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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. talk t-v program for the A.C.T. as Welcome to State Focus, our weekly South Wales. well as southern and central New Hello its Guy Sweeting. Today: more water for Goulburn. that humanely kills cane toads. Also: a spray developed in Canberra with the University of Canberra. And: TAFE Illawarra joining forces progress of a new track for Then: a new boss talks about the Canberra's Thoroughbred Park. non-profit recyclers Revolve has But first up; long time successful government over providing a service been in a dispute with the A.C.T. South Canberra. at the Mugga Lane landfill site in courts. Now the battle is heading to the locks were changed at the site just The problem came to a head when before midnight July 1. of Revolve, we're joined by Anne To explain the issue and the future Forward the chair of the board of Revolve. Welcome Guy thankyou. Welcome to State Focus.

what's it all about? No worries, tell me about Revolve, which started off about 19 years Well it's a charitable organisation funded as a job creation program, ago and it's a body which was looking for jobs which had a future the people who started it were like an area where new jobs could and decided that recycling looked have a on going future. so back in those days recycling was Everyone talks about recycling now newish wasn't it? then as a potential money maker, it Yes that's right it wasn't seen sustain some jobs for people for was seen to be sufficient to into the future. organisation but yet you can buy Revolve is a non-profit recycling area there and just that odds and sods from the Mugga lane work? money goes to charity, how does that pay the staff and that's the Well it works in that we have to after all it's to pay people for purpose of the job creation program can acquire some labour market meaningful employment where they they've involved a process for skills and they've done that, that's infact what the ACT running this recycling business and money so to the extent that we Government saw as potential to make us in recent times it's based on understand what's been happening to revolve can make alot of money the Governments expectation that because recycling's pretty big. the towards 2020 I think it is Alright and the ACT Government and taken a little bit of different turn project has been there but it's different direction tell me about and decided to go a slightly all of that. business that we've developed over What that amounts to is selling the to continue being involved in the years and what we want to do is what we're recycling and how, still recycling, change the emphasis on materials that people bring to us,, doing the sort of turning over of might otherwise go to landfill um but also reclaiming stuff which environment and for the soil. which is a disaster for the processing it, selling it into an We want to start collecting stuff all those connections, we haven't international market and we've got connection internationally that's got the space but we've got the been trying to talk to the the way we want to develop, we've about our need to have more space Government for in excess of 2 years good for getting rid of used to expand our operation, which is and they've not been prepared to materials in the ACT and the region what it is we want to be doing talk to us so I don't really know because they haven't listened. they're no wanting to talk to you, And aside from your saying that that's actually going to happen? what have they actually told you last few months is that they were Well what they've told us over the because they could see the putting things out to tender then said they were going to use potential for making money, they up for competition. their tendering process to open it Revolve? What for you is the future of of the site at Mugga Lane and make The Government has told us move out done is challenge their right to do way for Aussie Junk, now what we've that @ done is ch what about Aussie Junk or the other or Revolve about what's going on, conversations with any of those players there, have you had people? not that the Government wont speak Well let me clarify something, it's to us, the bureaucrats will keep to us it's that Minister wont speak and asking us what we're doing but telling us what they want us to do Government, the Minister's the our concern is to explain to the we want to do because we don't elected representatives what it is with whom we've been dealing have believe that the public servants we're doing to the Minister. given a fair representation of what Hmm.. within Revolve who has sort of Is there anyone like yourself or has any opinion as to why the questioned why or has a reason or after all these years of it working Government has gone down this path successfully? mystified and have been for some Frankly no we are absolutely politicians, it's not just that years, we approached a number of we've gone and met politicians and we've written letters to Minister's been most encouraging and we haven't found one who hasn't that goes for both the Government supportive of what we're doing and Greens and so there's political and the opposition and indeed the politicians but this doesn't support at the level of individual Government in an administrative translate to the behaviour of the to them about our needs to expand sense, why is it that we can't talk the recycling process which will be and involve more waste products in economic advantage of the ACT for to the social and environmental and the the people who live here. keep and eye across, thank's very Well this is an issue that we'll us. much for coming in to explain it for pleasure Thanky Thankyou very much it's been a Thankyou. Revolve ACT President Anne Forward. Lane recycling dispute? And what do you think of the Mugga Have your say at our mytalk website. Follow the links. You can also email us. Details again at the end of the program. Focus. In Parkwood, you're watching State

boss and new track. Still ahead; Canberra racing's new linked up with TAFE Illawarra to The University of Canberra has stepping stone along the education provide students with a better journey. Parker joins us to explain the Canberra Uni Vice Chancellor Stephen benefits. Welcome to State Focus. What's going to be the arrangement? Thankyou.

