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(generated from captions) about the fashion industry, You don't know anything

about the fashion business. just a simple businessman. You are, after all,

You should remember that. But fashion is business, Stephanie.

you should remember. And there's something else

What you did to my mother, Brooke, her family... getting your way You see, you've lived all your life

that you're in. and manipulating every situation

But that is about to change. Judgment Day is almost upon us. And when it comes... in the world you can do about it. ..there won't be a thing This program is captioned live. Tonight - who faked a violent robbery. a court punishes the young Sydney mum for causing all this trouble I'm really sorry for hurting a lot of people. and I'm sorry A 4-year-old's amazing survival, playing Superman. falling three storeys in the kidnapping of Maddie McCann. And police release the prime suspect Deborah Knight and Ron Wilson. Ten News with

Good evening. Also tonight - to be shut down key roads and rail lines during the APEC summit. And the Blues go into camp,

State of Origin showdown. ready for next week's But first this evening, from a battling young mother an embarrassed apology with an elaborate lie. who sent police on a wild goose chase Natasha Walsh claimed and her baby's stroller up-ended she'd been bashed and robbed by a man with a red mohawk. Today she offered an explanation. Natasha Walsh was the young mum and robbed of $3,500 who claimed she had been attacked while walking her baby. in a Leichhardt street the 23-year-old went on television Sporting a nasty facial wound, track down in the hope of helping detectives

with the red mohawk. the mystery assailant and it was pointed at my baby, I noticed that he had a screwdriver so he was threatening my baby. I hate him for what he did. But it was all an elaborate lie, when police discovered which was revealed withdrew the money from didn't exist. the bank account she claimed she and his family, Supported by the baby's father of making a false police report. Natasha faced a charge the story she dreamed up The court heard wasted a large amount of police time.

The young woman pleading guilty, for postnatal depression. saying she's being treated Natasha told police she panicked

all of her $3,900 baby bonus after spending on accessories for the child, to tell the baby's father and was too frightened what had happened to the money. and placed on a good behaviour bond, Convicted and fined $800 embarrassed and contrite. she emerged from court I'd just like to say

for causing all this trouble that I'm really sorry for hurting a lot of people. and I'm sorry as much as I can I'm just supporting her and it's all come out. and I'm glad it's all resolved

for my own actions I'm still responsible that I'm sorry. and I just wanted to say John Hill, Ten News. tonight - A remarkable story of survival

more than three storeys a 4-year-old boy falling than a few bumps and scratches. but suffering little more

didn't break a single bone. Doctors are amazed the toddler 4-year-old Hakea Fainga doesn't like on his own anymore going out on his balcony failed him. since his superhero powers

on Sunday afternoon He was pretending to be Superman when he plunged 3.5 storeys walking along the brick railing. after losing his footing and raised the alarm. A neighbour saw the accident lying on the ground. His father found him When he came to, of putting him in a neck brace, paramedics took the precaution fearing spinal injuries. to Westmead Children's Hospital They took him and kept him in overnight. there were no serious concerns. X-rays of his spine and chest showed the balcony door Makaafi and his wife had locked

Hakea was playing out there. and say they didn't know from such a remarkable height, Having survived a fall one thing on its mind, the Fainga family has on the ground floor. and that's moving to a unit his Superman cape. In the meantime, Hakea is hanging up Evan Batten, Ten News. and mobile phones blocked - Key rail lines and roads shut

that's what we can expect in September. when the APEC summit hits Sydney Both the PM and the Premier claim will be kept to a minimum. the disruption Political rivalries put aside the NSW Premier with an APEC tie. as the Prime Minister presents we're tied together on this one. You might say

widespread disruption Tied together as both leaders concede in September. as Sydney hosts APEC for three days I see it as a wonderful opportunity of Sydney on display. to put our nation and our great city is on the line Our national reputation

all stops. and we're going to pull out These are the plans so far: The only way you avoid disruption for business is to say that Sydney is closed gatherings are concerned. as far as major international The Deputy Premier, John Watkins, staging APEC in Sydney, originally opposed caused by Dick Cheney's recent visit concerned about traffic congestion of the two British superliners. and more chaos with the arrival Adding to NSW anxiety, US President George W. Bush claims security surrounding as he travels through the city. may block mobile phone calls

Security measures remain top secret, but the PM has given an assurance won't be adversely affected. Sydney's mobile phone network And he's also given a pledge APEC uniforms. about those sometimes embarrassing a distinctively Australian flavour. All I can say is it will have Paul Mullins, Ten News. about interest rates, Australians are more relaxed according to the Prime Minister. John Howard based his assessment in consumer confidence. on a surprise surge for the Government. It's so frustrating According to the Westpac Index, so optimistic in three decades. Australian consumers haven't been

That is very, very good news

because it shows that consumers are confident, they're more relaxed about interest rates.

