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(generated from captions) Tonight - Bruce Burrell found guilty Sydney mother Kerry Whelan. of kidnapping and murdering We'll try to say goodbye to Kerry. put on a good-behaviour bond Mark Latham over his run-in with a photographer. land tax relief, Michael Costa's Budget delivers and a surprise deficit. for the Socceroos. And Germany's warm welcome This program is LIVE captioned. with Ian Ross. VOICE-OVER: This is Seven News mysteries has been solved One of Sydney's longest running Good evening.

in the Kerry Whelan murder trial. with a guilty verdict

A jury found the Sydney mother nine years ago Bruce Burrell kidnapped and murdered

out of financial desperation.

he can finally say goodbye to Kerry, Bernie Whelan says is still to be found. although her body of waiting, two trials, The Whelan family has endured years and nine days of jury deliberation - for Kerry's murder. finally seeing justice Another killer's off the streets. We have a result. Bruce Burrell, Bernie Whelan always knew his former employee, was his wife's kidnapper and killer. in May 1997 Kerry Whelan was last seen car park. leaving this Parramatta hotel

Burrell's Pajero waiting outside. A security camera captured on Burrell's Bungonia property The police swooped and found more damning evidence. that everything is done properly We're ensuring is being searched thoroughly. and every part of the property in Burrell's handwriting, These two notes, were early drafts of his ransom note. for Mrs Whelan's safe return. He'd demanded US$1 million Burrell drove to Goulburn During the search, Bernie Whelan's office and anonymously rang

to back off. warning the police and media only the kidnapper could know. He gave information in the call

The last five days, for me, a bit of a living hell. have been, to say the least, have been worse. The last nine years for the Whelans in the dock Today, Burrell stood emotionless of kidnap and murder. as he was convicted by the jury defence lawyer, David Dalton, At that point, Bruce Burrell's ask each individual juror demanded Justice Graham Barr whether they agreed with the verdict. denied the unusual request, Justice Barr whether the verdicts were unanimous. instead asking the foreman They were. and we hope now that the family, It's been a long time coming can move on. the Whelan family,

Kerry's son put it best. so it's a relief, not a celebration. We haven't got her back,

tonight with a wake, long overdue. But Kerry's life will be celebrated Yes, there will be a few drinks say goodbye to Kerry. and we'll try to, ah, I'm sorry. begins later this month. Burrell's sentencing hearing Mark Latham Former federal Labor leader a two-year good-behaviour bond has been given a newspaper photographer in January. after a scuffle with an expensive camera, Mr Latham admitted smashing for stalking him and his children. but blamed the photographer For a man who despises attention... how are you feeling today? REPORTER: Mr Latham, ..Mark Latham sure can attract it. a News Limited photographer. He's always admitted attacking in public with his children, He objected to being pictured so Mr Latham smashed the camera. anger took over, His lawyers admitted he snapped, the photographer was stalking him. but that

But only four months earlier, back in the spotlight, the 45-year-old had put himself courting television... with a sexual-harassment slur Well, he tried to fit me up for six years. ..newspapers, and radio... in the cone of silence. They can't keep me on the ALP. sell his poison-pen book

the selling of your book - REPORTER: Mr Latham, from public life? was that part of your retirement Mark Latham crossed the line, The magistrate said but so did the photographer. to malicious damage, Mr Latham pleaded guilty for the camera. paying more than $6,000 were dropped, Charges of assault and stealing a good-behaviour bond. and he was given coming along? REPORTER: How's the new book The sentence reflected the fact without a criminal conviction. Mark Latham has gone his entire life

for the next two years He'll have to behave himself to be finally dismissed. for this charge

handed down his first State Budget, Treasurer Michael Costa has further into debt than expected. sending New South Wales Louise Milligan joins us. State political reporter in 10 years. Louise, it's the first deficit Yes, Ian. in a very difficult situation. The government finds itself There's less money coming in, real estate slump. mainly because of Sydney's to spend big But it desperately needs in almost every portfolio at next year's elections. to avoid a caning Michael Costa says we had to have. It's the Budget deficit What you see is a fair-dinkum Budget and a strategy to get out of it. that explains the situation $696 million dollars in the red.

an ageing population, The Treasurer blames and rising wages. the property market bust But it's also an election year, he's splurging. and after a decade of underspending, that we've had to have It is the Budget

over-expenditure. in the light of the government's

this financial year. $9.9 billion on public works just $5.7 billion nationally. The Federal Government is spending with borrowings, That State's paying for it a strategy some liken to Victoria's Cain/Kirner years. when liabilities reached $50 million Victoria crashed in 1992 will be in four years time and that's where New South Wales and stick it in my office We don't have the money Scrooge McDuck and count it all. and I don't sit up there like I mean, the fact of the matter is

providing those services. all of this is expended on have already been announced. Almost all of those services In Health - more hospital beds, paramedics, upgrades of Auburn and Liverpool Hospitals, and millions to fight cancer. Education gets 10 new schools, a huge maintenance program, and new trade schools. Transport spending rises, with money for the Rail Clearways Program and more trains and buses. Police get six new stations, a permanent Middle East Crime Squad, and money for counter-terrorism. Half a billion dollars in tax cuts helped cause the blow-out, including a reform of land tax now averaged over three years, softening the blow for investors whose property values have risen sharply. There is an extra $100 million the government received from land tax above its budgeted figure,

so more could've been done. Mr Costa expects to return the surplus next year thanks to 5,000 public-service redundancies and his prediction of a revived property market. But with interest rates expected to rise, that's a shaky premise. The problem in New South Wales is that the Budget, again, The problem in New South Wales is that the Budget, again, is a fairytale. But the Treasurer remains positive. If you are one-Budget Treasurer, what would you like to be known by? I won't be. The Treasurer says there'll be no new taxes to pay for the spending spree. But we can expect lots of photo opportunities with ministers on building sites in coming months, Ian. The Prime Minister has appointed a special taskforce to examine whether nuclear power plants would be economically viable in Australia. But the potential location of future reactors remains a mystery. The inquiry will ask whether we need nuclear plants, why, and when - just not the crucial question of where. before the horse, It does put the cart

and I don't intend to get into that business today

and I don't intend to get into that business today

or, indeed, in the foreseeable future. The inquiry will be headed by former Telstra boss and nuclear physicist Ziggy Switkowski and will report before the end of the year. But with State Governments and public opinion firmly against nuclear energy any new reactor could be a long time off. My sense is that we are some years into the future, but precisely because it is some years into the future, now is the time to begin to have the debate.

Labor says it's the wrong debate. We're for renewable, not reactors. You elect a Labor government, there'll be no reactors. John Howard says he wants a full-blooded debate on nuclear power. But his opponents say by not considering possible sites, it's already just a little anaemic. And it seems his Cabinet colleagues are distancing themselves from an expected public backlash. Remember, it's not going to be a government nuclear power station, if one ever eventuates. Would you be happy to have a nuclear power plant in your electorate? Well, I've just got to catch a plane at the moment. Channel 9 has announced it's cutting back on news and current affairs staff under a new boss appointed from the Bulletin magazine. Most jobs will be lost in Sydney as the network sheds up to 100 people. Dark skies and gloomy news for Channel 9 staff. Just get you to move back a bit. Someone will take you out. In Melbourne, one big name was more direct. Just filming the crumbling of the great empire.

100 jobs will go - producers, reporters, researchers and camera crew. Redundancies will be voluntary at first.

Across the board, and horrendous. All programs - 'Sunday', 'Business Sunday', 'Current Affair' and news as well. Nine chief Eddie McGuire justified the cuts, saying more live content the station is moving towards

and new technologies.

Media commentators doubt it will lift the ratings. Once you cut the creative heart out of your business, Once you cut the creative heart out of your business, you're on a very, very slippery slope. That's the danger for Eddie. The new boss of Nine News is Garry Linnell, the magazine editor who offered a huge reward to find a Tasmanian Tiger. It's not a publicity stunt. We are genuine about this reward. He replaces Mark Lewellyn, who moves to executive producer of news and current affairs. Of the 100 redundancies, the axe is expected to fall hardest here in Sydney in the news and current affairs departments. But there'll also be job losses in engineering, commercial production and administration. Staff meetings are being held tonight. The Socceroos have been given a warm welcome

at their World Cup home base in Germany. Seven's Matthew White joins us live. Matt, the team has wasted no time settling in.


having a little bit of a sleep-in

at the moment, because within hours

of arriving here, Guus Hiddink had

his players on the training paddock.

They're the talk of the town here,

and the locals have adopted the Aussies as their second favourite

team. A moment of history - the first-ever Qantas flight to land in Stuttgart, bringing the men in dark suits who hope to make history here, too. Another scene they won't forget from their German odyssey. (chanting) Australia, Australia, Australia! Lining the street,

the population of the normally sleepy village of Friedrichsruhe, their hosts and family for the tournament. I wish the players all the best. And the very best is what they'll get, because home for the next few weeks will be a former royal palace

that prides itself on exclusivity and seclusion. 'ADVANCE AUSTRALIA FAIR' PLAYS

The community is embracing all things Australian. That rendition got Mark Viduka's attention. With the Australians now here, the local curiosity level is rising, struggling for a glimpse of the players

at their first training session. It's 32 years since an Australian World Cup soccer team last trained on German soil. And most of these players weren't even born then, like 27-year-old Harry Kewell, going through his paces once more after being rested for the Holland game -

he and his 22 team-mates aware now they have more than just Aussie support behind them.

It really is getting exciting. Roscoe, I'll be back later with more on the Socceroos' World Cup build-up, and the Blues' preparations for Origin II.

Ahead in Seven News - Protesters block the shipment of elephants for Taronga Zoo. Also, the Sydney cabbie facing a day of bad omens. I said to myself, "I better drive extra careful today." And Jennifer Aniston's tips for getting over a break-up. Nothing's the end of the world.

Age can be a real barrier to getting a job. I guess we should put more value on experience. I want to work. But I've got the kids to consider as well. I could look at some part-time positions. The Australian Government's providing extra services to help more people look for work as part of the new income support rules. We're also asking employers to have a more flexible attitude. I'm keen to work. I don't see my disability as a problem. I should focus on what people can, rather than can't, do. So next time you've a vacancy, take a fresh look at who's out there and tap into a wider work force.

LAID-BACK MUSIC (Kids squeal and laugh) Hi. Cappuccino, please.

If you're on a payment that's affected by the new income support rules,

you'll have received a letter from Centrelink explaining how more people are being asked to look for work, but:

Animal rights protesters have blocked the departure of eight elephants from Thailand bound for Taronga and Melbourne zoos. A small group stood in front of trucks carrying the animals

to Bangkok Airport, forcing them to return to a quarantine station. We're going back. Going back to the station. Taronga Zoo has labelled the protest irresponsible, with the shipment now on hold. The elephants' first stop was to be the Coco Islands where they'll spend three months in quarantine. If you've had one hell of a day, don't be surprised - just check the date. It's 6 June, 2006.

That's 6-6-6, the devil's day - not that anyone seemed too worried. BELLS TOLL The creepy music, a gloomy day, and a terrible number. A sequence of sixes. The soul of the devil!

Today. 6-6-6. Remember when Gregory Peck found it on Damian's head?

The mark of the anti-christ. The start of the end. And today, a new omen. Your son is the son of the devil. He's perfect. It was good.

It reminded me a lot of my little brother. That's Damian, is it? Yeah!

There's something about Damian. Paul Saltoon spent the day in his Sydney cab, number 666. I said to myself, "I better drive extra careful today. I hope God's on my side." No! Not too many babies today, but at Eschol Park, Mardi and Steve got married.

No fear - and a new life. Yeah, God-willing, or devil-willing. All this 6-6-6 business started in the Bible - the mark of the beast. But the church thinks it was just first-century code for the Roman Empire.

We're actually looking for the anti-christ. You haven't seen him by any chance, have you? No, not at all. The day's not over yet. I commend you... Jennifer Aniston has offered some advice to Sydney women about dating. Promoting her new movie 'The Break-Up', she told of how she dealt with her own break-up with ex-husband Brad Pitt. I don't know - positivity, hope. You've got to - you know, the future. Nothing's the end of the world, in terms of that stuff. Vince Vaughan New love interest and co-star

held his own media conference.

What you see is what you get. She's the genuine article. She's very kind, she's very aware. She's considerate of people. She's a very warm person. They'll spend the next few days sight-seeing in Sydney. Time for sport, and Matthew White joins us again from Germany. Matt, chaos reigns in the Queensland Origin camp? Yes, Roscoe - a club-versus-State tug of war over boom rookie Greg Inglis. Also tonight, Lleyton Hewitt's clay-court campaign over as Nadal wins again. And, precious cargo - Can this team end England's 40-year Cup drought? GENTLE GUITAR MUSIC

She's brought the papers. Now Telstra gives you more ways to do more things in more places.


back. Let's start with Rugby League

tonight. The State of Origin

campaign for Queensland is in

disarray. Adam Mogg was called in

late this afternoon, replacing

Inglis. It's the kind of controversy they didn't need.

Greg Inglis and Storm officials were furious after Queensland selectors initially refused to accept their medical advice that he wasn't fit to play. They're hungry to get me back up there, but, you know, I'm trying to get myself right. I'm not gonna. Hopefully, I'll have 10 years in this business and, you know, I don't want to go up there and risk losing two years. Scans showed stress fracture in his back but still, the Maroons wanted Inglis to fly to the medical but Melbourne refused to put him on a plane. It's a back injury. I don't want to wind up in a wheelchair. One bad knock and I could be out for three years. After much arguing, the Maroons caved in

After much arguing, the Maroons caved in and Canberra's Adam Mogg was called up for his Origin debut.

It's a dream, something that I've

always wanted to do and I've seen

guys I've played with play the game

and just ecstatic that I get the opportunity. Not so happy, Eel Jeremy Smith who's accepted a four-game ban for pushing referee Sean Hampstead. Steve Clarke replaces Hampstead in Origin II

and he's applauded the judiciary's protection of referees. That's sacrosanct. We can't have match officials being touched or pushed by players.

Rooster Lopini Paea is out for 10 weeks for this spear tackle, but Warrior Ruben Wiki will fight an eight-game ban for kneeing. Lleyton Hewitt's French Open campaign is over, but it took the world's best clay-courter to beat him. Rafael Nadal made it 57 wins in a row on clay. He didn't have it easy against Lleyton, but eventually took the match in four sets. Lleyton Hewitt had beaten Rafael Nadal in all of their previous three match-ups, but they'd never played on clay. COMMENTATOR: Oh, and there's what we're talking about.

The first set to the Spaniard, and it looked pretty easy when he broke for 4-3 in the second.

Oh! But Lleyton immediately hit back and stole the second set. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Bec's joy was short-lived, though. Nadal steamrolled through the last two sets. Hewitt's next focus - Wimbledon. Remember this from the Winter Olympics? Oh, no, it's come unstuck! (screams in pain) Devastation as Lydia Ierodiaconou wrecked her knee for a second time. She's in hospital tonight having a reconstruction, She's in hospital tonight having a reconstruction, vowing to come back better than ever. Go through all the steps and rehab and come away with a really strong, good knee. And sunrise over trainer Lee Freedman's property on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula.

First pictures of champion jockey Damian Oliver back in the saddle after his career-threatening fall 15 months ago. He'll make his return to race-riding on Saturday - something at one stage he thought he might never do. Just continued to work hard and gave myself every opportunity to get back. As we saw earlier, a massive welcome for the Socceroos here in Germany, and it's been no different for England's team of superstars. They flew out on a British Airways jet renamed 'Pride of the Nation', the precious cargo worth more than half a billion dollars - no pressure on the pilot there. On arrival, it was straight onto the team bus

and to a reception at their base in the Black Forest high above the city of Baden Baden. England is trying to win its first World Cup for 40 years.

There's a fair amount of pressure

on them. It took us 32 years just

to get back here. That wraps it up

for tonight. It's the Aussies' base.

Here's a little tour. It's 1,000

years old, this marketplace.

There's boxing kangaroo flags,

posters of kangaroos. It really is

an Aussie feel. Speak to tomorrow.

Have a lager for me. after the break, Nuala has Sydney's weather but first finance. The share market tumbled today, US interest rates. spooked by fears of rising

Good evening. a work-out. our brollies are certainly getting After months in the cupboard,

another wet trip into work. More showers this morning made for this afternoon But there were some sunny breaks just poking through the cloud with the Bridge this evening with some big splashes. before the showers returned at Little Bay since the rain began. As much as 125mm has fallen But it's simply not spreading inland. this afternoon At least the sunny breaks on yesterday - helped temperatures improve which is still 2 down on average. up to 16 degrees across most suburbs, Drizzly and 9 in the mountains. around an unstable cool pool of air The showers are quite focused hovering over our coast. Moist south-easterly winds around the large high will continue to fuel the showers, moves across before the trough in the west on Sunday. to bring more widespread rain Interstate - tonight and into tomorrow. The showers are set to continue northern and eastern suburbs, Wetter in the morning and over with some fine breaks during the day. to the mid to high teens. That will help tops

9 in the mountains. for the rest of the week Showers are still on the cards a little more sunshine but there should be on Sunday and Monday. before the rain returns Roscoe, at this stage may just deliver some rain it looks like that rain into our catchments. And that's Seven News to now.

Goodnight. Thanks for your company. I'm Ian Ross.

I'm Naomi Robson. Tonight - ended when a teacher the schoolyard fight in a headlock. put one of the students Now the boy's dad wants him charged. Did the teacher go too far? in a moment. You can judge for yourself Also - and new workplace contracts. The sacking frenzy in every case investigated, But now the admission that, protected award conditions. the bosses have broken no valid reason. No reason, to me, was given - No-one can feel safe. Plus, Karen's top-to-toe makeover. to become a new woman. How this mum spent over $50,000 So, was it money well spent? It's like everything's gone south.

the little girl who can't feel pain. And meet Isabella, when she's harming herself. She just doesn't know a schoolyard fight, I'm about to show you But first,

to the actions of the schoolteacher and please pay particular attention

and how he intervened. in a headlock. You'll see him put one of the boys is on the line Well, now the teacher's career action be taken against him. because the boy's father is demanding So did the teacher overreact? Well, here's Liz Kefford. SHOUTING

probably sacked or something. I think he should be, I don't know, Something should be done to him. by the shoulder or something, He could have just grabbed me

and started talking to me, walked me, like, 10, 15 metres away instead of putting me in a headlock. SHOUTING the teacher went too far. I don't think two teenage boys got nasty last week, When a schoolyard brawl between