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Election 2010: Interview With Prime Minister -

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(generated from captions) tomorrow. At do not know whether that will impress people and change

their vote. I think both of them

will be sitting at home tonight,

biting his fingernails.-- their. Thanks, Mark. See you tomorrow for Seven's election coverage. And Julia Gillard joins us now from Penrith's seat in Sydney's west and Prime Minister, the polls are looking pretty grim for Labor. Do you think you can win?

Tomorrow is their choice. It is a real choice. It is a tough, close

contest. You are correct, if the

polls country, there is a real risk

that on Sunday, Mr Abbott will be

Prime Minister. That is a risk for

Australian family is about returning

to WorkChoices and be cut to health

and education. I am obviously asking

Australians to vote for my positive

planned. To keep investing in jobs,

in schools, to build a trades

training centres, to invest in

apprenticeships, to train that more

doctors and nurses and improve

healthcare and, of course, deliver

the National Broadband Network, the

technology this country needs to

compete in the future. I will build

the National Broadband Network, Mr Abbott will not. News Limited newspapers have mostly thrown their support behind the Coalition. How damaging is that?

This is a choice for Australians. The great thing about a democracy is

individual Australians will make his

decision. I believe when their boat,

they will be thinking about the

things that make a life. Do we have

a job? It who acted to protect jobs

trim the global financial crisis? Of

course, we'd stood up and protected

jobs. Mr Abbott would have had us in

a procession with hundreds of

thousands of Australians are

unemployed. They will be thinking

does my child could we grade school?

Will they have a chance of an

apprenticeship? Who will train more

doctors and nurses and, of course, I

will deliver that. Mr Abbott wants

to make cuts in all of these areas

and, for the future, we do need the

National Broadband Network. I will

build it. Mr Abbott has made

perfectly clear it will never happen