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(generated from captions) Now the new system using Medicare.

On the verge of sainthood - tonight's decision on Mary MacKillop.

And - a solemn guard of honour - And - a solemn guard of honour -

to rest. Brisbane's murdered schoolboy laid

Hello, I'm Tim Webster.

Welcome to Ten's Late News.

Also tonight, the kids from Torah

Bright's old school watch the

Aussie snowboard to Olympic gold! But first,

Mother Mary Mackillop will become

Australia's first saint on October 17.

The Vatican made the announcement tonight.

Ten's Danielle Isdale is there.

Dani, take us through exactly what

has happened in the past few hours?

Australian history has been made

this morning at the Vatican. The

Pope and cardinals have met for the

final formality of confirming her

as Australia's very first to St.

They prayed together and consider

the evidence before them, whoever

stunning biography, the many years

she spent caring for needy children

and those less fortunate. They also

looked at those two miracles to

apply to the process of sainthood.

The first one was in 1961, a woman

recovered from terminal leukaemia.

The second, 1993, a woman from NSW

recovered from cancer. She is

credited with saving those two

lives as miracles. The second

miracle was accepted by the Pope

last here in December and that pave

the way for this process, where she

is being confirmed as Australia's

very first of St. She is also a

national icon. What will make

Europe a rarity among Saints is

that she was excommunicated from

the church for alleged

insubordination from his superiors.

The decision was reversed, and she

was allowed to continue on with her

work, her tireless work. She went

on to lead 750 nuns. The sheep ran

17 schools as well as orphanages

and refuges. Here we stand, 100

years after her death to see a

saint. confirmed as Australia's first

After this confirmation today -

what happens now? This process was

initiated in 1925, now that the day

is here, we will have to wait a

little bit longer, the canonisation

ceremony is 17th October. It is a

Sunday, it will be a massive event.

Thousands of Australians are

expected to make the journey to the

Vatican. There will be Masses and

prayers in the week leading up to

the ceremony. There is expected to

be an audience worldwide of

millions watching the canonisation

of our St Mary. Thanks, Dani.

Reporter Danielle Isdale at the


But first - police have arrested a

man over the alleged abduction and

rape of an 8-year-old girl.

The suspect was picked up after a

tip-off from the public.

Ten reporter Matt Doran has the details.

Just minutes after the little girl

reported the assault, police told

her family they had the alleged

attacker in their sights.

Tonight, this man is in

Tonight, this man is in custody

Mary's. after a dramatic arrest in North St

The 20-year-old from Whalan was

spotted by a passing patrol after a

tip-off from the public.

There was a brief chase before he

was detained in the backyard of

this home. Lock him away.

Very angry and upset, I don't know

what to say to the family.

The 8-year-old girl was asleep in

bed when she was allegedly abducted,

carried to this nearby reserve and

sexually assaulted.

Her attacker ran off, leaving the

girl to find her way home before

being rushed to Westmead Hospital.

We are linked in with the family

time. and supporting them through this

The arrest follows a tip-off from

the public.

Police had waited 17 hours to

release the suspect's image - a

decision they've defended.

$$YELLoW We didn't want to

telegraph our movements to the

offender and make him a semi-flight risk.

The alleged kidnapper is being

Station. interviewed at Penrith Police

It's expected he'll be charged

later tonight.

Peter Garrett's taken the axe to his controversial home insulation

scheme, with news tens of thousands

of home owners have been the victims of shonky installers.

The Opposition says the Evironment

Minister should be axed as well.

Political pressure is mounting.

REPORTER: Should Mr Garrett go with

this dodgy scheme, Prime Minister?

For now Mr Garrett isn't going

anywhere, but his insulation scheme

is - to the scrap heap.

Safety is a priority - it must be, Safety is a priority - it must be,

I understand that very well.

Peter Monagahn's been in the

the move. business for 15 years - he applauds

The scheme will be replaced by a

household renewable energy scheme -

There'll be a thousand dollar There'll be a thousand dollar

water. rebate for insulation and solar hot

And a $600 rebate for heat pumps.

