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(generated from captions) with the situation. Of course she's very upset in tears. it is believed she spent last night sick with nerves, is taking its toll - The 24-year-old's Bali ordeal How are you feeling, Michelle? is led into an interrogation room. a frightened Michelle Leslie Flanked by Indonesian police, with the ordeal. about how she's coping increasingly concerned Family and friends in a serious state of distress. The drug suspect is reportedly in Bali. Australian model Michelle Leslie have begun interrogating Indonesian police But first this evening, of mobile phones. Yet another new generation And text messages that talk. their daughter for two years. the Sydney parents who locked up Good evening. Also tonight - from the State public service. to eliminate 29,000 jobs And John Brogden vows in old-fashioned Aussie values. teach lessons Muslim schools across Sydney reacts badly to her life behind bars. the Australian drug suspect Tonight - Michelle Leslie's misery - This program is captioned live.

the Minister of overreacting. Muslim educators accusing they should clear off. and teach Australian values, If people don't want to adopt taking an even tougher line. Education Minister Brendan Nelson value being Australian. so young Muslims to work out new guidelines Yesterday's summit agreeing in State schools. The same goes for Muslim students to be taught Australian values. it wants students in Muslim schools The Government says to promote traditional Aussie values. they are doing their bit across Sydney, But according to Muslim schools He says they should "clear off". Brendan Nelson to radical Muslims. from Federal Education Minister A blunt message Belinda Heggen, Ten News. into any country in Asia. as to carry drugs Australian could be so stupid It's beyond belief that any also facing charges in Sumatra. Graham Clifford Payne, Another target of his anger, to bail them out. shouldn't expect the Government anyone caught with drugs in Asia The Prime Minister says to get their daughter home. they're doing all they can her mother Violet Leslie says In another statement, issued a statement. Leslie's boyfriend, Scott Sutton, are offering their support. Family and friends to take a blood sample. to arrive late this afternoon also expecting a doctor The Indonesian drug squad chief to conduct a urine test. Indonesian police are yet Contrary to earlier reports, comforting her. and she's got some friends to get over there and she's just waiting for us for her It's a very hard situation Well, she's coping as best she can. in the hope of securing her release. with Leslie's Indonesian legal team, Mr Hill will also liaise and know what's going on. until I'm over there on the ground It's not appropriate but, look, I can't really comment. she's in Oh, it's a very serious situation all too aware of the challenge ahead. He flew out to Bali this morning, Australian lawyer later today. The model's expected to meet with her

distance from their rented home The couple were in the park a short is that they doubt our claim. What am I am really upset about by police. The attack now under investigation with just minor injuries. Habib escaped you're bleeding. not bleeding. And she said, no u said you're bleeding and I said I'm going to be a wife. When my wife in his behind. I thought it was When he came to me, I saw the shine while he tried to protect his wife. Repeatedly stabbed by one of two men says he almost died. the former Guantanamo Bay detainee after midnight on Monday, But in this western Sydney park thought he could defend himself. Martial artist Mamdouh Habib but scoffed at the conspiracy theory. Habib is still on security watch, Federal authorities have confirmed stabbing attack near his Sydney home. that ASIO was behind a late-night on Mamdouh Habib's claim Scorn has been poured John Hill, Ten News. of terrorism. anyone preaching the virtues of the Islamic community, whether there is, within any section We have a right to know into mosques and schools. to send ASIO agents The PM now reserving the right here in the future. to make sure there are no issues that can assist the Government because we have a knowledge we're part of it because we're enemies, But we're not part of it have a role in counter-terrorism. And Muslim schools believe they do Islam and their loyalty to Australia. are torn between their loyalty to But they agree some young Muslims my whole family was born here. I was born here, like Australian, we are Australians. We love peace, we love being they do believe in a fair go. They do believe in mateship, because they are Australian. as the rest of Australians they do have the same values that they are Australian, You do feel integrity, respect and honesty. a fair go and value freedom, and to do their best, give everyone to be caring and compassionate all students are encouraged National Framework of Values, Under the so-called as if we're not. that he's targeting our schools so I'm a little disturbed values, Australian values, We all have to teach the same

