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(generated from captions) because I care about her. I'm defending her She's all I think about. All I want to do is be with her... ..and hold her. Taylor, I love you. Rick... Oh, my God... Oh, my God! NO! Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Good evening. has finally bowed to public pressure embattled MP Belinda Neal over the Iguanas nightclub scandal. from a key parliamentary position, She's stood aside as new bullying claims emerge. their investigation Police are also close to finalising into the restaurant row. on top of her salary Belinda Neal gets $6,500 tax free to chair a key committee. the Member for Robertson Will the PM now stand down as Chair Communications Committee? of the House of Representatives voluntarily stood aside. Too late - she has already as Chair of that committee She will be donating the allowance to a local charity

is concluded. until such time as the investigation Ms Neal's career is on the brink alleged in a paid TV interview after a former staffer into making a false sworn statement that the MP bullied her at the Iguana restaurant. about the now infamous night not to tell the truth. I'm thinking that I'm being told stung the Attorney-General The interview to assist State Police into asking Federal Police and its alleged cover-up. investigating the incident undertake their investigation Let the professional police forces

without political interference. Prime Ministerial involvement The Opposition suspects two weeks ago in Japan. after Mr Rudd said this my office has been in contact. I understand did the PM's office provide Exactly what advice to the member for Robertson? None, according to Mr Rudd. for a copy of her statement, His staff merely asked Belinda Neal released the day before. Brendan Nelson told his party room not Belinda Neal, the affair is about Kevin Rudd, but two weeks of pursuing the PM that incriminates him. has failed to produce any evidence Ms Neal, on the other hand, the Attorney-General's Department, according to under State and Commonwealth law. may have committed offences Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. while facing court of her seven children. charged with neglecting five who is pregnant again, The 28-year-old, to provide the children is accused of failing with food and shelter. at the Adelaide housing trust home, Life as usual living in squalor. where police found 21 children aged from babies to teenagers - 14 of them - with malnutrition and hypothermia, were taken to hospital nothing's wrong. but the occupants maintain you've been unfairly targeted. You obviously feel

who's been staying in the house, Her friend,

five counts of criminal neglect, has been charged with endangering life and causing harm. and infected with scabies, The 28-year-old, who's pregnant during her court hearing. sat in the dock sobbing food, shelter or medical treatment It's alleged she failed to provide for five of her seven children.

smoking, always see them out the front, Always walking past,

across the road, and the kids are always running with no clothes on, and the kids are yelling at me. and the lady's always just yelling in Adelaide's northern suburbs The woman's been staying in February. since she moved from Victoria She was arrested 5-year-old twin boys to hospital, when she took one of her gravely ill on two properties. prompting a police raid The magistrate refused or interfere with the investigation. fearing she'd flee interstate remain in hospital. Four of her children to take custody of the others. The Government's preparing Esther Lindstrom, Ten News. to a decision Families have reacted angrily

childcare provider, by the country's biggest by an average $30 a week. to hike its fees what the Government is giving parents ABC Learning is accused of taking

in its childcare rebate. through the increase in our childcare sandpit It's the biggest provider has sent parents reeling and now ABC Learning 11% fee increase next week. with news of a whopping to our budget. It's going to make a huge difference I do work in the profession huge stress on families. and I know that it's creating

for our families Really, it's $6 a day, on average, will have a net decrease but most of our families when paid by the Government, after the childcare tax rebate, we are below the national average. and further to that we believe Industry leaders say than the average price rise. it's still almost three times more July 1 is the adjustment period, will put their fees up in line with CPI. it's covering higher running costs, The company says on changes to the childcare rebate, but it's been accused of cashing in

which will jump from 30% to 50%. the Federal Government vowed A few weeks ago to protect the savings for parents. all the dough go out the door We won't be watching and not into people's pockets of childcare companies. but into the profits We were also told some sort of childcare watch, we were going to get basically it's a matter for parents and now we have Maxine McKew saying the Government can do about it. and there's not much was to give parents back The Federal Government's plan more money more often, to four quarterly instalments, switching the one annual rebate from the new financial year. to be paid eating into their savings The price hike is already is even made. before the first payment Ali Donaldson, Ten News. for ABC Learning Centres. And more dramas he was left stranded, Parents of a 6-year-old boy claim more than 3km home on his own. forcing him to walk to be picked up from school Declan Masters was meant

