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(generated from captions) at a luxury hotel. The dramatic standoff to the New Zealand Prime Minister. Why a suicide bomber wants to speak And coming-of-age on love, life with Camilla Prince Harry's frank interview

potential career choice. and his surprising happened last night. In the newspaper, this is what In the newspaper, this is what

last night. No, this is what happened and welcome to Ten's Late News. Hello, I'm Charmaine Dragun on Princess Mary's pregnancy scare. Also tonight, the latest Plus, the pilfering postie - he failed to deliver. the amazing amount of mail And Britney's baby boy is considering for her first-born. the unusual names the pop star First tonight, extraordinary attack the drama surrounding Mark Latham's on the Labor Party. has launched a series The one-time opposition leader at former colleagues of bitter and vitriolic broadsides in his political diaries. a media war Tonight, the book also sparked stopping an interview with Mr Latham with legal action going to air. Mark Latham has shed kilos, he may ever have had along with any loyalty into last year's general election. to the party he rose to lead of faith, he now says Labor is: In a dramatic and public loss ..beyond redemption. and I'm proud to put my name to it. I'm having my say is for Kim Beazley, And his greatest vitriol vicious rumours about him. accusing him of indecently spreading harassment slur for six years. He tried to fit me up with a sexual They are completely fanciful, absolutely untrue. they are absolutely wrong, a closing of Labor ranks. The attacks saw

decent men I've ever met. Kim Beazley is one of the most for anyone Mark Latham has hardly a kind word Kevin Rudd. but particularly in his sights, pledging on his mother's grave That's in the context of him his wonderful loyalty to me are telling me when other Caucus members he's putting the spear in. a problem with the truth. I think Mark Latham really has That simply didn't happen. for the leader-turned-tormentor. Remarkably, there was some sympathy

of the treatment meted out to Mark There's no doubt that some was pretty rough. from the Prime Minister. But no sympathy He claims to be an outsider. he was the quintessential insider. I think in some respects in the Labor movement. He spent all his life the Government The Latham diatribe handed a lethal weapon in parliament two fairly ordinary weeks at the end of what has been for the Coalition. an election poster Peter Costello seized on Latham as ready-to-be prime minister. where Kim Beazley endorsed Mark Whatever he says today, as a credible leader of the country. he put this man forward a 'Latham for PM' T-shirt ad Tony Abbott even found still on Labor's website.

It disappeared moments later. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. Canberra. Laurel Irving joins me now from Latham very contentious tonight. Laurel, that interview with Mark What's the latest?

That yes in keeping with the That yes in keeping with

dramatic events of the date dramatic events of the date News

Limited won a Supreme Limited won a Supreme Court

injunction stopping the ABC applying injunction stopping the ABC

any interview with Mark Latham.

any interview with Mark Latham. Use

News Ltd paid eight thousand News Ltd paid eight thousand dollars

to publish extracts from the to publish extracts from the book.

The injunction meant the ABC The injunction meant the ABC could

not play the interview should not play the interview should will

tonight. But the court tonight. But the court hearing

continues tonight and just a short continues tonight and just a

time ago that injunction was time ago that injunction was lifted

which means the ABC can now play

interview and extracts from which means the ABC can now play the

interview and extracts from that

interview. He's certainly in interview. He's certainly in keeping

with what we know about Mark

with what we know about Mark Latham-

it is never dull when he is around. privatised by the end of next year. The telco now likely to be fully agreeing to support the sell-off Nationals Senator Barnaby Joyce but not without some reservations. after a marathon public debate The morning after, on his decision to support the sale and Barnaby Joyce is still reflecting when the phone rings. It's his mother. "You've done the right thing." She said,

