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(generated from captions) Cronulla's racial tensions - Tonight - This program is captioned live.

to avoid a violent showdown. police put on a major show of force extremely seriously. Police are treating this matter of requirements Tunnel anger sparks an overhaul

for future Sydney tollways. over the deadly airport shooting. And no apologies from US authorities Also tonight - Good evening. over new custody laws. a battle of the sexes And - all fired up. in spectacular style. Vanuatu's Mount Manaro volcano erupts

But first this evening - is swarming with police a beachside suburb the racial violence in Cronulla. as authorities try to head off a text message campaign Local youths have begun by bashing Middle Eastern gangs. aimed at reclaiming the beach

But Police insist will not be tolerated. violence of any kind It's got to this - North Cronulla beach, mounted police patrolling

racist graffiti on walls a patriotic backlash and, on Taren Point Bridge, by Arab Australian youths amid threats

to take over the local beaches. appealing for calm and common sense. The Premier stepping in, that begets violence This is violence and this is never endorsed. Tempers are at boiling point

at the beach yesterday. after a second brawl straight on to me, mate, There's four Lebs and I sort of went to help him out you know? and there was 20 of them, whatever, a huge text message campaign, It's prompted

calling for revenge. emails, telephone calls. I've had numerous messages, push everyone around. They think they can They can't. but now it's turned out to be Yeah, it was sort of pretty funny, any one of us can handle. something more than

There had been talk lending the locals a hand on Sunday, of Maroubra's notorious 'Bra Boys has told Ten News but their leader, Koby Abberton, the surfers are staying out of it. It's clear the police hierarchy think

too hot to handle this situation has become for local commanders. has taken over, The Regional Assistant Commissioner off any possible weekend violence. ordering a special operation to head Today at North Cronulla - police, riot-trained Operation Support Group and the dog squad, Pol-Air, bicycle teams Sydney patrols to help out. units called in from more than seven And no matter who you are, that sort of activity on, if you turn up here and want to pull you will be arrested. It's a huge show of force, taken long ago. but many say action should have been incident, that's when I get angry, When they say it was an isolated for such a long time. because it's been happening These thugs have been told whatever they want they can get away with doing

is saying, "Enough is enough." and really I think the community until racial tension subsides. Police vow to continue their presence Shaun Fewings, Ten News. off a Sydney beach, There's been another shark sighting from the water at Tamarama. with people evacuated this afternoon 200m offshore, Life guards spotted the shark following a school of salmon. to scare it away, They immediately took off on jet skis

from above. while Pol Air tried to track it the school of fish We try and break up with the jet ski, by making a lot of noise turning it and revving it hard of the shark's interest and hopefully that'll get rid and it'll move on to something else. after a shark scare at Bondi Beach. This sighting comes just a day half a metre out of the water A massive fin was spotted sticking just metres from surfers. has finally owned up The State Labor Government with the Cross City Tunnel to major blunders for future contracts. and re-written the rules

mandatory toll-free periods Operators of new roads will face from local road closures. and won't be able to profit

his new tollway rules The Premier unveiling to a high-powered business lunch. the Cross City Tunnel - The lessons from they got it wrong. those lessons. And the Government accepts In the future there will be to the criticisms that were made And we have to listen

and to do better. the policy of no cost to Government. Also missing from the new rules - evidence by former premier Bob Carr That clause was a key to the gloating

and former treasurer Michael Egan of the Cross City Tunnel in their glowing endorsement before a parliamentary inquiry. Quite simply, they were wrong agrees with me. and I think that the public in the tunnel at 31,500 vehicles - Latest figures put daily traffic use but nothing is going to change. well below original estimates, the Government $850 million The Premier says it would cost operators to buy out the Cross City Tunnel too high a price to pay. and that's simply But the Government insists investors in public-private ventures. the new rules won't scare off future on the private sector or PPPs. We're not turning our back the M7 Westlink, The operators of our newest tollway, after next week's opening. are offering a month toll-free period Paul Mullins, Ten News. A breakthrough in the hunt Sydney radio newsreader Rowan Barker. for the people who attacked

