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(generated from captions) Hello there. to move Federal Parliament to Sydney. Also tonight, the controversial call from Kylie Minogue and Sharon Stone. And a surprise duet 'Can't Get You Out of my Head') (Both sing

But first tonight, breaking news - and a man has been shot one woman is dead in Sydney's south-west. after a violent attack police wounded the man It's understood

in a Punchbowl street. after a woman was fatally stabbed in minutes with more details. We will be crossing live to the scene

a spirited defence of his wife Kevin Rudd has launched underpaying its workers. amid revelations her company has been While he admits it's embarrassing, she made an honest mistake Mr Rudd says and has never used AWAs. Kevin Rudd with some explaining to do

companies had underpaid employees after reports one of his wife's for taking away penalty rates, by failing to compensate them allowances in individual contracts. overtime and Oh, look, I would be dishonest with you

that these things happen. if I did say it's not embarrassing Of course it's embarrassing. Therese Rein's company Igneus a Victorian employment business last July purchased were being properly paid. that certified its 220 employees But 58 were being underpaid. earlier this year When this was discovered and back-paid $70,000. Ms Rein rectified the situation This is obviously an honest mistake

and she sought to rectify this available to her. as soon as she had the information Labor went quiet this morning. Julia Gillard and Wayne Swan The usually outspoken were absent from the doors. You can never stop the Labor Party about other people's businesses from commenting without consulting those businesses. and they do it for its attacks on motel AWAs The Government scathing of Labor of entitlements which similarly stripped workers

at Goulburn. and ensnared the Lilac City Motor Inn some serious talking to do. Kevin Rudd and his wife now have or his ambitions for the top? Is it her business to someone prior to an election - It's a very hard thing to say who is going to win that election - and we don't know "Offload the business." industrial relations attacks today The story certainly blunted Labor's and has the potential to do so again. for the Government It was a welcome distraction

and leadership rumblings. from its own problems Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. Virgin Blue is being sued disabled passengers. for the way it treats The airline has a unique policy so much which has upset some travellers they've called in the lawyers. was diagnosed with MS, In the 25 years since Jackie Kay

making her pay Virgin Blue has been the one airline for an extra seat for a carer. domestically or internationally. Nothing like this in the world with the airline again. The Sydney woman would like to travel

in September last year, in September last year. I did actually travel once with them another booking in October, That was OK, but when I went to make to travel with a carer. they said I needed joined with Jackie Morris Cochran from Adelaide has to court, to take the cut-price carrier

of discrimination. accusing Virgin Blue really attacks our own dignity. Their policy on its own And he says money is the reason why. that the airlines are going through We think that the cost-cutting

don't mind Jackie and Morris's lawyers if Virgin Blue insist on a carer. and everywhere else What matters is who pays it's up to the airline. We've lodged in the Federal Court because it's a test case,

we know of - we have a number of other people in the same way by the policy. people who are affected The policy isn't consistent - and fly free. guide dogs take up a seat Virgin Blue won't explain why. Kevin Wilde, Ten News. And in another claim against someone with a disability, of discrimination Graeme Innes, who is blind, Human Rights Commissioner taxi rides because of his guide dog. says he is regularly refused A whole range of reasons - or it's the end of their shift the taxi will need cleaning or just no reason at all. or they are afraid of dogs know their responsibilities Mr Innes says while most taxi drivers some are prepared to break the law. for drivers. He's calling for better training he was sexually abused by a priest A Sydney man who claims against the Catholic Church. has lost an appeal

alleges Former altar boy John Andrew Ellis

by a priest over five years that in the 1970s he was molested at the Bass Hill parish. by the outcome. Today he was clearly upset at the moment I'm clearly very emotional

and it's very disappointing. on anyone, including myself. I just don't think it's very fair in a bid Mr Ellis has previously failed George Pell. to sue Sydney's Catholic Archbishop,

they live in the nation's capital, Some Sydneysiders might already feel it should be official. but Paul Keating believes for Parliament House The former PM is calling to the Harbour City. to be moved from Canberra is passionate about Sydney This former prime minister

and its future. would want to share it Strange then, that Paul Keating he left behind. with all the federal politicians anyway. But he says it's the de facto capital the Government to Sydney. John Howard's effectively moved Strange but true, out of a little office building the Government now operates

in Phillip Street, Sydney. That's where the Cabinet meets.