A diver was taken by the shark and we hope to have more later about the fatal shark attack. John Brogden will slash the public service if he becomes Premier, axing 29,000 jobs to fund payroll tax cuts. Speaking to a forum of Liberal business backers, Mr Brogden announced a 2-year hiring freeze would come into force across the public sector, with exemptions for critical front-line services like health and transport. The controversial plans also include slashing the number of State Government departments from 30 to just 9. We have a bluntted bureaucracy. We simply have too many public servants. To come out and say I have 29 jobs in the departments and I'm going to cut the management of the public services by 22% is the public services by 22% is idiotic without a proper plan Savings would be used to fund almost $300 million in payroll tax cuts. Intense lobbying tonight in the National Party A Sydney couple has been convicted Harry Potter, Ten News. his remarks with the Vice-Chancellor. The Minister will now discuss of Western Sydney forum. at a recent University as a pack of terrorists for reportedly describing the US Education Minister Brendan Nelson Habib has also come under fire from especially with my wife. I'd be afraid to go there at night, where others have been attacked. to the park at night that he was foolish to take his wife Most agreeing though when you mention his colourful past. Alarm bells ring about the mugging of Mamdouh Habib. are prepared to talk Few of the locals by the Attorney-General's department. have been described as ludicrous was involved in the attack And suggestions that ASIO I am positive. Are you sure of that? Because it is bugged. Yes. Why? I can't talk at home. privately with my wife. That is the only time I can talk ASIO surveillance at home. believing they were under

over the sale of Telstra. Nationals leader Mark Vaile is desperate to convince Queensland colleagues to back the Government's plan. These are some of the men and women trying to sway maverick Senator Barnaby Joyce's vote on the controversial Telstra sale. Nationals leader and Deputy Prime Minister Mark Vaile was determined to get a word in first. It is very, very important that we don't just focus on the issue of ownership, we focus on the issue of investment for the enhancement of technology in the future. The body language gave little away as Mr Vaile tried to convince his Queensland colleagues of the benefits of $3 billion of bush sweeteners in return for full privatisation of the telco. This will be the biggest single investment in telecommunications infrastructure in Australia's history. It's the first real test for the new Nationals leader. Senator Joyce has said his vote can't be bought without the approval of the Queensland Nationals management committee. Mr Vaile isn't so sure. He'll make his own decision. I don't know that Barnaby will be instructed by anybody about how to vote. Across the country, Finance Minister Nick Minchin was delivering his own sales pitch. He says if the Government had sold its entire stake during T2, invested in a diversified portfolio and reinvested the dividends, taxpayers would be a lot better off. Labor's refusal to support the Telstra sale legislation in the Senate has cost taxpayers $54 billion. Labor says that's fanciful. Leonie Mellor, Ten News. Fears an Australian may be among at least 40 people killed in a plane crash in Peru. The flight from the capital Lima came down in the Amazon jungle during a storm only a few kilometres from a local airport. First pictures show the extent of the destruction. Incredibly, some of the 93 passengers and seven crew survived, but exact numbers are still unclear. Relatives desperate for news are crowding the airport in Lima. The airline says an Australian was among 11 foreigners on their passenger list, but our Foreign Affairs Department is still trying to confirm whether he was on the plane. Tim Webster with a look ahead to sport, and another injury fear for Glenn McGrath? Yes, he's in doubt again for tomorrow's fourth Ashes Test. McGrath complained of problems with his elbow after today's training session. And Shaun Tait pushed his claims for a Test debut during a fiery net session. Justin Langer copped a few from him. Also - a huge boost for Parramatta's chances of an elusive premiership. Timanha Tahu could be back earlier than expected from a broken hand. We'll update you on his progress a little