The good news comes on top of the best-received Budget in years and the worst opinion polls for the Coalition. People are buying, but not the Government. The Labor Party today is at a place where it has not been in a long time. There is no complacency but I can tell you there is a lot of excitement. Wayne Swan is promising Labor will not spend money it does not have and accuses the Government of taking the good times for granted. It's time for honesty about the sources of our prosperity - the mining boom. The Treasurer is dismissive of Kevin Rudd's claims to being a fiscal conservative. You don't become an economic conservative by commissioning an advertising agency...

LAUGHTER put an ad up saying, "I'm an economic conservative." Despite claiming the Government is desperate in its attacks on Kevin Rudd, Wayne Swan says no-one in Labor thinks an election win is inevitable. He keeps talking about the Government's multibillion-dollar war chest. And having voted against Kevin Rudd in the leadership showdown, he now says he's an exceptional political leader. I got that wrong. I'm pretty happy about it, and so is Kim Beazley. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. The prime suspect in the kidnapping of Maddie McCann claims he has an alibi. Robert Murat says he's being made a scapegoat over the abduction of the little British girl, police admitting they don't have enough evidence to charge him. Robert Murat leaves the police station after a 12-hour interrogation. The 33-year-old Briton and Portuguese resident is now believed to be the main suspect. A forensic search was carried out at his mother's home, where he's been staying, only 150m from the apartment where the child was abducted.

Jenny Murat left the villa, a 'Find Madeleine' poster in the window. Her son is well known - he's been hanging around journalists and police, helping to translate. A local real estate agent, Robert Murat is divorced with his ex-wife and 4-year-old daughter living in England. It's shocking, as far as I'm concerned. I mean, he's a lovely guy. His mother says on that night, that the kid disappeared, they were both in the house together all night. In all, five homes were searched. A German woman and Portuguese man were also questioned and released. It is the strongest lead yet in the search for Madeleine McCann, who disappeared 12 days ago. Her distraught parents, Gerry and Kate, are closely watching events. It's quite a distressing time for me and I understand that Kate has been quite upset today. She's holding her own but it's difficult. While the focus is now on a suspect, just what happened to the 4-year-old remains a mystery. Police say they do have evidence, just not enough to make arrests or lay charges. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. A look ahead to sport with Tim Webster and one Blues Origin rookie can expect a pretty hot reception in Brisbane. Yes, we'll hear from the forward who's painted a big Origin target on his forehead by saying some of the Broncos forwards aren't as tough as they used to be. As for another rookie, Jarrod Mullen, you'll hear what he said about his mum's fears

he'll be crucified if NSW lose. We'll cross live to the judiciary. Also, Ron, you mustn't miss South Sydney's video lesson on how to pronounce some of the tougher Rabbitohs players' names. There's a surprise ending. A convicted killer wins the right to launch an appeal - that story next. Also tonight - fighting for their right to perform.

The Aboriginal buskers refusing to pay for a licence. And going nuts - claims that thousands of children have been misdiagnosed with peanut allergies. (Speaks Italian) Aunty Ethel! Aunty Judy! For the next 15 seconds, let's talk about nothing, and our best package for nothing for the first month as well, Because what could be better than that? Correct. In the time it takes you to watch this ad, more than 10 children will die from preventable causes. That's a staggering 1,240 children every hour, 24 hours every day. There are many children living in poverty, Stop the clock. Start changing lives by sponsoring a child. You'll help provide access to food, clean drinking water, Or sponsor online at: This program is captioned live. A woman convicted of four killings has won the right to have her case reopened. Kathleen Folbigg is serving a minimum 25 years behind bars after being found guilty in 2003 of three counts of murder and one of manslaughter. The NSW Court of Criminal Appeal today decided the 40-year-old should have the right to appeal

after concerns that a juror may have researched Folbigg's history on the Internet during her trial. A new cultural clash is brewing at Circular Quay. Indigenous performers are taking on authorities, claiming they shouldn't be bound by new regulations for buskers. Think of the Harbour and the Bridge comes to mind. So does the Opera House. But what about this? They see the Bridge and the Opera House. They don't have a full essence of Australian Aboriginal culture. All they see is the shops. This group works seven days a week doing what they call a service to the city and its visitors, teaching their true Australian culture. But new arrangements for buskers in Circular Quay have sparked an unlikely argument.

