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Tonight - towns swamped, thousands

evacuated, northern NSW hit by its

worst floods in years with more

trouble on the way. Swine flu alert

raised - more cases confirmed with

warnings the figure will keep

rising. And accused father killer -

the 14-year-old in shackles. Hello.

the 14-year-old in shackles. Hello.

Welcome to Ten's Late News. Also

tonight - the girls of the Liberal

Party - the website political

leaders don't want you to see. But

first, thousands of residents have

been evacuated as the worst floods

in years swamp major towns in the

north of NSW. Tonight a natural

disaster zone has been declared for

the Tweed, Byron, Ballina. Lismore,

Kyogle, Richmond Valley and

Clarence Valley local government

areas. And many evacuees from

Lismore have returned home. Grafton

residents have been bussed south.

Late News reporter Amelia Adams is

in Ballina tonight. Which way is

the storm heading now? It is

heading south. Grafton is bearing

the full force of the wild we are

tonight. -- weather. The town is

almost cut off by floodwaters,

which are rising fast. There is

unlimited access to the south, but

to the north, the Pacific Highway

is flooded in several places and

the Clarence River, which runs

through Grafton, is a major threat

to residents. It has been rising

very quickly. Because of that, an

evacuation order was issued. SES

crews are packing up and moving out

9,000 residents. Many of those have

been bussed out, where it is hoped

they will be out of harm's way. It

sounds like a huge logistical

challenge. What is the biggest challenge facing the emergency

crews tonight? It is a logistical

nightmare. The weather in Grafton

is horrendous. It is heavy rain,

driving winds, and getting all

those residents out to safety is a

huge effort for the SES, so that

will be going on all evening. The

Clarence River is rising fast. It

was expected to peak at 7.8m by

midnight. That is just 20cm below

the levee. That has just been

revised down a short time ago and

that peak is now expected to come a

few hours later, so some time early

tomorrow morning. At least that

would get give SES crews a few more

hours as they desperately try to

get all those residents out of the

area to safety. As the Clarence

River continues to swell, thousands

of Grafton residents were evacuated

south to Coffs Harbour. There was

little option for most, with just

millimetres tipped to separate the

levee bank from the river's peak at

midnight. In a previous life as an

Emergency Services minister, I have

been here for floods, but this is

worse than that occasion. Those

with the local knowledge told me

it's about a one in 10-20 year

event. The Premier declared much of

the north coast a natural disaster

zone. Central Lismore has been

turned into an inland lake. Homes

and businesses are underwater. Wes

Thompson was luckier than some. He

evacuated his car sales yard last

night. We were waiting to see what

happened, but once we saw

powerlines arcing and sparking, we

made the call to get out. Others

lost everything as the Wilsons

River continued to rise, forcing

thousands to leave their homes.

Nothing - what I've got on now.

It's like everybody in that caravan

park, they've got nothing left -

they've lost the lot.

they've lost the lot. Going quite

rapidly. We've been watching the

water rising from the back steps

and our neighbour has been

measuring from his verandah down to

see how fast it's been going and

still going quite rapidly about 5cm

every 5 minutes, so still coming

quite fast. The wild storms

quite fast. The wild storms along

the east coast are expected to

wreak more havoc this weekend. The

deep trough that inundated northern

NSW is expected to move north. That's triggered severe weather

warnings for the south-east coast

of Queensland and Fraser Island.

South-east Queensland is mopping up

after its worst flooding in more

than three decades. But the clean-

up mightn't last long - more rain

is on the way. It is the second

time in six months they have had to

clean up. It is not just mad they

have to remove, but tons of debris

washed into and household rubbish that has been

washed into the yards by

floodwaters. It is the top of a

utility vehicle that floated here.

Heavy machinery is moving into

flood zones from the Sunshine Coast

to the Gold Coast. It is going to

it is a big take weeks. We will get there, but

it is a big job. DSE s had 2000

homeowners calling for help. -- SES.

I want to know how they're going to

fix it so it does not happen again.

She is waiting on insurance

assessors. The damage bill is

expected to be in the millions.

expected to be in the millions.

