have a point. Jet skis hit 90 decibels, the same as a semitrailer. High-powered superboats clock in at 105, a rock concert 120, and a jet plane taking off nearby 150. Competitors are quick to point out the noise is well away from the shore. They're pretty strict, so like the guidelines, we've got to stay inside, you know, that's the main thing - stay with the rules and everything will be right Despite all the controversy the organisers insist the speed and the spectacle will convince Sydneysiders that we need something bigger and better next year. Let's go, Graham. The world series for Class 1 boats could be racing here in 2009.

All the action tomorrow starts at 2pm tomorrow. Frank Coletta, Ten News. Ahead in sport with Tim Webster - what a comeback for Aussie bowler Stuart MacGill after surgery for carpel tunnel syndrome. Yes, he's certainly pushed his claims for an immediate return to the Test side. Just months after wrist surgery he's taken five wickets in the Pura Cup match at the SCG, as South Australia slumped a spell that could see NSW host the final. And just take a look skateboarders in a daring downhill race at the Mount Panorama circuit in Bathurst. Talk about coming down the mountain when they come. And we'll hear from the league player looking for a clean slate after one of the most infamous on-field incidents of last season. More of those skateboarders. Lesbian lovers sentenced over a horrific crime that shocked a community. Details next. Also tonight - a major sex slave trafficking ring busted in an inner-city suburb. Basically they were pretty much held against their own will. And who would have thought - an Archibald without controversy. Bunnings Warehouse is open all long weekend with the lowest prices every day. Misty sink mixer - $46.93. Galvanised shelving - $19.48. Portable floodlight - just $9.57. SONG: # Bunnings Warehouse! # Lowest prices are just the beginning. This program is captioned live. Jailed killer Bruce Burrell can now appeal to the High Court over his conviction for murdering Sydney woman Kerry Whelan. Burrell was jailed for life in 2006 after a Supreme Court jury found him guilty of murdering the housewife, who was abducted from a Sydney car park. But the High Court today granted the 55-year-old special leave to appeal that conviction on three grounds. Authorities have smashed what's thought to be Australia's largest sex-slave racket. Five people have faced court today, with claims their brothel turned over $3 million a year. This inner-city townhouse is where 10 women were allegedly forced to work 20 hours a day, 7 days a week, as prostitutes, under threat of physical violence.

This is probably the largest such syndicate that we have smashed, if you like. Police allege the women, all from Korea, came to Australia to work as prostitutes, but on arrival had their passport and immigration papers seized by their employers and became sex slaves. Basically they were pretty much held against their own will. It's believed one of the women was forced to service 500 clients without pay, before beginning to earn money. Police allege the sex trafficking syndicate, made up of three women and two men, turned over $3 million a year. When we're looking at the proceeds of crime in the vicinity - assets being identified in the vicinity of $5 million, you can take that that it's quite profitable. All five syndicate members appeared in court today, the three women breaking down in tears. If found guilty, they could face 25 years jail. The Federal Opposition has called on the Rudd Government to ban temporary visa holders from working in the sex industry. Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News. Two lesbian lovers have been jailed for life over the thrill killing of a 16-year-old girl. Stacey Mitchell with a concrete slab was repeatedly struck over the head

and choked with a dog chain in December 2006, the attack taking at least 45 minutes. Her killers, 19-year-old lovers and 18-year-old Valerie Parashumti, kissed over her body before dumping it in a rubbish bin. Through a spokesman, Stacey's family said no jail sentence would ever be enough. Stacey was a beautiful 16-year-old girl who was full of life, caring and loving - any of her ambitions or dreams. She will never fulfil The two young killers will be kept apart and spend at least 24 years in jail. A former model will serve two years behind bars

