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(generated from captions) of the final journey home. The beginning remains grounded. For now, the Sea King squadron on Nias Island continue. as investigations into the disaster in Sydney this afternoon Their bodies will arrive back in Indonesia. during earthquake relief operations killed when their helicopter crashed for the nine servicemen and women A sad final journey is under way Good morning. with Chris Bath. This is Seven's Morning News for the Pope's public farewell. fill St Peter's Square And tens of thousands during a police raid in Melbourne. A man shot dead on their final journey home. The Australians killed in Indonesia This morning, This program is LIVE captioned.

on board the Kanimbla. are still being treated the chopper crash The two men who survived bodies in Australia. with the arrival of the victims' The service will coincide region. to Indonesia's earthquake-devastated vital food and aid supplies before the crew resumes delivering will preside over the service, Chaplain Mark Burton local time. for the ceremony around lunch time are expected to come together The Navy transporter's 300 personnel for their fallen colleagues. aboard the ship today will hold a memorial service The crew of HMAS Kanimbla in Sydney today. when the caskets arrive and Opposition leader and the Prime Minister They will join other relatives doing a job. They died as a group of people They died as a group of people so badly. You just - you just want them back But it wasn't to be. and Paul was going to fill that. in his life Hugo needed a stable male role model And so I was really - last year. after the sudden death of her husband as father figure for her son She wanted him to take over was the chopper pilot. Janelle's brother, Paul, but I have to deal with it. never ever thought I'd have to face, The loss of a son is something I to make sense of what happened. Back home, families struggle is that they're serious but stable. My understanding are on the ship HMAS Kanimbla. The two injured crew members the survivors of the accident. the thoughts of many still with stand side by side - Australian and Indonesian officials the lives lost in the line of duty. A military guard honouring in Jakarta. The aircraft stops briefly and the grief of a nation. carry the seven men and two women each draped with the Australian flag, Nine coffins, comrades, left behind, say goodbye. of Saturday's crash Not far from the site

are at the scene did you ask? Yes. just missed that. How many police are at the scene there? Sorry I with more people. How many police members in case the family returns occurs and they've brought in extra defend off another attack if one screening at the crime scene to up some sort of protective understand now is police are putting you" "An eye for an eye". What we including things like "We'll get which has caused great concern, many threats made towards police and later let him go. There were man to the ground and arrested him police after some time wrestled the verbal and physical abuse. The line and attacked the police were charged through the crime scene aunts turned up to the scene. They saw the deceased mail's uncles and Very distressing and dramatic. We this morning as well apparently? There were distressing scenes there heavy emotions with his relatives. death of a man has sparked some death of a man has sparked some happened. Heath, obviously the scene investigating exactly what squad and police are still at the members of the organised crime operations group as well as the operation vofrlg the special at the scene. It is a large scale the neck and unable to be revived death of that mail who was shot in altercation has resulted in the the officers and a mail and the there was an altercation between entered the house up behind me and another up the road. When they Brooklyn area and one at this house carrying out several raids in the Operation Vapour and they were months in the planning calmed operation which was around six police were carrying out an Well Chris, what we know of that Tell us what happened there. Good morning, Heath. is at the scene and joins me now. Seven Reporter Heath O'Loughlin during a police raid in Brooklyn. where a man has been shot dead To Melbourne now, this afternoon here on Seven. servicemen and women of the homecoming for those lost And we'll bring you live coverage

