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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. into the federal election campaign, We're four weeks more like a marathon than a sprint. and it's starting to feel

with his view of the week. Ten's Greg Turnbull joins me

by Peter Garrett's stumble, Greg, week four was dominated and an interest rate rise. the Melbourne Cup

There was a lot in it and the There was a lot in it and the

stand-out feature was that interest

rate rise. I did not think it

surprised anybody. Many political observers were saying that it could

be a nail in the coffin of the

Government. To listen to Mr Howard

you would swear that it was a you would swear that it was

rabbit out of the hat. And we had

that discussion about whether when

apologising or not. you say sorry, if you are

on the campaign trail Yes, indeed, aren't what they seem. sometimes things standing in front of Mr Howard, Take the young man the PM and share a quick word. smiling and surely eager to meet You're a disgrace, John... Yeah, OK.

has a thick skin, Just as well the Prime Minister he needed on Wednesday which of course rate rise to his political advantage, when he tried to turn the interest with an apology. but ended up making news

of Australia And I would say to the borrowers that I am sorry about that. who are affected by this change, "Me too," said the Treasurer. they don't like that, I don't like that, that's in anybody's interest I don't think and for that I'm sorry. by at least one Australian. Apology not accepted Mr Howard didn't apologise yesterday at the last election. for misleading people

for apologies. It seemed to be the week ajoke at the wrong time, I accept responsibility for cracking at the wrong place. "Hey mate, sorry for the stuff-up." And on that basis I've said to Kevin from Liberal Minister Jim Lloyd for misinterpreting these words And an apology of our own

on Monday. in conversation with the PM to reintroduce GST for food. The fairest thing would be It turns out

NSW Minister John Della Bosca He was, in fact, quoting who suggested the GST would be fairer if applied to food

seven years ago - in a magazine article by the way. an article written by Maxine McKew, is Belinda Neal, John Della Bosca's wife guess who? the Labor candidate running against, Jim Lloyd. on the campaign trail Yes, indeed, aren't what they seem. sometimes things in this election campaign Let's hear what two of the players thought of week four. Tanya Plibersek, I'm joined by Labor's Senator George Brandis. and the Coalition's Good morning to you both.

Senator Brandis, is the interest

rate rise and nail in the coffin

for a rabbit out of the hat? I do

not like to categorise it as either.

Nobody likes interest rates rising.

It does serve to remind us that

interest rates are very important

issue in this election and over

that 12 years of coalition

government, interest rates have

moved between 6%, at their lowest.

An 8% at their highest. At their

highest under house they are still

lower then the lowest under the

past Labor government. Is it a nail past Labor government. Is it a

in the coffin, or a rabbit out of

the hat? I think how it affects the

political fortunes of either party

is much less important about

whether it affects the family whether it affects the

budget. We know that families were

struggling before and they are

certainly struggling now. The other

day John Howard said

day John Howard said sorry, he did day John Howard said sorry, he

not apologise, for the rate rise.

He has said that Australian

families have never been better off.

His is sorry for interest rates

rising, are working for Australian

families never been better off? It

is a very confused message from the

Prime Minister and if he could not

keep interest rates low, he should

not have said that he should could.

What is the difference between

saying sorry and apologising? It is

a semantic debate that Kevin Rudd

is using to hide from the reality

that Labor her record on interest

rates, when they were last in

government, was terrible. That is

lower then it was at any time during

during the last period of Labor

government. Our worst result is better

know better than their best. You also

know that people had borrowed so

much more at two buy their homes

now, they are paying a biggest

share of the family budget because

housing have felt at affordability. housing have felt at affordability.

Let us talk about interest rates

about John Howard when he was

treasure if we're going to go over

ancient history. Let's talk about

what is happening now and the

people had borrowed more or then

they have in the past energy and

what they would be paying if they

had 17 % interest rates. Mark Laden

put his head up in the election

campaign today and he said that no

matter who wins, the Government

will be the same. What do you think

of his outburst? I think Mark

Latham is still struggling to come

to terms with the loss of the last

election and I think that is from

his particularly perspective. I

cannot get over the fact that three

years ago Tanya Plibersek was one

of the people telling us why Mark of the people telling us why Mark

Latham at which to beat such a good

Prime Minister for Australia. I

think he is right in saying that

Labor is copycat thing that the

Government but I do think he is

wrong because there is one a sharp

difference. A Labor government

would reintroduce unfair dismissal

laws which would force unemployment

rates up. When the employment

figures were announced last month

many new jobs were created in

Australia, the biggest record

creation in this country for 16

years. Unemployment actually went

up, it went up slightly. And you're

saying that that is fantastic. Do

you think there are many people

still to make up that mind and

Harry think the final fortnight

will go? I think many people are

still making up their minds. I have

said all along that it will be a

very tight finish, a very Melbourne

Cup finish. I think George is right.

There are still people making up

their minds and they will be a very

close results and will be a very

tough campaign for Labor to win. I

think Kevin Rudd has shown a lot of

enthusiasm and has done a very positive campaign.

Ahead in sport,