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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. defending the defenceless. Tonight - on people who abuse animals. New laws to crack down sparks uproar, Magistrate Pat O'Shane who abused police. dismissing charges against a man from an outback gunman. And Joanne Lees tells how she escaped and Jessica Rowe. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening, also tonight - all Australians against bird flu. the plan to vaccinate veteran passes away at 106. And Australia's last World War One people convicted of animal cruelty. But first - tough new penalties for carrying a 5-year jail term, A new offence,

'William's Law' is already being dubbed which died after being set on fire. in memory of a kitten early this year Two sickening cases of animal cruelty forced the Government's hand. survived this horrific attack Somehow an 8-week-old kitten at Seven Hills railway station. by three thugs another kitten known as William A month later, for life after being set on fire. lost a painful 2-week battle that we are tough The community demands and violent crimes on these sickening, cruel against defenceless animals. of the Government's crackdown - These are the main points The new offence of aggravated cruelty on animals used by police. will also cover attacks Titan last year while on duty. This follows the murder of police dog with an axe. A police dog was hit on the head have thrown marbles Violent demonstrators under the hoofs of horses, causing them to slip and fall. abusers to have a criminal record. The Government wants all animal Research has found a link cruelty and violence against humans. between some people accused of animal The RSPCA has welcomed the new laws.

The RSPCA has been lobbying for

stronger penalties for a long time. between Pat O'Shane and the cops. It's not the first clash Now she's upset them again

Rufus Richardson took them on, after drunk Canberra man in The Rocks. abusing a booze bus team of police The cops have had it. coming out of court They are sick and tired of decisions

that go against them this sort of abuse. when they are getting in the Rocks around midnight. Richardson had left this hotel the police bus window and called out: The court heard how he knocked on after he gave them the finger. His freedom curtailed with the help of Pat O'Shane. But he won the day later She criticised those who charged was what you'd expect him,l claiming Richardson's language in The Rocks at that time of night. His solicitor saying by Wests Tigers players the F-word he used was also mouthed when they won the premiership. between what is legally offensive I think there is a difference socially offensive by somebody. and what is currently considered for the law Ultimately we depend on them

for any kind of abuse of police. and I see no excuse at all walking with my family, I would be very offended if I was I would kep walking. but at night if I saw such behaviour an appeal. The police have already lodged of the appeal, Regardless of the outcome will have no impact on police policy the magistrate's surprise ruling at top level. his operational police The Commissioner now urging to ignore the decision subjected to abuse in future. and make arrests if they are Very much so. and behaviour on this occasion Clearly there was a levl of conduct that was totally inappropriate. Harry Potter, Ten News. in Ten's news poll. Now a chance to have your say Extraordinary details tonight from a gunman in the outback. about Joanne Lees' escape has told a Darwin court The British woman

to fight for her life. how she made the decision to continue her evidence Joanne Lees arrives a picture of cool reserve.

a steelier side emerges But inside the court with a gunman as she tells of her struggle she believes killed her boyfriend. The 32-year-old says tailing the Kombi van she remembers a four-wheel drive she and Peter Falconio were in on the outback highway. just outside Barrow Creek kept trying to flag the couple down The man inside until they stopped. and has not been seen since. Falconio got out to talk to him Lees says she heard a sound a car backfiring or a gunshot. that could have been But she refused to give in to fright with a gun. when the man appeared by her side to punch her attacker in the crotch. She put up a fight and tried to handcuff her But he still managed her real terror kicked in. and that's when

as she recalled the horror Lees sobbed did Falconio's mother Joan and so, too,

from the public gallery. who was watching with the family her attacker in the court, When Lees was asked if she could see in the eye and said "yes". she looked Murdoch squarely She had no doubts he was the man. and looked away. The prisoner just shook his head Lees says as the man from the four-wheel drive. she recognised Bradley Murdoch impassively in the dock as she spoke The truck driver from Broome sat impassively in the dock as she spoke

and occasionally took notes. for the Falconio family But it was gruelling last violent moments. hearing of their son's Amber Muir, Ten News. joins us now from Darwin. And Amber Muir for the day, any late new evidence? Amber, the case is wrapping up

There has been. We have heard a lot

about the emotional scars that

Joanne Lees still bears and late

today a demonstration of the

physical ones, a series of today a demonstration of the

photographs tended to the court physical ones, a series of

showing injuries to her knees, photographs tended to the court

forearms and elbows astained in the

outback attack. Ms Lees showed the forearms and elbows astained in the

jury the scars she still bears four

years on. Now, I understand that it jury the scars she still bears four

was a very emotional day as you years on. Now, I understand that it

said in your report, even tears

being shed today. What sort of

effect is that having on the jury? being shed today. What sort of

They've been very attentive. effect is that having on the jury?

