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(generated from captions) person that he was, and I just... I love the beautiful, strong, good ..I just want him back. I just want him back. but not like this. I want him with me, Not like this, Brooke. Not like this. (WHISPERS) I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Tonight - flying into the cesspool.

Beijing's worsening smog. Kevin Rudd heads for Commuter misery - Sydney bus travellers stranded. surging demand leaves Full. Sorry. And take off aborted - for weary Qantas passengers. yet another scare Good evening, I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. with Labor Party bosses. Also - the Premier's showdown to Nicole Kidman's plea for privacy. And paparazzi respond But heading the 5:00 news, has worsened sharply the smog in Beijing ceremony. on the eve of the Olympic opening is due to arrive there shortly Prime Minister Rudd the stifling conditions first-hand. and will experience is in Beijing. Ten reporter Max Futcher

We Warwick it this morning at shoot

a real white-out here in Beijing.

The stadium it is hardly visible in

the haze. So far no Estrella Inn at

Leeds have complained or shower and

any concern about the effect of the

smogs - - smog on their health.

Despite the tight security they

have been more groups protesting

human-rights in the capital. rarely sees scenes like this. Tiananmen Square Three boisterous Americans China's human rights record protesting crushed the democracy movement on the spot where the Communist Party 20 years ago. End the brutality! in Tiananmen Square. Thousands of students were killed We come in peace to say cannot triumph over justice. tyranny and oppression has jetted out for the Olympic Games. Australia's number one cheerleader Tonight, a reception with our athletes.

Then down to business. And it's sensitive.

Kevin Rudd says with the Chinese leadership. he's not afraid to raise human rights But don't expect overnight change. Let's not overstate it. the events of centuries You're not going to turn around in the matter of a few days,

is continue to apply but what you can do to these things the appropriate level of scrutiny and I intend to do that. The US President is more direct,

speaking in Thailand for tomorrow's opening ceremony. ahead of his arrival the people of China The United States believes deserve the fundamental liberty of all human beings. that is the natural right So America stands in firm opposition of political dissidents, to China's detention and religious activists. human rights advocates for the Chinese themselves But such protests are more difficult. and come here, to a protest park, Anyone with a gripe must register of foreign Olympic visitors. far away from the gaze No-one bothered today and were escorted the whole time. but we still had to register to enter are more focused on the Games. The majority here Chinese pride is swelling

to the Bird's Nest. the closer the torch gets Today it was on the Great Wall. adorned the ancient icon Red and yellow as, for 15 minutes, cheered on by hordes of countrymen. relay runners passed the torch along, over six continents, After four months, the relay has just one day to go. Just this afternoon in Tiananmen Square. here's been another protest

Once again they were Americans - from yesterday, in fact they might be the same group

so they're certainly persistent. They were again taken away by police drugs and human rights so along with the smog, security, dominating headlines, really for the organisers and the commencement of the sport tomorrow's opening ceremony

can't come soon enough.

has reportedly been told And rower James Tomkins he's the flag-bearer at the opening ceremony. for the Australian team

will make it official tonight The Prime Minister at a reception for our athletes. has shouted down the Premier An angry heckler with Labor Party bosses after a showdown

over his electricity sell-off plan. to rebuild the fractured relationship Morris Iemma has agreed to try it will work. but not everyone is convinced of robust talks with party bosses The Premier emerged from two hours to be confronted by union protesters.

and very good discussion. It was a frank I outlined our decision and I reiterated the message that closed the door on discussions. the Government has never

the Government is still keen He was heckled as he revealed with its power sell-off. to push ahead

people are going to lose jobs, You know you sell-out. you know prices are going to go up, It didn't end there. down the street by the man. The Premier was then pursued there was no heckling Inside the meeting between head office and Mr Iemma. but also no end to the split What they can agree on is

their relationship. to try and rebuild It's a bit like a marriage they need to work with respect. It's a bit like a marriage -

They need to understand and be flexible

'respect'. and most importantly that word - is the power plan. But at the heart of the rift is unresolved. The issue of electricity

we're back in business in NSW. If that issue is resolved A deal seems some way off. The ALP head office wants the Premier the power privatisation plan. to cancel Morris Iemma is dead against it. he's facing. It's not the only internal backlash stopped outside the Labor head office A group of disgruntled firefighters

just as the meeting got under way. a 4% pay increase. They're still pursuing knows the tough times aren't over. State Party President Bernie Riordan

