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SPOKEN TO HER SINCE. I MEAN, I HAVEN'T WELL, WE WOULD STILL BE FRIENDS THROUGH THIS TO GET MY MONEY. IF IT DIDN'T TAKE ME TO HAVE TO GO - DON'T TRUST PEOPLE. - DON'T DO NOTHING FOR NOBODY. This program is captioned live. Tonight, protest arrests - the Prime Minister environmentalists target over his greenhouse gas plan. from climate change!

We will not walk away A guilty plea from the man over water restrictions. charged with killing his neighbour And RailCorp corruption - accused of outrageous rorts. more than 30 people face prosecution, Good evening. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. attacked with an axe. Also, criminal Mark 'Chopper' Read photo shoot for a men's magazine. And Mercedes Corby's daring to have a bit of fun. This was a light-hearted experience, But heading the news at 5pm, kicking and shouting environmentalists have been dragged climate policy release, from the Prime Minister's official carbon targets. furious over Australia's power bills will go up, The plan means to help low-income earners. but there'll be cash hand-outs the Government's 2020 carbon target Green groups livid over took their fury to the top. from climate change! We will not walk away Their anger was prompted to a 5% cut in emissions, by the PM's commitment only with international agreement. increasing to 15% anywhere in the world No responsible leadership an elephant of this proportion. can ignore the elephant in the room, a minimum 25% cut is needed Environmentalists say

and Murray-Darling. to save the Great Barrier Reef or the planet. It's not good for the nation It's a real failure. I think it is. Kevin Rudd has betrayed for climate action. every Australian that voted for him

The PM was unfazed. has been to get the balance right. Our primary objective That balance will see $30 billion scheme over the next five years raised from the emissions trading returned as compensation. receive $382 a year or $7 a week Pensioners, seniors and carers to offset price rises. receive $157 per child Low- and middle-income families a $390 low-income tax offset. and there's petrol price rises. Motorists will also be spared

polluters will also be protected - Adding fuel to environmental anger, given almost $4 billion in aid, electricity producers LNG and steel, given free permits. and other industries, including But business is still wary. is asking a lot of business. Today's white paper The Federal Opposition says

the plan before responding in detail. it wants to take time to consider Emily Rice, Ten News. to their lowest levels Share funds have plunged since the Great Depression. half of their savings Some investors have lost ruining retirement plans. in the global meltdown, following a year of heavy losses. A rare day of gains, on the calendar Just nine trading days remain and 2008 looks set to make history. recording our worst year on record. We're very much on track to

a staggering 44%. The Australian sharemarket has fallen have been slaughtered. Superannuation and share funds the average share fund tumbled 40% - In the 12 months to November, since the 1930s depression. the largest annual loss which has lost half its value. The worst performer is Challanger, Retirees have been the hardest hit. who have perhaps benefitted For those workers of superannuation guarantee from those 15 years to retirement now, they may well be heading

what am I going to do?" thinking, "Oh, my goodness, cash deposits could be a costly one. A move now from stocks to but what you're then doing - It sounds fine, on your securities, you're chrystalising your losses and that's not advisable.

to stimulate the economy It's hoped Government moves bounce back in the new year. will see investor confidence on shares, We're looking for a return something in the order of 30%-35%. an overhaul The new year will also bring and pension systems. of the superannuation a superannuation guarantee We are hoping we will see are somewhat protected that ensures low-income earners when they reach retirement. will be handed down in March. The Federal Government's findings

Jacqueline Maddock, Ten News. Yet another inquiry has confirmed have already established - what six other inquiries RailCorp is rotten to the core. prosecution in the latest scandal, 31 employees are now facing in fraud and bribes. involving millions of dollars over the years RailCorp has made name for itself as a hotbed of corrupt conduct things are only getting worse. and the latest investigation shows was the biggest of all of them. This year against 33 RailCorp employees Charges have been recommended worth $19 million who awarded contracts those belonging to family or friends. to their own companies or