To dodge the shonks, home owners

must pay upfront and claim it back through Medicare.

It won't be available until June

enough. and the Opposition says it's not

If you're going to scrap a program,

you've got to sack the minister responsible for the program.

Mr Garrett maintains he's not the

one to blame. Unscrupulous, shonky installers who

have not observed the guidelines

and requirements that I have put in place. and requirements that I have put in Legitimate insulation businesses

say the Government should have seen

this problem coming a mile away

when it was handing out millions of

dollars to any and every potential

installer - an inquiry's revealed

$80,000 of the homes fitted with

insulation as a result of the

rebate were done by dodgy dealers.

I stand before you very confident I stand before you very confident

diligently. that I have acted appropriately and

Does the end of the insulation

scheme mean the end of the headache for the Federal Government.

Parliament comes back next week, no

doubt the reason why the Federal

Government and Peter Garratt make

the big announcement today to try

to cite the oxygen out of the

Opposition's attack on Mr Garrett

and the scheme. No doubt there will

be an attack from the Opposition

next week, it will be harder for

them to maintain an attack on a

scheme that no longer exists. We

know the Prime Minister is sticking

with his Minister and Peter Garratt,

last time Parliament set showed he

could defend himself well on the

floor of the house. The government

will be keeping its fingers crossed,

there were 80,000 homes out there

with dodgy insulation we will not

see any more tragic headlines to

revive the controversy again.

Torah Bright is the toast of

Australia tonight - the snowboarder

Olympics. taking out gold at the Winter

Students from her old primary

school, Cooma North Public felt every jump and bump.

After gasping when she fell, the

Cooma kids and teachers soon

erupted into cheers.

And you can see Torah in action at

Vancouver, on Sports Tonight, right

after the news.

Still to come, farewelling Elliot Still to come, farewelling Elliot

Fletcher, the 12-year-old murdered at school.

And Tiger Woods - why he's under

attack over tonight's sex scandal apology. Back in my day, that taste. #

This program is captioned live.

12-year-old stabbing victim Elliot

Fletcher has been laid to rest in Brisbane.

More than 2,000 mourners attended

the funeral service at St Patrick's

College. A man has appeared in

court accused of lighting 22 fires

on public land around Mount Evelyn

in Melbourne's East. He may apply

for bail and appear in court in May.

A little Fijian boy can see and

walk again, thanks to a team of Doctors.

Students lined the streets in a final, solemn farewell.

Shoulder to shoulder they stood -

fighting back tears, trying to be

strong, as the hearse carrying

their friend and classmate appeared over the hill.

They called themself a band of brothers.

They bowed their heads as a police

escort led Elliott Fletcher to his final resting place.

Thousands were there - students, parents, and teachers.

So many, they spilled out onto the school oval.

Inside, they remembered the little

boy who loved playing chess and

tennis, but who's life came to a tragic end.

The sight of his small coffin being

carried from the service just heartbreaking.

Oh, St Pats is a community school

and one of our own that's been lost,

so we came back to pay our respects.

We just want to come back and as a

community show respect in the face of this tragic event.

$WHITE His parents, Russell and

Brigitte, called it a celebration

of their son's life.

They must still be asking why.

It was sad but at the same time, it

was good to remember a young life lost so early.

$WHITE A 13-year-old boy remains in

custody charged with Elliot's murder.

It's been an emotional week for the

close-knit school with proud

community traditions.

Think it'll take a while - this is

something that doesn't just go away,

but it'll stay in the memory for a while.

$WHITE A memory cemented with the

sight of hundreds of green balloons released into the skies.

Business and finance news. The

market took a turn today why was

that. The market came out of the

blocks solidly with a 17. Rise

after a good offshore market,

however a few disappointing

earnings results and the

announcement that the US Federal

Reserve would raise the discount

cash rate by 25. So the markets and

our region fall and owls was no

exception. We never fully recovered.

More companies reported today, good

or bad news. It was a mixture,

across the board it was a bit

disappointing. National Bank

released unaudited quarterly

reports of for the quarter to

December. Their earnings were quite

good, 1.1 bn, but it was

disappointing compared to some of

their Comp rates. The market

reaction was an sharp contrast it

to the way they greeted Westpac's

contrast last week. They leapt on

that like a seagull on a chip.

Billabong had a good result. We saw

long year announce a small loss. A

pretty disappointing finish to what

had been quite a good week. We look

forward to the last week of

February next week which should be

one of the biggest through the

reporting season. Go the Roosters!.

Anticipation is mounting ahead of

Tiger Woods appearance in public in

a few hours, for the first time

since his infidelities hit the headlines.

Only one TV camera will be allowed

to video what's expected to be his

apology. He can run but he has

given up hiding. This photo-

opportunity was arranged earlier

this week, the message is that he

is getting ready for his comeback.

He has some explaining to do this

and that is about to happen at the

headquarters of the PGA tour, it is

now off-limits to television crews

and we could not fill me up for

very long. Only a handful of the

invited journalists will witness

the statement first hand, but

organisers are expecting massive

coverage. This is where the vast

majority of journalists will watch

Tiger Woods tomorrow. They will be

his jury and they will give their

verdict on his performance. A

single piece of paper has been laid

out in front of each chair, it

seems nobody anticipates him

speaking for very long. It is

almost three months since the car

crash that started the dominoes

toppling, transferring tiger Woods

from Tiger to Tom cat. They went

from friendly conversation and a

nightclub in to back to his hotel.

I do not know how he had the time

to have so many women in his life.

A I'm not going to ever say what he

did was OK. I think he obviously

likes blonde women. The how the way

and the when others latest

performance and a closed room will

completely overshadow this week's

PGA Tour event, eccentric was one

of the first sponsors to drop Tiger

Woods when the scandal broke. Ernie

Els has called his timing selfish.

He has got his way in almost

everything, but success here is far

from guaranteed.

Next, revenge attack - why a pilot

slammed his plane into this building.

And Australia rolls out the red

carpet for the Queen - but some

celebrities didn't show up.

This program is captioned live.

A man has steered a plane into a

tax office in Texas in a suicide revenge attack.

The pilot left a chilling rant on the internet.

In sheer disbelief, Texans clutched

to hope that this Was an accident.

Just unbelieveable, I mean you just

have to wonder what just happened

and did this really happen.

No-one could.

As 200 IRS staff worked, a single

engine plane full of fuel slammed

into the second storey of their

building, right beside the FBI's office block.

It exploded on impact.

Within the blink of an eye, there

was just a ball of flames just huge ball of flames.

As several floors caught alight,

panicked staff were evacuated on

ladders, many escaped through

shattered windows fearing they were

the target of another terrorist attack.

It's just mind blowing to know that

someone would actually do that.

But this attacker was home-grown.

53-year-old software engineer,

Joseph Andrew Stacks, held a bitter

grudge against the IRS.

This morning, he torched his family

home before leaving the local

airport on a suicide mission. But

he left behind a twisted online

rant, telling the IRS - "Take my

pound of flesh, and sleep well."

Tonight one person remains

unaccounted for, and feared dead.

Of 13 treated at the scene, just two are critical.

The pilot's body is still to be recovered.

The FBI will lead the investigation,

which will also question whether

extra accelerant was packed onboard

to ensure the small plane had

maximum impact.

The Queen has enjoyed Australian

hospitality, at a party to mark the

100th year of our High Commission in London.

And while plenty of celebrities

turned up, some snubbed the event.

It was only fitting to roll out the

red carpet for the Queen's visit to

Australia House, she doesn't drop

in too often, just once every few

decades or so. But Her Majesty and

Prince Philip made time to mark the

100th year of Australia's

diplomatic representation in the UK.

Mingling with old mates. We were

chatting away like old friends. And new.

For me it's one of the highlights

of my time in the UK.

London bombing survivor and former

UK Australian of the year, Gill Hicks was as charmed?

She's just amazing, she has a real

presence and just, really commands

the room, even though she's not

that tall.

I said to her in Australia we have

inverted snobbery, as I'm from the

first and second fleet, I'm

practically royalty. Kylie and

Danni Minogue didn't attend, though invited.

A tight budget of $30 a head.

Saving it is one thing, making

another, the government could net a

fortune by selling up and moving

its embassy from Australia House to

somewhere a little less grand, but

that won't be happening any time soon.

It is an historic and deeply

significant Australian site and I

cannot envisage a time when

Australia's representation in the

United Kingdom won't be conducted

from Australia House.

This is very much a part of Australia.

As much today as it was back then.

A little Fijian boy can see and

walk again, thanks to a team of Australian doctors.

Suffering a malignant brain tumour,

he was rushed to Melbourne for the life-saving treatment. life-saving treatment.

His beaming smile, hides his

troubled journey - 2-year-old

Navokai Gavidi recovering from a

potentially deadly brain tumour.

He was very sick, he couldn't see,

he couldn't walk, he couldn't talk.

he couldn't walk, he couldn't talk.

His mother was devastated when told

by doctors in Fiji they could do no by doctors in Fiji they could do no more.

His situation dire by the time he arrived in Australia.

Looking at the condition he was in, needing morphine, semi-conscious,

barely able to see when he arrived

in Melbourne, I think he would have

succumbed in a week.

A team of doctors from Melbourne's

Monash Medical Centre quickly

removed a 4cm malignant tumour at

the base of Navokai's brain.

The little boy brought to Australia

thanks to the help of an aid

organisation that cut through red

tape to get him here.

An extraordinary feeling - we were

in a position to save a life.

Navokai is not out of the woods yet. He'll undergo months of

chemotherapy before being able to return to Fiji.

His recovery has actually been

quicker and better than expected.

And for that, he and his Mum are truly thankful.

Just happy they could give him his life!

Sports Tonight is next with Rob

Canning and Rob, what a performance

from Australia's Torah Bright at the Winter Games!

Yes - she's something else, isn't

she? We'll bring you her gold medal

winning efforts shortly - plus a

big night in sport. big night in sport.

In cricket - Australia and Windies are at it again!

NAB Cup pits the Pies against the Saints.

And in rugby - the Reds face the all conquering Crusaders.

SLOWS DOWN TO SILENCE) like fibre-rich Sultana Bran, ..learn.

This program is captioned live.

The weather. Onshore winds will

bring isolated showers to the east bring isolated showers to the east

coast, some heavy over northeast Queensland. Hot northerlies will push into

southern Australia ahead of a southern Australia ahead of a

trough, bringing a cooler change

and a few showers and To southern WA.

To southern WA.

Thundery showers persisting across

the tropics.

He's the one that didn't get away - He's the one that didn't get away -

a lucky pooch has been rescued in

waters 2 kilometres off the waters 2 kilometres off the Queensland Coast.

Paul Daniel and his family were out

boating when they saw what looked

like a coconut bobbing in the water.

Closer inspection revealed it was a Closer inspection revealed it was a dog.

He was on his last legs and we

plucked him out of the ocean and

wrapped a towel around him.

They named him Russell, because he

was found off the mouth of the

Russell River south of Cairns.

It's thought he may have fallen off

a trawler, and could have been in a trawler, and could have been in

the water for hours.

And that's the latest from Ten News.

Sports Tonight with Rob Canning is next. I'm Tim Webster, goodnight.

I'm Tim Webster, goodnight.

Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia.

This program is captioned live.

For the first time ever, an

Australian rules the world in

snowboarding. Tonight the nation

rejoices as Torah Bright becomes

our golden glamour! The 23-year-old

grabbing Australia its first gold

of the games! We'll re-live it all

shortly. Hi, I'm Rob Canning -

welcome to Toyota Sports Tonight.

Also this evening - Australia

versus the West Indies.

A cracking NAB Cup showdown - Saints versus Pies.

Super-14 and the Reds take on the Super-14 and the Reds take on the

Crusaders, while we'll preview the

A-League finals this weekend and

get set for the supercar season and

the UFC 110! Plus - golf, NBA,

surfing, what else could you want?

Sports Tonight.