Is everyone happy? So is it peace in our time? I wouldn't go that far. Kevin Wilde, Ten News. are being pushed London-style double-decker buses for Sydney's public transport crush, as a quick fix but red tape means squeezed commuters will have to wait at least a year for any relief. Each day at this West Pennant Hills stop passengers are packed in like sardines on city-bound buses -

and they're the lucky ones. Many times a bus is too full and goes straight past waiting commuters. It's full. Sorry. Many workers have abandoned the car for public transport because of the petrol cost. Now they're questioning the value of an $11.60 return trip. It took me 25 minutes to get from the end of the queue to the front and on a bus and on my way to work. If I'm up here at 8:00 I won't get onto a bus until 8:45. Baulkham Hills is no different. Just take a look at the crowds and take a look at the queues, and this is normal. In fact, this is probably light. Proof of just how much pressure the system is under - on the M2 route alone daily patronage has jumped from 8,000 to 12,000 in just over a year. The scenes of long lines and crowded buses are commonplace each morning and the north-western suburbs. across the Hills district and the north-western suburb The only hope now for many of these commuters

is the planned overhaul of the Sydney bus route system. The State Government will add 20 new M2 buses, but it's claimed they won't service the right areas. We've got hundreds of buses running around at Rouse Hill totally empty, yet down the road here at Baulkham Hills we've got over-crowding problems every day. The real answer, though, could be to copy London. I'm very confident that we will get the necessary approvals for the double-deckers, and that will mean that we will have buses that carry double the number of seated passengers. That's still at least a year away as permission has, so far, been denied by the RTA because the double-deckers' axles are too big. Frank Coletta, Ten News. Another safety scare for Qantas. One of its jets aborted take off from Melbourne this afternoon after staff noticed a strange noise. Yet another Qantas flight with problems. Cabin crew heard a strange sound coming from the undercarriage as the Boeing 737 was taxiing up the runway in Melbourne. The noise that it was making, I was thinking, "I don't want to be sucked out of the aircraft." The engineers came on board and they weren't sure so they took the safe angle and switched aircraft. Qantas says the problem was a faulty airconditioning unit. The 111 passengers bound for Canberra were forced to change planes and their plans. The midday flight's departure was delayed for an hour - frustrating many. Hence, I'm only just going to make my meeting. Qantas is already being investigated by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority. Today's incident follows a series of problems for the airline.

Most notably, in Manila last month, an explosion ripped a hole in a jet's fuselage, causing an emergency landing. And, just days ago in Sydney, another Qantas flight made an emergency landing

after a hydraulic fluid leak was discovered. Once again, no passengers and crew were harmed in this latest incident but the reputation of Qantas hasn't escaped as lightly. I probably won't fly with them. I'll stay with Virgin. Meg Palmer, Ten News.

Howard bow that wild storm it

today? It was like a hit and run on

the city. The lounge room it was the

the closest place to be. Have a look

look at these clouds. There was

Hale and that lightning strikes.

There is more to come and tonight.

There was no in the Blue Mountains.

That was a front that came and went That was a front that came and went

within one hour. The major front is

moving through and it has our name

on it later tonight. We will have

some storms and possible snow in

the Blue Mountains. It will be very

cold up there tonight. In the

morning it will be great and then

it will clear for a pretty good day. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have spoken for the first time of their joy at being parents after bringing new baby, Sunday Rose, home to Sydney, but they're also asking for some privacy, saying they want to be able to walk around town. It's the picture the world has been waiting to see. Wrapped in a white shawl, safely in her mother Nicole's arms, Sunday Rose Kidman Urban takes her first breaths of Australian air. Proud dad Keith follows close behind as they climb into a waiting car for the short trip to their Sydney home. With the paparazzi out in force, With the paparazzi out in for minders put in place a military operation, including decoy cars and a strategically placed oil tanker to try to block all shots. Nicole's nemesis, photographer Jamie Fawcett, was pulled over by police after he gave chase, but was later allowed to go on his way. Meantime, the happy family arrived home, a beaming Keith in the front seat, Nicole and bub in the back. NICOLE: We've brought her back to meet the grandparents. My mum was tere with me for the birth but my dad hasn't met her. Then Keith's mum and dad are coming down. The 41-year-old new mum telling listeners her daughter, who turns one month old today, looks like Keith and has a thatch of reddish hair. KEITH: She's just awesome. Anybody out there that's got kids - it's just a certain feeling

that you can only experience when you do it but we're just stoked. She's awesome. But the new parents would now like to be left alone. We're just appealing to the press and stuff to give us just a little space so we can walk around Sydney and show the baby our town. RADIO PRESENTER: Oh, as if. Well, a little bit, because she's tiny. She's not a doll, she's a little thing.