later. Also later, we'll hear from former Wallabies skipper Nick Farr-Jones on George Gregan, and what's really wrong with our rugby side. Next, Aussie cyclists injured in Germany vow to race again. Plus, Sydney's ram-raid epidemic - gangs on the rampage, targeting ATMs. And another new generation of mobiles that let your text messages do the talking. A new and innovative way to interact with your mobile phone. Security sensor light pack, only $29.98. Sydney's ATM ram-raids are reaching epidemic levels, with 17 in just two months. Thieves going to dangerous new lengths to pull off the heists. A 2-tonne battering ram used to smash through the entrance of the Chullora marketplace early this morning. It's yet another ram-raid in Sydney, the 17th automatic teller machine robbery in the past two months. The ram-raiders drove up a pedestrian ramp inside the shopping centre, lined up a stand-alone Westpac machine and hit the accelerator. The ATM was smashed apart. The cash safe inside falling to the floor. At the same time, outside, a security guard stopped on a routine patrol. The thieves shattered his car window and ordered him from the vehicle. Removed his mobile phone and threatened him that if he contacted police, they'd kill him. The ram-raiders fled - another successful mission. The newly formed strike force, Piccadilly, left to pick up the pieces. We've been aware for some time that these people have a propensity for violence and possibly armed, we're quite concerned about that. ATM robberies offer thieves more bang for their buck with less risk. The ram-raid investigators say banks and businesses have to do more to safeguard the machines. A robbery of a different kind. This time a hold-up at the Grand Hotel in the heart of the city. Two thieves used a magnetic keycard to enter the pub. They walked to a stairway, narrowly avoiding an unsuspecting cleaner. Seconds later, they burst into the main bar and leapt the counter, stealing a large amount of money from the safe. Staff were told to lie on the floor or they'd be killed as the robbers returned to the stairs, changed their clothes and fled. Shaun Fewings, Ten News. Four survivors from a yachting tragedy in Far North Queensland have been released from hospital. A 22-foot yacht with seven people on board sank late yesterday, the victims huddling together in the water for two hours, clinging to floating petrol containers. A passing motor cruiser responded to their screams for help. For 68-year-old John Leatham from NSW it was already too late. He drowned by his wife's side. He had given the lady his watch to look after and it was his last biding gift to her. The 46-year-old skipper also drowned, one survivor is under observation in hospital. A Sydney couple has been convicted of wrongfully imprisoning their daughter at home for two years. But other members of the same family are furious with the verdict, insisting the jury has been duped by lies. This woman claims she was locked in her bedroom and starved by her parents, not even permitted to take regular showers. Weighing just 44kg when she eventually escaped through a window and fled to the police station. What's your attitude towards your parents now? Her mother and stepfather were charged with false imprisonment and malicious neglect. Medical evidence presented at their trial indicating the girl was so malnourished, she was close to death. Her parents today found not guilty of the neglect charge but guilty of wrongful imprisonment. That left the rest of the family crying bitter tears saying the whole case is a sham. It's all lies, we're going to appeal. A sister and brothers in the same home say the girl refused to eat or leave her room, depressed about facial disfigurements. At any time was your sister a prisoner? No, never. A younger brother says And we all got treated equally. A younger brother says his parents always did their best for the children. Poverty was the main cause of their problems. He's the best, and my mum, she's just me mum, you know I love her. Prosecutors told the court the parents deserve substantial jail time for their conduct. They were released on bail until they're sentenced in November. Amber Muir, Ten News. A harrowing ordeal today Premier Morris Iemma has gone bush to see first-hand the hardship caused by the drought. The marathon dry spell continues to grip 87% of NSW. A city Premier travels to the far west for a first-hand assessment of the drought, anxious to boost a low profile in the bush. At Cable Downs, a sheep property near Cobar, a pledge to push for a country of origin labelling scheme for all home-grown and imported meat products. It's good for consumers and producers. But such a move can only succeed with Federal Government support. Recent rains have given this area a green tinge, but it's still very much in drought. The latest problem is the so-called cash drought, farmers here simply can't afford to restock. The cost of replacing sheep has gone up threefold. There's also city issues on the Premier's mind, playing down a Newspoll which has given him a modest boost leaving the ALP and the Coalition locked at 50% each. The only poll that matters is the one in March. The first real test for Morris Iemma comes not here in the bush, but in the three city by-elections set down for September 17. In Cobar, Paul Mullins, Ten News. Brave words today from Australian cyclist Lorian Graham. She's back home after the road crash which devastated the women's team in Germany, and she's vowing to race again. Elite cyclists are used to the pain and hard work of racing on the open road. For the surviving members of the Australian team mowed down in Germany, the road to recovery poses a new challenge. I need to kind of crawl before I can walk, so walking is the first step and then riding my bike. I would still love to compete for my country. Lorian Graham's doctors say her dream can come true. Team-mate Louise Yaxley is just as determined but her riding future is less certain. They have no idea of how I will overcome the injuries. They've just given me positive support and we'll just have to wait and see. Lorian knew her injuries weren't life-threatening but feared the worst when all she could see was a trail of twisted bike frames. She insisted on being last into an ambulance. Yeah, I always try to put others before myself. Initially, yes, I did analyse how I was. I moved my fingers and my hands and I knew my back was OK. I hadn't hit my head. As the senior rider on the team, she couldn't help but feel responsible. These other girls pretty much become your family. You don't see your own family until the end of the year. It's like having five other sisters. Now only four remain. Amy Gillett didn't survive but her memory lives on through a foundation to raise awareness of road safety and to support developing young cyclists. Andrew Hamilton, Ten News. Those surviving girls seem to be doing well Time for a weather check now, Tim Bailey, another day out of the box for you. Beautiful, but it is a bit nipy and nasty out in the south-east. The wind is up to about 25km at times and the win chill is dragging down the temperatures a little bit. No change in the weather another blue sky for tomorrow. Tops of 20 to 21 degrees. After another cold night, minus 1 at Campbelltown overnight and 0 at Richmond and Penrith. So there is a chill in the air and the mercury going that way. Sky watch for you in case you missed the blue sparkling sky that we ordered. There it is. Beautiful stuff off the roof of the ten news centre. A little bit of light cloud. It's nipy, I love that word, nipy.

Tomorrow, 20 to 21 degree and I'll see you again in around about ten. Ahead - the medicinal use of cannabis. Some promising results, but there's a major downside. Plus - defiance against the odds - a brave woman's ordeal as flash floods strike. Right now, buy a $10 Scratchie with a chance at 500 grand and get four free $1 Scratchies. Or buy a $5 Scratchie with a chance at 250 grand and get two free $1 Scratchies. It could really win you stacks. SONG: # Scratch me happy! # This program is captioned live. This program is captioned live. You're watching the five clock lock news. Time to check on the traffic with Vic Lorusso in the Mix 106 Traffic Helicopter. All sorts of problems in North Parramatta tonight, what's causing that? It was a broken down car sitting on the busy James Ruse Drive. We're going to show you the delays. The breakdown has moved but the

traffic trying to get away from West Ryde, all three leans are struggling. This traffic is backed all the way back towards Rose Hill race course so an extensive traffic build up for north bound travellers and also so delays on the M2. We'll have more of a traffic update with Jess at ten o to sixment A harrowing ordeal today -- for former Test cricketer Darren Lehmann. 