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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. killed in the Middle East The family of an Australian prepare to say their final goodbyes. Relief for footy great Benny Elias from the war-torn nation. as his mother returns safely And al-Qa'ida vows to join the fight on Lebanon. and avenge Israel's attacks

Good morning. Benny Elias, Relief for rugby league great from war-torn Lebanon overnight. his mother returning for another Sydney family But tragedy of a young man as they prepare for the funeral while fighting for the Israeli army. killed

around the country A familiar sight at airports is waiting in the crowd. but this time a familiar face Former NSW player Benny Elias

return home. relieved to see his mother Fantastic news. Good on you, darling. All over the moon, Barbara. Love you, Mum. the family of Sydney man Assaf Namer, There's been no such reunion for the Israeli army in southern Lebanon who was killed fighting with

alongside nine others. are now on their way to Israel His mother and sister to join relatives for his funeral.

in the last month of his service The 27-year-old was with his girlfriend. and had been planning to settle down the first to receive the tragic news. His mother It comes as the Israeli Government reserve soldiers to fight. calls up to 15,000 more in the violence so far. Nearly 500 people have been killed in calling for a cease-fire. The European Union now joining the UN Kate Donnison, Ten News. to join the fight against Israel. Al-Qa'ida is calling on Muslims broke out in the Middle East For the first time since violence avenge Israel's attacks on Lebanon. the terror group has pledged to for Muslims around the world. A rallying cry Ayman al-Zawahri, Osama bin Laden's number two, on Lebanon and Gaza, condemning Israel's assault will respond in force. pledging the militant network in the Middle East Israel has long been the hate figure has tried to muscle in but this is the first time al-Qa'ida on the recent fighting. spreading among the Arabs There is a wave of radicalism from Arab governments. because of the lack of response response from President Bush. The warning provoking an immediate encouraging people Statements basically to kill innocent people to use terror tactics to achieve political objectives. quality The video's high-tech production that al-Qa'ida's leaders is an indication are not hiding in remote areas. in a major urban centre This was done amongst Western intelligence and therefore the suspicion are in a major city. is that al-Zawahri and bin Laden attempt to broker a peace deal And while international leaders is a warning this latest al-Qa'ida video across the Middle East and beyond. Hezbollah may recruit militants from Hugo Ward, Ten News. ripped through Far North Queensland, Four months after cyclone Larry for victims of the violent storm. there's been a fresh setback Reports today allege trying to rebuild their homes, contractors are preying on those the going rate. some charging up to four times joins me, Innisfail's Mayor Neil Clarke Mr Clarke are these reports true? being charged up here There are certainly inflated prices and a lot of that is to do with requirements workplace health and safety to have scaffolding for anything over 3m and at the moment Innisfail Cyclone Larry-affected areas and the rest of the Tropical looks like scaffold city. And just an example of that

guttering replaced on their homes, is for people just to have their on a high-blocked home, to replace the guttering there may be only $1,000 anything up to $5,000 but the job's costing of putting up scaffolding, because of the additional cost a lot of the prices. so that's certainly inflated It makes it very tough, I guess.

has been put back together How much of your town still actually homeless? and are many people 2,000 homes There are still at least structural damage that have received

repairs done to them. that have not have We are running out of time of the next wet season. until the start We only have six months to go. that a lot people And I am very concerned in safe and inhabitable homes will not be able to live which is in mid-January next year. by the start of the next wet season for your time morning. Good luck. Thanks very much in Innisfail. Neil Clarke there has boiled over Frustration over high petrol prices a national summit with the NRMA announcing the use of alternative fuels. on ways to encourage now from Canberra. NRMA President Alan Evans joins me about alternative fuels Alan, there's been a lot of talk

why is that? but very little action,

People have not seen the urgent

People have not seen the urgent

need.. Given the higher oil prices we need.. Given the higher oil prices

are faced with hurt to families. We

thought it was a duty to get

something happening. We want to work

with the government and we want to with the government and

work with industry to look into

alternative fuels for Australian

motorists. The use of ethanol hasn't

lowered it at the pumps so far what lowered it at the pumps so far

is the next best alternative? There is the next best alternative?