But that plea for privacy looks set to fall on deaf ears with a dedicated set of photographers sitting out even a sudden storm determined to get that first close-up shot. In fact, as Nicole, Keith and Sunday headed out to see Nicole's sister just a short time ago,

it was clear tensions were already running high. What the car, (bleep)! Angela Bishop, Ten News. Mr Tim Webster is back in the sports chair tonight. Welcome back, and Tim, big news at the Raiders? Yes. Canberra have had enough and ripped up Todd Carney's contract. It follows a board meeting with Carney today over ongoing off-field discipline problems.

We'll hear from Carney in sport. And while Tiger is away, the Aussie stars are queueing up to grab golf's final Major of the year

at the US PGA Championship. Also coming up - divided opinion on Grant Hackett's chances in the 400m. See you later. Next - the Government's solution for Sydney's gridlocked Spit Bridge. Plus - the drugs turned out to be vitamins. Serious charges against the son of a rugby great dropped. And a major expansion for Eastern Creek Raceway. It's going to maximise it and turn it into something that will be spectacular. Did you know your teeth are actually alive, That's why Macleans Protect with an active fluoride formula Macleans Protect - amazing. Your mouth is amazing. Did you know that the surfaces of your teeth and tongue with deep contours that hide billions of bacteria? That's why we created Macleans Extreme Clean. With the enamel-strengthening protection of Macleans and microactive foam that showers your mouth with germ-killing bubbles, it removes bacteria Macleans Extreme Clean. Amazing. SONG: # Are your Macleans showing? # This program is captioned live. Police have dropped three drugs charges against Mark Catchpole, the son of Wallaby great Ken Catchpole. The 40-year-old was supported by his parents in court. Charges of possessing and supplying methamphetamine, as well as possession of ecstasy, have been dismissed. Any suggestion that Mr Catchpole has been dealing in methylamphetamine, or ice, have been well and truly put to bed. But he still faces 13 charges, including ecstasy supply, possession of a pill press and firearm offences. Outside court Mark Catchpole's lawyer said the incorrect charges had damaged his client's reputation. Taxpayers will be slugged $48 million to save five minutes driving time on one of Sydney's most congested roads, but work on the Spit Bridge will take five years and critics say it's just another in a long line of empty promises. Almost every day there is an incident or accident on Sydney's northern corridor. At its heart is the Spit Bridge, which often has motorists spitting chips, but not as much as government promises to fix it, like today's. I can guarantee this plan is going to happen. These upgrades will happen, The Iemma Government has given itself five years to spend $48 million doing, unfortunately, very little. Local campaigner Peter Papas says the Government is still just tinkering. Improving intersections, removing obstacles, expansion of clear ways, removing parking. We're looking at a 5-minute improvement in travel time. But to get that five minutes motorists will have to wait until the end of the 5-year upgrade. I question whether 5 minutes is real. Development is not going to stand still, population is not going to stand still. Built 50 years ago to take 30,000 cars daily, it's instead taking 80,000, and that number is set to grow. the fifth or sixth announcement on this corridor in the past five or six years. Five years ago they stood here and said they were going to widen that bridge. Motoring groups insist any start is a good one. NRMA welcomes any changes in improving Sydney's slowest moving traffic corridor. On average, traffic moves at around 27km/h along the northern corridor's 8km stretch. Ali Donaldson, Ten News. There are plans to spend $90 million upgrading Sydney's Eastern Creek to a Formula 1 raceway. The overhaul is aimed at attracting world-class events, including a new type of racing action. Drift racing is an emerging sport, popular with younger race goers. of new extensions to Eastern Creek, The high-speed action would be part which the operators want to complete over the next two years. The existing track would be driven in reverse, but additional upgrades would give Eastern Creek six distinct race tracks to cater for a range of motorsport and corporate uses up to Formula 1 level. It's going to maximise it and turn it into something that will be spectacular, really, for the next three to four decades.

