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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Welcome to Ten's Late News. Hello. I'm Sandra Sully. comments like that are disgraceful. As a female living in 2006, he says women are like meat. Australia's sheik outrage - to commit crimes of sexual assault, If the DPP finds he's incited people

he was charged with that offence. then I think it's time Tonight - his humiliating apology. The schoolboy rape video - have been called in. now Interpol and the FBI Fighting back. had visited him No-one from his extended family since the time he arrived. her adoption critics. Madonna takes on headed down-under - The monster gas-guzzler

of the Motor Show. tonight, the car stars to dress up. Plus, a very revealing way the international Olympic association And the controversial move by with Ryan Phelan. headlines Sports Tonight from American television Sandra, the IOC has bowed to pressure at the Beijing Games in the morning. to hold the swimming finals The reaction, coming up. after his stay in hospital. Also tonight, Shane's back

And a fright for filly Miss Finland.

of Australia's leading cleric First, the future is being decided tonight disgust and outrage across Australia. after comments that have caused some women are like meat Sheik Hilali has told followers for being raped. who only have themselves to blame

around the world tonight, With the story being reported the Prime Minister says he's appalled Commissioner and the Sex Discrimination wants the mufti to leave Australia. the entire country, He's offended nearly an apology of sorts. now from his sick bed, misunderstanding my message. I'm very, very sorry for that people sorry for any offence he caused, Sheik Taj Din al-Hilali,

of withdrawing his comments. but stopping short most senior Muslim cleric claimed In a sermon, the nation's women cause 90% of adultery cases. He also claimed Sydney's notorious gang rapes the men behind

for their actions. were not entirely responsible and reprehensible comments. They are appalling comments like that are disgraceful. As a female living in 2006, are quite out of touch I believe a lot of our imams with the Muslim community that shows and this is yet another comment

just how out of touch they are. hauled before the courts. Some want him he has incited people If the DPP finds

to commit crimes of sexual assault, he's charged with that offence. then I think it's time is now considering The Lebanese Muslem Association preaching at Sydney's Lakemba mosque. banning Sheik al-Hilali from for what's been said. He will be rebuked more radical punishments. But he's stopped short of supporting where he's going to be deported. I don't think it's got to that point

The Sheik is refusing to resign.

No and no and no. Daniel Sutton, Ten News. have been called in Interpol and the FBI rape video from the Internet. to remove an Australian schoolboy rounding up several teenagers. Police today raided six homes, Detectives carry new evidence and surrounding areas. seized in raids in Werribee

as well as the rape DVD, It's understood, has been uncovered. extra unedited material

the tape degrading a 17-year-old girl Several of the teenagers shown on by their parents for questioning. have also been brought in They've interviewed quite a few of the young men involved and we're talking about very serious offences, including rape. While police believe assaulted by up to 12 teenagers, the girl was raped or indecently

no charges have been laid. The investigators also working taken off the Internet. to have the images site have been shut down, Already some downloads on the YouTube have been contacted while Interpol and the FBI of other pictures. to force the removal Disgusting, abhorrent behaviour, to the young lady and to her family. and our hearts go out what they're going through. I can't even begin to imagine track down every DVD that was sold, Police have also been working to to talk to principals including going to schools that have been handed in by students. and collect copies for kids to throw this junk into The schools have put up boxes to do that or to destroy them. and we'd certainly encourage them where most of the video was filmed, The city of Werribee,

to repair its shattered image. now attempting for this community ever. It's one of the greatest challenges

James Wakelin, Ten News. for a teenager, A terrifying experience The Prime Minister has been told of young farmers to the drought. the nation faces losing a generation the hardships facing rural Australia. The PM seeing first-hand of proud rural families The sons and daughters are leaving properties in droves, looking for work elsewhere little or no farm income because there's thanks to the drought. It's a great loss to the industry walking off the farm. when you see these young fellows there won't be any young people here My biggest concern is that

in five years. learning first-hand The Prime Minister at Gunning. of the hardships facing farmers I knew it had got very bad, to reaffirm the understanding. but there is nothing like seeing it After successive years of drought, primary producer knows even the most optimistic

to be made off the land these days. there's not much of a living this year. This has been devastating, It was the final straw. from Mum and Dad, Instead of taking over the property many young farmers are forced or in the towns, to find work in the mining industry

and few return.

is going to be lost. I just worry that that generation Mr Howard kicked up the dust Earlier, at Forbes, brimming with wheat. in a paddock which should be

the rural recession get them down. Some farmers refusing to let when we have a flood. We'll know the drought's over (Laughs) I'm sure you will, yes. Talk of global warming on others. failing to make an impression the other day, A city journo said to me "Oh, is this the result of climate change?" I said, "Of course the bloody climate's changed - "It hasn't rained." The drought turning farmers into philosophers. Don't ever try and take Mother Nature on.