Like Christian Hansen, from this home and netted $319,000 who ran a trucking business Or Renae Hughes, who earned $500,000 by fraudulently changing the value of contracts. The ICAC Commissioner says there are more than just a few bad apples RailCorp. I think the people of NSW have got to view this matter very seriously, as does the Commission. If Mr Cripps has recommendations then I'm all ears because this rot has got to stop. He has 40 recommendations that the Transport Minister claims RailCorp is already introducing. This is a clear message that you can't afford to take your eye off the ball. But the eye's been off the ball for some time. This investigation into corruption within RailCorp

is the seventh in 16 years. There were six separate inquiries into RailCorp for this very thing we're talking about in this inquiry and nothing happened. If this government thought corruption was a problem Clearly they have the stomach for this sort of thing. The Director of Public Prosecutions will now consider whether charges will be laid against the 33 RailCorp workers.

Josh Murphy, Ten News. A man charged with killing his neighbour over water restrictions has pleaded guilty to manslaughter, and remains free on bail. Ten News can also reveal the victim had major health problems. Todd Munter today admitted he threw the punch that killed his neighbour, Ken Proctor,

but could shed no more light on why he did it. Can you explain what you did? Was it just an accident? Did you just lose it? WOMAN: Are you sorry for what happened? He pleaded guilty to manslaughter after punching Ken Proctor in October last year, for watering his lawn, something Ken was actually entitled to do. Mr Proctor suffered a fatal heart attack. Munter was originally charged with murder, but the Crown today accepted his plea to the lesser charge.

Ten News can reveal the autopsy on Ken Proctor shows he was not a healthy man. He had scarring on his heart, indicating he had already suffered a heart attack well before the one that killed him. The 66-year-old had smoked all his adult life and had been diagnosed with diabetes. Ken Proctor's family isn't particularly happy but they accept the decision, with what happened today, if it had gone to trial, fearing that, Todd Hunter may not have served any extra jail time and, either way, there's nothing that can change the outcome of what happened here, on the lawn outside the family home. The judge today continued bail for Todd Munter, warning him that it is no indication of the type of sentence he might be handed when the case continues next March. Evan Batten, Ten News. The family of a Punchbowl man

knifed to death in a Homebush nightclub have spoken emotionally about his killing. Muhammad Omar was killed after trying to protect his girlfriend when a fight began on the dance floor. 24-year-old Muhammad Omar, known as Tiger, was killed by a single knife wound to the upper torso during a brawl on the dance floor of the Homebush nightclub Beirut By Night.

Up everybody knows him because of

his smile. He looks after everybody

it and takes care of them. The young plumber's seven brothers and sisters have been left grieving over what they say was an unprovoked attack by eight men after one of them tried to pick up Muhammad's pregnant girlfriend. it and takes care of them. I hope

his last minutes were quick. I hope

he was thinking of me and whether I

was coming or not. We have heard a

lot of things that we do not know what to believe. Detectives believe there were about 110 people inside the club. Not all have come forward to give statements. They're now cross-referencing lists of patrons given to them by witnesses to try and work out who the killer was. Police say they don't have a clear motive for the attack, nor is there a description of the killer or the murder weapon. But Muhammad's brothers are determined to see his murderer

what to believe. We've all lost

some body that we did not expect to lose. The Muslim family will bury Muhammad as soon as the Coroner releases his body. John Hill, Ten News. Adam Hawse is in the sports chair tonight. Adam, Russell Crowe's Christmas message to Souths fans