is at the Vatican, And Seven Reporter Diana Dorahy instructing us. probably someone will be about what is the procedure but to expect. We do not know much little wonder many don't know what has selected a new Pope, it's It's been 27 years since the church decision is still ahead of them. For the cardinals their toughest state also planning to be there. Bush among the other 200 heads of he can attend the funeral. George postponed his wedding for a day so the massive influx. Prince Charles in 6,000 extra police to cope with funeral. Rome's been forced to call Peter's square for the Pope's worshippers are expected here at St in native Poland. Two million Basilica and not as some predicted in the crypt of St Peter's's with tradition, he'll be interred morning local time and in keeping funeral will be held on Friday announcing that the pontiff's death, reading his will and the first time since the Pope's the college of cardinals met for Behind closed doors at the Vatican St Peter's, waiting up to 8 hours. already filling the streets around public's turn. Tens of thousands their respects. Now it's the dignitaries had been able to pay all to see. Before today only Basilica, and laid on the alter for up the marble stairs of St Peter's Vatican for the last time. Carried John Paul II left his home at the people. people's Pope finally returned to In a sole yum procession, the It will be held in Rome on Friday. to prepare for his funeral. Overnight, cardinals met in St Peter's Basilica. as he lies in state of Pope John Paul II have been filing past the body where thousands of mourners To the Vatican now, where thousands of mourners serious. Thanks Heath. you can understand take very those threats which the police ks was called in after the family made day goes. The force response unit 30 and more keep turning up as the At the moment I'd say probably over

solemn ceremony from the palace through St Peter's square and into the Basilica. Hundreds of thousands of r have been lining up throughout the day and throughout the night to get their chance to pay their final respects. I myself was among those Vatican journalists who were allowed in for a private viewing and for many it was both an emotional and historic moment to remember the 26 years they knew and travelled with the Pope. An end of an era, not only for the church but for them as well. Of course, the city is under a great deal of strain from the number of visitors who have come in and are expected to arrive, in the next couple of days. 10,000 security officials are on stand by, volunteers have on stand by, volunteers have been put in place as well. A tent city as been erected at Rome's Olympic stadium. A busy week ahead here in Rome as we prepare for John Paul II's funeral this coming Friday. Chris, back to you. As we've seen, the body of Pope John Paul II has been moved to St Peter's Basilica in Rome. NBC's Matt Lauer took a look around John Paul II's body was moved in a indeed very sombre here in Rome as Yes thanks Chris. The mood was I spoke to her a short time ago. the historic edifice, where millions are paying their final respects. St Peter's Basilica - building steeped in Italian history and Christian tradition. St Peter's was dedicated by Pope Urban VIII in 1626 and since then has been known as the centre of Christianity and the very rock upon which the Catholic Church was built. It is the place where the holy father has his home but also leads the church and this church is founded upon St Peter. This is the very place where Peter was martyred in the first century of the church. Its dome, the largest in the world, was designed by Michaelangelo four centuries ago and is home to several works of art, including Michelangelo's Pieta and the Baldacchino, by Bernini. It is in St Peter's Square that Pope John Paul regularly greeted the faithful and in the Basilica where he celebrated mass. He really saw it as the place where he could gather people from every walk of life, every nationality - young, old, rich and poor - and impart all of his teaching and announce the good news. And for the next few days, it is a place for the millions who come to mourn the passing of Pope John Paul II to pay their last respects. Governor-General Michael Jeffery will represent Australia at the Pope's funeral. He'll then attend the wedding of Prince Charles to Camilla Parker-Bowles, which as we heard in Mike Amor's report has been postponed until Saturday. A sob restart to his wedding week. Prince Charles at Westminster cathedral paying his respects to the Pope, cutting short his skiing trip in Switzerland to be there. He was accompanied by his bride to be Camilla parker bowls. Yet a desire to be sensitive to the pontiff later in the week has dealt yet another blow to their wedding plans. It's now been moved to Saturday so the prince can attend the Pope's funeral in Rome. It means other guests are relieved of making an awkward choice, thepm couldn't have attended both and the Archbishop of Canterbury can go to Rome and be back on Saturday for the service. This wedding has been fraught with problems and it has put such stress on both of them. I think everybody's - you know, involved in its organisation is just longing for the April 9 when it is over. The change is causing a headache for some, notably souvenir manufacturers who will have the wrong merchandise on their hands and a couple they say they're not pleased to be sharing a day at the

'G uild Hall with royalty. We've arranged our wedding to have it at 4:00 and that's when we would like to stick to that time. I haven't had confirmation yet that it is going to be changed. How long ago this day must seem, full of smiles, stepping out together on the evening of their engagement. Camilla has had more than her fair share of actions the, the couple will be hoping the latest change really is the last. Next in Seven's Morning News - the latest from the world of finance and tears in the witness box at Michael Jackson's child molestation trial.

A seven-year-old girl is in a critical condition after a hit and run in Sydney's south-west. She was knocked unconscious as she crossed the road near a group of other children late yesterday and was rushed to hospital for emergency surgery. Police are appealing for witnesses who may have seen a dark-coloured sedan driving away from the scene. Doctors have had a setback in their bid to save the hands and foot of Perth boy Terry Vo. The 10-year-old's limbs were severed in a freak basketball accident. While the surgery on his hands appears to have worked, the muscles in his re-attached foot have died. It's had to be amputated and will be replaced by a prosthetic. It leads to clawing of the toes and to have the sensation not return as well, perhaps worse than having a prosthetic limb. Doctors say Terry is regaining movement in his hands. Australia and Indonesia are forging closer economic ties. Yesterday John Howard and Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono signed a special agreement, promoting friendship and co-operation, while this morning President Yudhoyono joined Sydney's business leaders for breakfast. And in another sign of our strengthening relationship,

both men are expected to be at Sydney Airport this afternoon for the arrival of the nine Australians killed in the Sea King helicopter crash in Nias. Opposition leader Kim Beazley will also be there, as Labor's rise in the polls continues. The latest Newspoll puts the Opposition ahead of the Government, A 24-year-old man has broken down on the witness stand at Michael Jackson's trial, telling jurors how the pop star telling jurors how the pop star repeatedly molested him when he was a boy. It marks a crucial turning point in the case, with prosecutors also expected to focus on allegations he abused other boys. An early morning candlelight vigil by fans dressed in white in the Michael Jackson trial. marked the start of a new phase in the Michael Jackson trial. The popstar appeared confident, as the prosecution was set to persuade the jurors that Jackson has a history of improper behaviour with young boys. The judge has given prosecutors permission to introduce evidence about the boys, who were allegedly mistreated by Jackson more than a decade ago. In a crucial moment, the only former alleged victim willing to testify took the stand and told the jurors that Jackson molested him. The 24-year-old broke down in tears several times as he described three incidents of inappropriate touching. I think this was the most powerful witness I've ever seen. To break down in tears as he recalled these incidents from 14 years ago, gives it a real poignancy to it gives it a real poignancy to it and a real power to it. housekeeper The son of a former Jackson housekeeper received a $2 million-plus settlement in the early '90s over the allegations. Meanwhile, a former manager at the Neverland ranch testified that he spirited the current accuser and his family away from the ranch in the middle of the night after the alleged victim's mother asked for his help. She appeared to be fearful, she was crying, she said she was being held on the ranch against their will and this person assisted the family in leaving the ranch. Jesus Salas also testified that he saw young boys drunk at Jackson's estate but he said he never saw Jackson serve alcohol to the accuser, his younger brother or any children. To business and finance news now and joining us is Martin Lakos from Macquarie Financial Services. Good morning, Martin. The big topic today is interest rates, with the Reserve Bank board meeting. Which way do you expect them to go? Well, it does appear that economists are split about 60-40 in favour of a rate rise toing announced tomorrow morning at 9:30 and most are of the view the rate rise will be 20 basis points of 0.25%. The Reserve Bank wants to keep inflation under control and at the potential cost of slowing the growth in the economy and we're of the view we'll see a rate rise. It is not negatively impacting the market. The markets are up a couple of points after having seen a fairly soft few days. It gives you the idea, the resource stocks steady, BHP down one and Rio down 13. Interestingly the consumer rated stocks better this morning, Woolworths up 11 and Coke up 11. What's happening on the oil front? It held steadily, just under $57 a barrel and oil stocks are steady this morning. It is only up one cent. There's an ex-pecs taigs we may have seen the peak in the oil price for the short-term and we need to keep an eye on the US dollar with regards to commodity prices. How soon do we see a follow on affect at the petrol bowser? We seem to have lost Martin unfortunately. Hopefully we'll see that follow on affect soon. Sport is next up after the break, with injury concerns for AFL and League and the challenging way to hit the ski slopes. To AFL, and Port Adelaide takes on the Adelaide Crows at AAMI Stadium this weekend. Port has received a boost, with Michael Wilson expected to take his place in the side for the first time this season. Michael Wilson wasn't expected to play for another fortnight but he's recovered quickly, after reconstructive surgery on both his shoulders. There are also injury concerns across town, with Ben Hart, Matthew Bode and Robert Shirley all in doubt. But better news at Windy Hill, with Essendon full-forward Matthew Lloyd expected to play against Hawthorn this weekend. Yeah, he's a chance, oh, probably 70% - 80%. To Rugby League, and it's been a rough start to the Bulldogs season. Injured forward Sonny Bill Williams and centre Willie Tonga have the mumps. It's believed they contracted the illness from team-mate Reni Maitua. Sydney Roosters utility Craig Wing says he's fed up with being a representative bench player. He's urged the NSW and Australian selectors to pick him at hooker this season. One man who won't feature on the rep scene this year is Shane Webcke. He says his body can't take the wear and tear of State of Origin and Test football any more. A good analogy with my knee is that it's like a tire wearing out, it's got a certain amount of kms left in it and it's the way that I use them and it's the way that I use them that's going to be the emphasis. Webcke played 18 Tests and 21 Origins - the most by a prop. Brendan Cannon is expected to be named today as the first signing of the Perth Super 14 side. The Waratahs hooker is believed to have agreed to a two-year deal It comes as a blow to the Waratahs, who are already losing centre Nathan Grey and second-rower Justin Harrison at the end of the season. The Australian squad for the upcoming Ashes series will be announced today. There's speculation over a second spin bowler. New South Wales tweaker Stuart MacGill is expected to be named as Shane Warne's back-up. South Australia's Dan Cullen could also be included, as the Aussies rarely tour England without an off-spinner in their squad. Dual Olympic gold medallist Lord Sebastian Coe says he's confident London can win the right to host the 2012 Olympics and he says organisers will do it with a model similar to Sydney's. I think that this is a bid that's got momentum and it's a bid that's based on sporting legacy and actually a lot of the ideas that we have come to the table with worked very successfully in the Sydney Olympic model just a few years ago and in fact some of the members of the Sydney Olympic organising committee are now working with us in London. Now, if you want to take snow sport to the next level this winter, here's one approach. This is extreme slalom skiing. The rules are simple - basically there aren't any! Even short-cuts through snow caves are allowed, but, of course, first across the line wins. Weather is up next in Seven News, then, Nicole Kidman steps out for her newest release. BIRDS CALL FUNKY MUSIC PLAYS HEART PULSES MUSICAL INTRODUCTION TO 'IKO, IKO' PLAYS HEART PULSES # Talking 'bout hey, now # Hey, now! # Hey, now # Hey, now # Iko, iko, un-day # Chakka mo fee na-nay Talking 'bout... # With no boring bits, nothing beats Streets Cornetto. HEART PULSES Taking a look at the weather - Some high cloud is present from a jet stream over the centre of the country, while a band of cloud is pushing across the west coast, streaming from a distant tropical cyclone. A strong high in the southern Tasman will combine with a tropical low over the Coral Sea, producing easterly winds on the Queensland and NSW coasts. Showers are developing along the east coast with very warm to hot conditions in the west. Around the country: Nicole Kidman was back on the red carpet in Sydney last night for the world premiere of her new movie The Interpreter. Thousands of fans braved the cool conditions at the Opera House, to catch a glimpse of the Oscar-winning actress, and she her soaking up the atmosphere of a home grown crowd. I'm just glad that I'm able to do the world premiere here It's never been shown anywhere else in the world and so to be able to say here Australia this is the film is kind of great. In the film, Nicole plays a UN interpreter who overhears plans for an assassination. The Interpreter opens across Australia next week. That's Seven's Morning News. Stay on Seven, we'll bring you special live coverage this afternoon of the honour guard for the return of the nine young Australians who lost their lives helping earthquake victims in Indonesia. I'm Chris Bath, hope you can join me this afternoon, as we pay our respects to the fallen. Captioned by Seven Network Email -