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Tonight, national blitz - thousands

of police cracking down on drunken

violence. Green machine -

Australia's first hybrid car, as Australia's first hybrid car, as

the PM comes under attack over his

carbon footprint. And Tiger Woods

is given an ultimatum over his


Hello, I'm Kathryn Robinson.

Welcome to TEN Late News. Also

tonight, the most expensive movie

ever made premieres after 5 years.

But first - there's a major

emergency at Sydney Airport tonight.

Up to 1,000 people have been

evacuated and at least 14 treated,

over a gas leak at the

International Departure area. Staff,

passengers and police who came to

their rescue say there was a taste

of metal in their mouths. At this

stage it's believed the gas is from

an air conditioner. One victim has

been taken to hospital the others

have been treated at the scene. A have been treated at the scene. A

Garuda pilot whose plane crashed

has seen the pilot have his

conviction quashed. His sentence

has been dismissed. The plane

crashed in 2007. A two nation blitz

on drunken violence. Thousands of

police in Australia and New Zealand

taking to the streets for a 48 hour

onslaught. Code named 'Unite', it

is the first operation of its type.

More from TEN's Ben Lewis. There More from TEN's Ben Lewis. There

will be a record number of officers

on the streets night as police

unite around Australia to make a

stand against drunken behaviour. In

Melbourne alone there will be an

additional 400 people on the beach.

Similar numbers will be in or

capital cities. The message is to

enjoy ourselves but take it easy.

Place around King's Cross talking

tough. There will be no police

officer out there that will be a

punching bag for a drunken Farc. We

will ensure that if people want to

come into the city they will be

able to do so safely. Officers have

just had a briefing before they

head into we can trouble spots. As

well as for patrols they will be

plain clothes police to make sure

night clubs are not serving alcohol night clubs are not serving alcohol

to patrons. They hope this will

mark a permanent change in the

behaviour of partygoers. This is a

bat everybody taking milk at the

drinking practices and yes, I do

believe we can change things. This

operation came about after a

dramatic number of people arrested

for public drunkenness. 21,000

people were arrested by police in

Victoria. Partygoers have known

about this operation for weeks now.

There is no excuse for anyone

arrested from behaving badly. One

of the hotspots being targeted by

police tonight is in Brisbane's Fortitude Valley. TEN's Leonie Mellor has more.

Every city has a heartbeat, and on

a Friday and Saturday night, it's the Valley.

Music on every corner - the colour

and movement of a city with soul. (SIREN WAILS).

It's just before midnight and

police are busy. Too many revellers

already have had too much to drink.

A call is made for back-up -

officers run to help. They know if

the incident is not diffused

quickly, it could escalate into

something much uglier. They've seen

that too many times before.

It's an increasing concern for us.

We're certainly seeing, I think, an

evolving trend of increased

entertainment precincts. alcohol-fuelled violence in our

As many as 40,000 people come here

on weekend, but only 30 police on weekend, but only 30 police

patrol the area, and that number

has doubled just in the past has doubled just in the past

frustrated. fortnight. Nightclub owners are

It's something the Valley licensees

have been crying out for for a long

time - an increased police presence.

Pedestrians cross roads, oblivious

to traffic. Police know an accident

is waiting to happen. They've

applied to have this part of

Brunswick Street temporarily closed,

but the wheels of bureaucracy move

slowly. At 3:00am it's lockout.

This is when trouble often starts.

But tonight is a good night. It's

just after 3:00am, and there've

been less than 20 arrests - most of

them for creating a public nuisance.

Nightclub operators we've spoken to

say just seeing more police on the

streets is helping cut down on the

violence. Cab queues are long. Some

won't remember the night, others

may want to forget. Leonie Mellor, TEN News.

A nurse has been found guilty of

assaulting elderly nursing home

residents. 30 year old Amanda

Manuel, wearing a wig to court,

used physical violence to control

three dementia patients at a

Resthaven home in Adelaide. The

eldest victim was 89 years old when

she brought him to the ground by

kicking his legs. Another patient

was kicked onto her bed. None of

the victims were capable of

testifying, but other nursing staff

witnessed the assaults. Manuel will

be sentenced next year. The Prime

Minister is under attack over the Minister is under attack over the

carbon footprint of his delegation

to the Copenhagen climate talks.

