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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Survival rates soar being diagnosed with breast cancer. despite more women than ever before terrifying ordeal And an Australian teenager's in a Hawaiian earthquake. Really scary. All the lights went off. Ten News with Tracey Spicer. Good morning. Also today - to leave her adopted baby behind. an African law forces Madonna And an exclusive look racially-segregated jail. inside Australia's first First, Federal Cabinet is meeting for Australia's farmers to work out how to get more help in recorded history. who are facing the worst drought is set at around $750,000. The price tag on a rescue mission at Parliament The Prime Minister arrived into the public purse ready to dig deep with the drought. to help struggling farmers cope Previous government relief funding of the problem, has failed to match the scale enter a sixth year of drought. as large sections of rural Australia admits the outlook is grim. Agriculture Minister Peter McGauran have no potential of recovery We now know all the areas

in the foreseeable future. the current relief rules, He says one option is to relax and individuals creating a greater number of areas into the government subsidy net, on a steady flow of funding. making it easier for farmers to rely others 12 months - For 6 months, others 9 months, in a stable place we'll look to put people constantly assessed so they don't have to be associated with that. and all the trauma is expected to request Nationals leader Mark Vaile $750 million in drought relief -

previous package - triple the Government's later today. when Federal Cabinet meets The former trade minister denies for rural Australia. it's too little too late of events are set upon our farmers, We can assist when these sorts can't make it rain. but, I mean, governments over water reform, As State and Federal rows continue the Government is also under pressure

in November. from a looming interest rate rise From a farmer's point of view, are deeply concerned and therefore rural economies farmers need at this time. because that's the last thing Jacqueline Maddock, Ten News. And later in Ten's morning news some Australian farmers are doing we'll take a look at what to combat the crippling drought. The Prime Minister says troops to North Korea there are no plans to send Australian invasion in the future. but he won't rule out a US-led

launched a nuclear test A week after the rogue state imposing heavy sanctions. the UN has hit back, North Korea has openly said

to a declaration of war. the new sanctions are equivalent

he's not committing our troops, But John Howard says for now, at least.

off the table You never take military action the Americans are contemplating. but it's not something I spoke to President Bush last night an invasion of North Korea. and they're not talking about nuclear tests, A week after claiming to launch Pyongyang's closest trading ally, the pressure is mounting on China. a heavy responsibility here I think China has got this test by the North Koreans and, I must say, to China had to have been humiliating over the years after all the efforts they've made

from international approbation. to protect North Korea on punishing sanctions China voted with the UN Council but won't enforce cargo inspections. the impact. It's feared that could weaken other steps that will be necessary We believe that there may be

given North Korea's behaviour, with where we are right now. but we are very satisfied pushing for commercial plans At home, nuclear power experts seem to have won a powerful ally. developing nuclear power I'm in favour of Australia for peaceful purposes. It's clean and green, about global warming, and, in an age where we're worried at nuclear power as an option, we should be looking seriously emit greenhouse gases, because it's clean and it doesn't why the extreme greenies oppose it. and I can't understand A task force will determine the nation's uranium reserves, whether there's merit in enriching is against. a policy the Federal Opposition

Emma Dallimore, Ten News. in the fight against breast cancer. Promising news are at an all-time high. A new report shows survival rates being diagnosed That's despite twice as many woman compared with two decades ago. This morning at a breakfast, Janette Howard, a tearful Prime Minister's wife, with breast cancer cleared up rumours of a battle was with cervical cancer. saying her experience don't postpone that attention Seek attention for it, because this weekk's busy. for the family Or, everything's going well a spanner in the works. and you don't want to throw we'll speak to Dr Helen Zorbas Later in Ten's Norning News Centre about the latest findings. from the National Breast Cancer A massive earthquake has hit Hawaii, powerful aftershocks. triggering more than 20 has caused widespread damage. The quake, a 6.6 magnitude, Leisa Goddard-Roles has our report. Ten's US correspondent to hit Hawaii in more than 20 years Tracey, it's the strongest earthquake it didn't trigger a tsunami warning. but the good news is The quake, a 6.6 magnitude, Big Island just 7:00 in the morning. hit the western coast of Hawaii's Caught in the mayhem, of Grant and Lisa Curry-Kenny. the 19-year-old daughter I was terrified. I was trying not to. I was really panicking though The quake lasted 20 seconds and sent shockwaves across the region. like they were on match-sticks. WOMAN: Our houses just moved like a doll I was just being thrown around to the threat of a tsunami. People's thoughts immediately turned She said "There's tsunami coming" and I said "Oh great". on their honeymoon. There was another couple and went as far as we could We all took off and stayed up at Diamond Head. a tsunami warning, While the quake didn't trigger