Of course she would. bush package was too good to pass up. Senator Joyce says the $3 billion with his decision. Still, he's only 65% happy in business Everybody who's had any dealings is not clever. knows that walking away with nothing of pushing for this moment, After nearly a decade

the Government is clearly relieved. telecommunications in Australia. We can look forward to a new era for sealed the deal. A final vote taken in lower house

crossed the floor. The Nationals' Kay Hull abstained. Liberal backbencher Alby Schultz your constituency How does it feel to have sold out in rural and regional Australia? this is the biggest investment made I feel very good because in regional Australia. in telecommunications With the decision now behind them, will be watching closely the Nationals heartland of rural Australia, to see how it plays out in their the Telstra sale is. all too aware of how deeply unpopular farmers Most of those western Queensland in bewilderment will be shaking their heads sold a very mangy-looking pup. that the National Party has been their demise. Some predict it will spell

any doubt about that. I think so, I don't think there's Leonie Mellor, Ten News. A North Queensland mother of four eight days in rugged bushland who survived is recovering in intensive care. Ellacott suffered only leg injuries Incredibly, 60-year-old Kathryn the Paluma Range. when her car plummeted 40 metres over She was still conscious when found, and extremely dehydrated. but starving is an amazing woman anyway, I think my mother but to survive eight days like that, of my life, the best, yesterday was the best day nothing will beat it. The family believes Mrs Ellacott was looking at real estate when she crashed. Police are still swarming through the town of Tauranga on New Zealand's North Island tonight.

Trying to coax a man out of threatening to blow himself up in the town's five storey hotel. Police dogs and the bomb squad have moved in while many of the thousands evacuated from surrounding buildings

wait to be allowed back home. A 57-year-old Slovakian man is barricaded inside the hotel, claiming to have suitcases packed with explosives and demanding to speak to Prime Minister Helen Clark.

It's believed he has immigration problems. Police say time's on their side and they'll wait as long as they have to. Princess Mary is still in hospital tonight after her pregnancy scare. She's said to be stable after experiencing contractions six weeks before her baby is due. The royal alarm came when Princess Mary was rushed to the obstetrics ward of the Copenhagen University Hospital. The Australian-born princess complaining of labour pains six weeks prematurely.

Her husband, Crown Prince Frederik, by her side, spending the night at the hospital. As the patron of some 20 organisations, this development means she's winding back her official duties. The princess has cancelled all future arrangements, so has Crown Prince Frederik. Mary's hectic schedule during her pregnancy has received much attention. Medical experts say premature contractions are not uncommon among first-time mothers, especially busy ones. And while Princess Mary is probably in some pain, there's no real cause for concern. She's 34 weeks pregnant. Although it's not ideal to be born at 34 weeks,

babies born at that time do very well indeeed. With her condition stable one question remains - the gender of the royal heir. I think it is a boy. I hope it is going to be a girl.

If it is a girl, there's every chance she'll become queen.

Denmark planning to change its constitution.

Kathryn Robinson, Ten News. Prince Harry has celebrated his coming of age

with a revealing television interview.

The third in line to the British throne opening up about his girlfriend, stepmother Camilla and his wish to one day fight for his country on the frontline. Third in line to the throne and the most candid we've seen him. Am I still covered in shit? Prince Harry using the language of the common man to check whether he still has his make-up on after a shoot with celebrity photographer Mario Testino. And opening up in a sit-down interview in honour of his 21st birthday, which he'll spend at Sandhurst with his fellow cadets. They'll probably do something crude - nothing worth mentioning on camera. But he says he takes his army career very seriously and is ready, willing and able to fight on the front line. If they said, "No, you can't go on the front line," then I wouldn't drag my sorry arse through Sandhurst. However, he doesn't rule out moonlighting as a journalist to get back at some of the more imaginative media reports he's featured in. I'd love to do a column in a newspaper, an article - "Right, this is what happened last night. "No, this is what happened." But no, I think I'd get myself in real trouble for that. He mentions wanting to protect girlfriend Chelsy Davy from the same sort of media exposure. I would love to talk to you about it and tell everyone how amazing she is, but that is my private life, and once I start talking about it, then I've left myself open. His brother William the one who gets all the goss. It's amazing how close we've become ever since our mother died. He is the one person on this earth who I can really talk to about anything. The prince also keen to make very clear Camilla is no evil stepmother. She's a wonderful woman. She's made our father very, very happy, which is the most important thing. William and I love her to bits, we get on really well with her. Angela Bishop, Ten News. Ahead on Ten's Late News - the postie who failed to deliver. REPORTER: Would you like to apologise to those whose mail you ripped off? And Hurricne panic again in the US. Thousands evacuated as North Carolina battens down. leaving you with just dandruff-free, beautiful hair. A driver has been killed by his own commuter bus in Adelaide. The vehicle was parked at a busy shopping centre when it rolled forward, crushing him. It eventually came to a stop when it wedged up against a kerb. Firefighters were called in with special equipment to lift the 10 tonne bus. Police are at a loss to explain how the accident happened and the vehicle is being checked for any mechanical faults. Officers and commuters who saw the incident are being counselled. He's the former postie who failed to deliver. Fraser Clayton has been sentenced to community service after hiding thousands of letters at his home.

Run, Frazer, run! He might have been too tired to deliver, but today Frazer Clayton was definitely quick on his feet. The chase on after Frazer Clayton was sentenced for tampering with the mail.

REPORTER: Would you like to apologise to those whose mail you ripped off? Only 21, the postie often called it quits when he got tired on his 17-street run around Leichhardt. But his run ended early this year when 50 letters were found in his unit block bin. And when police moved in, they found 33 heavy mail bags, some wrapped in blankets under his bed. All up, he'd taken home about 2,000 mail items. He denied opening any of it,

but said his toddler daughter could have damaged some of the letters. Eventually, the bundles of letters and the bags of mail mishandled by the weary Frazer Clayton did get through, Australia Post making sure it was properly delivered a short time later with a letter of explanation and an apology for the unusual delay. Most of the items recovered had been posted several months earlier.

Clayton was given a 6-month good behaviour bond. Do you feel it's what you deserve? And he could need another rest after he completes 150 hours community service. Harry Potter, Ten News. Hurricane panic again in America. Thousands of people have been evacuated as Ophelia bares down on the North Carolina coast. Destructive winds of 140 kilometres an hour have already torn down power lines and ripped apart a pier. Emergency crews are taking no chances after their disastrous handling of Hurricane Katrina. It's feared Ophelia will strengthen to a category two storm before hitting the coast late tonight. Former first lady of the Philippines Imelda Marcos is again fighting to hang on to some of her wealth. The Government plans to auction jewellery seized from the widow of former dictator Ferdinand Marcos. It's called in appraisers from Christies auction house to decide on a final value for dozens of pieces, ranging from rings and necklaces to diamond-studded tiaras. Imelda is threatening legal action to stop the auction, which the Government hopes will raise around $15 million. Ahead on Ten's Late News - the alarming rise in cases of a deadly disease. It's about 4,000 people a year, which is about 11 people every day in Australia

Why too many are waiting too long to report the symptoms. And Britney's baby boy - what the pop star wants to name her first-born. And in 'Sports Tonight', the Swans arrive in Melbourne, for their preliminary final against the Saints. You could reel in a whopper with Lotto's massive $19 million Super Saturday. You beauty! $19 million! How big is that?! So get your entry in by

Saturday, September 17th. SONG: # ..dreams come true. # To finance news now and Tom Piotrowski at CommSec.

Lower oil prices cannot be Lower oil prices cannot be sustained

at the moment. The main reason

at the moment. The main reason for

the latest rise was that the the latest rise was that the US

Department of Energy said that Department of Energy said that there

was big use of US stockpiles

was big use of US stockpiles much

larger than expected. So that larger than expected. So that pushed

while prices up by three per while prices up by three per cent.

Good news if you own oil Good news if you own oil stocks- Woodside Petroleum performing Woodside Petroleum performing well

rising two per cent. All of the big banks dipped and media giant News Corp shed 34 cents on the eve of moving out of the Australian indices. The Aussie dollar's just under 77 US cents again while gold has leapt to 451 dollars 25 US an ounce.

CommSec's Tom Piotrowski. First, there were doctors given jobs without background checks. Now a young woman's been exposed pretending to be a nurse. Dr Death did it and it's been revealed even a 19-year-old was able to do it. Now 21, Sarah-Marie Yeouart claimed she was a registered nurse to get a job on Great Keppel Island two years ago. Solely responsible for medical services on the party island, the young women gave her employer a fake registration number and claimed she had military nursing experience. That was a line on her embellished resume even the Queensland Nursing Council believed. Today Miss Yeouart pleaded guilty to three charges, including providing a nursing service when not a nurse. REPORTER: Do you have any apologies to make to the people you fooled? No comment at this stage. The matter is still going. The court heard after she dishonestly obtained the nursing position, which paid $24 an hour, the Victorian bought a first aid manual to study the basics. That, claimed the prosecution, was proof the student's hoax was premeditated and calculating. But the defence said the young woman was only treating sunburn and hangovers. Magistrate Roney acknowledged that it was only luck the circumstances surrounding this case weren't much worse, saying it was remarkable and simply a roll of the dice that there weren't any casualties while Ms Yeouart was working on the island.

She told: Her defence asked that a conviction not be recorded because Ms Yeouart is now studying to become a real registered nurse. Chloe Baker, Ten News. A disturbing increase across Australia in lymphoma cancer. Most people don't even know what it is but 11 Australians are diagnosed each day with the condition that has a low survival rate. The first time many Australians heard of this cancer was when Delta Goodrem fought her battle with Hodgkin's. But there are 35 different types. The most common is called non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Lauren Hubert was a fit 13-year-old when she was diagnosed. I originally just found a small mosquito-bite lump on my shoulder. I wasn't unwell. Since then I've had about 3.5 years of intensive chemotherapy, two bone marrow transplants. She now has the all clear. Opera star Anthony Warlow also fought it. Initially the diagnosis was devastating. Over the past 20 years the incidence of this cancer has doubled,

making it one of our fastest-growing. It's about 4,000 people a year, which is about 11 people every day in Australia

being diagnosed with lymphoma. Tumours strike at lymph glands in the immune system. The main symptoms are fever and swollen glands.

We know smoking leads to lung cancer, too much sun causes melanomas, but lymphoma has doctors baffled. They still don't know what causes it. Equally concerning is the fact that it's more common in Australia than elsewhere in the world and again we have no idea why. It's more treatable than most cancers, yet the chances of death are up to 20% higher because people aren't recognising the symptoms. A lot of people do wait probably too long, Pop star Britney Spears has given birth to a baby boy. An American magazine says the 23-year-old had a caesarean in a Los Angeles hospital a few hours after she arrived with a police escort and her dancer husband Kevin Federline. The couple married in September last year. The child is Britney's first and her husband's third. There's speculation they're considering calling the baby, London,because that's where their romance blossomed. Other sources have suggested Preston Michael Spears Federline. The weather's next and then it's 'Sports Tonight' with Leigh Diffey.

And Leigh, not all members of the cricketing fraternity see eye-to-eye about Ricky Ponting's future. Charmaine, the great Dennis Lillee has his view and now Max Walker has expressed his and they aren't quite on the same page Dennis Lillee says Ponting's gotta go and Big Max says no Dennis was off the long run most of his life and nothing's changed now. And it is going to happen - Mundine and Green - the fight is on. Just before we finish, a quick look at tomorrow's weather. The Bureau's tipping a mostly sunny day around Cairns, possible thunderstorms for Brisbane, rain in Sydney and Canberra, late showers for Melbourne, showers for Hobart and Adelaide, fine and sunny in Perth, possible showers in Darwin and increasing sunshine across the Centre. Tough guys, pretty boys and everything in between. They were all in the running to be named bachelor of the year but there could only be one winner!! An eligible final field of 50. All well qualified, all suitably single - and all vying for the one coveted title. But just what does it mean to be Australia's most eligible? It's everything, Cleo Bachelor - it's a good title. Doesn't it mean if you're a boy everyone's going to be after you? Does Bachelor of the Year mean you cant hold a relationship of any kind and therefore are hopeless with women? Not so, according to some. Boy wise - I've seen a couple - yeah. OK, so the title's certain to be a winner with the ladies, but could it be counter productive for the tough guys of Aussie sport? It's been good for the kickboxing world - you know, lift the profile higher - nobody's given me any grief.

The event wasn't restricted to blokes, this season's summer swimwear making a literally brief but equally popular appearance. But amid the glitz and glamour, there could be just one winner. And the 2005 Cleo Bachelor of the Year is Ryan Phelan. CHEERING Network Ten's ever popular Sports Tonight host taking the coveted title, earning a well deserved night off from duties behind the desk. But there's little doubt the 29-year-old will have plenty to keep him occupied. I think the ratio of women here is three to one so the odds of at least having a nice drink later in the evening are certainly good. Luke Waters, Ten News. And that's the latest from Ten News. 'Sports Tonight' with Leigh Diffey is next. I'm Charmaine Dragun, from the Late News team, goodnight.