of two men Police have released computer images the 35-year-old believed to have stabbed on Saturday night. outside a home in St Ives as white European, between 16 and 20, The offenders are described both with light brown hair. morning newsreader, Barker, 2GB radio's suffered extensive wounds but is now in a stable condition. the American Air Marshals No apologies from a mentally ill passenger who shot dead carrying a bomb. they thought could be whether they acted too quickly. Questions are now being asked about American Airlines flight 924 SWAT teams surround run for cover. as hundreds of panicked passengers and then everyone was going crazy. She heard three gun shots They got up and started running. flew from Ecuador to Miami overnight. US citizen Rigoberto Alpizar After boarding a connecting flight to Orlando, the 44-year-old became agitated, demanding he be let off the plane. At some point, he uttered threatening words that included a sense to the effect that he had a bomb. Witnesses saw him run frantically up the aisle

while his wife Anne yelled repeatedly that he was bipolar and hadn't taken his medication. There were Federal Air Marshals on board the aircraft. They came out of their cover, confronted him and he remained non-complient with their instructions. The situation came to a head when Mr Alpizar began running back up the ramp towards the terminal. After plunging his hand inside his carry-on bag, he ignored repeated warnings to drop the bag and get on the ground.

His actions caused the FAMs to fire shots and in fact he is deceased. Fearing he was a terrorist who may have accomplices, police ordered everyone off the plane with their hands up.

Officers searched their luggage before detonating Mr Alpizar's bags, but found nothing. The bags are all secure and there really is no bomb at this point. It's the first time air marshals have shot a passenger since taking on an increased security role after September 11. Authorities refute claims they acted too quickly. When you're trying to protect an airliner full of people or an airport, you do not have the luxury to psychoanalyse. In the United States, Rahni Sadler, Ten News. Separated fathers are calling it their biggest win in decades, but single mothers insist custody changes, giving divorced Dads equal time with children, could increase domestic violence. Barry Williams has been battling the system for almost 30 years, from the pain of his own separation to helping other men deal with the heartache of a break-up through the Lone Fathers Association. He says Christmas is the hardest time of the year for them.

Today's proposed changes to the Family Law Act seen as perfect timing. This is a big win for children, not for fathers, as people are saying, but a big win for the children. Mr Williams playing down fears

that children will be bounced from parent to parent. But advocates for single mothers don't agree. How are they going to know who will be giving them their pocket money,

who will be taking them to school, where will their homework be, where will their friendship circles be?

It will be very confusing, disruptive and destabilising. Under the proposed amendments: Mothers have also voiced concerns about being properly protected. I see the stakes as being incredibly high for women and children who are affected by violence and I'm fearful that the homicide rate will continue to climb. And these changes won't necessarily be the end of the overhaul -

the system of child support payments is also in review. Many fathers insisting there should be tighter controls on just where their money goes.

Experts fear the changes will spark even more legal battles. Frank Coletta, Ten News. Tim webster - and Australia scrapes home in the cricket. What a thriller. And Michael Clarke's glamour stocks were boosted by an incredible run-out throw. Later - the drama of the final two overs and the rookie called in to replace an unwell Brett Lee. And - over and out in Hawaii, with more big swells forecast. In sport - the greats of Pipeline gather ahead of the legendary event. Also - Michael Hagan ponders Parramatta's approach to coach the Eels. A thief sentenced over a deadly mugging. That's next. Also - Christmas carols Canberra style. And - the dangerous Christmas toys that really shocked the experts. Want long lasting control of heartburn and indigestion? Unlike antacids, which only provide short term relief, Zantac Extra Strength can control excess stomach acid for up to 24 hours with one tablet. Zantac Extra Strength. Long lasting relief. MAN: 18. 23. (Excitedly) 34.