very powerful aftershocks. it did trigger The first came just seven minutes after the initial quake and measured 5.8. That's stronger than the December 1989 Newcastle earthquake which killed 13 people.

Medical centres across Hawaii are being inundated with people suffering broken bones and cuts. The hospital closest to the epicentre evacuated its patients because it was so badly damaged. We had a whole lot of rocking and rolling. Ceiling tiles falling, lights falling from the ceiling. SIREN BLARES There are reports of major structural damage, gas leaks, power outage and landslides. We have some major to heavy earthquake damage. There are some road closures. Thousands of tourists are stranded at airports. A power outage has forced the Honolulu International Airport to stop out-going flights. Around hotels, people are rushing to buy water and basic supplies. I got survivor stuff, sandwiches, chips, candy and some water. Tracey, the priority now is trying to restore power. A fascinating insight into a crackdown on gangs in prisons. The centrepoint is Goulburn maximum security prison. Australia's first racially-segregated jail. Ten's Paul Mullins is the first reporter to be allowed to film inside the separate yards, home to some of New South Wales' most dangerous prisoners. Paul joins us now. What was it like? This racial segregation was started in 1998.

Affair has some of the most dangerous

prisoners and there. It is separated prisoners and there. It is separated

into Middle Eastern, Islander,

Aboriginal, and Anglo Saxon. It was

segregated in 1998. Why was there a

need? There was a blood bath. need? There was a blood bath. They

were for me that murders in 10 were for me that murders in 10 months

so they sit began at the jail and

since then they have not been any

murders. They have been assaults but

it does seem to have worked. Any

players down the track to

desegregate? Not at all. I asked one

that question that question then there was said

that they would be deaths in custody

almost immediately. If what was your

personal experience in there? If we

were not threatened, we will were not threatened, we will got a

bit of tough-talking. No threats but

we were tickled up a little bit. Madonna forced to leave her adopted baby behind as she heads back to the US. That story when the morning news returns. And taking shark fishing to new heights. The fisherman snagging bull sharks right off his balcony. This program is captioned live. Police divers hold little hope for a 21-year-old man missing after a boat accident on the Brisbane River. The body of his 21-year-old friend was pulled from the waterway yesterday. It's believed the two men were driving a powerboat late Saturday night, when they collided with a moored yacht. The yacht's owners told investigating police, the boat was empty, when it was checked after the crash. Divers are searching the spot again this morning. Fire has gutted a million-dollar home containing priceless antiques in Melbourne's south-east. Crews arrived to find flames leaping from the weatherboard property and threatening nearby sheds and stables shortly after midnight. Four people were inside when the fire broke out but escaped with minor injuries. Firefighters remain at the scene this morning. They're yet to establish a cause. Israel has been thrown into political chaos after it was revealed President Moshe Katsav has been linked to a string of sexual assaults and rape. Police have been investigating Mr Katsav for two months. They've recommended he be charged with two counts of rape, sexual abuse and fraud. Five female government workers claim the President forced them into sexual acts under threat of dismissal. The 61-year-old says he's the victim of a public lynching. Madonna has hit a major hurdle in her attempts to adopt a baby boy from Malawi. The international pop icon may be blocked by a group of charities

who say they'll apply for a court injunction to stop her. Walking into controversy. Madonna in Malawi this week on a campaign to highlight the plight of Africa's orphans. But the singer's attempts to adopt 1-year-old David Bander have run into difficulties. Tomorrow, a number of charities will go to a Malawi court to try and stop her. The child has been living at an orphanage since his mother died. His father has agreed to the adoption by Madonna but some other family members aren't happy. "We don't want to be cheated," says David's uncle. "We need a chance to visit him wherever he's going to be." Even if Madonna is successful in bringing the baby out of Malawi, she'll still have to go through the British adoption system. If anyone is considering adoption and thinks that they can go abroad, find a child, just get them a passport and bring them back in, um, they're seriously misinformed. Madonna's representatives insist

the singer will follow all the correct legal procedures

to fulfil her ambition of extending her family. A Hollywood heavyweight's taken a swipe at our refugee policy. Actress and UN goodwill ambassador Angelina Jolie says the Australian Government is ignoring the plight of asylum seekers. She believes most Western countries treat migrants as sub-human. The A-lister says Australia must correct its so-called poor immigration record. Nicole Kidman has continued her tour of Kosovo meeting locals at a village just outside the capital. The Oscar-winning actress visited one of the towns' hardest hit in the 1999 conflict, around 1,000 men disappeared from the area during the war.

Nicole is in Kosovo on her first trip to the country as a UN goodwill ambassador.

She's preparing to film a documentary about her experiences. A pride of lions at a Scottish safari park are getting lessons on how to hunt. In an attempt to give the big cats the thrill of the chase,

zoo keepers have introduced them to the remote-controlled robot. Decorated in zebra stripes,

the machine allows the lions to act out their predatory instincts and gives them a work out in between meals. The new arrival is also raising eyebrows from the other residents. It's hoped the pioneering technology will be rolled out at zoos across the world. The day in finance next including the best places to snap up a real estate bargain. And no more coins or cards - the new technology that lets shoppers pay with a swipe of their arm. Do you need a bag? VOICEOVER: McCain Stir Fry - your favourite Asian-style vegetables in one bag. This program is captioned live. Federal Cabinet is considering a new drought-relief package for the country's worst-hit farmers. Nationals leader Mark Vaile is pushing for at least another $750 million. Good news in the fight against breast cancer - a new report shows fewer women are dying of the disease despite there being twice as many people diagnosed now as there was 20 years ago. Yet lobby groups say there's still more to be done to support survivors. The daughter of athletes Lisa Curry Kenny and Grant Kenny has been caught up in an earthquake that's shaken Hawaii. Power supplies are down and landslides are blocking main roads. At least 10 strong aftershocks have been felt. Fortunately there are no fatalities. To business, and finance news now with Kath Robinson. And the tumbling oil price is good news for travellers? Yes, Tracey, good news indeed with talk our airfares could come down in light of the recent downward movements in the price of oil. Qantas is currently reviewing its unpopular fuel surcharge after rivals like Singapore Airlines cut their levies by 10% over the weekend. The flying kangaroo won't say just how much its surcharge will be reduced by, but questions are being raised about the timing. Last week the airline increased its base airfares by around 3% but has denied that's to counter any reduction in its fuel levy. The lower oil prices could be short-lived, though, with OPEC likely to cut oil production

by 1 million barrels per day to keep a floor under the price. Details will be released after all 11 members meet in Qatar on Thursday. James Packer's Publishing and Broadcasting says it is always reviewing its options in response to rumours it may sell off the Nine Network

and Australian Consolidated Press. The 'Sydney Morning Herald' says San Francisco-based buyout firm Newbridge Capital is a potential buyer.

Investment bank UBS is reportedly advising PBL on any sale that would include Nine, ACP and website ninemsn. Speculation has been rife since the Government's changes to media laws passed the Senate.

It's believed PBL will focus on its gaming assets and online web portals like Seek and To the property market now, and Queensland has long been a favourite with property investors, affordability and excellent returns just some of the reasons why. But with Brisbane prices soaring, the regional market is hotting up. Here's a look at what's on offer. Brisbane is more affordable than Sydney and Melbourne but analysts say the real gems are in the regions. The regional economy is looking very, very solid.

And top of the list is Townsville. Townsville now is the CBD of the North. With a median house price of around $300,000, newcomers like Suzanne Coverlid say they found paradise. People are just have got no idea, until they get here just how fantastic it is. Other regional hot spots include: You can still buy properties for between $200,000 and $250,000. Outlying areas also proving popular. They're moving several hundred kilometres away from the regional centres because land is more affordable. Not so hot are places like: The water crisis is affecting Toowoomba. But that means prices are cheap - close to $200,000. Long-term, water issues will be solved. But a word of warning for those considering buying into the regional market - make sure you know the area. If you are buying a sea change, you're better off paying a bit more and being next to infrastructure. Kate Donnison, Ten News. A new report has found Australia's skill shortage is about to become even more chronic. Farmers across the country are being urged to leave the land and take up jobs in the mining industry

to help fill an estimated 70,000 positions that will become available by the end of the decade.

The dam levels can be deceptive. While recent rains have taken the edge off Perth's driest winters, it's still a tale of despair in the country. Cash-strapped farmers are now being asked to think about short-term jobs in mining. Well, the situation when you have fly-in, fly-out, it does create a situation where you can still work on your farm for a period of time. The number of jobs in WA's resources sector

will almost double in the next 10 years.

If farmers are ready to leave the land,

WA mining companies are ready to snap them up. A new report shows

that an extra 42,000 mine workers will be needed across the state and 70,000 across the nation.

Farmers are very resourceful,

they're used to operating equipment, complex equipment, so I think there are many pluses for people looking at either changing jobs or younger people, over the next couple of years, coming into the workforce. The Federation just hopes

desperate farmers head back to the farm once the rains return. We need those farmers out there to maintain what's coming from the paddock to the plate. Rob Newton, Ten News. Now for a quirky look into the future of finance, consider this. No more bills, no more plastic. Shoppers may soon be paying for goods with a simple swipe of the arm. That's right, in a futuristic move, researchers are working on implanting microchips the size of a grain of rice into people's bodies, much like these being used at a beach club in Spain. The chips contain a customer's banking details. The retail industry in the UK is also looking at fingerprint and iris recognition technology. Cashless society, here we come. To the markets now and the Australian share market is stronger this morning. Thanks, Kath. Australia's relationship with one of our nearest neighbours, Papua New Guinea, is on the rocks. Foreign Minister Alexander Downer has told Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare he's not welcome to visit here because of PNG's role in the Julian Moti affair. The hard line emerged on Network Ten's 'Meet the Press' program, hosted by political editor Paul Bongiorno, who joins me from Canberra. from PNG Paul, the escape of Julian Moti serious diplomatic ramifications. seems to be having Five if Alf if 5th of we were tickled up a little bit.

Five if Alf if 5th of a 5th of certainly does. certainly does. He goes right across

the South Pacific. If public New the South Pacific. If public New

Guinea with Palm $300 million a year

into their economy by way of aid. The

relations between his and Canberra

have not been very good. BSE is to be

a mutual distrust between the two

countries. Some body in high places

and have and have we need you need to have

been able oath Julian Marti, an

Australian citizen wanted and

Australia for alleged child sex

offences, to escape out clutches to

the summons. An investigation is the summons. An

under way in Papua New Guinea. The under way in Papua New Guinea.

has been an apology. But it is clear

explanations. a government is furious and once

I don't think it's appropriate New Guinea to come to Australia for the Prime Minister of Papua the Defence Minister should come and I don't think later this month, as was originally planned of whether we'll go ahead and there's a question mark now with Papua New Guinea with the ministerial forum at the end of the year. how this investigation goes We'll wait and see of this investigation is. and what the outcome explanations. There are strong

elite. On a different message.

elite. On a different message. We

could be taking steps of out only the could be taking steps of out only

is North Korea? We have bent travel

from North Korea to a straight year.

If we support fully the un sanctions,

we would be willing to supply naval

ship if required to Vintage six North

Korea ships. We may follow the

example of Japan and ban all North

Chorion ships coming into in addition to all of this, A number of countries, ships altogether will be abandoning North Korean for their ports made a final decision about that, and that's something, we haven't very well do ourselves but that's something we may experience we had bearing in mind the unhappy bringing drugs into Australia. of the 'Pong Su' some years ago Chorion ships coming into Australia.

Brendan Nelson talking about the

plane to get school leavers into the

army. Hard Target is around 8500 a

year and we're if managing 7500 a

year. This trial is to attract 1000 year. This trial is to attract

school leavers into having a go in

the army, the Navy or the Air Force.

The opposition is a bit wary of may The opposition is a bit wary of

be stalking if for conscription. They be stalking if for conscription.

wonder if we're wasting resources on

people who may only hang around for a

year. In the time of full employment

and with young people of all sorts of

options available to them I think the

government and the military have to

try something new. And this is at the national weather. Now for a look into rural communities Drought conditions are striking deep to cut by half this year. with farmers' incomes expected South Australia's riverland region, Livelihoods are at stake in have hit early. where hot and dry conditions about the world of farming. Little Max Loller is fast learning sheep and grain property at Karoonda His parents Peter and Hannah run a in South Australia's Murray Mallee. to their son what rain is. But they're yet to explain

in some puddles. It would be lovely to let Max play in 15 months of his life. He hasn't seen a lot It would be good to see him get dirty and muddy. since May. There hasn't been a decent downpour Their crop worthless. The focus now on saving stock.

humanely. We have to get stock through they'll still grow wool. If you look after them

is also struggling. Berri citrus grower Rod Davis River flows at a record low - for irrigators cut by 10%. Government water allocations

the hardest season we have ever had. It's probably going to be one of walking off their blocks Some growers cutting their losses, and selling water allocation. actually. I think that's pretty accurate I know one bloke, he's already gone. a bumper grape crop go to waste Last year, Bill Rudigar watched because of the glut. This year, for some of his 30-hectare crop. the Loxton grower found a buyer dealt him another blow. But a once in 20-year frost It's an unbelievable situation. suspended on wasn't frosted The variety that we had the contract for was frosted and the one that we had a market and we last 80% of the vine yeah, variety in the frost. into alternative fruit He's pouring his energy of of his mandarin crop. but the drought has killed two-thirds

are losing hope. Bill says many on the land A lot of people aren't coping. are suffering mentally. A lot of people Kimberley Harper, Ten News. diagnosed with breast cancer More women than ever before are being

but survival rates are also rising. in Ten's morning news. We'll find out why next (Speaks Swahili) MAN: Salome and her community live in terrible poverty. Her life won't improve is carried out to change things. unless long-term work child sponsorship does. That's what Sponsor a child online 13 32 40 now. or call This program is captioned live. As we heard earlier,

diagnosed with breast cancer the number of Australians being is on the rise, but so too are survival rates. A report card released today

shows twice as many women are being diagnosed today than 20 years ago but many more are beating it. To discuss the report's findings National Breast Cancer Centre director, Dr Helen Zorbas joins me. Dr Zorbas, it's expected more than 13,000 Australian women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year. try something new. And this is it.

We are seeing a much earlier what is We are seeing a much earlier

happening in the world in a more

Western countries also so. Beer is

the increased risk of breast the increased risk of breast cancer

and this may be related to women

having fewer children, later life, at having fewer children, later life,

if it off. And breast-feeding for if it off. And breast-feeding

much fewer time. These factors

together with the fact that we together with the fact that we women

are more obese, drink more alcohol, a are more obese, drink more alcohol,

period start early at as girl's family tend to go through period start early at as a young

menopause later life, means a bodies

by exposed to estrogen for longer

periods of time then a grandmothers,

for example. If you are one of the

30,000 of the Shirley and women

diagnosed with breast cancer this

year, you fart survival rate is quite

high. They have very much a good news

story. We have seen over the past 20

years in this report identified as

those improvements significantly in

five lots. If we can predict Ford, we

would expects best in the next five

years we were seated dramatic

improvements also. There are two improvements also. There

paths to the story. Early detection

through mammographic screening

edifying changes in the press also

the improvers the we seen and

treatments there are now available to

women. Treatments for breast cancer

and now not just one kind for all

cancers. We and our tally targeting

the areas depending on the type of

breast cancer. For those women who

have an aggressive form of the

disease, being able to give them a

different kind of treatment different kind of treatment that

improves their chances of survival.

Improving the quality of life Improving the quality of life for those breast-cancer sufferers as

well? An area they hasn't received

enough attention in the past is that

just because you get over the just because you get over the tree

when it does not mean that your life

will go back to normal. For many

woman with the delays, death disease,

it affects them psychologically and

those the issues they need to be

reduced. We need to help those women

have embraced life and love life to

the max. What is your advice? It is

most important that breast cancer is

a fear fault diagnosis. You need to

report early sentence to a doctor.

Thank you. Doctors in Africa are trialling a ground-breaking new anti-malarial drug

that could save lives around the world. Every year more than a million children are killed by the disease, which is spread by mosquitoes.

Malaria is the biggest threat to children in Africa. It claims the life of one child here every 30 seconds. They have no immunity to the parasitic infection, so a vaccine could be a potent new weapon against one of mankind's oldest killers. 14-month-old Ernest will be one of the first children in Africa to receive the jab and he's one of more than 500 youngsters in Ghana taking part in the trials. It should train their immune system to recognise and destroy the malaria parasite. Half the children treated at this hospital have malaria. If the fever is not treated promptly, it can kill in two days. The doctor running the trial here is convinced that even if a vaccine is not completely effective, it will be a major breakthrough. Well over a million children a year die in south Sahara, Africa from severe malaria. So if we're looking at saving even half of those children that is a significant impact.

So it comes down to money. Fortunately the Microsoft billionaire, Bill Gates, is backing the vaccine. He's given $250 million to the malaria vaccine initiative to accelerate the development of the jab. So when will other African children be in line for the vaccine? The target date for licence is 2011. Remember that date. It could be the year that the war on malaria begins to be won. A Gold Coast man has taken shark fishing to new heights reeling in the monsters from his fifth floor balcony.

While his unusual techniques caught attention, so too, has the number of dangerous predators he's landed in a popular canal. After noticing some large shadows in the water beneath his fifth floor apartment, Robbie Hughes decided to chuck in a line. Like many locals and tourists, the 27-year-old doubted the reported number of dangerous sharks living in Gold Coast canals. That was until he snagged a 4.5-foot bull shark from his balcony, the first of many. Oh, there've been a dozen so far but we've lost quite a few more. All up, I'd say we've had interest from over 100 sharks. His fishing style's unique, to say the least. While he lures sharks from his verandah, his mate David Rolando waits in the carpark with a hook ready to heave it over the rail.

But the monster catches don't go to waste. One shark feeding David's large family. Take it home, clean it up, fillet it and eat it. It's beautiful, yeah. It's not just the technique that's catching attention. The bull sharks Robbie's catching are the type believed to be responsible for three deaths in Queensland in recent years. Two of them were men killed while swimming in Gold Coast canals. Robbie hopes his fishing adventures serve as a timely warning for swimmers to stay out of the canals this season. Think again, for sure. Not a good idea at all.

Summer Burke, Ten News. A movie hailed as Australia's first Aboriginal comedy has won the top gong at a film festival in France. 'Ten Canoes' was popular among critics for its humorous snapshot of Indigenous communities. Shot entirely in Arnhem Land, the film is narrated by well-known Koori actor David Gulpilil and is made entirely in an Aboriginal dialect. The France-based festival honours Australian and New Zealand films. Ahead - the Australian cricketers wrap up their Champions Trophy preparations. That's when Ten's morning news returns.

And fireworks in the A-League with an ugly sideline incident. (Speaks Swahili) live in terrible poverty. Sponsor a child online or call 13 32 40 now.

This program is captioned live. Tensions boiled over in last night's A-League clash between Melbourne and Adelaide at the Telstra Dome. Victory captain Kevin Muscat and United coach John Kosmina are under review for a fiery clash. At half-time last night at the Dome, two old mates and rivals showed the love. But by full-time, the Victory skipper and Adelaide's coach were ready to rip each other apart. COMMENTATOR: Now Kevin Muscat and John Kosmina having a real set-to on the sideline and this is not really what we want to see. The fiery clash on the edge of the pitch cost Kevin Muscat a yellow card and saw John Kosmina marched from the field. And it's ending in uproar here at Telstra Dome. Oh, well, if someone wants to nail me, let them do it. REPORTER: Do you anticipate much of a fall-out after this? If there is, you live with it, don't ya. I don't like being assaulted. The United coach maintains they are still friends but it's just that both suffer a serious case of white line fever. We had a laugh, we're mates. REPORTER: You're mates? Yeah, just not during 90 minutes of the game. I actually think I slipped. Look, there's nothing in it. We had a good laugh after the game and we'll move on. Both are under review from the Football Federation for the clash, which soured Adelaide's upset win. COMMENTATOR: Real chance for Owens. Owens has scored for Adelaide United. Greg Owens the goal scorer,

breaking Melbourne's 7-game winning streak. In last night's other A-League result, Queensland came from a goal down after just 35 seconds

to beat the Glory 2-1. Tim Hodges, Ten News. To rugby league, and the Kangaroos have arrived home from their spiteful Tri-Nations win over New Zealand. Willie Mason copped criticism for allegedly mocking the haka. He also has a facial injury that could rule him out of the Aussies' clash with the Kiwis on Saturday night in Melbourne. Willie Mason happy to back on home soil after Saturday's fiery clash with the Kiwis. Sunglasses covering a possible fractured eye-socket. The prop to learn the results of his scans later today. I think he's more upset about his looks. He's got a big shiner there. He might be looking for a little bit of payback. Mason's injury the result of a David Kidwell shoulder charge 20 minutes into the Tri-Nations opener. The incident following pre-match antics where he was seen mocking the haka. The Kiwis seething over his behaviour. I don't know why someone would just deliberately disrespect another country's heritage and their culture. If it was any one of our players, we'd be so disappointed in that person, we wouldn't really want to have them on our team. Matt King caught up in his own cross-Tasman rivalry with Manu Vatavei. He pushed me into the side. I think everyone saw that. I had an Australian jumper on and I wasn't going to stand for it. Andrew Brown, Ten News. All-rounder Shane Watson looks set to replace Simon Katich as Australia's opening batsman in Wednesday's Champions Trophy opener against the West Indies. Watson impressing with both bat and ball in a practice match against Mumbai. An opener in the making - Shane Watson backing his three wickets with the ball with 34 runs against Mumbai and a 96-run opening partnership with Adam Gilchrist. The next challenge for the Australians - to win the only major trophy that's eluded them. Feel really, really good, really fresh. It feels like the two practice matches have been enough to feel like you're back, ready to play. The Australians bowling out Mumbai for 218, then falling seven runs short of their contrived target of 300. The oppressive playing conditions a lesson in what lies ahead. We're certainly not sitting back extremely worried about the heat.

It's the same for every team. Hopefully we're in a condition to be able to survive through it. England wilted against the host nation, a duck for skipper Andrew Flintoff... COMMENTATOR: Yes, it looked out! the visitors scored their lowest-ever total against India, rolled for 125. Very, very fine catch. Kevin Pietersen's catch a rare highlight as India got home with 4 wickets and more than 20 overs to spare. Meantime, England's injured Ashes-winning captain has farewelled the old urn as it heads to Australia for a touring exhibition. Michael Vaughan is hoping he'll be fit for the final two matches of the Ashes series. Hopefully we'll sneak 'em. It's going to be tough, but I think we've got a decent enough squad

to go out there and be very, very competitive. Leanne West, Ten News. Honda rider Nicky Hayden has accepted an apology from his team-mate Dani Pedrosa after the pair crashed out of the Portuguese MotoGP race, handing the championship lead to Valentino Rossi. Toni Elias won the race. You didn't have to wait long for action at Estoril -

Aussie Casey Stoner and Sete Gibernau crashed out after an opening lap incident. But the pivotal moment in the race and this year's championship was Nicky Hayden's dramatic lap-five exit. COMMENTATOR: Pedrosa! Pedrosa's taking out his own team-mate. Can you believe this? The series leader is down. The leader was understandably furious. He got no help from his team-mate, Dani Pedrosa, just an untimely nudge that could cost him the world title. Hayden now trails Valentino Rossi by eight points

with just the Spanish race to go in just under a fortnight. After the race Hayden's temper cooled down. You don't get these opportunities all the time. It's not like I'll brush it off and come back next Sunday if it'll cost me the championship. It's something I can live with for the rest of my life so I know he's gonna feel bad and I know Danny's not that kind of rider. I know it's not intentional at all. Spain's Toni Elias edged out Rossi for his maiden win by just 0.0002 of a second. Kenny Roberts Jr was third. This is important. Back on top of the championship with eight points but in lots of ways that is incredible. But you know, I'm happy. And Australian Chris Atkinson finished sixth at the Rally of Turkey.

Finland's Marcus Gronholm took the win, and, with the world championship leader Sebastien Loeb missing the rally through injury, Gronholm's victory keeps his title hopes alive. Trent Higgs, Ten News. A new Aussie rules football team has joined the competition as the season kicks off in the Northern Territory. The players are all Indigenous bringing hope to their community on the Tiwi Islands. It's what they've been dreaming of for years - their own team in the Northern Territory Football League. REPORTER: How does it feel wearing that shirt, boss? Ah, new uniforms. They feel great. As the players flooded onto the field, escorted by community leaders, they carried the hopes of their Tiwi Island home, which has been searching for a way forward after things hit rock bottom last year. took their own lives At least four young people trying to commit suicide. with many others is just awesome. Now to represent home at this level its supporters And the team didn't disappoint from Bathurst Island. who'd made the trip certainly left its mark The Tiwi Storm beating St Marys by 34 points. a good win by the boys. Really excited about it, but a good first-up win. Obviously, a bit more work to do 'till the grand final next March. They've just got to keep that up since I was a kid I've been dreaming about this this is what we'll all talk about. and this generation coming through, Evan Batten, Ten News. when the Morning News returns. The national weather details

has jackpotted to $4 million. This Tuesday's Oz Lotto a truckload of cash! So you could win HORN BLARES $4 million Oz Lotto's Don't miss This program is captioned live. Making headlines - a new drought-relief package Federal Cabinet is considering for the country's worst-hit farmers. Nationals leader Mark Vaile $750 million in urgent aid. is pushing for at least another against breast cancer. Mixed news in the fight are dying from the disease A new report shows fewer women people diagnosed now despite there being twice as many as there was 20 years ago. more to be done to support survivors. Yet lobby groups say there's still Curry-Kenny and husband Grant Kenny The daughter of athletes Lisa has been caught up in an earthquake that's shaken Hawaii. landslides are blocking main roads. Power supplies are down and have been felt. At least 10 strong aftershocks Fortunately, there are no fatalities. at the national weather. Now for a look

with all the news. That brings you up to date I'm Tracey Spicer. Good morning. by the Australian Caption Centre. Supertext Captions

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