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(generated from captions) Islamic Republic. It ads to to

leader a challenge to the Pru seem

leader him. Well with all the

attention ina on the Ute-Gate

affair it's easy to overlook

the fact that there's a major

vote kung in the Senate this

week on climate change. Family

First Senator Steve Fielding

joins unumerous from Canberra

to talk about that, Senator,

thank you, are you any closer

to dieding how value vote on

the legislation? Good morning.

Look, I am closer to it. As you

know, I saw the

know, I saw the Minister Wong

and the chief scientist and

went through the question, why

have carbon emissions gone up

but global temperature hasn't

gone up. They've provided a

response to me and I was going

through that on the weekend and

frankly they haven't really

answered the question of why

global temperatures haven't

been going up over

been going up over the last 10

to 15 years and it's a real

concern, when you think about

it because we're all led to

believe h that as carbon

emissions go up by man-made,

global temperatures will surely

follow but over the last 10 to

15 years, global temperatures

have not been going up and

that's a real concern and it's

a very big question and I don't know how know how any parliamentarian

could vote for this legislation

given that they would have

trouble trying to answer a

question that the Minister and the chief scientist have had

trouble answering

themselves. England you've just

answered that question then.

Clearly you won't be supporting

the legislation? Look, I'm

still for them though have

other information but what I've

seep, it's not a convincing

we've all led to argue., got to remember that

we've all led to believe that

man-made carbon emissions as

they go up, global temperatures

would be driven up. Now, over

the last 10 to 15 years not one

or two or tree but over the

last 10 to 15 years, global

temperatures have not been

going up ft. You've got to ask

yourself the question - what

else is affecting

temperatures? Could bit though

this Senator that you're looking at

this in too small a time

frame? Ten to 15 year, 15

years, since 1995, not 1998,

since 1995 to the 2009. That's

nearly 15 year That's a small

time fame with respect in the

sweep of history, a 15 year

drought is not uncommon.

Shouldn't you be looking at it

in a much larger time frame

than that? Can I just ask you than that? Can I just ask you

then - what else is forcing

temperatures down? If carbon

emissions are driving

temperatures up, let's think

this through, no-one disagrees

that carbon on its own drives

temperature up, but if

temperatures haven't been going

up in the last 15, 10 to 15 years what is forcing

temperatures down? Does that

make sense you to you. I'm

trying to get to the Bottment

of the science and as an innear

I'm trying to work out the I'm trying to work out the

science of this issue. Frankly

no-one can really answer that

question, if carbon emissions

have been steadily going up,

and global temperatures over 10

to 15 years have been staying

level, then someone's got to

answer the question because if

carbon emissions drive

temperatures suping something

else must be drivering it down,

not for one year, two, or five

end do you but for 15 years. What in the

end do you think Malcolm

Turnbull's tactics will be on

this topic? To be absolutely

real, it is absolutely crazy

for Australia to go it alope.

We should definitely wait to

Copenhagen. You've got China,

India, you've got America are

still sorting through their

issues. We've got to wait till

Copenhagen. The PM himself has

made Copenhagen such a big

event, such an event, such an important event

because you know why? We need

to see what the rest of the

world are going to do and then

Australia can respond. I was

out hobbling around on my

druchs on the weekend talking

to a few people in the street

and most people believe that

waiting till Copenhagen does

make sense because frankly

going alone is suicide. Booting

jobs off shore, is crazy.

Because when those jobs go off

shore they could do go to India shore they could do go to India

and other places where they

don't have the same carbon tax

in place. That is just crazy

zwlx what do you make of the

whole Ute-Gate affair, who do

you think really is in the

bigger trouble here? Do you

think? it's Wayne Swan or

Malcolm Turnbull? Look, I

really think that Rudd and Swan

have to get to the bottom f of

this issue. This is a huge

nothing wrong with the question mark and there's

nothing wrong with the

Opposition raising the

question, the questions an

important question and really

Rudd and Swan need to answer

this very directly, and we need

to get to the bottom of the

email and we need to get to the

facts whether there was there

special treatment. At the

moment you've got two sides,

one saying that there's a real

problem, tore side saying this

is nothing special. I think

there's something there but the trouble is they've got to prove

it and we'll have to wait and

see what comes out of the AFP

inquiry. How cow feel about the

tactics of the Government dill

now. We had the situation where

the PM's black berry was used

to photograph Malcolm Turnbull

at a private function and that

was distributed to the media.

The Auditor-General was called

in. I guess that's fair enough

but then the Australian Federal

Police were in fact asked to

investigate the email and by extension Malcolm Turnbull? How do you feel about do you feel about all

that? Look, I suppose they're

just two kids in the school

yard, both hab and the

Opposition, and frankly, most

Australians when they look at

Question Time actually laugh it

frankly. Both the major parties

play politics, we all know

that, but I suppose we do need

two major pears and this is the

rp why we need parties in the

mid toll get to the middle of mid toll get to the middle of

it this question about the ute

is extremely important,

absolutely goes to the heart of

whether the Rudd Government has

done something inappropriate

and come to parliament and is

said they haven't. We do need

to get to the bottom of it.

Good on Malcolm Turnbull for

asking the question. He'll get

slammed just like I'm getting

slammed for asking the question

about the science on carbon

emissions but there's nothing wrong with asking wrong with asking the question,

it's the answers that are most