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(generated from captions) they'll be decreased. I think

the main effort of any

succeeding Iranian Government,

be it Mahmoud Ahmedinejad or

anyone else, the non-Mahmoud

Ahmedinejad would have a better

opportunity, would be to deal opportunity, would be to

with the economy, and deal with

it in a sensible manner. A lot

of that , of course, will

require Iran to renegotiate its

relations with the West. You

spoke in passesing of Iran's

nuclear program. Will it

continue regardless of who is

in power. I think there's a

broad consensus on Iran's

rights to have peaceful nuclear

technology to enrich uranium.

Most believe with justification

that their rights under the MPT

guarantee that. All three candidates running candidates running against

Mahmoud Ahmedinejad recognise

his approach to these matters

has been unhelpful, combative,

confrontational, it's not

helpful that he talks about

Israel in such derogatory and confrontational

confrontational manner, talking

about the Holy Sepulchre, and

other things, a lot -

holocaust, and other things, a

lot are critical, saying, "It's

none of our business, we are

living in a sensitive

environment, these are

important crucial matters of

interest, you have made matters

worst, giving our enemies the

sticks they need to beat us,

this is not good politics or

tactics or strategies". On certain issues, I don't think

we'll expect dramatic changes, we'll expect dramatic

I think you'll find more of a

political will to resolve them.

And suggestions have been made

for the establishment of a

consortium, for instance, to

enrich uranium, also, you know

other arrangements for the west

may beed discussed. I don't

think known in the west should

think Iran will cave in to

every demand the west makes,

there'll have to be a degree of

give and take on both

sides. How important is this

election result to the broader

region, to Middle East

peace? Well, I think the reason

why it is enormously important

is you have a new administration in the White

House, for the first time House, for the first time if

you get a change in Iran, you get a change in Iran, what

you are seeing is the political

will existing on both sides of

this destructive divide that

existed over the last 30 years,

for the first time in a

generation we may see an

opportunity for some detant to

emerge, practical detant. This

ramifications will have enormous

ramifications for developments

in the Middle East as a whole,

we know, of course, that there

are two wars in Iraq and

Afghanistan that remain unfinished, Afghanistan,

Pakistan is getting more

serious, and Iran, that is an

active and - active participate

in this - participant in this

international and regional

dynamics in politics will make

a difference, if the Iranians

have clear interest in ensuring

Afghanistan, Pakistan don't

disintegrate or the Taliban

come back in a force. If you

find a way to collaborate with

the Iranians in this respect it

will be of benefit. It will be

fascinate tog see how it

unfolds over the next little

while. Professor Ali Ansari,

thank you for joining us. It

will. Thank you. The boss of

the Cronulla Sharks Rugby

League club Tony Zappia has

fallen on his sword over an

incident last year in which he

gave a female employee a black

eye. The CEO resigned prior to

a Sharks board meeting convened

to determine his fight. Tony

Zappia maintains the punch on

Jenny Hall was an accident and

says he's been judged

harshly. I think there's

certainly been an agenda, I

think that it's been - I've

been portrayed as a bad

person. More than that, you've

been made out to be a sleazy

person, that's where it came

from? It's certainly not me.

People that know me can

certainly attest to that. In a

recently released taped

conversation Tony Zappia was

heard asking the woman if she

wanted to spank him, he refused

to let her take sick leave to recover. World health experts

finished a meeting in Geneva,

and are expected to recommend

that a global swine flu

pandemic be declared. If pandemic be declared. If the

World Health Organisation

Chan accepts the director-general Dr Margaret

recommendation, it will be the

first pandemic in more than 40

years, there's been a sharp

rise in the number of cases,

particularly in Australia,

where more than 1200 people are

now infected, and one case more

than any other is grabbing the

headlines. Here is medical reporter Sophie

Scott. Australia has the Scott. Australia has the fifth

largest number of swine flu

cases in the world, schools cases in the world,

have been closed, ships

quarantined, but the football

will go ahead even though one

of Rugby League's best known

names has the disease.