for hiring undercover police to murder witnesses in her boyfriend's drug case. Charlotte Lindstrom wept the judge saying the 23-year-old will spend the rest of her life looking over her shoulder. Despite receiving death threats, and was given a lighter sentence. Lindstrom assisted authorities She'll serve her time in solitary confinement for her protection and will be eligible for release in May next year. in the city's south. At least two of the reptiles were spotted inside the St George bank at Caringbah. The nest was discovered at the back of the building in a kitchen area. The bank has closed while the snakes are being removed. An artist's love for her children has helped her land Australia's most prestigious art award. Mother of two Del Kathryn Barton, Mother of two Del Kathryn Barton has taken out the Archibald Prize of $50,000. What is Most Beautiful About Me - It's titled 'You are with Kell and Arella' - a Self-Portrait protecting her children, a striking image of a mother one that was mirrored in life today, in the Archibald limelight. as Del Kathryn Barton basked see the work evolving in the studio, And they were both very excited to would be like, "That's me!" and Arella, my 2-year-old, is the 87th Archibald winner. The already accomplished artist straight into the mortgage. The $50,000 windfall will go she says, and won't be sold. something of myself I do feel that I'm revealing this world that I care most about. and, again, the two people in Also revealing, that almost won, the mixed emotions of the artist of the late Heath Ledger. with his haunting portrait when it made the top two. He called Heath's mother a little dance," And she said, "He'd be doing doing a little dance about it so I can just picture him and being really happy.

to reach a consensus pretty quickly Normally the Archibald judges tend when it comes to the winner, there was fierce debate, but this year

about an hour of it - the final two paintings. the judges moving to and from sort of gathering and then dividing I could see this cluster like this. and gathering and then dividing

from tomorrow. The public can make its judgment Josh Murphy, Ten News.

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Next - a Jewish school targeted in two years. in the deadliest attack in Israel And gone to the dogs - and tails wagging. the show that's got tongues a huge canine cock-up Either we've made a bit more than we do. or somebody knows BRAKES HISS, LAID-BACK MUSIC CAR ALARM DRONES Hey, how you going? G'day, mate. Oh, good to see ya. catching up with a friend, There's nothing like McFeast Deluxe at McDonald's. like your old friend when you order, And now we only make it fresher than ever before. so it's as fast as ever, and tastes every Ford Focus... WOMAN: Built into WOMAN: ..and performance features. MAN: What's more, small-car economy... the range includes outstanding

MAN: ..a wide range of options... MAN: ..body types... WOMAN: ..your choice of colours... WOMAN: ..and engines. up to 900 kilometres... MAN: ..that can deliver WOMAN: ..on a single tank.

everyone's journey... WOMAN: Because WOMAN: different.

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traffic, but good to be trouble. It

is busy for a Friday. Hazy

conditions as well. Reduced

visibility. We are over the and

four and a car has broken down

right next to James Ridge dry. We

have an i t a spokesman bandana

right behind the vehicle. I will

zoom up. Take a look at peak-hour

traffic well and truly back past

the toll gates and into Stratfield

and Parramatta Road. A significant and Parramatta Road. A significant

queue for heading west on the M

four as a result of this breakdown.

There are delays at the Sydney on

that. the M3. Will be alive update about

A Palestinian gunman has opened fire killing at least eight people. While Israel has vowed revenge, are celebrating. Palestinians across the Gaza Strip in two years. It's the worst attack in Israel terror in the centre of Jerusalem Once again we experienced deadly to kill as many Jews as possible. by extremists who were trying More than 80 students the start of the Jewish festive month were preparing to celebrate with automatic weapons, opened fire. when a Palestinian gunman, armed from the gunman and fired on him. This student says he hid from an Israeli soldier But it was a bullet the 5-minute-long bloodbath. that finally ended it will happen sometime. Everyone knew that a slaughterhouse. The scene inside was described as

for revenge, Outside, fellow Jews screamed chanting, "Death to all Arabs!" Palestinians in Gaza celebrated and handing out sweets. setting off fireworks they called a great victory. The faithful thanking God for what Those people celebrating this attack for what they really are. have shown themselves Israel has threatened to retaliate. no-one has claimed responsibility, So far, which controls the Gaza Strip - but the militant group Hamas - warning it will not be the last. did bless the operation, the gunman's house, As authorities raided Palestinian militants Israeli troops continued to hunt over other attacks. again in tatters, a new report says With the peace process is to blame the Israeli blockade of Gaza living conditions - for deteriorating in 40 years. they're now at their worst she has no oil, no food, nothing. This woman says to change in the immediate future. And nothing it seems is going Leisa Roles, Ten News. a bomber in New York. Police and FBI agents are hunting video of the suspect on a bike Police have released surveillance just minutes before the explosion in Times Square. at a military recruiting centre

shattering windows. The bomb went off early this morning, No-one was hurt. deliberately directed The fact that this appears at the recruiting station insults everyone of our brave men and women in uniform. insults every one of our in an ammunition box The explosives were packed sold at military supply stores.

