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(generated from captions) You're $100 - go 1. All up to you, this one.

I'm gonna go number 2. But don't blame it on me. (ALL LAUGH) Going number 2? Go number 2. Zinger's going 2. Alright. Everyone's saying 1 but, no, see those cases, please? Girls, can we It's...

(ALL CHEER) Yeah! Good on you, Zinger! 200 bucks! (LAUGHS) got back in the boat Well, he may not have a carcass to feast on but at least he's found while he waits for help to arrive. Let's see the money! the appropriately named Penny Oh, Zinger, here comes with your cheque.

being Bec, of course. The big winner on the day Bec with the cheque for $5,000!

it was a tragedy, wasn't it? Oh, Zinger, I mean,

"It's the singer, not the song." The Rolling Stones said, the 'zong' not the Zinger! And today, it was definitely ladies and gentlemen. Bye, now! See you next time, This program is captioned live. Tonight - Easter show-goers rescued on a stuck rollercoaster. after being trapped Australia closes its doors asylum seekers. to Sri Lankan and Afghani

a Western Sydney charity store. A man charged after fire destroys triumphant return at the US Masters. And Tiger Woods makes his with Mark Ferguson. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening. have been rescued A mother and two children

here at Sydney's Royal Easter Show. after an hour stuck on a jammed ride joins us. Reporter Edwina Bartholomew Edwina, what happened? roller-coaster - It's the looping a new ride with a 27m tower a vertical drop. that sends the cars down than they expected Today, thrillseekers got more drama on the way up. when their car became stuck the Show's most popular rides. It happened about 4:00 on one of

the 27m roller-coaster tower Three riders were on their way up appears to have jammed. when the mechanism very uncomfortable situation - but they were in a off the ground It was only 10 or so metres

locked in by seat restraints. stuck upside down, Suddenly, biggest spectator attractions. it was also one of the Show's it stopped for a couple of seconds When we were on the ride, stopped for a couple of minutes. and the people before us were

going crazy. The lady there is, like, and fire brigade were called in The Police Rescue Squad with a crane. to make repairs. A mechanic had to climb to the top to make the ride safe Their first job was to get the riders out. then take the car apart But just after 5:00, success. into a cherry picker. The riders were lifted free and taken for a medical check-up They were lowered to the ground but appeared to be OK. friends on their phone They were busy texting their and making phone calls. the St John's facilities here. The three people were taken to They got a bottle of water

above their feet for a short while, and got to sit down with their head a whole lot better. which makes them feel They certainly have a story to tell. We're hoping to hear from them soon as soon as we can. and we'll bring it to you Mark. rising tide of boat people After being warned Australia's is out of control, new asylum claims the Rudd Government has suspended from Sri Lankans and Afghanis.

joins us. Political editor Mark Riley is this likely to be? Mark, how effective it won't stop the boats. Mark, even the Government admits message to people smugglers, It says it wants to send a strong on this issue, but after recent bad polling to voters it's also a strong message on illegal arrivals. that it's not going soft Sri Lankan exiles today out of Indonesia, hoping for the next illegal boat the 38th this year, is intercepted as the latest boat, as it sinks off Christmas Island. 16 women and children were rescued. And the Government gets tough. An immediate suspension of all new applications on the processing from Sri Lanka and Afghanistan. from asylum seekers for Sri Lankans, A three month suspension six months for Afghans. will remain in detention All new arrivals still face persecution at home. while the UN assesses whether they a transition in Sri Lanka We're hopefully seeing from war to peace. says: But his own department's website a politically expedient response It's really from the Coalition. to the fear-mongering is to the people smugglers. The Prime Minister says his message and Afghanistan will be refused. More asylum seekers from Sri Lanka The United Nations boat people problem today described Australia's as getting out of hand but the Opposition says isn't about boats, but votes. this announcement it's just an election fix. This is no solution, The Greens see red. redneck solution. This is Kevin Rudd's Just last month, said the mental health impact Immigration Minister Chris Evans to long periods of detention of boat people being committed under the Howard Government was worse than the impact of jail. Now, he's doing the same. Mark. with lighting a fire A man has been charged store at North Parramatta today. that destroyed a Salvos charity Chris Maher is there. about the suspect? Chris, what can you tell us Mark, he's a 29-year-old man shortly after the fire began. found near the scene Tonight he's behind bars. burnt out in recent months It's the fourth Salvo store and staff are devastated. the Salvos warehouse was engulfed. Years of giving gone up in flames - were there in no time 70 firefighters from 15 brigades was hopeless. but saving the building Yeah, it's right through. That's going all the way through. just after 8:00. Locals noticed smoke Minutes later...

Flames started licking up from the top of the building through the roof on the other street and it just flared up from there, like, huge. Fire crews cut their way in, hoses poured water from every direction - the Salvos visibly upset, watching it all burn. You're obviously taking it pretty hard? Yeah, well, it has just hit now, actually. I've seen this thing before but it's never hit me like this before. There was peak-hour chaos making it hard for reinforcements. Remarkably, firefighters saved neighbouring businesses. Well, the nature of the materials in the building - furniture, clothing, packaging, cardboard - so the fire spread quickly. The Salvos say this was one of their busiest shops. They were due to leave soon, the lease is up.

Instead, a warehouse full of donated goods is destroyed. Police charged a 29-year-old man, arrested after allegedly breaking into a nearby car yard. This is the fourth fire in recent months at Salvation Army depots. It's just the time and effort that everyone puts into these places. Yes, the Salvos and their clients could use a hand -

worth keeping in mind for next month's Red Shield Appeal. Mark. Investigators have played down reports that yesterday's fatal fire in the State's Central West was caused by faulty ceiling insulation. A man and his grandson died in the blaze, which appears to have started on the living room floor. On Derribong Street today, smoke could still be seen from the ruins of the weatherboard home. Police forensics and fire investigators are sifting through the ashes, trying to establish the cause of yesterday's blaze. But they've already discounted faulty ceiling insulation. The point where the fire appears to have started is the lounge room. It's where Paul Read was found with his 2-year-old grandson Davey. Paul had managed to save another boy, 5-year-old Roy.

He went back for Davey and never came out. A 15-year-old cousin was injured trying to find them. A great-grandfather, loved his boys... Paul's death isn't just a loss for his family. He was well known in the Peak Hill township and a vital member of the local Indigenous community. One of very few who could teach the local tribal language. He was one of the last Wiradjuri people in our nation to speak the Wiradjuri tongue fluently.

And little Davey - another character. He was a happy little fella, mate. If someone walks past, he'd go, "You want this?" Now remembered in their hearts and a flag at half-mast. The State's Game Council is under fire for spending taxpayers' money on a publicity drive to attract more hunters. It believes boosting shooter numbers will help control feral species but the Greens say amateurs with guns do more harm than good. Hunting is more than just a hobby for some. YOUTUBE FOOTAGE: Oh, mate, he's a beauty! Dressed in camouflage, they celebrate their kill. Nick, he's an absolute bloody cracker. Dozens of deer hunters have posted videos of their catch on YouTube. Hit it exactly where I wanted it. There are 12,000 licensed hunters in New South Wales. The Game Council's advertising blitz aims to attract more. From young people through to old people and also, both men and women - it really is growing in New South Wales. The Greens claim the ads are a scandalous waste of taxpayers money. Deer are considered a pest but the orphaned fawn Bambi has raised concerns about amateur shooters.

We should do it in the most professional and humane way possible. you let rank amateurs loose That does not mean that in State forests. manage their own culls. National Parks we use professional shooters, We don't use any amateur people, very closely and carefully. So we control our program for a 50% increase The Game Council is hoping of conservation hunters in the number from licence fees. which would means a windfall visit a hunting expo in Cessnock. 20,000 enthusiasts will feral animals for conservation We are trying to control to have a go. to allow Australian national animals Recovery crews on the Great Barrier Reef have begun the delicate task of pumping oil from a stricken Chinese tanker. 975 tonnes of fuel is being transferred to a barge,

a process that will take days. Booms surround the two vessels to catch any more oil that might spill between them. The owners of the 'Shen Neng 1' have apologised for the grounding. Tiger Woods has stepped out of the golfing wilderness and back on course, with a triumphant return at the US Masters. and is just two shots off the lead He thrilled fans remained in the air. but reminders of his sex scandal

He was one of the last to tee off. Tiger Woods! COMMENTATOR: On the tee - (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) from fans. A confidence-boosting welcome back to forgive or forget, though, Clearly not everyone's ready to make their point. some going to great lengths But Augusta is Tiger territory. and this approach at nine An eagle on the eighth hole was trademark Woods. Oh, it's an incredible golf shot. Oh, my goodness - unbelievable. To be honest with you, I felt just like I normally would in any other start - um, nothing different. At the 12th, he received a standing ovation. Spectacular shot! And something new - he reacted to fans. What we liked about it is that people said, "Glad to see you" and he said, "Thank you." So that was nice. It was unbelievable. I mean, all day, the people - I haven't heard them cheer this loud in all my years here. It wasn't all perfect in tough conditions but a 4-under par round has the field on notice. as the favourite Bookies are backing Tiger they could be on the money. and after his strong start today, he'll at least finish in the top 10. Most fans believe

Still to come - of punk rock. tributes for a British legend for a baby, Also, a miraculous escape run over inside a home. solved one of our greatest puzzles? And have Australian scientists Find out next.

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when a P-plater crashed through the wall of the Adelaide home. The car's chassis only just missed the youngsters head. has actually gone over him. What's happened, the car is expected to be charged The 17-year-old driver with several offences. discover fossilised skeletons Australian scientists have helped in South Africa between humans and apes. that could be a missing link with one expert believing But not everyone's convinced, a well-known human ancestor it's related to almost 50 years ago. originally unearthed solve one of our greatest puzzles - They are the pieces that could help what were we, before we were us? and unexpected species They represent a completely new of human ancestry. It was his 9-year-old son who stumbled across the bones in a cave in South Africa, near Johannesburg - a place known as the 'Cradle of Humankind'. They are a boy, around 12, and a woman in her late 20s. Australian scientists worked out they are almost 2 million years old. This is the lower jaw, so this bit, and that's the rest of the skull. Named Australopithecus sediba, like apes, they had small brains, long arms, strong hands and tree-climbing feet. long legs and walked upright. But like us, had small teeth, Our evolution may be driven, of our brains - not necessarily by the size as we like to think - the way we use our hips. but by the way we walk, our newest, oldest ancestor But some believe science has known about for decades. is really another human-like species from anything to anything. I don't think they're a link ancestors of us We're not sure if they're direct what nature was tinkering with but we do know that they're showing of trying to come up with us. in the evolutionary plan have signed a landmark treaty, The United States and Russia committing to major cuts in nuclear arms. US President Barack Obama and Russian leader Dmitry Medvedev have agreed to reduce their weapons stockpiles by 30%. The deal has been hailed as a new era of co-operation between the former Cold War enemies. This ceremony is testament to the truth that old adversaries can forge new partnerships. The treaty must be ratified by the US Senate. Irish twins, who were joined at the chest, have spent their first day apart to separate them. after a successful operation A team of 20 doctors were involved in London. in the marathon 14-hour procedure at the immediate outcome, The boys' parents were overjoyed releasing a statement had won the battle of their lives." saying their "little fighters But doctors still have a long way to go. warn the 4-month-old brothers the manager and mastermind Malcolm Mclaren, The Sex Pistols, behind iconic punk band has died after a battle with cancer. He was 64. in the punk rock scene of the 1970s, McLaren was a leading figure sucessfully promoting both the music and the fashion. I think he can only be described as one of the most iconic, certainly one of the top 10 iconic figures in music over the last 50 years. Friends say without him, British punk wouldn't exist. Sport now with Alex Cullen and Alex, no love for the Broncos from Wayne Bennett's men tonight. Mark, the Dragons want to add to Brisbane's pain - we'll cross to Wollongong next. Plus, while Tiger steals the show, Adam Scott fires in Round One at the Masters. COMMENTATOR: Well played. And Kelly Slater overcomes injury in classic style. to win the Rip Curl Pro

more misery on the Broncos The Dragons will try to heap as NRL Round 5 kicks off tonight. Matt Carmichael's in Wollongong. from Wayne Bennett's men. Matt, there'll be no sympathy an injury crisis Alex, the Broncos are battling and are coming dead last but the Dragons haven't forgotten last year. they were beaten by Brisbane here And after last week's loss to Melbourne, still the team to beat this season. the Saints want to prove they're Back on home turf, where they've dominated, the Dragons want to prove last week's 13-point loss to the Storm was just a minor hiccup. They're definitely the best team in the comp and we didn't play that well and only lost by that much - we can give the competition a good shake. The Broncos have never looked so vulnerable in their 23-year history

with injuries and inexperience but they know excuses are useless.

It's first grade. You've made it here because you've got the talent to do it, so it's time to do it on the field. on the Gold Coast tonight. The Titans host the undefeated Storm need to show what they're made of On Sunday, the Panthers against the Roosters. Like this colour? it's the best colour. Yeah, mate, over Newcastle wasn't good enough. Knowing last week's lucky win The reality is that's worthy of being a force. we didn't play the standard of footy With 5 tries in three games, start for the Bulldogs is growing. the push for Ben Barba to for their clash with the Warriors - He's still on the bench just how he likes it. I don't mind, I like playing in this team. They could play me at prop and I'd enjoy being alongside these blokes. There's no panic at the Bulldogs -

they've re-signed coach Kevin Moore for two more years. Alex. Powerhouse Waratahs' number 8 Wycliff Palu has given up a lucrative move overseas to re-sign with New South Wales until after next year's World Cup. As the first-placed 'Tahs flew to Christchurch for their showdown with the Crusaders, Palu was relieved to have his future secured. At the end of your career, you want to look back and have no regrets and if I was to go, I probably would have looked back and regretted it, yeah. A couple of veterans have turned back the clock on day one of the US Masters. Fred Couples is 6 under, a shot clear of the chasing pack, and Tiger at 4 under. Adam Scott is the best-placed Aussie at minus 3. Golf's showpiece opened with a wet and windy Augusta National. Adam Scott emerged from the gloom as our leading hope. COMMENTATOR: Well played, Scott with an 8 iron. He had the chance to move to 4 under with Tiger at 16. Oh, goodness! Scott finishing with a 69 - 3 off the pace but just 1 behind Woods, who found his range and accuracy. Oh, yeah, this is gonna work, this is gonna work, get himself down.

But it's the veterans showing the way - Tom Watson at 60 is minus 5, 50-year-old Fred Couples as cool as you like. Effortless motion, beautifully judged. He's dominated the Seniors Tour this year, today shooting 66 to lead outright by 1. It's looking good, it's looking great! Surfing legend Kelly Slater has won his fourth Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach with a broken foot. The 9-time world champion took on Aussie Mick Fanning in the final

and produced this incredible ride while battling injury. COMMENTATOR: Is he going to make it? Is he going to make it?! Pull it off! Get up, Kelly! Yes, he does! Slater's aerial heroics brought a drawn out Bells Beach to an end. Today's action took place at Johanna Beach - the fourth venue for the event.

You have a good weekend. Checking finance now

and the share market made some modest gains today. The ASX 200 gained 10 points. Sara's next with the weather and tonight you're braving the Easter Show's Giant Slide? Mark, it's a race to the bottom but first, I'll have Sydney's weekend weather and it's shaping to be a warm one. All the details next.

After doing just about everything there is to do at the Show, the time has come to race down the Giant Slide - this year celebrating 40 years at the Royal Easter Show.

But before we take the plunge, let's take a look at the weather. A spectacular end to the week with plenty of blue sky. Top temperatures were lower than expected but still a few degrees above average. Right now at Sydney Olympic Park, it's 20 degrees. The satellite shows a band of rain and storms spreading east along a trough, into New South Wales and Victoria. Tomorrow, that system will weaken, bringing some showers and storms to central and northern inland New South Wales While warm nortj-westerlies send temperatures soaring along the coast. Interstate - a few showers are expected in Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane. The usual late storm for Darwin, fine and sunny in Perth. Back home, winds will swing to the north-west tomorrow morning, reaching 15-20 knots offshore. Open waters will be slight on a low south-easterly swell. A fine night ahead with just a bit of cloud around and then a gorgeous start to the weekend - lots of sunshine and unseasonably warm.

The warm weather will stay with us on Sunday, sunny tops of 27 near the coast and 28 in our west, dropping back into the low 20s on Monday and some chilly nights on the way next week - down to 13 in the city and 8 degrees in our west.

Are you ready? Let us go! Well, this

is fantastic. Have a great weekend! That's Seven News for this Friday, live from the Easter Show for the final time. Thanks to everyone who's come by. I'm Mark Ferguson. Hope you have a great weekend. Australia's migrant invasion - 300,000 a year. The plan to slash our intake and where population, jobs and house prices will be in 10 years time if we don't. Tomorrow's newspaper classifieds will be littered with fake cars.

This massive scam gets bigger.

David lost 22 kilos in 8 weeks. The 13-year-old's self-help book for families with overweight teens. If they don't listen to mum and dad, how he did it may hold the key. VOICEOVER: Now, Today Tonight with Samantha Armytage. Good evening.

Thanks for joining us.

First, the question of immigration and how many is too many? We take nearly 300,000 new arrivals each year. As a percentage, it's way more than other nations. The rising population puts pressure on our roads and infrastructure and pushes up house prices and it's all happened so quickly. Bryan Seymour looks at how we got here and where we are headed if we keep growing at this rate. Australia's population is expanding faster than any other country in Asia and at double the world average. Over the past nine years Australia's population has grown by about 3 million. Each year our population grows by up to 400,000 people. Nearly three-quarters are migrants. Australia is experiencing runaway population growth.

This Rudd Government MP has a plan to fix it. Top priority is to dramatically slash immigration. Last year housing affordability plunged by 22%. Many Australians will likely never own their own home. Many have blamed bad government planning