5:50. He was in court describing desperate efforts to keep David Hookes away from bouncers on the night he died. Darren Lehman told jurors he'd blocked out parts of the night that ended in David Hookes's death. But his evidence still painted a vivid picture of the confrontation outside a St Kilda Hotel. Lehmann said it all happened so quickly - Hookes forcibly ejected from the Beaconsfield Hotel as he and others yelled at bouncers to stop. One security guard allegedly pushing Hookes along the road, fuelling Lehmann's great rush to get him away from the hotel and the aggressive situation. But it was too late, Hookes felled by bouncer Zdravko Micevic, who's pleaded not guilty to manslaughter. Lehmann told the judge he called an ambulance then sat in the gutter and watched as a team-mate fought to save his colleague's life. Mr Micevic claims he hit Hookes in self-defence, after the 48-year-old punched him twice. His lawyer has accused members of the cricketer's group of lying to the jury, a claim denied by witnesses. Tania Plumpton rejected claims she was covering anything up for Hookes, her childhood idol. Her voice trembled as she described her struggle with security staff removing him from the hotel. She claimed to have lost fingernails trying to keep him away from a bouncer. The cricketer said to have replied: Former Captain of the Victorian cricket team, Darren Berry, among those attending the trial today. Christopher Still, Ten News. New leads in the mysterious disappearance of Olivia Newton-John's lover. With the Coast Guard stressing it's a missing persons case, investigators say they are acting on new clues which may determine whether he faked his disappearance. Patrick McDermott was apparently in financial trouble when he vanished. He had filed for bankruptcy five years ago and the only thing he owned was a car. His ex-wife, who reported him missing, is believed to have been locked in a dispute with him over child support payments of $1,000 a month. Olivia Newton-John was at a spa retreat in NSW when her lover vanished. Floods are causing chaos across Europe, killing at least six people. A Swiss town has been swamped, chalets buried in mud. Landslides have cut off resorts, leaving thousands of tourists stranded. An elderly driver was trapped in her car, rescuers using ropes to reach the vehicle and pull it to safety. Emergency crews applauding as the woman was finally freed. Rail lines have been closed, roads have crumbled, the bitumen breaking up cars stuck in the rubble. Swollen rivers have broken their banks, flooding towns across Switzerland, Germany and Austria. Sandbags little defence as the water continues to rise. And bushfires are devastating parts of Portugal. The blazes have killed more than 15 people, most of them firefighters. Desperate villagers are using anything they can to stop the flames reaching their homes. The fires have destroyed 600 buildings, and burnt through 140,000 hectares of forest and farmland. A famous US Christian preacher Ahead - research on the medical use of cannabis, including evidence of a serious downside. Plus - another new generation of mobiles that let your text messages do the talking. A new and innovative way to interact with your mobile phone. And the painful injury leaving Glenn McGrath in doubt for the fourth Ashes Test. Right now, buy a $10 Scratchie with a chance at 500 grand and get four free $1 Scratchies. Or buy a $5 Scratchie with a chance at 250 grand and get two free $1 Scratchies. It could really win you stacks. SONG: # Scratch me happy! # Our water situation is still critical, which is why Stage 2 Restrictions are now in force, so let's work together to follow them and help sustain our water supply. For full details, call: Sirloin steak. # Mm-mm... # This program is captioned live. Time for another check of the weather and Tim Bailey, I like the word nippy as well? Yeah, there's a real nip in the air across the bough of that ferry. The Sydney harbour is beautiful tonight although the temperature is going south at a great rate of knots folks. Around about minus 1 at Campbelltown tonight. 0 at Penrith. Tomorrow will be good. 20 to 21 degrees. Today was funny. At sun rise, it was 2 degrees but by this afternoon, it was 19.6 and that was two above average. You work it out. Now let's look at the map of NSW and talking Tim's temps. A fine and sunny day on the way to colour in Thursday. See you again at 5:55. Scorn has been poured on Mamdouh Habib's claim that ASIO was behind a late-night stabbing attack near his Sydney home. Federal authorities have confirmed that the former Guantanamo Bay detainee is still on security watch but denied any connection. Muslim schools in Sydney doing their bit to promote Aussie values displaying information about the ideals and attitudes traditionally held in high regard across the nation. Indonesian police begin interrogating Australian model Michelle Leslie in Bali. The drug suspect reportedly in a serious state of distress, crying constantly in her cell. More details now on another major story breaking right now in South Australia - a man taken by a shark off Adelaide. He was on a diving trip on a reef about four kilometres off the city's famous Glenelg Beach. It's understood there were two divers in the water when the great white struck. It's not yet clear if the other diver was injured. Scientists are on the verge of developing pain relief medication that mimics the effects