whalers at a meeting in London. Australia is taking on Japanese himself to the Japanese Embassy A Sea Shepherd activist chained Whaling Commission as the International started three days of talks. Japan's scientific whaling program, Australia wants the IWC to end on commercial whaling. but Japan wants it to end the ban No decisions will be made in Chile in June. until the IWC's annual conference Princess Diana's former butler, Paul Burrell, is refusing to return to the inquest into her death. The 49-year-old was to be questioned about a video tape showing him apparently admitting he lied to the court. The man who described himself as Diana's "rock" now lives in Florida, And the Coroner can't force him to come back from the US to give evidence. A court spokesman says the former butler could face a perjury investigation if a complaint is made to police. American researchers have found fathers are doing more housework and enjoying the benefits of a better sex life as a result. Over the past 40 years, men have doubled the time they spend on housework and tripled the time they spend taking care of their children. Their wives are happier, and the experts say that leads to more action in the bedroom. The other night he was doing the dishes and I was just like, "I'm gonna do my nails!"

So I went upstairs and did my nails and I was very, very relaxed. And let's just say that night was a very happy night. But the researchers also found

women are still doing twice as much housework as men. A British bookmaker is refusing to take any more bets on the best in show category at the world-famous Crufts dog show. Bookies believe insiders have secret information about a superdog. A mystery punter put thousands on predicting the winner This is Crufts, the showpiece of the dog world, and the breeders here have always played for the highest stakes. But today there's a fear that someone has crossed the line - that of the thousands of dogs brought here for show one of them is a ringer. If the dogs know who's behind it, they're not saying. Hard for a human to tell who's in on the caper. But one thing's for sure - there's more at stake than just rosettes. Bookies pulled the plug after a mystery punter plunged thousands

on predicting the Crufts winner, even after they slashed the odds. I still had people ringing us up, coming online and wanting to have a bet, what the price was some of them not even asking before they had the bet. At that point we thought, "Something's not quite right here. "Either we've made a huge canine cock-up "or somebody knows a bit more than we do." Someone stands to win tens of thousands But Crufts bosses say with 23,000 dogs entered, knowing the winner in advance is just impossible.

I think that it would be a genius or God - who's actually sitting there overlooking it and looking into the future. You'd have to be, 'cause it's just not possible.

Even so, there are some dog show veterans who say stranger things have happened. determined enough and ruthless enough Do you think there are people to do this? Absolutely definite. Yes, definitely. It's a real killer game. and it is not - it's not. It's supposed to be a hobby and schnauzers But Shi Tzus, schipperkes are staying schtum. to spend time behind bars. They know what it's like Damon Green, Ten News. falls deep into the red The share market Wall Street slide. on the back of another given a hero's welcome Also, Kevin Rudd

to Papua New Guinea. as he pledges millions And Aussie men hit back at a low fashion blow. Variable Cylinder Management, Thanks to its can change between six cylinders... the all-new Honda Accord ..and even three cylinders. of a big V6 revolution. It's the start

in the world like Sydney There's no place for spectacular events. at the Autumn Racing Carnival Kick up your heels by unforgettable musicals and be wowed like the 'Rocky Horror Show'. Stay at Star City with great Showbiz packages including tickets to the 'Rocky Horror Show' from $216 per person twin share. Call: Or visit: This program is captioned live. Canberra grounds plans Top stories this newshour -

to make Bankstown Airport a hub for budget airlines.

it's approached the airport Tiger Airways admits about flying its big jets in to bypass large landing fees at Mascot.