Viewers will have seen fresh They've been very attentive.

pictures of the Kombi van Peter and

pictures of the Kombi van Peter and Joanne were travelling in when they

were ambushed. The panel returned

to court with a series of questions

for Ms Lees about the lighting and

windows in the vehicle, which she

answered. That was an unusual move

given the prosecution had not

given the prosecution had not given the prosecution had not finished asking their own set of

questions. The cross-examination by

questions. The cross-examination by the defence is expected to start tomorrow. Angry scenes in Wollongong today as 500 protesters hurled abuse at the Prime Minister over industrial relations reforms. John Howard also coming under fire from the Salvation Army. The Prime Minister was in Wollongong, a Labour stronghold where the locals don't like his workplace reforms. CROWD BOOS What's wrong with you Australians? You're losing! Our country's going down to the bloody dogs! Get up and fight! Hundreds marching to protest over the Government's new industrial laws. To let John Howard know that we want our rights as workers to remain as they are. We're gonna lose all our overtime. I'm going to be expected to go to work at 3:00 in the morning for single time. It's just not on. The Salvation Army has joined other churches rejecting the new industrial policies and branding them as exploitative. We're concerned that the new changes might exploit the vulnerable. I expected there to be opposition. The vulnerable will be advantaged by these changes. Marchers rallied outside a fundraising lunch where local Liberals were complaining about union power. Unions rallying here say the new industrial laws threaten the Australian way of life but the PM insists, under his proposals, workers will be better off. I've, in fact, presided over the biggest real wage increase on a sustainable basis that this country's had since World War II. I mean, I happen to believe in high wages. He is an industrial terrorist who's hell-bent on destroying Australian society.

Because after this legislation, Australian society will change forever. The PM later met with union officials to hear their grievances. John Hill, Ten News. The last Australian to see active service in World War One has died at the age of 106. Living through three centuries, the former sailor helped shape our nation and will be honoured with a Victorian state funeral. William Evan Allan served his country in not one, but two world wars after joining the navy aboard HMAS 'Encounter' when he was just 14. His journey ended peacefully far from the battlefields at this Melbourne nursing home last night with the PM leading the tributes. He takes with us a piece of our history. It is quite a moment. He lived a long life, he lived a very good life.

The Victorian Premier has announced a state funeral. Having a veteran, a World War I veteran and a World War II veteran, he served in both, he gave service to his country, it's important we recognise that, we acknowledge it, we remember it. Mr Allan's wife, Gwen, died 24 years ago, and since then he'd also grieved over the loss of his two brothers and three sisters. In a statement, his family says that while recently troubled by a loss of sight and hearing, he remained remarkably lucid until the end. And it was a remarkable life to recall. During his 33 years in the navy, Mr Allan was an eyewitness to key moments in history, including the coronation of King George VI. It takes away an incredible generation of Australians. Mr Allan is survived by his daughter and two grandchildren. Gareth Boreham, Ten News. Tim Webster has a look ahead to sport and its top secret Socceroos. Yes, the World Cup qualifying mission to Uruguay will be as hush hush as possible. The reason - to avoid a repeat of these wild scenes from the last failed campaign where the Socceroos were jostled and spat at when they arrived in the Uruguayan capital. More in sport. Also in sport - Wayne Bennett takes aim and fires off at the critics who want him sacked from his coaching jobs for Australia and the Broncos. Next, the little boy crushed by a school gate. Plus, a paparazzo photographer's legal victory in the Nicole Kidman bugging case. And the ambitious plan to immunise every Australian against bird flu. With WorkChoices, it will continue to be unlawful for you to be sacked for such things as being pregnant, for family responsibilities like caring for a child who has fallen ill. It will be unlawful for you to be sacked for refusing to negotiate an Australian Workplace Agreement. will receive assistance and support from the Office of Workplace Services. paid for by the Australian Government. call the WorkChoices hotline on 1800 025 239. This program is captioned live. A 5-year-boy has died after a school gate suddenly collapsed on him in northern NSW. Gabriel McBurney had just grabbed the sliding gate when it came down on top him. Forensic experts worked through the night, trying to work out why the gate gave way. This morning, Lismore's Trinity School community mourned the popular son of their canteen manager. As we remember the life of Gabriel and we ask for God's strength to be with the McBurney family. Counsellors were called in to console grieving staff and students. The celebrity photographer suspected of leaving a bugging device near Nicole Kidman's Sydney home has won a legal victory. He won't have to give DNA evidence about the equipment found near the Oscar winner's home. Jamie Fawcett has good reason to smile. The celebrity photographer won't have to give DNA evidence. Police were seeking to link him to a bug placed near Nicole Kidman's luxury Sydney home in January. I'm only happy that common sense has prevailed. I thought for a long while this has just gone on and on and I am glad it's over. The Supreme Court also found the 43-year-old wasn't using the listening device to record or listen in on the Oscar-winner's conversations. There was nothing, nothing ever - there was no evidence in relation to this listening device as far as I am concerned and this matter shouldn't have gone this far, but it has. Fawcett's legal bill will be picked up by the police service, which is considering an appeal. It's cost Mr Fawcett a lot of money in circumstances where all he's ever been doing is doing his job. The Supreme Court ruling isn't a total victory for the celebrity photographer. There's a chance that the case could start all over again at the lower court level. This is the second legal run-in between the pair. The actress settling a separate restraining order against Fawcett