has caused quite a stir? Yes, the Rabbitohs' co-owner has told fans he'll be cutting back on the cash he puts into the club. Crowe has broken the bad news in a presidential-like address, Firstly, to those smart alecs out there that think I need to be in the spotlight all the time, this is not my idea, and I prefer to do God's work in the background of Souths. Shortly in sport, for the future, more of Russell's vision including a plea to triple the number of paid-up members. And here's something that had the Shark baring his teeth with laughter. Golf's new glamour boy suffers a wardrobe malfunction at Norman's event. And the AFL Commission has blocked a back-door move by Richmond to sign Ben Cousins in tomorrow's preseason draft. More on that in sport. Still to come, notorious criminal Chopper Read attacked in a city street. Plus, the illicit drug operation that stunned Sydney police. And a new type of wine poised to prevent heart disease. Ever thought to yourself, "There aren't enough hours in the day"? with more and more open 24 hours. So come in today...or tonight. OWL HOOTS MCDONALD'S STING (Beeps horn) Five minutes! VOICEOVER: Say hello to mornings with a quick drive-thru breakfast from McDonald's. WOMAN: Have a great day. Sorry. SONG: # If I could have one moment just for you... #

This program is captioned live. Police are stunned by the size of a drug operation they've uncovered in south-western Sydney. A Padstow house had been transformed into a multimillion-dollar drug processing lab with three pill presses, more than 50kg of ecstasy powder and 200,000 ecstasy tablets. People are in a festive mode, so the potential for use of this type of material is greater at this time of the year. The drugs are valued at $12 million. Police are now searching for two men who had been living in the house. Yet another violent showdown for notorious criminal Mark 'Chopper' Read. He was taken into custody today after reports of a street fight involving a tomahawk. However, police later freed him The colourful criminal is no stranger to being on the wrong side of the law, but this time he insists he did nothing wrong. Unsavoury behaviour on the part of ex-prisoners, who are trying to lay claim that I bashed them once in H Division

and trying to, you know, hurt me. The man who's made his name through violence claims he was chased down a busy street by a tomahawk-wielding man late this morning.

He had a shirt and underneath he had a tomahawk and he attacked him on his right hand. Chopper says he was cornered and picked up an iron bar to defend himself. I ran into the panel beaters and I grabbed a pipe and I said, "Come here now,"

and he jumped in a car and pissed off. Police converged on the scene, arresting Read and his friend Frank, who owns the nearby pawnbroker shop. While police have released the notorious underworld figure without charge, the alleged offender remains at large. Chopper maintains he's never seen the man before. It's just someone might have been big-noting themself. A man with a tomahawk tried to take my life. Police say in this headline appearance, Read's version is backed by witnesses. Hermione Kitson, Ten News. Emergency work has begun to save a harbourfront apartment block

which had been in danger of collapse during Sydney's king tides. The sea wall has been falling apart since Saturday and forced the temporary evacuation of residents.

North Sydney Council today ordered the building's owners to begin immediate repairs. Each time a king tide comes through there's more erosion, so they have got to stop that happening. Workers moved in late this afternoon. It's expected to cost $350,000 to repair the heritage-listed sandstone wall. A recent spate of child drownings has spurred the Queensland Government to lead the way, cracking down on unsafe pools. Home owners will now have to pay hundreds of dollars on inspections, but experts say it still won't save lives. Deanne Roberts knows that a pool fence wouldn't have stopped her beautiful daughter Holly from reaching the water, a toy firmly in her sights. She wanted Ethan's motorised boat that he got that morning for his birthday and all her fears and everything - she knew what was right from wrong i it didn't matter. Seven toddler drownings in NSW and Queensland in the past month has prompted the Bligh Government to announce an overhaul of pool fencing laws and regulations. And annual pool inspections - costing hundreds of dollars That's the wrong focus, says this mother, buried in her grief. It's just not enough - they've got to know how to swim. Government help to make swimming lessons within financial reach of all families is something Laurie Lawrence has been preaching for years. You can have all the pool fencing legislation you like. You can't legislate swimming lessons and you can't legislate supervision. Couldn't think of anything better that the Government could subsidise, really. Holly's cousin demonstrating just how easy a determined youngster can get through a so-called childproof barrier. What should have been viewed as positive government policy regarding pool safety has now been labelled rushed political grandstanding, with one motivation in mind. People are talking about early elections - obviously they'd like to clear the decks. Anna Bligh says she's not ruling out swimming lesson subsidies, and is looking at what's happening in Western Australia, where pools are checked every four years at a cost of $50. Tim Collits, Ten News. A local doctor says he's come up with the world's healthiest wine. He claims it has 100 times the anti-ageing, heart-boosting goodness found in a bottle of white, without affecting the taste. If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, could a glass of wine keep age at bay? A Sydney doctor thinks so,

and has produced a selection of wines to do just that. I wanted to find the best preventative medicine, because, as a GP,

I'm sick of seeing people dying of preventative diseases like heart attacks, strokes, diabetes.