Yes! With Instant Scratchies' new ticket Combination Bingo, you could win 150 grand. Crack the big time with Combination Bingo. SONG: # Scratch me happy. # John Howard's Christmas celebrations are on hold as rebel National Barnaby Joyce breaks ranks yet again. The Queensland Senator is refusing to support the scrapping of compulsory student union fees, outraging his Coalition colleagues. It seemed Christmas cheer had inspired a group of Labor MPs before they head home. (All sing) # On the first day of Christmas my PM gave to me # A chance to trade away leave # On the second day of Christmas my PM gave to me # Cuts to overtime and a chance to trade away leave.. # But dampening the Government's spirits was hold out Barnaby. Despite heavy pressure from the Liberal's Bill Heffernan

among others, the Nationals senator is refusing to back the Coalition's policy of banning compulsory student unions with their ability to fund university facilities. He's demanding a compulsory fee in their place. It wouldn't surprise you to know that the Government would not be supporting the amendment

which Senator Joyce has proposed. A series of meeting throughout the day attempted to break the deadlock. Well, I'm going to talk about it. See if there's a way through this. The Government is offering $80 million extra to unis.

Not as good as it looks, according to Labor. The National Party shouldn't be conned by Brendan Nelson's 30 pieces of silver. And it seems Senator Joyce agrees. While the Government was working furiously behind the scenes on that one, Labor in question time was asking if there's one rule for ordinary taxpayers and another for wealthy cronies. Kim Beazley pointed to a Queensland farmer who was jailed for two years over a $20,000 tax evasion while Liberal donor Robert Gerard, who owed seven times that amount, escaped criminal charges. He ought to take it up with Mr Carmody. The Tax Commissioner is still not commenting. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. A grief-stricken widower says he hopes to die soon - heartbroken over the jail term for his wife's killer. The bag snatcher who knocked down the elderly woman could be free in just over three years. Christmas cards show Walter Bloomfield is a much-loved man but he'll never again see the one who made his life complete. He's got five years. I've got life. Now who suffers the most? Myself. Hope to God I don't live long. For Walter and Beryl Bloomfield, it was love at first sight. Happily married for 56 years until Phillip Flower robbed Mrs Bloomfield of her handbag and her life. A former heroin addict, high on methadone, Flower wanted money for cigarettes and to feed his kids. His partner said she'd seen a "silly woman" with lots of money. Mrs Bloomfield had withdrawn $4,000 to pay bills and buy clothes for her husband. When Flower ripped the bag from the 77-year-old's shoulder she fell and hit her head, dying the next day. Mr Bloomfield still bitter the 36-year-old was allowed to plead guilty to manslaughter. He should have been charged with murder because he knew what he was doing and then he would have got 15 years or so, which would have been fair enough. Justice Elizabeth Hollingworth told court there were several factors in Flower's favour - he didn't intend to hurt his victim, didn't assault her or use a weapon during the fatal mugging and was genuinely remorseful. He was sentenced to eight years jail, with a minimum of five. Because of time already served, he could be released in just over three years. I never go out now. She was the end of everything, the beginning and the end. Christopher Still, Ten News. A fire in a backyard shed has forced the evacuation of more than 50 people. The fire broke out in Sydney's west early this morning and was fuelled by hazardous materials stored in the shed, which caused a number of explosions. Firefighters and police moved nearby residents and their pets to a local community hall. A 55-year-old man, his wife and three children were safely evacuated from the affected home. One fire fighter was injured by an explosion. It seems Christmas is under attack from all angles this year, with two Sydney councils the latest to play the Grinch. Their targets - Christmas lights and decorations. But the communities involved are fighting back. Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore rode in a sleigh this year to show off the city's dazzling Christmas displays. With the festive spirit overflowing, council also supplied red stars to Pyrmont business-owners as decorations. But the Grinch has now reared its ugly head in the shape of council rangers ordering the stars be torn down. Otherwise we could be fined $350 per star, which would add up to about $52,000. A council spokesperson says they're too dangerous because they're suspended by fishing line. We'd like the bureaucracy in council to have a bit more of a heart and to approach it from a sense of goodwill. Here at Campbelltown, the problem is Christmas lights. The local council has pulled the plug on funding for this year's competition to find the best display.

The reason why we aren't running the Christmas light competition is because we had some pedestrian safety issues. And, unfortunately, at the end of 2003, we had a terrible incident with an elderly gentleman hit by a vehicle. But residents say council's playing Scrooge. We're still doing it. We love doing it. We do it for the kids. Everyone that comes round, everyone just loves it. Dan Nolan, Ten News.

