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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. after another Kovco bungle. Another Defence Force review violent pub brawls across the nation. Mundine's victory sparks 'Da Vinci Code' And critics pan the controversial as it hits Australian screens. Ten News with Jacinta Hocking.

Good morning. into the Private Jake Kovco bungle The loss off the confidential report by the Prime Minister. has been branded unacceptable to the family of the soldier John Howard apologising this latest mistake. as the military begins investigating repatriation of Private Jake Kovco The draft report into the botched

handed to a Melbourne radio station. was left in an airport lounge and

Brigadier Elizabeth Cosson, The report's author, over how the disk was lost. now faces questions in any way be interfering with It's not anything I should

processes will apply. and the military disciplinary hangs in the balance. The senior officer's career confidential disk in a public place, If a public servant has left a take the blame. that public servant should quite a career-limiting move I suspect this could be one. and perhaps even a career-ending The embarrassing bungle and the Prime Minister's state visit. reaching as far as North America a very unacceptable circumstance. Clearly, that is and now the PM apologising yet again The Defence Force to the Kovco family. that it has happened. Well, I am very sorry to them. Obviously, it's very distressing

Brendan Nelson is concerned a deeper problem within Defence the loss of the report indicates under the microscope. and plans to put his department However, it's obvious in management of our department in a number of other areas uniform people, and the support we give to our I think we can do better. from the Defence Force There's also concern from the draft report that information leaked who haven't yet had a right of reply. names people

Murray McCloskey, Ten News. new questions about his future John Howard has brushed aside

media mogul Rupert Murdoch. after remarks by international state visit to Washington The Prime Minister's he should quit while he's ahead. was overshadowed by advice the Prime Minister from Washington. A red carpet farewell for of the state visit, he says, The pomp and trappings but recognition for Australia. were not personal not for John Howard. I see this for Australia The capital of a nation endures. for a certain period of time. Individuals occupy the stage And that's exactly the point at the state dinner. Rupert Murdoch made The two men exchanged pleasantries. John Howard's time is coming soon The mogul saving his views that for the media. clearly not amused. The Prime Minister What's the next issue? What's the next subject? Peter Costello's opinion And he brushed aside that the Prime Minister, like him,

to Mr Murdoch's views. would carefully listen Yeah, yeah.

at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. There was some respite as warm a welcome as George Bush. The traders giving the PM CROWD CHEERS trades around $2 trillion a day. This citadel of capitalism in the world. It's the biggest futures exchange It's where people come to buy risk to weather reports. on everything from pork bellies Political futures aren't traded here. is the party room The market for that

and the polling booth John Howard's judgement on risk. and, of course, with Australia's business. Mr Howard says he's getting on good news on wheat futures He may have been heartened by some earlier in the day. In Chicago, Paul Bongiorno, Ten News.

Mal Brough Indigenous Affairs Minister Commonwealth and State authorities has called for a crisis meeting of and sexual abuse rife to confront the violence in the Aboriginal community. The Minister, who's claimed within remote Aboriginal communities, there are paedophile rings operating spots around Alice Springs overnight. took a confronting tour of trouble And I said for you what would it be?" "If there was one thing I could do and she said "Get rid of the grog". accused Mr Brough of grandstanding The Northern Territory Government has

and making unsubstantiated claims. John Marsden Controversial Sydney solicitor has been found dead in Turkey. of the New South Wales Law Society The former head for his work on high-profile cases, was best known

of backpacker murderer Ivan Milat. including heading the defence

Marsden's brother, Jim, and lawyer passed away this morning confirmed the accomplished writer while on holidays. John Marsden was battling cancer. He was 56. It took six years have finally settled the score. but Anthony Mundine and Danny Green certainly lived up to all the hype. And last night's fight re-embraced boxing. It was the night Australia purchasing the merchandise The sport's newest fans and putting their loyalty on display. We love the man! Some trying to emulate their heroes. do the talking. Others letting their skin bursting at the seams Pubs across Sydney into blanket support but it wasn't translating for local contender Anthony Mundine.