His solution - boosting the amount of reservatrol in wine. found in grapes That's the anti-oxidant believed to prevent a host of health problems, from cardiovascular disease to dementia. You extract the reservatrol from grape skins and then you have the concentrate, and you put that back in the wine before it's bottled. Better yet, Dr Norrie's dose is undetectable. lose. Thanks actually it tastes better

better the more you have of it. You

get used to it. So far he's produced a chardonnay and shiraz.

Well, it's a really lovely McClaren Vale shiraz with that smoky, dusty oak. It certainly does smell good. Each bottle contains 100mg of reservatrol per litre, which is about the same as you'd find in 100 bottles of white or 20 of red, and Dr Norrie says that's what makes it the world's healthiest drop. Scientists say they'll need more evidence before accepting it as an elixir of youth. No large clinical trials in humans have been done so far, so I would recommend caution in taking reservatrol. a spoonful of sugar. But it certainly beats It tastes good and it's good for you. Well, we'll drink to that. Cheers. Amber Muir, Ten News. get used to it. And now it's time

for the weather. Just a for a get

to that - please pick me for that Test

Test on the wind! If it is a to

reducing, bring it on. Sydney is

now in summer and she cannot beat

it. Well Cadet grinning at me now.

Tomorrow will be another beautiful

day, reaching 26 degrees. day, reaching 26 degrees. Our

catchment got up to 60 millimetres

of rain from all that rain. In the

central west, they got the most way

net - a 72 millimetres. He last saw

that rainfall 97 years ago. See you a bit later.

Coming up, the Aussie invention set to ease the pain of joint replacements. Also, ducking for cover - A TV journalist's bizarre attack on the outgoing US President. at Sydney's Acer Arena.

And a map Time now for a traffic

report check. The M4 is very quiet

this morning and also this morning.

The traffic into Campbeltown - The traffic into Campbeltown - it

is a bit slow. There is a breakdown

holding up the traffic on of the Windsors

Windsors road. Once traffic passes

the M2, it looks like he is trying

to clear up again. It is good news. Plans for a fast national broadband network are in disarray, after Telstra was evicted from the project. The telco claims it's the only company which can deliver the network, but the Government says it's playing games. It's the biggest national broadband network to be built anywhere in the world, but Australia's biggest telco has been disconnected. They are excluded on legal advice. Submissions to build the $5 billion network closed last month, and Telstra's didn't include small- and medium-sized businesses in its rollout, a key requirement which made the company's bid invalid. It seems to be a very trivial, highly technical, bureaucratic issue that they've picked on. There was nothing to stop Telstra from submitting a complete proposal and competing vigorously with other proponents. Telstra says it's committed to a national broadband network, but only submitted a 13-page letter of offer to the Government, in protest at what it claimed was a lack of detail. Its rivals want the telco investigated by the corporate regulator over its conduct during the bid. When did Telstra find out their bid was non-compliant without the extra material? And why did they not tell people they put in a non-compliant bid? The exclusion leaves five bids to be assessed by the Government's independent panel which is due to hand down its recommendations in the new year. will be brought back to the table But some still believe Telstra in time for the Government's final decision. You can't really do this without involving Telstra. to somebody else, involved. Telstra's share price fell 8% on the news. Brad Hodson, Ten News. Now to the ING Direct finance report with Jacqueline Maddock. Jacqui, some very disturbing news for retailers - the toughest times may actually be in front of them yet? That's right, Ron. According to a leading forecaster, retailers are in for an even harder time in 2009,

because worried shoppers have effectivley gone on strike.

