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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. G8 anger - ahead of the summit in Scotland. protestors clash with police the spirit of Hillsong The Treasurer gets into as the PM takes a dive in the polls. a high-speed chase in Sydney. A woman arrested after Good morning.

have been arrested Dozens of protestors ahead of the G8 summit. during violent protests in Scotland, richest nations The leaders of the world's are meeting in Edinburgh tomorrow. on the streets of Edinburgh Seven hours of anarchy as protesters went on the rampage due to start this week. ahead of the G8 summit angry over globalisation, Around 1,000 militants, of running battles that went all day. faced up to police in a series It was in marked contrast to Live 8, around the world, the peaceful weekend of rock concerts designed to draw attention people in Africa. to the plight of poverty-stricken in Africa basically cry - You can cry and watch people this is not what it's all about. they don't need this, Police knew for days beforehand from a hard core of anarchists. they would face violent protests across Europe to make their point - The anti-capitalist groups came from so they couldn't be identified. many wore masks joined in the demonstrations, And locals to attack police. taking the opportunity Edinburgh's main shopping district, The scuffles spilling into shoppers and terrified children. and caught up in the fighting -

of determined anarchists We're facing a hard core supported by hangers-on. have been facing up to the police. Large numbers Police made more than 60 arrests - during the street battles. several officers also injured of the scale of the violence In London, Bob Geldof was unaware

to the Scottish capital as he prepared to fly hoping for new measures with rock stars and activists to alleviate world poverty. thing for someone like me to do, Just turning up is a very small but it's a big thing, you know? be heard, Everybody has to let their voice and there's power in numbers. Police are expecting more violence

converge on Edinburgh. as thousands more protesters

John Hill, Ten News. has been punished in the polls The Federal Government industrial relations changes. over its sweeping voters are deserting the Coalition. Two new surveys show its star status in the polls, His Government might be losing like a rock idol but the Treasurer was greeted of the Hillsong Pentecostal church. at the annual conference of God in your lives, I hope that you find the strength

of a society because this is the strength of our nation. and this will be the strength CHEERING AND APPLAUSE The Treasurer invited back during last year's election campaign. after his successful appearance All the best for Hillsong 2005. been met with a much cooler response, But the Government's IR changes have to take to the streets in protest prompting nearly 200,000 people and the way minimum wages are set. at changes to unfair dismissal laws And voters are responding. Two new polls out today

for the Coalition. both show falling support in the AC Nielsen survey, Labor's clearly ahead and even in Newspoll. The biggest drop, though,

approval rating - came in the Prime Minister's and 7 in the other, slumping 10 points in one poll to his lowest point in years. The Treasurer blames the unions bagging the legislation. and their advertising campaigns a negative than a positive. It's always easier to sell to fight back with its own campaign. But the Government's vowed opposed the IR changes, Even though in one poll 60% of people he can change their minds. Peter Costello thinks maturely think about this, As time goes by and as people flexible industrial relations system I think they'll realise that a more and higher wages. mean a better economy, more jobs Laurel Irving, Ten News. Dramatic developments this morning into Queensland's Dr Death. at the royal commission joins us live from Bundaberg, Ten reporter Danielle Isdale to shut down the Morris Inquiry? and, Dani, lawyers are trying Yes, Frank. The entire commission

is on a knife-edge at the moment.

Weeks of public hearing, months of

hard work and millions of dollars

are in the balance. Commissioner

Tony Morris said he received

notices from two lawyers that they

intend to sue. They are making

applications to the Supreme Court

on the basis of bias. Whether the

commission can continue or not

under those circumstances is

unclear. What is clear is the very

upset patients of Dr Jayant Patel

have never been more distressed.

Where was the justice for us then?

When they were slicing me open like

an animal, where was my justice?