Some people had just finished

renovations from the last flight

and they aren't doing it again. It

is hard. The potholes are appealing

-- appearing across the south-east.

Nine metre waves were recorded off

the gold coast, a swell so strong

the surface had to be extremely cautious.

What is the forecast for the

the Eastern seaboard? Finally, signs

the rain over the Northern Rivers

is easing. This time last night we

were seeing totals of close to 50mm

in an hour. In the last hour, we

have seen around 20mm an hour. This

is the last three hours of the rain

radar, so we can see much less rain

is falling. However, there are more

bands of rain across the coast

expected to sweep across the area.

Over the next 24 hours, we'll see

winds again sweeping across the

coast and significant beach erosion.

By the early hours of Saturday

morning, strong winds once again

for the Gold Coast. Conditions

for the Gold Coast. Conditions of

up to 80km/h stretching right the

way to the Hunter coast. While the

rain has eased, floodwaters are

still peaking. The Clarence River

at Grafton is expected to reach its

peak after midnight tonight. There

has been some wild weather on the

other side of the country, the west

coast. There certainly has. In fact,

a huge wedge of cold air has

blasted up from the Antarctic and

slammed onto the west coast.

slammed onto the west coast.

Residents will be noticing an

abrupt change to winter-like

temperatures and the highest 24-

hour rain totals have been around

120mm an hour, so around a quarter

of the man coming down across

Queensland and NSW. Winds have

peaked at over 100km/h. They have

eased back a little bit to around

80km/h, but causing enormous dust storms and widespread severe

weather.After a day of heavy

flooding, a king tide was the last flooding, a king tide was the last

needed. thing the NSW northern coastline


A series of storm fronts have sent

trees crashing onto homes and cars

in Perth. Downed lines left

thousands without power, some for

more than 28 hours. But the biggest

damage was out at sea. The huge

swell that tossed boats off

Fremantle and also destroyed a

famous local landmark. The cost of replacing the 1930s Cottesloe

replacing the 1930s Cottesloe pylon

- an estimated $500,000.

Some breaking news and the father

of tennis star Helena Duckett has of tennis star Helena Duckett has of tennis star Helena Duckett h

been formally charged. Damir Dokic

is facing up to eight years dead --

jail after threatening to blow up

the Australian embassy in Belgrade.

Helena Dokic. He said he was angry

over media reports saying he beat

his daughter.

Still to come - alert level raised

- Australia's swine flu cases

double in 24 hours. And making TVs

more expensive for the environment.

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This program is captioned live. For

some breaking news from London

tonight, I have our European

reporter Danielle Isdale on the

line. Danielle, one of our navy

officers has been facing some

combat in the court room?

combat in the court room? He

arrived yet the court looking a

little stressed. It was no surprise,

he was and four at eight big day.

He was arrested as soon as his

flight from Singapore landed in

London. Today in court he has

pleaded guilty to two counts of

assault and one count of Ms contact

on a plane. He has pleaded guilty

to these offences, basically he was

sitting in business class next to a

woman. She smelt alcohol on his woman. She smelt alcohol on his

breath, he was slurring and

swearing. He reached across her and

he tried to touch a face. She was

moved from her seat. An off-duty

cabin crew member was sitting next

to him and that man was the person

he assaulted. He punched him in the

face. He also will assaulted

another cabin crew member who came

to assist. It was nine or 10 hours

to assist. It was nine or 10 hours

until the flight landed and he was until the flight landed and he was

a restrained. He blames a a restrained. He blames a combination of alcohol and the

medication he was taking. He feared

that the flight would be hijacked

and that was the reason for his

unusual behaviour. He has

previously had an unblemished

record. Now it seems his

record. Now it seems his career in record. Now it seems his career in

the Navy could be over because of the Navy could be over because of

this incident and the sentence has

been handed up to a High Court. We

will find out his fate in the June.