of cannabis without the risks to mental health. Human trials of the synthetic drugs may be just a few years away. Smoking marijuana to dull pain continues to create a controversial high, with many concerned it's a step towards decriminalisation. But with Australia still arguing the benefits of things like electronic bongs and compassionate trials, a meeting of world pain experts has heard cannabis is too dangerous to ever become an option. I can't see us developing cannabis as a sensible medication that would pass the normal trials of both efficacy - whether it works - and safely. The problem is, overseas trials show it works. Chronic pain sufferers love it and short-term side effects are mainly limited to dizziness and tiredness. The real danger may be 20 years down the track. If you use cannabis when you're a teenager, in sometimes fairly modest amounts, less than 50 times for example, you increase your risk of developing psychosis or particularly schizophrenia later on, so potentially serious mental health conditions. But using lab rats and mice, experts have created new synthetic molecules that replicate cannabis, but don't attack the body's central nervous system, dulling the pain without the health risks. In other words, we're trying to separate the high from the pain relief. They haven't been tried in humans yet but the laboratory trials are extremely promising, yes. International experts hope human trials could be just a few years away and they say it could become the most significant advance in pain treatment since paracetamol. Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. A grim day on the Australian share market. Let's go to Craig James in Commonwealth securities. What a profit for BHP Billton? Yes, an exceptional profit but it was an exceptional year with demand and prices for the products going through the roof. Now the profits, $6.5 billion US up 85% on a year ago and over $8 billion. $8.6 billion in Australian terms. The outlook is good for BHP Billton and the mining sector in Australia with the favourable conditions likely to persist Also figures out relating to the building industry and you would have to describe them as booming? It is good in terms of the construction sector. In the June quarter, record highs and order books remain full. So the outlook is very good. The only worry that the construction industry has, it's not the amount of work but the costs that are being incurred. There's only so much labour and raw materials to go around that's putting upward pressure on costs as well as prices. Mobile phones are getting so smart, they'll be making your coffee soon. The developments are coming thick and fast, with books and live TV the latest additions. Forget making calls - mobile phones are about to do so much more you'll forget that's what they were once for. Movie trailers for all the major film studios, customers will be able to see what's on where, the nearest cinema, watch the trailer, and then head off to watch the movie. Or maybe you fancy watching an episode of your favourite TV show - or better yet, a series made especially for your mobile. These are one-minute series, or a one-minute 'mobisode' as the term is, compiling over a 26-week periods a 26-week series. All this, and more, will be possible when the 3G network launches later this year. As for cost, well, no-one's talking about that just yet. And here's something that could be good for Shane Warne, who's recently admitted he's never read a book. However, he does like playing with phones. The solution - book chapters sent to your mobile. There's approximately 3,000 words per book and you're getting three books to try in the launch pack. Mobile Reader is free and can be used on most phones. It's great for when you're out in the park, just sit there, read your mobile phone. And then you can just pop into the city and buy the book if you're interested. You can use it virtually anywhere you can use your phone, so it might be on a train, might be on a bus, might even be on a cab going to the next meeting. Also available now, new and unique ways of messaging - where you become your favourite sports icon. RECORDED VOICE: Hi. It's David Beckham here. Heard what you got up to last night - you get a red card! Angela Bishop, Ten News. Tim Webster is back with sport, and the Eels to get one of their injured stars back early? Yes, a broken hand won't stop Timanha Tahu returning, more shortly. And it's new faces time again for the Wallabies as couple of past greats have their say on what's wrong. Also - England beware, Shaun Tait's hurting our own men. And socceroo sharpshooter Mark Viduka's entry for Premier League's goal of the year. It's only in Nice 'n Easy and keeps your colour wonderful. This program is captioned