So, he wants to turn

our billion-dollar Parliament House So he wants to turn Island. and build a new one here at Garden into an art gallery at Garden Island. and build a new one here Others are not so sure. if it could be pulled off It would be terrific

the nation's Parliament that Sydney also house but I don't see that happening. place for our federal politicians. I think Canberra's the appropriate That can be the nation's capital. and it's the cultural capital. Sydney is the business capital Mr Keating adds that such a move

would give politicians and bureaucrats a better idea about how real people live and the pressures they face. Things like transport, congestions and the difficulties of housing. Things like transport, congestion and the difficulties of housing. And, of course, in this town, thoughts rarely stray from property prices. It's all down there now. I don't know, the cost of real estate here, it would be a horrendous cost. Makes sense to me, but what the other States would say about that I'm not sure. Well, I'm from Melbourne, so I think it's a great idea.

So you'd be happy for us to have all the Federal politicians? You can have them all. Eddy Meyer, Ten News.

Let's take a look at what's ahead in sport now with Tim Webster.

And Blues fans left shell-shocked by last night's Origin result.

Yes, the players limped back home today, already planning their revenge. And, in typical Origin fashion, Maroons fans have been accused of feral behaviour. Arriving home, the Blues were still trying to figure out how it all went wrong, conceding 19 unanswered points in the second half, handing Queensland a 25-18 game 1 Origin win. The feeling is still positive. You know you can take a lot of positives out of it. Our first half was great, Rookie winger Jarryd Hayne had a debut to remember. But also a night to forget - this flick from the sideline missing team-mate Anthony Minichiello, handing the Maroons an unexpected gift and ultimately the match. The 19-year-old disappointed with the mistake but keeping it in perspective. And I think up until then I was happy with my performance. What did you say to your team-mates afterwards, Jarryd? Did you say anything? Oh, wasn't much to say, mate. I mean, what can I say?

But to the victors go the spoils, and Queenslanders made sure to rub it in. Blues spectators getting a lesson in hostility. They line the streets and if they know you're a New South Welshman going, "Queenslander, Queenslander." you get the old Queenslander thing, The parochial Maroons fans helped stun the Blues into submission but they gave an even more spiteful reception Yeah, they were quite feral actually.

They were calling them all names under the sun and spitting on them and carrying on - yeah, they're quite mad. The Blues fans can have their revenge when Game 2 comes to Sydney on June 13.

Also later, we're talking to the AFL about a twilight Grand Final. See you soon. Also tonight, a new weapon for the parking cops - a camera that gathers the evidence. And what's her secret?

The woman who just keeps getting those holes in one. and I'll say to them, "Yep, go shop around." Spring flat plastic paint, $49. Energy-saving globes, $18.47. MDF panels, 2 for $6. If you happen to find a cheaper price on a stocked item, SONG: # Bunnings Warehouse. # Lowest prices are just the beginning. This program is captioned live. A woman has been hit by a police car after leaping from a vehicle that was being chased. Police started the pursuit after the car failed to stop for a routine traffic check in north-west Sydney. The 20-year-old woman allegedly jumped from the moving car with several other people. A 24-year-old unlicensed driver has been charged with eight driving and drug offences. The injured woman is being treated in Westmead Hospital for cuts and abrasions. Drivers be warned -

there's a new weapon to catch you parking illegally. It's now being used overseas and there's debate whether it should be used here. It's an unwelcome sight for any driver - a traffic warden issuing an infringement notice. So imagine having the moment recorded on video. MAN: Excuse me, sir, you can't stop in a taxi zone. That's what's happening in the UK,

where parking inspectors now wear video cameras on their heads. They say it makes them feel safer when faced with angry drivers. Verbal abuse - they say things like, "I hope your family dies of cancer." It also helps resolve disputes over fines. I'm not sure if people will like being on camera and having it used against them. If you've got nothing to hide, what's the problem?

Civil liberty groups in Australia see a problem, if it was implemented here.

They say it would breach people's basic rights to privacy, including that of the traffic wardens. They're going to be wearing this camera for the entire period they're at work. In States like NSW, that could be in breach of the Workplace Surveillance Act. Many councils already use still cameras. But in Manly, the general manager says that's as far as they'll take the issue, at least for the time being. taking photographs of incidents when compared to taking live videos on the go,

where one is deliberate, the other one could be inadvertent. That's just as well - a smile for the cameras is usually the last thing on a motorist's mind. Amber Muir, Ten News. A Muslim man has told how his daughter stabbed him and killed her mother because they stopped her from marrying a Christian boy. 17-year-old Kaihana Hussain wept as her father said he threatened to disown her if she changed religions. Kaihana Hussain is charged with murdering her mother and attempting to murder her father, and today, as she wept in the dock, he testified against his teenage daughter. Dr Muhammad Hussain told how in November last year his daughter blindfolded him for a surprise - a usual family tradition. He testified that Kaihana said, "I'm coming with the surprise." He then felt a foreign body penetrating his abdomen. Dr Hussain told the court Kaihana said: He also recalled hearing his wife saying, "I am dying". "My wife was screaming, 'I am dying.'" The court was also told the parents had discovered their Muslim daughter was in a 2-year relationship with a Christian boy, and she'd considered converting to Christianity. Her father told her: He threatened to disown his daughter, saying: The court heard Kaihana Hussain was also in conflict with her parents

over an incident where she stole a bottle of alcohol from a minibar. Her father said she'd brought shame on the family because they were Muslim and didn't drink. The defence counsel asked Dr Hussain why he thought his daughter stabbed her parents. He replied, "Because she wanted After his daughter's arrest, he tried to give her a holy message in jail, but she refused to see him. The committal hearing will continue in October. Meg Palmer, Ten News. There's growing evidence that planting more trees isn't the solution to slowing climate change. Environmentalists are warning the thousands of Australians who pay to offset their emissions to be careful. Saving the planet has never been so trendy. Australian businesses and individuals are clamouring to cancel out their carbon emissions, usually by paying offset companies to plant trees. But buyer beware. The offset market is quite chaotic - a lot of new people, not much regulation and good standards in place. The Total Environment Centre says no-one's weeding out the dodgy projects. And it's concluded planting trees is the least credible option, because disturbing soil generates methane, and there's a real risk of trees dying before absorbing the amount of carbon dioxide promised. Companies like Carbon Neutral disagree. I mean, there's no other way to absorb carbon dioxide, and the other thing that trees will do in our landscape is they'll help to restore our rainfall. I mean, there's a direct correlation between the clearing of our agricultural areas and drought.

There are plenty of planters who are above board. They would look for somebody that's actually measuring the future abatement of those trees using the national carbon accounting system.

Over the next three months the Total Environment Centre will assess our carbon offset providers and rank which provides the best service. In the meantime, they're urging all Australians not to be put off offsetting. To combat global warming, we need to take quick, urgent action now to reduce our emissions. But they recommend through energy efficiency and renewable sources. Danielle Isdale, Ten News.

Time now for a check of the weather.

No sign of a global warming first

thing this morning. We were

chilling out, no doubt about that.

9.9 degrees, alcohol was nice of

the year. 9.9 degrees, alcohol was nice of the year.

the year. We warned rise up again.

How glorious are these autumn days?

Two degrees above average and

another beautiful day tomorrow.

Have a look at that glorious sunset

behind me. How Have a look at that glorious sunset

behind me. How good I your weather

photographs? We like a bit of a

wide blue yonder. That is fabulous. It puts wide blue yonder. That is fabulous.

It puts you rise in the spot. We

will give away the camera on Friday.

I love the weather photographs so

much I carry them around with me.

It was crystal clear. It was

glorious. I am loving My Office

today. I'll see you again in around

about ten. Sentencing for two paedophiles who kidnapped and tortured a teenage boy - that's next. And a wayward orang-outang takes a walk on the wild side.

This program is captioned live. Two paedophiles have been jailed for more than 20 years and holding him as a sex slave. after abducting a schoolboy Robbie Wheeler and Victor Urquhart also plotted to kill the 14-year-old,

who they held captive for 20 days. The sentencing judge was told the pair had violent upbringings marked by sexual abuse. One of the men was HIV-positive, but the victim was not infected. The lovers lured the boy to their house in August 2005, sparking an intensive 3-week search. The teenager was eventually rescued in a police raid. It will never go away. It will always be with us. we've got ours. The Perth court was told today the ordeal has ruined the boy's life. The man accused of trying to blackmail former Australian cricketer Craig McDermott over sex tapes has been committed to stand trial. The tapes of the former fast bowler and his wife were stolen from a luxury yacht that was being detailed and police allege Peter Josef Vigan threatened to release them unless McDermott paid him off. The matters are of great regret both to him and his family and, like anybody, he's struggling with the matter. Vigan was originally facing eight counts of extortion. That's been reduced to one charge. Craig McDermott didn't appear in court. A big slap on the back for George Bush from the Howard Government - our Foreign Minister heaping praise on the President during a tour of the US. Allies on the front line and allies in training - Australian soldiers stand alongside their American counterparts

as Alexander Downer and the US Secretary of State thank them for their service. All the great struggles of history have been tough and there have been substantial sacrifices. The Australians, based at Camp Pendleton, are taking part in specialist air combat training,

which will be put to the test in Iraq. It's a very invaluable opportunity to fly the Cobra. For us it's invaluable, because we've purchased a Tiger attack reconnaissance helicopter. Mr Downer's on a 3-day goodwill tour of California, the support extending to former first lady Nancy Reagan - the Foreign Minister comparing her husband's battles during the Cold War to the Bush war on terror. One of the things that strikes me about President Bush is that he is a person of enormous courage. The compliment returned by his host. ours is an alliance that remains strong and unbending regardless of domestic political concerns in Washington or Canberra. The political concerns are easing for the President on the other side of the country, with the Democrats backing away from forcing a deadline for troop withdrawal from Iraq as a condition of ongoing funding. Mr Downer continues his trip tomorrow with a visit to Silicon Valley, where he'll take part in a technology forum with Dr Rice and Silicon Valley company chiefs. In the United States, Nicole Strahan, Ten News. Extraordinary claims tonight American spies are trying to wreck Iran's nuclear program with faulty parts. With the US Navy putting on a show of force off the Iranian coast, the White House has started pushing for more sanctions. But it's also been revealed the US is using sabotage to stop Iran developing an atomic bomb. Industrial sabotage is a way to stop the program without military action, without fingerprints on the operation, and, really, it's ideal - if it works. American television network CBS says the US and its allies are using undercover agents, including former Russian nuclear scientists, to sell Iran dodgy components on the black market. Whale experts are considering scare tactics to free two humpbacks trapped in California. The mother and her calf have started thrashing their tails, and marine biologists fear it could be a sign of stress. The humpbacks have been stuck in the Sacramento River

for more than a week. in the fresh water Their wounds are not healing and they're not feeding, because there's nothing in the river for them to eat. Scientists are considering playing recordings of killer whales to chase the whales back to the ocean. An orang-outang has gone ape in a Taiwan zoo. his frustrations on a moped, The orang-outang took out after smashing through his cage and rampaging through a cafe, The orang-outang took out his frustrations on a moped, after smashing through his cage and rampaging through a cafe, where a girl was trapped inside. The 10-year-old weighs around 200kg and he had tourists and police on the run for two hours, until vets turned up with tranquilliser guns. The orang-outang was taken back to his cage to sleep it off. A humbled Premier Iemma returns to the area that's snubbed Labor - Also - popular baby walkers recalled over fears they're a choking hazard. And a record price for a work by an Aboriginal artist. Until now, there has been no simple way to compare the different products offered by all the different private health funds, so picking the right one for you has been a nightmare. That's why we've made it compulsory for all health funds to sum up their product information, including the price, in a common format. You can just ask them for a copy. But to make it even easier, we've established an independent website that shows every available private health insurance product

from every fund, with a simple search facility that makes it easy to compare all the products that fit your needs. Just go to and follow the link, or call this number. Helping cover Australia's growing health needs. It's Holden End of Financial Year Deals. and CTP insurance, plus ESP and active all-wheel drive as standard Holden. Great people to deal with. This program is captioned live.

Tonight's top stories - former Prime Minister Paul Keating's controversial proposal to move Federal Parliament to Sydney. He insists Cabinet already meets here and the current Parliament building could be used as an art gallery. Virgin Blue taken to court over its policy on people with disabilities. Two passengers are suing, claiming the requirement to book an extra seat for a carer

is discriminatory. And Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd confirms his wife's company underpaid some workers

but insists it was an honest mistake she sought to rectify. He admits the incident is embarrassing, but says it won't stop Labor attacking the Government's industrial relations laws. Back to our breaking news, and there's been a police shooting following a deadly knife attack in Sydney's south-west. Ten reporter Kevin Wilde has the details.

Tell us what happened. At Tell us what happened. At around

4pm this afternoon at a husband and

wife were arguing in an apartment

just behind me up the street

hearing Punchbowl. A short time

later, witnesses have told us that

the wife was stabbed to guess.

Police were quickly on the same. We

also believe that a relative may

have been near by and an ambulance

was called very quickly. The

alleged attacker used his knife alleged attacker used his knife and

wheeled it will that each as at

least in the yard. Police fired two

shots, a witness has told me. At an

end is in critical condition and is

being treated at Liverpool Hospital.

Allegedly, the wife has been

stabbed to death and the men who

may be charged with the killing was

shot by police in response to the

man at lunging at them here in

Punchbowl this afternoon. A humbled Premier Morris Iemma has led the first regional Cabinet meeting since the March election in the once Labor stronghold of Newcastle. And he admits the voters there have given his Government a kick in the pants. Tight Cabinet security as Ministers arrive outside the Newcastle Civic Centre, right down to anti-terrorist sniffer dogs.

Across the road a handful of anti-coal demonstrators from the same organisation who stormed the Premier's vehicle during election campaigning in March, leading to ugly clashes with security staff. No such confrontation this time, but Morris Iemma concedes he needs to do more to return the Hunter faithful.

They did give us a kick in the pants. And there was a mandate with a message here in the Hunter and my message to the people in the Hunter is, we've heard that message, loud and clear. The Premier's welcoming committee headed by students from a local high and the Mayor of Newcastle, John Tate, who almost won the seat of Newcastle as an Independent, having declined an invitation to stand for Labor. Labor heartland it may have been but the bottom line is the ALP lost two seats in the Hunter at the March election and barely scrapped in here in Newcastle. And if the demonstrators were hoping for a change of heart on the Newcastle coal loader expansion, they would be disappointed. Earning revenue, driving investment and jobs. And they've got the hide to tell us that they're taking the lead on climate change. The first regional Cabinet meeting since the election in an area where once Labor rarely needed to wave the flag. Paul Mullins, Ten News. A warning to parents after the recall of a popular baby walker. The Department of Fair Trading investigated the Love n' Care walkers and found small pieces easily broke off from the toy trays fitted to the front

that could become a choking hazard. The recall applies to the police, construction and adventure walkers. Details can be found on the manufacturer's website: A big fall on the share market today, with miners and banks the worst hit:

tonight - unleaded selling for an average of $1.30 a litre. The best we could do - $1.21 at Beacon Hill, Frenchs Forest and Forestville. The top price for an Aboriginal artwork has been smashed at a Sydney auction.

Bidding for Emily Kngwarreye's 1995 piece 'Earth Creation' was fierce, breaking through the $1 million barrier. Yours, sir. Well done. An Alice Springs gallery owner was the successful bidder. The previous record for an Indigenous artwork was $775,000. It might look like an ordinary waxwork,

but this new model of Prince Charles is really green. Madame Tussaud's in London recycled the body of the old Charles waxwork and used organic products to make the heir to the throne environmentally friendly. He's also carbon neutral, because the creative team only worked in daylight and rode their bikes to work.

When that max. A stunning autumn

sun set behind you. And you do not

look too bad yourself. I now it is

Thursday, it has been a difficult

week, and I know you were thinking

about the weekend. week, and I know you were thinking

about the weekend. Tomorrow will be

sunny and 21 degrees, Saturday and

Sunday, sunny and 22. Just perfect!.

Tomorrow, 21 degrees. More of his

brilliant autumn weather. The amazing story of a woman

who can't stop getting holes-in-one shortly. But before that, Tim, what's going to happen to the Blues? The calls for changes have started. We'll have the fallout from game one next. And Jarryd Hayne's supporters leap to his defence. And Kylie hooks up with Sharon Stone for a surprise duet.

This program is captioned live. Former Blues captain Brad Fittler has led the call for winger Jarryd Hayne to keep his place in the NSW side for Game 2 despite that crucial blunder in last night's State of Origin opener. Jarryd Hayne arriving home after a night he'll never forget. It started with a solo try from State of Origin's top shelf after the half-time siren - handing the Blues a seemingly unbeatable 12-point lead. But champagne quickly turned to soda.

COMMENTATOR: Jarryd Hayne - oh, what's he done! He's gifted a try to Darren Lockyer! As I was diving I sort of realised I was pretty close to the sideline I really only had one option left so I took it but it didn't come off. A Blues legend calling for Hayne to be retained. Yeah, absolutely - I thought he did fantastic, you know. He scored the try no-one else is going to score and he let in a try that maybe no-one else would have let in so he's got an even par and start from scratch. Everyone makes mistakes in Origin. That one led to a try, which will probably have some media speculation around that now, but he definitely deserves another chance. Hayne hoping the selectors agree. Yeah, for sure. Up until then, I was happy with my performance. Queensland now firm favourites to wrap up the series, Once again staging a Maroon miracle to leave the Blues bemused. Have a look at everyone's faces. What the hell happened again?

Have a look at everyone's faces. What the hell happened again? The defeat taking a toll on fans of all sizes, players now facing an anxious wait. We formed a pretty good bond, but they tend to make changes after a loss so we'll just have to wait and see what happens. The push for changes already beginning. I'd most likely look at Mark O'Meley, someone with a little bit more starch. Former Wallabies skipper John Eales has endorsed a call for rugby to adopt cricket's championship points system for all Test matches. The Welsh are currently touring here with an understrength squad, and one of their greats, Gareth Davies,

says there should be no meaningless internationals, especially in a World Cup year. The new James Bevan Trophy was unveiled today, which Australia and Wales will now play for. But is it enough to play for? Whether some sort of seeding system, some points ranking on an ongoing basis could be introduced to make the games important, and maybe those rankings then decide the seeding for the next World Cup. Davies believes not all internationals are being taken seriously, Saturday night's Sydney Test one such fixture. Interest is down, largely attributed to the experimental line-ups of both sides. His theory of an ongoing points seeding system is gaining support. It puts a lot of emphasis then on a game being important. You know, if you lose a game then it's going to have a knock-on effect, so I think that's a great idea, actually. World Cup-winning captain John Eales agrees that changes have to be made for the integrity of the game and for ongoing public support. The only times we actually get the best playing the best and the World Cup, and the other times you get a bit of a mix-match of whether it is the best or the best and half of the rest, or whatever. Wallabies coach John Connolly says he'll wheel out his top 15 in the middle of June, the start of the Tri-Nations. Rob Canning, Ten News.

The AFL is considering a break with tradition by staging a twilight Grand Final at 5pm. Channel Ten will broadcast the Grand Final and we've approached the AFL

with the idea of a switch from the traditional 2.30 bounce down.

This is the attraction of playing the game at 5:00 - there is a greater available audience right round Australia. The idea has been met with mixed support from players, including Essendon captain James Hird.

It is a it family and the sea

around the game, and I think

changing it to twilight changes

that you a bit more of a corporate

feel. A final decision is expected within the next few weeks.

Sydney FC fly out of Japan tonight after falling just short of reaching the next round of the Asian Champions League. Confronted by a fanatical wall of red in a noisy stadium, Sydney just couldn't find the back of the net against Urawa. COMMENTATOR: Zdrilic should have buried the chance. What a let-off that was for Urawa. A win was the only scenario Sydney could contemplate, the Japanese side advanced after a goal-less draw. A wicked deflection from a free kick set AC Milan on their way

to a seventh European Champions League trophy. Filippo Inzaghi claiming the goal against Liverpool.

Harry Kewell's injection in the 58th minute couldn't swing the match. But Inzaghi produced a second. COMMENTATOR: Inzaghi onside. Filippo Inzaghi across the face. COMMENTATOR: Inzaghi onside. Filippo Inzaghi across the face.

It's 2-0! Liverpool's Dirk Kite managed to pull one back, but it wasn't enough. AC Milan won the final 2-1. Lleyton Hewitt's reinvigorated run-up to the French Open continues - he's into the quarterfinals in Vienna after he beat Italy's Potito Starace 6-4, 6-4.

He has beaten top players on this

surface and has grown up on the

surface and place on it for most of

the year. So for me to beat him

quite convincingly, in the second

round of the tournament, it is

pretty good. Great news for golf fans - Network Ten will telecast Geoff Ogilvy's US Open defence live from Oakmont Country Club next month. Ten has the rights for the next five years. Now, anyone who's played a round of golf

will tell you they dream of hitting a hole in one. But how about 10 of them in less than a year? That's exactly what 46-year-old Jacqueline Gagne has done

and guess what happened when the cameras were rolling? Whoo! It's in the cup! The Californian modestly not claiming this one, though. After all, it wasn't in competition. All the others, though, have been verified. Maths experts claim the odds of 11 holes in one in four months are several quadrillion to one. That's all for now. Later in Sports Tonight one of our highest earning sports stars, supercross rider Chad Reed, tells us how he plans to boost the sport here in Australia.

Tim Bailey next with the weather.

And Kylie takes to the stage with Sharon Stone.

MAN: Shh! Something's coming. What? Listen and learn. Turbocharged. ENGINE PURRS Direct injected. VOICEOVER: The all-new Mazda CX-7. has come together. CX-7. The perfect reason to cross over to... If you're over 50 and not working full-time, So APIA believes you've earned a better deal on your car insurance. So call APIA on 13 50 50. That number again: Here comes tomorrow's weather. It's not going to be over 50, but if you are, and not working full-time, call 13 50 50 for APIA car insurance. This program is captioned live. Let's go back to our reporter Kevin Wilde, who's in Punchbowl, where a man has been shot after police were called to a fatal stabbing. Kevin, what more can you tell us?

We know now that the shooting occurred after the stabbing,

allegedly, of the men's wife inside

the apartment. The police then

responded to the same and the men

allegedly lunged at the police and

he was shot twice. Witnesses have

now told us that the men may have

been shot in the next. I saw the

men. He did not open the door. We

were steady here and the police got

into the house and they shot him

twice. We heard the gunfire. People

were scared. It is obviously a

tragic and disturbing scene for

locals. A number of detectives are

here. Because an officer was

involved in the shooting. The

victim was 24 years of age. The man

has been taken to a Liverpool hospital in a critical condition,

and if it is true he was shot in

the neck it could be a situation

where he may not survive. Back to you. While most of Sydney is basking in the warm autumn weather,

it's hitting some of our retailers hard. Shops selling winter clothes are reporting a drops in sales, forcing many into early discounting. Bright blue skies, temperatures in the 20s and short sleeves - just a week out from winter and Sydney is soaking up the sunshine. It's little wonder, then, that it's clothing retailers who are really feeling the heat. All retailers are subject to the weather, and I think this has been a somewhat longer summer period than anyone expected. The unseasonably warm autumn has sapped spending on winter woollies, people preferring to enjoy the warm weather while it lasts. I don't see the point in buying warm clothes when you can still wear your summer clothes. And that's got the stores feeling uneasy. The racks are full and shoppers are just passing by. No-one, really, in February really wants to go and look at woollen sweaters and, increasingly, no-one needs to in May as well. Shops selling everything from knitwear to heaters are finding it hard to shift their winter stock. It's forced some to already start slashing prices just to get people through their doors.

With the warmer weather set to continue for at least the next few days, retailers are getting worried.

Some of the larger department stores are now even considering bringing their half-yearly sales forward to kick-start their business. We're certainly going to see more sales and we're going to see them earlier, and I think many retailers are factoring that in. It may very well be that we simply see a winter season that's much more compact this year, with higher sales over a shorter period. All good news for bargain hunters. Richard Davies, Ten News.

Tim Bailey, clearly you are to

blame for the retail slump. It was

T-shirt weather again today. And it

will be for the next few days. They

will be cold nights and pollute

days. Autumn is sparkling in Sydney.

I am loving the 22 degree days. 9.9

degrees last night, the coldest

night of the year in Sydney. At

Richmond in was only two degrees.

The next couple of days - fine and

sunny with 21 degrees. 22 degrees

on the weekend, a fine and sunny

and crystal clear.

On the satellite, it is clear over

the interior. There is a broad

ridge of high pressure, and that is ridge of high pressure, and that is keeping things crystal Clear.

Scattered cloud crosses Tasmania in

very strong winds, bringing showers.

Lots of cloud over the northern

tropics in unstable easterly is is

generating showers and storms. A

high will bring another cold

morning and mostly sunny day to

South Eastern inland. South-

easterly winds along the Queensland

coast will cause showers. Strong

north-westerly is in Tasmania will north-westerly is in Tasmania will

east a little bit but maintain east a little bit but maintain

showers. A front will cause showers to

to develop in south-west Western

Australia later in the day. The

business of the brolly, predicted

precipitation, drips and drops

across rooftops

I have not got much to say apart

from fine and sunny with 21 degrees

tomorrow, fine and sunny with 22

degrees on the weekend, 23 degrees

on Tuesday, increasing cloud on

Wednesday but 24 degrees. A big

high is sitting over the interior

of Australia and delivering us blue sky.

I am off on a holiday for a week. I

was sending a postcard. Angela

Bishop will keep you up-to-date. How much would you pay for a kiss from George Clooney, or a song from Kylie Minogue? The Aussie pop princess hit the stage with Hollywood star Sharon Stone at a charity bash in Cannes. The rich and famous were raising money for AIDS research and the duet was a surprise bonus for bidders. (Both sing 'Can't Get You Out of my Head') George Clooney also got in on the act. Two kisses from the Hollywood heart-throb were auctioned off for $425,000 each. That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson, goodnight. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. Stay with us here on Ten - the Late News with Sports Tonight is along at 10.30. Goodnight. Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre. ( SCREAMS ) ( LAUGHING ) OH, HE WANTS THAT CORN SO MUCH. AI! DIOS NO ME AMA.