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(generated from captions) me as an economic conservative. A number of people have described

When it comes to public finance, it's a badge I wear with pride. If elected prime minister, in surplus over the economic cycle I'll ensure the budget is kept of the Reserve Bank. and maintain the independence to keep interest rates low. Both these measures are essential Some call us the Lucky Country, you make your own luck. but I believe That's why I've developed for Australia's future. a comprehensive plan

in an education revolution, To build productivity by investing education, expanding early childhood trades and apprenticeships. boosting literacy, numeracy, A 10-point plan including greater use of solar. to tackle climate change, to deal with the water crisis, Developing a national plan national broadband network and building a new, high-speed

to help small business. And I'll do this relations system with a fair and balanced industrial out the back door. which doesn't throw the fair go can go forward with fairness. That's my commitment so Australia

when you're young Thinking about super a difference to your future. can really make full-time work, at 22. Take Margaret, who's just started she has a taxed super fund. And like most Australians, into her super Tipping just a little the Government's co-contribution Especially with she puts in, after tax. of up to $1.50 for every $1 Margaret starts tipping in into her super and increases that just $25 a week extra $235,000 extra in her lump sum She'll then end up with over absolutely tax-free after she's 60. that money will be because she works hard for it. Which is only fair, use our website or helpline. To find out more, When did Polident change my life? When my hobby became my passion. for growing strawberries, I had this knack but they never touched my lips. always snuck under my dentures. Those little seeds Then I discovered Polident. Now, with just three drops, my dentures and me... nothing gets between ..or me and my strawberries.

Good morning. After weeks of speculation of the Nine Network. Eddie McGuire resigns as CEO much-needed help - Farmers finally receive some of drought-ravaged Australia. rain falling across much over a vicious sexual attack Victoria Police are hunting five men

in hospital. that's left a 15-year-old girl the Cannes Film Festival. And the funnyman who buzzed into Details at 11:00.

like Joan and Harry here, Let's see how retirees, are going to benefit people miss out on the age pension Under the current rules, many at which savings and other assets So we've halved the rate affect the pension, which is fair enough, to put something away. because you've worked hard get a pension for the first time. And some because they of a simpler, fairer system To find out more, visit: SEAGULLS SQUAWK SEAGULLS SHRIEK KIDS SHRIEK

of puffed grains of rice, Kellogg's LCMs have the goodness no artificial colours, they'll always pull a crowd. and tastes so good Kellogg's LCMs: CROWD: LCMs!

the biggest downpour in seven years. Coming up next - of drought-ravaged Australia Rainfalls across many parts for our farmers. providing much-needed relief But despite the heavy falls have missed out. some crucial catchment areas A major investigation under way left a 15-year-old girl in hospital. after a vicious sexual attack that's And let it bee - the Cannes Film Festival Jerry Seinfield buzzes into

to reveal his new Hollywood project.

This program is captioned live. Good morning. Welcome to Ten's Morning News. I'm Natarsha Belling. The heavens have finally opened, of regional NSW and Victoria. bringing much-needed rain to parts

in the past 24 hours. Some areas recording over 70mm

watching the rain clouds roll in Ten reporter Tim Potter has been

from Bathurst. from where you are? Tim, what's it look like

Busier this morning is absolutely

about midnight last night when fantastic. We were a bit worried at

there was not much rain, but from

about 2 am their heavens opened and

it bucketed down. It has an me just

stop now. Hopefully we will get