Eastern Creek is government-owned but operated by the Australian Racing Drivers Club, which wants to spend more than $90 million for motorsport and driver training. to create better facilities

There's a new pit lane area and plans for a 4,000-seat stand that will allow spectators to see 80% of the track from a position just above a critical turn. We're going to reconfigure this corner here to become the new Turn 1, so it will be a very high braking corner and commitment to the drivers requiring a level of expertise and, most important, will engineer overtaking. Negotiations are under way to bring the new FIA GT World Championships to the revamped raceway in 2010. In the meantime, Eastern Creek is seeking money

from investors and the State Government, been briefed on the development but while the Government's it's still considering a plan to spend $30 million on a street racing circuit at Homebush Bay. John Hill, Ten News. Now to some good news on a story we brought to you last night. 83-year-old Doug Smith is housebound because a severe respiratory condition means he has to be constantly attached to an oxygen tank. While the State Government gave him the tank, it refused to provide the fittings to make it portable. After we highlighted Mr Smith's plight a number of Ten News viewers offered to pay for his mobile oxygen tank. It's extremely kind of them all to offer. I can't believe it. But the story also prompted the Health Minister, Reba Meagher, to phone him to apologise and assure him he will receive the equipment. Osama bin Laden's driver convicted at a controversial terrorism trial. Details next. And the pitfalls of buying in bulk to balance the family budget. (BEEP!) Door unlocks. Door locks. (BEEP!) Door unlocks. Door locks. Door unlocks. (THUNDER RUMBLES) Wipers come on. Wipers go off. Wipers come on... Whoo-hoo. (LIGHT-HEARTED MUSIC) (MAN HUMS HAPPILY) And lights go on. Lights go off. (PHONE RINGS) Lights go on. Hello. Hi, Doctor. We're just wondering where you are. Uh... With Lancer's clever technology, you'll love that car. Open you eyes to beauty. (WOMAN SINGS IN FRENCH) And taste the sublime. Club Noir.

This program is captioned live. Let

us check on the traffic now. You

are down in the south-west tonight.

That area up was hit pretty hard by

the storm. Thats storm it turned

the motorways upside down. It has

obviously passed. The traffic peak

hour has not recovered. All four

lanes or crawling along. We are

getting reports that it is taking

some commuters an extra 40 minutes

to get to the south-west. Retailers are stepping up offers that tempt consumers to buy in bulk. The deals appear to save money but there can be major pitfalls. Shopping trolleys are brimming over with bundled supermarket specials, also known as multibuys. Oh, yes. I usually only buy specials. Would you usually buy this much milk at a time? No, just for today. Well, it's on special. Do you think there is a definite discount

from doing it that way? Um, not necessarily, but maybe when you're in a hurry and it looks like it I'll grab them. And that is exactly what the retailers are betting on. This particular promotion tickles a little part of our brain which makes us think we're getting something for nothing, and that's a very powerful magnet that draws people in. Bulk buying doesn't always equal a discount. You might get double the quantity and you work out that it's not really a saving. Sometimes it's even more.

The retailers deny shoppers are being tricked. Shoppers are smart. If they actually need the additional product and it makes good sense to them, they'll do it. Rarely do these multibuy deals make good nutritional sense. It's always potato chips, biscuits, chocolates bars, lollies.

Nutritionists caution that shoppers could end up buying more of the foods they should be cutting back on. That could potentially lean them away to less healthy choices because they are going to be going for a cheaper option, which isn't necessarily a quality option. You'll get products in amounts that you don't need. Concern about throwing away food has the British Government attempting to re-educate its nation with a campaign warning that Britons throw out a third of all of their groceries, blaming food wastage on supermarket buy-one-get-one-free deals. At home the supermarket giants admit

the promotion of multibuys is on the rise. They say the Government's unit pricing rollout won't have a negative impact on bulk buy deals for shoppers. Jacqui Maddock, Ten News. Buying a dress for that special occasion can always be a pricey venture, but one woman has the answer to looking hot on a budget - hiring designer clothes for a fraction of the price. My friends are in the countdown, where they're not actually shopping, they're not actually going out and buying great outfits because they know it's only a matter of time before they have access to the clothes. If you want to know how to get your hands on designer threads at a next-to-nothing price, tune in to Ten News tomorrow. Better-than-expected jobs figures have run counter to other signs that the economy is dramatically slowing. The Reserve Bank is looking to cut interest rates, as consumer spending and borrowing has collapsed. But in July 10,900 new jobs were created and unemployment remained steady at 4.3%. These figures are particularly welcome and it's slowing on the back of eight interest rises over three years and, of course, the most difficult global economic conditions in 25 years, particularly the oil shock. Markets are still expecting a rates cut as early as next month. To the BankWest finance report

