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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Rates rise 0.25% - to your household budget. what it means after a cliffhanger vote. Human embryos to be cloned drinks to the success of Delta Blues. And racing's newest royalty Ten News with Natarsha Belling. Good morning, also today - calls it quits. another Hollywood couple real winners and losers - And the Cup's

hit new highs and lows at Flemington. the fashion stakes interest rates rise 0.25% But first - The Prime Minister admits to many homeowners the increase will cause pain about the economy. but he remains upbeat joins me now. Ten political editor Paul Bongiorno Mr Howard is asking Australians Paul, into perspective. to put this rate rise

Mr Howard does say he knows a lot

of people are hoping petting and he

feels their pain. It is a good

judgment. It is to keep stability

in our economy and to keep our

prosperity going. If a tip for the

Reserve Bank and the realisation

that inches rates if for a them a highly-geared market place where

people love borrowing. He realises

this will hurt. This morning every

news conference Mr Howard was left

with a as defence there may be a

bit and. He said while it is bad

now it will be much worse under Labour. since the last election. Interest rates have risen 1% four separate movements of 0.25%, Although there have been since the last election. the total increase is 1% Housing interest rates are now, this morning, after the most recent increase will still be lower in the 13 years than they were at any time of the Hawking/Keating governments.

A key part of the Government's

election campaign was keeping of

interest rates low. How they just

is this? I think it is a very

dangerous. Today the housing

industry is satiation says this

latest rise is a body blow MSA it

war had $122 to a $250,000 a

mortgage. House of debt is at

record highs. The government will

be hoping this will be the last of

the interest rate rise and maybe

next here if we can see interest

rates coming down again. The

problem there is that the Reserve

Bank haste to bring down interest

rates come down they fear the

economy may reverse. It is very

difficult times for the government. medical research is one step closer The cloning of human embryos for

the Senate in a cliffhanger vote. after the stem cell bill passed including the Prime Minister Federal MPs to make up their minds now under pressure on the controversial legislation. on the stem cell bill The Senate vote as a Melbourne Cup finish. was as close There being 34 ayes and 32 noes. in the affirmative. The matter is resolved of human embryos for research say But senators who oppose the cloning the fix was in. one of the most dishonest processes In my view, this has been that this Senate has endured of emotional and political blackmail and I think there has been a lot in the process and I think it's disgraceful. to create two types of embryo - Melbourne Cup Day we entered a race and the other created to die. one borne to live

Backers of the bill overjoyed. Yeah, I'm really happy. would allow scientists The legislation from cloned human embryos to harvest stem cells which are no more than 14 days old. for diseases That could lead to treatments like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's of spinal cord injuries. and hope for sufferers in 2003 I remember meeting Christopher Reeve after the passage of the last ACT we're going to get this." and I thought, "Yeah, unanswered on this bill There are a lot of questions to yield for the Australian people and I don't think it's going that have been made. some of the promises A widening of stem cell research a cure for the nation's brain drain. also thought to be brightest scientists back home, We'll now be able to get some of our we'd never take this step. they've gone overseas believing warn safeguards must be put in place. But even those who voted for the bill of human cells with animal eggs. Senators agreeing to ban the mixing allows the creation of human embryos Opponents say the legislation for the purpose of destroying them. There's no boundaries. it can be taken overseas Once technology is developed they don't have our ethical values. and be exploited in countries where for a final vote. The bill will go to the lower house the difficult decision. The PM among those grappling with a definite yes or a definite no. I envy these people who can say Murray McCloskey, Ten News. A Brisbane man is behind bars of knowingly driving with epilepsy after being found guilty while having a fit at the wheel. and killing a toddler The little boy's mother and brother were also badly injured in the crash. Brisbane chef Ian McLeod at any time. knew he could suffer an epileptic fit from getting behind the wheel, But that didn't stop him for the Rowland family. a decision that would end in tragedy for the rest of my life. I will mourn the death of our son