You go with it, you don't try and fight it. Murray McCloskey, Ten News. Australia's lowest-paid workers are getting a pay rise. The decision by the new Fair Pay Commission took the unions and business by surprise. Single mother of two Lenka Golej is one of the million workers who've been waiting 1.5 years for a pay rise. Like thousands in the service industry, she's a casual worker struggling to make ends meet.

The Commission grants an increase of $27.36 cents per week. It's very welcome, actually, and it definitely helps everybody. The five commissioners unanimously agreed on the pay hike, which is almost double what business was expecting. They rejected arguments that such a rise would add to unemployment. By raising the minimum wage

we give people a financial incentive to seek work. The Government happy to cop the new umpire's decision even though it's been critical of most wage-case pay rises in the past. The Australian Fair Pay Commission has lived up to its name. For business, it's a bad decision. We think that this will almost certainly lock in an interest rate rise next month. The unions welcome the outcome

but are still highly suspicious of the process. I mean, who knows what the next decision will be? The Prime Minister says the unions and the Labor Party should hang their heads in shame

for their campaign against the Fair Pay Commission and their predictions of lower pay under the new system. John Howard is still out there chasing their penalty rates, chasing their overtime, chasing their shift allowances, chasing their leave loadings. But a grateful Lenka Golej is hoping the Commission has set a precedent. It's just getting us a bit worried what will happen after the election, hoping this is not just a sweetener. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. The ship at the centre of the 'children overboard' affair is now embroiled in a major drug plot. It's alleged metal pods containing cocaine were attached to the hulls of the 'Tampa' and its sister ship the 'Taronga'

en route to Australia. Authorities have seized 27 kilos of the drug and arrested two men from Sydney and the NSW Central Coast. This is not the conclusion of the investigation. There are international aspects that we're still working on. In 2001, the 'Tampa' rescued hundreds of asylum seekers from a sinking Indonesian ferry, but the Federal Government stopped them from coming to Australia.

Madonna has lashed out at critics of her adoption of an African baby. She said she fears the media backlash will discourage other families from giving an orphan a home. Madonna always knew 6-year-old Rocco and 10-year-old Lourdes would welcome their new baby brother, but she never expected the controversy David's adoption would spark. I'm disappointed because, more than anything,

it discourages other people from doing the same thing. The 48-year-old thought she was raising awareness

of the plight of the nearly one million orphans in Malawi, one of world's poorest nations. My only thinking was I wanted to open up my home and give a life to a child who did not have opportunities. She spotted David in footage from a documentary she's financing.

And I became transfixed by him. Madonna says David was severely ill with pneumonia when she met him at the overcrowded orphanage where he'd been living since his mother died when he was just two weeks old. No-one from his extended family had visited him since the time he arrived. So from my perspective there was no-one looking after David's welfare. So from my perspective looking after David's welfare. She insisted the baby's father had happily agreed to the adoption

and accused the media of terrorising him into saying he hadn't. And he looked into my eyes and said to me that he was very grateful that I was going to give his son a life and that had he kept his son with him in the village he would have buried him. In Malawi, David's father listened to the interview via radio. He urged Madonna not to bring his son back, except to visit. What better way for him to go back and help his own people and help the Malawians and be a voice for his country than first be able to have a life and to be educated. In the US, Rahni Sadler, Ten News. Supermodel Naomi Campbell has been arrested in London, accused of assault for the third time this year.

The 36-year-old reportedly attacked her drug counsellor, scratching her face. The victim went to police, who took the model in for questioning. She was released on bail without charge. The British star recently spent several weeks at a wellness centre in Byron Bay, in northern NSW. She's expected to return to New York next month to face court over claims she threw a mobile phone at her maid.

