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(generated from captions) half-hour of television. It's been an exceptionally enjoyable I don't know. I don't know. Thank you very much. I don't know now. Oh... Renee? Whatever. It's fine. So, Renee, what do you think? I think I have $150. What do you think? Come on. Make it so. OK. Come on. Come on.

Oh! Good! that is a very good thing. Ultimately, though, If you had said no deal, with 150 measly bucks. you would've been going home Let's see the money! And you're going home with $5,500!

with your cheque Here comes the lovely Christie and of course the lovely Renee for her buddy Kristen. with a big warm round of support Good on you, Renee. Thank you. I will! Hey, girls. Have fun in L.A. should try and get yourself an agent And while you're over there, you this turkey impersonation global! and you can take Yeah! Yeah! (IMITATES TURKEY) Great to have your company. See you later, ladies and gentlemen. See you next time on the Deal. Tonight - This program is captioned live.

two Sydney women convicted of a former QANTAS pilot. over the euthanasia death bashed by two men TV star Virginia Gay who committed murder, minutes later. Record petrol prices ease find new ways to save money. while Sydney drivers, And 50 days before Beijing, farewells our athletes. Prime Minister Rudd with Ian Ross. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening. has found two women guilty A Sydney jury of a 71-year-old Alzheimer's victim. over the euthanasia death

it was a mercy killing The women claimed but prosecutors argued $2 million estate. they were after his but today She said she did it for love, guilty of manslaughter. a jury found Shirley Justins are you by the decision? REPORTER: Shirley, how surprised who's suffering breast cancer, Her former friend, Caren Jenning, to manslaughter. is guilty of being an accessory supporter Dr Phillip Nitschke. The verdict shocked euthanasia do go behind bars. Most people with manslaughters

and I'm very, very distressed by it. I think it's a disgusting decision For 10 years, suffered Alzheimer's. Justins' partner, Graeme Wylie, in March 2006 to get Nembutal. His friend, Jenning, went to Mexico It's widely used for euthanasia. Mr Wylie took the drug and died. Within weeks, welcomed today's decision. His daughter, Nicola, I think the verdict is correct. Justins had a financial motive. Prosecutors argued he changed his will, A week before Mr Wylie's death,

$2.4 million estate to her. leaving nearly all of his Dr Nitschke says the verdict will affect all Alzheimer's sufferers and their loved ones. Many people that know they're getting Alzheimer's disease and end their lives earlier will take the option rather than later that if they let it go too far because they know in a situation they're going to find themselves have found. as these two poor women Lawyers for the pair say to keep the women out of jail they'll be fighting in October. when the case returns to court remain free on bail. Until then, Jenning and Justins Police are hunting two men

Virginia Gay last Friday night who badly bashed television star and minutes later murdered a chef

on the streets of Marrickville. they're drug addicts high on ice Detectives suspect and desperate. She has a flair for drama...

they were a couple of drop kicks. ALL SAINTS: So you thought ..but nothing this dramatic. over and over again Virginia Gay was smashed in the head by two thugs who wanted her bag. on Illawarra Road, Marrickville Witnesses

say her screams were blood-curdling. was taken to hospital. The 'All Saints' star She described her attackers as 18 to 25 years old, and an eyebrow ring, one with olive skin the other dark,

and both with shaven heads. Physically, she's quite well she's quite traumatised. but obviously, emotionally, She survived, though. Daniel Owen did not. He was always one to help someone. He wouldn't say no. his best at whatever he did. and always gave his best and tried at the Marriott, Circular Quay The 30-year-old chef left work 5:30 Friday afternoon. Police believe at midnight the men who attacked Virginia assaulted Daniel 15 minutes later. He died 10m from his front door. Would have been impossible to do mouth-to-mouth,

blood was pouring out. It was a vicious attack. their suspects are ice addicts Police are examining the possibility were just so ferocious, because the attacks ferocious enough to kill a man Virginia Gay was beaten so badly, and sources say

it's lucky she survived. in both cases. A random, violent and senseless act to call Crime Stoppers. Police urge anyone with information have been laid Murder and torture charges of 18-month-old twins against the parents on Monday night. found dead in Brisbane and her partner Mark Jackman Mother Kylie Matthews