There's a lot of us people who are

suffering and continue to suffer

for the rest of their lives. People

have lost their lives, people have

lost their limbs. We did not ask to

be treated like animals going to

the slaughter. So on Thursday

morning, the commissioner will hear

from both parties who wish to stop

the commission. They'll decide at

that point whether to disqualify

himself or not, whether to abort

the inquiry or not. Until then,

it's evidence as usual. in Bundaberg. Ten reporter Danielle Isdale and business allies Steve Vizard's political have rallied around the entrepreneur. The former TV funny man information as a Telstra director, has admitted misusing confidential in limbo. putting his corporate career with many powerful friends He's a man is likely to need all of them and Steve Vizard over corporate law breaches. when he faces court later this month

REPORTER: Do you feel sorry for him? position he's in, obviously. I think it's a very difficult possible position, I think this will be the worst that is that it's yet to come before the court, the penalty involved. the court hasn't determined As a Telstra director, market-sensitive information he's accused of using of three software companies. to trade in the shares who is overseas on a family holiday, A spokesman says Mr Vizard, from the share deals - actually lost money to the tune of $335,000. out of pocket The court action could see him banned for several years from serving on any boards and fines of up to $600,000. But he's said to be grateful the matter has been brought to a head after two years of uncertainty. We need 10 Steve Vizards in the State to continue to propel the succeess of Victoria throughout the world. But the corporate high-flyer's future is up in the air. He's stood down as head of Victoria's Major Events Corporation and the Premier won't say if he'll have him back.

I am not in a position really to judge whether or not those matters are matters which will require him to be barred from serving on a public company or not. The Federal Court will hear

the Australian Securities and Investments Commission's case against Mr Vizard on July 21. Gareth Boreham, Ten News. A woman has been arrested after a high speed chase through Sydney. Police threw spikes onto the road to stop the allegedly stolen four-wheel drive after a pursuit covering some 50km. An 18-year-old will face court this morning, charged with stealing a motor vehicle, driving without a licence,

and driving in a manner dangerous to the public. A man will face court after an attack on a Sydney shop attendant. He was arrested with another suspect after he allegedly tried to rob a convenience store and stabbed a shop attendant in the back with a blood-filled syringe. Another worker at the shop activated the security doors,

trapping everyone inside until police arrived. Officers found a syringe dumped in a nearby rubbish bin,

and the injured shop attendant was taken to hospital for tests. A second man, who was arrested, has now been released. And police are searching for four suspects after two armed robberies on the Gold coast overnight. Three men burst into a 7-Eleven store at Burleigh Heads, threatening the shop assistant with an axe. The robbers removed the video surveillance tape

before escaping with a large sum of money. A Labrador service station was also held up. A man threatened the attendant with a 30cm knife before stealing cigarettes. Big names are being rolled out in a last-minute pitch by London to win the 2012 Olympics. But New York is fighting back, using an Australian. Tonight, London's bid seen playing their trump card, unleashing the most famous footballer in the world into the Olympic debate - an East End boy now backing an East End games. It's gonna inspire children - young children. To give our children the chance to see an Olympics in our own country is a special thing so that's why I believe that we should get it. There was one other rather famous name backing London today - the Princess Royal, giving praise to those behind the bid.

It'd be hugely disappointing for them if, in fact, we didn't win it. But the busiest man in Singapore toady was probably the PM, seeping in and out of meetings, singing London's praises. All these cities are big, powerful cities with good bids. It's just that I think that London offers something distinctive and better. London isn't the only city drafting in reinforcements. Australia's greatest modern Olympian has come to help New York - a bid that thrives on celebrity endorsement. If you believe in it, if you're passionate about it, you're here for the bid. You're not here for your own game. The media may try and create this kind of circus around who's who from each bid but I'm just one of the people that's representing New York. I think that there's still quite a number a voting members who haven't finally decided where they'll place their vote. But tonight, London was parading more of its own sporting celebrities.

Glamour won't guarantee the capital victory, but it won't do any harm either. Still to come - Schapelle Corby's defence team banks on new witnesses to get the convicted drug smuggler out of jail.

Plus - taking the plunge with sharks. I accept you, Gayle, as my partner, as my friend, as my wife. And Charles and Camilla bring out the big guns.

Schapelle Corby is banking on new witnesses to win her freedom. Her defence team has been given the go-ahead to present new evidence to fight her 20-year jail sentence for taking 4kg of marijuana into Bali. Up to new 30 witnesses could be heard, including Australian airport staff. The government is considering covering the cost of their travel bills or using video conferencing. We would be prepared to assist in relation to those matters but the Australian Government can't compel people to appear in a trial offshore. Corby's lawyers are hoping the hearing will start next month but admit they are unlikely to find a witness who will claim ownership of the drugs found in the Gold Coast woman's boogie board bag. A shocking discovery in a hotel pool in the US. For two hours, guests unknowingly swam around the body of a 7-year-old boy while police were out searching for the child. Tad Williams's uncle was supposed to be watching him, last night finding out the boy was dead. He last saw the 7-year-old racing his cousin to the hotel pool yesterday. The cousin got down to the pool, did not see him, so they began a search. For more than two hours, police and guests scoured every corner of the hotel. But it was this tourist, swimming in goggles, who found Tad at the bottom of the pool. There were probably 30 people in the pool area. We talked to everyone. People were even swimming in the pool, and unfortunately he was in the deep end of the pool,

probably in a corner area. Police have launched an investigation into how the search was bungled so badly, leaving dozens of hotel patrons to swim around the dead child for two hours. Horrified guests are being counselled. How can nobody see him at the bottom of the pool? Vanessa Cartigena was by the pool the entire time. We were all looking, you know, trying to figure out how could that happen, how could everybody be swimming in the pool and not notice?

In the United States, Rahni Sadler, Ten News. Prince Harry has been officially cleared of cheating over college art exams.

The Prince was accused of getting help with these paintings at Eton College. Art teacher Sarah Forsyth made the allegations at an unfair dismissal hearing. Today, the teacher won her case, but at the same time, the tribunal announced the Prince had been cleared of any wrong-doing. Harry needed the pass mark to become an army officer. Bringing out the big guns - Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall put an anti-aircraft gun through its paces as part of a living history display, marking 60 years since the end of World War II. The exhibition is designed to teach younger generations what it was like to live in wartime Britain. Some scary guests have turned up at a wedding in the US. Friends, family and sharks joined celebrations for Gale and Wayne Landry's big day. Nine hefty predators circled as the couple exchanged vows.

just in case. Two handlers also in the tank as my friend and as my wife. I accept you, Gayle, as my partner, Instead of traditional wedding bells, to the theme song from 'Jaws'. the couple left the tank teachers strike for higher wages. Still to come - from the NRL's racial abuse case. And in sport - the fallout in the Tour de France Also - Robbie McEwen disqualified for headbutting another Aussie.

public teachers Striking South Australian of Parliament House in Adelaide. have rallied on the steps a half-day stoppage 13,000 of them are holding to campaign for higher wages. kindergartens were shut this morning, Most government schools and alternative care arrangements. forcing parents to make The teachers have taken the action in enterprise agreement talks. following a breakdown of 14% over three years. They've rejected an offer Classes will resume this afternoon.

In finance news - is slightly higher. the Australian sharemarket

at Commonwealth Securities. To Donahue DeSouza for the Australian share market? And Don, another positive start It was certainly

a quiet night on

offshore markets. Financial markets

in the US closed for the

independence day holiday. The local

markets didn't need any

encouragement today. It's been a

fairly good start to the financial

year. There will be two major

influences on the share market in

the next few months - the price of

oil, as you would expect, and the

company reporting season, which

should kick in towards the end of

this month. And the Reserve Bank

meets today. What news can we

expect? At this stage, the Reserve

Bank meeting is seen as a non-event.

The Reserve Bank, in the end, does

face a pretty easy decision.

There's no case in either direction

for the Reserve Bank to either hike

or cut rates. The job market

remains tight but inflationary

pressures are still well and

contained, so there's no reason to

hike rates. The housing market has

slowed, but commercial construction

still remains quite strong, so

there's no reason to cut interest there's no reason to cut interest

rates - it's not too hot and not

too cold. Thank you. Bryan Fletcher Former South Sydney skipper his indigenous team-mates will today address cost him the Rabbitohs captaincy. over the racial slur that Fletcher has issued a public apology Dean Widders. for abusing Parramatta's Bryan Fletcher fought back tears of his 10 year career. as he said sorry for the lowest point

what I said. It was making me feel sick Parramatta forward Dean Widders, Fletcher racially vilified the South Sydney captaincy, his outburst costing him and a $10,000 fine. a one-match suspension I don't know why I said it. and I'll never say it again I've never said it before That's what shocked me as well, player and it's not in his make-up. because I know Bryan Fletcher as a

in his work with indigenous kids, Fletcher will also help Widders a negative into a positive. both parties hoping to turn to young kids Now he can relay the message before you say things to sort of think because you don't really mean 'em,

and hurt people. but they can dig a little bit deep In State of Origin news, to the Queensland squad Tonie Carroll's been added for tomorrow night's series decider amid talk that he's the man

to reduce the impact of Blues' star Andrew Johns. is play his own game. The best thing he can do is a ridiculous notion to be honest. Shutting Joey Johns down And Johns not too bothered by calls to take him out of the game. that Queensland use dirty tactics I can handle myself. I can handle it. Whatever happens on the field, Leanne West, Ten News. for St Kilda To AFL - and another major blow adding his name with star forward Fraser Gehrig to the club's mounting injury toll. a ruptured ligament in his thumb. Gehrig is facing surgery to repair

The next big decision facing St Kilda Fraser Gehrig will undergo surgery, is not if, but when, to the full forward the news coming as a shock late yesterday in a positive mood. after he emerged from scans just a check up. Nah, sweet as a bun, mate, of an immediate operation Gehrig has the option and a likely 6-week absence

further, more permanent, damage, or playing out the season and risking the Saints' woes his injury compounding after it was confirmed may not play again until September skipper Nick Riewoldt

after again cracking his collarbone. twice in one year, You wouldn't really, as far as footy goes but it's unlucky, it's disappointing worse off than me. but there are plenty of people will also keep veteran Robert Harvey Another torn hamstring out for a month. too much I'm trying not to think about it for me, 'cause it is quite distressing but, you know, what do you do? and get it better I'm just going to rehab it and get out there again. at the AFL Tribunal. A busy night looms a one-match suspension Collingwood will challenge rough conduct against Byron Pickett. given to Scott Burns for a charge of striking Darryl Wakelin. Forward Alan Didak will also defend He also faces a week off - to the Magpies' fortunes both outcomes crucial

against Brisbane at the Gabba on Saturday night. will also front tonight, Richmond ruckman Greg Stafford

against Jason Ball the club believing his actions didn't constitute a strike, accept a 2-match suspension while Essendon will reluctantly for ruckman David Hille. Damian Booth, Ten News. Robbie McEwen has been disqualified of the Tour de France from the third stage fellow Australian Stuart O'Grady. after a finish-line tussle with

his head against O'Grady, McEwen was punished for using winner Tom Boonen towards the line. as the pair chased eventual stage O'Grady finished third. battling it, right in the middle, COMMENTATOR: Look at O'Grady there, best of friends, we have to say, Robbie McEwan - they are not the and that was not a very nice move. were wrong to disqualify him, McEwen says the judges their decision wrecking his chances best sprinter in the great race. of winning the green jersey as the at the weather around the nation. Next in Ten News - a look

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Now for a look at the national weather, and for the rest of the day:

A Japanese tourist has stuffed himself to victory. 26-year-old Takeru Kobayashi put away 49 hot dogs in just 12 minutes. It's his fourth win at the annual US Independence Day contest.

Four, three, two, one, done! Second place went to petite Sonya Thomas. She downed 37 dogs. That brings you up to date with all the news.

Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight. I'm Frank Coletta, good afternoon.

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