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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. breakthrough. Tonight - the Schapelle Corby that could clear her name. Judges to hear evidence Paying the price - punished for his racial slur. South Sydney's Bryan Fletcher And mission accomplished - hits its target. NASA's deep impact space probe Good evening. compulsory e-tags. Also tonight - taxi drivers snubbing And peace at last - blissful slumber. the lullabies most likely to induce have you any wool? # (Sings) # Bah, bah black sheep

But first this evening - Schapelle Corby clear her name. the breakthrough that could help call up to 30 Australian witnesses She's been given the green light to during her appeal, the marijuana found in her bag. including one who may admit to owning and her supporters had hoped for - This is the news Schapelle Corby the chance to present new evidence, on technical legal grounds only. not just fight an appeal close to 30 witnesses to be called. The Bali High Court has allowed that convicted Corby The same three judges that will clear her. will potentially listen to testimony Three of the most important witnesses original trial by prisoner John Ford. relate to evidence given in the as involved He named a Paul and a Terry in Corby's bag, in the planting of the drugs of a man who denies the charge. allegedly at the request the convicted drug smuggler's luggage Unnamed Qantas staff who touched are also on the list. Corby's lawyer, Hotman Paris Hutapea, up to the Australian Government says it's now to Indonesia. to help get all witnesses

If they want to help Corby in this

Indonesia. case, they should bring them to

At the same new conference, Corby's mother over bribery claims. the judges accepted an apology from August, if witnesses are available. The case could begin by the end of for this phase of the appeal. October is the final deadline Even if this phase is unsuccessful, and Indonesia Supreme Court there is the Bali High Court to overturn her conviction. where Corby can fight Kevin Wilde, Ten News. Swift action from South Sydney today on an Aboriginal opponent. after Bryan Fletcher's racial attack stripped of the captaincy He's been suspended for one match, and fined $10,000. It was a dejected Bryan Fletcher this morning. who arrived at Souths headquarters yesterday's game against Parramatta The captain in hot water after Aboriginal player Dean Widders, where he racially abused I've never said it before I don't know why I said it, I won't be saying it ever again. and I guarantee last night Widders accepted Fletcher's apology from Souths management. but there was no such remorse a 1-match suspension, His punishment includes and a $10,000 fine. stripped him of the captaincy charity work He'll also assist Dean Widders' within the Aboriginal community. that message on Now he can sort of relay these things to sort of think before you say because you don't really mean them, and hurt people, you know? but they can dig a little bit deeper Although it's only words, what I've said, they're pretty harsh words, is probably deserved. and the penalty are even more damaging Fletcher's comments supporter base here in Redfern. given the Rabbitohs' large Aboriginal was used to launch NAIDOC week, On top of that, yesterday's game performing at half-time. with Aboriginal entertainers It's got to be eradicated. don't deserve to be treated that way The Aboriginal people and certainly we, as a club, that way. won't accept them being treated was the last NRL player Anthony Mundine to complain about racial abuse. the problem is widespread. He believes People gotta realise people's systems over generations. this has been indoctrinated into

You know, there's no room for it, but in our society. not just in the game, I don't think it's widespread, into this issue over many years now. I believe we've put a lot of work Dan Nolan, Ten News. in damage control tonight The State Government of a primary school teacher. over the delayed sacking of child pornography images He was caught with hundreds

on his home computer until today. but stayed on the public payroll primary school teacher Ken McCoy. All quiet at the home of disgraced pornography raids Caught up in the worldwide child known as Operation Auxin. was raided last March. The Junee North teacher's home He was convicted last month on his home computer. for downloading 650 child porn images sentence. He was given a 12-month suspended only taken against him today. Final work-place action left to explain why. A bureaucrat rather than a politician dismissal papers. As of today I've signed those And his file will be stamped, by the Department. "never to be employed"

"why did it take so long"? Residents of Junee still asking

right when they found out. He should have been sacked I'm a teacher myself with someone like that at all. and I wouldn't he happy working the Government only acted The Opposition says from the media. after embarrassing revelations the moment he was convicted This man should have been sacked of child pornographic images. of being in possession with the sacking nor its timing. The P&C has no problem

The right decision has been made from the teaching profession. and this person can now be removed

insists its system is sound, The Education Department but needs speeding up. As part of that speeding up process, for special legislation. the Government has announced plans the immediate sacking The new laws will enable or possessing child pornography. of teachers convicted of paedophilia Paul Mullins, Ten News. on a serial sex offender. Anger today over the sentence imposed for murdering a man He'll serve a minimum 25 years and raping the victim's stepdaughter. Prosecutors and the victims' family inadequate and say they'll appeal. have deplored the sentence as will be 75 years old Serial sex offender Jeffrey Hillsley for his latest crimes before making parole of rape and murder. he should die behind bars. But his victim's family says The case harrowing for even experienced detectives. We are exposed to many things as police and this is one of the worst cases we have seen. Hillsley molested his boss's 10-year-old stepdaughter just before Christmas in 2003, then returned on New Year's Eve to kill his employer with a hammer and kidnap the girl. The child was repeatedly raped before escaping. Hillsley was found hiding in this drain. The Supreme Court today finding the crime a calculated payback to a boss who owed Hillsley money. His assaults on the girl: Hillsley's history of child sex attacks dates back to the 1980s. Within two years of an indecent assault conviction, he kidnapped and raped a 5-year-old girl but, within a year of being released, abducted and raped another 5-year-old and a 9-year-old. He'd been out for less than two years before striking again. Hillsley claims he was once bashed in jail by prison officers and remarked at the time that the more that happens,

the more children will suffer when he is released. His next girl, he says, will disappear like Samantha Knight. But despite his comments, his sentencing judge still found some prospects for his rehabilitation. The Opposition wants a review of penalties for repeat offenders. Any paedophile who wants to see the light of day should be subjected to chemical castration if they are ever going to get a parole. The crown will appeal. Amber Muir, Ten News.

A 61-year-old man who fled Sydney mid-way through a rape trial has been arrested in Queensland. John Waldock, also known as John Watts,

was charged with raping a 14-year-old girl in 1981. He went into hiding, preventing a trial from proceeding for more than 20 years. Then he did another runner before the jury could give its guilty verdict.

Watts will be brought back to NSW this week. There's an urgent recall on 6-litre Farmland non-carbonated spring water after traces of algae were found. Coles issued the recall on the water with best before dates of 03/2007 and 03/3007. That's what the label says. For more information call 1800 061 562. 19 people have now reported feeling sick after eating chocolate bars at the centre of a contamination scare. Staff from the Masterfoods company spent today gathering a huge amount of confectionary recalled across the State. Officials from chocolate makers Mars gathering hundreds of thousands of chocolate bars from shops and warehouses across NSW. The decision to recall Mars and Snickers products came after an extortionist sent a contaminated chocolate bar to the company and threatened another seven contaminated bars had been placed on sale. 19 people have complained of feeling sick

after eating the company's products, two of them reported being so ill they went to hospital. Neither were admitted. They're at home now. We've been talking to them, we're hopeful they're recovering and we'll stay in touch with them. Masterfoods, the wholey owned subsidiary of US corporation Mars Inc, doesn't believe it will be forced to pay compensation to the victims who have reported a range of symptoms. Headache, vomiting, diahorea, sickness. No apparent connection, but you know, we're taking this very seriously. But the recall isn't going exactly to plan. Three days after it was announced, it's still possible to buy Mars bars and Snickers products at vending machines across Sydney. The company has taken out newspaper ads warning of the health risk. Its hoping to have all its products recalled over the next few days. John Hill, Ten News. Tim Webster has a look ahead to sport and fears Andrew Johns will be heavily targeted in the Origin decider. Yes, apparently Tonie Carroll has gone from TBA to hitman for the Maroons. But as the Blues' preps continue in Brisbane, Andrew Johns says anyone who targets him will do so at their peril. The Blues are waiting to exploit the gaps. And Roger Federer demolished Andy Roddick to claim a third straight Wimbledon crown. He joins Bjorn Borg and Pete Sampras as the only players to achieve hat-tricks in the modern era. The reaction form his vanquished opponent a little later in sport. And also later in sport - more on the fall-out from Bryan Fletcher's racial slur to Dean Widders. Ron. Ahead - the new push to solve

one of Sydney's most baffling murder mysteries. Also - Sydney cabbies thumbing their nose at the law, refusing to install compulsory e-tags. And high emotions as NASA's deep impact probe finally hits home.

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This program is captioned live. An impassioned plea for closure in one of Sydney's most infamous murder mysteries. It's 30 years to the day that newspaper editor Juanita Nielsen disappeared during a fight over development in Kings Cross. The suspected death of Juanita Nielsen has spawned two movies and a book, but 30 years on, her former boyfriend says it's time to add the final chapter. He's pleading to those who witnessed her murder not to take their secrets to the grave.

Well, I'll go to the grave with a broken heart, so will all her family. We're asking now that they let us have some life too because it doesn't go away, doesn't go away.

In 1975, the 38-year-old local newspaper editor had been a driving force behind a series of green bans

and demonstrations trying to stop high-rises being built in Victoria Street, Kings Cross. The disruptions were costing developer Frank Theeman millions of dollars and the major theory is that Nielsen had to go. 30 years ago, this pub was known as the Carousel Club. In one version of events, the then-receptionist claims she saw Juanita Nielsen escorted down to the basement and shot, the killer declaring "This is what troublemakers get." The club at the time was part-owned and managed by Kings Cross identity Jimmy Anderson. An associate of Theeman's, he died two years ago. Peter Rees is the author of the book 'Killing Juanita'. I'd like to think that perhaps, with his death, that allows a loosening of the element of fear that he was able to exercise over the years. Homicide squad cold case detective Nigel Warren has been trying to crack the case for the past eight years. It's time for them to reveal at least where the body is, and let's put a closure to this. But there are a lot more questions surrounding Juanita Nielsen's death,

like who ultimately gained, and what role did corruption play? Shaun Fewings, Ten News. Commuter fury as rogue taxi drivers refuse to install compulsory e-tags.

They're costing passengers time and money and risk losing their licences. It's a delay like this that authorities are trying to stamp out, but today rogue taxi drivers continued to hold up fare-paying passengers, fumbling for change, when by law they're supposed to use the e-tag lanes. Meantime, other passengers whisk straight through the toll booths, drivers complying with the new rules that came into force last Friday. Some drivers claim they can't afford an e-tag.

Most taxi drivers are driving cabs because they haven't got a lot of money and their credit accounts aren't good. Tough personalities apply to cab drivers who continue to defy the laws.

All the networks will be fiercely enforcing the requirement for an e-tag. Any driver without an e-tag will be suspended from the radio. They could even be asked to prove why they shouldn't lose their licence. The problem so serious, the NRMA is urging passengers to report rogue cab drivers. Yes, it's inconvenient. It extends travel times, it causes choking of traffic. If taxis don't get their e-tag, the Government has got to deal with them very forcefully. Passengers should take down their driver's number and ring 1800648478 to report the driver. Evan Batten, Ten News. Tough new smoking bans from today in pubs and clubs. Smoking is now restricted to one room in licensed premises across NSW.

You're still allowed to light up in beer gardens, but not in toilets or on dance floors. It's been illegal to smoke near a bar or food service area since January. Smoking will be completely banned indoors in all pubs and clubs from 2007.

Tim Bailey home from the mountain.

You missed some great weather. You

can see the grass out of the ground

at the moment. A brilliant day in

Sydney today, 20 degrees, sunshine

through Tuesday and Wednesday.

Little bit cloudy on Thursday and

rain on Friday. Then we'll give you

another shiny one on the weekend.

As far as rain for NSW in the sex

week, maybe a shower in the

north-east corner tomorrow. Western

NSW, not without a chance of rain

around Wednesday. Right now, a

brilliant sunset on your television

set as Sydney says goodnight.

Skywatch - that was just perfect

today. As I've said, four above

average, 18 degrees, no problem

with pollution levels. Tomorrow -

19 degrees with the same blue sky

hanging over your joint that was

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This program is captioned live.

You know when you're dealing with

these reporters of traffic, you

have to get the lingo right. We're

at Seven Hills, Old Windsor Road

near the intersection with the M2.

There's been an accident and all

northbound lanes are open. One lane

southbound is closed. We'll have

more at 5:50.

The new Defence Force Chief has vowed to finally stamp out bullying and abuse in the military. Former Air Force head Angus Houston says he'll do whatever it takes. Day one in the nation's top military job and Angus Houston has promised to do what no other chief has managed - stamp out the culture of abuse. The chiefs and I will not tolerate any form of abuse in our system. We will eliminate bullying and all forms of harassment.