by a centre bus

and taken to an ABC care facility in Cairns. He was found hours later crying out the front of his house. The Premier has been forced into yet another embarrassing apology over Sydney's ailing transport network. Gridlock on the Spit Bridge overnight took the gloss off the Government's pledge to improve rail services to the city's west. Long-suffering motorists on the Northern Beaches have more reasons to be angry with the State Government. For more than two hours from 7:30 last night a mechanical fault left the Spit Bridge open, preventing drivers from crossing. There should have been proper warnings for people approaching the Spit Bridge last night. Needless to say, there should have been proper maintenance on the bridge. Last night's incident was frustrating and obviously we apologise for the inconvenience that it's caused. Even for those who were sent to repair the problem, it was a struggle to get to the bridge. There is white rage on the Northern Beaches. We are sick of being treated with contempt. Oh, it's an absolute nightmare, especially in summer, when the big yachts are trying to get through. Many drivers remember the Government's first broken promise after the 2007 election - cancelling plans to widen the bridge. We have reduced the opening times of the bridge so that there are no openings during the morning peak. I think it may be appropriate to review opening times for even the evening. The only way to guarantee no repeat of last night's chaos is to build a tunnel underneath. But both sides of politics agree on one thing - that's just too expensive. But the Government is spending more on rail out west. In response to overcrowding, from August there will be one extra fast train service from the city to Penrith, and increasing the number of carriages for four other trains. and cheaper tickets.

That's through an extension of the 14-day rail pass that offers a 35% discount on daily prices. It's now available at most stations. Kevin Wilde, Ten News. Frustration over fuel prices has given a major boost to a controversial advertising campaign against the Government's proposed FuelWatch scheme.

The Internet ad has become so popular it's now destined for prime-time television. It's captured the imaginations of motorists who are petrol-weary and cynical. Hey, Brad. What's the price for tomorrow? (Bleep) expensive. That's the way! So far, this ad, by community lobby group GetUp!, has been seen only on the Internet, but it's so popular tens of thousands have been raised in days, enabling GetUp! to play the ad in prime time across the country. We've had a lot of feedback from the ad from people, saying, "Thank God that someone has finally come along "and said what we're all thinking." This is a humorous ad but the message at the heart of it is deadly serious. It targets the Government's FuelWatch scheme, in advance what prices will be. which promises to warn motorists GetUp! says FuelWatch ignores the real solutions. Investing in public transport, making the transition to renewable energies, not oil, making cars more fuel-efficient. While GetUp's controversial approach may not sit well with everyone, their basic message has broader support than you might think. Of all the major motoring organisations across the country, FuelWatch is a good idea. the NRMA is alone in believing The RACV is a vocal opponent of FuelWatch. They've got their own barrow to push in relation to alternative fuels and that's fine, but it's an ad which is quite amusing and really does highlight the fact that FuelWatch will not do anything for bringing down petrol prices. Automobile association members are divided on FuelWatch but clear on fuel prices. When it went through $1.50 they got angry. As it went through $1.60 and $1.70, potentially they're going to get even angrier. GetUp! promises to follow the ad with other fuel campaigns. FuelWatch - we can see the future, and the future is very (bleep) expensive. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. Jane McGrath will be farewelled at a private funeral in Sydney tomorrow. Only relatives and close friends have been invited to the service at the Garrison Church in The Rocks, where Jane and cricketer husband Glenn were married. The family says the venue is a special place for them, but is not big enough to hold well-wishers. They've thanked members of the public for their continued support, with more than $200,000 donated to the McGrath Foundation

since Jane's death on Sunday. Ahead in sport with Brad McEwan, the Blues make some major changes for the Origin decider. Yes, with the series on the line,