But Kevin Rudd is crying foul.

Kevin Rudd proudly welcomes the first Australian-made hybrid car.

Taxpayers forked out $35 million

for Toyota to manufacture the

Camrys here.

Oh, what a feeling, Australia! This

is a great day.

It's an investment in the nation's

lower carbon future, he says. Not

so welcome, the contribution to the

planet's carbon emissions just to

attend the Copenhagen climate

conference. According to the UN's provisional list, 114 delegates

make up the Aussie contingent. The

air travel, by one estimate, would

account for 1,800 tonnes of carbon.

The Australian delegation is 114

people. It's, somebody said, a

the moon. carbon footprint you could see from

absolutely untrue. That's just untrue. That is just

The PM says the number in the

Government's delegation is closer

to 50.

This is a big, complex document.

You need to have your legal and

policy people scrutinising it.

The PM's office admits that the

RAAF doesn't buy carbon offsets to

fly, like many commercial airlines,

but at least a third of the

delegation are diplomats and staff

already in Europe, where protesters

are demanding bigger targets and

stronger commitments. European

Leaders have put cuts of 20% by

2020 on the table.

The European Union has been leading

the way with binding commitments.

We hope others also accept to

present their binding commitments.

The Chinese are resisting. Danish

demonstrators say these ice

time running out. sculptures are a sad metaphor for

Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. The

Christmas Island detention centre

is so full, asylum seekers are now

being housed in tents. Another

boatload has arrived, easily bypassing Australia's border protection.

Dubbed 'tent city' - five tents

with the capacity to accommodate up

to 160 people have been erected on

Christmas Island to house new arrivals.

Additional demountables have also

been transported to the island to

expand capacity by up to 200 beds.

The detention centre pushed to its

limit following the interception of

a boatload of 63 asylum seekers off

the island's Flying Fish Cove yesterday.

It's the second boat to arrive in

as many days.

This is just a challenge you've got

to roll with. The key thing is to

maintain our cop on the beat out

there in the maritime patrol zone.

The Federal Government says the

civil war in Sri Lanka is

contributing to the increased

number of people heading for our shores.

In the aftermath of the civil war

there, obviously people have got on

the move. We are dealing with that,

we are dealing with those push we are dealing with those push

factors in our region.

Yesterday's arrivals marking the

62nd boatload of asylum seekers

since August last year. The

Opposition blames the Rudd

Governments failed policies for the

latest influx and says the

overcrowding issue should act as a

wake-up call. Locals say the

island's facilities are at breaking


Under current arrangements, around

1,560 people can be accommodated on the island.

An additional compound will also be

built, with work expected to be completed early next year.

Still to come, solving one of

Australia's great maritime

mysteries. And, striking a chord

with spinal patients - breakthrough

treatment music to their ears.

This program is captioned live.

Tiger Woods might be forced to quit

golf to save his marriage. His wife

Elin has reportedly given him a

list of ultimatums if he wants to

keep his family together, including

giving up the sport that's made him

a billionaire. She could pocket a

fortune if she dumped her

philandering husband, but

apparently wants to stay for the

sake of the couple's two children.

Thousands of needy Queenslanders

have queued for hours for a free

meal. The desperate scenes were

played out as wealthy politicians

awarded themselves a pay rise.

Thousands of families cueing for

food for the Christmas spread. For

some, a merry Christmas is one where they're fed.

When I drove in here at 3:00am this

morning, there was a couple of

families actually camped on the

footpath out there.

Reformed criminal Terry Walker and

his charity group, Tribe of Judah,

help feed the needy every day.

I always say, you know - it's

better than robbing banks.

He says the group is getting busier

each year. But still, they ask for

nothing in return, a thank you is

enough. REPORTER: Will this help

you have a merry Christmas?

Definitely, I want to cry now.

It's a great big help, mate. It's a blessing.

But, it seems, it takes more to

make some merry. A whole lot more.

Queensland State politicians have

awarded themselves a Christmas pay

rise. From next year they'll get a

3% increase taking their base pay

to more than $130,000 a year.

Some allowances will also go up.

This was a decision which has both

major parties dancing to the same tune.

So we got it! I feel like a kangaroo.