She competed with a weight of a

nation on her shoulders and today

half pipe queen Torah Bright stood

up to the challenge. The 23-year-

old clinched Australia's fourth

Winter Games gold after the worst

possible start.

She stood at the top-ranked number

one, and pressure to perform took

it's toll.

COMMENTARY: Into the switch back

side, OOohhhh, she crashed on that one!

Torah Bright made a messy start to

her quest for gold. It left her in her quest for gold. It left her in

last place. And with it all to do

on the final run.

COMMENTARY: Big backside 360, she's going for it!

The snowboard siren rose to the

occasion. She stuck her big trick

on her way to a stunner.

COMMENTARY: OOhh, Torah Bright has gone smack!

Her brother and coach Ben loved it.

So too did the judges.

COMMENTARY: 45 for Torah Bright

into the gold medal spot.

From there it was a waiting game as

the final 10 riders came down. Some

crashed out, others came close, but

in the end no-one could touch our


Olympic old medallist. She's done it! Torah Bright is an

The 23-year-old quick to embrace

her family and with an extra

surprise waiting in the stands.

I didn't know my mum and dad were

here, and I just found out they

were here, I'll run up there as

soon as I can. (LAUGHS).

It was nervous viewing at Cooma

North Public, where Torah went to

school. They rode every moment,

then went up in unison. Yeahhhh!!!

When the girl with the golden smile

secured her gold medal. Fellow

Aussie Holly Crawford made the

final and finished in 8th spot.

While two other Aussie women threw

themselves head first down the

skeleton track.

COMMENTARY: She's having the slide

of her life Emma Lincoln Smith.

Lincoln Smith an impressive 6th

after the opening two runs. Her team-mate Mellissa Hoar 11th.

Meantime Linsey Vonn's quest for

five gold medals came crashing down

in the super combined.

A nice early line, she straddles

and looses it, Vonn is gone!

It left Germany's Maria Riesch on

top while Anja Pearson some how

recovered from this yesterday.

To bravely, battered and bruised Oh no that hurt, oh no, my god!

ski her way to bronze. Scott Mackinnon Ten News.

Torah's gold was Australia's second

medal of the games.

The USA, Germany and Norway make up

the top three. Another One-Day series, another

clean sweep. Australia belting the

West Indies in the final limited

overs match of the series. overs match of the series. West Indies in the final limited

Another small crowd at the MCG, but

Brad Haddin...

stroke! COMMENTARY: That is a wonderful

..and Shane Watson were intent on

entertaining them, regularly taking

the aerial route as they raced to a

dream start, notching the half-

century partnership in just the

eighth over.

OOooh, there he goes, it's gone!

The Windies did themselves no

favours in the field, grassing

three chances as the Aussie openers

pressed ahead at a frantic pace.

gone! Here he goes, 10 rows back! It's


That one brought up Watson's 50 at

a run-a-ball, but he was out

shortly after, well caught by Dwayne Smith.

Haddin. Dwayne Smith. Closely followed by

Got him! Loose shot that. He's got

to drag it on.

It did little to slow the run rate It did little to slow the run rate

though. Vice captain Michael Clarke

skipper. opened the shoulders, as did his

ground! And that's been smashed down the

Clarke's stay at the crease became

less comfortable after this blow.

And now, the high pitched voice.

Both fell while seemingly on track

for 100. Tom Parker took his first

catch. Kieron Pollard offered the

least resistance but it was least resistance but it was

effectively game over. The only effectively game over. The only

thing left to achieve for the

wicket. Aussies was Smith's first idea ODI Aussies was Smith's first idea ODI

Smith also took the final wicket,

helping the Aussies to another

punishing victory. Ricky Ponting

took it 4-0. named man of the series as his side

St Kilda has denied former teammate

Luke Ball a dream start with new

club Collingwood. Ball kick-started

the Pies final quarter comeback,

but could only watch on as his

former teammates snatched victory

in the final minute. Football

finally back in Melbourne. Tongues

were wagging over the sight of a

new Magpies showdown with his

former teammates. And the Etihad

sandpit was proving just as bigger

talking point. The tired turf not

fazing Leigh Brown. A good start by

the Magpies. Nick Riewoldt just as

impressive. The Saints skipper with

two majors inside 60 seconds.