and the Australian share market closed marginally higher today. The average price of unleaded petrol in Sydney tonight is $1.54, best price $1.41 at Padstow. Osama bin Laden's driver has been convicted of supporting terrorism. His trial at Guantanamo Bay is the first US war crimes hearing in over 60 years. Observers at the military trial say Salim Hamdan held his head in his hands and wept as the jury of six officers delivered its verdict. After eight hours of deliberations, Hamdan was found guilty of being Osama bin Laden's bodyguard and driver, as well as taking part in weapons training and transport. But he was acquitted of more serious conspiracy charges, including aiding al-Qaeda in the lead-up to the September 11 terror attacks. Still, he faces life in prison and the White House and the Pentagon is claiming victory. Mr Hamdan did receive a full and fair trial. He was convicted of material support to terrorism, five specifications out of eight that he was charged with, and, as we can see, the military commission's process is moving forward. Human rights activists have long been critical of the military trials established by the United States as part of the war on terror. Opponents say the trials are unfair and ignore basic legal principles. Captured in southern Afghanistan in 2001, Hamdan has spent the past six years at Guantanamo Bay. His defence team plans to appeal the verdict.

Never in the history of the law of war has a military tribunal been convened to punish such a low-level offender for such low-level charges. With this trial behind them, military prosecutors are looking towards winning convictions in higher-profile cases, including Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the accused mastermind of the September 11 attacks. In the United States, Nicole Strahan, Ten News. Authorities say there will be no criminal prosecution over the death of Heath Ledger. US drug enforcement officers had been investigating if pain-killers found in the actor's system were obtained illegally, but the US attorney's office now admits there's no viable target for prosecution. The decision comes after reports that actress Mary-Kate Olsen was demanding immunity before answering questions about Ledger's death. Australia makes a wager with Britain over the Olympic gold tally - that's after the break. Also - Tim Bailey checks out how the latest weather will affect the skifields.

And it's a target - wayward golfers drive a neighbouring resident to distraction. If your super fund carries this symbol, This program is captioned live. Top stories this news hour - a stoush late today outside Nicole Kidman's house following her arrival with baby Sunday Rose. A security guard clashed briefly with members of the paparazzi.

Nicole and husband Keith Urban flew into Sydney last night for the expected christening of their daughter. Another safety scare for Qantas. One of the airline's passenger jets aborted take off this afternoon from Melbourne after the cabin crew heard strange noises. Passengers were transferred to another plane for their flight to Canberra. And stifling conditions greeted PM Kevin Rudd a short time ago. He touched down in Beijing on the eve of the Olympic opening ceremony. Pollution in the city has worsened sharply over the past 24 hours. A diplomatic incident is brewing in Beijing, and it's become a matter of national pride. Australia's Sports Minister, Kate Ellis, is betting that we can beat the Brits in the gold medal count, and she's issued the challenge to her English counterpart. Kate Ellis might be our very own Beijing boxing kangaroo. This could end in a diplomatic incident here. But the Sports Minister is not prepared to put everything on the line in her bet with her British counterpart, Gerry Sutcliffe, that Australia will end up with more Chinese gold than the mother country. I haven't actually discussed exactly what, but I have ruled out a nudie run.

I think it is best for both

countries. I think I agree with that. Whether it be belting them on the cricket field, monstering the old enemy on rugby's hallowed turf, taking their top prizes on the track, on the court or the course, there is nothing better than beating the Brits and they are starting to feel the heat.

You have a better team than us. I

think you might have given up on

cricket and rugby. It was a while

ago that you won the World Cup. And it is in here in Beijing that the British want to reverse the trend. In Athens this flag took home 17 gold, 16 silver and 16 bronze, while this little part of the ensign, the union jack, could only snare nine gold, nine silver and nine bronze. a lot of pressure on their athletes. The Government is putting

We certainly hope they do not crack

under the pressure. The bet eventually decided - the loser to wear the winner's shirt when the rivals next cross paths in the sporting arena. In Beijing, Ian Cohen, Ten News.

That stormed back came through

early our sport a major drop in

temperature. It looks like snow

will drop in the Blue Mountains and

are they areas. It will be great

for the resorts. The official snow

depth at the moment is 1.5 metres.

It looks like we will get 10 to 15

centimetres tonight and more on

Sunday. I have never seen this.

People are saying that they could

be snow in the forecast for the

next 12 days for the resorts. be snow in the forecast for the

next 12 days for the resorts. More

snow is on the way. next 12 days for the resorts. More snow is on the way. next 12 days for the resorts. More snow is on the way. next 12 days for the resorts. More snow is on the way. next 12 days for the resorts. More snow is on the way. It is glorious and

and Thredbo. At Perisher Blue it is

good as well. That is all from me. See you again. Wayward golf balls are pushing a Queensland woman to the limit. Dorothy Miller lives next to a fairway and her giant satellite dish has become a tempting target. Hills of rolling green - it looks so peaceful here. But Dorothy Miller says life at Pelican Waters is far from it. You get woken up sometimes in the morning Mrs Miller's house backs onto a golf course. Every day, wayward golf balls fly into her backyard, smashing pot plants and people. I should wear a helmet. But it's the satellite dish that's become an irresistible target. They're teeing off from over there and they're coming hitting across in there. See, you can see the rips in there. It's been hit countless times by golf balls and no longer works. I haven't got any reception anymore. We certainly wouldn't be aiming for it. It costs over $1,000 to replace the dish, but Mrs Miller says the golf club should pay. We used to make a claim with them and it was replaced, but now with the new manager, he refuses. I would expect the club's insurance to pay for it.

Pelican Waters ignored our phone calls today, even throwing us off the golf course. You got to leave. The club says it's planted numerous trees to protect the houses homes remain in the line of fire. but until they grow, homes remain in the line of f

On the Sunshine Coast, Sarah Horsley, Ten News. Sport, now, with Tim Webster and a win for one Aussie Olympian before the Games start. Yes, this athlete was certainly holding her breath. More shortly. Plus -

Aussie swim greats have their say on Grant Hackett's chances. Plus - a final walk from Canberra stadium after the Raiders tore up the contract of controversial player Todd Carney. And no Tiger in sight again as the final Major of the year goes up for grabs - the US PGA Championship. (SQUAWKS) VOICEOVER: Feel free to laugh with Tena. Because unlike period pads,

they're designed to absorb the thinner, faster flow of a weak bladder. This program is captioned live.

The Raiders have sacked half back Todd Carney. The final three years of his contract have been torn up after his latest off-field indiscretions. Carney's future now appears to lie overseas because the NRL won't register him as a player until at least 2010. Todd Carney and his manager turned up to face the board hopeful that he'd be allowed to rejoin the Raiders, but after stating his case behind closed doors, Carney emerged looking anything but confident. After a series of off-field incidents the board weren't about to throw him another lifeline. Pretty shocked and shattered but I guess I didn't know it was going to be the outcome today and now I know I've just got to stay on my feet where my future lies now. Carney wasn't even getting the chance to belatedly accept Canberra's 5-point plan for rehabilitation. That offer wasn't on the table. He was terminated. That issue left an extra sour taste for the boom half. Not helping Carney's cause were allegations that he was ejected from a Goulburn nightspot last weekend while suspended for a separate off-field incident three weeks ago. For his time here he'd had plenty of chances and unfortunately his behavioural issues continued so we, the board, decided that they'd had enough. The Panthers had been linked to signing Carney with money to spare after allowing Rhys Wesser to join Souths. If Toddy was on the market he'd get a club. He's an outstanding talent and despite what's reported he's a good kid, mate. Late today the NRL blocked any NRL club from signing him in 2009. Meanwhile, Sam Thaiday is the latest NRL bad boy, stood down by the Broncos for missing training, and in a World Cup shock the Kiwis will name runaway forward Sonny Bill Williams in their squad tomorrow, despite his switch of codes. Adam Hawse, Ten News. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has just landed in Beijing and got straight into the Games spirit with a visit to the Australian team. The PM put politics aside to get official proceedings under way. Reporter Ian Cohen has more from Beijing. Yes, thanks and good evening. As we speak the PM, Kevin Rudd, is in the athletes' village, in that direction. which is about 1km-2km He's there for the official welcoming ceremony. They'll raise the flag there and also sing the national anthem. About 80% of our team is here. They're all involved in that as well in the athletes' village. Speaking of flag-raising, at the official AOC reception tonight

James Tomkins is expected to be given the nod to be the man who will lead the team into the arena on opening night. Two artists are set to sing the national anthem at that reception but the AOC is keeping those names under wraps as a surprise for the athletes. It seems that not quite everyone is getting into the national spirit with swimming legend Ian Thorpe dumping his old team-mate Grant Hackett and declaring that the Korean Park Tae-hwan is going to win the 400m in the pool. The 400 freestyle - I think the South Korean kid's going to win it. I think both swims are going to be fast but there's a lot of competition in the 400, especially now. Another Aussie gold medallist Michael Klim has come out and backed Hackett for a triple in the 1,500 metres. People are writing him off and he feeds off that so I'm looking forward to seeing him step it up and if he's head-to-head coming down the last lap it's signed, sealed and delivered, I reckon. Terrific news for Australian pentathlete Angie Darby. She has won her appeal hearing at the Court of Arbitration for Sport and will now get on an aircraft from Switzerland to be in Beijing to line up for her debut Games. Tonight our Olyroos get the Olympic campaign under way

tonight in Shanghai when they play Serbia, while the men's tennis draw has just been announced and Lleyton Hewitt will play Jonas Bjorkman while Chris Guccione has a tough ask against American James Blake.

More details in Sports Tonight. There's no Tiger Woods again but the US PGA golf course is expected to bare its own teeth when Round 1 gets under way tonight. It's a lay-out Sergio Garcia believes will make this year's PGA the toughest he's ever played. It may look spectacular but the revamped Oakland Hills course has the world's best on edge. Longer fairways, deeper bunkers and thicker rough were enough to scare Sergio Garcia, who won the Ryder Cup with the Europeans here in 2004. Great golf course, but probably the toughest PGA I've ever played, I think. Stuart Appleby is one of 14 Aussies vying for the title, and with Tiger Woods still out with injury America's next generation are ready to pounce. Obviously when he comes back firing on all cylinders he's going to be and we'd better be ready, so I would love to put on a good show this week. But the form of America's players for the upcoming Ryder Cup saw former PGA champ Paul Azinger grilled as captain, the skipper taking aim at a journalist when asked four times over if losing the Cup could be regarded a success. What was the question again? Are you taking the piss? Can anything other than a win be regarded as a success? What do you think? to be Ryder Cup captain. I'm not paid either! That makes two of us! Next question. Scott Mackinnon, Ten News. That's all for now. Later in Sports Tonight we'll see how the Olyroos go against Serbia and the AFL tell one footy c to cut players' wages.

Not good for drivers on the M two?

It is all happening for the wrong It is all happening for the wrong

reasons. There was an accident just

before the tunnel. It really is

slow. The tow trucks had moved in

to remove the cars. Motorists who

are trying to get to the north-west tonight will be delayed. Stay with us - Tim Bailey's forecast is next. Working with your hands can be hard on them.

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as the flag-bearer for our team.

Time for the weather. We have had

everything today. Wild storms this

afternoon. I think we can guarantee

there will be no sunshine tonight.

Right now it is the calm after the

storm up before the storm. We had a

three front come across Sydney.

That brought snow to the Blue

Mountains. It was quite incredible.

Big, black clouds. Up snow tonight

in orange and bat first. The main

called Paul of air is heading

across the New South Wales and will

get to Sydney late this evening.

There will be Hale and the storms.

Hunt - - tomorrow the way that will

clear out by at about lunchtime.

Saturday will be fine and sunny. Sunday not too bad. Saturday will be fine and sunny. Sunday not too bad.

Cloud over New South Wales and a

poll of cold air that is generating

snow on the essential table lands.

Cold westerlies will maintain that

light showers in Victoria. Trips light showers in Victoria. Trips

and drops tomorrow. Light snow on

the Alps. If we were playing swaps

tonight I know that Beijing it

would swap for Sydney with our bare

quality. Tomorrow most of the

fireworks and fun and games will be

around 8:00pm or 10pm tonight. Hail and snow.

A big storm tonight and then a fine

and sunny weekend.

More than 100 crazy cars driven by people in crazy costumes have hit the streets for the 10-day Variety Bash. will cover almost 4,000km The colourful convoy

on its fundraising tour. The tradition was started 24 years ago

when a group of drivers, including Dick Smith, set off from Bourke to Burketown to raise $250,000.

The money will go to disadvantaged children. That's Ten News for now, I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight, thanks for your company. The Late News with Sports Tonight is our next bulletin along at 10.30. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia. D'OHH! ( SCREAMS ) ( WHISTLING )