If I do it down here they call me a busker, I do it in the bush and they call me a warrior. I don't know. The group believes they're being pushed out by new regulations for street performers. But they claim they shouldn't be labelled buskers at all. We're educators, we're teachers. And, as such, should be better accommodated by authorities in charge of the tourist hot spot. It's very educational. I think it's fascinating. If they don't tell us we're not gonna know, so it's the only way we're gonna learn. Whether it's education or just entertainment, the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority can't make that distinction. It says it just needs to be fair and treat all performers on the Quay the same. It does need to be balanced.

Everyone needs a fair go and the noise, etc, has to be accommodated. Indigenous performers will meet authorities tomorrow to state their case. Josh Murphy, Ten News. Another spectacular day in Sydney - two weeks from winter and the glorious run of sun is about to set a record.

Dramatic change could be on the way, though, bringing much-needed relief to the bush. There's not many places that boast sunshine like this on the verge of winter. Magic, absolutely fantastic. I'm down here every day - wouldn't swap it for the world. It's very pleasant, very pleasant. It's lovely, lovely - very good indeed.

There are plenty of Sydneysiders and tourists making the most of it down on the beach. I thought I would come here and spend my days inside, or indoors rather, or running to shopping centres, which I'm not very fond of, but this is the life, without a doubt. It's still great for a swim - water temperatures are above 21 degrees, the extended summer a hit with beach businesses. For the past two months, especially, it's been quite busy, flat-out even. It's been crazy. We've seen a mix of everything in the last few weeks

and we're about to break the record for the number of warm, clear days in May.

We've also had seven days so far in May where the temperature has been greater than 24 degrees,

and the record for that is nine days greater than 24 for the month of May.

And these beautiful sunny days aren't a sign the drought is getting worse. In fact, there's some very good news around the corner. We're now out of the crippling El Nino cycle that's caused the long, dry spell, and should now see an increase in rainfall - as early as tomorrow. The situation that we have with the rain coming through in the next 24 to 48 hours is looking as promising as anything we've seen for quite a long time. Keep your fingers crossed. Tim Potter, Ten News.

Let go to Tim Bailey. No question

we are enjoying his Indian summer

but is there any sign of rain in

the bush yet? It is a winner-we nip.

Burke got eight mm of rain today,

their wettest day in two years. Pooncarie their wettest day in two years.

Pooncarie got 20 years, 20 mm their

wettest day in ages. It is getting

into the western areas, it will get

into the catchment tomorrow and

Friday is looking like a rainy one

in Sydney. We like Friday is looking like a rainy one

in Sydney. We like that. Today was

24 degrees, another 5 degrees up on

average. What a beauty this photo

is. A average. What a beauty this photo

is. A cloud bank rolls in like a

vicious wave and we thank these

guys from Oberon. You might have to

fight over the camera. If you have

a digital delight, one of your

fantastic photographs you want to share fantastic photographs you want to

share with half-a-million people

ascended to ask. Send it to us.

Tomorrow it will be cloudy, the

rain will start late afternoon or

early evening and continue through

the evening. It will be 23 degrees

and I'll see you in 10. Calls to change food labelling so consumers know where their food really comes from -

that story next. And the experience of a lifetime for a special group of refugee children.

Vic Lorusso in the traffic Vic Lorusso in the traffic

helicopter down in Mick Casula

tonight. Big delays for South

Bamber's tonight's. There was a

three-car accident near Campbeltown

- this match has been cleared but

look at what they have to sit

behind. That is three lanes towards

Campbeltown. A lot of people are

opting to opt of the Hume Highway

and hit the back roads. Extra 30

minutes tonight for the south-west. This program is captioned live.

