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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Swimming for their lives - seven young men fight for survival in shark-infested waters. after their boat capsized

activity at North Korea test sites. US spy satellites pick up nuclear in school until they finish Year 12. And the push to keep students Ten News with Natarsha Belling.

glamour girl brawl. Good morning. Also today - attacked by a former beauty queen. And Paris Hilton's claims she was

But first,

group of young men who swam to shore a remarkable story of survival for a shark-infested waters. after their boat capsized in

Ten news reporter Esther Lindstrom has been following the story on South Australia's west coast. aged between 14 and 36, The seven friends, at the Port Lincoln Health Service are still recovering here for hypothermia and shock. where they're being treated

the coast of Louth Bay, They'd been fishing about 300km off just off Port Lincoln, their boat. when a freak wave up-ended within an hour and raised the alarm. Two managed to swim to shore full-scale air and sea search Emergency service crews launched a as darkness fell. rescuing another four of the group was unaccounted for. Only the youngest, the 14-year-old, to one of his friends He'd given his life jacket in the rough water. who was struggling welcomed news. Then, just as hopes were fading, he had been found. After more than three hours at sea,

I knew my son would make it, he's a butterfish. I had faith in him, yeah. A large group of relatives of the boy

at the hospital. spent most of the night here They're incredibly relieved alive and well that all the boys had been found and say they've been given a stern talking to without enough life jackets again. about never going out on a boat detected activity American spy satellites nuclear test sites. at potential North Korean

to step in The UN is now under pressure of the crisis. and avert an escalation over how to deal with North Korea, With opinions divided the United Nations' Security Council to flex its muscle. has a clear opportunity

We need an approach carrying through on its threat that dissuades North Korea from which we do think is a serious threat, ploy or an attention-getting device. we don't think this is a diplomatic of activity in North Korea, The United States detecting signs preparing to test a nuclear weapon. suggesting the rogue state could be We're very concerned about it. that announcement made yesterday. We're very concerned about to head this off. We're trying to do all we can want diplomacy over force Pyongyang's neighbours

to deal with this new threat.

When it comes to nuclear testing to a new stage this will bring us all a strong hand against North Korea. where we will have to play There's a growing suspicion declaration North Korea has timed its nuclear Foreign Minister, Ban Ki-Moon, to coincide with news South Korea's the next UN Secretary-General. is likely to become Yes, that seems to be the case. The United States says could take place at any time, North Korea's nuclear test to avert such a provocative act. but believes there's still a chance

on the United Nations. But that all depends So we think it is quite important very firmly, for the council to speak very resolutely on this with another piece of paper. and not just in a knee-jerk reaction Murray McCloskey, Ten News. Police have charged an elderly man of a Sydney schoolgirl. with the indecent assault the attack on a train at Lewisham The 71-year-old allegedly carried out last week before scores of commuters. at her scheduled stop The 13-year-old victim got off to school teachers. and reported the alleged incident later this month The man will face court of indecency with a person under 16. on charges of committing an act for a man Police are continuing to hunt

girl, at a popular children's park. who sexually assaulted a 9-year-old

to the public The area has been re-opened but police are urging caution. police moved in, Just after lunchtime in Sydney's south, shutting down popular Oatley Park but the offender got away two 9-year-old girls into bushland after allegedly luring and sexually assaulting one of them. at the moment, The families are very distressed

as are the police that are involved in this investigation.

of our communities. This strikes at the very heart with family members The girls had been playing most popular playgrounds. at one of Sydney's stalked his victims for an hour. Police believe the offender predatory hallmarks This offence would display it's school holidays. due to the fact that from the local primary school, Just metres the attack has left locals stunned, some time ago but this mother says also frightened her daughter a stranger in the same park. and a man approached them The girls went down to the bathroom there were some baby possums. and said he knew where Police won't say that of any known offenders. if the man's description matches The male is described as 40 years of age, clean-shaven, white Australian appearance.

a very strong presence here Police warn they will maintain over the next few days, to take great care. and they are also urging parents

Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. is under heavy fire today Rebel Liberal MP Petro Georgiou of tougher new citizenship tests. after his scathing criticism joins me now from Canberra. Ten political editor Paul Bongiorno from Petro Georgiou yesterday. Paul, it was an extraordinary speech certainly isn't pleased. The Federal Government

5th 5th FA it certainly isn't. The

Parliamentary Secretary charged with

coming up this music isn't tests says coming up this music isn't tests

he disagrees sock - strongly. While

he says that in the past Australia

has done it well in integrating new

arrivals, there is always room to do

better. This no doubt the federal

government is worried resections of government is worried resections

the new arrival communities who

aren't integrating fast enough. If he

is something of Woody said yesterday.

Throughout history, very many people have become citizens despite having little fluency in English. Where is the evidence in showing who does not learn English and the reason for that?

Do the immigrants not want to learn, or are they stung by the lack of availability of classes, or are they inhibited by the demands of employment and raising a family? is something of Woody said yesterday.

The day in 1971 when Mr Giorgio was

the adviser to Prime Minister Fraser,

the federal government spent the federal government spent $2 million on English language programmes. The federal

programmes. The federal government

now says almost now says almost $300 million the year

on English programmes. Wisely

choosing to speak out now? I believe

that as a leader of the moderate

faction believes that Deryn danger of

species. They Arab push on he says.

He says there's a lot of and He says there's a lot of additions

and the Liberal Party like crossing

the for which he into other Liberals

did a couple of months ago did a couple of months ago is a to

falling out of favour. Were his

individual consciences are important

to Sir Robert Menzies. He's

particularly worried about particularly worried about Senator

Marise paying a leading liberal

moderate in New South Wales. Police in Sydney are looking for a truck driver Calls this morning for high school students to be forced to stay on until year 12. Labor MP Craig Emerson says teenagers are being enticed to leave school early because of a mining-driven jobs boom. He's calling for the curriculum to be widened to include more trade-based courses. Education Minister Julie Bishop has slammed the proposals saying it won't help improve education levels.

And Labor MP Craig Emerson will join us later in the program to discuss his proposals further. Still to come on Ten's morning news - an extraordinary journey for a group of young cancer sufferers scaling one of the world's most challenging mountains. And in our entertainment report - glamour girl brawl. Paris Hilton attacked by a former beauty queen.

(Speaks Swahili) Her life won't improve unless long-term work is carried out to change things. Sponsoring a child like Salome will help to provide her with the basics she needs and give her opportunities for a brighter future. Sponsor online at or call 13 32 40 now. QUIRKY, ETHEREAL MUSIC DANCE MUSIC This program is captioned live. Police in Sydney are looking for a truck driver who dumped 100 litres of petrol down a stormwater drain overnight. A hazardous materials crews took more than an hour to map up the spill in Kensington. Police believe the truckie siphoned off the fuel after mistakenly filling his tank with unleaded instead of diesel. Community members have staged a vigil to commemorate the five girls who were killed in Tuesday's school shooting. Hundreds packing a local church to pay their respects. As the Amish community prepares to bury five little girls,

local parishioners offer their prayers and support. Lancaster, we are going to be after it's all said and done, we are going to be standing firm because we are a people of promise. Funerals are expected to be held over the next few days. In the meantime, churchgoers have been sharing anecdotes about the young victim's and their short lives. I just wanted to come out and support them and mourn with them

for what happened.

A sentiment echoed in churches across the rural county. Grieving residents staying strong through their faith.

We are all appalled. I mean, I don't know that anybody can imagine ever doing such a thing. It follows sickening revelations that gunman Charles Carl Roberts had been planning to molest his 10 hostages before executing them.

It's evil and it can happen any time, any place. Everybody would rather think it can't happen in your own backyard but it really can. He also confessed to preying on young relatives 20 years ago.

We were sympathising with all the families that lost their loved ones because I've got four girls of my own and I just know how devastated they are. Kate Donnison, Ten News.

Startling allegations of police corruption involving bikie gangs in Adelaide. Gerda Jezuchowski has been following the investigation. Gerda, a female officer among six arrested? That's right. The allegations amounts to the worst type of corruption - a 34-year-old female police officer accused of being involved in a criminal network, providing confidential information to bikie gangs.

That officer has been suspended from duty and is due to face court today. She's one of six people so far arrested. The result of an ongoing investigation by the police anti-corruption and organised crime branches. The other five are all men, from a variety of occupations, including a tattooist and a mechanic. They're facing a range of additional charges like drug and firearms offences. And how has the group allegedly been obtaining information to pass on to bikie gangs? We understand the criminal network mainly involved bikies using female associates, like their wives and girlfriends, to get jobs in the South Australian public sector from the Police Force to the Motor Registration Office,

Correctional Services and the Courts Administration Authority. They're then alleged to have used those positions to access confidential information like driver's licences, criminal records and property ownership to pass on to bikie gangs. So the allegations are extremely serious. More information will no doubt come to light as they appear in court. The female officer is due to appear this afternoon. Thanks, Gerda. An Austrian girl, who was held captive for eight years, has admitted she was raped by her kidnapper.

Natascha Kampusch escaped a few weeks ago

but some local residents and police are starting to question her story. It's an incredible story - kidnapped in 1998 aged 10, held in a basement for eight years

then an escape, prompting her captor to commit suicide. Despite her ordeal Natascha Kampusch appeared calm on TV, Hollywood is calling and a book deal is in the offing. But chapters of the story just don't add up. Firstly, the relationship with her mother Brigitta. Since her release, Natascha has spoken fondly of her. But at the time of her disappearance mother and daughter were said to have a terrible relationship.

A neighbour in this run-down suburb of Vienna remembers Brigitta as drunk and abusive. This woman who now runs this sweet shop is also a former colleague of Brigitta's. TRANSLATION: She was always horrible to Natascha. She wasn't interested in her. The most important to thing was trying to get friends with money. And was Natascha's mother complicit with her abductor? Not far from where they lived is Christina's Bar where Natascha's parents use to drink. Another patron of the bar

was reportedly 44-year-old Wolfgang Priklopil, the man who was to kidnap Natascha. I asked her father whether he, or Natascha's mother, knew Priklopil. "I can't imagine she knew him," he told me. "Though he may have gone into the shop Natascha's mother ran." "His face looked familiar to me. He lived in the same area." And was Natascha's ordeal as bad as she claims? It was reported she was kept in this basement near Vienna for eight years. But it's now clear she was allowed into the house and trips to the shops followed. Natascha's lawyers have also confirmed she and Priklopil went skiing together in February, something she initially denied. The revelations have reportedly prompted accusations she's a fraud who enjoyed an 8-year holiday and is trying to cash in. After years of violent paramilitary activity in Britain and Ireland, the IRA has been officially cleared of its terrorist links. Although it marks a democratic breakthrough, Ulster Unionists say they need more reassurance the group has dropped its criminal arm. For almost 30 years the IRA caused death, injury and destruction in Ireland, England and Europe.

They saw themselves as a legitimate army

fighting a war of liberation against Britain. The IMC says that in just three years, the IRA has gone from being the most sophisticated, well-armed para-military group to one that has astute terrorism and is taking a political power. The IMC report is long and complex but the message was clear.

The IRA is going away. They have set to the side, dismantled, disbanded, whatever way you'd like to put it, those elements of their organisation whose purpose was to prosecute a terrorist campaign. After nearly a decade of striving for this, it was just the news for which the Prime Minister had been waiting and hoping. The IRA's campaign is over.

There is now a consensus across all the main players in the politics of Northern Ireland that change can only come through persuasion

and not through violence of any sort. But it's people like this who hold the key. Local counsellors in Ian Paisley's democratic unionist party. Can they be persuaded to agree to share in power in a restored, devolved administration with Sinn Fein? The party's view is republicans cannot be half in and half out of the democratic club. An amazing escape for two tourists who spent nearly three days in a ravine after crashing their car in a remote area of New Zealand. The British sightseers were trapped upside down in their seats until their cries for help were finally heard. Through two long days and nights they'd screamed for help. When someone heard them, they could barely believe it. I was a bit worried about what was going to happen tonight. 71-year-old Glenys recalling the frustration of trying to make contact with passers-by. We heard somebody laughing and so we hoped, you know, so she yelled out "Can you get the emergency services?" but there was no response at all. Then the moment that somebody finally answered their calls for help. Marion burst into tears yesterday when we got the response from somebody up the top there. When somebody came down from that hill, it was like "Oh!". Glenys and her daughter, Marion, were sightseeing on New Zealand's South Island when their car plunged off the road ending up on its roof 300 feet down a tree-lined ravine.

They survived by eating out their meagre rations. Eventually, they struggled out of the vehicle and were crawling up the hillside when tourists on the road above heard their cries. Looking at that, I'm amazed you were able to get out of the window like you did. Marion, who suffers from multiple sclerosis said they were very lucky. The feeling of being in a bed and being nice and warm was just the best, thank you. Both women are recovering well but they will have an unwelcome addition to their holiday diary. The trial of a former Adelaide businessman, charged with having sex with underage boys, resumes in Indonesia today. The closed hearing on the island of Lombok was adjourned on Tuesday as family of Don Storen's four alleged victims were due to give evidence. If convicted, the 58-year-old faces a maximum of five years imprisonment.

A beer truck driver has been forced to make a special delivery in the US. Little Boston Wetzel raced into the world 19 days early. His mum giving birth in her car parked at a petrol station. A customer came running in here and said that a baby was being born and could I please call 911, which I did, I screamed at my beer guy, Gabe. And they yelled at me and said "Budweiser, get your butt out there!"

With ambulance officers still on their way, Gabe Nyberg went to her rescue. Delivery man, mother and baby are doing fine. No prizes for guessing how they'll wet the baby's head. The push to make students stay in school until Year 12. We talk to man behind the move, Labor MP Craig Emerson. And how to pick up premium bottles of wine with your spare change.

This program is captioned live. Seven people are recovering in hospital after their boat sank in shark-infested waters off the South Australian coast. Two people swam for hours to raise the alarm. America says it's detected activity at potential test sites

in North Korea indicating possible preparations for a nuclear test. And the push to keep kids in school until Year 12. Labor MP Craig Emerson says

the current resources boom is building false hope about employment opportunities. In finance news - the Australian share market is firmer this morning.

Now, if you're partial to the odd drop of wine you'll be pleased to hear sipping the good stuff is getting cheaper. Ten news reporter Catherine Kennedy has just come back from grape-growing country in New South Wales. And Catherine, why are prices dropping? Marise paying a leading liberal moderate in New South Wales. moderate in New South Wales. It

sounds like music to one love his

ears. We have it all heard of the

great glut. Channel great glut. Channel 10 visited my due

last week to see what how the

industry is faring. Consumers are reaping reaping in the benefits with a

ridiculously low prices. Wine bottles are down to. It's hard to believe

but now, your spare change can buy a bottle of wine. Certainly millions of bottles of the white and red passed out of all the Dan Murphy's stores across the nation.

It's certainly been a very successful product for us. We're doing phenomenally well with it. From today across Australia,

a major bottle shop chain is selling cleanskin wines for just $2. An oversupply of grapes allowing consumers to enjoy quality wine at a fraction of the price. Discovering a niche in the market, Brendan Hilferty opened up The Wine Point which only sells unlabelled bottles. I've got wines here that are $10 a bottle

and the same brand in the shops the same wine for $23 to $24. Traditionally, clean skins was excess stock

made from lesser quality fruit but now because of the surplus stock, that's no longer the case. Vineyards are also being forced to offload their excess premium wines. By selling directly to bottle shops, grape growers save money by cutting out the middle man. Resulting in retail prices discounted by up to 70%. There's no bull here. There's just the quality of the wine and if you like it and you realise it is value, then you know you're getting a good deal. The President of the New South Wales Wine Industry Association, Dave Lowe, says it's the grape glut we had to have. Government financial incentives along with a lack of planning meant too many farmers concentrated on growing the same the varieties.

The industry's depression is forcing growers and wine-makers to think smarter. We've got 2,000 years of catch up to make but I think we lead the world in many parts of the wine industry because we don't have legislation or regulation. We can make whatever wine we really want to make.

Experts say it will take at least two years for the grape glut to clear. So for now, consumers can sip away the benefits.

We know things are pretty tight all around so there is no reason why you should cut quality of what we're drinking,

just cut out the label. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. ridiculously low prices. Wine bottles

are down to. $2. This is expected to

continue? Heavily discounted wines

will continue for up to five years will continue for up to five years so

take advantage of it while you can. Young cancer sufferers scale new heights conquering one of the world's most challenging peaks. That story next.

And in Angela Bishop's entertainment report - the film that sparked war between the country's fast food giants.

This program is captioned live. Returning to our earlier story about the push to force students to finish Year 12. Federal Labor MP Craig Emerson is behind the move

and joins us now live from Brisbane.

Why make completion of high school compulsory? take advantage of it while you can.

If all the evidence shows that those If all the evidence shows that those

young people who drop out earlier young people who drop out earlier a

much more likely to be unemployed,

and in doubt work, subject to Lake

packed or other job altogether. packed or other job altogether. So if the estate until year 12 the estate until year the estate until year 12 the study's other had a look that showed that

they will be far better off. If

they will be far better off. If they

stay for another two years stay for another two years incomplete

High School, there will be High School, there will be 20 per

cent better off run through their

cent better off run through their

lifetime. What is your response?

Award of people on the amount if who

should have an open mind I should have an open mind I think it should be the education minister

about line disappointed love that. If

you look at what is happening you look at what is happening around

the rest of the world, a year the rest of the world, a year 12 completion is another

completion is another baseline completion is another baseline for

going on and having a productive going on and having a productive and fruitful life and being able to fruitful life and being able to

insure your stay in work. If insure your stay in work. If you leave early without any

qualifications, then your chances qualifications, then your chances are

much reduced. They show people who

want to go through the training side

of an argument doing serve at school

- a school-based apprenticeships. The

means they can complete year 12 and

complete an apprenticeship. complete an apprenticeship. But this

the we invest in the we invest in the future and make

sure they have a happier life. So sure they have a happier life. So you are pushing for more of a balance. are pushing for more of a balance. If

you don't have qualifications thing

you are very vulnerable to economic

slowdown. Resource brims come slowdown. Resource brims come and go

in Russian be thinking just about to

Maya If one eschewal about the for

the working life as some people. In

other countries for example new way has 100 per cent of young people

finishing year 12. There are six

countries with more than 90 per cent. countries with more than 90 per cent.

Australia is down 70 per cent. Australia is down 70 per cent. The 30 per cent of young children per cent of young children drop out

of school. I'm saying let's keep the

doors opened, and go for school-based

apprenticeships or start apprenticeships or start their

apprenticeship after you finish

sheered off. Let's have both. Don't

close your mind. Let's keep the good close your mind. Let's keep the good

ideas. Keep your mind open because I ideas. Keep your mind open because I

think is a good idea and the feedback

I've got to lay it has been terrific. An extraordinary journey for a group of Australian cancer survivors. They've scaled one of the world's most challenging peaks in an inspiring celebration of their renewed lease on life. Mere mortals achieving a minor miracle. Cancer survivors and people touched by cancer climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Raising awareness and money for Canteen. That last bit there was quite tough. Just getting the oxygen and just keeping the legs ticking over. Several climbers lose their lives on the deadly slopes of the world's tallest free-standing mountain every year. We're going to have to just stop for a short time, guys

and then get moving 'cause we're gonna get cold. There's strong connections between climbing mountains and cancer because climbing a mountain you're not necessarily going to succeed and the fight against cancer doesn't always work out. On top of the world a cheque hand over,

the group raising $175,000 for Canteen.

Cancer survivor Michael Patullo fell short of the summit by only 400 metres. Still, a remarkable achievement. He had a football-sized tumour removed from his chest just five years ago. You can't really comprehend it to someone verbally at sea level what it's like to be at 5,500 metres. The expedition was so successful the group has already begun planning their next adventure. Destination 2007 - the Kokoda trail.

Good job, buddy. Well done. In the meantime, there are some weary legs to rest. I've got a pair of hiking boots for sale if anyone wants any. Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News. Ten's Angela Bishop joins us now with her weekly entertainment report. And, Ange. Our awards season about to get under way with nominations in for the best Aussie films of the year?

A stellar year in Aussie movie-making is set to be recognised as some of the industry's biggest names prepare to square off. Nominations for the 2006 Inside Film Awards announced last night. Politicians and movie stars mingled as hosts Joel Edgerton and Susie Porter announced nominations

for the Peoples Awards of Aussie film. The diversity of the industry recognised and applauded. Multiple nominees

including the captivating tales of Indigenous folklore in 'Ten Canoes'. A story before long time ago. The horror of heroin addiction as portrayed in 'Candy' and the acclaimed drama 'Jindabyne'. An international flavour sweetening the Best Actress category. Abbie Cornish for 'Candy', Laura Linney for 'Jindabyne'

and Emily Barclay for 'Suburban Mayhem'. While Heath Ledger's haunting portrayal of an addict in 'Candy' has him favourite to take out Best Actor. Winners will be announced at a Gold Coast Awards ceremony in November. Luke Waters, Ten News. A war is on between one of the country's fast food giants and a film that claims to reveal what goes on behind the scenes. It's McDonald's versus fast-food nation

and the movie's director couldn't be happier. It's the movie that will put you off your next fast food meal. So what's your favourite thing on the menu? I like everything. Well, I know that's not true. But you did give me the correct answer. I was just testing. I'm actually a vice-president for marketing for Mickey's. 'Fast Food Nation' is a fictional movie based on a factual book about what really goes on in the fast food business in America.

You're really not supposed to care or know that there's a whole world behind your easily, quickly obtained, easily disposable meal, inexpensive meal. You're really not encouraged to think about what goes on behind it. By the way, Don. You seem like a nice fella. But the food your company sells is crap. Total crap.

Even when there isn't manure in it. The movie features some big names - Kris Kristofferson, Greg Kinnear, even singer Avril Lavigne. At times funny and at others gruesome, the movie like the documentary, 'Super Size Me, before it appears to be prompting some of the big burger guns to react. McDonald's has for instance here has introduced salads and healthier options, are they not heading in the right direction? It's admirable to introduce some healthy items to your menu, but isn't that an omission that everything else is unhealthy? Did anybody ever point that out? But who goes to McDonald's for a salad anyway? The timing of a new campaign by the multi-national, called 'Make Up Your Own Mind',

coinciding with the movie's release here. Now you can make up your own mind. Just come on in. But someone sneaky has set up a very similar website address that, instead of presenting McDonald's side of the story,

takes the user to an ad for the movie. Proving the battle for our stomachs and minds is far from over. Madonna's denying claims she's adopted a baby boy in Africa. The singer is currently in Malawi on a humanitarian mission. Officials in the country claimed the 48 year-old had used the visit to adopt a 1-year-old orphan. Although she refutes the claims, Madonna says she isn't bothered by them because it will draw attention to the problem of orphans

in impoverished countries. Australian supermodel Gemma Ward has to be one of the luckiest women in the world after getting up close and personal with George Clooney.

The model is draped all over the hunky actor in a special spread in this month's 'Vanity Fair'. Hard work, but someone has to do it. Keeping with the Australian theme, George says in the article his favourite actress is Cate Blanchett, his co-star in the upcoming movie the 'Good German'.

Paris Hilton has spent another night at the cop shop after an alleged punch up with a beauty queen.

The 25-year-old went to Hollywood police station this morning alleging she'd been assaulted at a nightclub by former Miss USA Shanna Moakler. According to a complaint that's just been filed, she struck Paris in her jaw with a closed fist.

Soon afterwards, Shanna Moakler went to police complaining about Hilton's ex-boyfriend Stavros Nachos. Shanna has filed her own complaint. Stavros alleging he poured some drink over her head or something to that effect. Moakler is believed to have been angry with Paris for hanging out with her estranged husband, Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker. Here's something from the paparazzi files. Don't you just hate it when you've got off a long flight, you're not looking you're best, all you want to do is get home or in Paris Hilton's case your hotel chain. Sporting a lovely pink velour tracksuit Paris dashed through the airport arrivals hall expecting to be greeted by her chauffeur

but instead, she was left high and dry. Obviously, quite used to the flashing cameras

after what seemed like an eternity, she was finally ushered into the safety of another vehicle. And how about, poor Jessica Simpson? She just hasn't been the same since her very public split with hubby Nick Lachey. Jess, also a favourite of the Hollywood paparazzi set, was at the opening of new club in L.A. but emerged looking a little worse for wear. Now this is exactly the kind of behaviour the paparazzi craves. She's even been touted as the new Courtney Love who was infamous for going off the rails. Who knows what lies in store for this pop princess. The ARIA singles charts are set to undergo an historic transformation this weekend. For the first time, the Top 40 will count both physical sales of singles and digital downloads. Currently physical sales outnumber digital sales by about two to one but digital sales are rapidly increasing.

And finally in Idol news - a challenging night ahead for some of the finalists on this Sunday's show as they tackle disco. Bobby Flynn, who's scored an amazingly positive review in today's Fairfax newspapers, has been praised for his unique style. But some are worried how he and schoolgirl Lisa Mitchell, who also has an individual take on her performances will cope with the disco demands. Lisa was in the bottom two last week which prompted judge Mark Holden to beg voters to keep her in the competition until a special show the following weekend. On October 15 all remaining finalists will be able to bring their guitars onstage for an acoustic show called Unplugged. Then the following Tuesday 17 they'll get to play their original stuff. And Tarsh, I think these two might really shine if they can make it to those shows.

Ahead - the action under way in the lead-up to this weekend's Bathurst 1000 That's when Ten's morning news returns. And a Socceroos roll check finds their skipper is missing.

APPLAUSE ON TV MAN ON TV: Quiet, please. Hey, Dad, got any spare cash? Thanks.

PIANO VERSION OF 'MELLOW YELLOW' BY DONOVAN PLAYS Today's an even better day to start saving. Because now, with seven 5-star ratings, the Commonwealth Bank has Australia's most highly awarded savings accounts.

This program is captioned live. Sydney Swans assistant coach John Longmire

has emerged as the favourite to take over at St Kilda. He's been officially interviewed by the club along with two other assistant coaches in the AFL. The coaching merry-go-round has cranked up a gear with three applicants interviewed for the Saints' vacant position.

John Longmire, long-time assistant under Paul Roos in Sydney, is the overwhelming favourite. Oh, I guess this one probably came out of the blue but just got to get in there and see what both sides say. Western Bulldogs' assistant Chris Bond is the lowest profile of the candidates but says he is ready to take the next step. I have been lucky enough that I have been involved in the system for a long time,

been coaching for about seven years now, and also been lucky enough to be involved with Rodney Eade over the last couple of years, which has been terrific. Collingwood assistant and former Eagles champion Guy McKenna is also desperate for the job. I think I am right to go and here is an opportunity, and if it was Tasmania coming into the AFL or if it was Geelong or West Coast, you would put your hand up for it, and that is all you can do.

Meanwhile, Danny Frawley will decide by next week whether to accept a newly-created role at Hawthorn to assist the coaching panel. Essendon has written to the AFL asking if it can retain cancer-hit player Adam Ramanauskas on the club's rookie list,

enabling him to play again if he can get back to full fitness. The 25-year-old is currently undergoing a course of chemotherapy and hasn't played all season.

And 75 of the nation's finest young footballers are being put through another day of rigorous testing at the annual draft camp in Canberra. Kelli Underwood, Ten News. The NRL has fined Melbourne centre Matt King $5,000 for publicly ridiculing grand final referee Paul Simpkins. King's beer-fuelled assessment amusing the Melbourne-faithful

at the Storm's colourful mad Monday celebrations. But the NRL says it can't let the comment go through to the keeper. Obviously, Matt would have been disappointed with the result of the game but we expect our players to maintain certain standards and clearly to set an example for younger players in the game and he overstepped the mark. King is due to join the Australian Tri-Nations squad in camp this week

Stand-in Socceroos skipper Craig Moore is facing a FFA disciplinary hearing in Sydney today and may be suspended for Saturday's friendly against Paraguay in Brisbane. Moore failed to show up for training in Brisbane after spending a day at the horse races on Tuesday. Some familiar Socceroo faces re-united for the first time since Germany. Mark Schwarzer, Marco Bresciano and John Aloisi part of a near full-strength Australian side

for the match against Paraguay. There was one notable absentee though - defender Craig Moore. His failure to join the squad will be investigated by the FFA, his absence a breach of the national team's code of conduct. One player who won't be missing the game is Tony Popovic. The veteran playing his last match for the Socceroos after a decade of representing his country. There's a special bond between this group and I've been lucky enough to have some great times with these boys

on and off the field for the last 10 years. I'll definitely miss it. Popovic made his international debut at Suncorp in 1995 against Columbia

and he's proud to end it in front of an expected sell-out crowd at the same ground. It's time to move on and become a fan now, you know, and hopefully I can support the boys and watch the boys at the next World Cup. He won't be alone in the stands though, with up to six Socceroos expected to call it a day after the Paraguay game, the team searching for a night to remember.

It's good that all the boys were able to come down and get this last time that the whole group is together and it's good for memories as well. Andrew Brown, Ten News. Good news for Australian cricket - champion wicketkeeper Adam Gilchrist hinting he's got several years at the top left in him.

It's five months since Adam Gilchrist last played cricket. He reckons it could add years to his career. If you get five months off every winter you could play for another 10 years, I reckon. The keeper-batsman returns to the squad for this month's Champions Trophy in India amid speculation he'll end his limited overs career

after the World Cup in March. I think it'll come to me, the time when I want to finish either form of the game

or even finish in total, so until that time presents itself I'm just gonna keep pursuing both forms. Team-mate Stuart Clark is out of the Champions Trophy. He tore a thigh muscle playing club cricket on the weekend and will miss up to six weeks. It could open the door for Queensland quick Mitchell Johnson. Obviously, there's the Ashes coming up and that's in the back of my mind but I've just gotta focus on this next tour.

Paul Cochrane, Ten News. The V8 Supercars opening practice is under way at Bathurst ahead of Sunday's big race. Bill Woods and Leigh Diffey are trackside with the latest. The big off-track event today is the arrival of the official, the perpetual Brock trophy. $75,000 worth of Sterling silver and a lot of memories. It's on its way from Brisbane in a private jet. It'll arrive this evening. It won't be on public display until tomorrow.

On the track, you might be able to hear in the background the cars are getting it on for the first time here at Mount Panorama.

Our chief commentator, Leigh Diffey joins us. Leigh, this is a very important session, their first look at the track this year?

The cars have been off the track for five weeks as far as the championship's concerned. We only come here once a year so for the guys who've been here before it's kind of like putting on an old pair of jeans.

For the new guys, their eyeballs are like dish plates because this place seems a lot more scarier than we first thought. It's good they're getting into the groove. It's a 2.5-hour session so they've got a good hit-out at the moment. It's neck and neck between Mark Skaife and Craig Lowndes as favourites to win this race and of course, Craig Lowndes is the championship leader

so he's looking to confirm his spot at the top. A lot of hard work ahead of us today and throughout the weekend leading up to the big day. We'll be on air from 1:00pm to 4:00pm tomorrow but we'll be back with more news from Mount Panorama at 5:00pm. We'll recap the headlines and look ahead to the weekend weather when the morning news returns.

(Speaks Swahili) MAN: Salome and her community live in terrible poverty. Her life won't improve unless long-term work is carried out to change things. That's what child sponsorship does. at or call 13 32 40 now.

This program is captioned live. Seven people are recovering in hospital after their boat sank in shark-infested waters off the South Australian coast. Two people swam for hours to raise the alarm. America says it's detected activity at potential test sites in North Korea

indicating possible preparations for a nuclear test. And the push to keep kids in school until Year 12. Labor MP Craig Emerson says the current resources boom is building false hope about employment opportunities. Now for a look at the national weather and for the rest of the day.

Who ever thought babies would be self-conscious about being bald? Some Californian infants have taken to covering up their hairless heads with an array of new baby toupees. There are four different looks to choose from including a Donald-Trump-inspired comb over, Bob Marley dread locks and this brightly-coloured number inspired by rapper Lil' Kim. Each wig costs around $40 and fit babies up to the age of 10 months. That brings you up to date with all the news. Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day

and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight. I'm Natarsha Belling. Good afternoon. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.