out of court. Kidman claimed he made her feel fearful of leaving home and went too far in pursuing her for pictures.

She is famous. We are all interested in what she does, so... Kevin Wilde, Ten News. Bird flu vaccinations may be available to every Australian as early as next year. Trials of a vaccine are under way,

and the Government will consider offering the drug to everyone if a bird flu pandemic looks likely. Europeans are doing all they can to stop the spread of bird flu but the disease marches on. Greece now confirming its first case. Australia has so far escaped but a vaccine is now being trialled which could be made available to everyone. We will then consider whether it shouldn't be mass produced with general vaccinations but we've got to cross some rather important bridges first. The Government is helping drug company CSL fund live trials of a vaccine and the results should be known within months. But the Opposition wants more details about how the Government would manage such a massive immunisation program, given everyone would need two shots. To mobilise our population like that is a wartime-style effort. The disease is still hard to catch but the fear is the virus will mutate and spread among humans. There is a serious risk of a pandemic striking in the not-too-distant future. But that appears at odds with the Prime Minister. There is a heightened danger but it's a long way from some of the fear scenarios that have been floated by some. Like most countries, Australia is now stockpiling the two antiviral drugs

which may help fight bird flu. In fact, demand is so high, one international company is about to restart production of one of the drugs in Melbourne. The first drugs from Melbourne are expected next year, doubling worldwide supplies. We've actually had a huge amount of orders coming in particularly coming in out of Europe so, at the moment, we actually are struggling to keep up with the load of orders. Laurel Irving, Ten News.

Yet another expensive accident for Sydney Ferries. This time the Freshwater failed to stop in time, crashing into the wharf at Manly. It's the 10th Sydney Ferries accident in as many months and again witnesses say the only warning of the crash was one long blast of the ferry horn but no announcement to tell its 90 passengers to brace for impact. The ferry just not stopping and straight through. Police found the skipper was not under the influence of alcohol. Drug test results expected in a few days. While Sydney Ferries says this was only a minor accident, it admits there are serious problems with the fleet. The Freshwater class of ferry is currently under investigation by the investigator. They are doing a major review that Sydney Ferries is cooperating with the investigator on that review. The 'Freshwater' was back in service today - passengers all too aware of last night's accident. Well, I could see he was going straight for it too fast.

I heard the blast. I just saw it. Bang, it hit the wharf and rebounded. It follows last month's accident involving the 'Collaroy' smashing into the wharf at Circular Quaty. Two people suffered minor injuries. The wharf is still being repaired. Sydney Ferries is bringing in four experts from Tasmania to train its 560 staff in how to communicate with each other more clearly and hopefully stop this from happening again. This is not 'McHale's Navy'. Deserves better than to have Colonel Birmingham in charge. Evan Batten, Ten News.