would be overwhelming. Residents say the noise for Sydneysiders - More hip-pocket pain to increase by 50 cents to $5 the toll for the Eastern Distributor next month. have been hit with increases It follows a week when consumers and health insurance costs. in interest rates, petrol prices

their annual bonus And carers fear they'll lose to Rudd's razor gang. is said to be considering The Government in this year's Budget. axing the allowance as much as $1,600. Some families could lose has been given a hero's welcome The Prime Minister in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea. to hail Kevin Rudd Thousands turned out for the fight against HIV/AIDS. as he promised more funding to welcome Kevin Rudd More than 20,000 turned out of Papua New Guinea to the eastern Highlands with signs, ceremony and song. (All sing) # Paradise is PNG. # yelling, "You are a good man!" They lined the streets street vendors as the Prime Minister walked along extending the hand of friendship. Selection for my wife? OK, guys - advice. at a medical research centre Mr Rudd bringing hope to volunteers to help stop the spread of HIV-AIDS. with a pledge of $13 million

who are HIV-positive To assist people and living with the disease. are living with the virus, Already almost 50,000 people in PNG

within 20 years if nothing is done. the number predicted to be 500,000 It's a common challenge for us all. We must act on this.

schools, hospitals and policing. Another $25 million to go towards more needs to be done But the PM acknowledges the money goes where it's needed. to ensure cooperations succeed spectacularly I've seen development assistance in various parts of the world. and fail abysmally with Papua New Guinea The once-fractured relationship

repaired and strengthened, to another Pacific neighbour. Kevin Rudd now turns his attention Tomorrow he will fly to Honiara of the Solomon Islands. for meeting with the Prime Minister In Goroka, Brad Hodson, Ten News. is still trying to make contact New South Wales Lotteries who won a staggering $16 million with a Powerball player in last night's draw. from a North Strathfield newsagency The lucky ticket was bought by other players hoping to win big. where staff have been inundated scored a $15 million first prize, The winner, who was registered, in minor prizes. and another $1 million To the BankWest finance report, has hit a 6-week low and fears the Australian share market over fears of a US recession. And ConsMedia is down 43 cents. failing to secure financing Lachlan Murdoch and James Packer for a $3.3 billion takeover bid. after being sledged Aussie blokes have hit back most stylish women. by two of the world's of not knowing how to dress well. They've been accused Some may have to wear it, deserve the dressing down but do all Aussie men from two of London's style gurus? they've copped a well-dressed Australian man. We're yet to see I can say that hand on heart -

a well-dressed Australian man. I've yet to see who tell the world what not to wear, Trinny and Susannah, is Shane Warne. say our biggest offender ambassador, Shane Warne is an extremely bad to look at sportsmen. and I don't think we need a small part of our society Just because there is still that is very blokey to how they dress, and maybe doesn't pay attention I challenge Trinny and Susannah to me and my friends. to come and say that long to find some stylish lads. Out on the streets, we didn't take they weren't locals. It's just a shame I don't think it's their fault. there's not much variety. In Australian shops there's not much to buy. You have to wear bright colours, why it's not their fault. And there's another reason

My wife did. Who got you guys dressed today? I dressed myself. How about you? I guess so. So it is your fault! Professional shoppers Trinny and Susannah's comments. couldn't believe I was so shocked, totally shocked. I dress a lot of men, and they're open to new styles. and they're open to colour looking right with the shirt I try to get the joggers I try to get the cap right. and even the cap - This is me. is the only accessory they need. That confidence Ali Donaldson, Ten News.

Let's take a look at the weather

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partly cloudy, many fine, a chance

of a shower. No matter what happens,

I have got it right. of a shower. No matter what happens,

I have got it right. But have a

look at New South Wales. Sport now with Tim Webster, and there's a Bulldog looking for a fresh start. Yes, he's the player who bit a rival - his story shortly. Plus, a staggering bonus payment to India's cricketers Also, MacGill's wicket ways - he grabbed a bagful in his comeback from hand surgery. And coming down the mountain as you've never seen it before - skateboards take to the famous Bathurst circuit. EXCITING MUSIC Canberra's biggest ever display village has so many brilliant ideas you'll be dazzled. The LDA/HIA Display Village in Gungahlin.

Be dazzled this weekend. There's no place like the NSW outback and there's no place like Broken Hill.

With its rich mining heritage and colourful arts community, you'll leave feeling inspired and invigorated. And with some great deals now available, there's never been a better time to visit. Call: Or go to: This program is captioned live. The NRL's plan to kick off its centenary season at the Sydney Cricket Ground looks set to be derailed, ironically, by the man with the initials SCG. Stuart MacGill made a triumphant return to first-class cricket today, skittling South Australia in his first game for the Blues since hand surgery.