Australia's swine-flu alert level has

has been raised with 12-people now

confirmed to have the disease. Authorities are convinced the

figure will rise with a South

Australian family succumbing to the

virus. Struck down mid-flight - a

42-year-old man rushed to hospital 42-year-old man rushed to hospital

in Sydney with suspected swine flu in Sydney with suspected swine flu

after arriving from Canada. Other

passengers not told of the threat.

I think it would have been good to

have been informed - definitely. In

Victoria the number of cases almost

doubled overnight from four to

seven.. There are now 11 confirmed

sufferers nationally. There is no cause for alarm.

cause for alarm. A 25-year-old male

and a 10-year-old girl testing

positive - she's a classmate of one

of three brothers who contracted of three brothers who contracted

the strain in the US. Her family

quarantined, her school now closed quarantined, her school now closed

until at least next Thursday. The until at least next Thursday. The latest victim, a 17-year-old boy

who returned to school after being

sick for five days. Authorities

believe the risk of infection of

other students is low.

other students is low. We are going

through the process of identifying

exactly which classmates he may

have had contact with, for how long,

so we can apply the protocols on

who should be given anti-virals and

who should be placed in quarantine.

While no confirmed swine flu cases

have needed to be hospitalised

there are concerns over the latest there are concerns over the latest

cases, authorities unable to link

the teenager to others swine flu

sufferers or recent international

travel. A similar occurrence in travel. A similar occurrence in

Adelaide - a 15--year-old girl

became South Australia's first confirmed victim, her

confirmed victim, her school closed

for at least a week. It's a shock,

yes, I don't know. Authorities are

still awaiting results for a

further twenty eight people across

Australia. A small number of those

we are waiting results on where

there's a high likelyhood... That

they will be positive to swine flu.

They'll start a series of newspaper

and radio alerts about the threat

over the weekend. Andrew Leahy, Ten

News. A slanging match has erupted

between the U.S President and his

predecessor's deputy. Barack Obama

has vowed to push ahead with

closing Guantanamo Bay, but Dick

Cheney warns that will put American

lives at risk.

Standing in front of a copy of the

US constitution and bill of rights,

President Barack Obama accused the

Bush administration of damaging

America's moral authority with the

use of torture against terror

suspects and the creation of the

military prison at Guantanamo Bay.

We are cleaning up something that

is quite simply a mess. Mr Obama is quite simply a mess. Mr Obama

made it clear times have changed -

torture will never be used on his

watch, he'll close Guantanamo Bay,

and keep American's safe. Instead

of serving as a tool to counter- terrorism, Guantanamo became a

symbol that helped al-Qaeda recruit

terrorists to its cause. Indeed,

the existence of Guantanamo likely

created more terrorists around the

world than it ever detained.

Minutes later at a different

location, former Vice President

Dick Cheney defended the Bush years, arguing controversial interrogation

tactics such as water boarding,

following the September 11 attacks

were crucial to national security.

were crucial to national security.

The enhanced interrogation of high

value detainees and the terrorist

surveillance program have without

question made our nation safer. A

nation that still faces threats

from terrorism, and from within its

own population. Three American men

and a Haitian are in custody

accused of plotting to blow up to 2

New York synagogues and shoot down

military planes. They wanted to

commit jihad. They were concerned

that Muslims were being killed in

Pakistan and Afghanistan. They were

caught after undercover FBI

investigators sold them fake bombs

and missiles. The mining industry

is warning of jobs carnage if the is warning of jobs carnage if the

Rudd government goes ahead with its

plan to tackle greenhouse gases.

But critics accuse the miners of

scaremongering and say many more

green jobs will be created.

Miners predict employment carnage

if the Rudd Government goes ahead

with its plan to tackle greenhouse

gases.The mining industry is being accused of scaremongering for

warning thousands of jobs are in

jeopardy. In a hot debate - the

minerals industry hopes these

figures will cut through - 24,000 jobs to be

jobs to be lost by 2020 - 66,000 by

2030 - if the government's carbon pollution reduction scheme is introduced. Why does Australia

think it has to get so far out in

front of the rest of the world,

imposing the highest carbon costs

on our producers for what? No

environmental gain! The Climate

change minister contradicts the

research findings. We undertook the

largest modelling exercise in the

nation's history last year and what

that showed was employment growth

in all major employment sectors.