working on ways that students who Well the arrangement is that we're can move seamlessly into the at the Illawarra institute of TAFE signed an agreement with the university of Canberra so we've Illawarra institute and we'll work out when they've done a diploma or an associate diploma what kinds of credit they can get at UC. Now this has worked already well with the CIT the Canberra institute of technology sot hat's modelled on that I imagine. Yes we have over 100 articulation pathways with CIT and it improves the students choices and it means that if they are living outside of Canberra in the case of the Illawarra arrangement they can do maybe the first year at campus of Illawarra but then they come to Canberra for years 3 and 3 to do a UC degree. Now this applies to all campus' of TAFE Illawarra because there's a fer of the Cooma, Dapto, Bega, Goulburn, Moruya, Mossvale, Nowra, Queanbeyan, Shellharbour, Ulladulla, Wollongong, Wollongong West, Yallah, Yass and that's it and that's a fair few of them. That's right yes, it's an agreement with the whole of them but we would expect that the larger centres closer to Canberra Goulburn Yass, Cooma, for example Queanbeyan those are areas where students may want to start at the TAFE there and then come into Canberra and for the rest of their study... But I guess the options there for the others aswell if they want to make the journey. Absolutely yeah it is defilingly available, the kinds of disciplines that people would do this in, there's the obvious one such as management or business and IT but we have a range of degrees here at

the university of Canberra and there'll be articulation from many TAFE courses. Okay how long has it taken to stick this deal up between the two institutions? We've been talking for a few months and we've reached the stage of a general agreement and what will happen now is negotiations course by course to work out what credit we'll give for which courses that have been done at Illawarra and then a student will be able to go onto a website, key in what they've already done and work out what their path ways are and what credit they'll get at UC. What about other TAFE's in regional NSW and other areas surrounding Canberra and the capital country area for example say in Young Temora Cootamundra Wagga, what about the other side of Canberra, might there be some opportunities there? There area, we have an arrangement with Riverina TAFE but I think the whole sector is actually changing and universities are getting closer to the TAFE's and the articulation pathways are improving, so we've I think got it right with CIT, we're going to get it right with Illawarra and then we'll be very happy to talk to other. And I guess taking it the other way, not only the university of Canberra or smaller city universities, do but to other universities regional TAFE's? they have similar arrangements with I think UC is probably the furthest Yeah I think so but I've go to say universities al along this pathway of most is the UC setting an example for So I guess from that point of vies across the state and territories? other institutions of that level actually institutions which combine Yes and in other cities there area we've got more pathways than even university and TAFE but we think those institutions might have. worked at it course by course and I think probably just because we've sides @ there' there's been good will on both there. So there's alot of integration Canberra enormously. Yes alot, and I think it benefits coming in to explain that today. Alright okay well thank you for Thankyou. You're welcome.

Chancellor Stephen Parker. University of Canberra Vice end of its water crisis. Still ahead; Goulburn enjoying the keeping cane toads numbers under But now to an unusual approach to control. daily threat to our area, And while they're not a burgeoning outcome for people of the northern Canberra research provides a humane toads. states who more often encounter cane of Pestat, the developer of the cane David Dall is the managing director toad spray. Welcome to State Focus. Thankyou very much. kill cane toads? How'd you come up with a spray to guess we have a spray on the market Through a process of research I attracting foxes so aerosol spray's for a different purpose relating to and it occurred to us what a good are something in our consciousness something like a fly spray for cane ides it would be to come up with toads something humanely so what does that involve, Now the emphasis is on doing it what does that mean? to humans the aerosol component or? Does that mean it's not dangerous really were looking for 3 things in Guy that is a major emphasis, we kind of product we wanted and then our product so we started from the we wanted something that would be worked back into the research phase that would be humane as far as far safe for users and domestic pets it has to be effective and as the cane toads go and obviously be a product. affordable so that it can actually that it doesn't kill them or give Now I guess humane in a sense also them to sleep. them a violent death but gently puts come up with a formulations, a That's right Guy what we've done is number of pretty basic chemicals in mixture of things that has a small acts as an anaesthetic for the came it, one of those chemicals actually it's sprayed it hops for a few toad so after it treated, after sleep, it losses consciousness and seconds and basically then goes to in there is a poison that kills the then another on of the components again @ animal animal before it ever wakes up you can just buy off a shelf and Okay now this is not something that coastline is it, it's just sort of a just spray it across the whole backyard situation. you be able to buy it off the shelf Well yes and no, we are aiming that because we're aiming to have it... really just you know spray it across As far as application is you can't like that it's just really a sort of your whole crop or anything else a localised... Australia as being in 2 major Quite right, we see cane toads in broad landscape scale environment environments one of them's the numbers of people are working on and that needs a very big fix which but area still some way away. domestic and urban environment now In the other environment is the holds in Australia in cane toad there's about 1.3 million house environment for the people living infested area, very significant fauna in there. in them for the pets for the native an environment where there are lots So what we're really looking at is surveillance and it is feasible to of people, lots of local time control exercise on cane toads. go out at do a kind of a one at a north Queensland but the research is Alright this is of great benefit to that work? being done in Canberra, how does Canberra you know I guess we see Well we have scientific set up in respect political boundaries they the fact that cane toads don't and while I don't want to say we are spreading across the country boundaries we think it needs a bit don't respect them political so the fact that we are working a more broad scale approach to that Australia is not really any problem that occurs across tropical we're working on for example on new different to us to the fact that across the southern half of the methods for fox control that occurs continent acros you're using the resources of the But the key thing I guess is that university of Canberra. Canberra, we're actually using the We are based at the university of his, we have offices at the resources of our own company to dot a very good and supportive sort of university of Canberra and there's company so in that sense yes we environment for a small bioscience follow up on the previous question have been going up to Queensland to toads down to Canberra, sooner or we haven't been bring the cane box or bananas or something, we later ones going to turn up in a that in any way so we have been don't want to be associated with to Queensland to do all this taking our people and our materials research @ to Q thankyou very much for coming in. Alright interesting to find out, It's a pleasure. Thankyou. based developer of the spray that David Dall from Pestat, the Canberra humanely kills cane toads. boss tells us about a busy calendar Still to come: Canberra racing's new track opening there soon. at Thoroughbred Park with a new crisis. But next: an end to Goulburn's water Stay with us.

boss Peter Stubbs joins us to talk Well still to come: Canberra racing once the new track opens in December. about the busy racing season ahead, Goulburn's water crisis. But now to a welcome end to Lilac City another year of water Recent rain has easily given the ending run of stage 5 water supplies after a seemingly non restrictions. result is Goulburn Mulwaree mayor And one of the happiest with that phone now. Paul Stephenson, who joins us on the Welcome again to State Focus. How are you Guy? Very well thank you. happened there? How much have you had, what has over - well nearly 2 weeks, I we've had in the equivalent of suppose - we've had nearly 800 mils, that period. about 200 millimetres of rain in

as you know we were down to, you So it's been a very welcome relief, months supply, well this has given know, probably only less than 12 so we're all smiling @ us us another year on top of that now, Now in percentage levels, what's the town's supply up to now? It's up to around about 55%... Oh that's excellent. That's total storage, yeah. What was it down to at it's very lowest? 12. 12! Yeah, that wasn't too good. No, it wasn't. It didn't put a smile on the face, no. Okay, and what stage - you're up to stage 5, and that was locked in for so long wasn't it? It's been there for nearly 3 years under level 5 and you know, the people of Goulburn, as we've spoken of before, have been so good with their water use that we've been able to maintain that and the people have been extremely good to do that otherwise we'd have been out of water a long time ago. Yeah, okay. What's the next step now - coming off of stage 5 - when might that Right, well that's certainly good news and good times ahead, and will that mean that you'll be able to swim in the pool come this summer? well, it's something that we took a very conscious decision to do and I think it was important and we used around the pools and every one of our buildings has got tanks on it. So we used a whole heap of tank water to keep it going because if you looked at it last year - particularly over the school holidays - you wouldn't have wanted kids trying to find somewhere to cool and swimming in rivers where there's snags and all sorts of things. from the point of view of how we could recycle and re-use a lot of water around town, we kept the pool open. Well we look forward to better times with the water in Goulburn, thanks for joining us. Okay, thanks Guy. All the best. Goulburn Mulwaree mayor Paul Stephenson joining us there on the phone from the Lilac City. The calendar of events at Canberra's Thoroughbred Park is packed full

ready for a busy season of horse racing with a new track to be unveiled in December. Damien Foley joined us as outgoing racing club boss, before he headed for the coast. So time now to catch up with the man who's been at the reins since, Peter Stubbs. Welcome to State Focus. Good, how are ya Guy? Alright. Tell us about what's coming up at Canberra Thoroughbred Park. Ah we've got quite a bit coming up, we had our season launch last Friday night which we themed 'Today and Beyond'. As you're probably aware, we've just almost completed a 2 stage re-development of Thoroughbred Park so we're very excited about what's at Thoroughbred Park today and now we're looking beyond today and we're very excited about the future of the Canberra Racing Club. Okay, just walk us through - why did the track need to be upgraded? Ah the original track was installed 40 years ago when the Acton track - which is now under Lake Burley Griffin - closed. It was installed on a clay base that had very little drainage so it was time to totally upgrade the track to modern standards and not only racing standards but safety standards, and we believe we've achieved that. December? Okay, and that's opening in actually be on the 6th of October. Ah the first race meeting will the track on Sunday the 2nd of We'll have the official opening of December @ the t readiness, of course, for the Black Okay, and everything should be in break this year. Opal Stakes next year after having a Yes, that's the correct. run on the 24th of February and The AAMI Black Opal Stakes will be the Canberra Cup this season as we're looking forward to running well at the Back Opal. shift from tradition - we've The Canberra Cup - we're going to October to the 16th of December, transferred the Canberra Cup from and... Okay, why's that? the track is in tip top condition 2 reasons: we wanted to ensure that meeting on the track for the first and not a run a feature race event. trying to boost the Canberra cup In addition to that we've looked at increase our crowd capacities and and making it - improve it - and corporate Christmas party market we believe that by tapping into the that'll be an ideal position for it. and social Christmas party market last Friday the new Canberra Cup In addition to that we announced it'll be the Kennards Canberra Cup sponsor for next year is Kennards, for the next 3 years. really sort of takes off in July and Right okay, and so the season proper just build from there, doesn't it? financial year as do our race dates, Yes our seasons coincide with the our season launch coincide with and our memberships and - so we had that. meetings coming up, including We have a number of semi feature the ACTAB Tony Campbell Cup in Christmas in July, later in July, spring meetings and obviously the August, and that'll lead into the Canberra Cup. opening of the course and the Black Opal Stakes for a minute - And then - just going back to the last one was in early March, so it's Sunday 24th of February I think the usually around that time, isn't it? fluctuates due to the national Yes it's always in the Autumn, it that is that Easter shifts and we racing calendar, and the reason for Easter.. coincid coincide with the movement of guess, isn't it? It's always a tricky job for you, I Yeah. earlier this year. Yes well it is, and it's a bit weather's usually pretty good so But that time of the year the day. we're looking forward to a great the new role and what are some aims Alright, and how are you enjoying time? that you hope to achieve over your role, it's a fantastic job and it's Ah well I'm really enjoying the

we're coming to the completion of a great place to work, and now that redevelopment, the time now is to our 9 million dollar 2 stage revenue streams. look forward and improve all our campaign to improve our membership, We've just launched a multimedia convention centre, improve our advertise our function and sponsorship. forward ahead with Thoroughbred So we're really looking at pushing the club and make it into a vibrant Park so the ensure the future of functions. place to attend race meetings and Mmm. industry? ranks? How did you come up through the the other for many many years, I Oh I've been involved one way or was still at school and progressed started riding track work when I was on the committee at the Cowra through various racing roles and I secretary/manager/CEO at the Albury Racing Club, I was the Canberra 9 years ago. Racing Club before coming to Canberra Racing Club for the past 8 I've been the deputy CEO of the now for about 10 months years and I've been in this role for the forthcoming season, which Okay, well we wish you all the best looks a very busy one. Thanks for coming in. Thank you Guy. executive Peter Stubbs. Canberra Racing Club's chief Okay.

local NRL teams The Raiders and St. Well still on sport and our two round 17 action this afternoon at George Illawarra play each other in with kick off at 2 o'clock. The Dragon's Wollongong home ground contact details. Before we go, our viewer feedback website: or email us You can have your say on our check our Mytalk digital TV channel Also of State Focus programs. for local information and highlights Guy Sweeting. That's as it happened this week, I'm Focus. Join us again next week for State by Southern Cross Ten, Canberra. Live captions loss of captions. We apologise for the temporary as soon as possible. Normal service will resume G'day. I'm Tim Fischer. So don't beat about the bush. down or depressed, If you're feeling have a yarn with your local doc. get you back on track. They can really help You and your rural doctor - a great team and mental health. for your physical you can contact beyondblue And remember, about depression for more information for urgent counselling. or call Lifeline