For years, the military has been under attack for allowing abuse and bullying, but the pressure to change is now intense - a recent Senate Committee report declared military justice in crisis and in need of a complete overhaul. Angus Houston has vowed he'll drive change from the top. We are deeply committed to doing whatever it takes. Angus Houston's comments show a big shift in attitude, publicly at least, to the issue of military justice. His predecessor, Peter Cosgrove, was criticised for denying there was a big problem

and claiming the system was sound and effective. But the family of Private Jeremy Williams, who hanged himself two years ago, has heard it all before. His father, Charles Williams, says the Chief of Army, Peter Leahy, has known about bullying for years and done little. Until these bullies are actually stopped in their tracks and stripes are ripped off arms, then nothing will change. However, he is hopeful Air Chief Marshal Houston will be more sympathetic to the issue than General Cosgrove. I hope that the new Chief

doesn't ignore the families of these soldiers like the previous one did. Laurel Irving, Ten News. The music has faded, now the world waits to see if people power can make a difference. Attention has shifted from Live 8 to the G8 summit in Scotland. Sir Bob Geldof looks tired at the best of times, and at the end of the world's biggest ever concert, he's exhausted but satisfied. I'm getting the figures in of the audience watching around the world, and it's weird. Thousands of millions, that's so odd. Motivated by Live 8's historic line-up, influential figures had their own message to the G8 leaders. This kind of grassroots support really makes a difference. Even Pope Benedict - not a noted rock fan - got in on the act. The pontiff calling for concrete measures to help Africa.

It remains to be seen if the good intentions will make an impact. With the guitars and speakers being packed away, world attention turns to the eight men who can make a difference. In the exclusive Scottish estate of Gleneagles, the security net is being tightened. A 2m steel mesh fence encircles the site for 8km, keeping out thousands of protesters, anarchists and maybe worse. All our planning has been based on it both being a terrorist target

and, of course, a target for public protest. So there is a necessity for an exclusion zone. The Group of Eight is close to a final deal on Africa, but they'll also be debating climate change, an issue seemingly overlooked by rock stars, at least for now. Max Futcher, Ten News. A major volcanic eruption off the coast of Japan. Japanese defence officials say the eruption comes from an undersea volcano that last erupted 20 years ago and continued for three days. Soldiers stationed 50km away reported a massive column of steam belching more than a kilometre into the sky. Meteorologists have discounted fears it could cause a tsunami but did warn of the risk of deadly gases close to the eruption.

Monsoonal rains have caused widespread havoc in India. History in the re-making - millionaire adventurer Steve Fossett flying a bi-plane across the Atlantic from Canada to Ireland.

The feat was a re-enactment of a record-making flight in 1919. It took 20 hours for the crossing but Fossett says he had it easier than the original team.

So they had it all hanging out risking their lives whereas we were doing a, not what would be called a safe flight,

but at least a flight which was under control. The 1919 event proved trans-Atlantic flight was possible. Ahead - the moment of truth for NASA's Deep Impact probe. Plus - Prince William seriously impresses the crowds

during his New Zealand tour. And the lullabies most likely to induce blissful slumber. (Sings) # Bah, bah black sheep have you any wool? #

This program is captioned live.

Time for another check of the

weather. Tim Bailey, it looks like

being a really good week. This is a

great job, going around the harbour

looking for brilliant skies. Back

to your question, yeah, a really

nice week, sunshine on our

shoulders for Tuesday and Wednesday,

cloud on Thursday and rain on

Friday. Throw in some showers in

the north-east corner of NSW and

inland western NSW on Wednesday and

we've got it right.

Plenty of snow across the

Australian Alps tonight. I'll see

you at 5:55. Prince William has proved he's a young royal with the human touch. He's received a rousing reception in New Zealand on his first official visit representing the Queen. As official duties go, mixing it with one of the world's top rugby teams isn't a bad gig. The All Blacks were training today following their 48-18 trouncing of the English and Irish Lions at the weekend. Prince William perhaps hoping he might jinx them before their next clash.

This was really courtious of him to

introduce himself to all of us. introduce himself to all of us.

He's a lovely The heir to the throne was in the stands guy. The heir to the throne was in the stands to witness the carnage on Saturday as part of his first tour officially representing the Queen. Earlier, in a more traditional royal outing,

he laid a wreath at Wellington's war memorial to commemorate the end of World War II. The 23-year-old a picture of regal dignity. He then took time to speak with some of the veterans,

observers noting he has the hands-on approach often displayed by his mother, Princess Diana, and not the more standoffish technique favoured by his father and grandmother.

He's a most approachable young

person. He's easy to talk to, he

looks you in the eye, he's a man's man. But it might be a while before these so-called royal duties become common practice for the prince. If, as expected, he joins the army, that will keep him busy for at least three years. Angela Bishop, Ten News. Entertainment and business identity Steve Vizard has been accused of insider trading while serving as a director of Telstra. The Australian Securities and Investments Commission has launched civil proceedings against Vizard,

claiming he used confidential information to profit on several share transactions. If successful, the Federal Court action could see him banned from serving on any boards for several years and fined up to $600,000. Despite losing much of its early gains, the Australian share market still closed higher. To CommSec and Craig James, and the Aussie dollar's fallen rather flat. Parachute failed to open?

The soggy Aussie is back with a

vengeence, only falling against the

greenback. If you're going to the

States, bad news. Theous lost a

cent since Friday night. If you're

going to England, the Aussie is at

18-month highs against the Sterling.

The RBA board meeting tomorrow.

Anything to change their thinking?

No. We had data today the trade

deficit was little changed. Jobs

advertised on the Internet and

through the newspaper were down but

still up 24% on a year ago. The

Reserve Bank board likely to leave

interest rates unchanged. Bullseye - the 'Deep Impact' space mission has achieved its goal, smashing an unmanned space craft into a gigantic comet more than 130 million kilometres from earth. Australian scientists played a key role in the scientific triumph. This was the view of the comet from the 'Deep Impact' probe moments before the collision. Everyone is pretty excited at this point. And then - bingo! CHEERING This is what a comet looks like after it's been hit by a 300kg spacecraft. MAN: Jeez, and we thought it was going to be subtle! Unlike the Hollywood movie it was named after, the 'Deep Impact' probe is an unmanned spacecraft

launched in January this year. A so-called impactor the size of a barrel

was released yesterday, spinning on a collision course towards the 14km-long comet Tempel 1. The collision likened by scientists to a fly hitting a freight train at 37,000km/h, creating a gaping crater. The purpose of the $436 million science experiment - to learn more about the icy composition of comets and how the sun and planets formed. The deep-space tracking station at Tidbinbilla near Canberra

played a key role in retrieving data and pictures from the scene of this cosmic crash. All the information that is received by our tracking here is processed, we eliminate all the random radio noise generated by the universe and send that over in real time to the Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena, California.

Tidbinbilla is using its big 70m dish for this project, and it needed to. After travelling 134 million kilometres the radio signals are weak - one billionth the strength of a watch battery. The team of scientists at Tidbinbilla were always confident the Deep Impact projectile would hit its target. Unthinkable to travel so far and miss. This is something about the size of a washing machine encountering a comet that's about 14km by 4km wide so the chances would be pretty minimal. Greg Turnbull, Ten News. Sport with Tim Webster and Souths take swift action over the racial slur. Yes, the Rabbitohs' response was swift and Dean Widders is impressed. More shortly, including Fletcher's personal anguish. Also - how the racial abuse case might impact on Souths. And Roger's reign continues at Wimbledon.

This program is captioned live. As you may have seen earlier in our news,

Souths have come down hard on captain Bryan Fletcher

for racially vilifying Parramatta's Dean Widders. Tony Peters joins us, and Tony, is Fletcher's punishment sufficient?

Just recapping, Fletcher's been

stripped of the captainsy, fined

$10,000 and suspended for one match.

$5,000 of that will go to a

Aboriginal charity and he'll assist

Widders in community work. Everyone

is satisfied with the outcome. I

was driving home from Parramatta

last night, I was... it was making

me feel ill, what I said. That's a

good example for young kids. He's a

person who did the wrong thing and

he's saying it. Young kids will

learn from that. Anthony Mundine

knows about racial vilification.

How will this affect Fletcher's

team-mates? He was racially

vilified in 1998. The South Sydney

players you can see on screen, all

50% of the squad this year have

Aboriginal backgrounds. Mundine

believes the players will be

affected. I'm sure Brian being the

man he is will sit down with the

team, the players, and come up with

the fact that it was the heat of

the battle. Tomorrow the Manly Sea

Eagles will decide what they'll do.

They have two players in Tim Bailey.

They could miss two matches and one

match. They'll make To Origin, the decision tomorrow. To Origin, and Blues halfback Andrew Johns has laughed off suggestions

Tonie Carroll's inclusion in the Queensland side

You're not wrong there. Tonyy Carol

is the league's number one

defensive player. He said if you

focus on me, there are others to mess you up. He's the Blues' Origin saviour - a conductor on and off the field. But Andrew Johns is unconcerned of suggestions that Queensland meat axe Tonie Carroll will crush him and therefore the Blues. Good luck to him for that mission. If he concentrates on me, then I'm sure Braith or any other players will get through the holes he creates if he comes out of line at me.

Carroll's back into form since suffering a serious calf injury and trained for the first time with the Maroons today. But he's being advised against an all-out attack on Johns. The best thing he can do, I think, would just be to play his own game. To be thinking about - and I know he won't be - shutting Joey Johns down is quite a ridiculous notion, to be honest. Queensland Origin legend Wally Lewis says the Maroons must take Johns out at all costs, even through unlawful tactics. I can't handle myself real well, as you've known.

But I've got players around me who will look after me and it's fine. Whatever happens, I can handle it.

He says all this talk of targeting

him is extra motivation. The

weather for Wednesday, 16 to 17

degrees, chilly. We'll have a lot

more later in Sports Tonight,

including Darren Lockyer calling on

t tfplt onieKarrol to start the match. The Wallabies are set to field a near full-strength side for this weekend's clash against South Africa in Sydney. Flanker Phil Waugh has recovered from a knee injury and will be available for selection.

There's always going to be

competition in the back row or

anywhere in the squad. It's a

matter of what Eddie wants.

Hopefully I fit into his plans. Their biggest injury concern is Stirling Mortlock, who's recovering from a slight hamstring strain. More tennis history for Roger Federer after his third straight Wimbledon singles crown. He did in it straight sets over American Andy Roddick. The Swiss ace is the first player in 50 years to win all five of the grand slam finals he's contested. Three in a row, and no-one will be surprised if this scene is repeated next year. UMPIRE: Game, set, match. Federer joining Bjorn Borg and Pete Sampras as the only three men of the modern era to score a hat-trick at the All England Club. Today I played such an incredible performance that I cannot still believe that I achieved something like this. Andy Roddick was also lost for answers. How the number two seed could lose so comprehensively without playing badly. You must wonder what you have to do against this guy. Yeah. I'm more in the mood for a beer right now. Roddick was blown away, the first set done and dusted in just 22 minutes. The American tried everything he could to make the match a contest. He took the second set to a tie-breaker, but all he got in return were unplayable winners. I tried going to his forehand I tried going to his backhand and coming in and he passed me, I tried staying back, and he figured a way to pass me even though I was at the baseline. Federer's now won 36 consecutive matches on grass, five shy of Bjorn Borg's all-time record. And he's a winner off the court, as well. I've told him before, "I'd love to hate you, but you're really nice." Leanne West, Ten News. Fernando Alonso has increased his world championship lead with a win at the French Formula One Grand Prix. The Spaniard started on pole position and dominated the race. In fact, he lapped all but two cars. A much earlier exit for Minardi driver Christian Albers, who was lucky to walk away from his car after raising a cloud of dust. But out in front it was all Alonso,

he gave Renault its first win at home in 22 years.

Ever since this kid came along,

they've started to travel. What a

historic day for him. He crosses

the line for his fifth Grand Prix

victory of the season. Mclaren's Kimi Raikkonen finished second. World champion Michael Schumacher third. Australia's Mark webber struggled into 12th place. Four Australians have finished in the top 10 in the second stage of the Tour de France. The 180km stretch along the coastline the field came to a halt. was sometimes so flat the field came to a halt. Tiger made his big move on leader Jim Furyk at the 11th hole. His slow-rolling putt just kept on rolling, then dropped in for an eagle from 54 feet. But Tiger couldn't kep it going. Furyk a two shot winner at 14 under. That's all for now. Later on Sports Tonight with Ryan Phelan one-on-one with Craig Gower. And a boxing champion takes English lessons.

$50 million, that's fantastic. Back

to Vic Lorusso on the Mix traffic

helicopter. An accident is causing

delays at St Mary's? It's a bad

accident too, on the M4. Could be a

long trip home for motorists going

toward the Greater West. We can see

tow trucks and ambulance crews.

This is traffic heading away from

Eastern Creek. It goes back nearly

towards Prospect. That's the queue

for the M4 westbound. The way

around this is the Great Western

Highway or Richmond Road. Earlier

accident at Seven Hills is now

cleared, all lanes open. Next - Tim Bailey with all the information you'll need to make the most of school holidays. Plus - the world's best lullabies. We'll check out which ones really work. LAIDBACK MUSIC Domino's: Pick up: From just: Only on Monday. Only at Domino's. SONG: # Domino's! #

This program is captioned live.

Time for all the weather details.

In the middle of winter with all

the sunshine and rain, I usually

try to get a break from the lawn

mowing. You'll be on it all week, 4

above average today, the grass is

springing up. It's going to happen,

too, because after three days of

sunshine, we'll get more rain on

Thursday and Friday. Western NSW

looks like it will get a drink

around Wednesday. Apart from that,

glorious 18 to 19 degree days. As

the CBD twinkles behind me, I met a

few people down at the snow that

worked with you, Ron, in radio.

They reckon you're as big a pain on

television. So I stood up for you.

Thank you a lot, Mr Bailey. We have

the weather forecast for you, which

is tomorrow, around 18 degrees and

fine and sunny. Then the weather

photograph. Look at this one.

Satellite - cloud is bringing -

well, being driven across

south-west WA behind a cold front

scattering showers. Cloud is

drifting over Victoria and Tasmania

causing drizzle. The map tomorrow

- a cold front will move into the

Bight, spreading isolated showers

onto the SA coast late in the day.

Cold winds had maintain showers on

the WA coastline. Predicted

precipitation - isolated showers

on the northern NSW coast tomorrow,

showers on the north Queensland

coast, light showers spread from

southern WA into the SA coastline.

Wednesday - a weakening cold front

will cross Tasmania and Victoria

bringing showers and we may get

patchy rain thanks to a trough over

NSW. Tomorrow - sunny, 19 degrees,

sunshine Wednesday, increasing

cloud Thursday and rain on Friday

before a shiny happy weekend, around 19 degrees.

Television or radio, Ron Wilson is

consistent, a little bit on the

boring side. Tim, that might be a bit harsh. Lullabies have been proven to be the ultimate weapon against noisy children who will not go to sleep. For unsettled babies, nothing beats hearing mummy sing. Lullabies are available by the truckload, but it could be time to replace the battery-operated recital with the real deal. (Sings) # Twinkle, twinkle # A study has shown the soothing sounds of Mum's voice can be a powerful tool. They can respond to their mother's emotion that's in her voice, and that's very reassuring for them which helps them relax and puts them to sleep. Monica recently took part in the lullaby research. (Sings) # Yes, sir, yes sir, three bags full # And right before our eyes, in the time it takes to sing just one song, she calms little Thomas, ready for sleep. # One for the master, and one for the dame # I was even shocked at how he responded to me - it was just, just so empowering as a mother. Twins can be a real handful. (All sing) # Twinkle, twinkle little star # Mum Alison found music was the key. So much more relaxed that we've had that time out, just that singing and that bonding time together. The trick? Sing to match baby's mood. More energy if he's upset, slowing down as he calms. And in the lullaby top 10, the golden oldies still rate well. The favourite is definitely 'Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star' - that came down number one - and also Brahms' lullaby, which goes, # La la la la la la # Amanda McLeay, Ten News. Delta Goodrem has kicked off her first Australian tour. The 20-year-old's first stop was in front of 5,000 fans in Newcastle. Plans for Delta's first tour had to be put on hold two years ago while she was treated for cancer. Last night's warm-up show lasted nearly two hours and included six costume changes.

Sing Inc I just want to be loved... The Visualise tour will feature a 5-piece band, string section, and backing singers. That's the 5:00 News. I'm Ron Wilson.

And I'm Jessica Rowe. Deborah Knight will have the Late News at 10:40. Goodnight.

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