Business and Finance news now with

Nick Walter at Macquarie Private

Wealth, and Nick, today a strong

end to the week? If he today was

the ie day of this week when we

posted gains. Last week, the

Australian market gave up four per

cent of its value will start today

snapped a trained. The market has

led to value in the last few weeks.

There has not been any strong

economic or corporate news and the

market. It reacted to some positive

movements overnight in the US, the

Dow Jones moved up 68 points. On

the back of strong employment

information. The three-strong

defence dish - the strong

performers Is it mostly offshore

selling that caused the weakness

early in the week? Australian

market had seen off American

investors have seen profits and the

Australian market of hum 100 per

cent. They have locked in gains of

2009 full stop that may be a

flavour for markets over the next couple of weeks.

Wreck hunters are setting sail from

Brisbane to solve one of Australia's great maritime

mysteries. The team has been

loading up their search vessel with

high-tech gear to find the hospital ship 'Centaur'.

Anchors aweigh! They'll be shouting

it within hours as the hunt begins.

This team found HMAS 'Sydney' last

year off Western Australia. Now the

want the 'Centaur'.

This is a look-but-don't touch

expedition. It's protected and

there will be no disturbance to the

wreck at all.

A Japanese sub torpedoed the

hospital ship about 30 kilometres

off Moreton Island in Queensland.

Many labeled the 1943 attack a war crime.

268 doctors, nurses and injured soldiers died.

The accepted standards of humanity

and decency are but a joke.

It's appropriate we do everything

to find the resting site and the ship.

The search vessel will trawl first

with sonar over underwater mountains.

The main difficulty will be

distinguishing the wreck from all

the wrecks that will be there as


They're very confident but warn there are no guarantees.

If they don't find the wreck by

Christmas Day, they'll stay out.

After all, with $65,000 a day of

public funding, these blokes have to keep working.

The searchers have enough from

Commonwealth and State coffers to

look for about 35 days.

I have found them on the first day,

I have found them on the last.

If located, the site will become a permanent memorial after services for the victims' families.

A new treatment is striking a chord

with spinal patients. It's a music program helping quadriplegics

breathe a little easier through song.

SINGS: I get by with a little help from my friends.

And as friends, they practice, not

to better their singing, but their breathing.

I'm not very good at singing, but

happy to participate and, hopefully,

we get some good outcomes out of it.

While able-bodied people generally

rely on stomach and chest muscles

to help breathe, quadriplegics

predominantly use muscles in the neck and shoulders.

The singing program we're doing is

training them to develop those

muscles more, to breathe better and

project their voice.

It's a big commitment.

I need somebody to love.

Three singing sessions a week for 12 weeks. Definitely doing the breathing exercises each morning, it's definitely helped.

As well as assisting with breathing,

the music therapy has had an extra

benefit. It's provided an immense

confidence boost for those in the program.

We have great fun getting my

confidence back to get out in


And who knows, we may find our next Australian Idol.

Think we'll see you on Australian Idol soon?

If we do, it would be a very brief stay!

Next, the US President defends war

while accepting the Nobel Peace Prize.

And the world's most expensive film

premiers with an Aussie flavour.

This program is captioned live.

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has

slapped down calls by his new

Finance spokesman Barnaby Joyce for restrictions on Chinese investment

in Australia. Tony Abbott says the

coalition won't be backing Senator

Joyce's demand for Australia to

restrict investment by Chinese

state-owned companies in major

resource projects. It certainly is

not, and never has been, coalition

policy to oppose Chinese investment

in Australia. The opposition leader

says he told today's first meeting

of his new front bench that shadow

ministry discipline starts from today.

US president Barack Obama has

defended war while accepting his

Nobel Peace prize. He says use of

force is sometimes not only

necessary, but morally justified.

Fanfare for the World's latest

Nobel laureate. As Barack Obama

accepted the peace prize he irony

was not lost on him. We are at war.

I am responsible for the deployment

of thousands of young Americans to

battle in a distant land. Some will

kill and some will be killed. A

responsibility from which he does

not resign, after committing 30,000

more troops to Afghanistan and just

nine days ago. I face the world as

it is and cannot stand idle in the

face of threats to the American

people. But make a mistake, evil

does exist in the world. It was his

call to rid the world of nuclear

weapons and five global-warming and weapons and five global-warming and

his message of hope which inspired

the Nobel peace panel. I receive

this honour with deep gratitude and

great humility. The first US

President to be honoured, he

acknowledged the controversy acknowledged the controversy

surrounding the award, given it is

the beginning of this presidency.