Brisbane Broncos full-back Brisbane Broncos

Karmichael Hunt tested positive

to swine flu, despite that the

NRL says the Broncos match

against the Bulldogs tomorrow

night will be played. That's on

advice that we have advice that we have received

that by game time tomorrow

night the players will

spent sufficient time night the players will have

spent sufficient time in

quarantine to minimise the risk

of any spread of infection. A

second Broncos player is now

being tested after becoming

sick. So far more than 1200

Australians have been diagnosed

with swine flu, most suffering

Victorian patients with swine mild symptoms. But today four

flu were admitted to intensive

careful Those who are

hospitalised generally have

been - had other existing

conditions, and complications,

such as morbid obesity or

respiratory conditions, this

emphasises the need for us to

continue to target those who

might be most at might be most at risk. The

World Health Organisation is

expected to make an

announcement tonight on

increasing the alert level to a

full pandemic. This disease is

pretty moderate in its effects

so far, so that you wouldn't

want to disrupt daily life too

much. We are not in an

Armageddon scenario. Announcing

a pandemic doesn't mean the

virus is more deadly, but is a

signal to governments to plan

for large numbers of people to

become infected. Now to the

weather - windy with rain

developing in Adelaide, a sunny

day after morning frost in

Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney;

partly cloudy in Perth; fine in

the other capitals. That's all

from us, Lateline Business

coming up in a moment. If you'd

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interview with Ali Ansari, or

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Lateline Business with Ali

Moore. Tonight - China or bust

- Oz Minerals shareholders

begrudgingly accept their

fate. Mood of the shareholders

was quite angry Shareholders

feel as if it's gone

ahead. Building a recovery, the

housing industry puts a housing industry puts a floor

under the jobs mark. The

residential sector has a large multiplier effect through to other sectors of the

economy. What a doubling in the

oil price tells us about global

economic fortunes. It's a psychological commodity psychological commodity because

of supply and demand, if the

market feels it's going into a recovery the price of the

economy will be bid up.

To the To the markets.

Australian shares posteded

another solid gain despite a negative lead from Wall negative lead from Wall Street.

All Ords rising half a percent

off the back of higher mining

stocks. ASX added 23 points.

Finishing at its highest point

for the year. The Nikkei broke

through 10,000 points for the

first time in eight monthless,

falling slightly by the close.

The Hang Seng closed flat and

the FTSE booked a the FTSE booked a gain.

We'll cross to London shortly. Oz shortly. Oz Minerals

shareholders voted

overwhelmingly to accept a sale

to China's Minmetals, investors

slamming Oz Minerals slamming Oz Minerals directors over the handling of the

company's affairs. Oz Minerals

says it's a victim of the

credit crunch and the plunge in

commodity prices shareholders

are far from convinced Neal Woolrich reports. Woolrich reports.

Oz Minerals may have secured

a company-saving deal, amp the

annual general meeting

shareholders were in an

unforgiving mood. Mood of the

shareholders was angry,

justifiably so. China's

Minmetals increased by 15% its

offer to buy most of the Oz

Minerals assets. Today 92%

Minerals assets. Today 92% of

Oz Minerals shares were cast in

favour of the $1.7 billion

deal. Shareholders feel as if

it had gone ahead, the Chairman

saying if the shareholders

today did not approve of the

resolution, that the outcome

would probably be that the

company would go into receivership. I can't understand why they didn't understand why they didn't come

to the shareholders and ask for

more equity, I can't believe in

this environment we this environment we wouldn't

have stumped up dollars,

getting out of the problem. A

proposal from Macquarie Group

to re capitalise Oz Minerals

fell throe, another plan fell throe, another plan was

rejected by Oz Minerals board

on the grounds it was on the grounds it was inferior

to the Minmetals deal. Chairman

Barry Cusack says the increased

offer from Minmetals reflects

the improvement in commodity

and equity markets. When they

came and rescued us they made

what I thought was a very

generous offer at the generous offer at the time.

Thank gosh they did. But the

market has moved up a bit.

market has moved up a bit. We

have been discussing that. And

what our perception s had

changed. Oz Minerals will retain the Prominent Hill gold and copper mine in South