faced court this afternoon. to remain in custody. They were ordered

and Zadie Vincent The decomposing bodies of Lily Rose after they died. were found eight days as a new-born baby. Each weighed as little have eased slightly Sydney petrol prices of $1.72 a litre. after yesterday's record high Paul Kadak is in Drummoyne and Paul, how are prices looking tonight? Ian, it's not much of a saving. on the drive home, 169.9 is a common sight it's as cheap as $1.56. although in some parts of Sydney, is one way to save Searching for cheaper fuel for other options. but drivers are also searching

with numbers like these - With drivers now confronted it just doesn't add up. more and more have decided Yeah, it's crazy now. Especially, the 4WD, it costs a lot of money. So they now get someone else to do the driving. A weekly bus ticket is $40. Filling up is in excess of $70 for my car, at least. Last year 63% of trips to work or school were by car -

this year, 57%, while public transport use is up to 26%. But this survey also says many aren't keen to switch. 30% that say that public transport will take too long. 30% say public transport is unreliable. Searching for a cheaper way around, drivers are turning to LPG. Gas converter Ross Harwood says he's booked up until October. As soon as petrol goes up, the phone calls just start going mad again. But gas prices are going up too. Just ask taxi drivers. To cope, cab fares are going up 4%. The average journey will cost $1 more. One man who used to control world oil supplies says it's not just a shortage driving prices up, but market cowboys. They use any excuse to push the price upward and they make money. The NRMA wants a crackdown. We need a coalition of the willing to keep speculators out of the market

and to keep the price of crude oil down. And bad news on that front - the crude oil price has just gone higher again.

This time the market's blaming a possible strike by oil workers in Nigeria, Ian. Thanks, Paul. Paul Kadak reporting. A campaign to tackle petrol prices has started in Canberra aiming to slash the fuel excise by 10 cents. A Liberal backbencher, is calling on Kevin Rudd to act but he hasn't even convinced his Coalition colleagues. Liberal backbencher Chris Pearce says his message is for Kevin Rudd. I want him to cut petrol excise by 10 cents a litre. He says it's what drivers want, too. I'm strongly representing the view of my constituents. That's my job. But they're not the views of his leader, Brendan Nelson. He wants a 5c cut. And if I get criticised for trying to help Australian families and businesses by suggesting that Kevin Rudd actually honours a promise,

well, I don't mind being criticised for that. It would cost $3.8 billion a year. What do his Liberal colleagues think? Well, you would have to ask them. We did. And got a standard response. The policy of the Liberal Party is 5c a litre. And Mr Rudd? They will say anything and do anything on the question of oil prices in order to achieve a cheap headline. But Mr Pearce says that headline would be good news to drivers. I don't hear ordinary Australians complaining about the prospect of a cut in fuel excise.

Doubling the fuel excise cut might help win back more of those ordinary Australians.

But others see another political objective here. Chris Pearce is a known fan of a certain former treasurer. Is all this about fuelling a Costello comeback? Not at all. I support my leader. From Saturday, some Sydney drivers will save money avoiding the car wash and hosing down their pride and joy themselves at home. Water restrictions are being eased as dam levels rise

but some say we should save every drop. No buckets for Joe Galassi - he's got a water tank. Keeps his garden the envy of the neighborhood too. Natural water, I recommend everyone have one. But from Saturday, all drivers can roll out their hoses and start spraying cars, caravans and boats along with the house and windows - if you have one of these. It's a trigger nozzle. Simply put, when the hose is dropped the water stops. Our dams are over 66% full It means savings of hundreds of dollars a year at the car wash. It's about time. I think the restrictions have been tough for a lot of people. I believe it will have an effect on our business - the lifting of restrictions. A booming industry which says it can be more about drivers saving time than water. It's a rat race. Their lives are just too busy with what they have to do. We rather have our car done in 20 minutes.

The easing of restrictions is expected to increase annual water usage by less than 0.5% - hardly worth it some say

when Sydney has become so good at saving every drop. And with climate change, we need permanent bans. Sydneysiders are saving water and they're liking saving water, why take a step backwards? Restrictions stay for watering the garden though and fines.