Also on it was Elizabeth Blackburn,

the Australian scientists. She

discovered how cells age. The

awards, for $1.5 million in prize.

Obama is donating his to charity. A

British grandmother has become a

You Tube star after winning a TV

talent show in Spain. Now Paddy

Jones is being dubbed the Susan

Boyle of the dance floor.

With her shiny short dress and

acrobatic dance moves, Paddy Jones,

a British grandmother of seven,

became a salsa sensation in Spain,

at 75 years young. After she

flipped and shimmied across the

dance-floor with a partner almost

half her age, it was obvious who

would win the reality TV contest 'Spain's Got Talent'.

ANNOUNCER: Paddy and Nico!

Paddy had planned a quiet

retirement in Valencia, but instead

of putting her feet up, she learned

how to put them down. When her

husband died six years ago, she began taking dance lessons.

I needed something to do with my

time and so I naturally went back

to dancing, and went to Nico's

dance academy to learn salsa.

Now she's a national champion. And

forget about slowing down -this

septuagenarian is just starting out. (SPEAKS SPANISH).

She says, "I never want the salsa

to stop," and neither do her fans.

The most expensive film ever made

has premiered in London. The stars

of James Cameron's long awaited 3D

epic 'Avatar' walked the 'blue

carpet' led by Aussie star Sam

Worthington, who joked about how he

landed the role of a lifetime. How

did it happen? I'm cheap! Simple as

that. 'Avatar' uses cutting-edge

digital technology to blend

computer animation and live action.

It opens around the world next week.

Sports Tonight is next with Rob

Canning. Rob, pipeline is producing

some spectacular swell in Hawaii.

Yes the world's best are going at

it in epic conditions, we'll bring

you the footage shortly.

As Andy Irons collides with trouble.

We'll bring you the hot shots from

day 2 of the PGA Championship. And

Alicia Molik on the comeback trail.

This program is captioned live.

The weather. Cairns mostly cloudy,

32. Brisbane and Darwin - thunderstorms. Sydney, Canberra and

Perth - sunny. Melbourne and Hobart

- a possible shower. Adelaide and

Alice Springs - mostly sunny.

And that's the latest from Ten News.

Sports Tonight with Rob Canning is

next. I'm Kathryn Robinson, goodnight.

Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia.

This program is captioned live.

Hello, I'm Rob Canning. Welcome to

Toyota Sports Tonight. Lots around,

so get comfy and enjoy the show.

Tonight - pipeline comes alive. The

Triple Crown resumes but Garcia

bombs out, and blows up. He is a bombs out, and blows up. He is a

very emotional guy. It is very very emotional guy. It is very

unfortunate for him. We'll also go

1 on 1 with Joel Parkinson,

fighting for the world title. We'll

bring you round 2 of the Australian

PGA Championship, and the latest on

the cricket scene. It has been

something bugging me for one month

or so. Plus off season news from

the AFL, NRL, and Rugby Union. I

could not be happier going back in

January. Alicia Molik's comeback,

Sally McLellan's breakdown, and

Johnny Lewis' remarkable story. Now

I don't have one hell left on my

head. As well as the wonderful

world of the NBA. Sports Tonight.

We begin with golf and the PGA

Championship. All the big names are

looming large heading into the

weekend. A stunning form turnaround

has seen Korea's Min-Kyu Han

plummet down the leaderboard in the

Australian PGA at Coolum. .Han's

round included 5 bogeys. Round

three usually sees the movers and

shakers, but it was the second

round where shakers, but it was the second

round where the best players were

exposed. Robert Allenby in the

water two days in a row, and

reaching for the wedge. water two days in a row, and reaching for the wedge.

COMMENTATOR: Bad day to wear the

white boxers, though, because it's

full of mud down there.

But after pulling up short, he But after pulling up short, he

posted a 3-under 68 to get back in posted a 3-under 68 to get back in his stride.

Wearing pants which should never

have been put on in the first place,

John Daly had an up-and-down round.

Another solid outing from Stuart

Appleby, though, a 69 to sit at 6

under heading into the weekend.

Victorian Jason Norris is also 6

under, overcoming mental demons

after a horror cycling accident

here two years ago.