Tim Bailey, Deb was saying how well

you're looking but she's concerned

about the wind sock you're wearing

on your head. That's it. It's

on your head. That's it. It's working but thankfully it's going

in all directions. We didn't have a

in all directions. We didn't have a breath of wind yesterday. We

suffocated. Right now a

north-easter, the summertime sea

breeze keeps us cool. What a delightful shot. This

This blue sky will colour in the

next three or four days. Look out.

I might come over. Let's look at

Skywatch. We don't need to stay

there long because the shiny blue

was all that happened all day long.

Clouds rarer than noses on fish.

You get the sort of picture.

Pollution levels now as he starts

to get lost. The producer said in

my ear, "You're starting to drivel.

Get off." I'll see you again with a

new act in ten minutes. A drink spiking shock for Victorian Premier Steve Bracks and his young son. That's next. And - canine rivalry rocks the White House - Presidential pooches fight it out to be the USA's top dog.

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You're watching the 5:00 News. Time

to check on the traffic with Vic.

Traffic heading into the north-west

is in trouble tonight, Vic. It sure

is, Ron. We spotted a three-car

accident near the shops on Epping

road. That's traffic heading into

Carlingford. We're zooming down on

Epping Road, unfortunately delays

are extensive. Traffic is stopped

from Macquarie Shopping Centre so

nearly into North Ryde. The best

way to avoid this is via Victoria

Road and we'll check the local

shops with Thursday night

late-night shopping at Parramatta

and have an update with Deb at 5:50. Just months after undergoing a multimillion-dollar security facelift, new measures are being taken to restrict access to Federal Parliament. Members of the public will now be banned from going near the Senate, the ministerial entrance, and the roadway to the House of Representatives. Recently installed high-tech bollards and swipe cards, as well as security guards will block access to potential car bombers. But our MPs needn't worry - they'll still be driven to the front door. Police are investigating how a suspected drink spiking incident involving the Victorian Premier's son was made public. Nicholas Bracks told police it happened at schoolies celebrations. The Premier began the working day with his mind focused on matters close to home. 18-year-old son Nicholas the suspected victim of a drink-spiking incident last week during end-of-year celebrations at Lorne.

He lost control, if you like, of what was happening for three hours and he woke up and then he went back to the house that he was staying at. Seen here four years ago with his father, preparing for the Lorne Pier to Pub swim, Nicholas Bracks is regarded by his parents as being level-headed and mature. He believes that his drinks were spiked.

We reported that subsequently as we always report all events to the police, that's the role I take as Premier to do that. An investigation into Victoria Police's Security Intelligence Group, responsible for looking after politicians and their families, is now under way into how the report became public. I've spoken to the group today and they are dealing with it. I'm not sure where the leak came from, if indeed there was one. It's estimated there are up to 4,000 suspected drink-spiking incidents in Australia each year but just a handful of convictions. Australia doesn't have laws specific to drink-spiking, State governments now in the process of drawing up new legislation. Cameron Baud, Ten News. Former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher has been admitted to a London hospital after feeling faint. Aides say the the 80-year-old will stay in hospital overnight as a precautionary measure. Baroness Thatcher has grown frail in recent years, following a series of small strokes. Known as the 'Iron Lady', she governed Britain from 1979 to 1990.

They do some strange things in the United States

and this is one of them. A Christmas present from the White House - a mini-movie starring the first family's dogs, Barney and Miss Beazley. Hurricane relief might be hard to come by in the United States, but the President's puppies get their own movie. Before it goes into wide release in the cinemas, here's a preview. FANFARE Christmas is fast approaching, but attention in the White House is firmly focused on Miss Beazley, who's become something of a media darling. And her brother, Barney, has had just about enough. Joining us live here on 'C-SPAN' from the West Wing of the White House is Miss Beazley. And coming up on 'Access Hollywood' -

Miss Beazley has taken Washington by storm. The presidential pup tells all when we come back.

He's even down in the polls. Remember - polls are just a snapshot in time. In a further insult, the personal chef has started playing favourites. But it's the presents under the tree that really make Barney's blood boil. (Barney growls)

He has an idea.