And that's a beautiful kick!

Adam Schneider also chipping in with a double.

straight! Low, long, strong, and most of all

The Saints barging their way to a

26 point lead at the first. Luke

Ball's case of the jitters not

helping collingwood's cause.

Montagna...I think he has!

Riewoldt's third had the contest

bordering on one sided.

He's been practicing over the

summer. But goals to Brown and

Tarkyn Lockyer just before the half

had the pies back in the fight -

the margin back to just 18 points.

Leon Davis should have continued

Collingwood's momentum after the


Well, they've had some chances -

Justin Koztichke not wasting his.

Kozitchke puts it through and they

stretch their lead. A Jason Blake

super goal helping the saints hold

a narrow 10 point lead heading into

the last. Ball's first goal in a

Collingwood jumper keeping the heat on his old side.

OooOH! The Pies are coming back,

here they come!

And when Paul Medhurst backed

himself the Pies were in front.

Medhurst is good enough from here

and he drills it home. But there'd

be no dream debut for Ball.

Schneider sneaking past the Pies

defenses. His third of the night

sealing the Saints the narrowest of wins.

You're watching Sports Tonight - up

next, tonight's Super-14. The Reds

Rugby Champions. up against the seven-time Super

you away. Sydney's UFC 110 is going to blow

A major spying allegation as the v8 season revs into gear. (FOOTSTEPS APPROACH HURRIEDLY)

This program is captioned live.

Under-fire Wallaby Quade Cooper has Under-fire Wallaby Quade Cooper has Under-fire Wallaby Quade Coope2

led the Reds to a massive Super-14

upset against the Crusaders in

Brisbane tonight. He scored a

Queensland record as the home team

clicked into gear, dismantling one

of the competition heavyweights.

It was a penalty shoot out to start

the match. Quade Cooper trading

blows with Dan Carter. The Reds

with a numerical advantage when

their opponents lost Owen Franks to

the sin bin. 2 metres out from your

goal line, that's bin. A short time

later, Queensland capitalised.

Morgan Turinui with a midfield

break. There was plenty of support.

Quade Cooper backing up inside

fullback Peter Hynes for the first

try of the night.

COMMENTARY: Try to the Reds! Super dooper try!

The home team's 8-point half-time

lead was extended by penalties

after the break. Before winger

grubber. Digby Ioane chased through a

Digby Iaone! Oh brilliant stuff!

Captain James Horwill went off

injured. Fellow lock Adam Byrnes

was sin-binned. The Crusaders

charged over. All chance of a comeback though, extinguished by Rod Davies.

And he's away! They've hit back!

A late intercept by Cooper with

just minutes remaining meant the

Reds ran out surprise 21 point

winners. With a bag of 31, Cooper

setting a new Queensland record for

points in a match.

drought against the Crusaders. So the Reds ending an 11 year

James Horwill though facing a stint

on the sidelines with a knee injury.

the Highlanders 19-15. In the earlier game, the Blues beat

Gold Coast United's Miron Bleiberg

boasts he's the only coach in the

A-League finals not whinging. His

only concern in tomorrow night's

semi final against Newcastle is

running into bad luck. For a man

who loves to talk, it was Miron Bleiberg's silence towards his players which spoke volumes.

No need to even be on the field for No need to even be on the fiel No need to even be on the field for

training this morning, he's done

all he can to prepare them.

We're good. We're all in shape

except for some long term injuries

but otherwise, full squad and

everybody ready and raring to go.

United lines up against a Newcastle

side on a four game losing streak,

the Jets copping a 2-0 loss the

last time they met. But even though

Bleiberg says his team is in

fantastic shape and ready to take

on anyone, the knock out format of

a one off game has him a little

nervous that anything can happen.

Yes, because knock-out you never

know, you know. Bad decision here,

bad judgment there and all of a sudden

sudden you find yourself on the

back foot and there is no return.

The match also pits United Captain

Jason Culina up against his father

Branko, the Newcastle Coach. Just

don't mention it.

I don't want to talk about my

father anymore and myself. It's

Gold Coast against Newcastle and

that's the way I want to leave it, yeah.

The finals series got underway last

night with the first leg of the major semi.

A blow to Sunday's UFC 110 event

with one of its most anticpiated

fights cancelled. The first ever

all-Australian clash between Elvis

Sinosic and Chris Haseman has been

called off after Sinosic suffered a

shoulder injury at training. His

opponent understandably shattered.

To say I was devastated would be an

understatement, I'm in a state of shock.

It's much better news for Sinosic's

training partner Anthony Perosh.

The Sydneysider has been called in

as a late replacement for the injured Ben Rothwell.

ONE will have exclusive coverage of

UFC 110, live this Sunday from 2pm.

Check the website for more details.

Welcome to Australia. Were you

surprised by your reception? I was

not surprised at all. These combat

sports have been accepted in

Australia and it was only a matter

of time before we showed up. You

just came off a big win over Mark

Colman. You spat him out petty easy.

At 46 years of age and many more

fights can you do? One fight at a

time. I'm training and in

competition to my standards. I am a

rational by it. But right now I am

getting better and I am best I have

ever been. The when with your body

giving? I don't know we will seek.

For what is your most memorable

fight? For probably Tim Sylvia. The

difference in physicality he was

over six foot and I was coming off

a year of retirement. Most people

thought that at 42 I should not be

fighting so to go out and win that

fight was really big. For before

you go give us a typical Sunday? I

think he's been. The silver fight

will also be good. I will be

watching very closely. It should be

great fighting. Enjoy your time Down Under.

Jamie Whincup has picked up the new

V8 season where he left off,

claiming pole for the first race in

Abu Dhabi. But the series has

already been tainted by allegations

of spying between teams. It was an of spying between teams. It wa

explosive way for the season to

start overnight in Abu Dhabi. Ford

youngster Shane Van Gisbergen,

topped the time sheets on the

spectacular circuit. There were

some sheepish looking types in pit

lane for day one of the new V8

season. None more embarrassed than

Jack Daniels' Racing team boss Todd

Kelly, after members of his crew

were caught spying underneath the

Championship winning Team

Vodafone's brand new state of the art Commodores.

It is a bit of a blow to our team,

a few of the younger guys made a

little bit of a mistake unfortunately.

Those team members have been

disciplined by Kelly. Who has since

apologised to the sport's pace setters.

We've got to co-exist in our world

and recognition of the correct part

of behaving properly on the track.

On the lavish, brilliant Yas Marina On the lavish, brilliant Yas Marina

track, that includes a five star

trackside hotel and a pit lane

tunnel to rejoin the circuit. There

was a surprise up front. 20-year-

old Kiwi Shane Van Gisbergen

setting a quick time, in his Ford.

It's a great start for the guys,

and hopefully we can keep it up.

The opening race is under lights tonight.

Still to come on Sports Tonight -

Old school hatred - Lakers versus


All our Aussies buried at the

Accenture Match-play.

And surfing.

This program is captioned live.

The Denver Nuggets have snapped

Cleveland's 13-game winning streak

with a thrilling overtime win. It

was a thrilling showdown featuring

two of the game's genuine superstars.

LeBron vs Carmelo -two of the NBA's

three-highest scorers. But early on,

it was all about providing for their team mates.

COMMENTARY: Here's Hickson!

Spurred on by news coach George

Karl is fighting throat cancer, The

Nuggets forward hit back with a

dish of his own.

Martin gets inside, off the nice

pass from Anthony!

Denver with an 8-point lead at

half-time. Which is when the real fireworks began.

Here's the alley-oop! On target!

Alongside his offensive prowess,

James, too is a defensive genius.

But sometimes, there's simply no

defending against Carmelo.

Here's Carmello Anthony with a gorgeous move!

Time ticking, the Nuggets with a 3-

point break. But with less than one

minute on the clock.

Nuggets by 3, and the game is tied!

That's how it stayed until the end

of regulation. LeBron with a triple

double and with more in store for OT.

Now LeBron taking it to the

rim...and the foul!

That tied the game at 116, leaving

just one more opportunity for the

Nuggets main man.

Anthony with the shot, Yes with

just 10 seconds to go in overtime!

His 40th point of the match enough

to secure an upset victory.

Carmelo Anthony finishing with 40

points. LeBron with 43. In today's

other game Boston scraped past the LA Lakers.

And there's more live NBA action on

One on Tuesday as Oklahoma and

Phoenix battle for 5th spot in the

Western Conference from midday EDST.

To the NBL and Wollongong has taken

game 1 of it's semi final series

against Townsville. But the match

nearly didn't restart after half

time, when the referee had problems

with his whistle.

He can't get the pea to rotate.

He's blown the crap out of it.

All it did was delay the enviable,

as the Hawks lead from start to

finish, to record an emphatic 87-68 victory.

A disappointing day for Australians

at the Accenture World Match Play

Championship in Arizona. Geoff

Ogilvy, Adam Scott and Robert

Allenby all knocked out. T hasn't

been a pretty sight on the greens been a pretty sight on the greens

for the Aussies this morning at the Aceenture World Match Play

Championship in Arizona - all have

been knocked out. been knocked out. OOoooohhhh!

Scott losing on the 17th hole to Scott losing on the 17th hole to

Ian Poulter. Geoff Ogivly also had

a rough time with the putter - He

lost 2 and 1 to Colombian Camilo Villegas.

Mark Occhilupo is through to the

round of 96 at the Burleigh pro

after finishing 2nd to Luke

Dorington in this mornings heats.

The result prompting talk of 'a comeback'.

If people talk about it that much

maybe I will you never know, but I

feel good, I feel really strong and

good and my boards feel good, so

stranger things have happened, but maybe not, ha ha. 23-year-old Dorrington was the standout performer scoring 16

points out of a possible 20.

The worlds fastest 800-metre runner

last year, David Rudisha, is in

Melbourne, ready to take on our

best. The 20-year-old Kenyan hopes

his first trip down under, could

help deliver him Commonwealth Games

gold in October. He has an

infectious smile and the light easy

gait of the Masai, but history's

4th-fastest man over 800 metres is

4th-fastest man over 800 metres is

all business about being the world's best.

It's good sometimes to have that

pressure and if you're moving, it

gives you something to think of.

With star billing for the next

week's Sydney classic and the

Melbourne event on March 4th, the

20-year-old is burying his approach.

This weekend I'm going to do the

400 for a warm-up before Sydney.

That's what I'm preparing for. One

week later I will be doing 800.

His local opponents are just hoping to keep up.

I know he's fast over 800 so

obviously to that is too far for me

so I will stick to 400 in Sydney and Melbourne.

The athlete is the highlight of the

Commonwealth Games. But security

concerns are the last thing on his mind.

This year I want to run some fast

races, so I don't know if I'll be

ready by that time. I'm trying to

balance it and if I'm feeling

strong at that time, I'll decide to strong at that time, I'll decide to go there.

Joel Caine scored 833 points in his professional rugby league career.

But unless he can find us a winner,

it counts for nothing. Take it away 'Sugar'.

At Caulfield there are a couple of

Group One sprint races.

The $1 million Blue Diamond Stakes

is the feature. Benateau continues

to shorten. Psychologist has moved

up half a point. The Oakleigh Plate

over a 1,100m is the following race.

Lucky Secret is on top but Star

Spangled Banner is a good bet.

The NAB Cup continues at Blacktown.

On Sunday Geelong are the favourites.

favourites. It is do or die in the

A-League. The Gold Coast is highly

fancied and Perth go over to

Wellington in a bid to keep their

season alive. Plenty of Super-14's

action and the Sharks are all the

rage then the Cheifs over the Lions

and the Force have a tall order

against the Hurricanes and there's against the Hurricanes and the2 against the Hurricanes and there's

good value with the others.


turn out the way you expect. just...makes things better.