is a natural gas. They is cold or

boil. They used a whole range

boil. They used a whole range of

alternatives been trial overseas. We

knees to the leadership to find a are lagging behind. We think their are lagging behind. We think

role solutions. The United role solutions. The United States's

are opening ethanol plant we need to are opening ethanol plant we need

be doing similar

be doing similar things. Including

fuels like hydrogen and so there. We

environment. also have to be mindful of the also have to be mindful

breaks for investing in child care. A call today to give companies tax has outlined a scheme Labor leader Kim Beazley for businesses which would expand tax breaks which set up childcare facilities. spaces would also be scrapped. The fringe benefits tax on childcare Labor says that could create another 25,000 childcare places and help mums get back into the workforce. The case for a $30 a week pay rise will be made today by the ACTU. The union movement says higher petrol and food prices are making it impossible for almost 2 million minimum wages earners to make ends meet. But businesses warn the pay claim will place further pressure on interest rates

which are already expected to rise next week. The claim will be considered by the new Fair Pay Commission in November. A busy night for fire crews in Adelaide, three blazes leaving a damage bill of more than $1 million. People living above shops in the main street of Port Adelaide ran for their lives when flames took hold in the rooms below. No one was injured in the blaze. Investigators are on the scene still looking for a cause. A second fire, believed to have been started by an electrical fault, damaged two businesses in the city's north-east. And a third blaze at a printing business appears to have been deliberately lit. Disgraced rugby league player Tevita Latu is in hot water again. He's left Australia for the UK, breaching a community service order he received for punching a teenage girl in the face two months ago.

The sacked Cronulla hooker has secured a short-term contract with English Super League club Wakefield. He's expected to start next week, but may be issued with an arrest warrant if he fails to fulfil the community service order.

The death toll rises as the mercury soars across America,

that story when the morning news returns.

And is this the next Tiger Woods? The putting prodigy with dreams of turning pro.

A teacher in the US has pleaded guilty to a drug-fuelled sexual affair with a teenage student. Former history teacher Danielle Walls was described in a Californian court as a cocaine fiend who allegedly plied her 16-year-old student with drugs and alcohol.

The 27-year-old and her 10th grade history student had sex up to 25 times in 5 different hotels in early 2004. She faces 5.5 years in a jail. The long hot summer has claimed more lives in America.

In California alone, 83 people have been killed by the heat, with temperatures hitting 46 degrees in some parts of the state.

The elderly are the most vulnerable. All of the body systems - the cardio-respiratory system, the nervous system - can be impaired and can basically shut down.

The scorching temperatures have taken their toll on livestock with animals dying in paddocks and fruits and nuts withering on vines. Meantime, businesses in London have been hit hard by the summer heatwave, a high demand on power cutting the city's energy supply.

Blank screens at Piccadilly Circus. London's great technicolour icon starved of electricity. Normally this landmark is a blaze of dancing neon. But the lights went out this afternoon after rolling blackouts in the central London area left more than 3,000 customers without power. The blackout caused the closure of Oxford Circus Underground,

one of the busiest in the capital. It left commuters stranded, tourists bewildered. I think there is no electricity on the signs. We are from the United States and we expected this to look like Times Square with all the lights up across the street and we're really disappointed that there were none. The blackout was caused by four unrelated faults. The problem exacerbated by high demand caused by high heatwave temperatures. The company, EDF Energy, has warned of further cuts tomorrow. The wider question - is this sign of things to come? America's top diplomat, Condoleezza Rice, has hit a serious note at a traditionally light-hearted function. The US Secretary of State chose a sombre classical piano piece to perform at the ASEAN dinner in Kuala Lumpur. The Association of South-East Asian Nations has a tradition

of secretaries of state performing silly skits but the accomplished pianist decided that wasn't appropriate after the failed peace talks on the Middle East.

Uproar as the Tour de France champion fails a drug test, that's when ten's morning news returns. Also, a wild ending to the an international women's soccer match in Adelaide.

In finance news, the Australian sharemarket is trading in negative territory.

Tour de France winner Floyd Landis has been caught up in a drugs scandal, testing positive for testosterone. He's denied he's a drug cheat

but also says he can't be hopeful he'll be cleared by a 'B sample'. Glory on the Champs-Elysees one day, a drugs controversy just days later.

Floyd Landis's team has confirmed it has been notified by cycling's governing body that tests taken after the American's incredible comeback on stage 17 had unusually high levels of the banned male hormone testosterone. The 30-year-old went to ground the minute reports appeared, suspended until further notice by his team. In the late afternoon

we got the message from his team-mate Robert Hunter that Floyd wasn't in the hotel anymore, so he left suddenly this afternoon.

Surfacing only to deny the claims in a US magazine. His mother back home is standing by her son. I'm not concerned. I think God is allowing us to go through this so that Floyd's glory is even greater. Analysts say the testing procedures have long been controversial.

I don't believe he will be positive. I believe he will be exonerated. I believe when the facts come out about the test and the numbers and how they're read and the interpretation of them, you will see that the right rider won the Tour de France. Fellow riders have expressed their disappointment. You're congratulating him one day then find this kind of news out. It's not good for anybody. If the B sample does confirm the result, Landis will certainly be sacked by his team and stripped of his title,

meaning second rider overall, Spain's Oscar Pereiro, would be declared the winner and Australia's Cadel Evans promoted to fourth. Emily Groves, Ten News. To AFL - and neurologists have ruled that St Kilda ruckman Justin Koschitzke

can't return to senior football for at least another fortnight. The Saints were set to pick him for tomorrow's AFL clash with Richmond but specialists intervened,

saying he's not ready after his fractured skull. Justin Koschitzke's injury-riddled career is on hold, again. Despite coach Grant Thomas's confidence the ruckman was ready to return after fracturing his skull in May, specialists have ruled his long-awaited comeback must wait. I don't think neurological surgeons and specialists would flirt with that sort of situation,

so just rest easy everyone, we're doing everything we can. It's been deemed Koschitzke must have further tests to prove his fitness. The AFL remains confident the Kangaroos will play home games at Carrara next season. The league confident it can reach an agreement with the NRL over the proposed erection of temporary seating on the playing surface. But Gold Coast Mayor Ron Clarke has conceded the Roos may have lost their home away from home.

I think it's pretty impossible. You'd have to postpone it for a year. So the Kangaroos may not be playing there next year then? Not if this goes through.

Hawthorn ruckman Spida Everitt returns from a foot injury for tonight's clash with Collingwood. Nathan Buckley plays game 250 for the Magpies. In the future we will look back and we will say, "We have seen Nathan Buckley - "perhaps the greatest Collingwood player of all time - play." Damian Booth, Ten News. To NRL - and veteran Canberra Raiders five-eighth Jason Smith has signed with North Queensland, rejecting an offer from new outfit the Gold Coast Titans. Financially, the Titans and Cowboys tabled similar offers. But with Jason Smith's career winding up, it was his search for another premiership that was an big factor in his decision. That's one thing going for the Gold Coast - to be part of the inaugural side. They've got a good roster together but in saying that I think the Cowboys could win the comp. The deal with the Cowboys is for one year. To soccer - and the Australian women's team has qualified for next year's World Cup via the Asia region. Australia beat Japan 2-0 in the semifinal of the Asian Cup overnight. The win means the Matildas automatically qualify for the World Cup in China next year. They'll now play Cup hosts in the Asian Cup final on Sunday

after China beat North Korea in a firey encounter which ended with officials being attacked over unfavourable referee calls. When the crowd reacted, bottles were hurled back and forth as police tried to calm the situation. The Asian Football Confederation is investigating the incident. Melbourne has regained poll position for next year's F1 Grand Prix, creating a major clash on the sporting calendar. The Australian Grand Prix will be held at Albert Park from March 15 to the 18th. This creates a direct clash with the diving events at the swimming world championships, also scheduled for Albert Park. Grand Prix Chairman Ron Walker denies the clash will compromise the diving, particularly access to the venue. The Grand Prix is expected to draw almost 400,000 people, the diving around 3,000. Australian golfer Karrie Webb has shot a 4-under par 68 to share a 3-way lead, midway through the Evian Masters. The former world number one had a superb front nine, collecting four birdies, a bogey and an eagle. She's joined at the top of the leaderboard with Mexican Lorena Ochoa and teen sensation Michelle Wie, who's chasing her first tournament win as a professional. Another Aussie Shani Waugh is four shots back after a disappointing round of 73, which could have been worse if not for this spectacular eagle on the last.

When he won the British Open last week, a cool US$1.3 million in prize money, Tiger Woods pocketed for his career. taking him past the $60 million So you have to wonder why out on the links more dads haven't sent their babies as soon as they can walk. a pitching and putting prodigy Meet Brayden Bozak who's also devastating with a driver.

in the world? Who's the best 2.5-year-old golfer Me. There's no shortage of confidence. Brayden hits the ball like a pro, including is caddy, Dad. including his caddy, Dad. astounding everyone because he is still in diapers. It's amazing He's 2.5 years old. and get him out of diapers We're trying to potty train him and hits the ball off the tee box, and the kid comes out and he just loves the game. 50, 60 yards

And if this looks familiar just over a quarter of a century dial back the clock is modelling his career on. and you can see who Brayden when you grow up? What do you want to be when I grow up. I want to be Tiger

more than 50 times on the US Tour, Tiger Woods has won including 11 majors. in endorsements and prize money He's closing in on almost $1 billion before his 21st birthday. since turning pro Brayden, on the other hand,

his charge to the top. wants to fast-track How long before you go pro?

Five. So 7 years old you're going pro? Five more years? he's not in too much of a rush. Well, maybe has plenty of time This pint-sized player to work on his short game. The longer he waits will be to retirement. the closer the current champ Anthony Goodridge, Ten News.

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don't have kids Some people these days

have gone off to college or their kids

and they've left and these dogs and cats have become pseudo children, their sons and their daughters. lactose-free ice cream treat Guests can indulge in a special while they're watching television. There's also a day camp for owners to get a work-out who want their animals while they're at work. up to date with all the news. That brings you

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