(Gasps) Miss Beazley, where are all your presents? I know I put them under the tree earlier. Who would have moved them? One by one the missing prezzies begin to appear around the White House, sparking an inquiry by top-level security.

All the clues point to just one man. Barney, I hear you've been hiding Beazley's gift all around the White House. But did Barney do it? Or was it someone else? The film's had mixed reviews - many critics finding the supporting actors left a little to be desired. But there's Oscar buzz for Barney and Beazley. Angela Bishop, Ten News.

The latest pictures now from Vanuatu's Mount Manaro volcano which is erupting in spectacular style. The volcano on the remote Ambae Island is spewing steam and gas 3,000m into the sky. Also shooting out of the volcano, huge columns of muddy ash at their greatest height since it began erupting nearly two weeks ago. Around 5,000 villagers are now being evacuated. Situated below a lake, Mt Manaro volcano is said to be one of the most dangerous in the world. A slippery ordeal in Brazil after a giant anaconda slithered into town. The reptile was discovered just after lunching on a calf weighing in at 150kg.

Environmental officers decided to transport the 3m-long anaconda to a safe distance away from town. But moving the unwanted visitor wasn't easy, taking six men to lift the snake and its prey and take it to a river 50km away. Pitt Street Mall set for a $600 million face lift. That's next. Plus - the dangerous Christmas toys that really shocked the experts. And the Lennon anniversary - fans remember the legend 25 years on.

We know you travel to spectacular

locations. It's beautiful, isn't

locations. It's beautiful, isn't it? We don't often get to the ocean

side of North Head but it's

spectacular on a day that is

spectacular across Sydney. We leave

the 40 degrees heat of yesterday

behind. We enjoy 25 degrees across

the city right now. The

east-north-Easter blowing at 25km/h.

This shot courtesy of the flying

fabulous Foggo. We pinched this

cameraman from Channel Nine. We

took a risk on him and he's come

good. An urgent call out - a

hairstyleist to North Head immediately please!

Tomorrow - 29 to 32 degrees. See

you at 5:55. 4 Top stories this newshour - the State Government has finally owned up to major blunders with the Cross City Tunnel and rewritten the rules for future contracts. Operators of new roads will face mandatory toll-free periods and won't be able to profit from local road closures. There's been another shark sighting off a Sydney beach, with people evacuated this afternoon from the water at Tamarama. Life guards spotted the shark 200m offshore, following a school of salmon. They immediately took off on jet skis to scare it away. And Cronulla is swarming with police as authorities try to head off racial violence. Local youths have begun a text message campaign aimed at reclaiming the beach by bashing Middle Eastern gangs. But Police insist violence of any kind will not be tolerated. If you're about to do your Christmas shopping, here's a list of children's stocking-fillers to avoid - dozens of banned toys that could easily cause injury, or even death. This is what not to ask Santa for. To little eyes they look like Christmas goodies, but they're 76 of the most dangerous gifts you could give. It is actually a really bad choking device and also these little nobs are easily detachable if you pull on them. Some look like safety equipment - problem is, you can bend this helmet. One touch of a finger can crush the foam inside. This would offer no protection to a young person on a bike. This life vest could become a death trap in the pool. Falls apart, this toy. These things can rip off if somebody tugs on them. And how's this for a stationery set? Complete with a box cutter knife. In fact, the officer of Fair Trading who found this followed a pool of blood to a young person who had indeed cut himself. All of these are now banned after a Fair Trading swoop on 400 stores. Similar types of toys have caused death and injury to children. Most are cheap imports found in $2 shops or markets. But watch for imitations. One of these is a good Fisher Price, the other a dangerous rip-off that pulls apart This toy gun could choke a child or take out an eye.

It can even fire real nails. But what concerns Fair Trading is that there are still more dangerous items just like this one, still on our shelves

and that's why parents are being told to remain particularly vigilant. From what I've seen today, it's really quite scary. Retailers are being warned of on-the-spot fines or prosecution for selling what could become a Christmas tragedy. Jacinta Hocking, Ten News.

Sydney's CBD is getting one of its biggest ever make-overs. A $600 million retail and office development was announced today, linking Centrepoint, the Imperial Arcade and Skygarden. The world-class project is the grand plan of the gigantic Westfield company. It says there'll be 300 stores and a 27-storey commercial tower. Work will take three years. The Australian share market closed much lower today following a weak US lead.

Craig James at Commonwealth

Securities, there were good job

figures today. Employment is

growing again nationally, up by

28,000, the first rise in three

months. 11,000 of those jobs were

created in NSW. The national

unemployment rate has fallen, just

unemployment rate has fallen, just a smidgen above 29-year lose. The

job market is growing again and

petrol prices are falling

suggesting better Christmas sales.

Jetstar is planning to fly further

afield. It's planning long-haul afield. It's planning long-haul international routes through to

Haitian initially and then Europe.

The only problem for travellers is

this won't occur until January 2007

this won't occur until January 2007 but the news today certainly helped

Qantas's share price. It managed

to rise in an otherwise soggy share market. Today marks the 25th anniversary of the death of John Lennon. Fans are gathering at Strawberry Fields in Central Park, just outside the Dakota Building where the 40-year-old Beatle was gunned down by a deranged fan in 1980. A minute's silence will be held tomorrow at 10:50pm, New York time - the moment he was shot. Fans will then sing songs and reminisce about his legacy. (Sings) # Imagine all the people... # Lennon's widow, Yoko Ono, isn't expected to make any comment or appearance on the anniversary. Illness has hit one of Australia's super groups at the start of their national tour. But the Wiggles aren't going to disappoint their young fans - they've called in a subsitute. Wiggles fans, take a close look. (Sings) # Everybody clap... # As they say, one of these things isn't like the others. Greg's out, forced off stage in the US three weeks ago by a mysterious complaint. He'd actually be there like that, because he stopped wiggling. He stopped, he lost his wiggle. In non-Wiggle speak, that's a double hernia. So back-up dancer Brett Clarke has pulled on the yellow skivvy to save the day. Our schedule is so tight, if someone does get sick we don't want to let the kids down by cancelling shows, so it's great that we can do that. He's already handling the big jobs. Wake up, Jeff! And while Jeff's up, the news isn't so good for Greg. He's not likely to be back on stage until early next year, meaning he'll miss the entire Australian tour. Getting the big boost from back-up dancer to Yellow Wiggle actually comes with its privileges. It's hot down here, but when you're a Yellow Wiggle you don't even have to walk anymore. The rest of the group is determined nothing will make them miss the home tour. No, no! We can't do it, we can't do that! No matter what, I'm going to be on stage. As for Brett's chances of keeping the yellow skivvy... Very slim to none, I think, but we're looking forward to Greg coming back, as long as he's better. Daniel Barty, Ten News. Sport with Tim Webster and Michael Hagan ponders Parramatta? Ahead - what Hagan likes about the Eels, also why Wayne Bennett wasn't the only no show at NRL coaches conference. Also how Australia held its nerve to win a 1-day thriller. COMMENTATOR: That's an unbelievable throw - Michael Clark And overboard in Hawaii. It's hard finding time for the things you love. So it's fair to say I don't have time for headaches. That's why I choose Panadol Rapid. It's absorbed twice as fast as regular Panadol tablets. Panadol - it's my choice. # Ya, I like to CHORUS: # Move it! # All girls all over the world... # FUNKY HIP-HOP MUSIC The all-new Holden Barina from only $12,999, Not for me anymore. Because RevitalColor Just perfect. Brett Lee is right for next week's first Test against South Africa despite flying home early from New Zealand. Queensland quick Mitchell Johnson will take Lee's place

after he had trouble breathing with a nasal problem in last night's win over the Kiwis. He wasn't the only one left a little breathless - the Aussies home by two runs in a thriller.

Brett Lee's back from New Zealand without winning any more friends across the Tasman - another controversial beamer in an ongoing battle with Brendan McCullum. COMMENTATOR: I do stress this is never intentional. A quick apology with dewy conditions blamed for the wayward delivery.

He's had a lot of trouble here before, Brett, with slipping on that front line. That was the first thing he said - "Happened again tonight." After Lee conceded 18 runs in his final over, first-gamer Mick Lewis bowled the last with the Kiwis just six runs from victory.