The water restrictions police remain on the beat. 50 days out from the Beijing Olympics,

Australian team officials have conceded for the first time China, not America, is the team to beat.

At the official farewell for our athletes Kevin Rudd confirmed he'll be joining Australia's cheer squad. At the Institute of Sport today, a Prime Ministerial hello... Australian volleyball team. ..and goodbye. A low-key farewell to our Beijing-bound athletes. Until Mr Rudd decided to make a sports event political. Finally admitting he's going to the opening ceremony. The Chinese Government have extended the invitation, the Australian Olympics Committee have been supportive of the decision to go. I think it's the right thing to do. It's the wrong thing to do, Mr Rudd. It's not the right thing to do. The Chinese are delighted. His presence in China, or in Beijing Olympic Games, will strongly boost the morale. But in Beijing, the focus today was pollution.

With only weeks until Olympic closures shut them down, the factories are working overtime and the skies are suffering. And in another surprise today, Australia's Olympics chief said for the first time that he predicts that not only will China win the most golds at the Games, but the most medals overall - knocking the United States out of the number one spot. It would be amazing, there's a lot of national fervour obviously building up there and it would be the icing on the cake. That won't distract Olympians Clare Woods and Jared Tallent. They'll walk for gold and a week later, walk down the aisle. They met on the team. And from there we made our first Australian team together and love blossomed as some would say so... Still to come - Scientists finally solve the mystery of Phar Lap's death. Also, action taken against a toy that plays with fire. And Nicole Kidman's tears for her unborn baby. That's next.

A toy that involves playing with fire has been banned in New South Wales. The ball is designed to be soaked in flammable liquid then lit and kicked around as firefighters demonstrated today. It's dangerous, as our cameraman nearly found out. It also only has to catch on your clothes, your hair or get into the bush and you can imagine the damage it could do. No-one has been injured here, but a West Australian boy burned his hands playing with it.

Australian scientists have discovered the sharks many of us fear could actually be life savers.

Their genes are being used to tackle a range of diseases, including cancer and arthritis. Believe it or not, you're looking at a creature that could, one day, save your life. They're very ancient organisms and they've got a small antibody that we don't have, no other animals on the planet have, except for camels. Australian scientists are extracting genes from shark blood to fight malaria, cancer and rheumatoid arthritis - and that's just the beginning. The real task is to find cures for things that we haven't cures for yet. The research was released in San Diego today by Victorian Premier John Brumby, who did some star-studded mingling. This competition makes us perform better. California's Governor showed no hesitation in manhandling the Premier's wife. Do you mind if we have you in the middle? Not at all. Not at all. But it was serious business that brought the leaders together - a world-first partnership to further stem-cell research. A stem-cell bridge to join our scientists,

our researchers and our facilities. In front of some of the world's best scientists, the California team admitted we do it better in Australia.

Arnold Schwarzenegger boasted about poaching Australian Alan Trounson to lead his state's research. We talked him into leaving Australia for what he calls the best stem cell job in the world.

Nicole Kidman has revealed she cried

when she first saw her baby on an ultrasound. The actress has posed for the cover of 'American Vogue'. The photos by Annie Leibovitz were taken before Kidman knew she was pregnant while she was making the movie 'Australia'.

Kidman says filming the Baz Lurhmann epic in the outback heat was the roughest thing she's ever gone through.

The actress turns 41 tomorrow and is due to give birth next month.

76 years after Phar Lap died, the mystery of his death has been solved. Scientists have confirmed the champion racehorse suffered arsenic poisoning, but they can't be sure who gave him the lethal overdose, or why. RACE CALL: It's all over. Phar Lap wins. He lived fast, died young and left a beautiful corpse. 30 to 40 hours before he died, Phar Lap had ingested a lethal dose of arsenic. Researchers discovered the arsenic in Phar Lap's mane two years ago. But they've been making sure it didn't come from the preservatives used after he died. All our results show that he consumed arsenic just before dying, but where that actually came from, we don't know. Phar Lap won 37 races, including the 1930 Melbourne Cup. He won the world's richest race in Mexico, but died in California before his next one. There was talk American gangsters killed him.