the Blues have opted for the Roosters halves, and that means Mitchell Pearce makes his Origin debut alongside Braith Anasta, who's back in favour. We'll hear from Mitchell shortly. Also, Lleyton Hewitt forced to go full stretch at Wimbledon to get through on a good day for the Aussies. And she's done it again - take a look at what Serena Williams unveiled on the fashion front. Plus, we'll meet with the rugged French rugby star in town to take on the Wallabies nicknamed the 'Caveman'. Up next, how a top cop explained away his child porn. Also tonight, a chemical contamination scare forces the recall of a popular baby food. And the sure-fire way to avoid speeding fines - new technology that talks to your car. This is a message for my man, Todd. 'WEDDING MARCH' PLAYS Todd, I'm here to tell you Anyway, give AAMI a ring. SONG: # Lucky you're with AAMI. # Dylan's got a ton of energy, so Fisher-Price invented the Smart Cycle. The more he pedals, the more he learns. Numbers, letters, spelling, lots of cartridges, games and arcade races - that's one smart cycle. From Fisher-Price. CHEERFUL MUSIC With its spacious and versatile interior, the new-look all-wheel drive Subaru Forester is a beautiful drive. If you knew, you'd be in a Subaru.

This program is captioned live. A court has heard how a high-ranking police officer blamed his sons for child pornography found in his possession. Superintendent Vivian Rex Little was charged after his former wife turned in computer discs and DVDs to the Police Integrity Commission. It's alleged the discs contained two images of child pornography. The 16-year-old soccer player allegedly king-hit by a parent from a rival team

has told of his horrific ordeal. Christian Pikardt says he didn't see who hit him, he just went numb and saw pools of his own blood. Christian Pikardt's girlfriend, Chloe Fisher, is the first to testify she watched as a tall bald man swung his arm towards the 16-year-old player, right as he was punched to the ground. She says it was father of four Enzo Melani. Christian told the court he didn't see the punch. The last thing he remembers was turning away from Enzo Melani, and the next thing he knew he was laying on the ground.

Then Christian felt his nose. Christian told the court he had confronted Enzo Melani after the game, he thought was in danger. to protect a fellow player Christian Pikardt needed two rounds of surgery to fix his broken nose. So far no-one has been able to tell the court they definitely saw Enzo Melani throw a punch that connected with Christian Pikardt's face, has come forward, but another spectator, Barrat Taylor, saying he got involved in the brawl and Enzo Melani put him in a headlock right before he was repeatedly punched. The week-long hearing continues tomorrow,

when defence witnesses are expected to be called. Evan Batten, Ten News. A man who was dramatically rescued after two days stuck inside a cave has been charged by police. Geoff McDonnell suffered minor injures when he was pinned by a rockfall at Wombeyan Caves, in the Southern Highlands.

The cave was off-limits to the public and the 47-year-old was exploring on his own when he became trapped. More than 100 people were involved in his rescue.

Mr McDonnell will face court next month,

charged with entering the cave illegally and risking the safety of others. Heinz has voluntarily recalled some of its popular baby food because of fears of chemical contamination. Two products -

Globetrotters Butter Chicken and Delights Lemon Creme - were pulled from shelves after tests found they contained used to make the glass jar lids. high levels of a chemical While there's no Australian standard, experts say high doses of the chemical over prolonged periods

could be linked to liver conditions and allergies. How do you billet eight guests from Ecuador? World Youth Day hosts are facing plenty of challenges as they prepare to house and feed an influx of overseas guests. Do you speak any Spanish? No. I hope they speak English. That story in Ten's Morning News tomorrow. A grandmother is resting after giving birth to triplets. Janelle Perry had the boys just two weeks short of her 47th birthday. and two grandchildren. She has five other children Her mum says all are doing well. I'm extremely proud. They're absolutely perfect. And how's their health? Very good. Extremely good. ##stand-by## As I said, they're absolutely perfect. You'd expect something to be wrong somewhere but they're not - they're absolutely perfect. Are is there going to be a lot of nappies in this house? Extremely, yes! Born at 34 weeks, the babies are still in hospital

and were conceived the old-fashioned way at odds of 10 million to one.

. A nice evening for a romp in the park?

What a beautiful winter's day. Blue sky

sky and sunshine all day. You have

to feel sorry for Richmond

residents, it was only one degree

overnight. That is just above

freezing point. They also had to

contend with Fox. Dry westerly

winds in Sydney, just about average.

If you are wondering what I am

doing on a golf course - golf-

course with a bunch of kids, I will

tell you that Up next, protests outside the International Whaling Commission, as Australia takes a stand inside. And the exciting discovery bringing us a step closer to understanding Alzheimer's. It really broadens the range of places we can look for treatments.

. This program is captioned live.

Let us see what the traffic is

doing this evening. A spot of trouble this evening?

Matches heading into the North West

again to be delayed. There has been

a smash on Windsor Road, and the

seven hills right. Two cars are involved,

involved, a tow truck on the scene

and the police had just turned up.

Traffic backed up past the M2. At

least 40 minutes extra for traffic

on Windsor Road. If you know anyone

heading into the north-west, avoid

Windsor Road. We will have another update In news just in, in bush near Kempsey it's been confirmed a body discovered is that of missing Hervey Bay woman Lisa Keem. She disappeared two weeks ago from her pet-grooming business.

Her charred body was discovered the next day in NSW. A search is under way on Facebook for Lisa's estranged husband, who is believed to be overseas, are also on the web but relatives of the missing man urging them not to jump to conclusions. Tony Mokbel will fight the legality of his extradition from Greece

in Victoria's Supreme Court. His lawyers say the fugitive should never been brought back to Australia

with an appeal pending in Europe. Tony Mokbel's lawyer raced from court, perhaps not expecting the waiting media pack after scheduling a video link appearance for his client half an hour before the listed time. What will you be arguing? That will be discussed in court. Thank you. All parties agreed the hearing into whether Mokbel was extradited from Greece illegally should be heard in the higher jurisdiction of the Supreme Court. Mokbel's legal team says his extradition was an abuse of process

as an appeal was pending in the European Court of Human Rights. Mr Bagaric says he'll fight to have Mokbel's new charges - including those for murders of Lewis Moran and Michael Marshall - put on hold permanently. He indicated the Supreme Court could list the hearing as early as next week. Meanwhile one of the alleged accomplices in the Mokbel escape has been granted bail. 46-year-old Angela Nissirios is one of six people accused of helping him flee Australia two years ago. Police allege Mokbel hid out in Bonnie Doon for months before sailing to Greece. Bailed defendants normally step through this door to their freedom, but it appears Ms Nissirios is an exception. Staff at the Melbourne custody centre say she was spirited out of a secret exit to avoid photographers. Kate McGrath, Ten News. A Sydney-led breakaway conference of Anglican Church leaders concedes the church is "hurt and broken". More than 300 bishops from mainly African countries, as well as Sydney Archbishop Peter Jensen,

are meeting in Jerusalem to discuss the Anglican Church's future. They're opposed to the North American church, which made an openly gay man a bishop. We think the people who have taken these steps in the United States about them, really need to think again and I don't think they have done it yet. Despite their discontent, Dr Jensen says they're not looking at splitting the church.

Hundreds of delegates from around the world have gathered in Chile for the International Whaling Commission's annual meeting. Environmentalists protested outside the conference, while inside, the Australian delegation, led by Environment Minister Peter Garrett, called for a total ban on whale hunting. Last year, Japan, Norway and Iceland slaughtered 2,000 whales in the name of scientific research and tradition. The United Nations has condemned the worsening violence in Zimbabwe. The UN Security Council says President Mugabe's crackdown on opposition supporters has made it impossible for a fair election to take place. too much intimidation. There has been too much violence, A vote held in these conditions would lack all legitimacy. Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai has taken refuge at the Dutch Embassy in Harare, after pulling out of Friday's presidential run-off. The Government says the vote will still go ahead. 38 survivors have been recovered from the wreck of a ferry in the Philippines. Many of them spent more than 24 hours at sea, initially in life rafts, then in life jackets. They believe about 100 people may have escaped the vessel, which capsized during a typhoon. More than 800 people are still missing. Researchers believe they're a step closer to finding the cause of Alzheimer's. They're focusing on a protein that's been used to create the same symptoms in rats. It's a breakthrough providing hope to debilitated minds - a protein called beta amyloid. Amyloid beta damage the connections between neurons, and primarily in the memory centres of the brain. The sticky protein develops around neurons, but scientists have been unsure

if that's the cause or a side effect of the disease, and build-up is rarely consistent. It seems like we have these smaller clumps of the protein that are likely to be more toxic. US scientists injected three types of amyloid into rats. but the third caused memory damage, Two showed nothing, identifying one specific molecule that has the Alzheimer's effect.

It might be that some of their cognitive deficits are due to these less visible, smaller molecules.

As many as 1 in 15 Australians aged 65 and over are living with Alzheimer's. And while a treatment is still a long way away, this latest research is a significant step forward. places we can look for treatments. It really broadens the range of In the United States, Emma Dallimore, Ten News. Former South African president Nelson Mandela has arrived in London to celebrate his 90th birthday. He's resting up ahead of a star-studded concert to mark the milestone. Performers at the Hyde Park show are expected to include Queen, Annie Lennox and the Soweto gospel choir. Next, the truth about mortgage stress and why some experts say it doesn't exist. And how this cutting-edge technology could help save lives on our roads. And the world's worst covers - we'll have the winner next. It's freezing outside. Hey, looks like Dad's home. Barry doesn't always make the best choices but one of his better ones was to connect his home to natural gas. He's saving money, helping the environment and keeping his family warm in winter. Have you got gas? Visit us at: This program is captioned live. Top stories this news hour - a pregnant mother of seven has faced court charged over the shocking neglect of five of her children. The 28-year-old woman was refused bail. She's accused of failing to provide her children with food and shelter. Embattled MP Belinda Neal has stood aside from a key government role while police investigate if she lied under oath over the Iguana nightclub scandal. A former staffer has accused Neal of bullying her into making a false statement. And the State Government has been forced

into another embarrassing transport apology. Morris Iemma said sorry to motorists after a mechanical fault put the Spit Bridge out of action for several hours overnight, causing traffic chaos. Drivers with a lead foot beware - new technology could slow your speed against your will. A system is being trialled that reduces the fuel going into your engine if you drive too fast. It looks very similar to your Satnav or Tom Tom, but with one very big difference - (BEEPING) this device warns you that you're speeding then slows the car down if you don't. The vehicle's now gradually slowing down as fuel is cut to the engine. Developed in Australia it's called Intelligent Speed Adaptation and it's smart enough to allow you to increase speed to overtake if need be. You override it by putting your foot flat on the accelerator. ..and this could well be the way of the future in slowing drivers down. dodging accidental speeding fines It could also mean more drivers but, more importantly, avoiding the hundreds of deaths attributed to speed on our highways. We estimate that we will get quite a significant reduction in the road toll if we can get people to adapt this technology. Now whether this technology ends up in every car is obviously a long way off. There will be an 18-month trial first

then it's a matter of convincing people they actually need it. It would have to be part of the manufacturing process, as those who love their fast cars may be reluctant. to let Big Brother take control. Others, though, seem happy I think it's a great innovation. I've often found myself exceeding the speed limit - not meaning to but just not glancing down often enough. This very smart Satnav may soon be just the medicine. (BEEPING) Josh Murphy, Ten News A leading financial expert has dismissed the theory that a million Australian households are suffering mortgage stress. He says they're doing it tough because of their lifestyles, not their loans. In the age of invisible money and instant credit, bankruptcy levels are sky-high. And they will get higher. The fact of the matter is we've got some $40-odd billion sitting out there on credit cards. Paul Clitheroe argues it's clever money marketing and not mortgage stress that's left many families in financial trouble. I've yet to see an Australian lose their house over their mortgage. I've yet to see one. What it is, it actually is, in my experience, it's the ancillary debt. It is the three credit cards, it is the two car loans. It is the finance contracts. A Melbourne Institute report has found the number of households spending their savings just to get by is on the rise. The advice - get disciplined. Budget, just budget.

Make note of everything that you spend. Most Australians, they try a budget, the budget fails. Why does the budget fail? Because we are not honest with ourselves in the first place.

Single mother of two Megan Klinkenberg

may be Australia's best budgeter. She began detailing her spending two years ago. Food, shoes, clothing, movies, doctors, dentists, dry-cleaning.

She cuts corners to maximise cash. The small savings help stretch her nurse's salary. Megan fills up her car once a week, on cheap Tuesdays, and subscribes to entertainment voucher books. I've since found out about the Cinebuzz card through Greater Union,

and that's a free sign-up and it allows you to go and see movies for $9. And she now steers clear of buying big-ticket items on high-interest contracts. Some people don't think about it. They think, "Oh, I've 12 months," but they actually make no payments towards it, and then, of course, they get caught out at the end with huge interest rates. Jacqueline Maddock, Ten News. To the BankWest finance report,

and the Australian share market finished the day on a positive note. It's up there as one of most unappealing jobs of all time - trawling through the greatest crimes against music to come up with a winner. And a panel of music experts in the UK thinks it's found the most appalling cover song in the world. It's something that makes music fans very, very angry - when someone takes your favourite song and re-records it because they think they can do better. (SINGS 'STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN') Being bad doesn't stop them from selling - Rolf Harris's Led Zeppelin tribute went to number one in the UK, while Madonna's version of Don McLean's hit also charted well. (SINGS 'AMERICAN PIE') Whitney Houston's remake of a Dolly Parton song never seems to go away. (SINGS 'I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU') And if Whitney can do it, so can Britney.

(SINGS 'I LOVE ROCK'N'ROLL') A little less successful was David Hasselhoff's take on an Aussie classic... (SINGS 'JUMP IN MY CAR') ..while William Shatner's 1978 'Rocket Man'

has become a classic. (SINGS 'ROCKET MAN') But the song voted the worst cover of all time is Celine Dion doing AC/DC. 'YOU SHOOK ME ALL NIGHT LONG') (SINGS

Described as 'sacrilege' by the study,

unfortunately you can't buy this version -

it was a one-off live performance. Angela Bishop, Ten News. Sport now with Brad, and a real Roosters feel about the Blues team

for the Origin decider. Yes, Deb, five chooks will line up against Queensland, including Braith Anasta and the son of a gun. Is it Origin destiny? A second-generation Pearce in the Blues jumper. And making statements at Wimbledon - Serena does it with fashion while Lleyton does it with his raquet. Do you sometimes feel as if your kids are from another planet? and seem to have boundless energy. Fortunately, there's something we think you'll both see eye to eye on - McDonald's Happy Meals. Here, Mum, this one's perfect. I'll pick the car. Now, who should I use for my green slip? Well, that's easy. GIO. ANNOUNCER: Get one of the lowest CTP green slip rates with GIO. I could just borrow yours. You're not getting the beast. GIO: This program is captioned live.

Queensland has backed the same 17 players for the Origin decider. NSW will debut Mitchell Pearce. to their first clean sweep, 22 years after his dad led the Blues 'Junior Jr', as he's been dubbed, the injured Peter Wallace. will replace NSW selectors opted for the Roosters halves, while Joel Monaghan replaces the injured Mark Gasnier. Late today, Mitchell Pearce calling the shots at NSW training two decades after his dad did the same. He was over the moon, as you'd expect, him and Mum. I'm in a bit of shock myself. It makes you feel pretty good when you see your parents proud like that. But Pearce Jr is expecting a tough initiation next week, just like the young prize winner in NSW's team photo. I'm pretty positive that they will be doing that - they'll be running at me and probably trying to bash me. But I'll just keep getting up and hopefully keep doing my best. He definitely doesn't lack any courage, so if they try and run at him he'll sit a few on their backside, I think. The 19-year-old's ability to hit the ground running in Origin football is a major talking point, especially after his father's comments last night. As I said before the series started, I would prefer to see him just held back for 12 months.

His club coach was forced to disagree. That was a tad disappointing, Junior. In today's game, I don't think age has that much bearing on it. His dad was a close supporter right through his junior days. The champion North Ryde Hawks under-12s team of 2001 also contained rugby star Kurtley Beale. A former team-mate of Pearce Sr says Pearce Jr is ready. He's got a great passion for the game and he's a very good young player. It's great to see - he could make it his own for the next decade. Pearce will partner Roosters team-mate Braith Anasta in the halves, Anasta replacing the injured Greg Bird. Anasta revealed he thought his Origin career was over. While grateful for another chance, he's not pretending he's going to be the difference between success and failure. It's not so much me coming in trying to be the hero, the saviour, as some people would say, I suppose. Adam Hawse, Ten News. Craig Wing will make his return from a shoulder injury in this weekend's match against the Cowboys, his return another boost after the Bunnies picked up more points beating the Gold Coast. The young Rabbitohs scored a thrilling one-point win against the Titans. Their ability to stay in the match was the most impressive aspect for the coach. You know, we've got a lot of young guys in there who don't know how to give up, and that's something we don't want to teach them, and I think that's rubbing off on all of us. Kiwi Hooker Issac Luke was the star, with two tries and the penalty goal to secure the win. Wallabies coach Robbie Deans has shown faith in his team, naming an unchanged line-up for Saturday's opening Test against France. But this time selection comes with a warning - perform or face the axe. It's Test two for the unchanged Wallabies and a second chance to impress coach Deans. We're looking for that group to push on but we're conscious of the fact that our start standard wasn't good enough. will give his troops the opportunity Deans believes continuity to improve on that scratchy win over Ireland, and if they don't, heads will roll. Yeah, that's very clear. The competition for spots is pretty fierce at the moment. Inside centre Berrick Barnes has a particular point to prove after watching Timana Tahu carve up for Australia A on Sunday. Red-hot - that first half he had was probably one of the best individual displays you'll see, so he's definitely on form and it shows, like Matt said, there's a lot of competition for spots, and we've just got to aim up. In contrast the French have limited depth with most of their Test regulars playing in their domestic finals. Only one starter from last year's World Cup semi has been named in the 15. Still, Deans isn't expecting a Wallaby walkover.

You can drag someone off the street and put them in a French jersey and they'll play out of their skin. While others will be playing out of their facial hair - World Cup cult figure Sebastien Chabal has earned a recall, yet was surprisingly shy when it came to discussing his rugged appeal. I don't want to talk about myself. Let's talk about rugby, that's it. But there was something he did want to clear up - his nickname, 'the Caveman'. That's a nickname, but it's not my nickname. What is your actual nickname? It's 'Sea Bass'. Scott Mackinnon, Ten News. Adam Goodes will miss the Swans' showdown with Collingwood at ANZ Stadium on Saturday week, the Swans choosing not to fight Goodes's one-match ban. He was charged with rough conduct on Melbourne's Clint Bartram. The suspension ends the dual Brownlow medallist's run of 204 consecutive games. Lleyton Hewitt has survived a 5-set struggle against an unseeded Dutchman to advance to Wimbledon's second round. were also day-one winners, Sam Stosur and Casey Dellacqua but Chris Guccione is out of the tournament. Whilst the strawberries may have been going down nicely, Lleyton Hewitt's first-round opponent was doing anything but. 64th-ranked Dutchman Robin Haase pushed the Aussie to five sets. When the going got tough, Hewitt got going, to progress through to the second round. COMMENTATOR: Well, what a shot. Yes! Physically I feel fine. It's probably more how the hip pulls up over the next 24-48 hours. Chris Guccione was eliminated in four sets by Serbian Ilia Bozoljac, who was only included in the draw hours before the match as a replacement In the women's draw, her opening match, Sam Stosur powered through the Australian wild card taking just 66 minutes to defeat her Romanian opponent. Oh, she finishes it off in style. Australia's top-ranked female, Casey Dellacqua, scored her first Wimbledon victory, upsetting 12th seed Patty Schnyder in three sets. Oh, that's a huge return there. Aussie Ana Rodionova was named Australian in the draw but Russian in the official program, but no need for a reprint - the unhappy Rodionova was eliminated in the first round. A cardigan-clad Roger Federer progressed through to the second round in straight sets, but never to be outdone was Serena Williams, who graced the grass of Wimbledon in a trench coat. I love coats and I don't why. Serena won "fashions in the field" and her first-round match in just over an hour. Adam Thompson, Ten News. World champion boxer Danny Green says he is considering coming out of retirement for a rematch with Anthony Mundine. But the 35-year-old says

he won't be making a decision in a hurry, despite a multimillion-dollar contract on the table from the Mundine camp. As it stands, I'm retired from the sport of boxing, but the contract, ## stand by ## if it keeps getting any more juicier, to turn down, obviously. it's going to be very hard It's almost a ridiculous offer at the moment. just three months ago Green announced his retirement and says he's still fit enough for a comeback. That's all for now. Later in Sports Tonight, Shaquille O'Neill's foul-mouthed rap with former team-mate Kobe Bryant. which has reignited his feud

Let us take a look at the traffic.

You're back over the accident

causing problems earlier?

We left Julia with an accident been

clear, however - we left you

earlier with the accident been

clear. Visit live pictures of the

traffic. We said 40 minutes, it is

now blown out to at least 60

minutes. We are going to up the

camera a little bit more. A bad accident

accident in Condell Park. Stay with us, Catherine Kennedy has more on this great winter weather -

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This program is captioned live.

After all the drizzle and grey, is After all the drizzle and grey, is

it not nice to see the blue sky.

Hope there is plenty more on the way?

There is. It was a great day to

spend on the golf course. This is

what these kids did. Daniel's story

is inspirational, he grew up with

an abusive dad and a mother who had

a severe mental illness on top of

that he was diagnosed with cancer.

His dad then led him into a life of

crime. Before his life could spiral,

he met a guy on a golf course. This

man is trying to say these kids.

Daniel, it is a great thing that

you do. What you hope will come out

of a day like today? We have to set

goals, and have a better life goals, and have a better life

skills in life. To have the courage

to go forward. To move forward in

life. One of the kit involved, what

do you tell kids who were watching

this? Bacon had great motivational speaking,

speaking, - they can get great

motivational speaking, it is great

for kids who have been in trouble,

it is a great programme. It has

helped you? Yes, it has. Street

works has been supported by rock

stars including sports stars like

Christine - like this Parramatta Christine - like this Parramatta

player. Like everyone else,

everyone here has had a hard life.

Not everything they see on the

television. It is good to bring television. It is good to bring them in. Thank you for

. Cloud has been

. Cloud has been crossing the South

East, bringing showers to south-

western Victoria. Tomorrow gale-

force winds building in the South force winds building in the South

East bringing showers to Tasmania,

such as Gerry and Victoria. The

rest of the country will be dry.

Showers on the far south East Showers on the far south East tomorrow. I said the showers

developing in the Tory answer this

show. If you want to help, stray

works go to the website. In

Brisbane, tomorrow it will be

. From all the crew here and the

kids here, have a great evening. Thank Fire crews have gone to extraordinary lengths to save a kitten trapped in a pipe in Miami. After trying to saw through, then attempting to reach down, crews called in a big cat to dig a huge trench and free the little one. Two hours later, the kitten was saved and revived with an oxygen mask. She'll spend her remaining eight lives living with a resident who called in the rescuers. That's Ten News for now. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. We'll have updates throughout the evening before the Late News with Sports Tonight along at 10:30. with bizarre scenes from the city, And we'll leave you tonight where hundreds of Facebook fans suddenly froze in time as part of a worldwide Internet craze. Enjoy your evening. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia. OK, we're over halfway.

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