live. Aussie fast bowler Shaun Tait will make his Test debut in tomorrow night's fourth Ashes Test against England in Nottingham. But there's now doubt surrounding fellow quick Glenn McGrath - he's had urgent scans on his right elbow. McGrath's bowling elbow flared during the Australian's net session. He experienced discomfort and pain and was then rushed to hospital for scans. He will continue to be monitored, but his latest injury is a massive blow for Australia on the eve of its most important Test in years. I can absolutely guarantee we're going to do it in these next two Test matches. The boys are ready to go and I expect some special performances. Shaun Tait has won the race to replace Jason Gillespie after terrorising Justin Langer in the nets. You've got an exciting young 20-year-old kid who is bursting at the seams and hitting blokes in the head left, right and centre, so it all depends on which way Ricky wants to go. Tait's apologies were met with an initial straight bat, but the pair kissed and made up after the session. Tait has influential backing. I think there are three guys who I have seen straightaway and thought they were going to play for Australia and they were Shane Warne, Brett Lee and Tait. So there's three players straightaway where I've thought, "He's got something special." He's quick and he'll do some damage. McGrath's latest setback may again open the door for Michael Kasprowicz with the Aussie selectors now forced to contemplate two changes rather than one. England is in a confident mood - fit, upbeat and unchanged. It was quite nice to see them jumping up and down having a draw. Not many teams have seen that in the last 5-10 years. Hostilities recommence tomorrow night at Trent Bridge. Rob Waters, Ten News. A big boost today for Parramatta's minor premiership aspirations. Injured centre Timana Tahu expected to make an early return from a broken hand against Brisbane next week. That match is looming as the final showdown for the number one spot on the ladder. This time last week, Timana Tahu was operated on. A plate inserted in his right hand and all the damage there to see today. But amazingly, Tahu could be back next week. Yeah, really excited. I was very down that I could be out for the year. You know, we are in for grand final contention so to be told that news, it is good news. Manly joining Tahu at a disadvantaged schools sports day. The Sea-Eagles privately fuming over former club greats slamming the side's record 62-point defeat. You don't see or hear too much from them when we win a game. They always seem to come when you lose. We'll take it with a grain of salt. Electric fullback Brett Stewart, despite seriously injuring his hip last Sunday remains hopeful of playing on Saturday against the Warriors. I'm looking positive, I've still got a chance to play. I'd be surprised if I'm not. With the PM's XIII AusAID tour of Papua New Guinea given the go-ahead, coach Mal Meninga has hit out at club bosses reluctant to make their top-line players available. Meninga's message is simple - grow up. The message rugby league can spread about HIV and AIDS is really, really important. You feel honoured to be in a rep side and wouldn't turn your nose up at it at all. And Brisbane captain Darren Lockyer denies he'll return to fullback defensively when back from injury. I was handling it earlier in the year. It's something I need to come back and make sure I work hard at. Rob Canning, Ten News. A 28-man Wallabies squad has been named for next week's clash with the All Blacks in Auckland. Forwards David Fitter and Alex Kanaar join backs Lloyd Johansson and Lachlan Mackay as the four new faces. With 14 players injured, Wallabies coach Eddie Jones is taken an extended squad into camp. The question for one former Wallaby is whether the right long-term changes are being made. You've got to realise that to play for the Wallabies is a great honour and what they've got to do is say this is the best I can do. If I can't do better, I've got to look at alternatives. Have you to look at yourself and say yourself and say what's going to happen in a year? Are we going to get better? George Gregan receiving support from another scrum half. If I was a scrum half playing behind those guy, I would give them a kick up the arse. Hoping to squeeze his way into the pack is Waratah flanker, Al Kanaar It's going to be a huge game, the Kiwis at home, it's never easy. Hopefully question do well Queensland's hard hitting centre, Lloyd Johansson was surprised to find himself in the squad. I was concentrating on the club rugby. I didn't even think that I was in the picture or anything Whoever gets the nod for next week's match will

feel the pressure as the Wallabies try to extend their losing streak. If we lose that game, we haven't lost five games since the 1960s. Mark Viduka has scored twice in a stunning return for Middlesbrough in their 3-0 win over Birmingham. In his first appearance in the starting line-up since April, the Socceroos striker produced Middlesbrough's first goal of the season in the 14th minute and then struck one of the goals of the year on the stroke of half-time. The big Aussie left the ground to a standing ovation when he was substituted late in the second half. Tour de France cycling legend Lance Armstrong claims he's the victim of a witch hunt in the wake of new drug-taking allegations. A French sports newspaper made the accusations, publishing the results of recent tests on frozen urine samples taken from Armstrong during the 1999 Tour de France. The tests show traces of the banned blood booster EPO. The 7-time Tour champion issued a strong denial of the accusations on his website. That's the day in sport. Later on 'Sports Tonight' - how Ben Ross fares at the judiciary on that contrary conduct charge. Plus Vic Darchinyan defends his IBF flyweight world title against Jair Jiminez. Oh say that again. Wonderful u thank you. I like it Now back to Vic Lorusso in the Mix 106 Traffic Helicopter. What's happening with the traffic? A lot of traffic trying to get towards hurstville tonight. It's a struggle. We had an earlier incident in strat field with a broken down car. This is the traffic heading away from Concorde Road. You can see all the south bound traffic barely moving and crawling over the Parramatta river there. So it is a busy night into Hurstville. And also busy traffic for motorists leaving James Ruse Drive and a problem off the Harbour Bridge with a breakdown. We'll check the weather outlook next with Tim Bailey. And catch up with some tiny little monkeys being nursed back to health. Our water situation is still critical, which is why Stage 2 Restrictions are now in force, so let's work together to follow them and help sustain our water supply. For full details, call:

You're watching the 5:00 news. Tim Bailey, I have a tip for you. I know fort last ten years that we've been working together, you've got a thing about Jessica Rowe and every opportunity, you make your move. I just noticed with Tim Webster, every time he mentioned a foreign name, Jessica says ooh. My suggestion is perhaps you try something foreign.. (in a French accent) oh Jessica, this weather is for you. (normal voice) isn't this a handy harbour to call home. Beautiful. The weather, cold nights and clear days and it keeps on going through to the weekend. What about the weather photographs? We love them. Here is today's little gem and it is from Mike Williams from Emu Plains. Thank you very much for your offering and thanks for watching the weather here at the first at Five News. Tomorrow,

20 to 21 degrees and more or less the same. Saturday looks like a bit of a shower and then clearing up for temperatures around about 23 degrees across the weekend. Getting to 25 by mid-week next week. So it is just blue sky, sunshine and cold nights as we dip down to minus 1 in Campbelltown tonight. Tomorrow, fun and games on the television. We're going up to the Reevesby Workers Club. Into the back yard now for some current temperatures. 17 at Gosford, 12 at Katoomba. The satellite, thick cloud forming over WA around a broad area of low pressure generating areas of rain. NSW misses out. Tomorrow, a slow moving trough over WA will generate widespread rains and storms in the north of NSW getting a sprinkle. That is seen here in the business of the brolly, predicted precipitation, the rainfall map. Isolated showers across the northern NSW, Queensland and western Tazmanian coastlines. And by Friday, onshore winds directing isolated showers to Queensland and the northern NSW coast. What a great spot to call an office. Sydney harbour doing it magnificently tonight. Another blue sky day tomorrow and the weekend, apart from an early shower, looking pretty special, around 23 degrees Saturday and Sunday. And interstate now.

From one chimp on your own TV to another couple of monkeys, not Ron and Jess but there's a story about monkeys coming up now. Finally, they are extremely rare, extremely cute, and the story of their survival is remarkable. These Amazonian marmosets were born after their mother was crushed by a car. They've attached themselves to a monkey doll hot-water bottle they think is their mother. Eventually the babies will be injected with scent from their real mum so they can be accepted back into the wild. That's the 5:00 news. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Jessica Rowe. Sandra Sully will have the Late News at 11:30. Goodnight. Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre