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Live. Universities slam Julia Program is Captioned

Gillard new look ministry

saying education

missing. Sobering statistics,

more than 1,000 arrested during the the weekend's nationwide blitz on alcohol related

violence. Free at last, Iran to

release an American woman

gaoled for more than a year on

spying charges. And Mark

Webber finishes 6th at Monza

but takes the lead in the race

to be world champion. Good September I'm Michael Rowland. morning it's

September I'm Michael I'm Mary Gearin. The

I'm Mary Gearin. The top

story on ABC News Breakfast

Julia Gillard is already re

fending her new look men try

before it's been sworn in.

Universities are unhappy she's

split education between at

least two ministers. They stay putting higher education under

the skills portfolio headed by.

The opg is questioning Rudd lud

ability as Foreign Minister to

negotiate the setting up an

asylum centre at East Timor. Melissa Clarke joins us

from Canberra. How has the

reaction been to this reshuffle

and in particular, the

education ministry it seems somewhat confusing. It

certainly seems that the education sector is confused by

this approach that Julia

Gillard has taken. It's very

different from what we saw when

she was Education Minister. At

that point she held the

education portfolio and the employment portfolio which took

in areas such as skills and

that vocational side of things

as well. As well as workplace

relations. It covered

gamut from primary schools

right up to tertiary education

and beyond. Instead shae taken

a different approach as Prime

Minister and split that up. If we hear from Julia Gillard on

'Insiders' yesterday,

explaining what she's done

that's slightly different In

we step back we created a human

capital portfolio, the Department of Employment,

education and workplace

relations. I have renamed

slightly to talk about skills on the one on the one hand and school

education and early child education and early child head

development on the other but

that covers the full gamut of education from our earliest kids in preschool true schools vocational education and

training, oourts and Kim Carr

looks after research. What we

now have instead is Peter

Garrett looking after schools,

so primary schools and

secondary schools and also

early child education which had

previously been held separately

by Kate Ellis, youth minister. Peter Garrett has that schools

factor. A little more

confusing the undergraduate

part of higher education comes under Chris Evans but the

the postgraduate rms comes under

the the charge of Kim Carr who is

the innovation industry and research minister. There are

three ministers involved in the

education portfolio. There's

been a few jokes around it is

now going to take three men to

do the job of what one woman

used to do. Also of course

there is the ministry. How is that being that is Kevin Rudd in the

received? There's already

people looking to point out

comes up in that field. It is processing centre on East Timor to have asylum seeker Gillard. Of course, the move between Kevin Rudd and Julia where difference the might lie

conflicts there. Clearly he Gillard in managing any may well under up helping Julia this job with gusto and that It is clear he's ready these appointments being made. Australia within an hour of with the US ambassador to the himself in the role meeting willing to quickly throw Kevin Rudd has shown he's problem matter situations. sharing there to avoid too many might steed a bit of load Minister Chris Bowen. That taken up by the new Immigration pooimed. That burden will be appropriate option when he have didn't sthi it was an this even show he seems he will have to try to negotiate on behalf of the government pushing for it and Kevin Rudd awkward situation where she is We're now going to have leadership from Kevin Rudd. when she took over the government had gone off track being an area where the Julia Gillard pointed to as course that's one of the things had never been moved on. Of under the Rudd Government but at by the Labor government something that had been looked

wants to make the most of his time in this time in this role. On the Coalition side, there's still

learning to accept the tag of

opposition. They're looking at

their own reshuffle. Are there

any clues on what will happen

there? There's certainly a lot

of speculation, but we haven't

been given too many hints. One

of the biggest challenges Tony

Abbott is facing is what to do

with a former leader who

ousted. Malcolm Turnbull has with a former leader who you've

frontbench position. As much

as I'm sure he would like a

Treasury or finance type role,

there's enough tension within

the Liberal Party about those

in there might cause more roles putting Malcolm Turnbull

problems than it solves.

There's been a lot of talk

about Malcolm Turnbull baking

up the communications portfolio

which has been an area the

foptionz struggled with in the

Malcolm Turnbull has election and also an area that

Malcolm Turnbull has a background in, given his role

as a founder of Oz email prior

to entering politics. There is about Treasury fan finance

because there was certainly

some consideration by Andrew

Robb, the finance spokesman, to

try and move to the deputy's position which he quickly decided not to go ahead with, decided

but that seems to be that he's

role interested in a more senior

role which would be the

Treasury one and Joe Hockey's

trying to hang on to that.

trying to hang on to that.

mix. Then Tony Abbott has to There's that to throw into the

decide if he's going to have a

bit of a generational change

when he took over when he took over the

leadership he brought back a

lot of old faces, Kevin

and Bronwyn Bishop who served

in the Howard government and

brrt them into the front bench.

There are a lot of new MPs who

would like to

getting a try. Tony Abbott

getting a try. Tony Abbott

will have to manage keeping

that experience in the frontbench that he clearly

thought it was necessary when he first took over the leadership and balance that

with the needs and the pushing

no doubt from those younger

ranks. He needs to keep them

happy and no that there is

potential for them to progress

and you've got to keep your backbench happy. There's a lot of of juggling for Tony Abbott to do. We should what he's decided in the next day or

decided in the next day or so. Lots of fun and games still

to come in Canberra. Thanks

very much. In other very much. In other news, the link between alcohol and

violence has been on graphic display once again. 1200 people have people have been arrested

during the weekend's trans-Tasman

trans-Tasman blitz on alcohol related violence and anti-social behaviour. New

South Wales ledded the tally

with more than 700 arrests, most for drink driving. Police say

say the exercise was

say the exercise was successful, but are not impressed by the arrests. arrests. Victoria's Arson

Squad is reportedly investigating a Melbourne insulation company over a

series of fires under the

Federal Government home

insulation scheme. Fairfax is

reporting it follows legal

advice to police that charges

could be laid. The

investigations is now liking to spread to other inlation

installers. The worst seems to

be over in Victoria's flood emergency. While mopping

emergency. While mopping up

continues in most of the flood affected

affected areas, the focus is it

now on the Murray River town of Echuca.