Australia, along with smaller

projects. Barry Cusack says the

deal will leave the company

debt freeholding half a billion

in cash, a far cry from last

year when Oz Minerals banking

syndicate refused to roll over

the company's debt facilities

threatening survival, threatening survival, Chief

Andrew Michelmore says the

company was vulnerable because

of its involvement with

metals. We were hit faster metals. We were hit faster than

iron ore coal mineral companies

with long term contracts, set

prices, we take instant anious

prices off the LME, base metals

are hit faster and earlier, and

the banking facilities. He

warns that other mining

companies may face a similar

predicament as they seek to

roll over funding

arrangements. While the

Minmetals transaction received

overwhelming support, Oz

Minerals faced a backlashing on

executive pay, one-third of

shares were cast in favour on

the non-binding poll of

remuneration, Michael Ega

received 56% of the vote, well

below the 90% that incumbent

directors attract. The key

concern is the fall in the

value investments, plunging by

more than thafl since the

company was formed through the

-- half since the company was

formed through the merger of

Zinifex and Oxiana, investors

angry about an $8 million pay

out handed to Owen Hegarty,

Oxiana's CEO. If you look at

the downturn since September,

it looks a big number. Of

course it does. At the time it

was what we had to do to move

forward. Minmetals says the

traction is a defining moment

in its history. And the

majority of Oz Minerals

employees will join the new

owners. Andrew Michelmore will

be Minmetals Australian CEO on

completion of the transaction,

expected to occur in the next week. He'll retain a

shareholding in Oz Minerals,

and suggest other investors do

the same. Stick with Oz

Minerals, it has a great

future. You only need to look

at the graphs that Barry put up

to show that we have tracked

down with everyone else and as

the market tracks up Oz

Minerals will track up, as

Barry said, it's a fantastic

base, it will be clear of debt,

it's got huge prospectivity. After prospectivity. After the

experience of the past six

month, the board will have a

harder time selling an upbeat

story to current and prospective shareholders. China's win in

the battle for Oz Minerals

added fuel to market

speculation that offers for

other Australian miners are on

the way. Shares in Fortescue

Metals jumped another 21%, but

it's now up more than 50% in a

week. Prompting the ASX to

issue a please explain. issue a please explain. The

iron ore miner saying it

doesn't know why the share

price rose so sharply,

investors are betting China Inc

will make an offer after

Chinalco lost a bid to double

its stake in Fortescue Metals.

Closing at a high of $4.35.

Chinalco blames Rio, not

Australia for the collapse of

its proposed deal. Chinalco's

President told a media

conference that Australia had

an open and welcoming an open and welcoming attitude

to the failed Rio offer and

says Chinalco will continue to

explore strategic investment opportunities, for his thoughts

on the mining industry and

where China will move and the

planned BHP Biliton, Rio

merger, I'm joined by Stephen Pope, Chief Global Market

Strategist from Cantor

Fitzgerald, welcome to the

program. Thank you, pleased to

be here. How do you read

Chinalco's comments, is there

angst behind them, are

angst behind them, are they

over being jilted is China

ready to jump in. Are they over

being jilted, I think they

learnt a lesson, they were disappointed they weren't able

to go ahead with the marriage

to Rio, as you notice they

said, "We found Australia to be

open and welcoming", they are

really making that comment

really making that comment so

they are not going to cause

hard feeling between themselves

and Australia for future

ventures when they come

shopping. Really they are

pointing the finger at Rio for

a better opportunity. Are there

lessons about style for the

Chinese in this, when you look

at the different outcomes with

Minmetals with Oz Minerals,

versus Chinalco, was the

Chinalco, the collapse a case

of changed market conditions,

or was there something else to

it. The Chinese when they made

approaches to acquire overseas

assets in the mineral assets in the mineral space

have been seen as brusque,

wading in, flexing muscles,

showing they have deep pockets,

"Pay attention to us", that's

the case in Africa. They should

have learnt a lesson, they

tried to be heavily engaged in

the Olympic damn projects and

weren't successful. They may

have decided that because they

were the serious player, they

could have got a deal. Rio had

to listen to the existing shareholders, unhappy about

being excluded from the being excluded from the shape

of that deal with Chinalco and

Rio, there's been an object

lesson learning and they had a

reputation of being

heavy-handed, I think you'll

see a Sunshine Coastly Sunshine

Coastly approach works

better. When you say - softly, softly approach works

better. We saw is jump better. We saw is jump in

Fortescue Metals price, and

what is bid there, where do you

think China would look Australia has to be the

first port of call. What you

find is the junior or the

mid-scale miners will be

closely under examination now

to see what the resource base

is like, is there a story we

find interesting to push toward

the Chinese attention, you'll

look and see are there going to

be further joint ventures, will

they look to Africa, North

America, they have to be

careful not to Stobie pole careful not to Stobie pole on

any feet. They don't want to -

- step on any feet. They don't

want to cause upset. It will want to cause upset. It will be

in the near areas. Do you think Chinalco will take up the

rights issue. I wouldn't be

surprised. They see it has a

good cash stream, commodities

are back on the shopping list

being an asset class to be

engauged in, if you take a

long-term view, to be engaged

in the right issue is not a bad

bet. They'll probably get a

decent return, why not. The Chinese were dumped for the

rights issue, but the tie-up

with BHP Biliton, and the with BHP Biliton, and the 50/50

iron ore venture, will that one

into trouble with the

regulators, particularly in

Europe. My European friends

once again. I frankly feel if

Europe objects to the

situation, it would be

ridiculous. We saw in the ridiculous. We saw in the past

there was no problem from

Australia or the US, only the

Europeans had an issue. At this time when the developed world

is finding economies - they are

coming out of the worst of coming out of the worst of the

slow down, but they are

struggling, they need to

encourage any sort of

development that's going to be

progressive generating money

and create jobs. If Europe

blocks the venture, more for

them more fool them. You are

talking about economies and

slow down, coming out and

recovering, there are a range

of economic statistics out

about china, there was a large

investment surge in May off the

back of big Government

spending, there was an een more

rapid decline in exports and

imports, down 26% from a year

ago, imports down 25%. ago, imports down 25%. What

are those numbers telling us

about the pace of China's

recovery. Well, I think you

have to look at it as two have to look at it as two sides

of the coin, one taking on

significance, China realised

that with a slow down in the

North American and Western

European economies, they'll not

export as many goods, the fact

that you see the dollar decline

has made the goods less

competitive than they once

were, two negative effects

showing through on the export

numbers. In terms of the inward

investment, you have to find

that the Chinese recognise they

have officially 4% have officially 4% unemployment

in the urban areas, you start building in the rural area, you

are looking more, some say 20%,

lets say around about 15%, then

you have the people on the jobs

market from university, you

have the educated group, not

just the universities in China,

but around the western world

where many get a good basis of understanding and learning. All

these people will be these people will be looking

for work. Chinese are building

up the home investment

infrastructure, housing

Strucks, post the Beijing

Olympics keeping the boom going

to keep the people at home

happy, that's why you see the

32% jump into the nets asset

infrastructure bill. It's not

just Government spend, some

private sector enterprises are

engaged, but under the direction. Central

Government. Are you focussed on

domestic spending and growth or

the import-export numbers. I think the Chinese divert

resources putting it into the

domestic orientation, they'll watch improvement on the economic figures coming economic figures coming from

Western Europe or the US. Generally speaking they know the markets will return,

they'll be one of the leading

export areas again that can

exploit the upturn in the

western economies, they are OK

developing themselves, they

have to, if China is going to

move up taking its table, and

sit at the top table. What

about America's recovery, in

the last 45 minute the latest

retail sales and weekly jobless

numbers, retail up half a

percent, the first rise in

three monthless, jobless down

more than expected. All good

news? I think so, you have to

turn around and put the retail

sales numbers against the fact

of last week's payroll. That

showed people losing jobs, but

the rate of attrition is not so

high. We have seen a number of

statistics, where you take statistics, where you take not just the month to Monday

change, but the rate of the

change, it's been - month

change, but the rate of change,

it's been slowing, you see the

house, market improve, consumer

confidence, people are spending

a little bit. They may not do

so much driving in the US

driving season, but look as they they are going on short

trips and spending, it's a good

sign, if we have a fall in

terms of initial claims, it's

good. Maybe we don't go through

as bad a jobless recovery as I

think we would. Stephen Pope, thanks for joining thanks for joining us. Thank you very much indeed.

To the other major movers on

our mark, and the rally in

mining stock sou Alumina climb

8%, Rio adding 5.5, I will and

search rising, AXA Asia Pacific

gave up some of yesterday's

gains shedding 1%. On currency:

Oil prices are a far cry

from the lows of $32 # a barrel

hit in February, many questioned the fundamentals of

the rally, arguing it's based

on speculation and optimism.

The international energy agency

endorsed the upbeat sentiment

saying there are early signs of

a recovery in demand. Desley

Coleman reports. A more than

doubling in the oil price in

the past four months has many

analysts changing their

forecasts from recession to

recovery. Oil is psychological

because of supply demand. If

the mark feels we are going

into a recovery the - market

feels we are going into a

recovery the price will be bid

up. It's not entirely based on

the recovery story, the falling

greenback playing a role The

dollar is week, dollar

dominated commodity or asset

class now - we have to speak of

crude oil as an asset class,

will go higher. The momentum

may continue with the US report

showing the world's biggest

energy user is drawing on

stockpiles suggesting demand is

picking up. It certainly is an

indication that the market has

a little more confidence about

the economic outlook, because

commodity prices are regarded

as leading indicators of the

global recovery, they are

factoring in normality about

global economic conditions. There are fears

that the oil price could run

ahead of fundamentals damp

things economic growth, the oil

companies say the higher price

is justified. This week the

head of British energy head of British energy giant

BHP Biliton said oil producing

nations need a price above $60

# to balance bhoocks and

consumers can cope with -

books, and the consumesers can

cope with up to $90. The head

of Gazprom stands by prediction

s of oil hit over $200 a

barrel. That's an extreme call.

Oil is a function of where we

are in terms of an economic

recovery. We need further signs

that we move through the

recovery, with the green shoots

taking hold. It's only then

we'll see oil move through to

start with $100 a barrel. I

think if that were to occur

you'd require a significantly

different supply size situation

on the oil front and/or

certainly a much more robust

global economy than we have,

one can never say that won't

occur in the years to come. It

seems an unlikely prospect in

the near terms. Discussions

about supply have been pushed

off the agenda by the global

recession. But the issue of

peak oil is starting to

re-emerge with Professor Kjell

Aleklett arguing supply is

already severely constrained

and he says OPEC's forecast of

a 20% increase in production by

2030 is unachievable. I'm a physicist, I believe when the

oil is flowing through the

rocks down there, they have to

follow physical laws, not

economical louse, and

international agencies is using

economical laws, that's the

different. When we put physical

parameters into the production

we get a different answer. At

the moment supply isn't the

issue, it will be demand

determining if the run-up in

prices is justified and a sign

of sustained economic recovery.

As you heard on Lateline, the

Australian economy continues to

hold up remarkably well with a

relatively small number of

jobs, 1700 shed in may despite

the global recession,

unemployment rate rose 0.2% to

5.7%, the numbers encouraging,

most economists stand by

earlier forecasts of an

unemployment rate above 8% next

year. For now it appears a

resurgent housing sector is

doing more than its share to

support jobs. For the second

month in a row employment

numbers have taken everyone by

surprise, so far this Year

9,500 jobs have been lost,

compared with 3 million in compared with 3 million in the

United States. Not surprisingly

the Government has been quick

to take the credit pointing to

spending programs aimed at

propping up the economy Our

actions are designed to create

jobs today, building skills and

infrastructure for infrastructure for tomorrow.

Helped by the boost to the

first home owners grant the

housing industry staged a

strong comeback in recent

months with economists such as

JP Morgan's Helen Kevans saying

it's reflected in today's

results. It's put a big floor

under the unemployment

numbers. We have hardly seen

jobs relative to the other sectors of the economy shed in the construction the construction sector. The Housing Industry Association

believes the impact is wider

than that. The residential

sector has a large multiplier

effect through to other effect through to other sectors

of the economy. There are of the economy. There are a

number of service sector number of service sector jobs,

for example, relying on the

residential sector holding up

well. A large part of the

manufacturing sector feeds into

new home construction, and also

into renovation activity. The

first home owners grant is

being wound back, and with it

support for the construction

industry, which doesn't auger

well for the employment

outlook. By the third quarter

of this year unemployment will

be in the high 6s, and previous

recessions we saw unemployment

venture into double digit

territory, we managed to skirt

a recession, I don't think we

are out of the woods yet. While

the Government can take some

credit for the strength of the

latest employment latest employment figures,

there are those that believe it

is responsible for the

deterioration in the coming

months, the reason the abolition of Howard Government's WorkChoices regime, combined with the slow

down it is expected to make

many employers thing long and

hard about full-time staff

levels. It will see a reduction

in full-time employment,

perhaps an increase in

underemployment. It creates

stunties, it's not a stunties, it's not a binary

equation of unemployment or

employment. Anne Moore runs employment. Anne Moore runs the

University of Sydney's program

for placing student in the work

force, as the economy falters,

she's expecting a surge in

people being employed on

short-term contracts. With

contract fixed term work you

can turn on and off capability

as the business needs, that

reduce s costs and risks. At

the same time I might add

that's attractive to many

employees at the moment. Such

as post graduate university

students. History shows that

many more will be forced on to

contracts in the 2001 downturn

those on contracts made up those on contracts made up 4%

of the work force. In times of

rising unemployment, some are

looking at new ways to earn a living, including turning a

favourite hobby into a career,

others decided to escape the

daily grind years ago and are

finding the mix of business and

pleasure can be pleasure can be profitable.

Nicole Chettle reports, a TV

program was a springboard for

one couple's new found export

success. Can you show how it

works. It was a stint on the TV

show New Inventors turning a

passion for quilting into a

thriving business, Leone and

Bill west taking a prize for

the ruler taking the pain out

of cutting and measure ing

fabric. We went on, life

changed. We are full time, it's worldwide. It happened in the

span of 12 months Leone West

has been quilting for more than

30 years, she's now exporting

to Europe and beyond. We get an

order from Denmark, one from

Malaysia the other day. I

think, "No", it's surreal. You

have to look twice to realise

these tiny tots are not the

real deal. Bev Graham says

creating a business from her

hobby was more challenging than

a regular job. It's harder, you

don't knock off at 5:00 and

walk out away, because it's

your business you keep

working. Craft is making a

comeback. At this event in

Sydney 40,000 people are

expected to come through the

doors, organisers say 400,000

attend similar events across

the country. Christine Smalley

is tapping into the surge in

demand for handmade products,

she travels the world to source

beads and runs classes at in

her store in Sydney's inner

west. It gives me the

opportunity to be creative

every day. It's not necessarily

the easy path, honing in on

your hobby could lead to

ultimate job satisfaction. To

tomorrow's diary: Brett heading

and three other directors will

be potentially voted off the

Australia agricultural board.

Before we go, a look at what

is making news in the business sections of the sections of the papers, The

Herald Sun - decision by Oz Minerals shareholders to accept

Minmetals 1.7 billion offer.

Australian - examining the same

story, Australian The Financial

Review - tax office targets

executives and directors.

Sydney Morning Herald - Sydney Morning Herald - former

Patrick Corp boss Chris

Corrigan could have a role in

running Asciano. That's all for

tonight. They up 5 points, 0.1

of 1%. Dow down 26 points or

0.3 of 1 Brisbane. If you want

to review any - 1%. If you

want to review any part of the program,

where you can watch the whole

show on line or down load it as a vodcast. a vodcast. I'm Ali Moore, goodnight.

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# To keep me from going astray # And a honky-tonk angel to hold me tight # And to keep me from slipping away # Now the smoke fills the air # In this honky-tonk bar # And I'm thinking where I'd rather be

# But I burned all my bridges

# And I sunk all my ships # And I'm standing at the edge of the sea # I need four walls around me to hold my life # To keep me from going astray # And a honky-tonk angel to hold me tight # And keep me from slipping away

# I need... # Four walls around me to hold my life # And keep me from going astray # And a honky-tonk angel to hold me tight # And keep me from slipping # Away. # CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Laura Cantrell.


# How sweet it is to be loved by you... # APPLAUSE to be loved by you... # Our guest on Spectacle tonight is one of America's great vocalists. Someone who could be imagined to be one of those great radio singers from the 1930s if he had not first appeared in the 1970s as a songwriter, alone with one guitar singing tales of an old soul in a young man's body. He's written about what comes to a man in time. The mechanisms of family, songs as a father and a son. The inevitability of loss. By the way, he's also a great interpretative singer Carole King, Buddy Holly, having had hits with songs by Holland, Dozier and Holland. and the Motown song writing team of on his new record Covers. It's a strength to which he returns Mr James Taylor. Ladies and gentlemen, CHEERING AND APPLAUSE to be loved by you # How sweet it is # How sweet it is... # APPLAUSE CONTINUES

wonderful gift from my father-in-law. Last Christmas, I got a really and gramophones and sheet music. He collects cylinders and 78s He knows I'm a big Bing Crosby fan Crosby cover, I think, that he had and he gave me every single Bing from the sheet music collections.