With the Aussies about to lose the impossible, up stepped Michael Clarke. Got to be direct, it is.

That is an unbelievable throw, Michael Clarke. A stunning direct hit from 30m turning the match. He threw, he aimed and he hit and he's run McCullum out. Used to bowling at the death for the Vics, Lewis was cool in a crisis. Mick Lewis under pressure. He's got it! He's won this for Australia! I didn't want to throw the ball at the stumps till I had it clearly in my hands. I think that's why everyone was saying I took so long. Looks like I took five minutes to throw it. After watching the finish, 24-year-old Queensland left-armer Mitchell Johnson never dreamed he'd receive this call to join the team. I didn't think that I'd be picked now, no. And I was hoping down the track some time, but definitely not now, it's definitely a big surprise. Both sides arrived in Christchurch well aware Saturday's third game could have been deciding the series. New Zealand played very well and probably should have won the game. We just missed out on a game we should've won. I suppose that's the most disappointing thing. Tania Armstrong, Ten News. Newcastle players are putting pressure on Knights management to make a call on off-contract coach Michael Hagan.

There were plenty of laughs as the Knights had some off-season bonding today. But the uncertain future of coach Michael Hagan a far more serious topic. Players growing impatient, wanting to know who's going to lead them beyond this season.

I'd personally like it sorted out before the start of the season. I don't know how the other players feel. I just think going into a season knowing what the future holds will be a good idea. Newcastle prepared to wait until well into next season before deciding on re-signing Hagan. He's a great bloke and a good coach. He's one of the main reasons I came here. He's pretty easy to get along with. Hopefully, they'll get a decision done sooner rather than later so we can get on with things. Hagan chatting with Parramatta boss Denis Fitzgerald at today's NRL annual conference. The Eels want him to replace outgoing Brian Smith.

Hagan impressed by what the club can offer. They've been a very professional club for a long time and they obviously throw a lot of resources at their football team. I guess any coach - you want the best resources set-up you can find. Hagan not having to worry about bumping into Smith. The Eels mentor one of five coaches not to show,

including the embattled Wayne Bennett. Seven captains also giving the conference a miss. And referee Tim Mander has retired just two months after controlling the Grand Final. Adam Hawse, Ten News. Nick O'Hern has set the pace with a course record at the Australian Masters. Robert Allenby is currently tied for second as he bids for an unprecedecented Grand Slam of our three big events in the same year. But Adam Scott could miss the cut. Attempting to break his winless streak in Australia,

which dates back six years, Nick O'Hern got off to a flier. He made light work of Huntingdale, two eagles setting up a brilliant opening round. COMMENTATOR: That's a wonderful shot from Nick O'Hern. The putts started dropping for the consistent West Australian. He went desperately close to a 9-under 63, but had to settle for a course record 64. Adam Scott's bid for a first Australian win began disastrously - a triple bogey on the par-3 5th ruined his round. He recovered to finish 4 over, but he's 12 off the pace and battling to make the cut.

No such problems for Robert Allenby. His bid for a three-peat is on track after an opening 67. He topped it with an eagle on his first hole and tailed it with another brilliant finish on the last. He says he's riding a wave of hot form and has no intention of jumping off. I'm very happy with 5 under. I mean, it wasn't easy out there. I think Nick O'Hern was playing

I think Nick O'Hern was playing on a different golf course. Scoring became tougher in the afternoon as the wind blew. Englishman Paul Casey set off after O'Hern. Brett Rumford made it look easy on the second in the flukey winds. Fine-looking shot. It was a case of hanging on and Jarrod Mosley was making a fair fist of it, helped by a bit of imagination when in strife. Absolutely brilliant shot.

At the 9th he found a more conventional way to score and was 3 under by the turn. He froze late, hitting a fairway fridge on the 18th to finish even par. Rob Waters, Ten News. A who's who of surfing greats have gathered in Hawaii for the Pipeline Masters 35th reunion dinner.

Australians Tom Carroll, Mark Richards and Mark Occhilupo,

all ex-world champions, were honoured as former Pipeline champions. It's so cool. I saw Robbie, and I've seen Mark Richards around. It's really cool. It's a great idea. The official waiting period for Pipeline gets under way tomorrow. Sunset Beach has already provided its fair share of action including this specactular wipeout by Aussie Kieren Perrow. The forecast for Pipeline is swells could be too big to start the event. The uniforms our athletes will wear at next year's Commonwealth Games have been unveiled. Inspired by our past cricket heroes,

the moss green and wattle gold ensembles include a number of items to mix and match, such as vests, scarves and handbags. The team will wear them to the opening and closing ceremonies and other official functions. The uniforms have been made locally from Australian wool. Ahead in Sports Tonight with Bill Woods - we'll talk to the legends of surfing in Hawaii. They're not fighting each other, but Anthony Mundine and Danny Green get ready to box in the same ring this Sunday. And we catch up with the ice queen - Alisa Camplin

Vic, how is the late-night shopping

affecting the roads tonight? Well,

Deb, very slow for heading into

Parramatta for the Westfields.

We're over James Ruse driver and

We're over James Ruse driver and after a minor breakdown near

Church Street, traffic is back to

Rosehill racecourse. Take a look at

the delays behind the exit. If

you're going late-night Christmas

shopping, maybe take Parramatta

Road to avoid the delays. Tim Bailey explains how long we'll be feeling the heat, next. (Screams) Now scream for the Filler! KFC's new King Kong Fillers. A big, warm 9-inch roll filled with irresistible ingredients Available in: SONG: # Can't beat it Can't beat it... # MONSTROUS ROAR KFC's King Kong Fillers. Want long lasting control of heartburn and indigestion? Unlike antacids, which only provide short term relief, Zantac Extra Strength can control excess stomach acid for up to 24 hours with one tablet. Zantac Extra Strength. Long lasting relief. # Time to Hungry Jack it

Tim Bailey is always projecting a

match owe image and he's got an

armful of bangles tonight. What's

that about. They're in fashion but

that's not the reason. The red win

is for kids with cancer. The blue

is for UNICEF and the white one is

is for UNICEF and the white one is Make Poverty History. There's a big

do on the Town Hall steps tomorrow.

You need to buy one of those for

about $2. Clover Moore will be

talking. There'll be special guests,

including Jason Stevens, the rugby

player and Clover will read out

statements by Bono and Nelson

Mandela. What else have we got for

you ? You think Ten News, you think

Christmas lights. Here we go.

Husband and wife dress up as Mr and

Mrs Claus and give out lollies from

17th to the 24th.

It takes them six weeks to put them

up and Kay's grown-up kids

convinced her and her husband to

convinced her and her husband to decorate the house. It's always the adult kids.

Beautiful. If you've got some, send

them to Christmaslights tt

Happy birthday to barrel-chested,

banana-eating BA. He says he's 50

today but I know I made a speech

when he was 50 half a decade ago,

Brian Adams. Congratulation toss

Wayne Lightfood and his beautiful

fiancee Alex. It's the season of

love and the big fella in the red

suit. That's sapbtd ya, not Lighty.

Look at this magnificent spot. Come

and have a Bo Peep across your

holidays. It's 14 degrees lower

than it was this time yesterday, thank goodness.

Thick cloud is building across

north east NSW, southern Queensland

along a trough triggering showers

and severe storms. Tomorrow, a

weakening trough until the east

will still trigger the odd

afternoon boom crash opera, the

lightning happening in Queensland.

A high in the south-east will keep

NSW, Victoria and SA dry and warm.

Isolated showers and storms from

north-west to south-west Queensland,

showers in Tassie and WA. Saturday,

a high pressure system will keep

the south and east of the mainland

mostly sunny and warm and a Front

will bring a cool, strong, showery

change to tomorrow. Tomorrow,

dripping in blue sky, 29 to 32 degrees.

That's it from the ocean side of

North Head. Put it on your list of

things to do at Christmas time. See

you tomorrow night. Thanks, Tim. Another 'Australian Idol' alumni is having a crack at the music charts. Rocker Lee Harding, best known for his punk-style coloured hair, releasing his hot-titled single Sings 'Wasabi'. Harding came third in the TV talent quest, and is only the second from this year's series to release a single. That's the 5:00 news. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Sandra Sully will have the Late News at 10:25. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre