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This program is captioned live. Tonight - Good Friday services. to reflect and pray for peace. Thousands across Australia pause

Protest anger - home of asylum seekers near Sydney. demonstrators target the temporary And a victory for motorists - keeping Easter petrol prices down. consumer outrage and Charmaine Dragun. Ten News with Bill Woods Good evening. Also tonight - for refusing to serve in Iraq. the Australian-born doctor jailed And true survivor - her heart transplant reversed. the little girl who's had But first this evening. around the nation Christians flock to churches to mark the death of Jesus Christ. congregations religious leaders hope Encouraged by the size of the

will re-ignite people's faith. the Easter holiday Sydney's Martin Place set the stage

of Jesus's final hours. for a modern portrayal through the city Hundreds followed the procession Wesley Mission. by the Uniting Church's

HYMN'S SUNG Parishioners at St Steven's Cathedral to a foot-wash by priests - were treated the feet of his disciples a re-enactment of Jesus washing at the Last Supper. Last night's Holy Thursday service before his violent death. highlighting Christ's humility is more confronting A young man dying on the cross and can't be sentimentalised away. rose from the dead is fantastic. The claim that this same young man the pews at St Mary's Cathedral. Both young and old filled Christians of all denominations the meaning of Easter. contemplating and love and praising God. Easter is a time of family to refresh our faith It gives us the opportunity in our trust in Jesus. and to be strengthened again the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. St Andrews reflecting

on the Christian calendar. Easter is the most important holiday Good Friday commemorates and died on the cross. the day Jesus was crucified a glimmer of hope The full church giving who regularly attend services. to the diminishing number of people ourselves, Although we are not Christians

to teach them about Christianity we think it's a good idea their minds up down the track. and then they can make

Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. his first Easter as Pontiff. The Pope has begun celebrating Holy Thursday mass at the Vatican Thousands of Catholics attended commemorating the Last Supper and his disciples. shared between Jesus Christ But Pope Benedict's re-enactment 12 followers broke with tradition. of Christ washing the feet of his the ceremony on laymen This year he chose to perform instead of priests. outside a Sydney army base An emotion-charged demonstration are being held. where immigration detainees inside the complex are squalid Protesters claim conditions and a danger to health. group of demonstrators It was a small but determined Holsworthy Army base at Sydney's where 160 detainees are being held the Immigration detention centre while asbestos is removed from at Villawood. Moving the detainees, a major planned weekend protest, effectively heading off

on the Government demonstrators now calling into the community. to release all detainees Free the refugees! (All chant) Relocate Vanstone! deployed to protect the army base, Large numbers of police, which was locked down. The conditions are very bad. described it as hell. One of the detainees

it's full of asbestos. It's very overcrowded, it's dusty, no nation! No relocation, no borders, who flee from their country We treat people because they're not safe as criminals and animals and we lock them up. Today's protest coinciding with anger to its Immigration policy over the Federal Government's changes asylum seekers to enter Australia. making it more difficult for protection visas to 42 West Papuans. The changes following the granting of the Government for its decision The Uniting Church condemning to offshore processing centres. to remove all future asylum seekers This takes the people most awful suffering of their life who have been through some of the

considerations are more important. and then says political the moral nerve of our Government. We believe this is a failure of is effectively appeasing Indonesia. Labor says the Government

Australian law, When Indonesia doesn't like John Howard just changes it. John Hill, Ten News. on refugee policy The Government's change asylum seekers themselves. is concerning the West Papuan ability to stay in Australia, They've been celebrating their of relatives and friends left behind. but still fear for the safety Asylum seekers putting on a show. and traditional costume. A mixture of music, dance a greater concern, But the smiles hide in their homeland. that of human rights abuses

Poor relations with Indonesia this afternoon also high on the agenda for an Easter church service. when the group gathered They try to make pressure,

in West Papua. intimidate our families That, I'm worried. Also worrying the group, future asylum seekers offshore. Australia extending plans to process and justice? Please, give to them. Who else need protection

would want to receive such people I think the Australian community into their community and provide the appropriate support. Democrats are rallying temporary visas made permanent. to have the asylum seekers's 3-year reports have emerged At the same time, of a 4-year-old girl Indonesia is demanding the return among the group of 42 Papuans. the girl's father took her It's being claimed without her mother's consent. This is a matter for dealing with and convention under Australia's refugee law a comment on that. and I won't be giving Veronica Buck, Ten News. for the nation's motorists A minor victory not hitting their expected peak. with petrol prices But it could be short-lived with predictions of another hike

for the Anzac Day long weekend. in time A sting in the hip pocket for holidaymakers heading out for the long weekend. The price of petrol too high, forcing many Australians to stay at home.

It means we don't travel around as much as we used to.

Despite drops of up to 3 cents per litre, drivers say prices are still out of control. About three weeks ago it was $1.18. The Federal Treasurer was not singing about rising petrol prices at a Melbourne fundraiser today. (Sings) # You raise me up. # He blames the price hike on low oil output from Iraq, and unreliable supplies from Iran and Nigeria. The world oil prices are at an all-time record that affect petrol prices at the bowser. But many families remain undeterred, other Australians preferring to take the road less travelled. When I first bought the bike in 2000, it cost me under $18 and now it costs me over $25 to fill the same bike. Consumer outrage is thought to be the cause of today's downward trend but the oil companies won't stay scared for long. Motoring groups say drivers should expect only short-term relief, warning the price of petrol could jump again in the lead-up to Anzac Day. I think you might see a cent or two come off in the next week, but I think you'll see it go back up prior Anzac Day. A lot of people will be taking a 4-day weekend. Some of the cheapest petrol is in Brisbane,

Melbourne about a cent dearer. The highest urban prices were in the ACT, while just a few kilometres across the border in NSW, it was 6 cents cheaper. Some petrol station operators finding it all too much joining the Easter exodus themselves. Murray McCloskey, Ten News.

Disturbing news about the state of fish stocks in Australia as thousands of us make the Good Friday dash for that fresh seafood.

A 60-year study has revealed they're on the verge of collapse with almost all species in decline.

Good Friday means fish. Lots of fish. Thousands of people desperate for the freshest Australian seafood converging on the Sydney Fish Markets. In just one day around 100 tonnes walking out the door. It's been really busy today. We're actually probably trading about 10% better than we did last year. But grabbing fresh Australian fish could soon be a thing of the past. The Conservation Council wants fishing banned permanently along vast areas of our coast because the latest data shows Australian fish stocks are on the verge of collapse.

This report seems to indicate we're seeing a real crash in fish species, fish numbers right across the board. And it seems the humble weekend angler is partly to blame. At present, recreational fishermen can take home up to 200 fish a day but conservationists want that slashed to just 20.

If local fish stocks continue to dwindle at the current rate the Government believes there could be a 610,000 tonne shortage of Australian seafood by the year 2015. Australia currently imports around 70% of the seafood we eat and that may have to increase. We can't grow enough or farm enough to meet demand therefore, it has to be imported. But don't tell a fishmonger local seafood is about to disappear. I think we've still got a good 20 years down the track. Probably we won't see it in our lifetime, but we'll be right. James Boyce, Ten News. Tim Webster joins us with sport and a setback for St Kilda? Yes, downing the Brisbane Lions has come at a cost. Robert Harvey's out with another hamstring injury. The latest on his diagnosis coming up shortly in sport. And Adelaide back on rugby league's map. The NRL stars return after an 8-year absence for a one-off Premiership match. Also coming up shortly - a classic day at Bells beach. A motorist injured jumping from a freeway after a car crash. That's next. Plus, tensions high as Indigenous protesters warn people away from their inner city camp. And the Aussie police officers making a gruelling pilgrimage to the Kokoda track. it doesn't matter what project you want to do, we have everything here so we can, um... Yeah, we can offer everything. We have everything. Ozito electric chainsaw, $79. Paint roller kit, just $4.48. So everyone's happy. SONG: # Bunnings Warehouse. # Lowest prices are just the beginning. Get racing to your NSW Lotteries agent for a chance to win one of three sporty new Mazda RX-8s with the new $2.50 My RX-8 Scratchie. SONG: # How will you feel when it happens? # How will you feel if it's you... # MOTOR SPLUTTERS # When the big red ball comes rolling in

# To make your dreams come true? # You'll be throwing Lotto parties You'll be having Lotto fun # You'll have lots of Lotto money if you win the big one # 'Cause it's the big red ball # That makes dreams come true... # Sold! # The big red ball that makes dreams come true # The big red ball # That makes dreams come true. # You're watching Ten News. A man has been shot during an armed robbery in Sydney. Police say two hooded men opened fire with hand guns as they stormed the fruit and vegetable store at Enfield. The person hit suffered a superficial wound to the leg. The bandits fled with cash,

a third man driving them away in a silver BMW. It's believed the same group is responsible for up to 10 armed hold-ups in the Sydney area. A chemical emergency in Melbourne after boxes filled with hydrochloric acid were found dumped by a roadside. Police and firefighters weren't taking any chances after the boxes were discovered by a local resident in a suburban street. The scene has been cordoned off, Associated areas were evacuated when it was first identified. It's not known where the chemicals came from. A French tourist who panicked after a car crash has fallen 30 metres from a bridge. Fearing the car he was a passenger in was about to explode, the man jumped without looking over a barrier. The 33-year-old landed on a concrete platform supporting the bridge, over a creek. He broke both legs and is a serious but stable condition in hospital. A female jogger has been threatened by Aboriginal protesters in a Melbourne park. They're trying to enforce a security cordon around a recently lit sacred fire and expect more confrontations. Stick in hand, a hooded figure warns a woman away from the sacred fire and camp surrounding it. We're here as like a security to watch over that fire. Now this is a sacred healing site and we can't have people walking in and out otherwise it sends it bad. Camp Sovereignty was set up near Melbourne's Botanical Gardens during the Commonwealth Games to protest over Indigenous rights. A judge ordered all but the sacred fire to be removed by last night. Some protesters remain and tensions are high. Two visitors abused before police intervened. Earlier, a female jogger was threatened with a stick. He was serious so I had to stop. because he had the stick very close to my chest and I realised he was going to do something dangerous with it. Security guards employed by Melbourne City Council looked on during the confrontation,

the assailant later spoken to by police. I just wanted to continue my jog. So it was a scary, frightening little incident. A Channel Ten cameraman was also threatened. Get back! MAN: Take it away now or I'm going to really seriously hurt you. The group blames others for the confrontations and expect more. I guess so, because there's a lot of people that like to provoke us. They're being urged not to block access to the park. Christopher Still, Ten News. Two dozen police officers have set off to conquer the Kokoda Track in time for Anzac Day. They're being joined by the children of slain officers, on a mission to honour both diggers and police killed in action. From on-the-spot fines to jungle vines - it's a long way from a Sydney fundraiser

to the mud of the Kokoda track. These police officers will join six young people, who have each lost a police officer parent, embarking on a special challenge, a 9-day trek from Port Moresby to the Bomana war cemetery, arriving just in time for the Anzac day dawn service. The humidity and everything, the leeches. It's just something where, no matter how much you prepare for, you can't prepare enough. They want to honour the police killed protecting our streets, as well as the World War II diggers killed protecting our country. Policing, like the battlefield, has its risks and its casualties. We might be prepared for some endurance, but we still won't reach the level of torture, or the level of endurance that our diggers went before us in 1942.

Allan Woodhams has spent months finding his father's war medals. He plans to wear them on his police blues at the Bomana ceremony. Dad's been dead now for 20 years. I never really got an opportunity - like a lot of the men that went to war, he never spoke about the war. The trekkers farewelled with fingers crossed. What you also do in honouring those soldiers is that you honour the memories of your fathers, who were members, very proud members of the NSW police. The foot-slog starts tomorrow. Shaun Fewings, Ten News. The Treasurer may counting coins ahead of next month's Budget, but today it was for a good cause. Peter Costello was among those trying to raise millions of dollars for sick children by testing his own pizza-making skills.

This restaurant was trying to create the richest pizza in the nation, while donating its profits for the day. The young also helping to raise much-needed money for Melbourne's Royal Childrens Hospital Good Friday Appeal. The big bunny was also spreading Easter cheer

at an egg hunt for sick children. An Australian-born doctor jailed for refusing to serve in Iraq. That's next. And Russell Crowe with some advice for aspiring young singers. (Man sings) # I get no kick from champagne # So tell me why should it be true # That I get a kick out of you. # MAN: What do millions of Australians see in their capital? SONG: # Yeah, yeah # Yeah, yeah. # Police are calling for public help after the discovery of a body in Sydney's inner east. The body, believed to be of a woman, was found by residents

in the back seat of a car at Kingsford. Details are sketchy, but the body has been there for some time, and is in a badly decomposed state. Police are treating the death as suspicious. A 4-year-old boy has been airlifted to hospital after being run over by a four-wheel drive. The 6-year-old was running across Teewah Beach on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, when he was struck. He was flown to Brisbane with serious chest injuries. The stretch of beach north of Noosa is open to four-wheel drives, and Easter is among its busiest times.

An Australian-born doctor has been jailed for eight months after refusing an order from the British air force to return to Iraq. Flight Lieutenant Malcolm Kendall-Smith has already completed two tours to Iraq. But he believes the US-led occupation is illegal, an argument rejected by his military court martial. He feels his actions were totally justified and he would not, if he were placed in the same circumstances, seek to do anything differently. The 37-year-old with dual British-New Zealand citizenship will appeal his sentence. Tough talking from America's Secretary of State as the nuclear stand-off with Iran intensifies. Condoleezza Rice strongly hinting the US will consider using force

unless Tehran suspends its nuclear programme. Impatient with Iran's defiance, the United States tonight called for the Islamic regime

to be brought into line. Speaking in Washington, the US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice insisted Iran's actions would have consequences. We will look at the full range of options available to the Security Council. One thing that the Security Council has that the IAEA does not have is the ability to compel, through Chapter 7 resolutions, member states of the UN to obey the will of the international system. I'm certain that we'll look at measures that could be taken to ensure that Iran knows that they really have no choice but to comply. An attempt by the head of the UN nuclear watchdog,

Mohammed ElBaradei, to get Iran to compromise, seems to have failed. Iranium officials stress they saw no reason to freeze their nuclear program as demanded by the UN Security Council.

But the head of the UN atomic energy agency believes patient diplomacy can still work. We have ample time to negotiate a settlement, by which, as I said, Iran needs before nuclear power is assured and the concern of the international community is also put to rest. Tensions have risen sharply

since President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad came to power. A radical, he wants to champion a second Islamic revolution, defined like the first by its antagonism to the United States. The only person charged over the September 11 attacks says he has no regrets. Zacarias Moussaoui telling his terror trial he'd do it all again if given the chance. SIRENS BLARE Surrounded by tight security September 11 conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui was delivered to court. The self-confessed al-Qa'ida member took the stand declaring he had no regrets. Saying he'd "enjoyed" images of the attacks and said "reports of all the deaths make my day". It brought tears to some victim's relatives. Abraham Scott lost his wife. I'm to a point now where I'm just like a um, raw meat, just a pin cushion and I can't go beyond that. If I go beyond that I think I'd go insane. In front of the jury, who will decide whether he is to be put to death or face life in prison, the man who has confessed to charges of conspiracy to hijack and use weapons of mass destruction. said he wished America more pain. During 2.5 hours of questioning he was asked whether he had any regret at all for the suffering. I unequivocally believe that Moussaoui should receive the death penalty.

Calling America "a tyrant", Moussaoui claimed the death penalty violated Muslim religious beliefs and claimed execution would reward him with martyrdom. His lawyers will try to convince the jury Moussaoui is mentally unstable suffering paranoid delusions of importance in al-Qa'ida. Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. Dozens of people are feared dead after a mud slide swept through a town in southern Colombia. 8 bodies have been recovered but more than 30 are missing. This year in Colombia, floods and mud slides have killed around 50 people and left thousands homeless. The latest tragedy was triggered by persistent heavy rains. Authorities are warning there may be more on the way, with local rivers threatening to flood. A pioneering operation has given a 12-year-old girl a new lease on life. For 10 years Hannah Clark's transplanted heart had worked alongside her old one. But when her body began to reject it, doctors decided to revive her original organ. Hannah Clark, by anybody's standards, is a remarkable little girl. Less than two months after undergoing her second major heart operation, the 12-year-old laughs with her mum and brother as she opens get-well cards. Despite what she's been through, she looks and feels pretty good. I feel really great, nice. Sometimes I've got to be careful because I might not be able to do all normal things.

This close family watched as a decade after her first transplant, Hannah to go through it all over again. It was the celebrated surgeon, Professor Sir Magdi Yacoub, who removed a donor heart Hannah had received at the age of two, and reconnected her own heart. I think this operation has helped both medicine and science, transplantation in particular, and the management of severe heart disease in a big way. The family's gratitude is limitless, for the man who's twice saved Hannah's life. I'm always thinking about him every day. You know, I could never thank him enough. This is a remarkable story, a unique medical event. Hannah's return here to her Valleys home after just five days, and she's determined to lead as normal a life as possible. Despite performing in front of a home crowd, Russell Crowe admits he still gets nervous before a big gig. The star jammed with his band in Sydney last night, and he had a few words of advice for young performers. He thought no-one would turn up because of the rain but this was a show Russell Crowe's fans weren't about to miss. The star with his band The Ordinary Fear of God, one of the biggest Aussie acts to rock the Sydney Royal Easter Show. He admits getting nervous before performing but there was no sign of that on stage. This is no DVD, this is a live people. It's live and real. Russell says music keeps him grounded and singing has helped make him a better performer. You certainly find out once you get up in front of a crowd if it's something in your DNA or not because it has to be. The Oscar-winner turned rockstar even had some advice for young aspiring singers. There's gonna be a lot of times when your schedule is really tough and your voice starts to sound like how my voice is sounding at the moment but you've still gotta get off your butt and keeping turning up at the sound checks and keep turning up at the gigs and stuff like that. Today, world beatbox champion Joel Turner impressed the crowds. Now working on his second album he's out giving advice to young performers. I'd like to think that I can help out in any way I can with up-and-coming beatboxers that would like to learn. Thousands of young hopefuls who think they've got what it takes to make the big time are fronting the crowds for the unsigned talent competition with a chance to win their own music DVD recording.

The most popular song choice so far... (Sings) # I don't wanna pretend this is the end of you and me. # Ebbeny Faranda, Ten News. Still to come - thousands witness the start of the Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht race. Also, the tourism crisis in Bali. A bleak outlook for the island's people as visitors steer clear. And a promising treatment for a distressing condition that robs people of sleep. Top stories this newshour -

around 100 protesters converged on the Holsworthy Army Barracks in Sydney's south-west today, where 160 detainees from the Villawood Detention Centre have been moved because of asbestos fears. A minor victory for the nation's motorists, with petrol prices not hitting their expected peak. But it could be short-lived, with predictions of another hike in time for the Anzac Day long weekend.

And christians have flocked to churches throughout Australia, to remember the death of Jesus Christ. Religious leaders hope the Easter holiday will reignite people's faith. Bali is at crisis point

with a lack of overseas visitors hitting locals hard.

And there are growing fears the island may never recover, as relations between Australia and Indonesia plummet to their lowest point in years. As the peak tourism season approaches, Bali should be booming. But where once holidaymakers crammed the holiday paradise, tourists are now a rare sight.

Empty tables adorn empty beaches and hotel deckchairs lie dormant too. The locals seem a lot more desperate than they have done in previous years, and it's a real shame, because there's no reason not to come. The normally bustling markets are deserted. Local vendors say they are struggling to stay afloat. So this is like 80% drop-out since a couple of weeks, a couple of months, maybe. Despite the constant smiles and enthusiasm of the Balinese people, you can really feel a sense of despair as you walk along the markets. I know deep inside the people are really concerned

and it's their livelihood. It's threatened. Their livelihood is threatened. Oh last probably five months, it's nothing here just now. Honestly, this is the worst I think I've ever seen it. Bruce Harmon and Jacqui Hinchen have been coming to Bali for 25 years. They arrived the same day a new travel warning was issued. The people here in Bali are not to blame for what's happening. They are hurting extremely badly. Since the first bombing, real efforts have been made to boost security, in a bid to reassure visitors.

Guards now roam hotel grounds. Any vehicle visiting tourist locations is checked inside and out, and underneath, for explosives. Security cameras have been installed along main streets

and heavily armed police are now a visible presence. But locals believe strained diplomatic relations are also to blame for the tourist downturn. Jacinda Birch, Ten News. Hope of a breakthrough in the treatment of a debilitating sleep disorder that keeps tens of thousands of Australians awake night after night. Researchers think they've found a way to finally give sufferers a solid night's sleep. Roger Don's legs are his enemy when he's trying to rest, because he suffers from restless leg syndrome. They simply won't keep still, without drugs. Uncontrolled jerking and movement from the legs,

without any initiation from me personally. 10 minutes on a bed and my legs are jerking and kicking. I just can't lay down. It's a condition with no single cause, that can affect men and women at any age. Drug treatment can give four to six hours sleep, but researchers are testing a breakthrough. And because of that, a lot of people are waking up at 4:00, 5:00 in the morning with these symptoms. And I guess what we want to do is see if there's any medications or forms of medications that can cover them for a longer period of time. Sitting still for extended periods is also a major problem. The condition is more recognised in Austria, for example. There, sufferers are given preference for aisle seats on planes, so that they can more easily move around during a flight and suffer less. More people willing to take part in the trial are needed in both Brisbane and Sydney. You can register on 1800 800 285. The results from the research, which is also being run in Europe and North America, should be known in 12 months. The only relief is to stand up and you can't sleep standing up. Kevin Wilde, Ten News. Competitors in the annual Brisbane to Gladstone yacht race have hit the high seas although it may be slow going. As the racers head north, all eyes are on the favourite 'Skandia'.

Blue skies and plain sailing, the 58th Brisbane to Gladstone kicked off with a bang. GUNSHOT FIRES 48 yachts make up the field with big expectations

on race record holder 'Vision Skandia'. But with light winds at the start it might mean the record's safe. If the breeze comes in later this afternoon it could well be that the high-flying boats get up and go and they might in fact catch the record. Hopefully we'll get a good south-easter to come in at the end.

Some came with their own cheer squad. (All cheer) Go Magnetism! Others were left to dream about next year. Mate, the next time I win Tatts Lotto. Larger maxi's are expected to sail into Gladstone tomorrow with the smaller craft due on Sunday. We're hoping to get into Gladstone on Sunday. It's just a matter of whether it's midday or midnight. Last year about 36 hours so anything under will be a bonus. Thousands watched from afar, while others tried to spy a closer look at competitive racing. The weather bureau predicts winds strengthening by Sunday morning giving the fleet a push into the home stretch. Jesse Grayson, Ten News. Tim Webster with sport and Adelaide hosts a key match in the NRL? Yes, the Melbourne Storm and Penrith will do battle there.

More shortly. Plus the pressure builds on the Melbourne Demons in the AFL. Yes, the Melbourne Storm and Penrith Panthers will do battle - more shortly. Plus, the pressure builds on the Melbourne Demons in the AFL. Also, Nick Riewoldt stars for St Kilda, but the celebrations are dampened by another injury to Robert Harvey. And Bells Beach provides a classic day for the world's best surfers.

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And make sure you're getting all the rewards you deserve. St Kilda veteran Robert Harvey is likely to be out for at least a fortnight after suffering yet another hamstring injury in last night's win over Brisbane. It was the only sour note to the Saints' 37-point victory, inspired by 5 goals from Nick Riewoldt. Ironically, the only St Kilda player not in hospital this morning was Robert Harvey. The Saints living up to their name, taking time out with the kids on their special day and reflecting on last night's emphatic win over Brisbane. COMMENTATOR: Riewoldt runs away and slots the goal. Superstar. Obviously, we were really trying to get our season on track and Brisbane are a tough opposition. And we played quite well, and it was good to get a solid win against them. But celebrations were tempered slightly by yet another Harvey hamstring. The Brownlow Medallist awaiting results of scans. The club confident of a return by Round 6, but mindful the 34-year-old missed seven weeks with soft tissue injuries last year. Harv's been around for 18 years. He knows what it's about

and he's had these sorts of adversities before. He'll work doubly hard to come back. The Saints with a welcome 11-day break, before their next assignment against Port Adelaide. Big guns Justin Koschitzke and captain Luke Ball almost certain return. However, Lion Justin Leppitsch's availability may rest with the Match Review Panel after this incident with Brendon Goddard. The once invincible Queenslanders now with four of their next six assignments in the Sunshine State - a welcome stat after being humbled twice on the road already this season. Something we need to work on, on the away trips, and, you know, we'll get back to the Gabba next week and hopefully have a win.

Damian Booth, Ten News. Pressure is mounting on Melbourne coach Neale Daniher after a disastrous start to the season. The Demons play the Adelaide Crows at Carrara on the Gold Coast on Sunday, with rumours of growing unrest among the senior playing group. The Demons head to Carrara without a win in '06 and, according to club sources, without confidence in coach Neil Daniher. But despite talk of low morale, publicly,players are towing the company line. All the boys are pretty upbeat and pretty positive about the week. So I'm sure they're going to be a big chance. Adelaide wary of a Demons outfit with their backs against the wall. Obviously you read what's happening in he media and you hear things. Ad any club would respond to that - so that would be their motivation. The Crows have ruled out Marty Mattner with calf soreness, but are confident forward Trent Hentschel will play. Despite losing their opening two games, Sydney has made just one change for tomorrow night's clash with Carlton. Nick Malceski replaces Sean Dempster. The Swans admit they've been playing selfish football. Probably been a bit of a communication breakdown the last couple of weeks, in a lot of areas, and that's what happens when blokes are playing for themselves and not worried about their team-mates

or looking out for each other. Port Adelaide captain Warren Tredrea survived today's final training and is expected to play against Fremantle on Sunday.

But the coach won't risk further injury to Tredrea's troublesome knee if conditions don't suit. You'd have to think he would play. If it's pouring with rain, he probably won't play. But I'd think he'll play. Eagle Daniel Chick returns from a calf injury

for tomorrow night's game against Richmond. David Wirrpunda surprised his body has held up long enough to reach his 150th game. I reckon I'll be limping out there Saturday night through the banner. The body's always been like that and if I felt good, I wouldn't know what to do with myself. Nicki Barnet, Ten News. Rugby league and the Brisbane Broncos and Sydney Roosters kick off Round 6 in the NRL tonight. League reporter Adam Hawse joins us from Aussie Stadium, and both teams seriously depleted by injuries.

Yes, both the Broncos and Roosters

will field understrenk

strenk said sides. Morley may be a late inclusion. It's been a while coming,

but Braith Anasta says he's about to hit top gear at the Roosters. It was a bit harder than what I expected coming in to a new team, just getting into the swing of things and the new structure, those sort of things, it does take a bit of time. But I'm feeling great now and feel part of the team. The NRL returns to Adelaide for the first game in eight years. The Storm to test the merits of Craig Gower's gutsy decision to play. A bruised sternum is pretty hard to deal with. Hopefully we can send some a few big boys at him and it might unsettle him a little bit, hopefully. At the end of the day it was just a little bit of blood. Thankfully it was nothing serious

and I'm just looking forward to playing. St George Illawarra knowing another inept game against Manly - like they produced last week against Newcastle - and heads will roll. Possibly in the coach's eyes some guys' jobs are on the line. But I know that everyone is really keen to get out there

and show what they can really do this weekend.

A visit to the war museum for the Raiders. Tomorrow they host the New Zealand Warriors and the return of former favourite son, Ruben Wiki. It will be the first time he's come back after what was a very emotional time when he left the club. So it's going to be a big, big night. With his sidekick Benji Marshall sidelined for at least four weeks, Wests Tigers' halfback Scott Prince vowing to lift against the Sharks. My form hasn't been great and certainly with Benji missing maybe I should step it up a little bit. And despite South Sydney's winless start to the year, the new OScar-winning owner throwing his support behind the players. We're not expecting miracles from them. We've also got two-thirds of our salary cap sitting on the bench at the moment. So that's just another piece of luck you've got to deal with, you know.

And the competition-leading North Queensland Cowboys take on the Knights in Newcastle on Sunday. It'll be tough, It'll be, in some ways, exciting. And I'm sure that every player we've picked this weekend is looking forward to the challenge.

Tim, Brisbane will field the

competition's shortest player, 165

centres for Lacey, making him

shorter than the great Langer. Rugby, and the NSW Waratahs have hit back at criticism of prop Matt Dunning ahead of Sunday's Super 14 clash with the ACT Brumbies. The test forward has been labelled an international joke by former Queensland and Wallabies prop, Chris 'Buddha' Handy. It's a bit hard, I suppose, for Budhha at the moment. He feels a bit left out because Queensland's not doing much and he's just throwing rocks at us from up there. Yeah, it is a disgrace, you know. The person that commented on it certainly wasn't the world's greates scrummager either. Matt Rogers is back after missing two matches with a rib injury, while the Brumbies Matt Giteau will wear special padding to protect his troublesome right knee. The two best backlines in Australia ready to have a crack at each other. Australia has picked up three medals on the opening day of the World Track Cycling Championships in Bordeaux, France. Anna Meares just missed out on gold in the 500m time trial,

after being edged out by Natallia Tsylinskaya of Belarus. I seem to be having this tussle with her each year. But I think it's really good and really good for women's sprinting, having that competition there. Katie Mactier added bronze to the gold she claimed at the Commonwealth Games in the individual pursuit. And the men's sprint team of Shane Kelly, Ryan Bayley and Shane Perkins beat the Netherlands in the race-off for bronze.

Australian golfer Geoff Ogilvy has continued his good form on the US tour. He's in a tie for sixth with fellow Aussie Aaron Baddeley, after the first round of the Heritage Classic. Meanwhile, at the China Open, Australia's Jarrod Lyle produced this chip in on the way to an opening round of 4-under par. Frenchman Christian Cevaer is the first round leader at six under. Kelly Slater and Andy Irons have cruised into the fourth round of the Rip Curl Pro at Bells Beach. Thousands lined the Victorian west coast as the two Americans put on a show in a 2m swell. The Bells bowl was at its best, and it had the big guns frothing at the mouth.

All eyes on Heat 8, that pitted the world champion against the world junior champion, Kekoa Bacalso. Kelly Slater lighting up the surf coast with a magical sequence of manoeuvres. I feel pretty good. when I just get in the right frame of mind before I surf, I just got go out there with the right attitude,

and you have to surf this wave differently than other waves. The world's No.1 admitting he struggled with Bells in the past. Bells and I haven't always got along.

We've had a little bit of a tough time getting on the same page. As Slater was mobbed - one of his biggest threats stepped in, Andy Irons backing up his perfect 10 in Heat 1, with a 9.6. The world No.2 blitzing Aussie rookie, Ben Dunn. To win Bells is huge. It's one of those spots everyone wants to win so procedures, and with all past winners, you just want to do well. And the forecast is promising tomorrow, with calmer conditions expected on Sunday. Kelli Underwood, Ten News. Golden Slipper winner Miss Finland been's scratched

from tomorrow's Sires' Produce Stakes at Randwick. Trainer David Hayes is optimistic his champion will be over a foreleg infection in time for next week's Champagne Stakes. To the tips and Michael Sullivan's selections. And we'll wrap up all the AFL and rugby league on Sports Tonight throughout the weekend. The Easter weekend national weather forecast is next. Hurry into Retravision now for these mind-blowing price buster specials. This: just: So hurry in today. SONG: # At Retravision Yeah, we'll do it. # Look out Anthony Callea and Shannon Noll. A new young star is on the rise. But this talented teenager with a rare gift hasn't been unearthed by a national television show or record label, but his observant sister. (Sings) # To keep the faith. # This is the voice that has finally emerged from the basement of the Yopp family home. (Sings) # Anytime you need a friend I will be here. # 15-year-old Craig only realised his gift two years ago after taking a singing class while training as a dancer. 15-year-old Craig only realised his gift two years ago after taking a singing class while training as a dancer. (Sings) # Even if you're miles away I'm by your side. # It was his sister Kelley's idea to build the studio as a birthday present and after setting up some basic equipment, decided to make the recording. I knew it was good, but like Craig said, we needed feedback to see what everyone else thought. A Sydney radio station got its hand on a copy of the CD and after playing it, was inundated with calls. I've got truckies ringing up and saying "I've had to pull over, I'm having a bit of a weep here at the moment." I got all these messages from my friends saying "Oh my god, you're on the radio, you're on the radio!" and I was just like, "What's going on?" Thanks to his family and their basement recording studio, Craig is now on the way to living his dream and has been invited to take centre stage at the entertainment industry's MO Awards, to be held later this month. Excited, shocked, I just can't believe it. Craig will also meet with a record producer in the school holidays to discuss releasing a single. (Sings) # Anytime you need a friend I will be here. # Tim Potter, Ten News.

A look now at the national weather picture. Finally, Easter eggs officially aren't supposed to be munched until Sunday, but the Easter Bunny appears to have made an early visit to help some very special young people. This Easter egg hunt is one of Australia's biggest wiith more than 250,000 eggs. And no reason to feel guilty here, a full mouth was all in the name of charity! The event raising $37,000 for Sydney Children's Hospital. That's the news at 5:00. I'm Bill Woods.