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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live.. Is

it has set up? The video that shows

a lawyer staging his own robbery.

Replacements for Kyle Sandilands

start work get 2DAY-FM. The canine

rescue mission. Efforts to step up

to save Scooby the dog. About two

metres away. Also, industrial

action threatens the Spring Racing

Carnival. High-definition star-

gazing from the Hubble telescope.

gazing from the Hubble telescope.

First, a Sydney lawyer has been

accused of faking a hold up to

claim insurance money. Peter

Maatouk said he feared for his life

during the ordeal which was caught

on surveillance cameras. Was it a

elaborate hoax? horrifying armed hold up Borat and

elaborate hoax? Liverpool lawyer

Peter Maatouk claims he was

maintained at gunpoint by an

intruder in his Office. Security

cameras captured the attack. He

claims that image was turned off

before he was tied up and had his

Office set on fire and his artworks

stolen. His BMW was also set on stolen. His BMW was also set on

fire. He is charged with obtain

money by deception and making a

false statement to police. The

other man told police it was only a

toy gun. He confessed to setting fire

fire to the car. His jail sentence

was suspended. Peter Maatouk knew

the man was coming to the back door. Our I called

Our I called him, and said I am

here. Peter Maatouk planned the

scheme because they could not sell

the car. He allegedly needed the

insurance money. He denies that

this was an inside job. He has

pleaded not guilty. He says he will

give his side of the story to the

court next week. He is adamant court next week. He is adamant he

has not made any insurance claims.

The case is expected to run another

three weeks. A magistrate will

decide if it is real. Life-saving

operations are being delayed to operations are being delayed to

help the State government balance

its budget. The health minister

told surgeons NSW has the best

hospital system in the country. Two

months into the new financial year

and hospitals are cutting back on

elective surgery. They has been a

blow-out with more patients waiting blow-out with more patients waiting

over 30 days of operations and emergency the vascular operations.

These are life and limb threatening.

The problems are worst in western Sydney.

Operating lists have been slashed

by 15 per cent. It means we will do

less operations. Patients will have

to wait longer. The weight is now

between six and nine months. We

have had two bad months. This is an

appalling performance that has to be rectified. be rectified. The health minister

denies there is a crisis. The

recent state of the public

hospitals by the NSW government say

we have the best hospitals in the

country. Cuts to budgets prompt

fresh claims by medical equipment

suppliers. The

suppliers. The supplier of drug

infusion pumps is already owed

money. We have a long going

discussion with the health

department on payments. Australia's

world beating economic performance

continues with unemployment staying

the same for the third month. The

good news numbers have collapsed

due to full-time jobs. The

unemployment rate refuses to go

when the experts think it should.

It is still simmering. The rate is

5.8 per cent. Some people wonder if

it has peaked. Out or unemployment

rate compared to advanced economies

is the second lowest up the Japan. The silver

The silver lining has a dark cloud.

More than 200,000 jobs have been More than 200,000 jobs have been

lost in the last year. Shorter

hours at keeping the numbers up. We hours at keeping the numbers up. We

need to continue the economic need to continue the economic

stimulus to support jobs during

these difficult days. The

opposition is not convinced. The

unemployment rate is less than unemployment rate is less than they

predicted and the growth rate is

better than they predicted yet they

are spending the same amount of

money. More job losses are expected.

We are expecting there will be a

net loss of another 70,000 jobs.

That will make it very hard for the

Reserve Bank to raise interest

rates. Australia's economic future

is looking rosy.

is looking rosy. Japan and South

Korea have signed new gas contracts

which could be worth $70 billion

over the next 25 years. The Budget

took a 2 billion dollar hit in the

Senate. He is bad health policy and

bad economics and bad for the

future of this company. They want

to whinge about this and

to whinge about this and then vote

against savings. Kyle Sandilands

remains in hiding in Los Angeles.

The fall-out continues over his

latest scandal. Angela Bishop has

been following that situation. His

comments are already costing the

station money? Yeah, there was

movement at the station. It was a

from the show. movement of a giant sponsor away

from the show. We can confirm that

we have withdrawn all advertising

of the Brett the show. We're

currently reviewing all other

activity which refers to our

national evening show. Yes, that is

costly and that is the sort of

message the management is hearing

loud and clear. Some analysts

believe that Kyle believe that Kyle Sandilands should

not be sacked. This is his show and

that's what he gets paid to do.

That is what they are paying him to

do and they have made a lot of

money over the years to shock

people. I don't listen to him. I

think what he said is disgusting. I

demonstrate my right to listen demonstrate my right to listen if I

want. The management do no dull -

do not know which way to turn. One

will be the next move? At this

stage, Kyle Sandilands is in Los

Angeles and is it yet to decide

when he will return to Australia to

meet management. It's believed he

bigger than is in shell-shock. It is much

bigger than he had predicted.

Meantime, 2DAY-FM replacements,

Andrew G and Dannii Minogue looked

very comfortable turning up to work

to date. They thoroughly enjoyed

their time on air. In fact, they

increased their listeners. Dannii

Minogue's sister Kylie Minogue was

listening on the radio. They will listening on the radio. They will

remain on air until a decision is

made about Kyle Sandilands. The

next big piece of information will

be next Tuesday, the ratings will

be released. Then we know what

impact this has caused. A huge

operation continues in the Hunter

Valley. The dog is deaf and is

caught in a cave. Scooby has been

trapped since Sunday. Five days he

has been crawling and calling for

Scooby. He has been waiting for his

best friend to be rescued from this

cave. A team of experts has been cave. A team of experts has been

crawling and digging but the

agonising wait continues. They were

walking on their property last

Sunday. Scooby Court a small Sunday. Scooby Court a small animal

and chased it into a cave. They

tried calling him but Scooby is

deaf. They fear he may be lost for

ever. He finally heard signs of

life coming from the cave. It was a

howl. I think I heard him. A

specialist team is using a special

camera and he is trapped behind a

rock wall. They are trying to clear

away rocks and boulders to give away rocks and boulders to give

better access. The team are hopeful

he will be rescued before dark. And

then we can have a big

then we can have a big hard and he

is in the bad books. My mum is not

very happy. Scooby can expect

plenty of practice walking on a

lead. Horse racing is in chaos. It

is because of a strike by jockeys.

They walked off the They walked off the job and threatened the Spring Racing

Carnival. They want their laws

changed. It was over after race

three. I don't think we have a

meeting here. I think we called the

meeting off. The a are angry about

new laws about using the whip. We

have given it a try and it is have given it a try and it is not

working. We have been put into a

corner and we have had to react.

There was a snack walk out. There

was a confrontation on the track.

What you're doing is just a bustard

act. It is putting everyone against

you. No, we have support. Other

jockeys followed the Victorian

jockeys followed the Victorian

jockeys. The betting was thrown

into disarray. It cost hundreds of

thousands of dollars. The

controversial laws were introduced

in August. The Australian racing

board is refusing to back down.

Some people find change difficult,

but the board believes the changes

are right and we do not change what

is right because it is unpopular.

We are not asking for a lot. We are

asking for 100 metres where we can

do our best. The jockeys will stay

on strike until the laws are

changed. It casts a huge cloud over

the Spring Racing Carnival. The

jockeys are now meeting. It has been going for been going for 10 minutes and we

will cross live later in sport.

Speculation increases that Jason

Taylor may be dumped as the coach

and a rising young sportsmen who

may have been a big star before he

had a big accident and he is now a

world champion. We will have

another win for the Australian

cricket team and news cricket team and news about Roger

Federer at the US Open. And the

employers making life a misery for

breast-feeding mothers. Also,

heavily armed bandits Storm an

armoured van in the West and a bush