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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. and welcome to Ten's 5:00 News. Good evening. I'm Deborah Knight Tonight - mid-air emergency. in a frightening flight to the US. Australians caught up MAN: It was like, on fire. in bushfires near Perth. One dead and six homes lost as you would expect. Obviously very devastated, in a suicide bombing in Baghdad. More than 130 people dead in Australia and internationally. And the Burqini makes a splash worldwide is just enormous. The interest and the demand of the mid-air emergency But first, exclusive video

bound for Los Angeles, which forced a Qantas flight

to return to Sydney. A tourist onboard capturing the engine explosion on his camera, as passengers feared the worst. a picture-perfect take-off It looked to be Qantas flight to Los Angeles until... for the Saturday morning EXPLOSION

I saw flames. It was like, on fire. From his window seat, captured on tape American tourist Brent Russell

what the other 273 passengers heard -

catching fire. one of the Boeing 747's four engines and I saw - I was looking underneath the flaps

they were yellow, orange flames. actually, they weren't sparks, it was on fire. You could actually see Bob and Jillian Others - including the trainers

from Ten's 'The Biggest Loser' - felt the explosion. you just felt this huge jolt. On the right side of the plane

and heard this big bang We were just cruising along started shaking. and the whole side of the plane With smoke pouring across the wing, was immediately shut down. Qantas says the engine it's on fire right now. Yeah, there's smoke coming off it, for an hour, Flight 149 then circled Sydney before finally touching down. dumping fuel it wasn't an emergency landing. The airline insists APPLAUSE in circles for an hour. Kind of scary, going round arrived in Los Angeles this afternoon The same relieved passengers finally on a different plane. got here and that's the main thing. Yeah, it was a huge delay, but we Ten News. In Los Angeles, Leisa Goddard-Roles, in Western Australia. A tragic end to a bushfire crisis A schoolteacher has died in her car near Perth. after trying to outrun a blaze Six families also lost their homes. At 3:00 yesterday afternoon, to evacuate her farmhouse. Michelle Mack made the decision and strong winds, Fuelled by 48-degree temperatures the flames were baring down. a lot of embers blowing along, Definitely would've been smoke, ash, to stay or go early. and that's why we advise people from safety, Just a few hundred metres

of her Pajero. the 26-year-old lost control

It rolled over into burning trees. Police believe from the vehicle, into the flames. the primary schoolteacher was thrown as you would expect. Obviously very devastated, through their loss, I guess. and just having now to try and work the tiny town of Toodyay, The death has rocked with its flag at half-mast. especially the primary school, was beginning her fifth year Michelle Mack at Toodyay primary school.

The Principal says her loss will have a big impact on the close- knit community. She is extremely well known and will be missed sadly. Meantime, two hours south of Toodyay, had been evacuated. the entire town of Dwellingup

Six houses were destroyed last night of bushland blackened. and 8,000 hectares They dropped a load of water bang on top of the house as it hit and saved the house. and then the fire crew got in

the danger is far from over While the blazes are under control, weary firefighters busy. with spot fires keeping already Narelda Jacobs, Ten News. after yesterday's car crash A second teenager has died in north-west New South Wales.

that of 13-year-old girl Emma Smith, The 13-year-old boy's death follows who died at the scene of the smash. is in the tiny town of Warialda, Ten reporter Danielle Isdale

whose residents remain in shock.

This at tiny town has a population

of 1000 people and of the eight the

or involved in the crash or all

from different families. Almost

everybody he's been touched. The

news just gets worse as the weekend

progresses. Six teenagers were

riding in the utility when it came

off the road. The 13-year-old girl

who was driving and the 32-year-old

male in the passenger seat. There

were taking turns am learning how

to drive when it went horribly

wrong. If one of the teenagers

isn't expected to survive - a young

isn't expected to survive - a young

girl and a 13-year-old boy, Callum

Warrener, has passed away in

hospital. His life-support turned

off. Ms Smith, the 13-year-old girl

who was killed instantly when she

was thrown from the back of the

unit. She lived with her

grandfather on at the outskirts of

town near where the accident

happened. Family and friends spoke of how they're coping.

of how they're coping. Everybody in

at the town would know the families,

end it's such a close-knit town at

that everybody is affected. I don't

know how long before the rest of

the children it get over what the accident carries. More than 130 people have been killed in Baghdad in the deadliest single attack since the start of the Iraq war.