Time for a check of the weather and

Time for a check of the weather and Tim Bailey is doing his best Miami

Vice impersonation today. I think

you got the best of it this evening.

you got the best of it this evening. I didn't think I'd need the

sunglasses half an hour ago. It

finally got out and it's being

finally got out and it's being served sunny side up as we do it served sunny side up as we do it

served sunny side up as we do it live at Darling Harbour. The good

live at Darling Harbour. The good newicise it should start raining

across western NSW tomorrow and

across western NSW tomorrow and slowly spread towards the east

slowly spread towards the east coast. We have a cup of wet days on

the way. Let's look at Skywatch.

That was a day served in a

That was a day served in a southerly. Pretty much grey. A few

southerly. Pretty much grey. A few bits of blue but not much. Tomorrow

bits of blue but not much. Tomorrow a shower or two, 21 degrees. See

a shower or two, 21 degrees. See you again in around about 10. Next, one suburb's chaotic parking problems spark a row over alleged racism. And two of the Bali Nine explain why they think they should be found not guilty. VOICEOVER: Fill, chill and win

Buy any regular or large value meal, there's heaps of prizes to win, over 500,000 Hungry Jack's prizes, Fill, chill and win at Hungry Jack's. Oh, yeah! will be responsible for protecting employees Otherwise, hefty penalties will apply. To find out the facts, This program is captioned live.

Time to check on the traffic with

Time to check on the traffic with Vic Lorusso in the Mix 106.5

traffic helicopter. Problems in the

traffic helicopter. Problems in the M5 tunnel tonight but you're having

a problem having a look at that.

You have to give way to larger

traffic. Yes, the jets are trying

traffic. Yes, the jets are trying traffic. Yes, the jets are trying to land at the airport. We have a

to land at the airport. We have a great camera on the chopper and

we're going to show you the delays

for motorists trying to get to the

for motorists trying to get to the aifrplt that's city-bound . It

there is a truck and car accident.

I'm going to show you the M5 east.

You can see how far the traffic is

You can see how far the traffic is banked up. We'll get in there at 10 banked up. We'll get in there at 10

banked up. We'll get in there at 10 to 6 and show you the accident.

Thank you. Angry Asian drivers are set to protest outside Fairfield Council tonight, furious that a councillor has said they can't drive and can't park. Critics have dubbed the comments racist. Cabramatta has survived many controversies in recent years. Now there's a new one - parking. It follows comments from Fairfield Councillor Lawrence White

that parking signs here should have Asian characters or different colours because so many drivers are being booked. Councillor White has chosen to single out Asian drivers for criticism and I think that's grossly unfair and that smacks of racism to me. I'm not controversial and I'm not a racist of any kind. But Councillor White's comments have stirred controversy and anger from locals who say the issue isn't lack of understanding but lack of parking spaces. Not all Asians are bad drivers and I think that's a racist remark. Councillor White, though, says figures on parking fines show eight times as many Cabramatta drivers are booked than in nearby Fairfield.

And he strenuously denies accusations he's playing up stereotypes, saying his suggestion is all about community education.

Why would we want to be fining people for parking if they can't read the signs. We should take a responsible attitude to try to inform them the best way we can as to where they should park. Other suggestions include colour-coding the roadsides. Thang Ngo says Councillor White's criticisms are unjustified because the figures for Cabramatta show the number of fines issued in the last year actually fell by more than 30%. Hundreds are expected to protest outside the council tonight. Councillor White describing it as a political stunt. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. Heroin, allegedly found on one of the Bali Nine, has been presented in court. Indonesian officials have told the court how they were tipped off by the Australian Federal Police. The alleged mastermind and his supposedly naive drug mule on what could ultimately be a fatal journey. 20-year-old Michael Czugaj's mother paid a quick visit. Then to court, where the first of the evidence was presented - a box containing the clothes and heroin allegedly taken from Czugaj's body at Bali airport. A customs official telling how he searched Czugaj after becoming suspicious. Officials had already been watching co-accused Renae Lawrence and Martin Stephens. A translator explaining to Czugaj how the bust unfolded.

When he open...take off your shirt, he showed the package on your body and he suspect it was heroin, he suspect. A police witness confirmed the involvement

of the Australian Federal Police. Names and photographs of the nine had been forwarded to their Indonesian counterparts. He know your name after he got information from Australian Federal Police. Despite today's evidence, Czugaj's lawyer has vehemently defended his client, saying the Brisbane man didn't know what he was carrying

and organisers threatened to kill his family. He didn't know what he takes. That's very important. He didn't know what he takes. In a separate courtroom, Myuran Sukumaran's lawyer told the court his case should be cancelled as the charges read like a story, there was no proof. Given the decision from the judges, if they make the decision is cancelled by the law or not accepted by the laws, we have the possibility the case must be stopped. Both cases have been adjourned until next week. In Bali, Leoni Mellor, Ten News, A controversial proposal for a Gallipoli memorial in Victoria. It's the brainchild of former Veterans Affairs minister Dana Vale but veterans are far from impressed. For some, there's an uncanny resemblance between the two coastlines, but that's started a peninsular war. Former federal minister for veterans' affairs Danna Vale seems to be a lone voice wanting to replicate the sacred Turkish shores at Point Nepean. There's no way we can actually bring Gallipoli to Australia. This would be a memorial park for those Australians, not only just veterans, but children who are unable to make that long journey. This is a plan which would be seen as a sick joke were it not serious. But it's not just the Federal Opposition firing shots in anger at the Liberal MP's plans that include replica battlefields and memorials. In time, it could end up as almost a Gallipoli theme park and I think that would be most inappropriate. But not all agree. For the people that can't make it all the way to Gallipoli, that'd be fantastic.

I think that the general public would really appreciate something like that. Point Nepean has strong links with the Anzac tradition. It was from here the first Allied shots were fired in both World War I and II. It's also where PM Harold Holt drowned and has already been a battlefield between Victorian and Federal governments over development. Let's put it up there and see who salutes and who shoots. There seems to be many shooting and few saluting

and Danna Vale admits the final word will be left with the Victorian Government.

She raised this with me and I asked her to put it in writing. We have rejected it. I would be very surprised if the Commonwealth Government would support such an idea. Rakhal Ebeli, Ten News. Still to come - consumers preparing to spend up big for Christmas. Also, a Sydney council passes its controversial new tax on bedrooms in family homes. And she's put the eating disorders, drug addiction and domestic violence behind her - how Carre Otis got her life back on track. and win at Hungry Jack's. for your chance to win heaps of fantastic prizes.

You could instantly win your choice of a Holden car prize, over 500,000 Hungry Jack's prizes, plus 100 Vodafone Moto Video mobiles Who would've thought you could get even more value Just come in and fill, chill and win.

Time for another check of the

Time for another check of the weather and Tim Bailey, what

happened to all of that rain that

you forecast? It's coming, Jess,

you forecast? It's coming, Jess, it's coming. As I said, a ridge of it's coming. As I said, a ridge of it's coming. As I said, a ridge of high pressure dominant on the coast

high pressure dominant on the coast of NSW stoppingby important

rainfall dropping from the sky at

the moment. That won't be the case

tomorrowment we're going to get

showers starting out amongst

showers starting out amongst western NSW, slipping across

western NSW, slipping across central areas and ending up on the

coast in the next 48 to 72 hours.

coast in the next 48 to 72 hours. The wind, the south south-east, the

The wind, the south south-east, the natural enemy of the clothes peg

natural enemy of the clothes peg whooshed up the coast. A bit of

sunshine as you peak out your

sunshine as you peak out your window now is the good news. The

top temps:

Tomorrow - showery and 21. At 5:55,

Tomorrow - showery and 21. At 5:55, Jade McRae, she's a star on your

television later. See you then. Joanne Lees has identified Bradley John Murdoch as the man who attacked her and boyfriend Peter Falconio in the Northern Territory outback. Murdoch has pleaded not guilty to murdering Falconio in 2001. People convicted of severe acts of animal cruelty could face up to five years jail under new State laws. And police are furious with another decision from magistrate Pat O'Shane. She dismissed charges against a man who abused a busload of police officers because, she says, there's no community standard for that type of behaviour. An update now on our Ten news poll. Building a home just got a whole lot more expensive for Manly residents with the council voting last night to continue charging a $12,500 bedroom tax.

Manly Council introduced the exorbitant new tax in May, charging residents building or re-building homes $12,500 per bedroom as part of a Section 94 Contribution, a 600% increase on last year. A last-ditch attempt by outraged residents to abolish the tax last night was unsuccessful, councillors voting 9-3 to keep the levy. The Australian share market closed stronger with big resource houses doing well. Craig James at Commonwealth Securities. Consumers are preparing to spend up big at Christmas time?

Yes, Ron, that's certainly what the

laeltest figures suggest. Bakecorp

Advantage which does credit

reference checks said in the

reference checks said in the September quarter there were

930,000 applications for credit

cards, that's up on a year ago. It

doesn't mean we're all going to get

doesn't mean we're all going to get credit cards but there's good deals

on offer and we're shopping around

for that. It means plenty of us are

for that. It means plenty of us are shaping up for a big Christmas. She's the supermodel who nearly died from anorexia and survived an abusive relationship with a big Hollywood star. But Carre Otis has her life back on track, her near-death experience scaring her straight. Life for Carre Otis has been a wild ride. The 37-year-old actress and model surviving eating disorders, heroin addiction and an abusive marriage to actor Mickey Rourke, all to be back in front of the camera, today shooting a jewellery campaign in Sydney. She began modelling at 16 - anorexia nervosa kicking in about the same time, as she strived to be thin for photo shoots. At just 30, she had a heart attack - her doctor desperate to know her eating patterns.

I said, "Well, I eat salads." He

said," how much salad?" I said,

"One bowl." He said, "How often?" I

said, "Once a day."

The combination of starving herself and drug use had nearly killed her, as had her 10-year relationship with Mickey Rourke. The pair starred in the controversial movie 'Wild Orchid' when she was just 18. A few years later she was shot in the shoulder when a gun accidentally went off in their hotel room. And in 1994 she had him arrested for kicking and punching her, but later refused to testify.

I read that he said in the papers a

week ago that you're the one woman

week ago that you're the one woman he could spend the rest of his life

he could spend the rest of his life with. Poor baby. There's a lot of

amazing women out there and I'm

sure his hands are full with a majority of them. Following her divorce and heart attack, Carre began eating normally.

So I went from say a size 8 to a

size 14, which for me was a lot of

weight and yet even though I was

coined as a plus-size model, in

America and a lot of other

countries that a not plus-size. Her dramatic life soon to be a TV series in the US. Tim Webster with sport

and cricket's Super Series really did mean the world to one our players? Yes, while Shane Watson says it's the turning point for his career. And one of the games greats goes into bat for world's bad form. Also, Wayne Bennett hits out at those who want him sacked. And the Socceroos' top secret plans to avoid a repeat of these wild scenes in Uruguay. With WorkChoices, employees who think they've been unlawfully sacked call 1800 025 239 for the WorkChoices booklet. SONG: # Fit and strong... # MAN: It seems just yesterday. This building stands as a powerful reminder of just how far Canberra and the region has come since our predecessors first switched on our city some 90 years ago, in 1915. This solid stone powerhouse also symbolises ActewAGL's strength of purpose in serving the community right from day one. Every essential service in Canberra is provided by ActewAGL - electricity, water and natural gas. All delivered by local people - over 1,200 of us. Our commitment to supporting the community gets stronger every day. We're setting the benchmark in customer service. We're always looking at ways to improve our products. We're a leader in product innovation. We continue to invest in the future, offering improved products and services, and increased community support.

ANNOUNCER: ActewAGL has always been here, and always will be. The $2 jackpot lottery... CLANG! now over $3 million! If you ever win the jackpot you'd take the lot! Wouldn't that light up your life? BRIGHT BRASSY FANFARE This program is captioned live. Indian batting legend Sunil Gavaskar has joined the chorus Kangaroos coach Wayne Bennett says he's under as much pressure as he always is. No more, no less. The 5-time premiership-winning coach likening himself to the national rugby union and cricket coaches of late. I've seen what's up with happened with Buchanan, the agenda that was there. I've seen what has happened with Eddie Jones and you've got to understand the business we're in - we play sport. There's losers. Someone has to win and someone has to lose and I'm not going to answer another question as to whether I'm under some time type of pressure after one loss. Bennett cleared out the Broncos staff after the side crashed to seven straight losses to end this season. The once almighty club haven't won a finals game since 2002 but in Wayne's world, there's an agenda out to get him. Continuity's more important than having a gut reaction

because someone in the media thinks someone should be moving on. When the media start running our sport in this country,

we're in all in a fair bit of trouble, I can tell you. Bennett has decided to stick with the same starting side that lost to the Kiwis. Matt Cooper's been called up for the injured Timana Tahu. Two changes have been made to the bench. Trent Barrett's back in national colours for the first time since 2002, replacing Craig Gower and today backing Bennett. Don't think Wayne Bennett lost us the game last week, you know, it was our ball control that lost us the game last week. And Mark O'Meley replaces club team-mate Andrew Ryan on the bench. Rob Canning, Ten News.

The Socceroos will charter their own plane and keep their travel arrangements secret when they fly to Uruguay for the first leg of their date with destiny next month. In an effort to avoid the chaotic scenes four years ago when the Australian team were spat on, jeered and jostled

when they tried to board their team bus at Montevideo airport, the Football Federation are planning a much better organised trip this time around. I think the key lesson is the psychological position of the players, that they mentally have to be prepared. The FFA are currently negotiating with world governing body FIFA to ensure proper security is in place and the match officials are from a neutral confederation for the two-legged series beginning in Montevideo on November 12. Indian batting legend Sunil Gavaskar has joined the chorus criticising the application of the world's best batsmen in the recent Super Series. A chat over breakfast didn't make swallowing a series whitewash any easier. New Indian captain Rahul Dravid one of many hand-picked batsmen who failed to reach 50 on tour. While fingers are being pointed at Brian Lara, the man in charge of selection has jumped to the West Indian's defence. He, from day one, was charged up. He, from day one, made a significant contribution to team strategy meetings

about how to go about beating the Australians. While this series was a no-contest, a man with 10,000 Test runs is calling for a month to be set aside on the busy cricket calendar. I think a 3-Test series would be fantastic. Maybe even a 5-match one-day series. But before that there should also include some warm-up matches. Players have also given the series the thumbs up, Australian all-rounder Shane Watson adamant it's kick-started his career. I know I've got what it takes now to be able to step up to the international level and play well. It's been a great induction for me. Watson spent the past two weeks picking the brains of England all-rounder Andrew Flintoff. He just said, be patient because it's only rarely that both will come together in one game. The Aussies now make rare appearances in domestic cricket. Simon Katich faces a fitness test on a broken finger before he's cleared to captain the Blues. Tania Armstrong, Ten News. The prospect of rain, combined with a perfect barrier, has seen Makybe Diva shorten even further for Saturday's Cox Plate at Moonee Valley. Her major rivals were put through their paces

at this morning's breakfast with the best. The headline act was missing but hardened race fans woke early to witness first-hand Makybe Diva's opposition ahead of the Cox Plate. Much of the attention centring on the Cummings family affair. Anthony's ever-improving 3-year-old Hotel Grand again impressing. Caulfield Guineas winner God's Own also pleasing the legendary Bart but he was keeping both colts' prospects in perspective. Cox Plate this year I think is probably the best for 10 years, in my opinion, so it'll take a pretty good 3-year-old to beat them.

Considered the leading threat to Australia's champion mare, Kiwi hope Xcellent produced the morning's most impressive gallop. Trainer Mike Moroney flagging a repeat of Bonecrusher's epic Cox Plate effort, should the situation call for it. If they want to loiter, I wouldn't say we're against taking off,

because we know our horse stays. The only horse to inflict defeat on Makybe Diva this spring, Lad of the Manor drew favourably in seven. His love of Moonee Valley the key to a repeat performance. They say horses for courses.

We've been fortunate enough to come around four times for four wins. Let's hope we can try and do it the fifth time. While David Hayes surprisingly rates 2003 winner Fields of Omagh ahead of in-form star Confectioner. Confectioner is right at his top.

He was being trained for the Caulfield Cup, where Fields we left a bit of room for improvement coming into his grand final, the Cox Plate. Makybe Diva shortening to $2.25 after drawing barrier four. Xcellent and God's Own the only other runners under double-figure odds. Damian Booth, Ten News.

Back now to Vic Lorusso in the Mix

Back now to Vic Lorusso in the Mix 106.5 traffic helicopter and still

problems on the M5? There sure is

problems on the M5? There sure is unfortunately Jess after the bad

unfortunately Jess after the bad accident inside the tunnel. We're

accident inside the tunnel. We're showing you the traffic stuck on

King Georges Road. We are traffic

King Georges Road. We are traffic

King Georges Road. We are traffic towards Greenacre and towards

towards Greenacre and towards Homebush after the serious smash

which is still occupying lanes. Tim Bailey's back with the latest weather next. Design and build the home of your dreams Enjoy the historic views of one of Canberra's oldest homestead properties Live just 15 minutes to the heart of the city Have it all at Wells Station Country living in the city You could: This program is captioned live. Updating our Ten News poll.

Time to check all the weather

details. Now, Tim Bailey, have you

details. Now, Tim Bailey, have you found a way to cheer up an

otherwise grey old day in Sydney?

otherwise grey old day in Sydney? Have I ever, Ron. It is called

putting beautiful people on the

television. Jade MacRae, folks. I

told you I was going to bring you

told you I was going to bring you star and I have. She's nominated

star and I have. She's nominated star and I have. She's nominated for an ARIA on Saturday. Thanks for

coming to the weather. Thanks for

having me. Your mum and dad ended

up playing with big naipldz. Tell

up playing with big naipldz. Tell the people at home. My mum sang for

Elton John, Tina Turner, Wham. The

Elton John, Tina Turner, Wham. The list goes on. Your dad wrote the

music for the Goodies. Now about

music for the Goodies. Now about you, you have been singing since

you, you have been singing since

you, you have been singing since you were knee-high to a grasshopper.

you were knee-high to a grasshopper. It seemed like the right thing to

It seemed like the right thing to do. And writing as well. One of

your mates, you're doing a bit of

writing even for the great barnsy?

writing even for the great barnsy? Yes, we wrote a song last year

Yes, we wrote a song last year

Yes, we wrote a song last year called Take Some Time. It is going

called Take Some Time. It is going to be Jimmy's next single. It is my

first song record by someone else.

first song record by someone else. Awesome work. The ARIAs, Whatuira

is the song? I'm nominated for So

Hot Right Now. Tell us the story

behind it. I can't believe I'm

confessing it on TV but I wrote the

song about you and I'd like to

song about you and I'd like to perform it now. I know that's a

heap of...anyway, I'll take it.

This is the voice of Jade MacRae.

(Sings) # I'm so high right now

# What the hell you talking about

# Pardon me


# VIP # I better watch my mouth

# I better watch my mouth # You think you're so hot right now, Tim

# Pardon me # VIP

# VIP # I better watch my mouth housh A

few people have gathered at Darling

few people have gathered at Darling Harbour to have a look. That was

without the band or any backing.

without the band or any backing. That was just with Darling Harbour

in the background. I think she'll

get an ARIA. I think she'll get a

pointy arruia on saen. Thank you

for -- ARIA on Sunday. Thank you

for being on the TV. We have

showers on the way tomorrow across

western NSW, stretching across

central areas of NSW and will end

up in the east. The next 72 hours

up in the east. The next 72 hours there is a shower, even some

meaningful rain going to fall at

meaningful rain going to fall at

meaningful rain going to fall at your place. Into your backyard:

Satellite - extensive cloud forming

across the Northern Territory and

SA in a broad trough, generating

SA in a broad trough, generating rain. A broad trough tomorrow will

rain. A broad trough tomorrow will trigger widespread showers and

trigger widespread showers and thunderstorms across Queensland and

the Northern Territory. The trough

will cause rain and isolated storms

will cause rain and isolated storms over SA. Rain and isolated storms

heading into NSW tomorrow and

storms across Queensland, inland

NSW and western Victoria Thursday.

How to make yourself look good on

the television, it is an easy one.

Get Jade MacRae on, the little girl

Get Jade MacRae on, the little girl who is going to steal the hearts of

the ARIA show on Sunday night.

What's the name of the song again?

So Hot Right Now. Who did you write

it about? You, my dear. I'll leave

you with that one. Honours for the Australian movie industry today with the announcement of nominations for the Lexus Inside Film Awards. The awards are voted on by the cinema-going public. Australian western 'The Proposition' has scooped the pool, with nine nominations, including best actor for Guy Pearce and Best Screenplay for Nick Cave. 'Little Fish' got eight nods, among them Best Actress for Cate Blanchett

and Best Actor for Hugo Weaving,

While 'Look Both Ways' scored seven nominations.

It's about us and there were so

many parts of the film, so many

stories in the film that people can

stories in the film that people can relate to, you know, in their own

lives. Controversial thriller 'Wolf Creek', loosely based on the Falconio and Ivan Milat backpacker murders, is also in the running with four nominations. The awards will be held at Luna Park on November 23. That's the 5:00 news.

I'm Ron Wilson, goodnight. And I'm Jessica Rowe. Sandra Sully will have the Late News after 'Rove', goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.