I think this owes me a lot after

nearly dying here a couple of years nearly dying here a couple of years

ago. So good to be back and playing ago. So good to be back and playing well. Yesterday's runaway leader Min-Kyu

Han imploded today, a stark

contrast to the first round. A

string of bogeys bringing him well

back to the field. A four over 75, still remaining upbeat.

For a man who's had a string of

bogeys, he looks like a pretty relaxed cat.

But as Han came down, Victorian

Matthew Griffin was on his way up with 5 birdies.

Matthew Griffin is now our outright tournament leader.

Adam Scott struggled with the

putter but the Australian Open

champion remains poised to strike

over the weekend. The shot of the

opening two rounds, though,

belonged to China's opening two rounds, though, belonged to China's Gui Ming Liao.

Well out of contention, but at

least something for the highlight

reel. Victorian Matthew Griffin is

top of the leader board at 7 under. Defending champ Geoff Ogilvy,

Stuart Appleby and Jason Norris

just one shot behind. Spirits are

high inside the West Indies camp

ahead of next Wednesdays third test

at the WACA. The visitors ahead of next Wednesdays third test at the WACA. The visitors only

concern is the fitness of spinner

Sulieman Benn. The West Indies are

dancing to calypso beat. The

tourists are a feeling festive

after salvaging this series with a

draw in Adelaide. We are having fun

and enjoying what we are doing. The

second Test may have lifted their

spirits but it has also left both

sides with injury concerns. Display

didn't make it into the net. His

knee is giving him some problems.

He is getting there slowly. He is

expected to be fit while Peter

Siddle is hoping his hamstring

heels in time. Simon Katich reveals

he had a Simon -- torn shoulder up

for one month. It affects my

bowling but I can do everything

else. Both teams are planning for a

fast and bouncy pitch. Ricky

Ponting ruffled feathers last

season when he blamed the Perth and

venue for their loss to South

Africa. I did not have very

Correspondent but we are welcome to

catch up with fear Australian and

West Indies team to talk about the

wicket. The West Indies promise to

unleash. It will be a fun challenge

for the Australians to see if they

can handle it.

It was a dramatic first day at the

season-ending Pipeline Masters in

Hawaii, with two local big names involved in heated incidents.

Tempers flared when Sunny Garcia

missed his check-in time and

therefore his heat. He's emotional.

He is a tremendous surfer. It is

unfortunate for him. He has no-one

to blame but himself. Garcia's

elimination rules him out of the

lucrative triple crown. Andy Irons

was penalised for this collision in

his heat, but managed to scrape

through. Australian Phil MacDonald

pulled off the upset of the day,

knocking out former champion Jamie

O'Brien. The contest started in

clean 3-4 metre waves, but

conditions are expected to

deteriorate tomorrow. Meanwhile,

the two Aussie world title

contenders enjoyed a day off. Joel

Parkinson and Mick Fanning don't

start their campaigns until the 3rd

round and that gave Sports

Tonight's Kelli Underwood a chance

to catch up with one of the contenders.

We are literally in a surfer's

Paradise, we're standing in the

backyard of an absolute mansion

overlooking the famed break

pipeline. I am with Joel Parkinson.

You are on the verge of creating a

childhood dream. First you must

beat your child would best mate in

Mick Fanning. Your brain must be

swirling with all kinds of outcomes.

Not really. People keep saying they

wished they knew what was in my

brain right now. I have been very

calm. I have been telling myself it

is rare simple. The simple things

for me work the best. I am keeping

the basic. Tell us about your

relationship with Mick Fanning. You

are both semi and the same age.

Both married and have been on the

tour for 78 years. He both grew up

on the Gold Coast and formed a gang

when you were growing up. -- for

seven years. It was always a dream

to be professional surfers. Being

the same age and are going to

school so here it is ironic that it

has ended up like this. This year

it is together. I hope we get to

battle it out together for a few

years. It will be a healthy

friendship. It is awesome. You were

runner-up twice on the Tory in the

last eight years. It has been the

heartbreak of the past decade. Is

this your time? I feel like I am

owed one. The best man wins. It is

not the big all and end all of my

career but just this year. Next

year I will still charge as hard as

I can and give it my all. There is

no way I will have an excuse. In

the next five and 10 years I'll

push my heart just as well. If you

run into him at the beach in the

next couple of days what is your

last piece of advice? Have fun and

enjoying it. That is why we do this.

We both love what we do. I ran into

him this morning. I said, how good

is it? There is no bad blood. All

the best for next week. The

Australia will be watching with

interest. The sentimental favourite

for the title is Joel Parkinson.

The contest is under way today but

couple of days. we won't see it until the next

Time for a break but stick around.

When we return, lots of acronyms

like the AFL, NRL, FFA and ARU.

Plus, Alicia Molik's comeback and

Sally McLellan's bad back.

This program is captioned live.

Sports tonight is giving you the

chance to win a Panasonic

DVD recorder. television package. It features a

television package. It features a DVD recorder.

8 months after a knee reconstruction, Essendon ruckman

David Hille is working overtime to

be fit for the start of next season. be fit for the start of next season.

Hille is looking to defy medical

predictions and line up against

reigning premiers Geelong in round

one. It is sure to bring the coach

some Christmas cheer. David Hill

skipped his way through training.

He put his new need to the test. He

is trying to defy medical

predictions, eight months after

breaking down 18 minutes into the

Anzac clash. He has heard himself.

He has progressed from doing a lot

of running to a lot more football

activities. You have seen him

diving around and getting up off

the ground. His sights are set on a

return in round one and that is the

earliest you will see him. The

potential club captain is ruled out

of any NAB Cup action. The new

skipper could be named as early as

next week. The team bonding session

is scheduled for Coffs Harbour.

This pair was promoted to the

leadership group. Hopefully an

answer before Father Christmas

comes. There was an early visit

from St Kilda. The club announced

an all-Australian duel. A signed

contract extensions will keep them

at the club until 2012. Football federation Australia boss

Ben Buckley held talks with NRL

counterpart David Gallop today as

the FFA tries to win cooperation

for its World Cup bid. It comes as

one of the nation's veteran

sportsmen called for rival codes to

stop the squabbling. It was a visit

aimed at clearing the air but then

Buckley will need more meetings if

he is to win the compliance of the

NRL. What we have done today is

make it clear we want to co-operate.

We cannot make the price of that

that it places our clubs at risk.

We do not want to disadvantage any

other competition. The NRL is

against a World Cup stipulation

that other sports in the host

country cannot compete during the

tournament. The number one concern

is the disruption to the cashflow

of our business. Our clubs rely on

people attending regularly. Rugby

League and AFL other dominant

sports so if they are disrupted

they should be compensation. There

was talk at a charity luncheon in

Sydney. We are a country of four

major football coach. No-one should major football coach. No-one should

legitimately expect that one is

entitled to ask all the others to entitled to ask all the others to

step aside. For Australia to host

would be awesome. It would be

almost bigger than the Olympics in

2000. I think it would be great if

all the other sports step aside and

support it. The FF a says it will

continue talks with the other code.

Wallabies centre Quade Cooper hopes

he can still play rugby while

waiting for his court hearing on

burglary charges. Flanked by his burglary charges. Flanked by his

lawyers, the 21-year-old made no

comment as he arrived at Court on comment as he arrived at Court on

the Gold Coast. He's on bail after

being charged with one count of

burglary, and will face a committal

hearing in July. He regret putting

himself in this position. He has

left himself exposed to the

allegations that he faces. He

regrets the embarrassment it has

caused to Queensland Rugby Union

and his employers and his team-

mates. A I'd just like to play

football so hopefully everything

works out for the best. Cooper has

pleaded not guilty. Meanwhile, Wallabies Vice-Captain Berrick

Barnes has taken out the 2009 Rugby

Union Players Association Award for

Excellence. At a ceremony in Sydney,

Barnes claimed the prize - voted on

by players and coaches - despite

missing the spring tour through

injury. I've had a fair few

injuries and things like that. So I

haven't been around for probably

the whole lot of it. So to win the

award, voted on by your peers is

pretty special. Barnes is the New

South Wales Waratahs major off

season signing. More injury

problems for Olympic silver

medallist Sally McLellan. The

hurdler is seeking further

treatment for her bad back,

throwing her Australian season into disarray.

Another medical centre and another

X-ray and more heartache. Despite

returning to training she is still

battling an on going back problem

that has sidelined her home

campaign. I cannot promise anything

for the summer. It is obviously

what my back wants me to do. I

still really want to compete and go

to the Commonwealth Games next year.

After winning silver in Beijing she

has been played by a torn disc and

an Achilles tendon. I decided to do

heptathlon which was not the

brightest thing to do. Entr'acte

there were horrid conditions.

Competing for the first time since

her at championship trial, she did

not win the discus. In the men's

feature race there was a qualifying

time. The 10,000 metres distance in

the women's was one for at just the

second time. There was continued

her good form in the 400 metres

hurdles. -- Lewis.

Still to come, a day in the NBA.

The sport odds. John in the was

hunting a phenomenal double. My son

is in safe hands. things are more than meets the eye. from 'Transformers: what all the buzz is about.

This program is captioned live.

On the comeback trail, former world

number eight Alicia Molik has set

her sights on securing a wildcard

into the Australian Open. The 28-

year-old says she's having the time

of her life, on and off the court.

After years of battling injury and

illness, Alicia Molik is happy

again. Newly engaged, with three

satellite titles already this

summer, she's bursting to get into

the Open.

I could not be happier going into summer.

Molik determined to earn her

wildcard into her home tournament

in next week's playoff, rather than being gifted an entry.

I feel cherry ripe for the Open. I

feel much better having entered the

tournament. There are another five

weeks before the Australian Open.

After three Olympics, including a

bronze, she has a distant eye on

London 2012. Mixed doubles now

included at the expense of cycling.

How many nations play tennis

justifies our sport being in the


Molik respects Serena Williams as a

player but didn't go as far as

backing up the American, who claims

$190,000. she was victimised with her record

That's a whole lot of pocket money.

NBA, and Utah has snapped Orlando's

6-game winning streak with a

City. convincing display in Salt Lake

The Magic came out firing and led

at the main break - but the Jazz

put on 38 points in an explosive

third quarter to take control. The

Jazz went on to win by 9 points.

In Detroit, a 40-point haul from

denver's Carmelo Anthony couldn't

get the Nuggets home over the

pistons. Denver led by 1 point at

the first quarter but Detroit

chipped away. They were up by 7 at

the final break and held on to win

by 2. Charlie Villanueva the pick

27 points. of their players - he finished with

Tight in Washington too. Just 1

point separated the Wizards from

Boston after the first quarter. The Boston after the first quarter. The

Celtics took control in the second

but couldn't maintain it. The

Wizards squared it up in the fourth

with an impressive score before

Rajon Rondo got the Celtics across Rajon Rondo got the Celtics across

the line in the final minute with the line in the final minute with

this. He top scored with 21 points

- the final score 104 to 102.

In 1988, boxing trainer Johnny

Lewis guided Pete Mitrevski to the Lewis guided Pete Mitrevski to the

first of three Australian titles.

21 years later, Lewis is aiming to

emulate that feat with Mitrevski's

son - Pete Jnr.

Johnny Lewis has achieved just

about everything boxing has to

offer. Training world champions for

over 20 years, his latest goal

though is personal - helping Pete

Mitrevski Jnr win an Australian

title, just like he helped his dad

do over two decades ago.

Well, it started off I was afro and

now I haven't got a hair on my head,

so it speaks volumes about what

they're all about.

With Johnny being in his corner, my

son is in safe hands.

Johnny says what Pete Senior lacked

in natural talent, he made up for in natural talent, he made up for

with hard work.

COMMENTATOR: The Australian, Pete


Pete Jnr claims a lack of focus has

seen him underachieve so far in his

career, but with a new resolve

comes a new goal.

The Australian title for me is the crowning glory.

An achievement he strives for with

Lewis in his corner - a

relationship that stretches further

than the square ring he boxes in.

At the end of the day, Johnny is

more than a trainer. He is like a

second father to me. second father to me.

Johnny is the one who wanted me to

be a boxer, not my dad. I saw a

cheeky little bugger with a bit of temper.

Lewis' job now? Turning that early

promise into a national title, and

in doing so, score a special place

in Australian boxing history.

I'll have his photo in my

loungeroom next to mine being the loungeroom next to mine being the

Australian Champion, which is a great honour.

REPORTER: What will the first thing

you say to your dad if you win the Australian title?

We did it.

All the odds now for a pretty good

weekend of sport, courtesy of our

man from, Joel

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