It's like wearing a heavy coat ripped out of your chest. and literally having your heart at 100km/h when he suffered a fit. The 51-year-old was travelling veering into oncoming traffic His sedan and colliding with the Rowland's four-wheel drive. 22-month-old Jet died at the scene. I never got that last kiss or hug trade everything I own and I would seriously to have that with him. was left in a wheelchair. His 9-year-old brother Bailey Their mother disfigured for life.

up to four times a week Ian McCleod had been having fits leading up to the accident, yet still he got behind the wheel. in the first place This should never have happened for the rest of our lives. and we will live with that to four years behind bars. Mr McLeod was sentenced He now plans to appeal. Kate Donnison, Ten News. A Sydney security guard has been shot in the city's east overnight. after allegedly chasing two thieves approached a hotel It's believed two men in the seaside suburb of Clovelly around 1:00am and demanded cash. but a security guard gave chase. They left on foot for about 100 metres He pursued the pair shooting him in the stomach. before the bandits turned on him, in a stable condition. He was taken to hospital A Rockhampton man convicted of torturing four cats is back in court this morning. Keith Burnett was fined $1,800 in April after he pleaded guilty to animal cruelty. In January 2005 he bludgeoned the animals to death before dumping them in a clothing bin. However, RSPCA Queensland has appealed the sentence as being too lenient. A violent serial rapist could be freed from a Queensland jail today if strict new conditions are met. 58-year-old Robert John Fardon has been behind bars for 27 years and claims to be a changed man. Justice Ann Lyons ruled the notorious sex predator can be released

but only if he's given intensive psychiatric support and a suitable home. The judge will hand down her decision this morning. The day after the race that stops the nation and the celebrations and clean up continues. The Japanese syndicate that stole the show at the Melbourne Cup has partied all night and joining us now is Melbourne reporter Cameron Baud. Cameron, claims this morning the Melbourne Cup itself has gone missing amid the partying.

The speculation had been spreading

through Melbourne this and morning.

The cup itself had gone missing and

was still a loss this morning. The

speculation continued to grow when

Delta blues and pop or rock were Delta blues and pop or rock were

put on show this morning end

neither of the Cup for the trainer

work available. I had been assured

that the cup is safe and well. If

it will be put on show later today.

Both the horses have the for that

very well from the race. So well

that both could be racing as soon

as the end of the month's end could

be among up to eight Japanese

challenges next year fault

Melbourne as car. Many good horses

there one of the best ones. They

increase up more but there are very

good. It was a big night for

everyone last night? They

celebrated in fine style. They have

beaten at Melbourne is the best end beaten at Melbourne is the best end

most expensive restaurants. They

drank wine are the Cup itself. Preparing to party well beyond this morning's rising sun, the Japanese connections of Delta Blues and Pop Rock with 3.75 million reasons to celebrate. APPLAUSE The cup quinella, giving them a double delight as they settled in to their new-found status as racing royalty. Biggest win in Australia. Racing horse champion in the world.

Party fever spreading to bars and clubs across town as well-refreshed punters danced the night away. A lucky few cashing in and collecting more than they'd bargained for. Oh my God! As revellers took their chances on a few fine fillies, a memorable night that most will probably forget. 2006 Melbourne Cup. We've had a ball. We've loved every minute of it. Woo hoo! But it was the Japanese stables that took centre stage as the Cup duo galloped into the record books and the hearts of a nation watching on. Cloudy conditions camouflaged by colour as race-goers kept pace both on and off the track. We're desperate brides. With not a horse in sight, celebs had to draw inspiration from other famous faces in the marquees. Could be the V8 Supercars, could be anything. You don't see a horse. You could be in the middle of nowhere and sort of almost are. I didn't see many on Saturday because I drank a little too much champagne but I've seen a few trotting around. There are a couple of fillies around here that are shining, to be honest

and I wouldn't mind seeing the back end of them. Another classic cup run and won.

The race that stops a nation going global. Rakhal Ebeli, Ten News.

Here it Flemington it is strictly

business. We have had a small army

of people working overnight

cleaning up giving the track ready for tomorrow.

Americans head to the polls - will the Iraq war cost George W. Bush control of the US Congress, we'll cross to our US bureau next. And debuting her new body -

Kirstie Ally strips off to prove she's won the battle of the bulge. This program is captioned live. To breaking news - NSW Aboriginal Affairs Minister Milton Orkopoulos has been sacked after being charged with child sex offences. The State's Premier Morris Iemma says he's dismissed Mr Orkopoulos from the Cabinet. He's expected to face a Sydney court later today. It comes just a week after Police Minister Carl Scully was forced to resign over the Cronulla riots report. Americans have begun voting in the crucial mid-term elections which will decide whether George W. Bush and his Republican Party retain control of the US Congress. To tell us more, Ten's US bureau chief, Leisa Goddard-Roles joins me now live. Leisa, polls have predicted a major backlash against the Republicans and that's largely because of the President's handling of the Iraq War isn't it?

A 4th the third yes you are right.

The key issue for Americans is the

war. They say that this is a

protest vote which will hit the

White House and Washington very

hard. President Bush is suffering

blow approval ratings. There is

still a lot of anger out there

about Hurricane Katrina and the way

he has handle that. President Bush

was the first prisoner of their who

voted. He voted in Texas for the

band are a. Depending on the

results he could lose control of

the US Congress? Yes there is for

warring him and the Republicans.

All it takes is for the Democrats

to win 15 seats. If they will have

majority control. Hillary Clinton

is a New York Senate and she is up

for election? She has put and $40

million into her Senate campaign

and the prediction other here is if

she does when it will launch her

for a possible run to the White

House in 2008. I Arnold

Schwarzenegger is also up for re-

election? Yes they are tipping that

he will win. Another sitting

governor who is up for re-election.

Watch what happen when he went to

vote this morning. I don't have

that blue card with me. He did not

have the blue card so he was sent

home to guess it's been voted Ian.

Pither incision parts of the

country it is going to be a very

tight race but the majority of the

people are saying that national

politics and foreign policy other

key issues for them. That includes

the Iraq war. This election I am

Diffley he every democrat. The war

in Iraq and the budget. I'm very

concerned about the Iraq war. I

think the nation needs to refocus

its conservative agenda. The Poles

were due to close in two hours'

time but a few Pollinger is have

had their hours extended because

some of the machines malfunction.

We will see those polling brewers

close to it hours later than expected. Claims of a sell-out today as Australia prepares to sign a new security deal with Indonesia. The agreement stops both countries from supporting seperatist causes - a clear attempt to appease Jakarta over West Papua. This is a shameful pact It has been fashioned in secret. The pact covers 10 key areas

from defence and law and order to aviation security. It will be signed by Foreign Minister Alexander Downer and his Indonesian counterpart in Jakarta next week. An al-Qa'ida mastermind who planned terrorist attacks in New York and London has been jailed for life. Dhiren Barot said he intended to kill thousands of people

and to cause terror, chaos and widespread destruction. This shaky video is the work of Dhiren Barot, the most senior al-Qa'ida terrorist ever convicted in Britain. Filmed on a reconnaissance mission before the 9/11 attacks it shows possible financial targets, including the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center and then in an awful prophecy of what was to come months later, someone behind the camera imitates an explosion. MAN: Boooom! Dhiren Barot shelved his American attack ideas after 9/11 turning his attention to the UK, spending over a year researching this extraordinary document - the gas limos project. It includes plans for a dirty bomb in Britain and an attack in the Tube under the Thames and a plot to pack limos with gas cylinders and blow them up. At one point he writes: Early in 2004 he presented his plans to al-Qa'ida leadership with intention of getting permission and the resources to mount attacks in the United Kingdom. They seized 300 computers. It was a race against time, they only had 14 days to bring a charge and many of the files were buried and encrypted.

They found that Barot had been consulting chemical handbooks and they found his notes from his time at terrorist training camps, with diagrams of how to destroy bridges. He'd started training in 1995

shortly after converting from Hinduism and he became involved with senior al-Qa'ida figures. Passing a life sentence, Mr Justice Butterfield said: As Barot was taken away he stared back defiantly at the judge. Tonight he's in Britain's highest security prison. It will be at least 40 years until he's released. Deposed Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein has called for reconciliation and unity among Arabs and Kurds when he returned to court on charges of genocide against Kurds.

Two days after being sentenced to death for crimes against humanity, Saddam and six others face charges of slaughtering almost 200,000 Kurds in the late '80s. The first witness said

he and others surrendered after being promised amnesty, only to be shot or tortured. The trial will continue while an appeals court reviews Saddam's earlier death sentence. Homeowners slugged with another interest rate rise - what it means to your budget, when the morning news returns.

And fashion's winners and losers - Angela Bishop tells us who really took the Cup at Flemington. This program is captioned live. Making headlines today - the Reserve Bank says it's had to raise interest rates again to control inflationary pressure in the economy. The official rate has lifted 0.25% to 6.25% today.

It's the third rate rise this year. The cloning of human embryos for medical research is one step closer after the stem cell bill passed the Senate in a cliffhanger vote.

And racing's newest royalty have partied well into the night. The Japanese connections of Cup winner Delta Blues and second place getter Pop Rock drinking to their success at a lavish Melbourne restaurant. In finance news - with most people focused on the interest rate movement, the Australian share market opened lower today. As predicted

the Reserve Bank has this morning decided to lift interest rates from 6% to 6.25%.

To disect the ramifications we cross to with NAB Capital's chief economist Rob Henderson. Rob, it was widely expected, but why did the interest rates have to go up again?

The increase in interest rates that

the Reserve Bank has announced this

morning, was based on the that fact

that the labour market has been

very strong and they also Seif the

growth in credit in the economy has

remained strong although it is

dropped off a little bit. That is

taking place against an economy

with the labour market is very

tight with shortages of skilled

workers pretty prelim in the

economy and industrial capacity use

is higher so with all the the mind

they decided that one more to have

on the brakes was necessary to make

sure of inflation moderate their

head. Any indication that this is

slowing the economy down? We think

there are plenty of indications

there. The Reserve Bank has own

credit numbers were just the amount

of lending go on the economy, they

have also suffered of and the last

order. There are some signs and our

own survey shows that produces an

firms' confidence and the economy firms' confidence and the economy

has taken a nosedive since the

increase in rates. There are some

signs there. The Reserve Bank is acknowledging that the increase in

rates so far so little work. Could

we see another rising? We do not

believe they will be another

increase in rates. We think this is

the top of the cycle. The Reserve

Bank has been quiet on the outlook

for interest rates. They have said

in the short-term inflation was so

high but we think that they have

left the door open for another one

but they are acknowledging that

their work today oath is slowing

economy and increase so they will economy and increase so they will

slow the economy further. There has

been concern that the slavers rise

will spark a recession and some say will spark a recession and some say

some country. Well as your opinion?

Our view is in terms of the

national economy there is still a

lot going for it. The string and a

march from overseas is bolstering

our resources sector. We seeing a

strong growth and says like Queensland and Western Australia.

It is true that the South Eastern

states have been pretty soft with

GDP growth only around one per cent

in those states and hope they will

slow further with the increase and

much as rates so low. There are

lots of stories about Labour

transferring with the jobs are

other resource base. They have

taken the opportunity. We thing

nationally, the economy will slow

to 2.2 per cent in 2007 - 2006.

There is still a lot of recession.

Slower growth than we have been

used to. With many astray aliens

with massive mortgages, this could

push some home moment owners over push some home moment owners over

the edge. Is this rate rise to

much? You have to remember the

Reserve Bank they owe it trying to

slow down the economies was of

their time to stop people from

spending. This increase on than

just rates a calculation is the a

crude average mortgage all aged $50

to the monthly mortgage of 250,000

full mortgage. That will cause some full mortgage. That will cause some

slowdown in spending. That is the

aim of the Reserve Bank when it

tightens up on interest rates. Now national weather for the rest of the day: Breaking news now - and more than 150 people have been evacuated after an explosion at a NSW power station. A large transformer exploded at Vales Point Power Station near Newcastle just before 10:30 this morning. The NSW Fire Brigade says another transformer's under threat. There are no reports of any injuries at this stage. Another Hollywood marriage ends in divorce, all the details in our US report next. This program is captioned live.

There be a few punters with sore heads around this morning after the Melbourne Cup. One of the stayers at Flemington was our own Angela Bishop who did the rounds of the marquees.

Bath back to get through 10 my keys

the SLA and I took on the challenge

and was able to manage it well.

Some amazing sights. Be cure it was

an in unusual outfit. The Sun said

she may have come from the tennis

court to Flemington. She was in

shorts and a little jacket. They

did not go down well with the

senior he hit honchos of the B R C.

Lilian Frank was well dressed. A

lot of celebs around. Imran's my

key the air. Wall-to-wall celebrity

and entertainment going on through

the day. You didn't have to were

about the cold weather, going

hungry or getting thirsty. One of

the international guests to come

was Michael Barton Farm alias and

Ray Winston. The my Tamaki were

looking at now. Chris Isaak

performed lays in the afternoon.

Fashions were interesting. A few

people managed to dress for the

cold. Many did not worry about the

weather. What about shame then

Simone horn? They added waltzed but

they were together on the marquees.

Oath yesterday they read together

and there was a hot topic for

conversation throughout the day. I spoke to shame the. Have you actually seen a horse? Not yet. It's a bit hard from here. There's too many other good things to look at. Well, speaking of good things to look at, your Missus is over there. Are you two just mates? We've been hearing lots of rumours. I thought she looks great. My ex, Simone, we're still good friends. We're still living together and and I'm here just saying hello So she's in a few different marquees and she looks great.

What about the other cost? They are

other Goss is about the Cleo a

bachelor of the year. Medium-goal

as well. Bira lot of whispers going

around that's pleased to have

kicked on to the evening and had

quite a lot of it. Straight to the

walls his mouth to find out what went on. So here's what happened - has a crush on me. Megan Gale, I think,

a girlfriend. Unfortunately, I do have but we still got a dinner with her. With Andy, she's not interested So that was fun. to you, Ham. She was absolutely using me to get when we went to dinner, I was the third wheel my girlfriend was the fourth wheel from David Jones and I think the people the 13th wheel. were the fifth through to about It was a squeaky carriage. romantic night out It wasn't the most exclusive, went to dinner with Megan Gale but still, so that's the headline.

It sounds like to love to me. I

think a lot more winning was going on. Returning to the United States now what's making headlines and for a look at Ten's US correspondent Rahni Sadler. we're joined by for the Republicans? Rahni, it's not looking good conservative party, The Republicans are America's of Australia's Liberal Party. the equivalent Senate, the House of Representatives Currently, they hold power in the US George W. Bush, and one of their members,

is, of course, the US President. He's not up for re-election today of the House of Representatives but all 435 members and 33 of the 100 senators are. in the House and 6 in the Senate The Democrats need to win 15 seats to take control.

There will be bad news for

President Bush who would not lose

his job but his party would lose a

lot of power. As voters went to the

Pohl's Wednesday some say that the

Iraq war could sip the boats. It is

clear the Democrats are going to

make significant changes in the

House of the Senate bans the

remaining question is how

significant? Some analysts are

banking on the outcome of the

Democrats winning. I think we're

looking at her Democrat Tec House

of Representatives. Montana,

Missouri, N-word Ireland are all

current republic firm howled Senna

says. Democrats need to next six

seats for a Senate majority while

casting his vote in Texas,

President Bush remained optimistic.

No matter what job Paddy

affiliation or if you do not have a

party affiliation, do your duty.

Cast your balance a little voice be

heard. More news from the west-

coast state of Washington, one

person has been killed after record

flooding. A state of emergency has

been called in 18 counties. A 20

year-old man was killed after flash

flooding. He was 100 shoe is

camping out when Watters rushed

through. The bank washed away and

to come down the river. There was

the scariest thing I have been a my

life. Two pilots escaped after

minor injuries. The men were trying

to lend them the tiny airport in

New Mexico and there is no control

tower. Somehow one other small

planes and a lot of of the other

one. The investigators are trying

to working out how the two men did

not see each other. Britney Spears

has divorced her husband of two

years and two months Kevin feline.

Britney Spears filed papers been an

appellate court. Bill was the same

day Britney chose to appear on the

Late Show With David Letterman. She

made a surprise appearance to show

off her very fit post baby body.

Last to see you've you look

wonderful. Thank you. You do look

wonderful. Thank you so much. I am

in town and I am such a huge fan.

Thinking her match that means a lot

to me. I had to stop by. The

divorce comes a week after Britney

attended Kevin's rap album launch.

There is no question of the time of

her marriage was at lowest point in

Brittany's Korea. She has filed for

legal and physical custody of the

couple's two children. The couple

are rumoured to have a watertight

Preena. 55 year-old Kirsty Alley

fulfilled a promise to Oprah

Winfrey to lose enough weight to

appear on her show in a bikini.

Early loss be four kilograms. She

says she has learned how to mix

master eating programmes. Kirsty

said she did it for herself and for

all women who need to love their

bodies were ever there look like.

She is confident in a bikini now

than she was in her thirties. When

I was 13 I would never have done

this because I was so introverted

about my body. When I look back to

my movies and things at the time I

was thinking I'm not good enough.

Now I feel like myself. Weekend

decide to change anything at any

age. What I hope for Women is they

just feel good about themselves

than they look the way they want to

look, they feel good enough about

the sows to take care of themselves.

Could there be a movie about Steve

Irwin's life in the words? Steve's

friend told the US reporter said

that Steve picked out an actor who

he wanted to play many died. You

have to promise me one thing might,

you have to play me when I die. To

think that may happen? I would have

to get Eric banner and tripe and

honour that. Take a look at the

country darling Faith Hill. When

she found that she did not limber


Faith Hill said today it was all a

joke and she would never be

disrespectful to a fellow musician. International Rules stars home Ahead - Australia's in Ireland. after the controversial series continues. That's when Ten's morning news

Also, the Aussie cricketers facing an investigation after being accused of arrogance in forcing a leading Indian official off the winners' dais. This Thursday's Powerball jackpot is $5 million. $5 million Powerball jackpot. You could: But did you know that zebras do too? The Bounce & Spin Zebra. BOING! (Girl laughs) New from Fisher-Price. This program is captioned live. since Delta Blues Celebrations have continued in a thrilling finish. edged out stablemate Pop Rock

The Melbourne Cup is heading to Japan in its 146-year history. for the first time Thank you very much! breakthrough victory The Japanese celebrating their into the early hours of the morning. at Melbourne's top Asian restaurant Very, very happy? very very happy. Very very happy, Pop Rock Delta Blues nosing stablemate to quinella Australia's richest race. to Delta Blues. RACE CALLER: Pop Rock trying to get Delta Blues and Pop Rock - they come to the line. Oh, very close! Delta Blues maybe a nose to Pop Rock, very little between them. The 6-year old stallion becoming the third international raider to win the gruelling race. Champion jockey Damien Oliver denied a fairytale third Cup. It was a mini-triumph for me, it would have been a fairytale to have won it

but it wasn't to be, and you know, we had our chance to win was just too good for us. but the winner The result set to catapult the Melbourne Cup

Kelli Underwood, Ten News. The Australian International Rules team arrived home last night, playing down the violence that marred the series against Ireland. They were labelled thugs by the Irish.

Australian co-captain Dustin Fletcher quick to defend his side. If you have a good look at it, you know, it's not as though there were being wild punches thrown. It was more niggly type of stuff that we're probably used to in the AFL, so I think they came out a little bit and niggled us a little bit and we sort of reacted a bit and, you know, they reacted as well. Meanwhile, Brendan Fevola will not face court for placing an Irish barman in a headlock after being officially warned by police in Galway. The Wallabies are expected to get their tour of Europe back on track when they tackle Italy in Rome this weekend. But coach John Connolly is playing down a walkover with injury and attitude stalling the Australian pack. The Wallabies are praying for a change of fortunes after a shaky start to their tour of Europe. A confidence-boosting win over Italy suddenly looking not so easy. The expectation at home is probably that you should win all these matches easily. Mate, the six nations, any of the teams in the six nations are a handful at this time of year. The Italians held Wales to a draw in this year's six nations and have a powerful pack at their disposal while the Wallabies forward woes continue. Both Dan Vickerman and Hugh McMenieman have been flown home due to injury. The scrum in need of some mental conditioning after crumbling against Wales last weekend. It really is an attitude thing we need to fix up. At that period of the game, that was there for the taking. Mark Chisholm the likely replacement for Vickerman. Outside centre Stirling Mortlock primed to make his return from a knee injury as the new-look back line continues to evolve. Very excited. I think Mat Giteau playing his first test match at 9 was outstanding. He offered more variety in attack. Having Bernie in there at 12 gave us a lot more width when we needed it as well. Larkham is expected to play despite bruising his shoulder late in the first test. Scott Mackinnon, Ten News. The Australian limited overs side has come under fire for being rude and arrogant during Monday morning's Champions Trophy presentation. As the side waited for the trophy several players, including captain Ricky Ponting, were seen to gesture for the prize to be handed over. Batsman Damien Martyn appeared to push the Indian cricket chief Sharad Pawar from the stage.

The Indian media has slammed the Australian side for their behaviour. Cricket Australia will investigate. A second chance this morning for cricket fans eager to snag tickets to this summer's Ashes Series. A limited number of passes to the Tests at the MCG, the Gabba, and Adelaide go on sale from 10:00am, but not every day of play is available. You can pick up tickets on the net, on the phone or through agencies.

The national weather details when the morning news returns. Making headlines today - the Reserve Bank says it's had to raise interest rates again to control inflationary pressure in the economy. The official rate has lifted 0.25% to 6.25% today. It's the third rate rise this year. The cloning of human embryos for medical research is one step closer

after the stem cell bill passed the Senate in a cliffhanger vote. And racing's newest royalty have partied well into the night. The Japanese connections of Cup winner Delta Blues and second place getter Pop Rock drinking to their success at a lavish Melbourne restaurant. Now for a look at the national weather:

U2 have kicked off the opening concert of their Australia tour. The Irish rockers played in front of 45,000 fans in Brisbane using the stage to campaign for terrorist suspect David Hicks. It's been nearly nine years since U2 last toured down-under. So music fans in Brisbane were making the most of their triumphant return.

The Irish rockers just happy they didn't bring the Irish weather. And it ain't raining.

Frontman Bono getting their Australian tour under way. 45,000 fans welcoming the stunning display of stadium rock. As well as performing some old favourites, the super band used the stage to campaign for terrorist suspect David Hicks to be released from Guantanamo Bay also calling on Australia to combat global poverty and boost its aid to poor countries.

U2 play at Sydney's Telstra Stadium on Friday and Saturday night before heading to Adelaide, Melbourne and then New Zealand. Hugo Ward, Ten News. That brings you up to date with all the news. Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight. I'm Natarsha Belling, good morning. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.