MacGill took 5/49, including a wicket with his first ball, to reduce the Redbacks to a paltry 128. NSW will host Victoria in next week's final, provided they pick up as many or more points than the Bushrangers, who are taking on Queensland at the MCG. It hasn't been all smooth sailing in reply, though - the Blues 4/76 at stumps. And a big welcome home for India's one-day side. Fans big and small turned up at Delhi airport then packed into Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium. The team lapped up the attention as well as their bonuses - the Indian cricket board rewarded the players with $2.68 million between them for bringing home the Commonwealth Bank Trophy. With the NRL season just a week from kick-off, one player is particularly keen for a fresh start. Bulldogs forward Brad Morrin's back after a lengthy suspension and wants to prove he's more bark than bite. They spill blood most weekends for an even better cause - but today the Bulldogs were doing it Blood Service. helping out the Australian Red Cross And the needle? It didn't hurt a bit. but I was just stretching. They reckon I curled my toes, was forward Brad Morrin. Also volunteering He's eligible for Round 1 his infamous chomp on Timana Tahu, after completing an 8-match ban for

isn't his go. something he wants to prove to a big brother thing. I sort of put it down

with your big brother When you get a bit angry you tend to lash out. and lashed out, I was angry at the time but I don't consider myself a biter. It's been a tough time for him. as a biter He doesn't want to be known it was out of character for him, and we certainly know to getting out there so I know he's looking forward

and doing what he does best and put it behind him. and play footy in first grade, Ironically, if he's picked will be against the Eels. Morrin's first game trying to get back at me, There might be a few but we'll see what happens. chasing Israel Folau, The Bulldogs are one of several clubs before Round 1. who's pledged to settle his future $400,000 a season on the table, With offers of more than it's money the Storm can't match. some really attractive offers He's a young man with, I'm sure, to go and play elsewhere, so he has to weigh those things up. rugby league than Melbourne. But there's no better place to play in last year's decider The side they beat also had their season launch,

the inaugural Manly skipper, this year's captain sitting beside 85-year-old Max Whitehead. Adam Hawse, Ten News. of the past and present Rugby league greats Birchgrove Oval, last night, gathered at the sport's birthplace, to celebrate 100 years of the game. competition match in 1908 The site of the first of the code's centenary season. played host to the launch in the premiership trophy, The pair immortalised Norm Provan and Arthur Summons, joined in on the festivities. nights like this Until you're part of two legends of the game and you're beside and you've got to do your best. you realise you can have an impact will be capped off The season-long celebrations in October. with Australia hosting the World Cup News just to hand - has been cleared of any wrongdoing Sydney Swans coach Paul Roos cleared him after an AFL investigation or regulations. of breaching any AFL rules Russell Ingall and James Courtney Feuding former team-mates round at Eastern Creek, ahead of this week's V8 Supercars to save their biggest statements though both drivers have vowed for on the track. Rabbitohs recruit Craig Wing Meanwhile, did his best to keep his cool championship leader Jamie Whincup. during a hot lap with in so many different directions The car was moving

and I kept looking across at him his grandma out for a drive. and it was like he was taking

I couldn't believe it.

tomorrow. Racing proper begins at Eastern Creek is two shots off the pace Australian golfer Marcus Fraser of the Malaysian Open. after the first round

content. The Aussie can walk away from day one on the 18th Despite this near miss for eagle he fired an impressive 8-under 64. with Fraser, England's Simon Dyson finished equal

including the shot of the day. into the ninth. COMMENTATOR: This is Dyson's second How good was that? set the early pace His countryman Nick Dougherty

for a 2-stroke lead. with a career-best 62, 10 birdies, At the Pods Championships in Florida, for the catch of the day. the birds were working hard Stuart Appleby's putter Unfortunately, for a birdie here. wasn't working well enough

Oh, that is a missed opportunity. COMMENTATOR: had much more luck Fellow Aussie Nathan Green

getting himself out of trouble.