As long as Mundine loses it's OK. Go the Green Machine! Let's just hope Danny Green wins. The crowds cheering... CROWD CHEERING ..and jeering... CROWDS JEERING went blow for blow. the combatants the faces in Perth told it all. But as Mundine edged towards his win who'd made the trek to Sydney 400 dejected Green Machine fans after-fight celebration into a wake. turned a planned will now most likely move While Anthony Mundine

with Michael Kessler, to a world title fight already demanding a rematch in Perth. Danny Green fans are he's guaranteed big support. If the Green Machine gets that wish Dannnyyyyy! James Boyce, Ten News. were relatively well behaved, While spectators in Sydney on the streets of Perth celebrations turned ugly with a series of post-match brawls. Fans had packed pubs favourite defeat Mundine. hoping to watch their hometown But frustrations turned into alcohol-fuelled violence with many patrons turning on each other. Police were called to more than a dozen licensed premises with at least one of the brawls involving up to 60 people. Three people were bashed unconscious and a 45-year-old man remains in hospital in a critical condition. Similar scenes in Queensland,

fights breaking out in venues across the State. A man was stabbed after patrons were thrown out of this tavern on the Gold Coast. The offender also threatening the manager with a knife. Broken bottles were used as weapons at this pub in Ipswich. A young man treated by ambulance officers when he was struck in the face the group then turning their anger towards the cameraman. And police were called to 14 alcohol-fuelled brawls across Adelaide. And we'll have a full fight report later in sport. Heather Mills-McCartney's incredible divorce settlement after spliting from Sir Paul - that story when the morning news returns. And turning an aircraft carrier into a divers' paradise. A lone gunman has opened fire inside Turkey's highest court killing a judge and seriously wounding five others. The shooting came as retaliation for a recent legal ruling against a teacher that wore an Islamic style head scarf. The man, who's now in custody, burst into the courtroom

and shouted "God is great" before discharging his weapon. The country's President and Prime Minister have denounced the attacks. A bus has plunged into a river in Chile, killing 24 people. 26 other passengers survived the crash

and were pulled from the wreckage by firefighters and soldiers. The bus veered off a bridge 140km south of the capital Santiago. Two children were among the dead. Police are investigating the cause, but say the weather and road conditions were good. Indonesia's Mount Merapi has roared back to life after two days of relative calm. Clouds of ash poured out of the mountain but with less intensity than witnessed over the weekend. Officials say they'll keep monitoring the volcano around the clock and are still urging residents to evacuate. They say the mountain remains a dangerous threat to thousands of people living on its slopes. After nearly 4.5 years of marriage Sir Paul McCartney and his wife Heather Mills have parted. The break-up could be costly for the former Beatle who could be facing a $500 million divorce settlement. They met at a charity event. He sang love songs to her over the phone. They were too in love to even talk about pre-nuptial agreements But Sir Paul McCartney and his wife Heather have now separated. For the Beatles' fans outside the famous Abbey Road studios today there was sadness at the news. For divorce experts this could be a landmark settlement because among the richest names in the music industry so Paul's name is number two. His total value estimated at ?825 million. And on the basis of one recent settlement that could mean a payout of ?200 million. But one leading divorce lawyer thinks the figure will actually be closer to some ?75 million. I think Sir Paul has a very special position and his lawyers will be arguing very strongly that he should be treated differently than most other husbands because here we have a man who has built up massive wealth because frankly he's a genius and geniuses are treated specially in the divorce courts

they have been cases about that and that means Lady McCartney will get a lot less. But even with a discount for geniuses it is still a lot of money. But Sir Paul says their relationship has been impossible because of the constant intrusion from the press. And tonight on his website he rallied to his wife's support saying the split was amicable, Heather didn't marry him for the money and she's a very generous person. And another high-profile break-up this morning - golfing great Greg Norman and his wife Laura. Reports today indicate the pair's 25-year marriage is over. Laura could pocket up to $200 million from the settlement. Norman says there's no third party involved and hopes they'll remain friends. Rock star Bono is touring countries in Africa to try and boost access to AIDS treatment. The U2 frontman is working with international clothing labels to raise money and awareness. It is a catwalk with a difference where the models are textile workers and the clothes are made to fund cheap Aids drugs. Tthe man behind it rock star Bono. Tthe T-shirts, not yet available in the shops, are part of a new brand backed by big corporate names like Gap, American Express and Armani. This is all red stuff you don't know how excited that makes me feel. But Africa needs more than T-shirts. It is 10 months since the high point of campaigning for the continent -

the Live8 concert and the G8 summit = which made it big commitments. As we know politicians love to sign the cheques but they don't like to cash them. We are in the cheques business and the cashing of them is very important. This man, although HIV-positive, can dig to plant food for his family. A year ago he could hardly move. He's a walking advert for anti-retroviral drugs. But they're still not available to the majority of Africans despite clear commitments made by the richest countries last year. Bono moves on to five other African countries in an effort to keep up the momentum of his campaign.

A retired aircraft carrier has found a new home at the bottom of the ocean. Navy divers detonated explosives aboard the USS 'Oriskany' off the coast of Florida this morning. It took just over half an hour for the 270m ship to slip below the surface. Sitting 64m underwater,

the former aircraft carrier will be the world's largest intentionally-created reef. Divers will be able to scour the wreck tomorrow. Ahead, how the fight matched the hype in Green versus Mundine, that's when Ten's morning news returns. Also, the controversy surrounding Barcelona's Champions League victory.

It's been denounced by Catholics and now it's being panned by critics - the controversial film 'The Da Vinci Code' is not off to a good start as it hits Australian screens for the first time. Ten's Angela Bishop is at Sydney's Fox Studios.

Today it was the first showing of the

movie. Everyone has heard something

about this movie. It is

about this movie. It is

controversial. One cinema owner has

decided not to show the movie. He is

a Catholic. Estimates are he could be

losing up to $100,000 in business. losing up to $100,000 in business.

Sinners are expecting a lot of people

today. Then we will get reviews from

the people rather than the critics. It's been six years and thousands of angry words in the making,

but Anthony Mundine and Danny Green have finally settled the score.

Last night's fight certainly living up to all the hype. With 30,000 fans on hand and a $6 million purse up for grabs, Mundine and Green faced each other for the first time. It was Green who took control early before Mundine the showman emerged, taunting his opponent in the third

as the pair traded some spectacular jabs. COMMENTATORS: It was a good exchange. It was a terrific exchange.

And now Green! Opening up with two upper cuts. Man then stamping dominance on Machine. Danny Green misses. That looked hard. Green hurts. Green hurts. The fight going the distance with Mundine awarded victory by unanimous decision.

I was the better man tonight, Dan. Thank-you very much. Mundine silencing his critics. Green gracious in defeat. Anthony was the better man tonight. He showed great skill, great speed. All credit to Anthony Mundine. Andrew Brown, Ten News. In breaking news, the Victorian Transport Accident Commission

has fined Collingwood a whopping $200,000 after defender Chad Morrison was caught drink-driving last month. The TAC - which is one of the Magpies' major sponsors - announced the fine at a press conference this morning.

Other decided to find the club

$200,000. It is the meant there would

have been paid to the club have been paid to the club for the rest of the season. But the TAC will remain as a club sponsor, despite the indiscretion. The list of AFL clubs keen on Jason Akermanis grows longer by the day. The Dockers are the latest to signal their interest in the disgruntled Lion with Chris Connolly admitting they'll look at the Brownlow medallist at season's end.

While he has bigger issues on his plate at the moment, Chris Connolly admits he's day-dreamed of Aker as a Docker in 2007. He's a champion so he has to be discussed by every club. Has to be taken with due diligence whether it's taken for 1 second or 30 minutes, I'm not sure. Jason Akermanis trained only lightly with his Brisbane team-mates last night. Struggling with hamstring tightness, the out-of-favour Lion remains no certainty to earn a recall for Sunday's match against Port Adelaide. If you focus on other things - that's not what we're about. We're just about getting out there and winning a game back on track. and getting our season Like Akermanis, key Collingwood forward Anthony Rocca is under an injury cloud ahead of Saturday night's MCG blockbuster against the Cats. He hasn't trained all week. But the club remains hopeful his injured shoulder will be OK. He had a little bit of a shoulder impingement but he's fine there's nothing wrong with him other than he's a little sore, but he's fine. Tim Hodges, Ten News. Rugby league, and later this morning New South Wales is expected to decide whether injured centre Mark Gasnier will play in Wednesday night's opening State of Origin clash. Gasnier has been battling a hip injury and will be given a final fitness test. Penrith's Luke Lewis is on stand-by should Gasnier be ruled out for the clash in Sydney. Barcelona has beaten Arsenal 2-1 in a controversial Champions League final in Paris. The referee infuriated the Barcelona players when he disallowed a Ludovic Giuly goal early in the first half. Samuel Eto'o was taken down by Arsenal keeper Jens Lehmann in the lead-up but instead of playing the advantage the referee sent Lehman off and awarded a free kick. Just before half-time Sol Campbell gave the 10-man Gunners a surprise 1-nil lead. Late in the second half Eto'o levelled the scores for the Spanish giants. Then four minutes later disaster for Arsenal with Julaino Belletti netting the match winner. Barcelona claiming their second Champions League title. Next in Ten News - a look at the weather around the nation.

Now for a look at the national weather and for the rest of the day. That brings you up to date with all the news. Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day and the full details in Ten's newshour tonight. I'm Jacinta Hocking. Good morning.

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