A moral dilemma for all of us tonight. If you knew your bacon and eggs came from caged pigs and hens would you still buy them? A new report has found labelling on some supermarket food confuses consumers, making it too hard to work out if animals have been abused. It's disturbing images like this

animal welfare groups hope will provoke top-level action. The Voiceless Fund report tries to shame so-called factory farms into changing their ways. They say millions of pigs, chickens and cows are mistreated in cramped cages. The author insists the days of Old McDonald's farm are long gone. There are chickens kept in battery cages where they can't flap their wings, there are female pregnant pigs who are producing baby pigs who become pork, ham and bacon, and many of them spend most of their reproductive cycle in a crate where they can't take a step forward or backward. There are up to a dozen, often confusing, descriptions used on our labels. We want consumers to be able to make a choice and to make an informed choice, so we want labelling legislated. They say weak guidelines make it too easy for companies to use terms such as free-range, and we should copy the EU model, which has four basic descriptors. They are: There's now pressure on local fast-food giants to follow the lead of McDonald's in the UK, where they have forced the world's largest pork producer to begin phasing out the use of sow stalls or risk losing McDonald's business. Animal fund officials admit truth in labelling could see many products boycotted but hope it will force factory farms to change their ways. Frank Coletta, Ten News. Rock stars Bono and Bob Geldof The American television evangelist who brought the religious Right into the White House has died. The Reverend Jerry Falwell was a political power broker

but is best known for blaming gays and feminists for September 11,

and outing a Teletubby. He was as popular as he was opinionated, becoming America's first televangelist. I'm Jerry Falwell, pastor here. He didn't shy away from media stunts, nor did he hold back on his stand against abortion, pornography and gay rights. Nothing was sacred, the Reverend even denouncing the 'Teletubbies' character Tinky Winky as a gay role model. Even he admitted he went too far with his reaction to September 11. I really believe that the pagans and the abortionists and the feminists and the gays and the lesbians - who are actively trying to make that an alternative lifestyle -

the ACLU, People For The American Way - all of them who tried to secularise America, I point the finger in their face and say, "You helped this happen." Falwell was born the son of an atheist father. At 19 he found God and then founded America's most influential religious lobby group, the Moral Majority. It and its millions of members are credited with helping Republican president Ronald Reagan into office. He was an enormous presence who brought tremendous energy and tremendous courage and tremendous speaking ability to the causes that he believed in. Reverend Jerry Falwell was found unconscious in his office

at Liberty University, the college he founded in Virginia. He had a history of heart problems. He was 73. In the US, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. A rare sight for whale-watchers in the United States. Two humpback whales have been spotted swimming up the Sacramento River in California, 80km from the coast. Marine experts believe the mother and her calf got lost when they got caught up in fishing gear while migrating to Alaska.

They're hoping the humpbacks free themselves, fearing intervention could be too stressful for the whales and dangerous for rescuers. A mother bear and her cub found themselves in unfamiliar territory

when they wandered into the suburbs of Los Angeles. Wildlife rangers believe the bears are looking for food after coming out of hibernation and were enticed by the smell of rubbish bins. Authorities have tranquilliser guns ready while they decide how to get the bears back home. A day at the beach is something we all take for granted but for a special group of refugee children, today was the experience of a lifetime. They all deserve something to cheer about. ALL CHEER For many, it was their first time at the beach and while they seemed carefree, many of these African and Afghani refugee kids share the horrors of escaping from war-torn countries. I went to so many countries and I took three air flights to come IN Australia. For most, it was a nervous start, but under the watchful eye of Northcliff's lifesavers, they soon took to the surf like ducks to water. Are we ready?

Are you sure? YES!

OK - go! The Gold Coast's finest were more than happy to share their love of the sun and sea. Give them an opportunity to experience what we've all experienced here and taken for granted, I suppose, forever. Their excitement was infectious. I'm going to tell my family today I went swimming and the waves were pushing me. It's too cool. Laughter is the greatest tonic for those still struggling to come to terms with their new world. While today was mainly about having fun in the sun with these kids it was also a great opportunity for lifesavers to teach some basic beach safety to some of Australia's newest arrivals. The red and yellow flag -

you have to go in the middle of them. A message they'll get to know well as they build new lives in the Sunshine State. Andrew Leahy, Ten News. The computer game based on the Virgina Tech massacre,

and it's designed by a Sydneysider - that's next. Also - are peanut allergy tests accurate? Claims that thousands of children have been misdiagnosed. And even more to sing about - the Aussie company behind 'Happy Feet' scores a new movie deal. exhilarating performance that's still the benchmark in its class and great value, from just $28,990. Plus your choice of sedan, wagon or hatch. The 2007 Mazda 6 range. Now sporting even more. LG's Solardom lightweight oven is an oven, griller and microwave in one and it roasts a perfect chook in just 25 minutes... WOMAN: Yoo-hoo! entertaining's a breeze. LG - Life's Good. For more chances to win, ask for a Powerball Megapick. $30 million Powerball jackpot. You could: MAN: If you love the big taste of a flame-grilled Whopper, have we got a stunning deal for you. Hungry Jack's unbeatable Whopper Stunner Deal. You get a legendary flame-grilled Whopper, regular fries, regular Coke, and a sensational Storm dessert all for a stunning $5.95. The Whopper Stunner Deal. Get into Hungry Jack's fast 'cause it just won't last. This program is captioned live. The top stories this news hour - a number of key roads and rail lines will be shut down and mobile phones blocked when world leaders arrive in Sydney for the APEC summit. Both the PM and the Premier promise disruption will be kept to a minimum for the 3-day event in September. A remarkable story of survival for a 4-year-old boy

who fell more than three storeys while playing Superman. He suffered little more than a few bumps and scratches. Doctors are amazed the boy didn't break a single bone. And an embarrassed apology from a young Sydney mother who sent police on a wild goose chase with an elaborate lie. Natasha Walsh claimed a man with a red mohawk robbed her and up-ended her baby's stroller. She was today fined and put on a good behaviour bond. Outrage over an online game based on the Virginia Tech massacre, designed by a Sydney man. Called 'V-Tech Rampage', the game features Cho Seung-hui,

who last month shot dead 32 fellow students. Players roam a university campus shooting at people. It's the work of 21-year-old Ryan Lambourn, from western Sydney. He told Ten News he thought the game was funny. He's now asking for US$2,000 to remove the game from the Net. For an extra $1,000 he's willing to apologise. Many children who've been told they're allergic to peanuts might just be the victims of poor testing. Researchers say up to a third of those diagnosed with the problem are not allergic at all.

The Yates family knows better than most how difficult life can be living with allergies. Most common foods are off limits to both of their sons, including peanuts and nut products. Accidental exposure's already proven life-threatening on three occasions. It's an enormous stress in your life to be worried about your children's lives all the time. Their condition has been confirmed by specialists. But it's been revealed hundreds of other parents may be needlessly worrying about protecting their children after a study found many are misdiagnosed. About a third of the children in our study with a test of that result or even bigger could tolerate peanuts without a problem. Researchers say it's usually tested using a peanut skin-prick procedure. Get a drop of the peanut extract out of there. But problems arise

when either the test is not performed correctly or the wrong conclusion is drawn. The allergy places considerable restriction on a child's life, and not only in terms of their diet. It will also affect how they socialise as they get older at parties and school camps,

which won't necessarily be peanut-free zones. Most schools these days won't take a chance and make sure everyone is aware of the danger.

It's a supportive, whole-school operation. If parents want to be 100% certain about a skin-prick result, researchers advise a controlled peanut-eating test in a hospital. Amber Muir, Ten News. A flat day for the Australian stock market - it's closed with a whimper. And petrol tonight - unleaded selling for an average of $1.28 a litre around Sydney, up 2 cents since yesterday. We found it a little cheaper - $1.19 at Forestville, Frenchs Forest, Brookvale and Beacon Hill. There are plenty of happy faces at the animation house responsible for the Oscar-winning movie 'Happy Feet'. The Sydney-based team has just secured another 3-film deal, keeping them in work for many years to come. Here's Angela Bishop. Thank you. I'm here at Animal Logic headquarters at Fox Studios with CEO Zareh Nalbandian, who has some very exciting news. Tell me what's happened. It's a big day for our industry and for our company,

because, for the first time, the world's largest film studio has agreed to co-finance and to develop and to distribute digital films out of Australia. So that's fantastic news. The big company is Warner Bros - how much money are they offering you? What's the deal worth? Well, we're spending money together, which means that we're both committed, but it's worth millions of dollars. So why Animal Logic? Why do you think you've been picked? I think we've been recognised to represent the talent base that exists in Australia and we've proven ourselves over the years. What are some of the things you've done, for those who don't know? Well, you know, films like 'The Matrix' and 'Moulin Rouge!', 'Happy Feet', '300'. So do you see these new projects as being Australian films, or will they be overseas films? They'll be a mixture of films, but certainly, with the Government tax incentives, I hope that they'll be more Australian than not. Fantastic. So, when are we going to see