Over this financial year we'll see no growth in retail in real terms. Next year we'll see about 1% growth. So pretty slow going, as it has been for the past year, 2008, pretty slow going next year, a pick-up towards the end of 2009, and stronger in 2010. But that gloomy prediction failed to hold back gains. After Friday's heavy sell-off, the local market surged ahead for much of the day. The All Ords closed 2.5% firmer. That's despite Telstra shares tumbling 11% after a government-appointed panel excluded the telco giant broadband network tender. And that's the day in finance. President Bush has been forced to duck for cover to avoid a pair of shoes being thrown at his head. An angry journalist hurled the size 10s at an Iraqi news conference. It's an Iraqi show of contempt, and today President Bush got a double dose of it in size 10. Officials at a news conference with Iraqi President Jalal Talabani while they removed the shoe-thrower. ordered cameras to stop recording

Minutes later, Mr Bush tried to make it clear he was not the least bit ruffled. It's a size 10 shoe that he threw. So what if the guy threw a shoe at me? I didn't feel the least bit threatened by it.

The now-shoeless man is Muntadhar al-Zaidi, a reporter for al-Baghdadia television. With the first throw he yelled, "This is a gift from the Iraqis. This is a farewell kiss, you dog." President Bush touched down in the heavily fortified Green Zone this morning, beginning his fourth and final visit to the war-torn country. He's celebrating a new security pact between Washington and Baghdad which calls for US troops to withdraw by 2011. The unpopular was has lasted nearly six years, taken the lives of more than 4,000 members of the military and cost taxpayers about $576 billion. It's tied to Mr Bush's legacy and now too is this image of contempt. Kathryn Brown, Ten News. Australian researchers have discovered a bone substitute that could revolutionise surgery. They've used nanotechnology to invent a super-strong bone cement that could end the need for implants. This white powder could revolutionise joint replacement surgery. It's basically like having plasticine made of human bone - you can shape it in any way, form you want, for any joint of the body. And that's the beauty of it - you can make it as plates, you can make it as screws. Dr Poinern and his team at Murdoch University stumbled across the new recipe for bone substitute. We are just basically replicating nature and we make it in a different form and we are very excited about the possibilities that lies ahead coming from this research. With a family history of knee replacements, honours student Ravi Brundavanam played a major role in pioneering what's being called "nano-bone", using smaller but stronger particles than the current technology. At the moment in the market, what we are getting is only 40% stronger compared to natural bone, so if we decrease the size and if we're able to increase it will go to 60%-70%. Nano is 1,000 times smaller. The smaller the piece of hydroxyapatite, the more integration of bone, potentially a stronger lock of bone to the prosthesis. The possible eventual replacement of titanium plates with the nano-bone may also reduce the risk of infection around implanted joints. With the prototype completed, the team is now looking at further research

to map out the nano-bone's strength and load-bearing properties. They'll then work with medical professionals to test its compatibility for different uses. That's the great thing about the journey in science,

is to be able to do something for the community that - to me - could help thousands of Australians. Elena Kane, Ten News. Kylie Minogue has proved she still has the 'X' factor, dazzling her Australian fans in Sydney last night. The 2-hour show was packed with songs from her latest album, 'X', as well as plenty of old favourites. (SINGS 'CAN'T GET YOU OUT OF MY HEAD') Kylie performs two more shows in Sydney before heading home to Melbourne on Friday. Still to come, growing anger

over the Rudd Government's plan to cut greenhouse gases. Also, Mercedes Corby like we've never seen her before.

And the baggy green cap expected to set a new record. This program is captioned live. Tonight's top stories - a guilty plea from the man accused of killing his neighbor in a fight over water restrictions. Todd Munter punched 66-year-old Ken Proctor who died a short time later in hospital from a heart attack. Munter has pleaded guilty to manslaughter. His conditional bail has been extended until sentencing in March. 33 RailCorp employees face prosecution following damning corruption findings. The ICAC has found that the organisation is rotten to the core, and called for 40 major reforms to clean it up. And environmentalists have crashed Prime Minister Rudd's announcement of plans to tackle climate change. They're furious the Government has only agreed to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 5% by 2020.

