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(generated from captions) around in Melbourne this weekend. Well, plenty of money's being thrown in just a moment. We'll go to the Formula 1 Grand Prix That'd be the race to the chequered flag. where you're really looking forward I'm Monica Attard. Hello and welcome to Media Watch. the rewards at the finish line When it comes to sport it's all about playing the game. and not just for those who I spoke with earlier this week, And certainly Leisel Jones, 21 years of age, Berretts, ambassador for Tag Heuer. she has just been made a global Leisal Jones' star is on the rise we want you to be on board with us. and certainly Tag Heur have said OK, It's a very lucrative contract. with a lucrative contract - And she may not be the only one Jim, got that, thanks. three mentions of Tag Huer there, launched on the Gold Coast Now the NRL season officially last night. policing the intrusion of advertising Good to see 'Sunrise's Mark Berretta

into sport reporting. the repeated mention of Tag Heuer He seemed quite indignant at by his Melbourne 'Sunrise' colleague. Just not sure why. What sort of watch are you wearing? of the Australian Open. The official watch What's that?

Oh, Rado. I wish I was on 10%. Rado must have been thrilled. lead up to the Australian Open, As excitement escalated in the kept the plugs flowing. Channel Seven's Mark Beretta you have a string of sponsors. After one lousy day, to measure the speed of the serves. Oh, that's the official Rado clock Have you never seen that before? It's fantastic. like? Best box? What's the corporate entertainment Oh, gee it's not easy to decide. to Rado swiss watches. I would probably give it They're right at the front. it is unbelievable. You sit right on the fence there, a bit disbelieving too. Sunrise's viewers might have been Was the sound of the cash register and Rado supposed to tell them Mark Beretta might have a special relationship? Surely not. to this website Though, if they'd logged on they might have gotten an inkling. Poor Jim Wilson. from Melbourne to Mark Beretta Take another look at his live cross a lucrative contract, And she may not be the only one with Jim. Got that, thanks. three mentions of Tag Huer there, launched on the Gold Coast Now the NRL season officially last night. Adam Boland, 'Sunrise's executive produce, to hear from us, who's always delighted arrangement. says there's no commercial watches. Except Rado lends Mark Beretta I'm OK thanks, Adam. a Rado for Jim. But perhaps Mark Beretta could get Mark Beretta watches, We did ask why Rado was lending dropped on 'Sunrise'. if not to have its name regularly And does he have to give it back? Renee King, Oddly, Rado's spokesperson, relationship with Mark Beretta. was uneasy talking about the personal children is a story the media loves. Attention Deficit Disorder in kids are being medicated The naysayers who argue bad and sad problem got a real boost this month. for a largely invented psychological identified ADHD, The American psychiatrist who first or Attention Deficit Disorder, the extent of the problem. may be having second thoughts about New York's Columbia University Doctor Robert Spitzer from diagnosed with the disorder now says that up to 30% of children don't actually have the problem. And SBS TV wasn't alone. for those claiming ADD It seemed it was victory at last Hyperactivity Disorder and its cohort Attention Deficit

are just psychobabble. Robert Spitzer had recanted. to Dr Spitzer in New York. Or had he? Media Watch spoke he was supposed to have said. He was staggered to hear what on my life's work. It's absurd. It sounds like I'm going back

So what's happened here? to a BBC documentary, It all goes back in diagnosing anxiety disorders. part of which examined the explosion The BBC interviewed Dr Spitzer. the check list system, The man who had created leading millions of people admitted it might actually be when they were not. to believe they were disordered might be normal reactions That many of these conditions which are not really disorders. That's the problem. you've medicalised them. ordinary human experiences Ah, I think we have to some extent.

is not known. How serious a problem it is, or 30%, I don't know, I don't know if it's 20% if it's 20% or 30%. but that's a considerable amount adult anxiety disorders. The BBC documentary was talking about that suggests the figure used - And there's an edit in the program first suggested by Dr Spitzer. of 20 or 30% misdiagnoses - wasn't misrepresented comments he'd made. He says the program completely documentary to air, But even before the BBC put that its makers were selling to hand picked journalists the idea had recanted. that a psychiatric great gossip website. First it appeared on a London-based

moved into full swing The BBC2 publicists got hold of it, and by the time the newspapers

disorders to childhood syndromes. the focus had switched from adult reporter Jenny Hope. The BBC talked to London 'Daily Mail' And she went for broke. Doctor Spitzer to find out Jenny Hope hadn't contacted talking about ADHD. whether he was in fact the documentary. In fact she didn't even watch youngsters at all. Doctor Spitzer hadn't mentioned blew it. Even the BBC agrees the 'Daily Mail' Too late. In Australia, it was news. Jenny Hope's 'Daily Mail' article. And News Limited recycled was onto the story too The 'Newcastle Herald' and the electronic media followed. Woops for someone anyway. mistake-ridden sources in print. Ray Hadley relied on the story from the 'Daily Mail' Seven's 'Sunrise' tells us it got the and the 'Daily Telegraph' too. how the misreported story News Limited wouldn't comment about made it into its papers. SBS says it tried unsuccessfully to contact Dr Spitzer, failed the basic standards but at least concedes its story of checking sources. was wrong. Each and every one of these reports been avoided And each and every mistake could have to Dr Spitzer. with a simple phone call Not that ignorance of the subject would get in the way of a bit of moralising. Facts rather than a guilt trip for stressed parents might be an even better place to start. Especially when Dr Spitzer says that when it comes to children with problems. For the past few months the unsavoury tactics local councils have used in Sydney and Melbourne to close illegal brothels have taken up plenty of news and editorial space. That local newspaper wasn't the only one up in arms. The 'Northside Courier's editor was so indignant she dispatched reporters to a local illegal brothel at Roseville and splashed the result across page one. Well, the reporter certainly wouldn't have had any trouble finding the illegal brothels in that suburb. Here's one listed in the ads in the back pages of the 'NorthSide Courier'. And no. we're not giving you the address or phone number. The 'Advocate's moral indignation didn't stop it running ads for illegal brothels either. Not that we're prudes here at Media Watch but we asked these local papers for their policy on accepting advertisements for illegal brothels. The 'Northside Courier' didn't bother to reply. But Cumberland newspapers told: Probably wouldn't be a bad idea to review the checking process

before the next blistering editorial calling for a crackdown

on the scourge of the suburbs. That's it's from us tonight. Thanks for being with us. If you'd like to watch or download tonight's show or see a transcript, just go to our website at Talk to you next week. CC

Good evening. There's still no

indication whether David Hicks will

plead guilty or not guilty when he

appears in court in a few hours. The

Australian Guantanamo Bay detainee

Australian Guantanamo Bay detainee is charged with providing material

support for terrorism. His defence

team say he's deteriorated mentally

and physically during his

and physically during his confinement in prison. He's been held in custody

as a terror suspect since being

picked up in Afghanistan in 2001.

picked up in Afghanistan in 2001. And 'Lateline' will feature a live

interview with the prosecutor in the

Hicks case, colonel Moe Davis at 10:

Hicks case, colonel Moe Davis at 10:30 tonght. Australian Libby

10:30 tonght. Australian Libby Lenton has won goldin the 100m butterfly at

the worldswimming championships in

Melbourne.She just edged out fellow

AustralianJessicah Scipper to take

the prizeleaving the American

the prizeleaving the American Natalie Coughlinwith the bronze.It's

Coughlinwith the bronze.It's Lenton's second gold medal intwo nights. At

the world swimming championships in

Melbourne the coach of the Russian

diving team Has been charged with

indecent assault. 57-year-old

Vladimir Rulev appeared briefly in

the Melbourne magistrates. It's

believed the alleged assault took

place at Mr Rulev's hotel on

Saturday. He was released on bail

pending another court hearing

tomorrow. Now, the weather - an

tomorrow. Now, the weather - an early shower or two in Sydney, and

shower or two in Sydney, and possibly in Canberra, afternoon thunderstorms

for Darwin, and late showers in

Adelaide but fine in the other capital cities.

Tonight on 'Difference of Opinion' 'Home Sweet Home' or

is tit bitter disappointment

of the Australian dream for

generations. Why are our

homes the most expensive in

the world and who can we make

housing affordable again? APPLAUSE

Good evening and welcome to 'Difference of Opinion'.

Tonight an issue that is

close to the hearts of all

Australians, owning your own

home. Since the 1960s we have

had close to the highest rate

of home ener ship in the

world with more than 70 per

cent of Australian homes

being privately owned but the

explosion in the cost of

housing has now put ownership

out of the reach of many in

generations 'X&Y' as well as

low income earners. To

discuss the end of the great

Australian dream and the

solutions please welcome our

expert panel. Ryan Heath,

author of'Please Just F...Off - It's Our Turn Now - Holding

Babyboombers to Account' hold

he hails from Melbourne an is

now a senior press secretary

for the British Government.

Next, Sue Holliday, national

president of the planning

institute of Australia. Sue

spent 25 years in urban

planning and established

Australia's first affordable

housing company. Dr Alan Moran, economist with Melbourne's Institue of

Public Affairs. He is also

the author of the 'The Tragedy of Planning - Losing

the Great Australian Dream',

and Dr Elizabeth Farrelly,

formerly a practising

architect and now newspaper

columnies with the the

Fairfax press. A very warm

welcome to you all.

APPLAUSE And up there in his

penthouse cartoonist Warren

Brown. Thank you, Jeff, it

is more like a Gold Coast

block of flats. I have it on

time share anyway. First to

you Ryan Heath. Are many

young Australians as angry as

you are about being squeezed out, priced out of the housing market or do you

think a lot of your

generation are just over the

dream? I didn't just make

this up out of nowhere, I

think the temptation is to be

polite in front of an

audience but the truth of

being locked out of a

mortgage market is that it

sucks and we need to consider

the difference between living

in a house and a home, teen

having a decent in very many

or being tempted in the an

endless cycle of

high-interest consumer debt

which is not good for anyone.

As a single person I'm locked

out of the housing market

here in Australia and there

is a term for that and that

term is property aparthide.

It is not that couples are

not struggling, I was in

Western Australia, talking to

my local chiropractor, in his

early 20s, paying up to

thousands upward, he is

giving back to the community, doing a worthwhile job and

that is the battle. You do

ajust T problem has been

around for a while now but it

is a neglecty adjustment,

things like delaying

children, working crazy hours

to scrap together to get a

depogt, losing your life

balance or grovelling to your

parent if they are able to

help you and I do not think

they are desirable you comes

for a cup trithat generates a

lot of wealth. Do our baby

boomers feel sorry?

Yes, we have seen an immense

increase in house prices and

the amount of income to buy a

Ed medium house it used to be

three times the average

income level, is now six times. It is like that in

Australia and the UK but in the southern States of the

USA it is not. There are

solution, there is nothing

inevitable about this but we

have reefed an impasse where

there are so many young

people who cannot awe forward

houses and some can because

their parent give them the

money and that creates a

two-class society which is

not something we want. I

would like to cast doubt and

skepticism on the figures of affordability because one of

the details generating a lot

of media comes from an

overtly pro-sprawl

consultancy so you have to be

a bit sceptical about - and

it has been talked up wildly

as we know has been the

so-called Rehn tral squeeze

by property developers who

are in the business of making

sure people release Moreland

or go on building more. I'm

not in the business of

denying it is happening at

all but I do not think it is

terribly generation specific.

I do think it is a problem

for the city centre in

particular not just for the

people who get squeezed out

and they are not all young

but when poor people get

squeezed out of the city

centre it a problem for the

city as well. Sue Holliday,

do you agree the numbers are

dodgy that not as many are

missing out? It is not that

I feel sympathetic to

Generation Y but the

affordability crunch affects

that different group of

people in a more serious way.

I actually think that our

essentialal workers, people

who need to be close to the

city centre to keep our city

running, the poor, these days

if you are poor you still are

not helped in terms of

housing. You have to be

either on welfare or in an

emergency. Importantly, the