How about that! with eight straight pars. Nathan Green due to darkness, Before play was suspended Appleby regained some form, and with compatriot John Senden leader American Bart Bryant. is two shots behind To the tips, and Michael Sullivan's selections meeting at Rosehill Gardens. for tomorrow's Group 2 Apollo Stakes has been taken over V8 stronghold Mount Panorama by four-wheelers of a different kind. best downhill skateboarders The world's the treacherous stretch of tarmac were getting a feel for Gravity Sports event ahead of this weekend's "Newton's Playground". them reach speeds of up to 80km/h The specially designed boards help down Conrod Straight.

also includes The Bathurst-based event wake-boarding, BMX headlining the music line-up. with Aussie band Grinspoon And in Sports Tonight, between the Waratahs and Brumbies debuts in AFL history. and one of the most anticipated A big weekend. Let's take another

look at traffic. An excellent in

Roseberry put to mark the hazy

afternoon has contributed to poor

visibility. Isles remained to the

roadblock at the intersection of

the James Roose drive and Concord

Road. See how bad the traffic is. We have bumper to bumper conditions all

all the way back to the ride bridge.

Did Go back into North Ryde. Stay with us. is next. Tim Bailey's weekend weather wrap Yes, it's back. common-rail turbo diesel, With a more efficient 2,800kg braked towing capacity, and superstar looks alloys, dual front airbags from $32,990 for ABN holders. And Navara D22 DX 4x2 Diesel ABS and dual front airbags. with aircon, limited slip diff, at your Nissan dealer this month. Check out the superstars

It was a dark and stormy night, and despite assurances from the bitter

weather man, the newsreader was

still concerned about the weekend.

That is because the news reader has

known the with a man for a round

about 20 years and still gets it

wrong. I am confident it. As Gray

and as gloomy as this upshot books,

Saturday will be a fair day. A

little bit of sunshine and the odd

shower. Sunshine on your shoulder

on Sunday. Fine and sunny - a

guarantee from me. I mean it. Hello

to Elly, 67 years old amateurs us

every night. He wants to say hello

to all the team. And a fine weekend

coming your way. I know it coming your way. I know it doesn't

look like it, but I have got some

time to polish it up. look like it, but I have got some time to polish it up.

Cloud over eastern New South Wales is causing boundary showers. is causing boundary showers. Clear

skies over South the Australia are

due to a ridge, a leading to a hot

day tomorrow. Tomorrow's weather

map - hot north-east Lee winds

across the south. South-easterly

winds at cross the Queensland coast.

Possible afternoon storms for the

New South Wales more than Rangers.

If you are going to be beached this

weekend, Saturday not the greatest

of options as far as ways are

concerned. It's go to the surf report.

And congratulations dust up that

way today, surf tag was on. Some of

the top surfers in the world served

for their clubs. North now been won it

it for the second time in a row.

Congratulations to them. Good to

see all those big names surfing for

their clubs. That's going to stay:

Have a lovely weekend.

Have a lovely weekend. Just quickly

- we have a word from the captain

of the Sea Shepherd ship that shots

had been fired at them. He had been fired at them. He claims

that shots had been fired at them

by the Japanese whaling ships in by the Japanese whaling ships in the Southern Ocean. We will have

more detail in the late news. Finally tonight - an Aussie daredevil has flown his hang glider into the world record books. Two days ago he soared like an eagle for 500km. When it comes to jumping off the side of a mountain... Yeehaa! in the world does it quite like Jon Durand.

On Wednesday, the 27-year-old leapt off a hill in the Gold Coast hinterland on a wing and a prayer. He came back with a world record. His marathon flight started at Beechmont near the coast.

From there he patiently piloted his hang-glider for nine hours and 512km to Muckadilla, deep in western Queensland. off a mountain in the world It's the longest flight on any unpowered aircraft. And news travels fast - today his take-off zone was crowded with hopefuls looking for a tilt at hang-gliding glory. They've all turned up here in hopes to try and break records today, but it doesn't look like a record day for them, so I think everything's going to be safe for me right now. But rather than run the risk of a rival eclipsing his milestone, he says he's got his sights set on even greater distances. While Jon is happy with breaking the 500km world record, the next time he has a go he reckons he can go one better. He wants to fly over 700km. That record was set by an American who was towed into the air by a plane, but Jon says he'll do it without any help and will fly all the way to Charleville. And he doesn't mind spending the time in the air - as far as he's concerned, it's the ultimate escapism. Once you take off the hill, you're free. You're up there flying like a bird. If you've ever dreamed of flying like an eagle, this is as close as you can get to doing that.

On the Gold Coast, Simon Hooper, Ten News. That's Ten News for now. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company.