But this year, when his trainer's notebook was sold, it showed Phar Lap was given tonics of arsenic. Arsenic was widely used in the racing industry so it's availability around the stables was, you know, probably quite prevalent. Before he died in 1985,

Phar Lap's strapper Tommy Woodcock is reported to have said it could have been an accidental overdose. Everybody loved old Phar Lap. They still do. New Zealand, where he was born, has his skeleton, Melbourne, his hide and Canberra, his heart. The long wait is over for Sydney's diehard Apple fans. Queues snaked around the block when doors to the computer giant's $15 million city store opened just over an hour ago. The first inside had been waiting more than 30 hours.

Three, two, one... (Wild Cheering)

It's the first Apple superstore in the Southern Hemisphere. Time for sport with Matthew White and a Dragons star makes an Origin plea.

Jason Ryles wants one more game for the Blues - more shortly. Also tonight, the Sydney swimmer lapping up the countdown to Beijing. And the amazing story of the cyclist on a road to nowhere.

MAN: It was the perfect holiday. We were having a ball. We had no idea that people were worried about us.

Hundreds feared dead - Australian tourists... I'm really worried about our daughter and her family.

Have you checked with any friends or family for information? She's meant to be in that location. How about a mobile phone? Can't you do something? Were they registered with Smartraveller? To help us find you in an emergency. Dragons prop Jason Ryles will be playing for a farewell crack at State of Origin when he tackles Penrith tomorrow night. With his deal in France just about done, the former Test star has made it clear he wants to wear the Blue jersey one last time. If the Dragons can make it five straight, Jason Ryles might just land a Blues jumper. It'd be great but at the same time there's probably about four or five guys

in the same position. But unlike them, Ryles' audition for the job is against Queensland's Petero Civoniceva. Unbelievable. He's played something like 76 games in 2.5 years. That's just unheard of for a guy his size. He's very durable and he's probably the number one prop in the game at the moment. Ryles decision to play out his career in France will finally allow St George-Illawarra to make a formal offer to Melbourne Storm's premiership-winning backrower Jeremy Smith. But Mark Gasnier's still to decide on a switch to union. I want it sorted out behind closed doors too, you know, to comment. Having been shown the door himself, the coach isn't about to criticise those who leave. It's always about money. Don't matter what part of life you want to look at, it's always money, money, money because the more money people get the more they can do and that's all anyone cares about, unfortunately. That's why John Hopoate's 16-year-old son William has joined Manly on a $300,000 deal while still at Cromer High. As soon as I walked in, everyone was like, "Buy me a car, buy me lunch" and all this. He's nothing like me. I think that's the best attribute he's got. He's got a cool head about him. Doesn't fight. Nothin' like me, so I think that's a start right there. Tiger Woods won't play golf for the rest of the year after doctors ordered a full reconstruction on his injured knee. It makes Tiger's US Open playoff victory even more remarkable. He played 91 holes with a ruptured cruciate ligament and two fractures in his shin. I'm done. I really don't feel like playing anymore. His rivals won't mind. Now they'll have a chance to win the British Open and US PGA. A cyclist has survived a horrifying crash

on Stage 5 of the Tour of Switzerland.

Luxembourg's Frank Schleck was in a duel for the lead when he pushed a little bit too hard around a corner. Amazingly, he wasn't injured and still managed to complete the Stage, showing off his lucky charm as he crossed the line. The next big thing in Australian swimming has declared he wants to spoil the Olympic party for American superstar Michael Phelps. Freestyler Kenrick Monk will face some big challenges in Beijing.

Stopping Phelps from winning a record eight gold medals is just one of them. Ian Thorpe's replacement is trying to make his own splash but people are still saying 'Kenrick who'? Hopefully that can change over in Beijing and I can come a bit of a... .."Ooh, that's Kenrick Monk walking past". For that to happen, Monk has to beat two of the best freestyle swimmers of all time -

flying Dutchman Pieter Van Den Hoogenband and American superstar Michael Phelps. I'm only 20 so my goal is to try and become number one in the world. At 195cm and 94kg, this powerful speed machine has what it takes. Amongst his team-mates, he's also got a name for himself wearing tiny cossies. They're just a bit more comfortable, you could say. Everything I do, I'm in a pair of budgie smugglers and that kind of stuff. He's been in the tight togs since he was 4. His mum used to sleep in the car while he trained. Kenrick made a clever decision

to base himself here at Sydney's Olympic pool because the companies which built this teamed up to build Beijing's water cube and swimmers say both pools' speed is remarkably similar. This guy is fast but the 50 days 'til Beijing can't go quick enough. Don't make the days count - make the days matter.

Between the world's biggest swimmer,

Tiger Woods and the psych lift, my

work here is done I reckon. I

reckon, you are having a break. I'm

going to have a week off. See going to have a week off. See you next Checking finance now. And the share market fell on concerns about the health of the world's banks. The ASX 200 finished 76 points lower. Centro shares dropped 3.5% as the property group battles to repay its debts. QANTAS has fallen to its lowest price in nearly two years. Sara's next with the weather and today felt more like spring than winter? It was even warmer than yesterday, Ian,

with the rain holding off until late this afternoon. I'll tell you what's ahead for Sydney after the break. Things get busy on Thursdays. Night classes are popular. And so are you.

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The winter chill is taking its time to settle in as Sydney clocked up its third consecutive day

of above average temperatures. This time last year the city was dipping below 6 degrees most nights. This month it's been more than twice that. Our top of 20 was 3 up on normal. There are some light showers moving across right now, 17 degrees.

The rain drifted across from the north a few hours ago but there was quite a bit of sunshine before that. Temperatures pushed into the low 20s across most of Sydney. On to the satellite and those showers will contract to eastern parts of NSW tomorrow as a low spins up off the coast pushing drier winds across much of the State. Falls will be around 5mm but the southeast corner could see totals of up to 25mm falling as snow about the mountains. Perisher and the higher peaks of Thredbo should get 1 to 5cm. Around the country:

Expect a wet night followed by some morning fog and a late shower, much like today. Tops will be a few degrees cooler reaching 17 or 18 degrees and 11 in the mountains. Our catchments have had less than 5mm but run-off has helped push levels to 66.5% - a 0.2% change on last week. The outlook has never looked better. Becoming fine on Saturday, 18 degrees and staying that way with tops warming up again late next week. And that's Seven News to now. but we'll have updates during the evening. I'm Ian Ross, thanks for your company. Goodnight. All those price promises from the big German.

After seven years, has Aldi lived up to its guarantees? Do it, or else.

The grandmother ordered by her council to rebuild her home of 50 years. Thought you'd heard it all? The world's worst acceptance speeches and the Aussie winners. I really love my family and I really love my manager and I really love everyone that I love. Um... ..goodnight. Good evening.

It is an Australian tragedy. 18-month-old twin toddlers dead of starvation in their southern Brisbane home. The grandmother now looking after

the family's four other traumatised children. Dad in protective custody, Mum under psychiatric care, both charged with murder. Today, we learned exclusively of the mother's lonely pleas for help. Talking for hours with a stranger thousands of kilometres away in rural Victoria on the Internet. Gavin Alder has our story.

To us she was just a normal mum.

To us, she was just a normla mum having a few problems. Courtney Laurie is the stranger who got a glimpse into the heart of a mother in despair via an Internet chat room. She's just sort of asking if how other people handle having big families and that sort of indicates that she's struggling with her family since her twins have come along.

These are the baby photos of 18-month-old twins found dead in their home in Brisbane's southern suburbs. Pages and pages of them. 79 photos of chubby-cheeked, well-dressed babies. The photos were posted on the Internet by their 30-year-old mother clearly proud of her newborns. But she, and the father, are now before Queensland courts. There was lots of positives and she was happy that she'd had her twins and she announced them and there was photos and they just looked like normal, chubby babies and she was asking for advice. It shocked the street they lived in and the nation. Now it can be revealed the mother's despair was on the web for all to see. These emails were a cry for help. There was a sense of desperation, a sense of depression,