the first big Australian animated film out of this deal? These films take a very long time to make but I hope in the next two or three years. And when will we hear an announcement about what it's about, or are you going to tell me now? I wish I could but in the next two or three months, let's hope. So do you think this'll help discover the next new talent from Australia, the next, say, George Miller? I hope it will unlock the talent that is already here, you know? Australia's already recognised for its talent that's established. George is an amazing director, but there are many more George Millers to be discovered. And this deal will ensure whatever film is made is going to be seen by the world and distributed and marketed? Absolutely. Access to finance and distribution is key and our films will get the global audiences. Well, congratulations. How are you all feeling here at Animal Logic? Very excited, very excited, but it's business as usual - we do this every day. Congratulations. Back to you. Luna Park was rocked last night by Australia's only live music awards. Voted online by music fans,

it's the fourth year for the Jack Awards, which recognise the best live bands, musicians and venues. It's voted for by the public, isn't it,

so that's always a good thing. It's not necessarily guided by how many records you've sold, it's more about your tunes. Grammy Award-winning rockers Wolfmother were unable to accept the top award of Best Live Band in person as they are touring the US.

Let's take another look at the

weather now with Tim Bailey. I know

we did you heat when you sometimes

get it wrong but credit where

credit is due - you have been on

the money with spectacular weather

which seemed to have some metre

every one. It has taken me a while

to get the balance right there we

have rain falling in western

districts of NSW. That will spread

across the State tomorrow and into

Friday. Good fulls expected. As we

said earlier, Burke got its best

rainfall in made for a handful of

years, Pooncarie did the same for

about 15 years. It is coming our

way and will get to the catchment

about Thursday night. Rain right

through until Friday morning,

clearing about Friday lunchtime.

Perfect for the weekend and a fine

and sunny Saturday and Sunday. The

balance is right. Let's have a and sunny Saturday and Sunday. The balance is right. Let's have a look

at that map of New South Wales.

There is a phone

There is a phone number I need you

to ring across the weekend. I don't

want you to send annoying text

messages to Ron Wilson but it is

one at three it's 7258. The Red

Shield appeal this weekend. If you

can send him annoying text I will

appreciate it. It is a good cause.

Please don't call! Sport with Tim Webster, and fireworks are guaranteed for one NSW forward in the Origin opener. Yes, he's the rookie who reckons the Broncos forwards weren't tough when he played them. We'll hear how he's feeling about that little comment now. Also, Jarrod Mullen's reaction to claims from his mum he'll be crucified if the Blues lose. And later, the Queen like you've never seen her before - captured in Vegemite. UPBEAT MUSIC First it was 'Cars Guide' Car of the Year and 'Motor' magazine's Bang For Your Buck. Then it won 'Drives' People's Choice Award. Commodore has just been crowned No wonder it's Australia's favourite car. This program is captioned live. A big night at the NRL judiciary - Origin players Jamie Lyon and Dallas Johnson are fighting charges that could see them rubbed out of next week's opener. Adam Hawse is there. Plenty hangs on the results tonight?

It is like State of Origin has come

warm week early. Queenslanders is

news that buzz at the judiciary.

First up is Dallas Johnson - he

flew down from Brisbane today with

his coach and they arrived about 15

minutes ago. As we know, if he and

Jamie Lyon are unsuccessful in fighting these charges they can

both kiss goodbye to the first Origin match next week. Jamie Lyon is relaxed ahead of tonight's hearing that could cut short his Origin camp. His case is aided by favourable testimony

from 'victim' Eric Grothe. I think he's put in a few good words and it's good of him, and I thank him, pretty much, for that, but from what I've heard I don't think they take too much into account from the other player. Team-mates are hoping the judiciary show some State of Origin goodwill. Hate to think that the boys would miss out on the game

because of some pretty low-grade tackles, I'm thinking, so hopefully they're both there and it will be a great game. Debutant prop Brett White is already bracing himself for a battering after recent comments that angered Queensland's Broncos contingent. The Storm enforcer claimed they didn't 'bash' teams like they used to, and their forwards didn't give the opposition much to worry about.

I'm fully aware I'll be going up to Queensland being public enemy number one. So it's a big thing to go, I guess, my first game in Origin is gonna be in the front row and have the biggest target of the game on my forehead.

Petero Civoniceva hit back by saying he didn't respect White, but he was biting his tongue today.

It's going to be very tight, very physical up the middle. I'm not going to single anyone out in particular. I certainly hope one day after Wednesday night that I can gain some respect from him and one day be able to have a beer and explain my side to him. Halfback bolter Jarrod Mullen looked comfortable in his first Origin jersey, but his mum's gone public with fears

her son will be 'crucified' by the public if he doesn't perform in Brisbane. Mum's always protective. I think she's just being a bit overprotective of her boy.

Blues stars Max did that and Anthony minute cello were rested

today but they are in no doubt that

the game. It could be explosive it

tonight - kid you imagine the

outcry if Jamie Lyon gets off and

Dallas Johnson is suspended? They

will be screaming blue murder in

Queensland. Women have the details later. Waratah back Lachlan Turner isn't expecting to survive the cut

when the Wallabies squad is trimmed from 37 to 30 on Sunday. But the youngster is enjoying the ride after a meteoric rise this season. The 20-year-old made his Super 14 debut this season and playing alongside Lote Tuqiri was a bonus. I'm really thankful that I've got this opportunity. He's been really good to me. He's sort of taken me under his wing. If I can be half the player he is, then I'll be happy. Tuqiri is tipped to miss the opening Test against Wales on May 26 as he works on recapturing his speed. Star recruit Peter Everitt has laid the blame

for the Swans' recent form slump squarely at the feet of the midfielders, including himself. Spida identified just five players who have played consistently well this season.

Ryan O'Keefe, I suppose, Ben Matthews, Leo Barry and Craig Bolton are probably our four best players, and unfortunately - and probably Kirky - you know, there's probably 8-10 who have been so inconsistent this year. It puts us all in a dangerous position. A loss against Port Adelaide at the SCG on Saturday night would see the Swans slump to three wins and five losses for the season. Disaster at the Hamburg Masters tennis tournament for British world number 10 Andy Murray, on his birthday. His French Open chances are in serious doubt after injuring his wrist during his match against Italy's Filippo Volandri. there's something serious going on. Murray dropped his racket in pain after a routine forehand in the first set, when he was leading 5-1.

Better news for Australia's Peter Luzcak - with a world ranking of 126, he's been given a wild card into next month's French Open. Ever wondered how to pronounce Rabbitohs players' names? Some of them are tough. Well, South Sydney Football Club TV has produced an educational video for footy broadcasters. 'David Fa'alogo'. A lot of people think it's 'logo' but it's 'lomo'. 'Jo Falemaka'. 'Roy Asotasi'. 'Asotasi'. 'Jo Galuvao'. 'Nigel Vagana'. I think a lot of the problem comes from the 'g'. 'Jeremy - Jeremy Smith'. 'Smith'. That's all for now.

Later in Sports Tonight, the all-important results from the NRL judiciary. And the swell is building - we look ahead to what should be a massive final day at the Billabong Pro in Tahiti.

Let's take a look at the traffic

again with a Vic Lorusso. No reason

to be happy in Merrylands after a

smash near the M4. Not a serious

accident but we are over the delays

now so they extend for a very long

way. A very long way to go for the

traffic heading out to Merrylands

and the M4 and big problems out

makers Hewlett still after a smash near the M5. Tim Bailey's back with the weather, next. And she's a happy little Vegemite - the Queen as you've never seen her before. Because nothing's more important than our children's education, the ACT's education budget is bigger than ever before. Over the next 5 years, we've earmarked more than $175 million to build new public schools, $90 million to improve existing ones and another $20 million for IT, including upgrading broadband links in every public school. It's an investment in our children and our future. ACT public schools: DOORBELL BUZZES

Hi, Dad. (Laughs) Here's your dinner. Thanks, love. (Inhales) I'll see you tomorrow. DOG BARKS BREEZY MARIACHI MUSIC LG's Kitchen Range makes everything easy,

so anyone can use it. Yoo-hoo! (Giggles) LG - Life's Good. If you're over 50 and not working full-time, So APIA believes you've earned a better deal on your car insurance. We give you the choice of insuring your car for an agreed... So call APIA on 13 50 50. That number again: Here comes tomorrow's weather. but if you are, and not working full-time, call 13 50 50 for APIA car insurance. This program is captioned live. A green delivery for Australia Post - the country's first hybrid truck. It's a new breed, combining diesel with electric hybrid technology, using up to 30% less fuel and producing 25% less carbon dioxide emissions. This is a very practical way that commercial enterprises can do something about CO2 emissions, particularly if they run large fleets. Australia Post will trial two of the mail trucks. If successful, they'll be added to the fleet.

Now what with a throwing to the

weather tonight a very big plug for

the Salvos. Their Red Shield Appeal

is under way and the door knocker

part of that is about to kick-off.

They need to raise $64 million this

year so it is a huge cast a minute

everyone involved. And everyone

will get involved because it is

everybody's favourite charity. They

start that world firmest doorknob -

God bless each and every one of

them. 19th to the 27th. Hello to

Stuart diver, a good mate of mine,

who kicked this all off in orange.

It is iconic and there is the

number: if you won't be at home,

donate some money. $64 million - a

big ask but we are up for each and

every single dollar. It is a good

news story - rain falling in

western district of New South Wales,

moving across the state. Most

districts will get a drink - there

is some good news. Detachment will

start copping it tomorrow night at

about this time - I might get a wet

the tail. It will continue to fall

through Thursday evening, Friday

morning and start to clear-up for

the weekend - you couldn't ask for

more. A good balance, from the

western district of New South Wales,

right across the state. It will not

be enough but we will take anything

we can get and a fine and sunny

weekend to boot. Is that a bonus? we can get and a fine and sunny weekend to boot. Is that a bonus?

It is a bonus they actually pay me!

Cloud extends across the interior

along a trough and generate showers

and storms over in an Queenstown,

New South Wales and South Australia.

Cloud over the South East in an

upper trough is causing showers and

potentially severe storms and there

is some ploughed over southern

South Australia near a low that

brings light coastal showers. They

trough will age East causing rain

and storms to redevelop and

increase over Victoria, New South

Wales, western Queensland and the

Northern Territory. A low will

cause winds and showers to increase

over southern South Australia. A

week high will keep most of Western

Australia high before a front brings late showers. The business of the brolly, predicted

precipitation, drips and drops

across rooftops - a kid at the

Keith Urban concert last night

offered me $20 if I didn't say it.

I didn't take the money so I said

it. Showers along the southern

coast lines, isolated showers on

the Queen said east coast and the

Top End and a bit of rain fall

coming from western district of New

South Wales. The rain will coming from western district of New South Wales. The rain will start

falling tomorrow at about five or 6

o'clock. It will go through

Thursday evening and into Friday

until about lunchtime. Saturday and

Sunday will look pretty good for

whatever you have planned for the

weekend. About 23 degrees. Glorious,

magical made. About 5 degrees above

average each day and it would not surprise me if it average each day and it would not

surprise me if it is the warmest May on record.

Cloud increases in Sydney tomorrow

with evening rain and right through

the night. 23 degrees is the top.

The salvoes - don't forget them

this weekend. As if you would! The Queen is used to having her portrait painted, but a Queensland teenager may have created the most unique one yet. She's captured Her Majesty in a typically Australian way, painting a youthful likeness in Vegemite. Everyone loves to paint the Queen - even Rolf's done a version - but no-one had thought to capture her likeness in our national spread. That was until 17-year-old Steph Chard came along.

When you run out of paint, you really then turn to the next best thing so... So this happened to be it. (Laughs) Yep - it's the Queen in 100% concentrated yeast extract,

or, in lay terms, Vegemite on canvas. The thick brekkie spread might put a rose in every cheek but it's left the monarch looking a little browned off. She's had a lot of portraits done over the years of her

so this probably won't faze her too much. Steph's also knocked up a 'Mona Lisa' and a self-portrait in Vegemite but it's the Queen that's getting all the attention. Her mum thinks it's delicious. I usually see Steph's paintings in oil, so I was surprised when I saw a Vegemite painting of the Queen, but it's turned out really well. It's fantastic. The portrait, called 'A Toast to Australia,'

captures the Queen in her younger years. Amazingly, it won only second prize at the Gympie Art Show.

The winner was a turtle, painted the old-fashioned way. No plans to spread out into honey or jam? You never know - anything could happen. Jamie Rule, Ten News. That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre. Oh, boy, the 'Big Brother' house is at boiling point. Who do you want to haul from the hotplate and return to the real world? Beautiful Emma looks great in a bikini but would you like to see the back of her? If you do: Zoran eats all the food in the house. Put him on the Big Brother eviction diet by: Demet teaches the housemates how to dance but is it time for her to be taught a lesson? Legion interactive calls cost 55c max. Calls from mobiles extra. Lines close 8pm AEST this Sunday, May 20. For terms and conditions go to