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(generated from captions) This program is LIVE captioned. This morning - Praying together. The PM and the President united by a suicide-bombing blitz. as Iraq is hammered linked to an earlier attack. One of the London bombers for Tiger Woods And a 10th major title at the British Open. with another victory with Chris Bath. This is Seven's Morning News

Good morning.

is in Washington Prime Minister John Howard with some of America's top brass. preparing for a series of meetings are expected to dominate the talks. The Iraq war and trade US President George Bush Earlier, Mr Howard met with for the first time since his arrival, as they attended church together.

around Washington's monuments, After a brisk morning walk the Prime Minister and wife, Janette, and wife, Laura, joined US President George Bush next to the White House. for Sunday services BELLS TOLL as they entered St John's, Worshippers were screened "the church of the presidents". known as and taking communion together, The leaders praying

outside exchanging some brief words before heading their separate ways. The Reverend Cathy Quinn the weeds from the flowers in life, had preached the virtues of picking striking a chord with the leaders. from that, myself included. Oh, I think we could all take a bit the continuing violence in Iraq The London bombings and the world's most virulent weed. proving religious extremism to be

particularly in the Islamic world, There's a very strong message, democratic Islamic governments that moderate towards the spread of radical Islam. are the greatest antidote stay together. The leaders that pray together, are committed to remaining that way, And John Howard and George Bush the next phase particularly as they discuss against terrorism of the international efforts over the next couple of days.

in suicide bombings in Iraq A recent surge has only reinforced the resolve and the US President of Prime Minister Howard to continue the war on terrorism. Another night of attacks in just two days. has seen the death toll rise to 200 Even by Iraq's violent standards, one of its bloodiest. this week has been

has claimed more than 200 lives A wave of suicide bombings and injured three times that number. 13 children were killed On Thursday, from American soldiers. as they collected sweets

More bloodshed was to follow. late yesterday evening, As worshippers gathered at al-Masayyib's main mosque, to offer prayers a suicide bomber single attack in Iraq for months. was to carry out the worst

strapped to his chest, Before detonating the explosives of a fuel tanker. the bomber opened the valves that engulfed the neighbourhood. The explosion set off a fireball As al-Musayyib mourned,

targeted Baghdad. the suicide bombers No fewer than four separate attacks

rocked the capital today. No fewer than four separate attacks

Three policemen were killed in this

attack. A car bomb blew up just

metres from the electoral

commission building. About an hour

later, a second suicide car bomb

exploded near a police convoy in

the city. Seven people were killed

here. first charges against Saddam Hussein Iraq's special tribunal has laid the for crimes committed under his rule. will now face trial, The former Iraqi dictator along with three others, the massacre of Shiite Muslims. in connection to 140 villagers were killed on Saddam in 1982. following an assassination attempt later this week. A date for the trial could be set if found guilty. Saddam faces the death penalty As Muslims across London the 7 July terrorist attacks continue to hold meetings condemning it has been revealed was already known to police. the alleged ringleader 30-year-old Mohammed Sadique Khan last year, has been linked to another bombing but was not put under surveillance.


It has emerged that he was already

flown to the security forces, assessed according to the Sunday

times by MI5 last year in

connection with an alleged truck

bomb blot. It is reported they

decided he was only indirectly

linked and therefore no threat. As

a result he was not put under surveillance.

This is going to continue. If they

can waste four guys in one today

how many more have they got waiting

in the wings? We are in a race

against time here and the

Government really as inform wake up

and face up to the fact that the

security of the people of this

country is of absolutely prime

objective of what the Government

should be doing

On Friday it was also revealed that

the bomber had visited the Houses

of Parliament as a guest of MP John

Tricket last July, it was arranged

in his role as teaching assistant

in Leeds. Investigations continue

at home and abroad. In Pakistan

three men have been arrested. The

bombers visited the country last

year. In Cairo police are still

questioning the man link wide the

bombers. He denies any involvement.

Here in Britain 11 properties have

been searched. Police continue

their examinations of seven in west

York sheer and one in

Buckinghamshire. They have also

been given until Tuesday to

the week question a man arrested earlier in

It was not an attack on just a few

beam who lost their lives but an

attack on the entire humanity

As Muslims hold vigils across

Britain it is emerged a fatawa is

issued, expressing in strong terms

their condemnation of the attacks. Sydney Islamic bookshops promoting Jihad and suicide bombing. are selling manuals A Daily Telegraph report carry the titles. claims Islamic book stores in Lakemba the effectiveness of suicide bombing, One discusses it's shameful to be an Australian. another how have already shut down a book store Police in London by the four suicide bombers. visited regularly

on Aboriginal welfare, Noel Pearson, A Federal Government advisor to be cut is calling for family allowances send their kids to school. to parents who do not consistently

to school is a form of neglect. Mr Pearson says not sending children the Queensland Education Department Statistics from some remote communities in Cape York. show truancy is widespread in parents have a duty of care Mr Pearson says to ensure their children get an education. Aboriginal leader Dr Lowitja O'Donoghue joins us on the line. Good morning. Is cutting parents' payments if their kids don't go to school too harsh? We apologise for the temporary loss of captions. Normal service will resume as soon as possible. We apologise for the temporary loss of captions.

Normal service will resume as soon as possible. Cornelia Rau says she was mistreated throughout her immigration detention ordeal, even after she was diagnosed as being mentally ill. The Australian resident has described her time in a Queensland jail, where she was first detained as a suspected illegal immigrant. Pretty horrendous, yeah. I would never like anybody to go to a jail if they're not guilty. She was released from South Australia's Baxter Detention Centre in February after being locked up for 10 months. Next in Seven News, we take a look at what is happening on the financial markets. And a reminder to parents about childhood vaccinations. Alarmed. Amazed. Anguish. Amused.

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..the latest UK comedy hits... ..and rock stars up close and personal on dedicated music channels. Isn't all that worth $2 a day? Call now: BY THE LOVETONES LAYS 'GIVE IT ALL I CAN' BY THE LOVETONES PLAYS Parents are being urged to take advantage of a program providing free vaccinations for children against the potentially deadly pneumococcal disease.

Reminder letters are being sent out this week to every Australian family. To discuss the immunisation program we're joined by the president of the Australian Medical Association

Dr Mukesh Haikerwal. Good morning, Dr Haikerwal. Are enough parents taking advantage of this program?

We have got good coverage of child

immunisation including the new

vaccine, the one that is up-front

is the nuem vaccine and the

meningococcal vaccine made

available a couple of years ago is

also part of the program. The

concern is that people may not have

got these because there has been

some confusion about who can and

who can't get them. The answer is

that all children born after

1/1/2003 can get a free

pneumococcal vaccine. And also the

meningococcal one is free for that

group. It is important that people

do get these, make sure they are

up-to-date and if they are

concerned they can ask their family

doctor where they are in that schedule

Is it just one jab?

No. Depending on the age at which

you start the vaccines for

pneumococcal disease it can be

anything up to three shots and

generally we are trying to I'm ue

nice all kids from two months

onwards, two months, four months

and six months so it is important

that people do have that at the

time of the shots. Currently the

problem of course that is there are

so many shots that a child has to

have at each sitting that some

people get a little bit wobbly

about it. The children don't feel

too much of the pain, the parents

feel more than the kids. Around

November time we will have

multivaccines so one vaccine with

lots of different bits so you have

to have less holds of the arm and

that is a great thing coming through shortly

If people want to get these

vaccines for free there is a cut-

off time isn't there?

It is important people get their

vaccines in and in time. It will

entitle them to a Government

payment apart from anything else.

It is important to get them done in

a timely way. I is not so much that

it will run out or you will not get

access to it but you have to make

sure people get the vaccines in

time and be protected hen the kids

are most vulnerable and when they

are little. This being Family

Doctor Week it is important that

family doctors have brupbg up the

rate to around 90% and it is

important the kids are covered

What is the foe kiss of Family

Doctor Week this year?

Its is covering a variety of

different things, including

preventive disease, obesity,

exercise, and we will release a

survey on Wednesday about things

like data collection and people's

concerns about having all their

information recorded electronically

and passed on to other agencies, it

is a very important concern we need

electronic records and we need

accurate records and we need to

make sure they are safe and they

can be modified in a timely way and

that they are safe ultimately for

an individual to know that nobody

else will know about their health

apart from people they want to know

about their health

Thank you very much and good luck

with Family Doctor Week. Sorry about the mobile

It is meant to happen, you oh the

crew a slab of beer, that is the

penalty. Thank you

Do I? Okay, buy. Tributes are flowing in for former British prime minister, Sir Edward Heath, who has died aged 89. He was a carpenter's son who broke the tradition of blue bloods to lead the British Conservative Party. The major achievement of his four years as prime minister into the European Community. was negotiating Britain's 1973 entry into the European Community. But his term in office was plagued by industrial action and a faltering economy. In February 1975, Margaret Thatcher challenged him for the party leadership, and won. Sir Edward also once won the Sydney-to-Hobart yacht race. At least 10 people are feared dead and four others are missing

It is 50 years since Disneyland opened its doors for the first time. Since then, visiting the theme park has become a dream

for millions of children and their parents. But despite extensive merchandising, some of the park's some of the park's international cousins are facing billions of dollars in debts.

TRUMPET FANFARE The company that invented the magic kingdom

is putting all the spark it can into it's 50th anniversary. Thank you all for being here. To hear Disney chief executive Michael Eisner speak, over cost-cutting the shareholder revolt over cost-cutting that will see him leave in September, might never have happened.

Vowing us to bring the happiest celebration on earth

to the world famous Hollywood Boulevard Walk of Fame. It was 50 years ago that the first Disneyland opened to become one of the world's top tourist attractions. It was a major part of Walt Disney's plan to change the way the public was entertained. Disneyland is your land. Here, age relives fond memories of the past. And here, youth may savour the challenge and promise of the future. 50 years on the empire has mushroomed. But Mickey Mouse has not had it all his own way. Disneyland Paris is ?1.3 billion in debt despite attracting more than 12 million visitors a year. Falling box-office numbers and rising costs have hit the company's film empire. Now Mickey Mouse is being put in the hands of a new chief executive. Walt used his gifts that not only changed the face of family entertainment, but to revolutionise the entertainment industry as a whole. And today all of us at the Walt Disney company are committed to continuing that rich tradition. Mickey Mouse fans and shareholders alike will be hoping the next 50 years are as good as the first. To business and finance news. Joining us is Bill Evans from Westpac. Good morning, Bill. Some excellent data released about the US economy.

Yes, Chris. The data on the um S

continue to look terrific. We have

now seen virtually no inflation at

all in the US yet growth remains

very, very strong. We saw strong

retail sales a couple of night ago,

industrial production numbers

overnight was double the pace

people are expecting, consumer

confidence getting near six-month

highs so quite a good combination

for the US at the moment but it

means the US Federal Reserve will

continue to raise interest rates

while this strong growth is around

Alan Greenspan will talk this week,

that is what markets are expecting

from him?

Yes, I think he will make it clear

that the measured approach to

raiseing interest rates will be

maintained. The interesting thing will be how much attention he gives

to the US housing market. They are

having a boom in-houseing at the

moment, much like the one we had a

couple of years ago. And the

spill-over effect of that boom

in-houseing is affecting the rest

of the economy giving those very

strong numbers but I would imagine

just as our central bang got

concern bad the excesses

in-houseing, I imagine that the US Federal Reserve will be starting to feel the same thing

Thank you for your time. In Sports next in Seven's Morning News. The recriminations after Australia's Davis Cup loss. And how Tiger Woods sealed his second British Open title. Tiger Woods has won the British Open by five shots at St Andrews. It is the 29-year-old's 10th major. Geoff Ogilvy was the best of the Australians in a tie for fifth. Tiger Woods held a two-shot lead heading into the final round, but Jose Maria Olazabal reduced the gap to one, with a birdie at the fourth. COMMENTATOR: Well done, well done. Tiger returned fire at the fifth. Woods holes out for his first birdie of the round.

But the American missed birdie putts on the seventh and eighth holes. It let Scot, Colin Montgomerie back into the tournament, to the delight of the gallery.

Well, he has closed to within one shot. Any chance Olazabal and Montgomerie had of closing the gap on Tiger was shot on the back nine. They carded seven bogeys between them. No! In contrast, Woods was clinical and opened up a six-shot lead. Oh, yes! With his wife and mother in the stands, he sealed it. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE It is the second time he has lifted golf's famous claret jug.

It is a greem come true. This is

as good as it gets. It is the second time he has lifted golf's famous claret jug. Lance Armstrong is a step closer to a seventh Tour de France title, holding on to the yellow jersey after another gruelling mountain stage. The six-time champion leads the chasing pack

by 2 minutes and 46 seconds. His Discovery Channel team-mate George Hincapie took out the 15th stage. Tennis Australia has defended Mark Philippoussis's decision to play exhibition matches in America instead of the Davis Cup. The Scud's absence was noticeable, as the Aussies lost their quarterfinal 4-1. Federation Cup captain John Alexander says there is a lack of depth in Australia's tennis ranks.

Within a couple of miles of the Buenos Aires Lawn Tennis Club

are five tennis academies. Barcelona has 1,000 players in training. Australia doesn't have those numbers. To AFL. Carlton president Ian Collins has warned his players their jobs are on the line. Yesterday, the Blues continued their spiral toward the AFL wooden spoon with a 35-point loss to Fremantle.

Collins says the club will take a hard line in contract negotiations. To Rugby League. Brisbane prop Shane Webcke is expected to be charged with a dangerous throw today. Webcke was put on report during the second half of the Broncos' 13-point win

over the Storm yesterday. These referees are obviously at loggerheads as to what constitutes a lifting tackle. I've said it before - I don't believe they're working in sync with each other. Anyway, I know that. Next in Seven's Morning News, Next in Seven's Morning News, the national weather. And a chocolate wonderland in the heart of London.



Taking a look at the national weather.

London's Leicester Square has morphed into a chocolate-lover's dream for the premiere of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It's been 34 years since the original film was released. The 2005 version features Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka. It's a pretty dark character, published in 1964,

so I just tried to do what I thought Roald Dahl might enjoy. The new version is bigger and brighter than the original, with an elaborate edible set. Everything in this room is edible. Even I am edible. But that is called cannibalism, my dear children, and is in fact frowned upon in most societies.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory will open across Australia on 1 September. That's Seven's Morning News to now. I'm Chris Bath Thanks for your company. Have a great day. Captioned by Seven Network Email -