Low-income earners will be compensated for higher energy bills. Ten's environment reporter, Emily Rice, was at the National Press Club

when the Prime Minister unveiled the climate plan. Emily, it seems no-one's really happy with today's announcement - not green groups or business.

Up that is correct. The government

wants voters to think it has taken

the middle road by balancing environmental and economic

interests. In the end, no-one interests. In the end, no-one is

really satisfied. Businesses have

expressed some concern and

environmental groups have expressed

absolute furious Naz over what has

happened. The opposition has

already said that he will not

support the 2010 start date, so it

is up to the government to get

support from the independents and

the Greens. The Greens are also

furious with the targets that have

been announced, so it is going to

be a very tough I asked to get the

policy approved. But And now it's

time for the weather. There is blue-sky

blue-sky run across the Sydney-

based then and it all have lots of

sunshine throughout the week. It

all the 27 degrees tomorrow. What

about those wins on Saturday night?

It was around 80 km/h on Saturday

night, but go to their experienced 104, two wins an hour. They've been through thick and thin together, so it's hardly surprising Mercedes Corby sought Schapelle's advice when she was asked to strip down for a men's magazine. Schapelle was all for it, and may one day join her sister as a cover girl.

It's just about the last place you'd expect to see Mercedes Corby. The girl famous for her stoushes and skirmishes in the unrelenting defence of her sister Schapelle... Get out! I'll smash your cameras! ..has suddenly decided to bare all for men's magazine 'Ralph'. Everything's always so intense and stressful that this was a light-hearted experience, to have a bit of fun,

and I had a lot of fun. Speaking exclusively to Ten News Mercedes believes it could actually help her sister.

Anything that's going to remind people is still incarcerated, well, I'm all for it. Mercedes flew to Darwin to do the shoot, with mother Rose on set for guidance, and it was there they cooked up another great plan. She basically said, "When Schapelle's out of prison "you have to shoot all three sisters." There's actually a younger one, called Milly. The three sisters shoot will have to wait about 15 years, but meantime Mercedes is getting the thumbs up from those closest to her. I'm proud of my wife - she looked good. Hot! (LAUGHTER) I saw Schapelle last Friday in THE prison and she was in good spirits and extremely proud of Mercedes and what she's done - and Schapelle extremely encouraged her a lot to go ahead do the shoot. But some critics have their knives out for the magazine, saying it is enabling Mercedes to profit

from the crimes of a convicted criminal. Can I ask how much? You can, but you won't get an answer. Meantime, there were celebrations at Schapelle's prison today.

In honour of Christmas, Schapelle and Bali Nine members Renae Lawrence and Martin Stephens all had one month sliced off their sentence. Angela Bishop, Ten News.

A famous piece of Don Bradman memorabilia is up for auction tonight and is widely tipped to fetch a breathtaking price. 'Invincibles' Tour of England The cap Bradman wore on the 1948 will go under the hammer, with a reserve price of $450,000. Today I think it's realistic to say, if there's one person puts their hand up, they're going to buy at $450,000 - in my opinion, that's a bargain. The baggy green was bought five years ago for $460,000. Sport now with Adam Hawse, and Russell Crowe's latest on-screen role brings some bad news for Souths members. Yes, the co-owner and Hollywood actor has used his Christmas message to warn he'll be cutting back on the cash he puts into Souths. Ahead, Crowe tells of his greater vision for Souths, though the video wasn't his idea. And the 'Shark' shares a joke with the new glamour boy of golf who's had a wardrobe malfunction. VOICEOVER: Canberra has so many great places to shop and celebrate this Christmas, why would you go anywhere else? Because every dollar you spend locally helps keep our economy humming. (CHOIR HUMS 'DECK THE HALLS') Can we stop and ask someone? No, we don't need to stop and ask someone. Just keep going straight. We should have gone back there. You even got the map up on there?

I'm trying.