This is cloud cuckoo land rubbish.

Where.. What are

Where.. What are we going to have -

factories making wind chimes in

Nimbin. The government says it's

been responsible in putting the

scheme forward - even delaying its

introduction for a year because of poor global economic conditions.

It's quite plain to anyone who

analyses the numbers properly that

the economic cost of inaction on

climate change is far greater than

the economic cost of action.

Environment groups say green jobs

are there. There are more jobs

globally, than are employed in oil

and gas. In Germany, there are more

jobs in renewables than in car

manufacture. What's important is

that we get cracking and create the

jobs. Not surprisingly, coalition

senators are not happy. Apart from

the scheme itself, they've

criticised the short amount of time

they've been given to review 11

complex pieces of legislation. We

have got something more extensive

than war and peace and we've been

given a Phantom Comic time to look

at it. The government wants the

legislation passed before world

leaders meet in Copenhagen in

December to thrash out a new

December to thrash out a new climate deal.

A recycling levy on new TV is being

considered as part of a breakthrough agreement to tackle Australia's growing electronic

waste. The move could increase the

cost of a new set.

The number of televisions thrown

out in Australia is soaring as

consumers switch to digital sets

and spend their stimulus payments

on new screens. Over the next few

years we are going to see an

unprecedented amount of televisions

going into the waste stream.

Manufacturers and green groups have

a plan to tackle the problem - they

want to introduce a mandatory e-

waste recycling program, funded by

a levy on electrical goods. They

admit, some manufacturers may pass

the cost onto consumers, but its a

small price to pay. It provides

consumers with a very simply way of

dealing with their computer, rather than it going

than it going into the dump so it

can leach out toxic chemicals. And

the Government is backing the plan.

At a meeting in Hobart Federal and State Environment Ministers agreed

to have an electric waste plan

finalised by November. We will have

a national e-waste scheme. That is

what the community has been asking

for, that is what industry has been

asking for. Ministers are yet to

sign off on the details of the

scheme - including the proposed levy. But

levy. But if experience overseas is

anything to go by making manufacturers responsible for the environmentally sound disposal of

their products, does work. Green

groups are also pleased the

ministers have agreed to seriously

investigate a national drink

container deposit scheme. Emily

Rice, Ten News.

Next, baby face killer - a 14-year-

old shackled in court, accused of

murdering his father.

murdering his father.

And the saucy young Liberals leave

some politicians hot under the

collar. Disappointed - unacceptable

and I'm disgusted by the blog responses it's received.

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This program is captioned live. A

14-year-old boy has been placed in

heavy shackles to face a US court, accused of murdering his

accused of murdering his father

Zachary Neagle has been charged as

an adult, with first degree murder,

and is being held in an adult

prison. He appeared in court for

the first time, with shackles

attached to his hands, waist and

feet. The teenager, who's thought

to have been sexually abused, is

accused of shooting his dad with a

high powered rifle while he slept.

A bad night on Wall Street and an

increase in long term interest rates made life hard for

rates made life hard for the stock

market today. For the details,

CommSec's Tom Piotrowski. Daily in,

day out the market strives to

understand when the global economy

will move out of its current State.

What stands in the way of recovery

is an increase

is an increase in long-term

interest rates. That happened in

the last 24 hours. We saw interest

rates jump. Overnight, you is

dollar assets got sold off

aggressively. That is why at the

local markets finished lower by

about one-and-a-half %. It was the energy

energy stocks that went the worst

today. They all followed into

negative territory. In relation to

the floods in Queensland, the

official word out of insurers, that

stock is up by three-quarters of 8%.

Some court is down 2%. A few things

to look out for next week? Especially the

Especially the US government will

be borrowing more than $100 billion.

Depending on how these options grow

they will have an impact on how our

stock market's growth. Among the

losers today, Wesfarmers down more

than two per cent, Rio Tinto down

more than three per cent and

Woodside Petroleum down more than

four per cent.

Titillating photos of young women

from the Liberal Party are at the

centre of a new political scandal.

Political argument aside - the

author of this blog says the

author of this blog says the conservatives win because, quote,

"It has all the hot girls". But the scantily-clad young Liberals

pictured as proof have left the

party's leaders a little hot under

the collar. Disappointed -

unacceptable and I'm disgusted by

the blog responses it's received. I

think the author of the website has think the author of the website has

made a fool of himself and

certainly shouldn't be putting

pictures of anybody up.

pictures of anybody up. The

Opposition leader's media adviser

is one of the women shown on the

blog post which has now been taken down.

down. Its author says all pictured

gave their consent, and he claims

it's all just a joke between

friends. I think it shouldn't be

treated too seriously, quite

frankly. I mean, one view, I think

I could say to you David - I'm a

bit sorry I'm not young enough to

get on the list! Last year, Julia

Gillard made number 2 on men's

magazine 'Ralph's' list of the

hottest women in Australia but the

Prime Minister won't buy into the

debate over which party is more

attractive. I believe we have great

talent in the Australian Labor

Party, but in terms of the Liberal

Party there are others more

qualified to comment on this than

myself. It's all a lot of hot air,

according to some. People should be joining political parties because they're they're passionately committed to

improving the world - changing the

world - not because they could pick up.

up. Brad Hodson, Ten News. Sports

Tonight is next with Adam Hawse.

Can this be true? More controversy

for the NRL. Yes, Kath. Incredible.

But a referee has been attacked by

a spectator at the end of the

Tigers-Broncos clash. We'll have

all the details next, plus =- It is

an AFL blockbuster as the cats go

for nine in a road. A couple of

Friday night

Presenting...the Platybank. It's definitely a platypus bank. trademarked and copyrighted. Call me crazy, but I still think people would rather have their monthly fees waived when they open a Commonwealth Bank Transaction Account. Are you kidding?! No-fee banking over this party animal?! (ELECTRONIC QUACKING) (QUACKING CONTINUES)

How many did we make? Today?

The weather. Thick cloud is being

driven across northeast New South

Wales by an offshore low,

generating widespread rain and

flooding. Cloud over eastern

Queensland in a trough is

triggering isolated storms. Cloud

across WA along a front and trough

is causing squally showers and

storms, mostly in the southwest. A

low will develop off the southeast

Queensland coast, bringing more

heavy falls and potentially

damaging winds. A slow moving front

and low will maintain showers and

strong winds across southern WA and

into western South Australia, with

light showers extending up towards

the Pilbara. Sunny in Cairns,

Melbourne, Darwin and Alice Springs.

Melbourne, Darwin and Alice Springs.

Windy with showers in Brisbane and

Perth. Showers easing in Sydney. A

Possible shower in Canberra. Mostly

sunny in Hobart. Mostly cloudy in

Adelaide. And that's the latest from Ten News. Adelaide. And that's the latest from Ten News. Sports Tonight with

Rob Canning is next I'm Kathryn Robinson, goodnight.

up, and Tigers trying to some footy to be played. Fighting

like Cats and Dogs. Who comes out

on top? Another week from hell for on top? Another week from hell for

Terry Wallace -and he's feeling a

little flat. Attention NRL players

- don't be the next to stuff up.

The Mortimer name is back in the

big time, but not in blue and white

The Tigers are patched-up. But

toothless? We'll let you know.

Phillip Hughes returns with a

bagful of runs There's plenty of

swinging at the IPL. Webber's

spluttering. The Nuggets are far

from done in the NBA. So no need

for any tricks - this is Toyota

Sports Tonight.

Sports Tonight.

Kids by his side, Jason Akermanis

led out the Bulldogs in game 300.

But back from injury, Paul Chapman

soon had Geelong in control. Nine

goals for the season make that six

three. Steve Johnson also tormented

the Dogs defence in the first

quarter. Booting two goals in a

free flowing affair. Gary Ablett

was caught off guard after two

games out, but the Cats were soon

26 points up. Cutting a swathe - magnificent goal! Akermanis keeping

his side in it With a goal on the

siren. The Bulldogs began the

second quarter full of running, second quarter full of running,

Brad Johnson bagging two goals.