packed with explosives A suicide bomber detonated a truck in a busy market. to inflict maximum casualties, The attack was timed

food ahead of a night time curfew. as hundreds of families rushed to buy SIREN it was a huge explosion This man says which knocked everybody down. 135 people were killed, since the US-led invasion in 2003. making it the worst single bombing with hundreds of casualties, Local hospitals were overrun many had to be treated in hallways. No group has claimed responsibility on a Shia suburb but the sectarian attack

of Sunni insurgents. is thought to be the work

In the United States, hostile territory, President Bush braved gain support at a Democrat function. taking the unusual step of trying to APPLAUSE there's no doubt in my mind These are tough times and yet, this homeland just as much as I do. that you want to secure But, on the troop build-up in Iraq, common ground. it's clear they found little stood his ground on Iraq. The President really additional troops were needed He explained why he thought this time and why the surge would work says she, parenthetically, when it has failed four times before. There's 21,000 more young Americans headed to Iraq - a conflict even US intelligence now concedes is a civil war. Max Futcher, Ten News. The environment issue is fast emerging as the crucial election year issue. into an election war game. The Prime Minister and Opposition Leader today jostled to be the first to host a meeting of State premiers, in a battle of the summits. The Prime Minister today called on State premiers to join him in Canberra this week to discuss his $10 billion water strategy. It is important that we maintain the momentum of this national plan. It's been very warmly received throughout the country. It's not made the splash with Labor premiers he might have hoped, with Morris Iemma announcing plans to save 18 million litres of water

using tunnels under NSW Parliament, his Queensland counterpart looking at his legal options. The legal advice basically says unless you have State cooperation this is going to be like a scrambled egg. The Opposition claims the Government has come unstuck in answering the age-old chicken-and-egg proverb. How can you deal effectively with the nation's long-term water challenge in the absence of dealing simultaneously with climate change?

The Opposition Leader has announced his own summit on climate change, promising to invite business and science leaders,

the PM, State premiers and Government ministers to develop a national bipartisan approach to the problem

in March or April. Kevin Rudd says he's open to the best ideas in the country. But he's already ruled out a change to his party's policy against nuclear reactors. The Government says has labelled the summit a Labor propaganda talkfest.

Brad Hodson, Ten News. A police investigation is under way after the discovery of a body in Sydney's west. The male victim was found on a bike track early this morning. It's believed he'd been shot in the head. Officers have cordoned off the area. Local residents say criminal activity in the area is getting worse. Just another day, another murder. So, no, it's not surprising at all. Police are appealing for information. The father of suspected Australian terrorist David Hicks says his son could enter a plea bargain with US authorities, in a bid to come home. Fresh charges of providing support to terrorism and attempted murder, were sworn against Hicks yesterday. A new look for our beaches, with the first Muslim surf lifesavers taking to the water.

The Burqini also making its international debut. It was recently the stage for the worst race riots Australia has seen but today Cronulla welcomed Islam's answer to the bikini. REPORTER: And what do you all think of the new Burqini? (All cheer) There was no suitable clothing for the veiled Muslim girls, so I decided to produce a garment that was going to blend in with the Australian lifestyle, at the same time, quite modest in covering the head to the feet. New recruit Mecca Laa Laa is confident it won't slow her down when rescuing someone drowning in rough surf. I've had four months' training in something similar so I'm definitely comfortable in it. But their instructor is yet to be entirely convinced. The earlier models made it very hard for her to swim

but that one looks like it could be fairly easy to swim in -

when I say easy - easier than earlier models she was wearing. In the Year of the Lifesaver, this all-Muslim class of 15 men and 2 women have earned their bronze medallion. Many of them couldn't swim at all before the 3-month training course. Swimming under 9 minutes, 400 metres,

running, then swimming in the water again, then running again - that's a challenge as well. Surf Lifesaving is confident this program will work.

We want to show this is a program that we can take nationally, because what we're doing on the beaches of Cronulla, we can do it on every beach in Australia. The makers of the burqinis say they are taking orders from right across the world. The interest worldwide is just enormous. Evan Batten, Ten News. Still to come -

the flood crisis eases in North Queensland. An Australian health expert slams our treatment of cancer sufferers. We're great at patting ourselves on the back for mediocrity. And the dumped Federal minister turns her talents to songwriting. (Sings) # Nation made of many # Bound in hope as one. #

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In 2003, the NSW Government created a world-first greenhouse gas reduction scheme.

Now we'll ensure that by 2020,

A woman has been sexually assaulted by a man in her Brisbane home. She was lying on the lounge after returning from a nightclub early this morning, when a man broke in through her window, attacking her at knifepoint. After she was told to pull a pillow over her head, she discovered, after about 10 minutes, that he'd left and she contacted police. The man, believed to be in his 30s, was only wearing a pair of white socks. when the swollen river cut access to the town. The Bruce Highway is now re-opened, but the town's main street remains under water. The wild weather prompted a number of dangerous rescues, with several people trapped in rising flood waters. A leading cancer specialist has labelled treatment of the disease in Australia as 'mediocre'. Professor Chris O'Brien, who's fighting the illness himself, claims we're falling behind the rest of the world in the delivery of cancer care.

Medical specialist Chris O'Brien has spent his life treating cancer. Now he's fighting it himself and speaking out against the system he works in. We're great at patting ourselves on the back for mediocrity.

Professor O'Brien was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour in November. But he's even more concerned with his other battle for better cancer treatment. I'm not satisfied and I don't want my colleagues to be satisfied with mediocrity and accept it as being excellence.

He believes there are too many gaps in the system. Access to treatment is hard for rural and regional Australians, and there's not enough quality infrastructure or research.

His answer - national cancer centres similar to the US. There is some benefit in what he's saying and it's worth pursuing but it needs some national support. That crusade may be left to Cancer Voices Australia, the new group lobbying for better services, launched today. We want to ensure that there is good multidisciplinary care available to everybody in Australia affected by cancer.

Chris O'Brien's launched the organisation and is a member but he's already told the group to expect change, warning that lip service is not enough

to bring enduring change to cancer care. Josh Murphy, Ten News.

Melbourne's sporting faithful have faced unprecedented security, with thousands turning out for both the A-league soccer semifinal and the cricket international between Australia and New Zealand.

Some fans paying the price for ignoring a ban on the Mexican wave. As fans filled the MCG, cricket talk was shelved. Supporters pondering another important question -

to wave or not to wave. No, I'm not going to do it - maybe last ball of the game. I'll go up if everyone goes up, yep, no worries. Save the Wave advocate Matthew Newton defied the ban

and says he'd do it again. I decided to start the Mexican wave and the police did what they were told to do and that was kick me out. We had some huge Mexican waves going round and that shows exactly what people think. His website already has 1,500 supporters who claim the ban is unnecessary and un-Australian.

But police will use 300 closed circuit cameras to monitor crowd behaviour and identify troublemakers. We're not the fun police, no, we're not here to do that

but there is serious risk of injury because of throwing missiles. Just a few kilometres away, more than 50,000 soccer fans are converging on Telstra Dome for tonight's A-League semi final, also amid tight security. Some supporter groups will be segregated, video surveillance will be in operation and additional plain clothes officers deployed, as police work to avoid a repeat of a December match where capsicum spray was used to quell rowdy fans. With the prospect of a grand final berth

fuelling an already fierce Melbourne-Adelaide rivalry, authorities aren't taking any chances. You misbehave, you act at the annoyance of the other spectators, you'll be evicted. Luke Waters, Ten News. The sight of two burst water mains has been enough to send Melbourne residents into a frenzy. With the city currently under the second-highest possible water restrictions,

homeowners teamed up to give their thirsty gardens a much-needed soaking. Most of the neighbours were out when I got home. First thing I noticed when I got to the street was a couple of people watering my garden so it's only fair that I'm doing everyone else's. But despite their best efforts, thousand of litres of water were lost before maintenance crews could contain the leaks. Just weeks after being dumped from her Federal Cabinet post, former immigration minister Amanda Vanstone has turned her hand to songwriting - the Senator penning a song about Australia, called 'Under Southern Stars.' These words have been put together to try and develop a song that Australians could sing whatever their age. She hopes the song will be sung in conjunction with the national anthem.

Coming up on Ten News - the deadly Asian bird flu reaches the UK. And Hollywood's A list gets caught up in football fever.

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SONG: # Love, love, love

# Love, love, love

# All you need is love, love

# Love is all you need # Love, love, love. # This program is captioned live. Iran has opened the doors to one of its nuclear sites to try to convince the world its intentions are peaceful. A delegation of diplomats and foreign journalists were taken on a tour of a plant, where raw uranium is turned into gas for the enrichment process.

The delegation included ambassadors from the United Nations' nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency. Britain is scrambling to contain its first outbreak of the Asian bird flu virus that's killed 164 people worldwide. The deadly H5N1 strain has killed 2,600 turkeys at a farm in Suffolk. 160,000 birds will be slaughtered and incinerated as a precaution. A tightly controlled protection zone has been set up around the property, and farmers within a 2,000 square kilometre restricted zone have been told to keep poultry isolated from wild birds. Health officials say the threat to the public is minimal. Five people have died in floods in Jakarta. Two days of torrential rain caused the worst flooding in the Indonesian capital in five years.

The water in some areas is 4m high, forcing more than 100,000 people from their homes. Hollywood stars Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have joined the line-up of celebrity football fans partying in Miami before tomorrow morning's Super Bowl clash between the Chicago Bears and the Indianapolis Colts. The weather's next and then it's Sports Tonight with Brad McEwan, and the Aussies under more pressure?

Yes Deb, they lost to England, they lost Andrew Symonds, now New Zealand's giving them a bit of stick. Also coming up - can Karrie hold on at Royal Sydney? Super starts from the Reds and Brumbies.

And box on - bad blood in the ring as foes go toe to toe. I told you we'd see a croc out here.

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Developed with the community, the NSW Government's State Plan will shape the way we live. It highlights growing prosperity to ensure jobs and investment into the future.

There's new trade schools so students can start their apprenticeship at school. It means young people not going to university can get the skills they need. Go to the website to read about the new direction for NSW.

This program is captioned live. Taking a quick look at the weather around the nation: Rain is expected in Cairns, a possible shower for Brisbane and a clearing shower on the Gold and Sunshine coasts. There's increasing sunshine forecast for Sydney and it will be sunny in Canberra. A total fire ban is in place across Victoria

with mostly sunny conditions expected in Melbourne.

A late shower forecast for Hobart. To SA where there's a late shower expected

in Adelaide and Victor Harbor and it will be mostly sunny in Port Lincoln. And across to WA - it should be windy in Perth with a possible thunderstorm for Broome. Finally, Adelaide sweltered in 40-degree heat today, posing a few problems for those competing in the annual Nude Olympics.

Peter Melhuish has a really big... ..set of feet. So it's no surprise he loves running in the three-legged race. Rumour has it you did want to enter the three legged race by yourself. Yeah, but they wouldn't let me. They said it's got to be two people. Never mind. There's an event for everyone at the Nude Olympics, not just the bare essentials. Naturalists at Adelaide's Maslin Beach pressing flesh in events like the discus and flag race. Man would have a bit of wind resistance downstairs? Depends on how well-endowed you are. (Laughs) Even in their birthday suits, some just couldn't keep cool. But at least they covered up, the slip, slop, slap message taking on a whole new meaning in 40-degree heat. On your marks. Set. Go! Those lacking in raw talent can still enjoy a cheeky challenge. Here we go. You've got the greatest bottom. Thank you. Russell Watson, the winner of the prestigious best behind. Needs to be perky, needs to stick out a bit, yes, needs to be firm,

a bit of tan - probably not too much.

As you'd expect, there's plenty of knockers in the crowd. But at least the competitors here

don't mind being stripped of their dignity. What dignity? I don't have any dignity, you can't loss what you haven't got. Alex Hart, Ten News.

That's the latest from the Ten news room.

I'm Deborah Knight, thanks for your company. I'll have updates throughout the evening, but stay with us, Sports Tonight is next with Brad McEwan. Enjoy your evening. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.

This program is captioned live. Hello. Welcome to the Sunday edition of Sports Tonight. The Monday morning blues aren't too far away, but they can wait. They have to - we're busy. COMMENTATOR: There's a good hit. Lou Vincent's been yapping. Andrew Symonds is hurting. It's been a huge week in cricket. Where better to square off today than the 'G?

A Raider turned Red is off to a Super 14 flyer.

The Brumbies have bolted... ..but at what cost? Glitz and glam have been the talking point at Royal Sydney.