To my right or...? Left, left. I'm telling where to go. I'll tell you where to go. Is your phone working? Yeah. It's working? No, it's not working. Use my phone.

GPS: You're going in the wrong direction.

Please turn around. Oh, it WAS back there. How come your phone does that? VOICEOVER: If your network's letting you down, try the network that works better in more places - Telstra Next G. This program is captioned live. South Sydney owner Russell Crowe has warned fans

he can't keep tipping money into the club forever. He's appealed to the Rabbitohs faithful to help the club support itself.

From L.A. to Redfern via the World Wide Web. Firstly, for those smart alecs out there who think I need to be in the spotlight all the time, this is not my idea. I prefer to do God's work in the background of Souths. A message with all the hallmarks of a Hollywood script. We're making diamonds from coal here. We are bringing Souths out of the dark and into the light. Slowly but surely, this diamond will shine. A low-grade sparkler, unless fans start chipping in. Next week someone will need to find a couple of hundred grand for gym equipment, 50 or 60 more for interior design fit-out costs at Redfern, individual named lockers, ice baths built in. Now, don't worry about the bill. Between generous sponsors and myself we'll get it done this time. I will tell you this, though - I won't continue to put the type of cash I've had to into Souths so far forever. Crowe says the club is making huge progress, to stand alone financially. but it needs 15,000 members Right now there's less than 6,000 of the paid-up faithful. You know, when I first came to Los Angeles I paid my own way and I rented my own $20 hotel room. These days, if I have to come to L.A., someone else spots me a ticket in the pointy end of the plane and rents me a place like this to stay in. I'm a big fan of progress. Merry Christmas, everyone. Leanne West, Ten News. Ben Cousins's return to football has hit another hurdle, with the AFL Commission rejecting Richmond's bid to take Graham Polak off their main list. The Tigers had been hoping to select Cousins in Tuesday's preseason draft if they had received permission to shift Polak to their rookie list.

Her six clubs have got an

opportunity to select this player.

Richmond Football Club has an

opportunity to select this Richmond say they have not given up hope of securing the former Brownlow Medallist's services. Recalled paceman Peter Siddle

has been rushed straight into the Australian XI for Wednesday's first Test against South Africa in Perth. The selectors have just one decision to make - the spin of Jason Krejza or the all-round talents of Shane Watson. Peter Siddle should have been rolling his arm over in a Sheffield Shield match for Victoria today. Instead, the speedster is a straight swap for the injured Stuart Clark, who is having surgery tonight on bone spurs in his right arm. A guy that got four wickets in his Test debut in India, I thought bowled very, very well and has shown great promise, definitely deserves a go here Wednesday. The visitors not concerned - they've already done their homework on the Victorian quick. We got a pretty good dossier on him, actually, from a couple of people that we know in and around the Melbourne area. But the only footage we did have was from the Indian Test match and obviously conditions are going to be slightly different. That leaves spinner Jason Krejza and all-rounder Shane Watson fighting it out for the final spot, a decision that will depend on what's revealed when the covers come off the WACA wicket. Just see how it shapes up in the next 24 hours. Still two days out, so pre-48 hours, just see how it looks. South Africa will go into the Test near full strength. Keeper Mark Boucher and pace duo Dale Steyn and Morne Morkel have recovered from their injury niggles. Apart from Mark, who did it during the game, all the other guys have come through fine and we hit the Test match week with almost 100% medical record. For the Aussies, a WACA win is crucial. This is probably the most important Test match of the series. This is the one that sets it up - the team that can walk away with the win here will definitely set the tone for the rest of the summer. Claire Thomas, Ten News. Golf, and Robert Allenby has threatened to walk away from future Australian Opens. Allenby says the infamous party hole promotes drinking, not golf. But others disagree. Another golf announcement meant more balls in the harbour today, as the PGA of Australia and Coca-Cola announced a 10-year sponsorship alignment.

