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I want that. put this whole thing behind us. So, tell me - tell me that we can Nick, tell me that. come between us. Tell me you won't let this Tell me! the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live.

Tonight - safe passage for Aussies fleeing Lebanon,

hundreds setting sail for Cyprus. boycott the M2 over a 60 cent hike. Toll anger - motorists threaten to it's too dear. Last time I use it, that's it - Opposition leader John Brogden. And a new career for former and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. Also tonight - targets a bus in Sydney's West. another terrifying rock attack And Sailor sacked. REPORTER: What are you going to do? Probably go to Centrelink, Monday. after his positive drugs test. The ARU tears up his contract First this evening - of Australians stranded overseas the largest ever evacuation

has begun in Lebanon. at Beirut, bound for Cyprus. Hundreds are boarding ferries to other countries But many may be moved on can't cope with the huge influx because the Mediterranean island of people. As the battle of Lebanon rages on, has begun. the Australian rescue mission to Cyprus or Turkey today, About 1,000 made it a plane to Australia, some of those already on in Beirut. but several thousand remain stranded This could well be in a crisis situation the largest movement of Australians anywhere in the world. on board British and Greek warships. The first Australians escaped a chaotic war zone We're dealing with been a loss of Australian lives. and it's a miracle that there hasn't all weekend, The rescue will continue but the ordeal may not be over yet. to other countries Many will be transferred with the influx of evacuees because Cyprus is struggling to cope and the Foreign Minister admits

to Australia could be charged. those without return tickets in Cyprus. We won't just abandon people that is still to be resolved. But there is an issue today left Sydney 65 Australian Defence personnel the evacuations are safe. to help ensure tomorrow morning. They'll be on the ground to getting over there They're looking forward in need. and assisting fellow Australians

Despite the dangerous conditions, will be armed. none of the uniformed personnel on the ground is significant. Look, the threat situation they're well equipped. These people are well trained,

to be armed. There's no need for them

continue to trickle home, Terrified Australians families and no food for several days. some surviving with little water Everybody was panicking. They were killing innocent people. and ambulances. They were bombing hospitals That's why I was really scared. a troupe of Australian dancers, And safely home at last for since the fighting erupted - trapped in Lebanon

battling for the hugs. friends and family James Boyce, Ten News. $2.5 million The Australian Government has pledged their homes in the conflict. to help those who have lost Heavy fighting continues, any sign of agreeing to a cease-fire. with neither side showing

A tour of ground zero. a suburb sympathetic to Hezbollah. A week ago this had been No one lives here now. this was a legitimate target. The Israelis insist to take their toll on the IDF But Hezbollah rockets continue and on northern Israeli civilians. of a choice of venue. This couple didnt have much with guests. Their bunker filled up quickly But life must go on. pound suspected Hezbollah hide-outs. Israeli fighter jets continue to of their precision, The pilots are proud but even they admit to private fears. with the number of casualties, I can't say I feel comfortable even though we are trying of civilian casualties. to minimise the number white sheets draped across their cars Some make it out alive, they mean them no harm. show the Israelis But they are the lucky ones. in basements and bomb shelters Hundreds more remain trapped the frontline. in villages on, or near, and little brother 8-year-old Abas 11-year-old Australian boy Ali

are among them. with their grandmother Their mother Hanan left them with her two daughters and drove to Beirut

on the day the attacks began. to tell me they are still alive. Just waiting for someone

But I've got a feeling to wake up and find them nowhere. one day in the morning I'm going know if he'll see his two boys again. The children's father Fadel doesn't 24 hours watching TV. I'm dying, you know? I can't sleep - is showing no sign of ending, The El-Sayed family's nightmare closer than ever. with an Israeli ground offensive Fenn Kemp, Ten News. are being slugged once again - Sydney drivers motorway at Ryde is going up 60 cents this time the cost of using the M2 to a whopping $4.40 a trip. they're threatening a boycott. Motorists are so angry

Sydney motorists can't take a trick. weren't bad enough, If record petrol prices on one of our busiest motorways. now a massive jump in the fee From October 1, to the M2 will soar to $4.40 the toll on the main entrance for cars and motorbikes, a 60 cent increase. Last time I use it, that's it. I don't think as often, no. Will you keep using the road? Is it a rip off? it's not that long - It's not that big, I can't see it being justified, no. The motorway's owner say in more than three years. it will be first toll increase The NRMA still condemns the move. going to see people struggle $6 a week extra - you are really

about how they get to work, because they don't have many choices public transport. they don't have good This is the only way. to be angry about the toll increase. Motorists have every right with the agreement At 17%, it may be in line between the toll operator and the State Government but it's well above the inflation rate for the last 3 years. The State Government blaming the coalition for the rise. Well, this is a toll increase contract that was signed by the last State Liberal national government

and they really need to bear responsibility for this toll increase. However, the toll from the Pennant Hills Road entry will remain steady at $2.20. Kevin Wilde, Ten News. Thugs throwing rocks have struck again in Sydney's West, this time targeting a bus. Passengers diving for cover as a boulder, weighing more than a kilo, smashed through a window. A bus ride interrupted as a massive rock was thrown through a side window

shattering the glass over passengers. It's a sound grandmother Alison King will never forget. She was travelling with her young son Casey, and 18-month-old grandson Michael. Next thing I heard bang. The rock

shattered the window. Showing bravery well beyond his years, 6-year-old Casey threw himself on top of the toddler.

I covered my baby. The two youngsters received minor cuts from the flying debris.

He put his body over my grandson

while the glass shattered. The bus was travelling along the T-way between Liverpool and Parramatta around 9:00pm last night when the rock was hurled.

It's disturbing when things are

thrown at moving cars, from

overhead passes or the side of the

Road. It's an escalation of stupid things happening. It comes in the same week as three vehicles were targeted on the M7, with rocks from an overpass. While Alison and the two young children were lucky to survive without any serious injuries, she's imploring people to stop thinking of rock throwing as merely a prank, and start thinking of it as potentially causing death.

All these young little hooligans

around the suburb, please stop it.

Stop and think about the young kids,

stop and think about the old people.

Stop throwing the rocks. Police are asking for witnesses to come forward. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. A convicted child sex offender who worked as a shopping centre Santa has escaped with just a good behaviour bond. David Mead is now banned from working closely with children

because of his record. David Mead's criminal record includes a 1980 conviction for carnal knowledge and another in 1993 for indecent assault. As a child sex-offender, he's prohibited from taking any job working closely with children. And yet for two weeks last Christmas, Mead took up the role of Santa Claus, bouncing hundreds of children on his lap at Salamander Bay shopping centre in Port Stephens. At the time of his arrest, Mead allegedly told police: But the magistrate said a psychiatric report concluded it was highly probable 45-year-old Mead would commit another sex offence. Mead was employed as Santa while checks into his background were being made. Apart from sex crimes, his extensive criminal record reveals convictions for drink-driving, cannabis cultivation and possession, firearms offences, assault and robbery, burglary, resist arrest The magistrate said the law should be changed to prevent people like Mead from starting to work with children before a criminal record check had been completed. Today he was sentenced on four charges under the Child Protection Act and given a 3-year good behaviour bond. He's not a child molester, so please don't paint him out to be like that. He was 19. She was 15. It was years ago. David Mead was ordered to undergo counselling in a sex-offender program. John Hill, Ten News. Former NSW Liberal leader, John Brogden is returning to public life.

He's now the CEO of health insurer Manchester Unity. It's good to be back in a full-time role

and it's certainly great to be involved with Manchester Unity. Mr Brogden, who left office in disgrace, hasn't ruled out a return to politics. The brilliant career of rugby union star Wendell Sailor

We are doing well in the golf, but

what is the chance an Aussie could

what is the chance an Aussie could

be crowned. There's 23 of them.

They are in a logjam, a lot of them.

Among them Rob Pampling with this

super Putt, and the reaction to

this loud outfit worn by Ian

this loud outfit worn by Ian

Poulter, who is the best of British.

Water off a Swan's back, as post

training rover session turns into a

workoccupant. How they intend to

turn the tide against the Tigers.

More about Rugby League, including Brett Finch. Also tonight, crisis talks to crackdown on dangerous dogs, after the death of little Tyra. And calls for police to end high-speed pursuits after a crash kills a teenager.

This program is captioned live. The State Government has admitted its dangerous dog laws aren't working.

It's set to overhaul the legislation,

after yesterday's fatal mauling of a 4-year-old girl. The State Government calls in councils, the RSPCA and other groups, conceding its dog laws need to change.

To give councils a more stream

lined regulatory framework so they

can act quicker and tougher. Tyra Cooney's mauling by pig-hunting dogs has left the Government admitting current laws are too complicated for council to declare dogs dangerous.

The major issue is enforcement. The

penalties are there. The Opposition agrees. I think we certainly do need to review the laws. But we also need to make sure that Councils are properly resourced to actually implement the laws.

At the crisis talks, the councils made it clear they simply don't have the resources to knock on every dog-owner's door. One of the proposals, a special licence for pig-hunting dogs. Therefore, then they're micro-chipped,

which then gives a record and you know where the dogs are at any time and if an incident does happen, then they can be traced back to the owners. The RSPCA goes even further. Hunting dogs ought to be confined in such a way that no human, particularly a toddler, can get anywhere near them. Paul Mullins, Ten News. Another hard day for the widow of Private Jake Kovco at the military inquiry into his death. Suggestions her husband might have committed suicide are taking their toll, and she had to leave the hearing to compose herself. Mrs Kovco's lawyer challenged the police witness saying his report was biased towards suicide. Police will return to Iraq next week to collect DNA samples, after finding another person's DNA on the pistol used in the fatal shooting. A deadly end to a police pursuit in Melbourne. A car carrying five people ploughed into a power pole,

killing 17-year-old Harley Debnam. Only moments earlier, police had called off a brief chase.

The dead boy's younger brother and a good mate were taken to hospital, suffering serious injuries,

along with the driver's younger sister. The 20-year-old male driver has been remanded in custody. And a suspected getaway car has crashed at Redfern after a wild police chase. The driver and passenger escaped. Police are combing the Subaru for clues, and believe the stolen car might be linked to a number of armed robberies over the last few months.

Time for a check of the weather.

It's back to the alps, any higher

than that and you'll start yodelling

I think this is the most beautiful

tefrl tour, that was the sunseting

across Victoria. We are coming to

the top of Carols at Thredbo in a

place called the Basin, a fair bit

of rock jutting out of magnificent

snow. A marginal season, we know

that, one thing that doesn't change

is how beautiful this terrain is,

almost at the top of Kosciusko,

what a glorious place to do a

weather report. If I can't see

tomorrow's forecast and I'll throw

in Sunday's from up here, I am not

trying hard enough. What about the

rain in Sydney town. 25mm at Bondi,

the city 20mm and Katoomba in the

catchment area, got 12mm. Let's

look at sky watch, nowhere near as

beautiful as the stuff we just

dished up. It was grey all day,

that'll be Saturday and Sunday, air

pollution low in all areas, 17

tomorrow, isolated showers, and

I'll see you from what feels like

the top of the world in around

about 10 minutes time.

A convicted paedophile awarded almost $200,000 for being bashed in jail. That's next. And the curse of the child star strikes again. An Oscar-nominated actor's suspected drink-driving crash. They come in, they get genuine concern and knowledge. If I get asked a question and I'm not sure of the answer or I think there might be a few answers, We all help each other all the time. Ozito electric spray gun, only $39.98. Set of 5 glazed pots, $8 per set. Collapsible storage cube, just $5.98. They end up with this amazing service. Lowest prices are just the beginning.

This program is captioned live.

Time to check on the traffic with

Vic Lorusso in the Mix 106.5

traffic helicopter. We may have to

blame Tim Bailey for the traffic

jam in the west. The M5 - we are

live over Campbelltown, the

headlights is traffic through

Ingleburn. The delays through to

Liverpool. This is the Road towards

the Southern Highlands and through

to the snow. It's heavy Friday

night traffic towards the ski

fields. We'll hang around this area,

bring you another traffic update.

We'll let you know after sport. A Sydney restaurant owner has been charged with forcing a man into slavery. The alleged victim claims he was made to live in a shed and work without pay. 43-year-old Yogalingam Rasalingam allegedly promised the victim a good quality of life if he came to work for him in Australia. Instead, Federal Police claim, 23-year-old Anbalagan Rajendran was forced to live in this tin shed at the back of Rasalingam's house. He was ordered to work every day as a kitchen hand at three of his restaurants in the Blue Mountains. Rajendran says he was told it would take four years to pay off his visa and airfare from India. According to police, his passport was also taken and he has not been paid a cent since his arrival in Australia last month. Rasalingam's wife and two children are in India, his brother in court to support him. He's an innocent man, and innocent businessman. That's all I want to say. According to police facts, Rajendran says he was forced to work seven days a week in 17-hour shifts, and when he started developing pains in his back and legs and asked for a day off Rasa threatened to send him back to India. The alleged victim was taken into care following a police search at this restaurant. His passport has now been returned by the accused, who claims he took it to get a tax file number.

Rajendran says he never paid the alleged victim

because he gave a $7,000 advance to the victim's father in India. He now faces up to 25 years in jail. Rajendran remains in custody trying to raise $100,000 bail to reappear in court on October 4. Ebbeny Faranda, Ten News.

A convicted paedophile has been awarded almost $200,000 compensation for injuries he suffered in jail. Peter Budjoso claims he suffered brain damage when bashed by fellow inmates. Convicted paedophile Peter Budjoso once had an IQ in the top 2%. It's a little lower these days, but he still scores exceptionally highly for shrewdness - a feature he's used in a long-running court battle against the State. A judge today commenting Budjoso had: ..the impact of a prison attack 15 years ago. The convicted paedophile sued for compensation after suffering head and leg injuries when he was bashed by inmates armed with metal bars. He showed no sign of impairment fleeing from court today. REPORTER: Mr Budjoso, I thought you had a knee injury! The judge also noted, that while Budjoso's sense of judgement may have been impaired, the degree of injury was difficult to assess, because of his lack of credibility. Over the years, Budjoso's run up to 10 illegal boarding houses at a time in Sydney's West, making almost $250,000 a year without filing tax returns. He's also been charged five times for repeatedly driving whilst disqualified. But despite his record of dishonesty, the court also found Corrective Services had failed in its duty of care.

Budjoso refused to serve his paedophilia sentence in protective custody, but the court heard Silverwater jail still had an obligation to ensure he was safe. Today's $170,000 payout is a hard-won victory for Budjoso. The State Government fought his application all the way to the High Court, but lost. It now remains to be seen if any of Budjoso's victims apply for a portion of the funds. Amber Muir, Ten News.

The widow of miner Larry Knight, killed in the Beaconsfield collapse, has taken part in an emotional service in the town. The PM unveiled a plaque to mark the disaster which left Todd Russell and Brant Webb trapped for two weeks, almost a kilometre underground. It pays tribute to a terrific exercise in Australian mateship. Mr Howard pledged nearly $5 million to the mine operators to help ensure the town's future. A volcano alert in the Philippines, after smoke and ash started pouring from an active crater in an area known as the 'Ring of Fire'. 4,000 residents have been asked to leave their homes near Mount Mayon amid fears of a major explosion. Parents rushed to local schools to collect their children and take them to safe houses away from the mountain. Authorities are warning of a major eruption within weeks. The curse of childhood stardom has struck another Hollywood actor. Haley Joel Osment has been injured after a suspected drink-driving accident in LA. The 18-year-old reportedly lost control of his car early this morning, hitting a brick pillar and flipping. Osment was nominated for an Oscar

for his role as the boy who saw dead people in 'The Sixth Sense'. He's being treated in hospital for a broken rib and lacerations. Police have taken a blood sample,

to work out whether alcohol or drugs played a part in the crash. Warnings of a humanitarian crisis in war-torn Lebanon - that's still to come. Also, why eating peanuts may be a lot healthier than you think. And - showing off her assets,

the former porn star who wants to become a politician.

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This program is captioned live. The top stories on Ten this news hour -

the brilliant career of rugby union star Wendell Sailor is all but over tonight. His contract has been torn up by Rugby Union bosses

after testing positive to cocaine. It means he'll be unable to play any sport for two years. Sydney drivers are being slugged once again -

this time the cost of using the M2 motorway at Ryde is going up 60 cents to a whopping $4.40 a trip. Motorists are so angry they're threatening a boycott. The largest ever evacuation of Australians stranded overseas has begun in Lebanon. Hundreds are boarding ferries in Beirut bound for Cyprus. But many may be moved on to other countries, because the island can't cope with the huge influx of refugees. There are fears that Israel's blockade of Lebanon

will lead to a major humanitarian crisis. Greece has sent a ship-load of aid, including food, medical supplies and tents.

The European Union has pledged $17 million to help civilians in the south of the country.

It comes as UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan called on both sides to stop the hostilities and give diplomacy a chance.

Hezbollah's accesss are deplorable,

and as I said Israel has a right to

defend itself. The excessive use of

force is to be condemned. It has,

force is to be condemned. It has, in the words of the Lebanese Prime

in the words of the Lebanese Prime Minister, torn the country to sleds. And Pope Benedict has renewed his call for peace, naming Sunday a Christian day of prayer. The Pontiff says he's gravely concerned about the situation in the Holy Land. Federal Labor has unveiled plans to boost university funding and slash HECs fees. The Opposition says it wants to make university affordable for more Australians, saying the country needs more graduates in science and engineering. Over the last decade of the Howard Government, investment in tertiary education and in training, universities and TAFEs has a -8% figure in front of it. But there are questions about how the policy would be funded. Labor says full-fee university places allow wealthier students to jump the queue, ahead of less well-off locals.

Australian stocks have ended on a low note after a volatile week, as tensions in the Middle East continue.

Petrol seen as high as $1.48, and as low as $1.34 in Auburn, Granville and Penrith. They were once considered unhealthy and fatty. But a new study has found eating peanuts can actually lower cholesterol and halve the risk of heart disease. Fatty and salty - or are they? Surprisingly, even though their calorie intake is a little bit higher on the day they consumed the peanuts, their weight is not higher and, in fact, with women it's lower. There's a lot of misconceptions Professor Penny Kris-Etherton is based with the Department of Nutritional Sciences at Pennsylvania State University. Her research with 50 volunteers revealed regular servings of peanuts or peanut butter decreased triglyceride levels or 'bad' fats. She's now on a promotional tour for the Peanut Company of Australia. There's a lot of misconceptions about not only peanuts, but also other nuts as well - that they're high in fat and so therefore bad for you and they put weight on. Subsequently, peanuts can reduce cholesterol levels by up to 15%

and could help the 3.7 million Australians suffering heart disease. As little as one serving a week reduces risk of heart disease. Up to five servings a week cuts the risk of heart disease in half. Even salted peanuts aren't that bad. One serving contains the same amount of salt as a slice of bread. The link with severe allergy has given the peanut a bad name. But studies show only 2% of the population have a bad reaction and many people grow out of it. The CSIRO agrees peanuts have great health benefits, in moderation. It says most nuts will have a similar affect. Kimberley Harper, Ten News. A saucy new candidate has entered the race to become Governor of the US State of Nevada. A former porn star is campaigning to represent the Republican Party in the upcoming election. She's offering lap dances for votes and her campaign song is 'She Bangs', but 33-year-old Mimi Damayo insists she's a serious candidate. I'm just an average single mother who has sincere concerns about the state of Nevada.

Mimi won fans in hits like 'Deep Throat 6' and 'Oriental Lust'

but retired from adult films after 2003's 'Happy Endings'. She's no political veteran,

she voted for the first time just two years ago and still gets a little tongue-tied when asked about her campaign. REPORTER: Is it appropriate though, for a porn star to run the state of Nevada? Well, it's not appropriate when I'm a former adult film star. Mimi caught the political bug after volunteering for George W. Bush's 2004 re-election campaign, but whether she's a suitable candidate for Bush's conservative Republican Party, is an issue of hot contention. Hey, come on, get a little spice into our government. Is she going to run for President next? I mean, that's ridiculous. Some say there'd be no-one better to run the state, which is home to Las Vegas. They let anything go in Vegas, why not that? In 2003, porn star Mary Carey came a respectable 10th in a field of 136 candidates vying for the job of California Governor, a position eventually won by a former action star. Victory for the Republican Party! In the United States, Rahni Sadler, Ten News.

Let's look at the weather with Tim

Bailey, Tim Webster thought we had

the abombinable snowman and Ron

Wilson thought you were an

abombination. He would. He's

cracked himself up again folks, on

the television. Apart from the fact

I can't feel my fingers and toes,

it is beautiful up here. This is

the highest the weather folder

travelled. 6km that way Mt

Kosciusko, Australia's highest

point. Brilliant to be doing it

from the back of Eagles Nest at

Thredbo tonight. I'm talking to the

big fellow, I can almost touch him,

so I'll get the weather right.

Isolated showers, 17, not as wet,

Bandi with 25mm and 10-20mm in the

city suburbs. Let's look at the map

of NSW for you as I try to get the

mouth to work in minus, sort of, 8 degrees.

This is up ward Bailey and T-bone

Timmy putting you back to the

rascals on the desk. Sport is next with Tim Webster and more big name deals in league? Yes, we'll tell you who's going where after today's contract signings, including Brett Finch. Also Wendell Sailor ponders what's next after being banned from any footy for two years. And a host of Aussies join Tiger Woods in a British Open charge.

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TRAIN WHISTLE BLOWS (Grunts with exertion) Ahh! CRASH! Love movies?

for three months when you connect to FOXTEL Digital

'The Motorcycle Diaries' And now, with our new low monthly price, there's never been a better time to connect. It's all there on FOXTEL Digital. Cut! Just picture it. Call FOXTEL today on: The brilliant career of rugby union star Wendell Sailor is all but over tonight. His contract torn up after testing positive to cocaine. It means Sailor will be unable to play any competitive sport for two years. International Dell is no more. His stellar sports career in tatters because of cocaine. Probably not the best day, but anyway. The Australian Rugby Union sacking Wendell Sailor

after an independent judicial committee found him guilty of taking the drug and suspended him for two years. There's not a place in our sport for people that aren't capable of being role models.

It was a drug test following a Waratahs-Brumbies match in April that got him in trouble this time. But he'd already had another suspension this year after some drunken argy-bargy at a South African nightclub. His 37 Test caps not enough to save his $600,000 a year career. It's just a terrible shame that his off-field behaviour hasn't been able to live up to how he's played on the field. The Australian sports anti-doping authority maintaining the penalty is a fair one. We say to all athletes, "If you're involved in using recreational drugs, "either in competition or out of competition, "then our advice, our strong advice, "is do not be the next Wendell Sailor. "Stop now, or you'll get caught." Because cocaine is banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency, Wendell won't be able to play any sport until April 2008. What are you going to do? Probably got to Centrelink, Monday. Of course, another possibility is that Wendell could swap the green and gold for the sparkly shirt and tight pants that's become the uniform for one of the many

celebrity reality TV shows that could see him singing, dancing or skating his way back to fame. He has seven days to appeal. Angela Bishop, Ten News. The speculation surrounding Brett Finch is over, the unwanted Roosters halfback today signed a two-year contract with Parramatta. Meanwhile, the Knights have announced Adam MacDougall will leave Souths to return to Newcastle next year. It's not hard to tell what Adam MacDougall thinks about joining Newcastle. I'm absolutely over the moon. It's one of the best days of my life and I just can't wait to go up there and play with all my mates again, and run out onto Marathon Stadium again. The former Test wicker rejecting an offer from Melbourne, signing for two years, after chatting with former team-mate Andrew Johns. MacDougall's sometimes controversial 3-year stint at Redfern now over. Yeah, I probably should have stayed. Looking back now it was probably the worst decision in some ways,

not staying in Newcastle, but I would never have got the opportunity to play with my brother Luke at Souths, so at the end of the day nothing can buy the experience that we had.

A plan for MacDougall to play the rest of the season with English club Hull today falling through. Ironically, the Rabbitohs and Knights doing battle tomorrow night. Newcastle centre Matt Gidley finalising a 2-year deal with St Helens. Tonight the Sharks hoping all-conquering Melbourne slip up after seven wins in a row and 13 in succession at moment.

You always lose one eventually,

it's a matter of when, it was the

same with Souths, they were losing

a happy, they have to win one, it's

the way things go, you can't win every time.

Parramatta looking to keep their finals hopes afloat when they take on equally desperate Wests Tigers on Sunday.

We know basically we have to win

every game, and every win gets us

closer to reaching that goal. The man who could have had Paul Roos's job as coach of the Swans, three seasons ago, has plans to cause the premiers more problems tomorrow night. And Tigers Coach Terry Wallace is hoping to create a little piece of history in the process. The Swans have been all at sea over the last month, losing four of their last five matches to sink to seventh spot on the ladder and put themselves in grave danger of missing out on the finals. The players battling the elements at a recovery session this morning and set for another test against the Tigers tomorrow night. The pressure to keep their heads above water today ramped up by Richmond coach Terry Wallace.

There's only been two sides in 15

years that at this time of year won

the flag and have been outside the

eight around this time. So I think

the pressure is on them, we can

enjoy ourselves. Wallace was widely tipped to take the Swans coaching job at the start of the 2003 season, History has shown Roos to be the right choice.

When that opportunity rose for Paul,

When that opportunity rose for Paul, I thought he was the right person

in the right spot with the right

group of blokes, so I don't of look

back and one way or another. Roos will be coaching in his 100th game tomorrow night as coach and looking for his 62nd victory.

Well, I lost my first game as a

player, and I got dropped the next

week. I won my first game as a

coach and kept my job, that was a vast improvement. The Swans have made one change at the selection table bringing back Nick Malceski at the expense of Luke Vogels. In Brisbane, the Lions have made a permanent change to their line up, sacking the human headline, Jason Akermanis.

After defying a media ban. It's an

accumulation of things, it's not

one thing, it's an accumulation.

It's eventually, if you keep

playing Russian roulette, you'll shoot yourself. And the Swans versus Richmond is here on Ten from 7:30 tomorrow night. Seven Australians are back on the golf course early in the second round of the British Open at Royal Liverpool,

some looking to capitalise on a terrific opening day. Overnight leader, Northern Ireland's Graeme McDowell dropped back with a bogey on the first. Tiger Woods yet to tee off. And the Aussies are right up there - Marcus Fraser, Mark Hensby, Adam Scott and Brett Rumford among a stack of players who'll begin the day at four under par. 1 of a record 23 Australians in this year's Open, the relatively unknown Marcus Fraser made an early impression. Compatriot Mark Hensby dropped three shots, but fought back to join Fraser in the lead. COMMENTATOR: Five, now six birdies. Adam Scott and Brett Rumford, afternoon starters, also shooting respectable rounds. Getting around made easier for some.

Ernie Els came close to making a hole in one on the 13th, the South African looking the goods, also in the logjam at 4 under. England's Ian Poulter opted for a look of his own, again. He looks like a rodeo rider. Nick Faldo and Tiger Woods put their differences aside to pair with each other. Woods, one of the tournament favourites, showed why he's defending champion with four birdies and then an eagle on the 18th, to go 5 under for the round. Yes! The English summer sun was enough to send some to sleep. But Northern Ireland's Graeme McDowell

was certainly wide-eyed going from bunker to birdie.

Going nicely at the moment... Oh, in she pops.

But no matter which direction you looked, there were Aussies in the hunt everywhere. Oh! That's the way to do it! Little known Aussie, Marcus Fraser, happy with where he's placed. Yeah, I think, obviously very happy with shooting 4 under but I definitely felt like I left a couple of shots out of there so just go to the range and work on a couple of things but, yeah, couldn't be happier in this position. Emily Grove, Ten News.

After collapsing yesterday, American cyclist Floyd Landis has staged an amazing comeback at the Tour de France. Snaking their way through the final day in the Alps, not even a puncture could stop Landis as Aussie Stuart O'Grady found himself back in the action, at the rear of a breakaway group led by the attacking Landis, who eventually won the 17th stage by five minutes. Spaniard Oscar Pereiro has retained the race leader's yellow jersey.

Australia's Cadel Evans is still in fifth. Michael Rogers has slipped to 10th with just three days to go. Ford's Craig Lowndes is attempting a hat-trick of wins as the V8 Supercar Championship Series heads to Queensland Raceway this weekend. After five rounds, Lowndes is only eight points behind leader Garth Tander. But, Holden Racing Team big gun Mark Skaife was fastest in this afternoon's 2.5 hour practice session. Garth Tander dominated, but with just over two minutes remaining Skaife shot to the top. A really encouraging car.

It's flying really well and it's great to do it at Ford's test track. The top four places are filled by non-Queensland based teams, which is a bit of a surprise. 2002 champion Mick Fanning led the Aussie charge into the fourth round of the Billabong Surfing Pro in South Africa. Three Australians advanced with just six heats contested today. Fanning made the most of the ordinary conditions, notching up the day's top combined two-wave score - 15.66 - to knock out Hawaiian Roy Powers. You know, I haven't had the best year either, so I was looking to go out and get a result here so I'm pretty pumped. World number seven Joel Parkinson also through, Phillip McDonald the third Aussie to qualify. To the tips and Michael Sullivan's selections for Rosehill tomorrow.

Michael's best bet is in the first, it's Lange Rc1- No2. The value bet Rc-8 no-16 Roving Owl.... And his each way special Rc-2 no-8 Empress jade..that's rc-2 no-8. Vic Lorusso in the Traffic Helicopter.

Traffic check with Vic Lorusso, any

improvement on the roads, you are

over the F3 at Wahroonga. Traffic

looks to be chaotic out of the

Sydney. We had the M5, no

improvement. These are Lie shots

from Waroongah through to Berowra.

All three lanes crippled, no relief

in site for motorists leaving

Sydney heading to the Central Coast.

A slow run. To the left the old

Pacific Highway, maybe that's a

better run than the F3.

Stay with us, Tim Bailey's next, to tell us if the wet weather is set in for the weekend.

I'm just going to grab a mag. Do you want anything? Surprise me. OK. Buy $5 worth of any Instant Scratchies

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So: SONG: # Scratch me happy. #

You are watching the news at five.

He's that high up the mountain, we

thawing we lost him. Earth to Tim

Bailey, are you right. I'm right. I

have an interesting question for

you, how cold to you think by

bottom is at the moment. Not too

interested in your bottom, to tell

you the truth? I thought you might

say that. Around about minus 7

degrees, I hope at the top of

Thredbo, what a beautiful place to

predict the weather. You can see

forever even though it's dark. A

brilliant little snow cave. What do

we have, an isolated shower, that

won't surprise you after the week

of weather you had. It's one you

wanted to give back, apart from the

useful rainfall. Katoomba with 12mm

to 9 am. It looks like being a grey

and drizzly old weekend for indoor

sports. 17 degrees, isolated

showers tomorrow, and Sunday

looking about the same. Let's get

into your backyard if I can get

this out. I have ice cls growing

off the old Robert Young here.

This is rather interesting, I'm

drizing on to my lips, and it's

freezing on them. It's a nice

thought. Cloud over WA circulating

over a low pressure system causing

showers, showers on the Northern

central and NSW coast. Tomorrow's

map, a weak ridge daxing across WA

causing isolated showers eastwards

along the southern coastline, a

high in the Tasman maintaining

onshore winds and isolated showers

on the eastern seaboard. The high

keeping the rest of the country dry.

Scattered showers along the

northern NSW coast, isolated along

the rest of the NSW and Queensland

coastlines, isolated showers along

the southern WA coast spreading

into western SA later on. Sunday

onshore winds and showers

increasing along northern NSW and

Southern Queensland and a trough

developing across the eastern

inland. That will cause patchy rain

or showers across south-west

Queensland, western NSW will get

rain too, Victoria and eastern SA.

Now when I call myself Toot-bar

Timmy, ug boot baily, I am not

mucking around. You don't get up

here without a pair of those, you

have to love that sort of thing on

the TV. Interstate - I had to share

that with you, nothing else is

working, the glasses are foged up,

the lips are frozen, the nose is

running - it's all going well.

Gee, we have a drink over the past

seven days, haven't we? That's it

from me, Ron, and I want a rough

guess, how cold do you reckon my

bum is, mate?. Yes, very cold. Yeah.

Get down to the snapps bar. That's

the news at five, I'm declaring the weekend. That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. Have a great weekend. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre. ( BELL RINGING ) ( WHISTLE BLOWING ) ( PLAYING THE BLUES )