While Geelong star Jimmy Bartel

found trouble for tripping Shaun

Higgins. But nothing could stop the

Dogs snatching the lead. Falling

Dogs snatching the lead. Falling

forward and the goal from Hill. A

terrible clanger from Brian Lake

allowed Ablett to shark the ball

and pin-point a pass to Ryan Gamble.

His two goals handing the lead back

to the Cats. Before he crashed to

earth in a marking contest.

earth in a marking contest. Some earth in a marking contest. Some

very bad concussion the result.

Gamble carried from the field on a

stretcher. Only 13 points

separating the two sides at the

long break. Cooney almost within

range - that helps! As a groggy range - that helps! As a groggy

Gamble headed to hospital for a

check-up. Johnson broke the game open for Geelong.

open for Geelong. Johnson just the

man - eat your heart out. But

Akermanis matched it up the other Akermanis matched it up the other

end. The Dogs within four goals at

the final change. In a frenetic

last quarter Johnson grabbed goal

number five as the Cats looked home.

Before Akermanis once again dragged

his team within sight of a

fairytale victory.

fairytale victory. Finally, Brad

Johnson had the chance to win the

Johnson had the chance to win the

game. There's the siren. He's missed. The soap

The soap opera continues at

Richmond. With his club in disarray,

Tigers coach Terry Wallace today

fronted the media, refusing to

confirm or deny his captain Chris

Newman, asked him to resign on Monday.

With speculation of an internal

rift mounting, Terry Wallace did

nothing to refute claims his

captain Chris Newman asked him to

stand down. Look, any conversations

are held in private are private. Wallace

Wallace even defending the skipper.

I think Chris has been hung out to

drive. While the details of this

latest drama remain murky, the one

certainty appears be that Wallace

certainty appears be that Wallace

will be replaced, it's now just a

matter of whether he sees the

season out. Collingwood has flown

west with its season on the line.

The Magpies all too aware

The Magpies all too aware tomorrow

night's clash with the Eagles is a

must-win. The whole playing group

knows that. All the boys would be

silly if they thought this game was

not last minute for us. At least

the Pies have some relief on the the Pies have some relief on the

injury front. Josh Fraser is back,

but that's it. There's still

but that's it. There's still no but that's it. There's still no

Didak, Medhurst, Cloke or Thomas

for a trip, that will be pivotal to

Collingwood's season. Daniel Kerr

trained today and looks a certainty

to return for the Eagles. The Blues

had a light run this afternoon in

Adelaide. They've earmarked the

first quarter tomorrow against the

Crows to make their mark. It is

nice to silence the crowd early and

create some confidence.

create some confidence. And Port

Adelaide's Daniel Motlop has proven

the freakish goals he kicks in

matches are not just a fluke. The

Power forward showing off his

incredible skills at training, and

his opponents on Sunday, Sydney,

are already trying to match his

feats. Nathan Templeton for Sports

Tonight. Do not try this at home.

Tonight. Do not try this at home.

It was bloody impressive. The

Brisbane Broncos - Wests Tigers

clash at Campbelltown stadium in

Sydney has finished in controversy.

Referee Jarrod Maxwell was crash

tackled by a spectator after the

final whistle. It soured what was a

thrilling contest won by the visitors.

A blow for the Tigers just before

kick off with Robbie Farah a late

withdrawal. His former teammate Ben

Teo got a vicious reception from

his old club. He left the Tigers

last year, I don't think he left on

the best of terms The resulting

penalty handing the Broncos first

points. He's got Karmichael Hunt

into the play, cut out ball and

Weinterstein is over. Blues

halfback hopeful Peter Wallace was

doing plenty of damage down the

Tigers right side. Tries the kick in

in goal, no-one's there. Tim Sheens

was far from happy with the start.

But he would have liked this. As

the rain began to bucket down,

Wests grew in confidence. Tuiaki,

try and stop him, Tuiaki is over.

And then on the stroke of halftime,

Benji Marshall gave them the lead. He's gonna

He's gonna kick it low into the

uprights, it's into the in goal,

Marshall's there. That lead lasted

only minutes, and adding to the

crowd's disapproval it was Teo who

scored. Now,Lockyer's down the

right side. Teo's over. The Tigers

were far from finished - Blake

Ayshford crossed on debut. Laurie

will be hard to stop - looked

forward, fielded by Ayshford. But

as soon as they hit the front, they again let

again let it slip. It's knocked

down knocked back - it's on for

Lockyer, it's most unfortunate. To

make matters worse, Marshall was

sin binned the very next set. After

5 straight penalties he will wear

the brunt. His team-mates upped the

ante in his absence. He's slow he's

slow to straighten. Winterstein.

But as hard as they tried they

couldn't find the winning points.

The Broncos winning by two, but

there was drama after the final

whistle when a spectator crashed

tackled referee Jarrod Maxwell.

Jonathan Williams, for Sports

Tonight. The Cronulla Sharks board

will front the NRL on Monday to

explain why the club is in such a mess.

He did, but not enough. The

predators were in front by 10. 10 -

or at the break. A 10 - 8 soon

after. It was all the Eales, but

against the Tigers a tackle proved costly.

A penalty levelled the -- schools

and they have went into extra-time.

It hit the crossbar. He went within

a whisker of bending the decisive

field goal. Self's had won the

final chance with nine seconds left.

A draw and self- is not happy. Just

another week in rugby league. The

Cronulla Sharks board will front

the NRL on Monday to explain why

the club is in such a mess.

Meanwhile the man accused of

bringing sex workers into the

dressing room, has angrily denied

the allegations. The Cronulla

Sharks have been given extra time

to convince the NRL they should

remain part of next year's

competition. Andrew Blow joins us

now... Andrew, there were

allegations two sex workers visited

the Sharks dressing sheds after a

game last year, one of those women

has spoken out Brad, she did. She's

angrily denied ever being a sex

worker or ever being scantily clad

at a game Or even setting foot

inside the players' dressing room

for that matter. But the problems

at the Sharks run much deeper than


It may take more than a new suit to

clean up the club's image. Sex,

drugs and financial crises now

threaten the Sharks' very existence

and have once again forced the NRL

into damage control. He's now given

the Sharks now have until Monday to

explain their dire financial

straits, and the incident involving

Chief Executive Tony Zappia that left an employee with facial

injuries. But it's likely no amount

of explaining will save the current Cronulla board. With elections

underway, members we spoke to say

they've had enough. There's no

point voting for these directors.

They're going to do the same thing

again. We're going to end up with

no money again. I think three new

faces on the board, will shake up a

lot of things, from people that

have been there in the past. While

it's too late to save the club's

$700,000 a year deal with major

sponsor LG, The man accused of

introducing sex workers to the

players today, denied vehemently

the allegations. Cricket is coming

up after the break. Wife will

accuse chose country over cash. A accuse chose country over cash. A warts

He put his country before cash, and

so far, it's proved a stunning

success for Aussie Test rookie

Phillip Hughes. While others were

padding up in the Indian premier padding up in the Indian premier league, 21 year old Hughes warmed

up for the Ashes series with a swag

of runs in county cricket.

Returning home after a successful

stint with middlesex, Aussie

batsman Phillip Hughes is more than

ready to get back on the plane to

help defend the Aussie's urn. I

think the big thing is that I

played on three grounds I'll be

playing on and got to experience

them before this big series coming

up. No shortage of runs for the 21-

year-old either - smashing 574 from

just 5 innings and he's hoping

there's plenty more where they came

from. There's a couple of things

I'll be working on but there's -

but for sure I'll have a few left

in the tank. He'll join the rest of

the Aussie team in England mid June.

It'll be Australia's first Test

campaign on English soil since that

now infamous 2005 series loss. In

'05, I was only in Year 10, and

watching that series. Now I'll be

working on bringing the Ashes home.

But for now it's a bit of r' and r'

on his parents' banana farm in

northern NSW, where the new

earrings may just have to come out.

I actually get a bit of stick, it's

just something, I like to look good

and I put them on occasionally. Victoria Murphy, Ten News.

Adam Gilchrist's Indian Premier

League campaign remains alive,

after his Deccan Chargers qualified

for the semi finals. But the

Chargers need to lift their game

after a last round loss to

Bangalore, which featured some batting

batting brilliance from Manesh Padney.

A slow start for Bangalore,

Vandelvelt set about lifting the

run rate. He smacked 23 off 18, but

his knock was overshadowed By a

Padney masterclass. Gone, gone into

the peope. And another one - even

better shot. He has done well, it

doesn't matter. The 19-year-old

super striker belting an unbeaten

ton to carry to the Royal

Challengers to four for 170.

Hershelle Gibbs intent on matching

the youngster. Look at that shot, the youngster. Look at that shot,

look at that shot. That will be

another maximum. Gibbs with a lone another maximum. Gibbs with a lone

hand for Deccan. Seemingly cruising

he fell for 60 From there the chargers

chargers barely mustered a whimper.

Andrew Symonds second top score

with just 18. Deccan downed but

surviving to the semis. Delhi

warmed up for the final four with

an easy win over Mumbai. Verenda

Sehwag the star. And that might be

- placed it beautifully! His 50 off

27 balls locking in top spot for the Daredevils.

The Chargers needing run rate

equations to sneak into the semis, equations to sneak into the semis, despite that loss to Bangalore.

Padney's century one of the

tournaments finest knocks. Sehwag's

cameo giving the Daredevils first

place on the table, while the

Indians must now look to next

season. They finished second last.

Forget hamstring and knee injuries,

Pakistan has a new one ahead of the

20/20 World Cup. The country's

cricket board has amazingly

announced that fast bowler Shoaib

Akhtar has been ruled out of the

competition because he's suffering

from genital warts. Anthony 19's

next opponent is not lacking in

courage. He has questioned his

punching power. The fight is next

week in Brisbane. For a world title

holder, this man is as unassuming

as you can get. He is fighting the

man, mundane. I am just doing my

business, I will let my hands do

the talking. And his hands have

plenty to say. The man has the

chance to be champion in two weight

divisions. I will keep proving it

time and time again. Will the man

be able to back it up? He has shed

a four kilos. We will have to wait

and see whether he can power down.

He does not seem to be punching as

hard as he used to.

, the nerves are beginning to show,

I am making my debut. Sonny boy

Williams takes on his Kiwi team-

mate. Coming up - the mission at

Monaco. A flash of brilliance in

the Gulf. And magic Motlop.

I could just eat you all up. Yes, I could. VOICEOVER: New McCain Steam Fresh baby vegetables. (PING!) The sweetest vegies, in four single serves. Ah, McCain, you've done it again. (BLOWS RASPBERRY) leather Lee tard but I think it was more the poses I was

didn't fit in your lining the corridor. I don't know.

But for someone who wears so little

why so many bags? Are you suggesting I

This program is captioned live.

Welcome back. The Denver Nuggets

have levelled their Western

conference play-off series against

the LA Lakers with a win away from

home. But the Nuggets victory home. But the Nuggets victory

wasn't in the bag until the final two seconds.

Looking to go two and zip at home,

Kobe Bryant kickstarted the Lakers

charge. Trevor Ariza joined in the

party tricks. charge. Trevor Ariza joined in the party tricks. charge. Trevor Ariza joined in the party tricks. charge. Trevor Ariza joined in the party tricks. charge. Trevor Ariza joined in the

party tricks. An early seven point

lead, and Jack was rapt. So were

his glamorous and not so glamorous

mates. But not for long, as Denver

superstar Carmello Anthony exploded

into action, dragging the Nuggets

back onto level terms. Ariza added

to his personal highlight reel. And

Kobe did his best to keep LA in the

hunt pouring in a team high thirty-

two points. But Anthony outdid that,

his thirty-four putting the

visitors in front. The Lakers had

one late chance to send it to overtime.