But it seems gimmicks and marketing ploys are grating on Robert Allenby, ..and threatened to not return in coming years. I mean, many of the other players thought it was actually a great promotion, and the crowd were very well behaved. A little bit of noise around a golf tournament won't hurt. Allenby could stick to his word Peter Lonard believes

and scale back his golf in Australia. Lonard agrees the party hole atmosphere can be a distraction. 17th hole was a bit yahooey, a little bit. They were calling me Harry Potter or something, saying, "Where's your broomstick?" which was quite clever, I suppose. I think as long as you can take it as a bit of a joke and get on with it, it's one hole a year. Meanwhile, Greg Norman has finished third in his annual shoot-out charity tournament, for his playing partner. despite a few awkward moments The 'Shark' had a laugh with Camilo Villegas when the young star split his pants. COMMENTATOR: Camilo Villegas "Can you get me a new pair of pants?" Rob Canning, Ten News. The world's greatest-ever female golfer, Annika Sorenstam, has played her final round. She went out in style at the Dubai Ladies Masters, finishing seventh, but showing glimpses of the form that won her 72 LPGA titles in a stellar career. You know, this wasn't just about this week, this was about my career and the things I've done, and I could really have not asked for anything better. And, with a few tears emerging, Sorrenstam waved goodbye on her way to the 18th, where she bowed out with a 2-metre birdie putt, standing ovation from the gallery. Jelena Dokic's quest for a ticket into the Australian Open is on track after today's opening round of wild card play-offs in Melbourne. The former world number four made light work of her little-known opponent, Sophie Letcher, winning in straight sets, 6-3, 6-0. I feel like I've come into this play-off with more confidence than usual. I've already come into this with some matches and good practice, so it wasn't so hard to get used to the conditions. But no such luck for 16-year-old hopeful Bernard Tomic, losing in a thrilling 3-set battle to Colin Ebelthite. And in Sports Tonight, Stephanie Rice reveals why she withdrew from the Queensland championships, plus BASE-jumping, NFL and the NBA. opportunity to select this player.

Thank you Time now for a traffic

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blocked Europe pennant Hills Road.

We're dealing with their lanes now

heading into the Baulkham Hills

district. The news is that the

accent is clear and the lanes are

reopen and hopefully tropical get through. Stay with us - Tim Bailey's forecast is next. At only $1.95, you can wrap up a delicious bargain with the new Seared Chicken Mini Snack Wrap from McDonald's.

To And now it's time for the

weather. Wasn't it a fabulous day?

A big seller Lee cleared all the

clout out Ant it was big and

polluted day. Another lovely day

tomorrow - 27 degrees. The winds on

the weekend reach 104 km/h. 72

millimetres of rain also in the

Middle West. That was that most

rain in 97 years. We also got 22

millimetres of rain in the basin. There will be blue sky tomorrow and

then a possible thunderstorm coming

on Wednesday and Thursday. On the

weekend it will be mainly fine. We

would have you purport the Santa

clause in C4? The winner of the

toaster Environment Awards will be

announced on Wednesday night and

the biggest beach and surf report

on the television anywhere also.

Let's get in your backyard and have a a look at the weather.

Other satellite to - there will be

cloud across the tropics. Sky as a

clearing in NSW and Victoria. There

will be cloud over Tasmania ahead

of the front. WA his experience in

a heat trough. But have a look at a heat trough. But have a look at

the And now it's time for the

weather. For tomorrow. A high

pressure will be a messy sunny day to

to southern, central and eastern

Australia. A travel Brickel trough

an isolated showers two W and

Victoria. There are predicted

precipitation in these parts of

Australia but it is generally dry

over NSW. A few showers for

Victoria and Tasmania and isolated

showers First Southern WA. If you

like the look of today, I have some

good news for you. There will be

another one for tomorrow. It will

be 27 degrees, winds of short burly

and a lovely breeze. Possible

funders Dom Wednesday and Thursday.

Tomorrow we answer the question, who put Santa intercede of? That brings you up to date on the news at 5:00.

I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. Stay with us - we'll have updates throughout the evening

before the Late News with Sports Tonight along at 11:00. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia.