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(generated from captions) (Sings) # Catherine, we hate you # We think you're so judgmental # You think that we're junkies # But you don't wash your undies # You're psycho and skanky with your pothead boyfriend # And you play hanky-panky You kiss # Daniel the priss to smoke with you # And that's when he brings grass so now we don't like you. # # You blew your chance with us an immediate impression with Bazz. Angry and original, she created up here in my studio it was amazing. The first time Vanessa ever turned

the invisible documentary maker, is She's sitting where you, bombed me with these five songs. and pulled out the guitar and just (Sings) # Do you scream like I do? # when she was 12. Vanessa started playing guitar and she became a street kid. At 14 her family fell apart By the time she was 17 about her experiences on the street. she was writing songs and bury my... # (Sings) # I'll slit my wrists again heard Vanessa play A friend of Bazz's and introduced her to him. And, for me, it was just, like, production company, like, right now. "I've gotta sign her to my get them around the world." "I wanna get these songs,

it was a really quick process. And, sure enough, Vanessa was in the UK. Six months later, you know, Vanessa? Why are you going to London, get a really big deal. 'Cause we're gonna an overseas deal for Vanessa. Bazz gambled on getting she had international potential. He thought of those crazy trips. BAZZ: It was one in seven days, door to door. We did London and L.A. with my little camera. I filmed it all We're in London, Bazz.

of the biggest record companies Vanessa performed to some in the business... ..on both sides of the Atlantic.

L.A. BAZZ: Where are you, mate? Getting a big deal, hopefully. What are you doing here? on earth? What's your favourite place L.A. at the right time. It was the right sound from Melbourne The 17-year-old street kid the next star of punk. was being called

in the UK. Vanessa got a management deal They relocated her to London of some of her songs. and asked Bazz to record demos but Vanessa wanted to stay in the UK. Then Bazz went home to Australia, she signed to Instant Karma Records. Within a month, But soon after that had been fighting since she was 14 the drug habit that Vanessa threatened to overwhelm her. very, very lonely. I was really homesick and lonely - And...I was just a pain in the arse. I was being really difficult. I was...yeah, sort of out of control, I guess. Yeah, I was just...I was just doing heaps of naughty stuff. Just, yeah, using heaps of drugs and they didn't know what to do, like... And so management and that, I called Bazz, and I was crying. send me home. I wanna go home. And I said, "Bazz, please, "I hate it. Please, please!" and I could really feel for her. And I could hear how lost she was and a hard place. And I was stuck between a rock management company, I had the, you know, on, you know, we've just signed this who were going to go, "Well, hold this record deal happening." "and now we've got had come into the picture. And by then, you know, Instant Karma

"Why is she going home?" and say, "Well, she's going home And I had to pull one out of my arse with her family." "because she's gonna have Christmas that was my true intention. And, you know, I knew I had to get her home. But, you know, at that point. I was really concerned for Vanessa She was only coming home for a month, before Vanessa returned to London. but it would be a long time out in the bush, aren't we? God, we really are, like, completed her drug rehabilitation. Five months passed while Vanessa decided to release an album In the meantime, her record company

using the demos recorded in London. But they needed more songs. record the extra tracks in Australia. So Bazz convinced them to let him the remote Mangrove Studios. He put a band together and booked BAZZ: Chez Mangrove. I brought Vanessa into Mangrove and she's free, baby. because she's wild and she's young Melbourne and party all night, She wants to rock'n'roll in to get her away from her crowd. and I actually just wanted It don't get better than this (Sings) # I'm sitting on a goldmine # I'm waiting for the sunshine I won't miss. # # There's nothing here OK. 'Home and Away' for this. I cannot believe I had to miss Yeah. OK, everybody, ready? gonna do next? Do I come down here? Where's my next channel? What am I you'll think you knew me (Sings) # One day you'll sink right through me... # # Next thing (Trails off and mutters lyrics)

thing that could be done. Let's go next. I'm gonna do one All you gotta do now... That's great.

the version of this song I want you to do actually sing it out. where you don't You barely sing it. You're really close. a bar earlier. I'm just gonna drop it Got it. some day... # (Sings) # Some day, some day (Trails off and groans) (Chants) We've got it. Up now. build through this section? Could we actually Oh, so more of it? Same approach but with anger. Come on! Better. With pissed-off attitude. (Screams) and bury... # (Sings) # I'll slit my wrists again I know, but it's f------ hard! (Bazz sings) # Day-y-y-y... # Here we go. who will make all the... # (Sings) # And I'm the one We got it! We'll leave it at that. Cool. Sorry, I'm just really tired. that's all. Sorry. I don't have any more energy, (Sighs) Right. I can go to bed!

I don't know how you do it, Bazz. I don't know how you guys do it. at, like, f------ 10:00. I need to go to bed Goodnight. Thanks, guys. 'Bye. Go to sleep, then. What did I do? I went to bed last night at... somewhere about 4:30am. We finished vocal comping Probably got to sleep by about 5am. And I was up here this morning at 9:30am starting again. (Sings) # Jessie Trayton # I wish you were here # To hear this song... # If I say I'm averaging, you know, 18 to 20 hours a day, and we're on, you know, day 10 or something, I think people just say, "The guy's talking through his arse." But it's the case.

(Sings) # My love, I don't want you to... # But this is not about martyrdom or anything. This is the realities of recording records. Their budget in Australia are extremely small. Everybody who I know, who I talk to, everybody in my position and all the bands who do it, they all find themselves working extremely long hours just to get the record made. (Sings) # Where's Cupid? I'll steal his bow and arrow # And then I'll stick it right up his...barrow. # Vanessa wants Bazz to record the song she's just written, but there's just one problem. You know, you could have done it last Wednesday. (Laughs) VANESSA: Huh? You could have figured this out last Wednesday that it had this amazing potential. We have to dump some songs. Are you saying dump some of the new songs that we've got? We've got all Cam's drums, all his samples. He left them behind this morning in case I needed them. Cam isn't here? No, Cam went home today. That's what they said goodbye for. Oh, shit! He came up, cuddled you, gave you a kiss and said, "Thanks, Ness. It was great working with you. See you later." No, he didn't say that. Yes, he did. This happened about two hours ago. Remember Tim said goodbye too? Tim's gone? Oh! (Laughs) I'm in big, bad books, yeah. Bazz is gonna kill me. (Sings) # When you take it all away # When you say the things you say # It's not yours to give away. # Whoo! Everyone's happy with the end result. The Mangrove sessions are sent back to the UK. It's up to the record company now to determine what happens next. Meanwhile, Vanessa waits in Melbourne. She's now ready to return to London and begin promoting her first album. A lot has changed for her in the last few months. I'm really happy about being clean. I'm really happy about... I'm really happy with the relationship I've got with my partner. I don't think that I'd be where I am right now without Erica. She's helped me with everything. She's helped me with staying clean. Actually, right this second I'm really happy with myself, like, right this second - that's really weird. But Vanessa's optimism is short-lived. Six months pass and she's still killing time in Melbourne. The record company seems to be stalling. Bazz, have you spoken to London at all? Like, do you know what's happening? Have the mixes come back and stuff? I sent them some emails last night because I know that the last lot of the mixes

got done as of last Tuesday. And Matt did the other drumming to it and stuff? Yeah, the other drummer did it in the UK. I said that you wanna get there and start playing live and you're sick of waiting around. "Her patience is well and truly over." On December 25 I'm gonna be in the UK. So I have everything sorted. Could I please buy a cigarette off you, please? Thank you. Thank you. Cheers. (Vanessa sings) # Yeah, whatever I know better # I should get more You took forever

# Walk with me Talk with me # Hide in the trees and get real busy. # Christmas comes and goes.

After all these months, it's still unclear to Bazz why there's been such a delay in getting Vanessa back to London. I think we're in ambush mentality now. We can't wait for people to keep on instigating things because we've waited a long time. It doesn't happen. Nothing happens. I think when Vanessa is knocking on their front door... Vanessa will turn up to the office and sit on the Internet for eight hours a day. Who knows, they'll probably attempt to do something with her just to get her out of the office. You know, time's kind of tight for this period. In London, Adam Clough and Lu Hunt are Vanessa's management team. They're also expecting Vanessa to be back in the UK by now. I'll ask Judy, actually, if she knows any good rock stylists, I think. The communication aspect has been a big problem for everyone on this project. I mean, look, the geographical location, actually, just is the hardest part. You know, it's very difficult to be really focused and in the mood first thing in the morning and last thing at night. How you going, Vanessa? Good. I'm nervous. Why? Because I just am. At last, Bazz has got the record and management companies together on the phone in a last-ditch attempt to get Vanessa to London. Look, you've told me 1,000 times you wanna be in the UK. It's their turn to do their end of the bargain. Exactly. PHONE RINGS (Picks up phone) Hello. MAN: Hi, guys.

How you going, Phil? Nice to speak to you at last. Well, there's a number of issues I could do with, you know, highlighting and perhaps just throwing up for discussion while we're on the phone. One is timing and when we're looking to do it.

I mean, I guess you're probably rearing to go, Vanessa. Oh, yeah, man. I just wanna get it started. Fantastic. And the other is whether we try to...

Really, the kind of key here is whether we're gonna try to get you over here sooner rather than later and start the ball rolling and put you on a little tour and all of those sort of things. Look, my thing is, guys, and this is the bottom line for me, it's really easy for Vanessa to stay in Australia and just everything to keep on rolling along. But I feel that if we go to the UK, if Nessie gets over there, that supplies an urgency to the entire project. And things must move forward there if you've got someone sitting in your backyard. We're gonna have to sit around when Rob gets back and plan it and get back to you. But we're gonna have to come down... You know, we're obviously talking in a month's time or something, here. Yeah, definitely. Yeah. So that's good. So we know what we're doing there, we think. MAN: I'm looking forward to seeing you. I look forward to seeing you very, very, very soon. Adam, Adam, get the beer cold, my friend. Alright, Barry, and thanks to you too.

And you too, Phil. Take care. BOTH: Thanks very much. 'Bye. I think that went really well. It went very well. I'm drunk, you know. I feel great.

I'm going to the gym every morning and working my arse off, so that I can get back into shape. Because the record company said they don't wanna do press or photo shoots and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, till I'm back into shape. So, I've got, like, well, four weeks left now to keep doing this. After so much delay, Vanessa's finally heading back to London. Could I borrow your lighter, please? I think Lu's is gonna go, "Oh, my God, Vanessa, you've put on a lot of weight." That's the one thing I'm scared of. But that's cool, I can lose it. I think this might be my greatest musical achievement of my entire life, getting this record released in the UK. Did you wanna be near the window or the aisle? Aisle, please. Window. Actually, no. Can we have a window? She's never been on a plane. Beautiful. Thank you so much for that. (Vanessa sings) # My way # In every place I know you can # In every way I let you stand

# In my way. # We absolutely made it. Well done, Bazz. It's only taken us two years. Yeah, two years. Two years to be standing here. First thing next morning, Bazz and Vanessa set off to rehearsals. Vanessa has three days to prepare before she performs live to the industry executives who will shape her future. But I'm just nervous because I haven't done it in a while and it will take me a day or two to get, you know, back to where I was. It's just inevitable that you've gotta get yourself back into shape. It's like a game of footy. It's an athlete. It's like being an athlete. That's right, exactly right. Yeah. One that drinks. Yep, a lot. You don't wanna smoke. OK. Meeting her bandmates after so long helps put Vanessa at ease. Matthew! How are you? I'm great. Lovely to see you. You alright? I'm great. How are you, buddy? I'm alright. How are you? Lu is at rehearsal too. She'll be Vanessa's minder while she's in London. Yeah, that's fine. Yeah, that's cool. It doesn't really sound distorted. It's weird.

When I first saw Vanessa, yes, I was shocked. As I said, I was kind of expecting her to be larger because I knew she'd put on weight. But I hadn't expected her to have put on quite that much. And the first thing that ran through my head was, This is gonna be really tough." "Oh, my God. pulled my hair back (Sings) # A guy I met # As I threw up in the river... # to remember her songs. Vanessa is struggling Yeah, Bazz? Nessie? you don't know the songs. I gotta say, I'm a bit surprised

for 1.5 years doing shit. I've been sitting around practice, before you got over here, You could have done weeks of and just learnt the songs. by yourself, No, I didn't want to. Well, you know what? f------ faith in everything. Because I lost complete That's the honest God truth. not about you. You're making it about them, I'm sick of it. I don't care anymore. Yep. Are you? No! Come here! Matt, do you have a light? Oh, Matt! my usual confidence in Vanessa, Today started with and she's usually amazing, I think I saw some fear in Vanessa. but for the first time ever this afternoon And when I left the studio I think I'm for the first time whether she can pull it off. perhaps questioning The kid just looks really scared. And this is the price you pay

for a 1.5 years, you know? for being messed around You can't put anybody through that. in Vanessa. Bazz has invested two years to make it work. This is his last chance if you wanted to, I was wondering, Ness, the drop-out chorus, right? the part where you do What's that part of the song? And you just playing by yourself. Oh, at the end? after the... No, the other part, middle, # Long as you want... (Sings) # Take as... # Take as long as you want... # (Sings) # Take as long as you want # You can still have your way

# Take as long as you want # You can still have your way

# Take as long as you want. #

100% better than yesterday already. Hey, Nessie, singing great, babe. It was fantastic. gonna hold a gun to your head. One thing for sure, no-one's That's right. Vanessa's makeover and photo shoot. The next two days are for She's not looking forward to it. that's not me. I'm not gonna wear anything in this whole thing. We only get one photo shoot that goes out with the album. This is the photo shoot OK? OK. we come back and do another one. This is not the one we do, then Yep, alright. This is the one. Yep, I know it will. This can be a lot of fun. right now. I know you're feeling the pressure No, I'm not, actually. I'm fine.

Yep, I'm fine. Well, then, good. That's great. Johanna, The first task for her stylist, inside the hair salon. is to get Vanessa we have a chat with Hanna. Then what we do, a chat so you are comfortable. Exactly, before we start we have that makes it look very different. So we need to do something And we need to layer it

interesting, I think. and also make it a bit more and create a really choppy texture. So I need to go in Everyone's looking at me. Stop. Such a transformation. Yeah, this is great. Thank you so much. Yeah, I will, definitely. You have to play with it. That's important. It looks like you, as well. at the same time, a better you. It has to look like you but, I light your cigarettes. I mind your lighter. a few things first, I want to show you that Tina brought. the T-shirts and that to wear underneath your... My favourite. Really nice I love it! I don't know. This is a bit bigger, though, It's a very nice T-shirt. I like that. No. I'm just sweating. Do you use moisturiser? Sounds a bit gross, didn't it? (Laughs) I'm a dirty pig. Very rock'n'roll. Oh, that's great. Can you see? That's cool. It's the big day today. of this particular trip in England. It's the last day And we've got everybody coming down. the people who go to radio We've got the pluggers, and play the songs to people. be taking the record We've got the people who are gonna trying to get distribution deals. throughout all of Europe who do all the press, We've got the promo people all that kind of stuff. the head of the record company. We've got the head of management, really be great today. So she's gotta to the live performance, It all comes down when you're doing punk rock. especially So today's a very important day.

Ouch! Nearly famous. You know what? be about music and playing music. I think signing a deal should only it should be about looks. I don't think goes into it. I think too much time and effort if me wearing jeans Like, honestly, I don't give a ---- makes me look like a beached whale. because I'm comfortable in it I really don't, and I'm gonna give 110% in it. So it all comes down to this. underneath a tube station, In a grubby little rehearsal room influential taste-makers in London. Lu has gathered some of the most she has a good chance of succeeding. If they like Vanessa, LAUGHTER Whoo! That's fine.

(Sings) # When I was a gutter girl # I sat in pools of blood all day # A guy I met pulled my hair back # As I threw up in the river

# Oh, yeah, yeah... # it's time to wake up (Sings) # Sleeping beauty, those green eyes of yours # Won't you open at where life has led you... # # And won't you take a look (Sings) # My way I let you stand in my way # In every way

# My way I let you stand in my way # In every way # My way # In every way I let you stand # In every place I know you can # In every way I let you stand # In my way. # Yay! expect? It's raw. It's live. I thought it was great. What can you It's bloody loud as buggery. The news is good. They loved it. and the good stuff he said. I wanna know the bad stuff

He didn't say any bad stuff at all. He said he thought you played the guitar... He said, "To be quite honest, girls can't really play the guitar." He said you really know how to hit it.

And I said, "Yes, she's kind of attached at the hip to the guitar." And he thought live it was much better than the record. Oh, my God! That is... I've always wanted to hear somebody... Guess what he said? He said it sounds better live than the album. How f------ good. What a compliment. Most bands go along and it's their record that's better. I've never wanted to be a band that goes into a studio, spends all this money, big production, gets out there, can't do it shit live. I've wanted, you know, I've always wanted... You know, so, the record sounds ------- amazing, but when you go out you can do exactly what you do on the record, if not better, like, you know... The old Vanessa is back. (Vanessa sings) # Catherine, we hate you # We think you're so judgmental # You think that we're junkies # But you don't wash your undies # You're psycho and skanky # And you play hanky-panky with your pothead boyfriend # Daniel the priss You kiss # And that's when he brings grass to smoke with you # You blew your chance with us so now we don't like you # You lie in bed # I think the pot's gone to your head # Plus you're nothing # You're nothing but a slut. # Closed Captions provided by Captioning and Subtitling International Pty Ltd