Echuca. Waters there expected to peak until

Wednesday but the SES expects

it will have little effect on

the townment Iran's on again

off again release of an

American woman continues.

Sarah Shroud has

for more than a year on spying

charges after spraying across

the country's border with two

fellow hikers. Yesterday her

fellow hikers. Yesterday her planned release planned release was unexpectedly stopped by the country's judiciary. She'll be

released on half a mill job

dollars bail. Her two

companions remain in custody.

Turkish voters are Turkish voters are set to approve changes Turkish voters are set to approve changes to their

constitution. Provisional

results show 58 per cent of voted

voted in favour. The

government says the changes

will strengthen democracy and

help Turkey's bid to

help Turkey's bid to join the

European Union. Fierce opposition within the Kurdish

community sparked violent pro

protest. Australian forces in Afghanistan are bracing for

further attacks as the Taliban

threatens to us disrupt voting

in the parliamentary election. 6 Australian soldiers have been

killed in action in the past

three months. embedded with the Australian

troops in the Chora valley in the southern

the southern Afghanistan. The

Australian troops push through

the fields of the Chora valley

in southern Afghanistan. This

is risky territory. Just as

light John explains the ter rin

shots ring out. There is any

new... (Gunfire). This time it's a false alarm. One of the solder shoots a dog that tries

to attack him. The story

to attack him. The story of

the eng near the eng near troop echo 31 shows just how dangerous it

could be. They arrived in

February with 18 men. Eight

have been seriously wounded and

sent home, three others have

been unable to continue because

of the severe of the severe effect of the

combat and casualties. A very

large effect. The boys, the majority of the boys have seen

probably what she shouldn't be seeing at such a young

age. Four of the eight

replacement send into the unit

have also been seriously wounded

wounded and returned to

Australia. He's a too twous the original troop

commander has hit. Senior

Australian officer concede it

has been a difficult time. Our

casualties recently have been a consequence of doing consequence of doing more with the Afghan National Army and

taking on more in terms of the brigade. I think there's a

natural evolution brigade. I think there's a natural evolution to that piece

in terms of the exposure and I

think that will continue for us. The Australians in chore schor valley are patrol with schor valley are patrol with US

troops. The Americans moved in after the departure of Dutch

forces. It has been a significant change at the time when the Australians

indreesing their tempo. The

previous Australian commander

is now second in charge of the

is now second in charge of the come pointed team. We've changed tour to form this headquarters

and made the aeroplane in

flight with the headquarters

being formed while we were still still conducting operations. Now the focus is on the parliamentary election

which will be held this

Saturday. Last year's presidential poll was

undermined by violence,

intimidation and vote rigging.

intimidation and vote rigging. This patrol is effort to gather information and improve security in the

lead up to the election. The

Afghan, the Americans and the

Australians are all Australians are all working

together hoping that the local

people will feel safe enough to

come out and cast their ballot. The Coalition is hopeful it

will be peace full this time.

Some of the local leaders are

not convinced. The dis tikt dover in believes security

dover in believes security has

deteriorated in the lead up to

the poll, despite the best

efforts of Australian, US and

Afghan forces in the area.

Security comes at a high price in southern Afghanistan. The

Australians have lost soldiers in the past three months. The chaplain of the Australian taskforce has tried

to lead the troops through

their grief. That's the

hardest thing. You stand at the front and look down at haul my haul my mates and they are'S

all in tears, but I have to be strong. It

strong. It is the hardest

thing to do. It is unclear

whether the parliamentary

election will trigger more

violence or lead to much

awaited progress towards

security and democracy in Afghanistan. Sally Afghanistan. Sally Sara, ABC News Chora

cler lick behind plans to build

Islamic cultural centre at

Islamic cultural centre at the

Ground Zero said it would have

been a disaster in

been a disaster in a church gone ahead with mitts plans to

burn copy of the Koran. Feisal

Abdul Rauf told US television the burn wog have strengthened

radicals in the Muslim world.

We have two audiences, the mirp

and Muslim audience, and this

issue has riveted attention of

the whole Muslim world.

Whatever we do and whatever of we

discourse about it is being

watched very, very closely and

if we make the wrong move, it

will only expand and strengthen

the voice of the radicals. My

major concern with moving it is

that the head line in the

Muslim world will be "Islam is

under at that tack in

Americament" this will

strengthen the radicals in the

Muslim world, help

Muslim world, help their

recruitment. This will put our

soldiers, our embassies, our citizens

front pages of the major newspapers around the country.

One of Kevin Rudd's first task

as Foreign Affairs Minister

will be to negotiate asylum

processing centre processing centre in East

Timor. The Australian reports

the new Climate Change Minister

Greg Combet is vowing to bring commonsense to the climate

change debate. The financial reviews says

reviews says the Future Fund has expressed concerns about the lack of transparency surrounding Telstra deal with

the NBN Co of over the National

Broadband Network. Broadband Network. The Age reports investigations have been launched into defence contracts to fly troops into the Middle East. Queenslanders face a

face a giant rental bill on a plush Los Angeles office after the State Government shifted

its trade focus to Latin America. That's in the Courier

Mail. The her regard sun

reports on secret document the

detailing the Eastlink speed

camera breakdowns and fault. Industrial action today in a move their union says

and essential services, says the West

the West Australian. The ACT Government says a big increase in fees for redeveloping

residential land is correcting an oversight

running unchecked. The Mercury

says the Mercer of for a

missing 10-year old Hobart boy has intensified. The Advertiser says the neighbour

of a woman bashed to death in

her ed laid hills home believes

the Victoria till called police

for help before her death. A

survey in the Northern

Territory News says

Territory News says 8 5 per

cent of territoryians want voluntary euthanasia returned. If you would like to

send us your feedback non-any

of the stories we're covering

today you send email at:

The forecast for Monday in Brisbane, 26

Brisbane, 26 degrees, cloudy

but fine. Sydney 20 Melbourne

developing. Canberra a little

rain also 15. Hobart a few

grease. Adelaide with showers

developing, Perth 18 degrees

and sunny. Darwin 34 and mostly sunny. The top stories

on ABC breakfast, Julia Gillard's new ministry is

treepg to be sworn in amid

criticism of some of her changes. Universities changes. Universities are

planning to splitting education

between two ministers devalues

higher education. The higher education. The link

between alcohol and violence is

on show again. More than 1,000

people have been arrested

during a trans-Tasman police

blitz onnal hool related crime. An American woman gaoled

in Iran for more than a year is set to

set to be released. Sarah

Shroud was charged with spying

after sphraing across the

country's border with

country's border with two fellow hikers. Lee coverry

work removing Haiti he

earthquake rubble have moved 2

per cent of the US 25 million

cubic metres of rubble are

waiting to be cleared. Mission

director Charleene Dei has the

amount of work that still needs

to be done is immense. . figure was a staggering 25

million cubic metres or as they

translated it for us, it would

take 1,000 trucks 1,000 days

running non-stop to remove all

of the rubble. We have

steadily been removing rubble ever since we started to try

and get people back into their

homes. To date, we estimate we've moved almost 900,000

cubic metres. cubic metres. Rubble removal,

you just don't go and pick it

up and head on out. It is process. First of all, you have to identify the site. You

need to know who the owner is.

You can't just go in and move

rubble off a site. You need to know who owns

want it removed. Turk Kirk

voters have approved constitutional changes the

government say will strengthen

democracy. Pofnts accuse the governing party

governing party trying to seize

control of the courts and

strengthen the role of Islam in

the country. About 50 million

Turks are eligible to vote in

the referendum. Politicians have held country trying to drum up

support for the yes or no case.

The poll covers a package of 26

reforms which the Government

says will reinforce democracy and bring the constitution more

into line with European norms, a key plank of a key plank of the country's

bid to join the European Union.

One measure would give

parliament a say in appointing

judges. The ruling party has

clashed repeatedly with the

nation's highest courts and nation's highest courts and was nearly outlawed by the

constitutional court two years

ago for answering lend ged undermining Turkey's secular

system. I am not casting my system. I am not casting my

vote for a political party as a university graduate I will note

for the future and I will vote

yes for democracy and freedom

in Turkey. I will surely say

no for an independent country.

We don't want this to be

changed. We want to protect the principles of at at that

Turk as we always did. Other proposed changes include more

civil rights for women and children children and collective wage bargaining bargaining for bargaining for civil servants. Some commentators say only a small percentage of voters

understand the changes, true or

not, their ved will be known

soon. Greece's Prime Minister

has ruled out restructuring the country's crippling national

debt warning it would have at

Kay trough phic effect. Suspending debt repayments

would likely cause the banking

system to collapse. system to collapse. George

Papandreou says he's confident

the Government's austerity measures will win back market confidence.

monetary fund has agreed to a

new loan to Greece of more than

$3 billion. European Union and

IMF officials are due in Athens

next week to review progress in

the country's austerity

measure. A series of new

regulations aim at prevents the repeat of the

repeat of the global financial crisis. The European Central

Bank chief says the changes

will strengthen

arrangements. The agreement

still needs to be ratified by

the leaders of the G20 at a

summit in November. To the markets now.

To sport and there were

mixed blessings for Mark Webber

at the Italian Grand Prix overnight. Here is Paul

Kennedy. Good morning. Mark

Webber finished 6th in Italy at

the Monza track. It was enough

to get him to the top of the

race for the world

championship. He's on top points after Lewis Hamilton bailed out championship. He's on top on

bailed out and did not finish

the race. Fernando Alonso won. Let's take a look at the

finish. He was on pole

position. He took it yesterday. What a feeling for

Fernando Alonso. It's Ferrari,

he wins the Italian Grand Prix at Monza and the championship challenge

challenge is back on. Fantastic

feeling. Obviously very tough race race with very strong opposition today with fantastic

drive from Jenson Button. We

tried to put both Ferraris in

the first two positions the first two positions and after the start he was difficult with Jenson Button

good start and good pace.

Fantastic job did the team again with again with fantastic pitstop and thanks to them we are sitting here. Still overseas

and in Turkey the United States basketball team the gold medal at the World Basketball Championships.

They're playing the host nation

and Turkey has been terrific in

this tournament so far and was

competitive for the first-half but then after but then after the first-half

finished second half resumed, Kevin Durant started shooting

three-pointers and at looks

like America's going to win

very, very comfortably. The

crowd has fallen silent. Here

is a couple of Kevin Durant

highlight. He's the 2 is-year-old dominating in the last couple of games and particularly in the semifinal where he held his shirt where he held his shirt out to

the crowd on behalf all of

those people remembering the

9/11 anniversary. We'll go to

the A league and take a couple of matches yesterday. Great

goals there. Gold Coast and

Perth and Melbourne Victory won 3

3 nil over Brisbane. A couple

of great goals there too. Let's take a look. Great Let's take a look. Great save.

A good follow up. He with the ball from Fitzsimons.

Great safe initially, but the

presence of mind, on it in a flash and a good finish from the captain. Trying to find

the angle. He does. Melbourne

Victory in front. Slips it

through, he's overdone it.

through, he's overdone it. Or

has he? He's scored. It all

ends up in the problem compounded who got himself in body position. Almost in body position. body position. Almost in

total control here at the

moment: setting it up. Take that one out. Melbourne

Victory are home and hosed for three points surely now. There were some great games in were some great games in the

NRL on the weekend. The one on

Sunday wasn't probably the best ,

, but fairly predictable this

one. First versus eighth and

the Dragons came away with the

win. The

to Manly what it liked in the

end and it was a one sided contest. Not quite the

Roosters and the Saturday night which was one of Saturday night which was one of

the games of the year. Perhaps

one of the games best games

we've seen for many years. The

US Open final is almost underway and it's Rafael Nadal

versus Novak Djokovic. Yesterday it was Kim Clijsters

who won the women's title.

Let's take a look at the

wrap-up there of the final and the men's semifinals.

wrap-up there of the women's final and the men's semifinals.

The the Belgian's second

success US Open title gave her

a two-and-a-half million dollar

pay delay. The agony lay with

the distraught Russian runner

up, although Vera Zvonareva

didn't take too long to bounce back. I'm disappointed at the

moment. I still love New York.

It's tough when you lose straight straight afterwards, but straight afterwards, but I

think it took me six or seven finals finals before I finally got one. This one was the finals before I finally got one. This one was the most

one-sided US women's open final

for more than three decades. Kim Clijsters settled into her work quickly, nervous Zvonareva

never looked like finding a way

into the match. Clijsters'

speedy court coverage and

blistering ground strokes swept

her to victory in her to victory in 69 minutes.

Clijsters' third success in the

event means a Belgian has won

five of the past New York

women's singles finals. The men's top need Rafael Nadal ease into his first US Open

final at the expanse of a

Russian. Mikhail Youzhny

struggled on serve and won only

nine games in the three sets.

Nadal is one win from securing

a career Grand Slam. a career Grand Slam. His unexpected opponent is Serbia's

Novak Djokovic who turned around his semifinal against

second seed Roger Federer. The

Swiss had match points in an

epic lasting close to four

hours. But 23-year-old

Djokovic found his range on key points to wrap-up the Djokovic found his range on key points to wrap-up the match 7-5

in the fifth. Anything I have

left I'll leave to the court tomorrow and then I hope luck will will be on my side. Djokovic

and Nadal haven't met during

2010. It's unfortunate for

people who like to see Federer

and Nadal play that didn't

happen, but Djokovic, as we've

seen all through this year,

Federer is one of those top

guys now, he's not the dominant

force he was maybe 12 months,

even two years ago now. Nadal if if he plays his best will beat Djokovic, no doubt about that. Doesn't Clijsters love the US

Open and doesn't the US Open love Kim Clijsters. What does

that result say about Samantha

Stosur and how close she is to

being one of the absolute top

players in the world at the

moment. Stosur really pushed

Clijsters and had her

opportunities to beat her, yet Clijsters comes out in the

final and did that to final and did that to

Zvonareva. There's also a good

illustration how bad tennis can be on a bad day. Zvonareva had

a bad day, so Stosur. There goes a Grand

Slam event on the turn of a

dime. Yes. Not a great result

for the crowd there, a one

sided final. Quickly on the Roosters, I want to the highlights of those again.

One of the football games of

the year this one, a bit of

biff earlier on. It wouldn't be

biff earlier on. It wouldn't be a rugby league game without

biff. The West Tigers started

off well, got a healthy lead,

back came the Roosters and

there was a crucial scrum there

that West Tigers gave There's Braith Anasta tyings

the scores at 30 seconds to go and Benji Marshall had to go

off the field. That the crucial shot. What could if he had been on the field? Who knows.

Who knows. They were one

short and Shaun Kenny Dowall,

away he goes, and lotty ran out

out of room there. Tremendous

display of skills on the

ground. Good showcase for a

couple of big codes. Some great AFL finals the weekend. What did you make

of the Bulldogs, Michael? I'm clearly clearly one-sided, they played

well, it was a really close match. Full credit to the

Swans. They put up a really good performance as well. It was

was sad to see Paul Roos and

Brett Kirk bow out. We won't

get to see that partnership in

action again. They've had a

terrific season. They wouldn't be complaining with finishing

this high up. It comes back to

the top four teams playing in the pre-LEMry the pre-LEMry times. It's still

looking like Collingwood I'd have to say at this you think? Yes. It's have to say at this stage. Do you think? you think? Yes. It's going to

be a great game between the

Pies and Cats. The Bulldogs

are hoping to get back Dale

Morris. He would be a great

inclusion for them. Say prayers as well. It's going to

be tough contest. I'll update

you on the basketball in the

next half how, the USA looking likely winners. ABC News

breakfast can be watched breakfast can be watched live

on the web anywhere. Visit the

ABC website. You'll find a

link to News 24 which is

streamed live Vanessa O'Hanlon looks at the weather. Firstly on to the

satellite image. Rain and

storms from a moist band of

cloud streaming from the

interior into the east.

Showers and colder front pass as cross the south-east. A low south-east. A low is

developing in the bight with

showers in southern South Australia and Western

Australia. A series of fronts will pass the south-east this week. For Queensland, week. For Queensland, you've

got a few showers on the

north-east coast, clod dy over

south but a mostly dry day, a

top of 26 South Wales patchy rain

developing across the state. Possible snow upon theals of

with a cooler with a cooler southerly change

in the south. in the south. Vic, snow on theal ps and colder southerly

winds. They'll turn south westerly with wide presented rain heavy at times in the

west. A top of 11 in Hobart.

South Australia patchy rain

over the east as a colder gusty southerly change moves across

the State. Western Australia,

cool at first and mostly sunny across the West

fine and warm in the north,

patchy rain and storms for the lower part of the Northern

Territory, a top of 34 degrees

in Darwin. Tomorrow, rain in Brisbane, Sydney Brisbane, Sydney and Canberra, partly cloudy in Melbourne partly cloudy in Melbourne and

a fine day for Hobart with a

top of 14. That's the latest

weather. You're watching ABC News Breakfastment still Breakfastment still to come

we'll be speaking to major Brad House about the value army about Australian drinking habit the. House about the value vation

habit the. We'll have a review

of some of the newspapers and

we will be joined from Professor Greg Barton from

Monash university. Complaints are already started about Julia

Gillard's new ministry and it

hasn't even been sworn in. The

Prime Minister has upset

universities by splitting

education between at least two

ministers. They say ministers. They say putting

higher education under Senator

Chris Evan's skills portfolio

devalues the sector. The

Opposition is also questioning Kevin Rudd ability as Foreign Minister to negotiate setting up an asylum seekers processing

centre in East Timor. Police say their trans-Tasman crackdown on alcohol fuelled

violence and anti-social

behaviour has been

More than 1200 people have been arrested during the weekend's blitz. New South blitz. New South Wales led the

tally with more than 700 arrests. Victoria's Arson Squad

has confirm it is investigating

a series of insulation fires at

several locations. It is

believed they're related to the

federal Government's bungled home insulation Police say it is an ongoing home insulation program. Police say it is an ongoing

investigation and they can't

give any more details. The worst seems to be over in

Victoria's flood emergency. While mopping up While mopping up continues in

most of the flood affected

areas, the focus is now on the

Murray River town of Echuca. Waters there aren't expected to

peak until Wednesday, but the

SES expects it will have little

effect on the town. Iran's set

to release an American woman

gaoled more than a year ago.

Sarah Shroud was charged with

spying after stray ago cross

the country's border with two fellow hikers. fellow hikers. Her planned

stopped by the judiciary yesterday, but she'll be released on $500,000

bail. Floods continue to cause

havoc and damage to vast areas

of farmland in northern inland.

Crops have been wiped out and

local have abandoned their

homes. Nicola Taylor reports.

Local farmers in India tea northern northern state are suffering.

Floodwaters have washed away

large swathes of their crops fan road

fan road links have been

disrupted, cutting off outside world. The crop was

been destroyed completely.

People are disdisresed and

there is still water four fields. The

crops have seen food prices

skyrocket, know blow for the poor whose homes have been

washed away. In the washed away. In the capital

New Dehli the overflowing river has

has swamped several low-lying

areas with water reaching the area close to the Commonwealth

games village. Ment misery

continues in Pakistan where

tens of thousands of pregnant women healthcare weeks after flooding women are struggling for healthcare weeks after flooding devastated much of the country,

many are trapped by the cut

water and cut off from urgently needed medical help. TRANSLATION: I'm

pregnant and I don't know where

I'll deliver my baby. Nobody

listens to our request and no

doctor is coming here. I have

small children. I never got

any food or tent. I'm sleeping

on a bed on the roadside and

no-one is helping. If someone

can help us, please for God's

sake help us. Some help has

arrived in the form of a new

relief camp and field hospital

in Sindh Province. ambassador to Pakistan opened

the site on behalf of his the site on behalf of his

country as a gift to provide

shelter, food and medical care to the flood victims of to the flood victims of the

region. Landmine victims of

Burma's border insurgency are finding out there is life after

losing a limb. Just across the

border in Thailand there's a clinic that makes it possible

for them to walk again. The ABC's Zoe Daniel travelled to Mae Sot on Mae Sot on the Thai-Burma board

are for this report. Every year year this clinic gives at least

250 people their mobility back.

With it the ability to stand on

their own two feet again in more ways than more ways than one. We are

doing the good deeds for the

needy people, you see, because

to get proths inside Burma is it quite difficult. Mo it quite difficult. Mo Kay is a

former militia who loved his

own leg when he stepped on a

landmine in Burma about 25

years ago. After receiving a

prothesis thick leg from French doctor he learned the craft himself and treats others

injured in the continuing

border insurgency. He and his

staff have all experienced the

physical and emotional trauma affecting their patients. TRANSLATION:

Although I may be able to walk, Although I may be able to walk,

this accident will be in my

mind. I'm happy with this artificial leg, though. Every

day 300 or 400 people visit the

clinic in Thailand for all

sorts of medical treatment.

Each year more and more come

for legs and feet. Whatever their asked. accepted here, no questions

asked. Burmese soldiers who've stepped on land mines are frequent

frequent patients here. They's frequent patients here. They's

fitted which are their limb as

long side civilians who done the same. The clinic is one of the few options

available for people who battle

illness and danger to get to

it. Zoe Daniel, ABC News on the Thai-Burma border. Back

home, the Northern Territory government is under government is under fire for stopping Aboriginal children being taught in their own

language. A bilingual education research says the research says the Territory government has to defend its decision to scrap

the programs. For decades

schools in remote parts of the

Territory have taught in

English and indigenous language. But two years ago, Government announced it was

dismantling the system saying

its data showed bilingual education wasn't getting

results Buy link cal schools results Buy link cal schools

are perform as badly as the non-bilingual schools. Those

numbers are being challenged. Brian Devlin government used invalid and incomplete samples. He says

more complete data from the my schools website gives a

completely different

result. They're doing better result. They're doing better in English than students in the comparison schools. According

to Dr Devlin in buy

to Dr Devlin in buy lingual


Latest national testing says

the Territory is at the bottom

of the class in level in every subject tested,

but it also says the Territory's rate of improvement

was higher than the national

average in most areas. The Territory Territory Government says shows it is on the right

track. I think the results of

the Naplan testing showing

increases and improvements in

the major domains of learning

is evidence for me that we need

to keep on going with this policy. But Brian Devlin isn't

giving up. He's sent his results to the Government and

is hoping to meet with the

Education Minister to plead his case for case for a Iskhandar Razak, ABC News, Darwin. Darwin. It seems you really

can't stop the music. Despite threatening floods, the

national piano awards went ahead in Shepparton in central

Victoria. Cheryl Hall reports organisers decided the show

must go on. This may have

been happening outside... But inside Shepparton's east bank inside Shepparton's east bank

auditorium there was a very

different scene. 11 of Australia best young pianists were performing the equivalent

of a marathon. Four, 40 minute

performances each from Bach and

bait Hove event to an

Australian work. Competitions

like this have long been held

in small towns in Europe but

the idea from one in the idea from one in Australia

came from Shepparton couple 20

years ago. The early years were difficult where some of the councillors couldn't see the benefit to particularly when we were in

financial straights, it was a

bit dickie there for a while,

but I'm sure the wouldn't let us lose it now. Dame now. Dame Elizabeth Murdoch

baled them out of financial

strive in the early years. Now

they enjoy the full support of

local businesses and entrants from around the country. What's

the right thing to do for this

competition? Well, a bit of everything, I everything. Yes. everything, I suppose. A bit of

everything. Yes. I got my

first round

first round ... The entrants

are selected by the judges, one

from France, one from Canada

and one from Melbourne. Four

of the chosen 11 vying for the

$20,000 prize are from

Victoria. This is one of the leading competitions in Australia and I've been

watching the last two

competitions, the found it is a really good one. found it is a really good one.

A lot of the past winners

have proved themselves quite

successfully in their careers. I think that adds to I think that adds to the significance of the competition as well. The contestants are

bill letted in homes around

Shepparton which meant one of

them, will Smith, had to move during the week because of the rising floodwaters. It hasn't dampened his enthusiasm. It is dampened his enthusiasm. It is

a very high profile competition in Australia and internationally recognised as

well. I really love the way it gives you an opportunity to

perform such a variety of the music from five different time

periods in music history.

periods in music history. When

I'm preparing for a performance

sometimes I get cold hands because I'm nervous and what I

do is I actually give my

fingers a bit of fingers a bit of a massage, like fingers a bit of a

like so, and rotate them like

that. I studied with will and

I actually used to play I actually used to play duio

with him and I've got a lot of respect for him. I respect for him. I think he's

an amazing musician.

an amazing musician. When I'm stage that shouldn't be an

issue. I'm not going to be

thinking about the other competitors. I'll be thinking about what I have to do. What

do you think makes a good

pianist? I think there are a

lot of things. You need to

have fast fingers. You need to

be able to put in the many hours of

have quite a lot of stamina. I

think also you need to have

something to say. It something to say. It is

important to be able to express beautiful beautiful things, philosophical

things, exciting things and to

be able to do that at the drop

of a hat really. This the 10th

national piano awards in

Shepparton. It's become so well recognised there was

recent talk after the wards going to going to Melbourne. We approach

when the recital centre opened

to bring it to Melbourne. The

mere mention that the award might go to Shepparton and go

to Melbourne they get quite upset. Do you think that would

ever happen? No, because it's

unique in a country town. You're determined to

leave it in Shepparton? Yes.

Yes. No

Yes. No way will it

move. Cheryl whaul that report.

No way, not can stop them. Some of the muse

sl scores were quite fluent, so

it was very good. We'll move on

from that bad pun. Many

Catholics are in favour of

giving women greater status and authority in the church. 500

British Catholics were surveyed

ahead of a state visit ahead of a state visit by Pope

Benedict this week. The BBC's Robert Pigott reports. Women

make up the majority of

Catholic congregations. They

bring children to services and keep churches running, but many keep bring children to services and keep churches running, but many say they feel undervalued by

the church and they're running

out of patience. In the week

before the Pope's arriving in Britain, 500 Catholics

asked should women have more authority

authority and status in authority and status in the

Catholic Church? 62 per cent

answered yes, only 30 per cent

said 2340 no. We welcome our

holy father on Thursday. Many

Catholics would like women

priests but Pope Benedict has

declared the ban on ordaining women at permanent and definitive. He's forbidden any official discussion of the issue. People are leaving as a issue. People are leaving as a

result. Even people who are

staying they're hurting inside.

By saying we By saying we can't not discuss whether women are priests we're

suggesting there's something

utterly evil or extraordinary

about the notion that a woman could represent Christchurch. Jesus. Should the

Pope insist that priests are

celibate? 49 per cent said no, and and 35 per cent said yes. Benedict told English and Welsh

bishops this year they must not

tolerate dissent among

Catholics. But the poll shows

large numbers of ordinary

Catholics are by disputing

important teaching on issues

like celibacy and the role of

women prepared to challenge the

Pope's view on exactly what the church's message should church's message should be. Catholic leaders say

concerns such as those about

the role of women are often based on a misunderstanding. Disglmpblingt in the three

dioceses I've know been significant dioceses I've know been Bishop of women significant role to play and do

as directors of education for

our schools, directors of religious education. Catholics

are increasingly aware their

church's teaching is at odds church's teaching is at odds

with contemporary values, but

there was one optimistic note

in the poll. Nearly 70 per

cent of the Catholics

questioned said they expected

Pope Benedict's visit to leave

the church in Britain in better

heart. You're heart. You're watching ABC News Breakfast. Julia Gillard

is already defining her new

look ministry before it's been

sworn in. Universities sworn in. Universities aren't happy the Prime Minister has split education between split education between at least two least two ministers, they say it devalues higher

education. Police have arrested

more than 1,000 people during a

trans fast man police blitz on

alcohol related crime. While

they say the exercise was they say the exercise was a success, they're appalled at

the large number of of arrests. An American woman

gaoled in Iran for more than a

year is set to be released.

Sarah Shroud was charged with the country's border with the country's border with two

fellow hikers. For a look at the national papers today joined by Professor Greg Barton from the School of Political

and Social Inquiry at Monash

university. Thanks for joining

us this morning. Good morning

Mary and Michael. The fun and games continue

games continue in Canberra. The

we'll start with looking at the

cartoons. For the cartoonist

the election is a gift the election is a gift that

keeps on giving. What a keeps on giving. What a cast of characters and funny

absurd, hasn't it been. That's

right. You couldn't make some

of the stuff up, could you.

We'll start off with a cartoon

from last Wednesday, just the Cabinet... After the result was announced on Tuesday by

Michael Leunig. As with most

Michael Leunig cartoons I can't

really explain why I like it or what

what it means. It's something that communicates something.

The heading of this sunset

scene says the end. In small font it says "of font it says "of the part 1".

We have the red budgie

smugglers and a bright green

budgie going off into The Sun

set. I guess it is a sense of this drama is not over yet. I

wonder how Tony Abbott feels about

about a pair of red red speed December being emblam mat tick

of his career. In the

Australian from last Friday we

have this take on the new

paradigm with Minister whispering, what is

the new paradigm? The answer

being, well, we haven't got to

that yet. We're just focusing on the fact on the fact we've changed the

sloganment we're no longer moving forward.

moving forward. It's the new

campaign. That's the weakness

of the government and of the

campaign. Perhaps on both

sides but certainly on the government side. Slick

slogans. Julia Gillard I suppose say little bit in

danger of ending up like Tony

Blair, quick witted and

likable, but possibly a little

vacuous on the slogans. It mazing the slogans mazing the slogans that have

been criticise ed so much are

pointed at antispin. It is

supposed to be against all of that. You've got to get

padge kicking. The paradigm is

fine. It's not really clear

what the new paradigm is or what the new paradigm is or the new Julia is. Last Thursday. I

think she often nails these things.

things. This is a look at the how politics works and the the Lower House. It ends by

saying "then there's the

Senate." With each passing figure

figure you can see the thing

being shredded. Which points

to the serious question how effective the government

be in getting stuff passed. It

is funny to think about considering all the characters involved in the cartoon frame, but the reality but the reality is pretty tough

for the government. That was

last week. This week we're

looking at shredded ministries,

for instance, and more players on the scene there. That's

right. This was before we new

the knew Cabinet. We've got

from the Herald Sun. Mark

Knight is always God for

skewinge depos and cutting to

the quick. We have the minister for early minister for early childhood

and schools. Somebody is

whispering at the bottom of the

frame it is a promotion. Call it a promotion. Of course it

looks like a demotion. The

bigger question is not what

happened to the minister but what's happened to higher

education, what's happened to the university, at least there

is a minister for schools, there's no min-Sterjovski stir

for tertiary education. I

don't think Peter Garrett has had a kind

had a kind word said in his

favour for a long time. You

could argue, what could argue, what happened with the ceiling insulation debacle was terrible,

was terrible, but the sense to

which it's his responsibility

and others...... He was a fall guy, he took one for the team, essentially. Yes. essentially. Yes. He's

retained a position and in fact

been given... Taken under the

wing perhaps of Julia Gillard by

by taking one of her

treasurered policy

areas. That's right. There was former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd had more responsibility

with insulation debacle and

didn't respond to warnings from

Garrett. Maybe there's a lot more to the story that's been

presented in public. Garrett

seems to have the favour of the

new Prime Minister even though

he's still been shamed somewhat. The Age editorial somewhat. The Age editorial cartoon this morning on the

coverage. We'll wait for it to

come up here. We're familiar

with the Light on the Hill. It

looks like the Light on the Hill for the time being is

being replaced with a candle in

the wind. It doesn't inspire

the same confidence. It does

seem a bit fragile at the moment. The level of cynicism

and scepticism it must be

daunting it. It is starting

with an underdog status. Maybe that's

that's to their advantage. As

the slogan on the coffee mug

says if you want to avoid says if you want to avoid disappointment lower your

expectations. Maybe it is not

a bad start point. It's going

to need to get runs on the

board to build some credibility. Elsewhere, talking of expectations, the of expectations, the worst expectations overseas didn't happen. The happen. The Florida pastor, Terry Jones didn't his threat with the 9/11

anniversary. A whole heap of Beths came out over the

world. It reminds us of Winston

Churchill. You can rely on the

Americans to do the right thing

after they've tried everything

else. It does see at the end

of the day good of the day good sense prevailed.

prevailed. The protests near the Ground Zero site and near

the site of this proposed

Muslim community centre are

still pretty nasty. It is

nasty because of the way it's been engaged with the political

contest. The Australian is one

of many newspapers this morning looking at how the world marked

September 11 over the

weekend. That's right. The weekend papers had a lot... Protests which would

have been unheard of anywhere

near ground

near ground grod Ground Zero

up until a year ago. It is a

sad development. I don't know

if you could

if you could make out from the photograph we just had up, one

of the protesters has a little

badge saying antifascist

soldier and a sign of taking

out the trash. 60s protest

movement going on. The issues

underlying it all speak to a

nasty anxiety in America that

seeks to blame the out cider in

this case Islam. It could have disastrous consequences

around the world. When the fat

what that was against sal on

rush de. The level of hatred or disaffection disaffection from Islam

throughout America was worse

than it was eight years ago immediately after September 11. Something like 47 per cent of Americans are actually react

unfavourably to the religion of

Islam. It is terribly

concerning. If you go to a

popular online book store and

have a look at titles on Islam, the sort of published and the information,

as it were, that feeds people's

conditions is very

conditions is very alarming. There's plenty of

commentary this morning about the make up of Julia Gillard's new new Cabinet, including commentary in the Prime Minister's favourite newspaper

the Australian. Would you expect them to clinically

dissect the new Cabinet and

make any critical comments they could.

could. Dennis Shanahan could. Dennis Shanahan says on

page where they do the

breakdown that this was a

pretty decent Cabinet. I think

you've got his stamp of you've got his stamp of approval from a fairly critical

angle they've done reasonably well. They're wondering where is the catch. The catch is she's got to make it work. Gerard Henderson on the 'Insiders' pointed out Bill Shorten does have this ability and it was a sensible

appointment. Yes. There's a

recognition that Gillard is immensely capable. If immensely capable. If she can

make it work she'll be given

credit. The sketch six is

around. You've picked up on a story in the story in the Age. This has been

covered in a number of papers.

The Age has I large break out

page look at detachment 88 antiterrorism in Indonesia

which has gone very good work

in antiterrorism but has been

involved in roughing up of involved in roughing up of

people in detention, possibly

even some degree of torture in

the eastern province of

Indonesia. It speaks to a

number of realities. One is

police forces take a long time

to reform in any country and

certainly in not going to win any long-term struggle against terrorism if you're not very careful about

respecting human rights.

That's the one weakness of the Indonesian approach. This hasn't hasn't got much

it? No. I think it may come

up more and more because of

Australia's close association

with detachment 88. It is a wonder there hasn't been wonder there hasn't been a

story like this for years now.

Things have gone much better

than you expect. It is one of those things that needs to be

faced up to identified as

completely unacceptable. Otherwise, this will only feed Otherwise, this will only feed into sentiments that encourage extremism. Thank you very much

for coming in. Pleasure. Thank you. Here's Paul Kennedy with the sport headlines. Mark

Webber has finished in 6th

position at the Italian GP,

Fernando Alonso won the race, and he's back in World

Championship contention now.

Whoever sits on top of the race for the drivers' championship. for the drivers' championship. Lewis Hamilton did not finish. All of

All of that works out pretty well well for Mark Webber . Let's

take a look at the basketball.

American's gone to win the gold medal for the world

championships. Beat Turkey.

Kevin Durant was the champion

in the torn. He shot 28 points

in the final. Well done to in the final. Well done to

America. The A-League Gold

Coast beat Perth one-nil and Melbourne Victory had a good

win yesterday. They zord #

they scored three goals and

looking to strengthen their

season. We'll season. We'll play this next

one before we go. It was smart

thinking there by the striker

to go through the legs. We'll

have more sport in half an

hour. We'll breakdown that

basketball game for you basketball game for you from

Turkey. H Vanessa O'Hanlon.

The skies were blue over Bondi Beach yesterday. They were

blue and very colour. We had

things like a giant octopus and

a black cat. They were some of

the outstanding kites that part in the 32nd Festival of

the Winds. Kite makers couldn't have asked for a

better day. The weather

conditions were perfect. conditions were perfect. 28 kilometres an hour for the winds. In Queensland's few showers on the north-east

coast, cloudy offer the south

but a mostly dry day. New

South Wales patchy rain developing across the State,

possible storm on the alp with

a cool southerly change in the south. For Victoria, widespread rain with snow on

the alps and colder southerly

winds. Tasmania strong cold

westerly winds turning soth westerly westerly with heavy and times over in the

west, a top of 11 in Hobart. A road weather alert is current

for the Adelaide Hills because

of the low visibility. For the rest of the South Australia patchy rain over the east as a colder gusty change moves over

the state. Western Australia a

cool morning, a few showers in

the south and gusty easterlies

in the east. Heading for a top of 18 degrees

of 18 degrees in Perth. Mostly

fine and warm up in the north,

patchy rain and storms for lower half of the Northern Territory, 34 patchy rain and storms for the

Territory, 34 degrees in

Darwin. A shower or two for

Adelaide, top of 15 degrees,

mostly sunny in Darwin sunny day for Perth 19 degrees.

Dough tails on a hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean. Still ahead on ABC News Breakfast Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd will oversee the government's

offshore immigration policy. We'll be talking to an

Indonesian and East Timor expert on that.

Julia Gillard on the defence as universities attack decision to split the education

ministry. More than 1,000 arrests during the weekend's trans-Tasman blitz on trans-Tasman blitz on alcohol

related violence. Iran set to release an American woman

gaoled for more than a year on spying charges. The United States reclaims States reclaims its title as the world champions of

international men's basketball. Good morning it's Monday 13

September. I'm Michael Rowland. I'm Mary Gearin. The top story on ABC News top story on ABC News Breakfast, the Prime Minister

defends her decision to break

up the education portfolio. Universities are unhappy she's