The Queen's on the sick list tonight. She's strained a muscle in her back

and doctors have told her to cut back her workload for the day. Plans for her to open Arsenal Football Club's new stadium in London have been cancelled. Stay on Ten - still to come, the boss of an embattled car-maker sets the record straight on what's happening to his Australian plant. And... for Australia. This, we believe, is the right car it's going to do brilliantly well. We think for gas-guzzlers Why there's still a future despite the pain at the pump.

what you see on television. There are rules that affect

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If you'd like a copy of the code, for more information, visit our website or write or call us at: This program is captioned live. A global recall of faulty batteries

on the bottom line has had a devastating impact for electronics giant Sony. of 94% for the last quarter. Tonight it reported a profit dive from the profit. The recall sucked up $564 million has set the record straight The embattled Mitsubishi car company of its Australian plant. on the future Questions were raised about its Adelaide operations and the hundreds of jobs there in a leaked report aired on the ABC. CEO Rob McEniry has given an assurance there are no plans to shut up shop. with our stakeholders Our method of dealing is open, honest and transparent, when people question that and I get very, very angry my integrity because they're questioning my management team's integrity and their questioning

and I will not stand for it. He criticised the ABC of a company document. of an unauthorised use at the Sydney Motor Show Cool cars have been unveiled

is still about fuel. but the hot debate their new efficient vehicles. Many manufacturers are highlighting Holden, though, delivered a surprise.

motoring monsters It's one the world's this is a more compact version. but, believe it or not,

surprise Motor Show unveiling, The Hummer was Holden's coming to Australia next year - most people are thinking smaller. an unexpected decision when the right car for Australia. This is, we believe, brilliantly well. We think it's going to do

Even Holden's GM stablemate revealed its aircraft-inspired Aero X - mean on the outside, green inside - able to run on 100% ethanol.

wanting to test biofuel cars here. That's a theme at SAAB - very viable for the country We think they are actually because they can run on normal fuel, and, in fact,

they're an ethanol-powered car. you wouldn't actually even know

The only trouble -

is environmentally friendly, while ethanol in blends up to 10% in Australia. it's only available is to stop the chicken and the egg. And, really, what we're trying to do Well, we've gone first. Who goes first? it can run on ethanol We have got the car, to provide it for us. and we need people are on the increase too, Diesel and hybrid vehicles

a reaction to higher petrol prices. without the spectacular cars This wouldn't be a Motor Show the world's best vehicle designers - that highlight the imaginations of can simply only dream about. cars most of us

even when they're standing still. They also look fast, were unveiled today, A record 31 new models stunning concepts among them. But even the old favourites command attention,

especially for those with an eye for economy. It's how much space you have inside. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. Police in Fiji Australian con man Peter Foster, are still waiting to question who was injured avoiding arrest. was struck by a boat propeller The fugitive to swim his way to freedom. when trying this morning Police arrived at Suva's hospital their star catch. desperate to take away

Peter Foster But international con man another night in custody. has managed to avoid He knows where he is. He's awake, he's conscious. he's still too ill to be released. But he's convinced doctors has stunned and amused locals. Foster's desperate bid for freedom near a small, busy river, Cornered by police stripped off his clothes he jumped from his car, and jumped into the water. and I turned to look around I heard a splash in the water the middle of the river down there. and I saw this guy swimming in Joe Turaganivalu was working on a boat when he heard the commotion. May I say it was a silly option for a person who's escaping to jump into a river full of people on the other side. And it nearly cost Foster his life. Police gave chase in a speedboat by the propeller and Foster was struck in the head and then to hospital. before being taken into custody

on immigration issues Foster is wanted for questioning and his alleged involvement as a haven for paedophiles. in the promotion of a rival's resort she doesn't have any comment. I'm sorry, but wasn't speaking publicly today. Foster's mother lives in Fiji,

told local newspapers She has, however, are from police beatings. Foster's injuries His doctor thinks otherwise. is a propeller injury, I believe, The laceration to the head

from a blunt force. because you can't get that well enough to be released tomorrow. Doctors here say Foster should be straight from hospital He'll then be taken for questioning. to police headquarters here In Suva, Laurel Irving, Ten News. and gave Bea Smith legend status. It made 'The Freak' a household name its television debut, Now, almost 30 years after

'Prisoner' is back. the attractive denim smocks - The slamming of the prison gate, it could only be one show. # He used to give me roses. # and ran for eight years, 'Prisoner' broke out in 1979 becoming our first international hit. the Australian accent in America We also pioneered

of 39 million in prime time. where we had a viewing audience

Val Lehman was top dog Bea Smith.

Aaaah! What made me do a silly thing like that? How many hands went in it? Two. Only two. It seems like more. First episode, Kerry Armstrong, another actress. and then much, much later The cast are all still close to have fun on set. and often managed

on location in front of a brothel They were actually shooting a scene

on a Friday afternoon and all the rest of it and the crew were setting up and two Channel Ten execs walk out the front door. and the gritty story-lines, With the lack of make-up 'Prisoner' often seemed quite real. But sometimes those story-lines often escaped into the real world. The actual prisoners at the Fairly Women's Prison watched the fire episode where Margot Gaffney, played by Jane Clifton,

to cover an escape attempt. set a fire they actually did that A couple of weeks later at Fairly Women's Prison. to watch 'Prisoner'. Thereafter they weren't allowed the DVDs of the series Nor will they be getting which are now out for the first time. Angela Bishop, Ten News. Some magical fashion has gone on show in Paris - with the help of mechanical pulleys and microchips hidden in the expensive folds,

the outfits can be made to grow longer or shorter and zips can either open or close. But it was the 'undress' that left the audience in silence. Bet you didn't notice she's wearing a hat. Sports Tonight with Ryan Phelan is next.

Ryan, the big budgets of US TV strongarm the IOC. Money talks, Sandra. The Olympic swimming schedule has changed for the favour of the US,

and our swimmers aren't happy. Also tonight, Harry Kewell, his injury, his plans to come back.

A new deal for the top Dog. And the famous family bowling them over behind the stumps.

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and Sports Tonight.

In what is sure to be a controversial move, swimming finals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics

will be held in the morning.

After months of speculation, the IOC has bowed to pressure from American television executives. The decision our swimmers have been dreading - no longer will they be racing for gold in the atmospheric evening sessions. I'm a bit disappointed and I think swimmers worldwide would be disappointed,

not just in Australia, but worldwide, even in America. If we're ready to race for a final in the morning, we're going to have to get up at 3am or 4am to be awake and alert enough to race well.

Stronger, higher, faster and now richer - the $1.8 billion forked out by the American broadcaster proof money is the biggest performance enhancer. Someone has to pay for these events and we have the sponsors, particularly the television revenue. They're a part of the Olympic movement and they've got to be consulted. They're keen to have more live time, America.

They've noticed a drop-off in revenue from advertising and I think the IOC has clearly had to work out a compromise with its major partner. Australian swimming had been preparing for the worst, now forced to implement those plans

in time to have our swimmers ready by 2008. Swimmers worldwide have been told to raise up their voices and raise their arms and make sure that they're heard,

and whether we have or not is apparently irrelevant, because there are voices louder and more cashed up. And swimming is not the only sport forced to change plans - gymnastics, traditionally a high-rating event for American television audiences, has also been shifted to the morning. Anthony Goodridge for Sports Tonight. Australia bowler Shane Watson has returned to training

after being hospitalised with gastritis.

He is expected to play against India on Sunday. Meanwhile, Nathan Bracken has revealed Australia's experiment using Glenn McGrath as first-change bowler might be short-lived. Nathan Bracken followed by Glenn McGrath, that's the way it's been during this Champions Trophy. But the man who used to spearhead every Australian bowling attack could soon be reunited with Brett Lee,

depending on conditions at the Mohali Ground. We might turn up to the game here and it might be better for Glenn to take the new ball and that's how it will fall.

Both of us know what's going on and both of us are very happy with what's going on

and basically what works best for the team works best for us. The Aussies enjoying a practice game in Chandigarh, everyone happy with the new bowling line-up. We had a big bowlers' meeting and Glenn thought that was the best option if the ball was swinging.

Bracks stepped up, I thought he did a great job, and Glenn's very happy bowling first change. The Aussies training with wet cricket balls, anticipating more of India's heavy dews. The ICC considering dousing the outfield on Sunday with dew-preventing chemicals. The thing is, if it improves the cricket, then I'm all for it. Don't know what it does, don't know how successful it's going to be, but obviously they're trying to make it as even as possible

and as fair as possible. Adam Hawse for Sports Tonight. India made a modest start to tonight's Champions Trophy clash with the West Indies. Sachin Tendulkar contributed a quickfire 29. Ian Bradshaw in form with the ball, taking 3/30 from his 10 overs, including the prized scalp of Tendulkar. The Windies fieldsmen on target as well, with Dwayne Smith sending Rahul Dravid back to the pavilion. Mahendra Dhoni belted an entertaining 51. The Indians scoring 9/223 from their 50 overs. Champion filly Miss Finland will run in the Cox Plate, despite an injury scare at trackwork this morning. The 3-year-old was kicked by another horse prior to her final gallop before Saturday's $3 million race.

It's been a dramatic 24 hours for connections of champion filly Miss Finland - a scare going through the camp this morning when she was struck by another horse prior to trackwork at Flemington. Often you can get kicked and it can really wreck preparation.

She was able to do her normal work and she felt fine and Craig was very happy with her. Thank God it didn't make full contact - it was like a swipe and it was a glancing blow.

She wouldn't have worked if she felt wrong, so I think it was OK. Probably if it wasn't Miss Finland, you wouldn't blink. The headaches didn't end there for Hayes - Miss Finland's jockey, Lisa Cropp, arriving in Melbourne from New Zealand amid reports she'd collapsed from heat exhaustion at a race meeting yesterday. Miss Finland one of two Hayes-trained runners in the weight-for-age classic. 9-year-old Fields of Omagh preparing for his racing swan song and a record-equalling fifth Cox Plate appearance. When he started racing, Miss Finland's father was probably still racing so there's a huge difference. We've bookended the race - we've got the youngest and the oldest.

Saturday will also be a defining race for trainer Dale Sutton, who'll saddle up Irish import Grey Swallow. The $6 million stallion is currently third favourite at $9, despite an unusual preparation which has seen it spelled

since running third in New York in June. Because he had a 5-from-5 record first up, he's raced over distance and those sorts of race distances that it was silly for me to change his racing pattern just to suit my own curiosity. David Adamson for Sports Tonight. A meeting with surgeons tomorrow will decide if Harry Kewell is able to return to England after an operation on his groin last week.

The Liverpool star will be out of action for at least another four months. Harry Kewell was making a return of a different sort today when he paid a trip to the Westfield sports school promoting the Healthy Active campaign. Kewell was a student at the Sydney school before he left to pursue his footballing ambitions in the early '90s.

Even though things have changed slightly, I still know where everything is, I know where my old classrooms are, I know where I did certain things and I even still remember all the teachers. The Liverpool star's 2-month stint in Australia is his longest stay here since moving to England in 1994 as a 15-year-old. Spent time with my mum and dad, which is excellent, but, on the other hand, I miss my two and my wife. It's been a long, hard thing for me - seven weeks so far - and I'm really looking forward to going home and seeing my family. Just how soon Harry will have to wait before seeing his family in England will be decided by surgeons tomorrow when they assess the success of last week's operation on his groin. It's gonna be a while. It's gonna be a while. We're looking past February. The Socceroos are hopeful Kewell will be fully fit for next year's Asian Cup finals in July, the 28-year-old weighing into the debate over the Socceroos coaching job, plugging for an international ahead of incumbent Graham Arnold. Graham's doing a good job. It's not my decision, but again, I think we do need a great leader, and if we can get someone half as good as Guus I think everyone will be happy. Neil Cordy for Sports Tonight. Australian gymnast Philippe Rizzo hopes his breakthrough gold medal at the World Championships will spark a wave of interest in his sport. He arrived back home today ready to inspire a new generation heading into the Beijing Olympics. Back at the family gym where it all began,

Philippe Rizzo with tangible evidence a life of dedication can reap rewards. Australia's first ever World Championship gold medal in gymnastics providing a timely boost to the sport. Yeah it's been good and hopefully it brings a lot more attention to gymnastics and hopefully a lot more kids will want to participate and hopefully do as good as I, or if not better than I did. Rizzo claimed gold in the high bar at the World Champs in Denmark, his performance all the more remarkable as he battled elbow and back injuries in the lead-up. I pretty much used my experience from the previous years to the lack of physical preparation that I had so it was mainly all a mental game for me

and basically just didn't want to lose the opportunity that I had before and lost. Rizzo has already won three Commonwealth gold medals, and, at 25, is a veteran of two Olympic campaigns. His sights are now firmly set on a third games in Beijing

and possibly beyond. Yeah it would be a nice way to finish my career but if my body's still going pretty well I could go for another couple of years but, you know, I'm gonna play each year as it comes and just try to enjoy every moment that I've got like especially winning this moment, winning it this time, just gotta enjoy the time that I have now. Philippe's father represented France in the 1960 Olympics while his two brothers run the Australian Academy of Gymnastics in Sydney. Their young students with a new hero to look up to. Jon Glanville for Sports Tonight. Carlton has already made up its mind for the AFL pre-season draft, announcing tonight

that former Saint Cain Ackland will join the Blues as the number-one pick. Good news too for the Western Bulldogs,

with coach Rodney Eade extending his contract until 2009. And with skipper Luke Darcy set for a Round 1 return to the game, the Dogs have high hopes for '07. I daydream about winning the premiership every night and wake up every night from dreaming about it, and probably clearer now than it's ever been. And Geelong has de-listed key forward Kent Kingsley after 122 games in the blue and white. Adelaide 36ers veteran Lanard Copeland has launched a scathing attack on Shane Heal and his South Dragons, claiming the club's sacking of Mark Price has scarred Australian basketball. Copeland was ejected after clashing with Heal during Adelaide's 15-point win last night. But, despite a good night's sleep, he was still seething today. It's a bad thing for basketball, I think, because Price was a hell of a guy, I thought he would have done well for this league. Just his name alone, you know, would help the league grow. But I think Heal, you know, he's bitten off a little bit more than he can chew.

He'd like to prove a point, he'll probably last all year, but I think it's probably one of the worst mistakes he's ever made. The Dragons remain anchored to the bottom of the table, winless after six games. She's the niece of one of Australia's greatest cricketers,

but Alyssa Healy isn't satisfied tearing up the girls competition. She's now taking on the boys at the top level in Sydney's combined associated schools system. Sweet 16 and turning private school sport on its head, the top wicket-keeper at Barker College, Alyssa Healy. Pretty surprised, obviously,

that a girl would be playing against them. But yeah, pretty supportive, a lot of the parents congratulated me. It was an amazing experience to watch a girl come out in the First XI - you know, the boys' team for 100 years. All of a sudden we have a girl. You might have noticed the name, and if the style seems familiar then you'd realise this Healy has been paying close attention to one of Australia's greatest glovemen, uncle Ian. At the moment she's going so well she doesn't need too much advice.

It's all pretty natural for her. Yeah, he's always told me that I can give him a call for tips, but I've got great coaches down here as well so I've got a lot of support. She began playing kanga cricket at just eight,

dominating the girls at every level

and now beating two boys for the coveted First XI spot. Alyssa coming to the school was a wonderful opportunity because she'd played for NSW 17s, been cricketer of the year in the Australian Championships, so we looked very closely at it when she arrived and put her hand up and wanted to trial. Her efforts at State level have even pushing the limits of family love. Alyssa and I don't really get along any more

because she made 140 against Queensland

in the under-17 tournament so she's really out of my family. All jokes aside, everyone agrees, Alyssa can make it to the top. To be able to play with teenage boys and be a year younger than them tells me, definitely, that she's really tough, physically as well as mentally, so she'll go good. Still got to work hard to get there but, yeah, I'm training a lot so hopefully I will, one day. Anthony Goodridge for Sports Tonight.

This program is captioned live. Play of the Day - and how do you train for a 100km foot race across Antartica? In a supermarket freezer, of course. American Mike Pierce battling the cold and the boredom ahead of his icy adventure. If I can sit here for hours and hours and hours and chickens and French fries staring at the same boxes of pizzas no iPod or anything, with nobody in here, no windows, where it's beautiful, when you get out into the Antarctic it was far easier. and more about the job at hand, So for less about shrinkage madman Mike gets our Play of the Day.

How do you train for it? Who would

want to do that in the first place?

There was some doubt about the rugby

league World Club Challenge done

ahead. It will go ahead between ahead. It will go ahead between the

Brisbane Broncos and St Helens. To finance news, another record high today. and the Australian stock market hit The weather - a low pressure trough in the east afternoon showers and thunderstorms will trigger isolated and southern Queensland. in northeast NSW strong showery winds A front will bring to Tasmania and southern Victoria. Another trough in WA thundery showers across the inland. will cause widespread a late shower in Brisbane Sunny in Cairns, and sunny in Sydney and Canberra. A late shower in Melbourne,

and a late shower in Adelaide. windy with showers in Hobart Mostly sunny in Perth, and late thunder in Alice Springs. mostly cloudy in Darwin And that's the latest from Ten News.

The Early News tomorrow is at 6am. I'm Sandra Sully. From the Late News Team, goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.